Seals, walruses… now “unprecedented” number of sea turtle deaths in Vancouver Island says oceanographer (AUDIO)

Published: January 2nd, 2012 at 4:39 pm ET


Japanese Tsunami Flotsam Appearing In Kodiak Waters, KMXT by Jennifer Canfield, December 26, 2011:

Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer […] says debris will continue to wash up on shores from Kodiak to Oregon for the next few years […]

Ebbesmeyer says scientists are already hypothesizing about the effects of mass amounts of debris traveling through the Pacific Ocean’s currents. He points to an unprecedented number of sea turtles washing up on Vancouver Island.

Ebbesmeyer says people who find debris should be especially careful and respectful. Personal items and artifacts can still be reunited with people in Japan. He also suggests testing items for radiation, just to be prudent.  […]

Listen to the broadcast here

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Published: January 2nd, 2012 at 4:39 pm ET


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33 comments to Seals, walruses… now “unprecedented” number of sea turtle deaths in Vancouver Island says oceanographer (AUDIO)

  • Those poor critters are eating and breathing the same crap we are, tons of uranium.

    Conclusion – Fukushima really blew up, launching TONS of Uranium and Plutonium into the atmosphere.

    HERE is all the supporting information

  • Jebus Jebus

    Has the radioactive leakage stopped yet?

    From April 1 2011

    Radiation in Japan Seas: Risk of Animal Death, Mutation?
    More radiation from nuclear plant could cause “bizarre mutations.”

    Christine Dell’Amore

    National Geographic News

    Published April 1, 2011

    If radioactive material from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant—disabled by the March11 Japan earthquake and tsunami—continues to enter the ocean, marine life could be threatened, experts say.

    In the past week, seawater samples taken near the nuclear power plant, on Japan’s eastern coast, have shown elevated levels of radioactive isotopes, including cesium 137 and iodine 131, according to the New York Times. (See “Japan Tries to Avert Nuclear Disaster.”)

    [REMOVED: Please only past a few paragraphs for copyright reasons]


  • Jebus Jebus


    Added Lehman’s Rachlin: “If it’s a one-shot pulse, OK, not a problem.

    But if the radiation leaks continue for several months, Japan may be dealing with a more serious blow to marine life, he said.

    The coastline, after all, isn’t Chernobyl, he said. “We can’t cement [over] that whole area.”

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Hello everyone,

    There can be no doubt that the waters are irradiated and contaminated for the rest of time. There can also be NO doubt that this may be a real reason we are seeing all the sea related deaths in the animal kingdom.

    What is needed dog gone fast is the checking of these waters and things on the beaches up there. If there is ANYONE up in the northwest region with a counter, please make it your highest priority NOW to go do a lot of checking, recording of your checks, and posting of that data here on the Citizens Radiation Monitoring Network as soon as possible. WE ALL REALLY NEED THIS EXACT INFO PDQ! Will someone please step up to the plate and respond to this clarions call for service to the group right now?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Increasing Fukushima Radiation Dangers
    By Stephen Lendman

    From the article…

    Contaminating Planet Earth

    One of Project Censored’s (PC) top 2007 stories was Mother Jones writer Julia Whitty’s article titled, “Oceans of the World in Extreme Danger,” saying:

    “Oceanic problems once found on a local scale are now pandemic.” Evidence shows “seas are changing in ominous ways….According to oceanographers, the oceans are one, with currents linking the seas and regulating climate.”

    Yet, thousands of contaminants are “poison(ing) marine creatures and devastat(ing) propagation.” Before last April’s BP/Deepwater Horizon disaster, America’s Gulf had “the highest mercury levels ever recorded….” It also had a dead zone measuring nearly 8,000 square miles in 2001.

    Moreover, since 2000, “the global wild fish harvest has begun a sharp decline despite (new) technologies and intensified fishing.” (If) the maelstrom of human assault on the seas continues, (they’ll soon) reach a point of no return.”

    Fukushima accelerated the process, besides lots of other contributors daily because governments powerful enough to stop it let it to continue unabated….

  • Bobby1

    Seals, walruses, turtles, bird deaths, deer & rabbits thinning out. Guess who’s next?

    • alasanon

      It was bad enough being near the Gulf of Mexico trial run extinction-level catastrophe!!…

      These animals really don’t deserve any more of this! While we may be at fault, they are not!! 🙁

    • matina matina

      believe it or not Bobby,unfortunately next are thousands of dead herring that have been discovered washed up on a north Norwegian beach

      • Bobby1

        I’ve been eating Norwegian herring… oh well.

        I think humans are the next mass animal death.

        • alasanon

          Bobby1, You can still get canned sardines that were sustainably harvested (and tested for other pollutants) before this disaster in the Pacific. Sardines have one of the lowest mercury content levels of all fish as they are so low on the food chain and small. Plus, they are loaded with the really good stuff->lean protein, Omega oils, etc. Check out your stores–they keep for at least 3 years and some brands display both the dates of harvest and expiration right on the package!

          Be careful about meats and other food stuffs that are not certified organic or at least sustainably managed. Read your labels! 🙂

          • alasanon

            Check out this brand: “Wild Planet” (from Krogers or anywhere like Whole Foods)
            Just one ounce of their sardines contains 3X more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, as much protein as steak, and as much potassium as bananas! They also have 885mg of DHA and 210 mg EPA of Omega 3 per can!! They further provide an ample supply of Vit. B12, Selenium, & Vit. D. and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)–an important anti-oxidant & immune system booster!…

            Holy cow–AND the can is BPA free!… Load up, Bobby1, and support the US economy! 🙂 (from safe waters off California, pre-Fuku)

            • alasanon

              …and 2 oz. provide 13 grams of protein! (per can data)

              I’m not a nutritionist, but I’m all for being healthy. I learned to watch out on fish during the Gulf fiasco. 🙁 AT least we got a trial run of having our food supply & environment wrecked. Heck, we’re old pros!…

              • jump-ball jump-ball

                Thanks for the sardine info.

                Having accumulated a pre-3/11/11 many-box-high prepper stack of long-dated canned tuna, salmon and other storable foods and supplies in anticipation of an eventual financial-based disruption in the food supply chain, I tripled my canned seafood stack between March and July 2011, and then quit, unable to determine harvest dates and possible contamination levels.

                As the Pacific seafood contamination becomes more evident, I am now inclined to finally buy a shielded, up-close, low-level Inspector counter to use in testing current shelf foods, and then again augment my seafood and other canned food supplies, for possible use by my 16 children-grandchildren extended-family members, all of whom decry my concern for impending food contamination problems, but whom will be very grateful if my premonitions prove true.

                • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                  Hi jump-ball, please stop buying tuna. Please.
                  Tuna is on the brink of extinction, we must stop that!

                  • arclight arclight

                    leave you to it then!


                    • skizexq skizexq

                      mmmm… sardines and herring!
                      You guys are making me hungry!
                      Tending to get a bit hypoglemic at times, a can of herring on a few crackers and I okeedokee again…

                      And, question, does Tuna carry more mercury since they swim so fast?

                      Also, I seem to remember reading that ALL fish tested anywhere shows mercury in all samples, from mainly coal burning?
                      …there’s some uproar here in NW Wa with a coal port going in.

                      What a witches stew we’re brewing!

  • oscar419

    For a while I thought there would be a time where no female member of any species would be able to carry to full term and we would all see extinction; I do not think we will get that far. Not that I am very religious but we are decimating God’s work, IMHO the sea mammals represent some of the most venerable radiation targets.

    It is almost humorous how many people are mass media drones and have zero clue about this. Recently I have shown the reactor explosions to a few friends and neighbors, they had no clue that had even occurred. I feel really bad for the future generations of any and everything living, I think this is going to be an ugly ride.

    • americancommntr

      It really is like the movie the Matrix, except people are not actually hooked up to machines. Every once in a while the camouflage fails and parts of the machine become visible. Then the extent of control becomes somewhat obvious. For instance, the ability of the US federal government to censor and control the news about Fukushima, as well as just about all other governments’ in the world ability to do the same, including 99.98% of media, shows who is in control, some superrich people, not any voters, not any people’s.

      Another example is California’s government banning suction dredging for gold. Numerous studies show it does no harm, and analyses show it is economically beneficial for many people and the state government. Yet it’s been shut down. I have to assume the reason is that the “Fed” owners, have title to all the land and the gold, and don’t want anybody mining it, period. It’s theirs. And they even had an episode of a television show, “The Mentalist”, created to make all gold miners look like nuts, and that mining is a cause of murder and other crimes. That is one small example of the extent of someone’s power, to execute a policy, and brainwash the masses to accept it.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    The message about the debris and dead animal should actually read as follows, “Don’t touch any trash. In fact don’t even breathe near it” and it would be far more accurate. If you think about it the animals have gotten a lethal dose of radiation and still contain it in their tissue. At this point “you” as the poor slob who finds this debris should do is GET AWAY FROM IT. The contaminated organism will be host to all kinds of other toxic elements and it would be smart to avoid external exposure if at all possible. This is how bioaccumulation will begin where all of those dead animals will be eaten and eventually make their way onto the dinner plates of millions. Wildlife as we know it in the ocean now faces mass extinction and our warning to the public is to help pick up the mess and send it back to Japan? Don’t be duped stay the hell away from the debris.

  • I lived in Alaska for over ten years, and spent some time on the coast and with Eskimos.

    In all of the years I lived up there, I NEVER heard of any stories like the ones I am hearing now, at least not until the huge oil spill that happened near Valdez.. Yea, after that, lots of areas had problems with sick, dead, or missing populations of whole sections of the ecosystem. Some have never recovered since that time.

    There are many connections between different forms of sea life. If you poison the herring for example, much of the food chain above them relies on them for food. Oil is toxic, and so is radiation.

    At each step up the food chain, toxins get concentrated 2 to 10 times, all the way up to us, at the top. Seals are also at the top of their food chain.

    If they are suffering like this, soon many humans will be also, if they are not already suffering, but not knowing the ROOT cause.

    Reports from locals say that some or much of the oil spill from the Exxon Valdez was never cleaned up. The beaches up there were contaminated just like the Gulf was, for hundreds of miles.. They say that some or most of the spilled oil typically just gets buried under a thin layer of sand or gravel, or sinks to the bottom(if treated) but the poisons are still there, seeping out.

    Add some radiation or PCB’s, or who knows what toxin on top of that, and you end up with a tipping point where things go way wrong… and downhill.

    Maybe we have reached that tipping point. We can only poison the planet and animals for so long…

  • There are also reports of sea life up in the areas around Seattle having a hard time with toxins coming down the rivers up there. Some of the sea life is having a hard time even reproducing, much less being healthy.

    Basically, just about any large river going into the ocean is a huge toxin filled sewage pipe, full of all kinds of disease organisms, toxins, drug residues, 2,000 chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, animal factory farm runoff, and much more… all the byproducts of our ‘civilization’.

    That is the sad situation. A potential life extinction nuclear accident ups the radiation levels coming down the rivers by huge amounts, as we are seeing in Japan. I wonder if anyone is testing rivers in the USA, as they are doing in Japan now.

    We humans and our ‘science’ are acting more like a leech, or virus, or a deadly bacteria, that is killing all life on the planet.

    These toxins that our ‘modern’ society produces, all ends up in the ocean, the cradle of all life.

    What we do to the planet and ocean, will return to us.

    • The Golden Rule, also applies to fish.

      Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.


      Scientists are finally realizing what the Elders have taught for thousands of years-every- thing is connected. Because everything is interconnected, whatever you do to any one thing, you do to everything. If you poison any part of the earth, the poison eventually affects everything else. If you poison the plants, the birds will eat the plants, which poisons the birds. The birds are eaten by humans which poisons the humans. The humans will have babies who could be deformed because the plants were poisoned. We must learn to live in harmony with the earth. We must learn to think good things. Every good thought is felt by everything, which causes everything to be happy.

      The natives know this.

      We civilized types are beginning to learn:

      Peat emphasized how Bohm had worked intensely on finding a mathematical expression for his vision of an interconnected, enfolded implicate order, from which an explicate order, the world of classical physics unfolds.

      I used to help David Peat on his computer when he lived in Ottawa. (My wife used to help him with his french, prior to speeches at the Sorbonne).

      It’s all very well to say “everything is connected”. It’s another thing to try and prove it on the physical (or other) level, but Bohm [who worked with Einstein] was onto it:

      David Bohm and the Implicate Order

      By David Pratt

      Strange, just heard an eagle call, in agreement perhaps, as I finished this.

  • tony wilson

    imagine the wars that would have been started by now.
    the horror the weeping celebrities..the tv specials help britney and gaga help the little monsters the baby seals.
    the endless shots of struggling wildlife.
    with a sick film edit to the bland songs of coldplay,elton john bono,michael stipe and celine dion.
    send your money now a tearful bbc stooge david attenborough says help save the planet from what these madmen have done.

    john mccain,bush and clinton and barry oblimey golf time obama.
    imagine if this radioactive horror had been from iranian nuclear fall out.
    those evil do ers it’s a declaration of war,this was done cos they hate are freedoms.

    all the noise,all the baying for blood retribution but all we get is the sound of silence.

    canada are in afghanistan because they perceived an existential threat from the taliban and bin ladins 50 odd helpers.
    what is the real threat and how quite they are.

  • Most of the tuna I buy here (Vancouver Island) is from Thailand, but I did catch a whiff of a story about radiation reaching Vietnam – irradiated pine needles. (Pine trees, as at Chernobyl, soak it up like crazy).

    Arnie mentions he’ll stop eating fish [tuna? salmon?] next year.

    (I think he [and me] had better stop right now).

    My Mum, who visits Vancouver Island every year [from Ottawa, Canada], was wondering why she didn’t see any seals last summer.
    I live right beside the ocean and used to see them all the time. Last year (2011): none.

  • Sickputer

    >I wonder if anyone is testing rivers in the USA, as they are doing in Japan now.

    I am guessing there is some testing, but think any testing is half-hearted and nobody below Japanese government cabinet level will know the results. Like the US. *;-)

    The governement workers are just going through the motions of carrying out scientific work…I am sensing there is a bad fearful mood in Japan that cuts across the full spectrum of society. Workers for the government wonder if their next breath or next bowl of rice will be the dose that kills them. That is a horrible way to exist with such rampant fear of the invisible poisons.

    Yes, the deaths from suicide will skyrocket in Japan as many folks will just check out from planet earth.

    There is no sanctuary on Honshu and the deadly isotopes are everywhere and in almost all the food…even imported food gets quickly contaminated by air and water exposure.

    If a huge population of humans is facing an ELE (Extinction Level Event) then it starts in Japan. What happens to the Japanese people should be a wakeup call for the rest of the world.

    We knew that nuclear nations would eventually have a massive accident that would dwarf Chernobyl and a country of people had to be a martyr far greater than Belarussia.

    Japan got the short straw, the Mier black beans, and their population is now going to serve as an example for the world of what is horribly wrong with nuclear power plants.

    The Japanese economic costs will be staggering in the next decade and the suffering of millions of Japanese will be enormous.

    I knew in the late spring the financial costs would be devastating…I said trillions of dollars. I see on November 10 a Tokyo professor echoed my estimates:

    Sayonara Japan!


  • skizexq skizexq

    one leg of Tri-lateralism going down?

  • Dioxins ! The Exxon Valdez oil spill into Prince William Sound Alaska, Chernobyl are considered the two most historic disasters Over 30 million gallons from consumers in the form of automobile run off enters the ocean every week, the exact equivalent as the Exxon Valdez oil spill ! Dioxins !
    Toxins kill, weather over years or quickly. Burned waist and fuels Warm air moves north, and air born dioxins eventually reach the once pristine Arctic, all life forms are having major health problems from this bio accumulation of dioxins !

    In our oceans, PCB’s and over 200 other hazardous compounds are first consumed by microscopic organisms called zooplaton, and from there the poisons travel up the food chain to seals, whales, polar bears … and then to people !
    One thousand of one million can cause harm to human body ! Humans are consuming 300 to 600 times that amount every day !