Japan’s secrecy law passes lower house — AP: Prison for ‘inappropriate reporting’ — Official: We’re on path to be fascist state — Fear Fukushima cover-ups to worsen

Published: November 26th, 2013 at 6:24 pm ET


Associated Press, Nov. 26, 2013: Japan’s more powerful lower house of Parliament approved a state secrecy bill late Tuesday […] Critics say it might sway authorities to withhold more information about nuclear power plants […] The move is welcomed by the United States […] lawyer Hiroyasu Maki said the bill’s definition of secrets is so vague and broad that it could easily be expanded to include radiation data […] Journalists who obtain information “inappropriately” or “wrongfully” can get up to five years in prison, prompting criticism that it would make officials more secretive and intimidate the media. Attempted leaks or inappropriate reporting, complicity or solicitation are also considered illegal. […] Japan’s proposed law also designates the prime minister as a third-party overseer.

BBC, Nov. 26, 2013: Japan approves new state secrecy bill to combat leaks […] The bill now goes to the upper house, where it is also likely to be passed.

The Australian, Nov. 25, 2013: Japanese press baulks at push for ‘fascist’ secrecy laws […] Taro Yamamoto [an upper house lawmaker] said the law threatened to recreate a fascist state in Japan. “This secrecy law represents a coup d’etat by a particular group of politicians and bureaucrats,” he told a press conference in Tokyo. “I believe the secrecy bill will eventually lead to the repression of the average person. It will allow those in power to crack down on anyone who is criticising them – the path we are on is the recreation of a fascist state.” He said the withholding of radiation data after the Fukushima disaster showed the Japanese government was predisposed to hiding information from its citizens and this law would only make things worse. […] The Asahi Shimbun newspaper likened the law to “conspiracy” regulations in pre-war Japan and said it could be used to stymie access to facts on nuclear accidents […]

Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan president Lucy Birmingham: “We are alarmed by the text of the bill, as well as associated statements made by some ruling party lawmakers, relating to the potential targeting of journalists for prosecution and imprisonment.”

Activist Kazuyuki Tokune: “I may be arrested some day for my anti-nuclear activity […] But that doesn’t stop me.”

Lawrence Repeta, a law professor at Meiji University in Tokyo: “This is a severe threat on freedom to report in Japan […] It appears the Abe administration has decided that they can get a lot of what they want, which is to escape oversight, to decrease transparency in the government by passing a law that grants the government and officials broad authority to designate information as secret.”

U.S. Charge d’Affairs Kurt Tong: It’s a positive step that would make Japan a “more effective alliance partner.”

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: “This law is designed to protect the safety of the people.”

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Published: November 26th, 2013 at 6:24 pm ET


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207 comments to Japan’s secrecy law passes lower house — AP: Prison for ‘inappropriate reporting’ — Official: We’re on path to be fascist state — Fear Fukushima cover-ups to worsen

  • ftlt

    This is nothing new there and it has happened here throughout our history.

    Jailing dissidents is as old as the first village.

    In the USA we saw it at its heights during the enforcement of the Espionage Act of 1917.

    "In his ruling opinion, Supreme Court Justice Holmes stated that speech which presents a clear and present danger to society and the government is not constitutionally protected."

    This resulted in the Red Scare (with the add on of the "Sedition Act"). The horrors under these acts have been under (scrubbed) reported (like in Wiki) – Hundreds of USA citizens and 1000s of legal immigrants were arrested and deported. Some reports, put it as high as 50,000 legal non citizens were rounded up – often in the middle of the night – and forced to leave for for political reasons without due process.

    I met one of these children when I was a young man, he along with his entire family was forced to leave and sent to the USSR. He was lucky enough to be on the Elbe in 1945 in the Soviet Army. His parents had kept his papers, he had carried them across Poland and Germany, he presented them and he was taken back to the USA by the US military.

    We have our whistle blowers attacked (the Snowden – an Espionage Act vctim) Academics (Finklestein on Israel). Especially, the labor movement and anti war movements have been singled out.

    Certainly, the the caged Free Speech Zones of the Bush/Chaney regime point to this. The Patriot Act!!!

    The list is endless…

  • Shaker1

    From Thomas Merton's introduction to his compilation or the writings and sayings of Gandhi, "Gandhi on Non-Violence". The introductory essay is entitled "Gandhi and the One-Eyed Giant." Find the essay, if you can, or, even better, the book. Both well worth the read.

    (Public life is) "the proper sphere of man’s activities as a being of logic, of courage, and of wisdom. It is in the public and political realm that he shares words and deeds, thus contributing his share of action and thought to the fabric of human affairs. Now, the public and political realm is that where issues are decided in a way worthy of free man: by persuasion and words, not by violence. Violence is essentially wordless, and it can begin only where thought and rational communication have broken down. Any society which is geared for violent action is by that very fact systematically unreasonable and inarticulate. Thought is not encouraged, and the exchange of ideas is eschewed as filled with all manner of risk. Words are kept at a minimum, at least as far as their variety and content may be concerned, thought hey may pour over the armed multitude in cataracts: they are simply organized and inarticulate noise destined to arrest thought and release violence, inhibiting all desire to communicate with the enemy in any other way than by destructive impact."

  • Shaker1


    "A society that lives by organized greed or by systematic terrorism and oppression (they come to much the same thing in the end) will always tend to be violent because it is in a state of persistent disorder and moral confusion. The first principle of valid political action in such a society then becomes non-cooperation with its disorder, its injustices, and more particularly with its deep commitment to untruth. “It is not possible for a modern state based on force non-violently to resist forces of disorder, whether external or internal.” Hence ‘one cannot’ seriously accept claims advanced by the basically violent society that hopes to preserve order and peace by the threat of maximum destruction and total hate. It is not possible for the truly non-violent man simply to ignore the inherent falsity and inner contradictions of a violent society. On the contrary, it is for him a human duty to confront the untruth in that society with his own witness in order that the falsity may become evident to everyone."

  • Shaker1

    Sorry for any typos, as it's not scanned or cut and pasted. I think the point is made. But, again, attempt to read the full original, a wealth of ideas that is rewarding.

    • ftlt

      Shank: I would never be one to complain about writing error… That would be akin to a 200 ft masted 100 ton "walker" crane operating and swinging big loads inside a backyard greenhouse..

      """A society that lives by organized greed or by systematic terrorism and oppression""" I would add applied violence and genocide to this..

      The sanctioned and unsanctioned violence perpetrated at home and globally by this country (the USA) rivals that of Nazi Germany or the Stalin's Soviet Union.. 10s of millions are dead because of us over the decades since WW2 for a so called "Freedom" (a freedom, the murdered certainly were denied)

      We need a Global Ghandi bad…

  • "The move is welcomed by the United States"

    “The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience”

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Be force-fed..or cooperate.

    Guantanamo Bay prisoners worked as double agents for CIA: U.S. officials

    The agency promised freedom for prisoners, as well as safety for their families and millions of dollars, in return for the suspected terrorists heading home to help take down larger Al Qaeda threats. The secret program took place in a cluster of cottages known as Penny Lane and began assessing candidates shortly after prisoners began arriving to Guantanamo Bay after 9/11.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The military likes to get all up close like..they want to hear the very faintest and last gasp of their victims…beings and countries.

    Intel Secret Underground Laboratory

    The Intel Secret Underground Laboratory and the Classified NSA SIGINT Strategy 2012-2016 Document Exposed


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    But like all fools ..singular and collective…behaviors persist.
    Truth and change falls on deaf ears.

    But if they were truly listening..and they were truly servants of the people.. the world would change.

    What Would it Take to Bring About Change?

    Use truth as a weapon, aiming at all what is wrong. Don’t let your fear become a cage for your mind.


    If they were truly listening they would hear the hearts of the people.
    And if..they ever listened to a small fish like me..
    I would say.

  • weeman

    All I know is the Japanese government should be glad I don't live in Japan.
    When did the goose step become the new dance craze in Japan are you going to be giving lessons and are brown shirts the dress code.
    New motto for tepco "work will set you free".
    Not funny.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    As we sit watching.. Japan becoming closer and closer martial law..

    Martial Law Drills Taking Place Nationwide — Black Helicopters Descend on Cities at Night
    Nov 27 2013

    Martial law drills packaged as “overseas” urban warfare drills plague cities across the U.S. as concerned citizens flood local newsrooms with calls.


  • ftlt

    Not much different here..

    Look at the World Cup in Brazil for forced compliance of a people..

    Mass forced moves to gulag cities.. Same happened in S.Africa..

    Japan here and everywhere is under the heel of the globalist fascists empire..

  • weeman

    I am Scottish you can get me to do the highland fling, but I will not do the goose step, over half my family died fighting the nazi's for good reason and I will honor them.

    • ftlt

      Weeman: Sadly, it seems they've won out in the long run..

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        Weeman: I am an only child American son, born a week before Pearl Harbor, and while you might get me get me to do the twist, I will not do whatever is the fascist 'step': the Naval Reserve father-half of my family left for war while I was a week old, still in the hospital with 'mom', and died in the WW Eye-Eye Pacific before I ever got to know or speak to him.

        When I do get to meet him, I am trying to prepare to answer his anticipated question: "We took the oath to defend the country against enemies both foreign and domestic: I gave my all to defeat the foreign enemy, and what did you do to defeat the domestic threat?"

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          My F**king thanks to the ongoing lies, corruption and deceit of our corrupt, statist, fascist, 'elected' congressional, executive and judicial tyranny.

          • weeman

            To jump-ball
            I don't think that I will be able to look in my forefathers eye either when the sandman calls either.
            We have let them down, we are weak and become accustomed to wealth, at least in the western world?
            Stand up for your rights, the one and only BoB Marley.
            We have the power we are the majority, we the people and that is my fight.

  • Project Paper Clip; USA Imported And Hired Hundreds Of Nazi War Criminals To Develop Nuclear Industry; via @AGreenRoad

    Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1% http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/p/corporations-art-and-science-of.html


      actually Dr. Goodheart, they were conscripted survivors. Most surrendered in small clandestine groups to allied forces; choosing US/UK forces over the Soviets. The German educational system produced and cultivated exceptional technologists; nuclear engineers but one small area of the sciences. It's also a bit misleading to think America was in need of German nuclear expertise. We did fine without them. But it was obvious, it would be a waste to have left them on the unemployment line…

    • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

      "There aren't half been some clever bastards…" – Ian Dury

  • CB CB

    PHOTO: Protesters at Shibuya station in Tokyo against controversial State Secrecy Bill

  • chretty66

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