Unpublished radiation forecast showed much larger Cesium-137 cloud over North America (VIDEO)

Published: April 19th, 2011 at 9:46 pm ET


A video was recently posted on YouTube which appears to be an unpublished Cesium-137 forecast produced by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU). According to the video’s description, the unpublished forecast was found while on the back end of the NILU website at this address: http://squid.nilu.no/~burkhart/sharing/

The forecast is no longer accessible, but was reported to be located here.

The Becquerels per meter scale is reduced in the unpublished forecast, which may account for the difference in cloud sizes.

Here is a video comparing the NILU’s published and unpublished Cs-137 forecasts for the same time period:

[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMYmawKzJlo&ap=%2526fmt%3D18 /]

h/t Dutchsinse and Patrioticspace

Published: April 19th, 2011 at 9:46 pm ET


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78 comments to Unpublished radiation forecast showed much larger Cesium-137 cloud over North America (VIDEO)

  • radegan

    This is what I was talking about three posts back. Nice catch on the scale change but does that explain it? It just looked bad at that scale so they changed it to make it look nicer?

    • sensevisual

      Am I mistaken or they put purple BOTH at the highest AND (almost)lowest point of the measuring scale in that video?
      Maybe that’s why they scrapped it?

  • Oops

    Just wanted to say, I can never see these videos; I don’t know if anyone else has the same problem 🙁

    • informed

      Tools in browser, click on it !

      Internet Options, click on it !

      Advanced Tab, click on it !

      Reset, click on it !

      OK, click on it !

      Refresh Page,

      Did that help? you will need to click on white arrow to start movie !

      If not do you have FLASH PLAYER INSTALLED ?
      If you do not want Goggle Add on, unchecked box first !

  • really

    did you ever bother to look at those dates!!! your making people believe that they are current dates..please clarify. these are maps that dates back from march!! plus its a worse case scenerio. please report properly. people are making life changing decisions based on info they get & there might be a few that are experiencing extreme fear & might end up doing something that cannot be taken back..can you live with that? I have noticed you do not always report properly or is not accurate info.

    • REALLY If you base your life on someone you dont know you have no LIFE. Read it watch it GROW up and make a decision on your own. If some dumb ass goes and commits suicide from this so what. They beat us all to the door. Friggn left wing liberal bullshit like that is why we have guns. Take it the way you want. I will be glad to lose 3/4 of the world if what is left are MEN AND WOMEN that can stand up for ones own ACTION. We might be a lot better of with out all the FREEKEN meekly bullshit in this world. The farther we get from GOD the worse it gets in life. LIFE IS HARD THEN IT GETS HARDER THEN YOU FRIGGN DIE thats it.

      • k

        you are kinda troll

      • really

        i wasnt talking about my self alright but other people I know who are not taking this very will. If the people that are left are people like you that don’t care about others & are narrow minded people as you then actually we don’t need people like you. we need people who care, give each other strength to survive & unite & make positive changes & finally learn from mans mistakes & not make them again not wish for others to die so others can survive…the world does not need people like you..people like you is what got us in this miss..selfish narrow minded not caring about who dies as long as it isn’t them & they get to have more for themselves…but you know what like it or not ima pray for you, wish you & ur family will in these tough times..

        • splashy

          You have a good point. Our strength as a species lies in our ability to cooperate and help each other. That’s how everything gets done, not by competing with each other and letting each other die.

        • Maybe you should look at our website and understand first. Then you tell me who is doing what in this world to make it better. But as long as we have SHEEPOLE making stupid decisions that impact the rest then let em die. Cannon fodder burning up the world does no good for the future. I am to the point kinda person. The kind that has put their life on the line for the DUMB SHEEPOLE that would never do a thing to protect them self. But run around and ask where is my Government to protect me where is the ones to help me. That dont put aside resources to survive that will die in the first 10 days because they cant make clean water. We have all you need to learn on how to be the final ones standing to hell with the ones that do not try. But this is my opinion not the websites so do not get confused. Compassion in all things.

          • bluejayway

            “compassion in all things”

            oh really.. then maybe it’s high time for you to consider becoming a veggie, along with the peace of mind. it affords. nevermind the ethics and commonsense that must come into play here. simple as pie. 🙂

      • This is a bit twisted. I see? So left wingers are the problem and guns are the solution? That is your idea of God? Sounds like more of the same old, same old ideology if you ask me.
        The point here is not to have the gov “save us.” It is to be given truthful information so we can make informed choices, that is all.

        • Jack

          we individually come to knowledge at different times in our lives, under different pressures, abuses, training.
          I think that Warloc didn’t intend any other meaning than the
          pragmatic reality: we will now see baby-ass Americans
          revealing themselves to be barely competent to even carry
          a bucket of water from a gubmint truck back to their slave
          quarters in the suburbs.
          Entitled people, and those who are now fourth-generation
          welfare recipient single-mama-brood-sows, with just enough
          education to sign the forms to qualify for free stuff, are
          to be regarded as the Norm, and we must continue this
          We don’t need Legal-Eagle Debate Team labelling,
          I will offer you some compassionate assistance, Reality1,
          but I don’t OWE it to you, OK? Get It, man?
          At some point you will die from some cause.
          It won’t be you dying BECAUSE I didn’t Share with YOU.
          Get it?
          I know it’s too late, but you oughta read some Robert Heinlein. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

        • Guns are for protection and food you IDIOT if you can not make that a real simple ideology the you are the problem. Guns and all weapons do not kill PEOPLE. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. So here is the left side trying to justify control on all others. There is not one FREE society in the world left that is not ARMED. PERIOD end of stupidity.

          • johnjohn

            You sound like a talking point for the NRA and FOX news (Guns do not kill PEOPLE. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE). Are your type really incapable of thinking for themselves? because you make it appear that way. I would like to see you try to kill me without your pathetic guns, i would crush you you fat Neo Con bastard.

          • Heart of the Rose

            The Right to Bear Firearms.
            Insures the right to feel better with finger on the trigger…

      • johnjohn

        Man you are all over the place. Blaming liberals and then blaming the lack of gods presence then saying we are all gonna just die anyways. Liberals are the only ones in the USA who have been warning against nuclear use and now all you tea party types are jumping on the band wagon like little sheep because your type simply cant see things in less they are in front of your fat ugly face. Your running scared with your weak little guns, thinking that will protect you. All you neo cons will die because of your own fears, and your guns wont do sheet. Once the human species evolves beyond this shameful period only the enlightened ones will survive which means all you righties will vanish…………to hell.

      • johnjohn

        First “Your kind” wants to deregulate business, then when one of your deregulated businesses (GE) sells inadequate technology to the Japs and disaster happens, “your kind” wants to blame it on the liberals and go run and hide with your sissy weapons. You are so ass backwards that you have to pee sitting down. You have been used by big business for their own greedy desires while leaving you in the dust. Your genes are seriously no longer needed in the human gene pool. PLEASE take your gun, turn it towards you timple and pull the trigger, at least that one bullet will have benefitted our species.

    • appalled

      Hi really. I wonder if the people who run the nuclear industry ever consider the extreme fear their activities induce in the general population? I wonder if they ever consider the fears of the people living near nuclear plants, families raising genetically damaged children, or people dying of cancer? What about the fears of the people around Fukushima who have had to abandon homes their families have had for generations, who are told they might never be able to return? How do these people live with themselves? This site is a breath of fresh air and is doing what our governments should be doing…Keeping us well informed. Excellent job webmaster and thank you.

    • radegan

      Dear stupid – the point of putting this up was to SHOW you that there are TWO different forecasts being put out – one for the public sheep, and another for governments. Isn’t is good to know the degree of lying going on?

  • squilmi

    Someone first needs to contact the scientist who authored this data and then we need to find what it actually means to the average person in the U.S. The fact that the video is dated March does not invalidate the data since Cesium 137 has a half life of 30 years. It could have been dated March 2000 and we could still have a potential problem.

  • HardLeft

    My hunch is that the official estimate that the reactors have released only 10% of Chernobyl’s radiation is probably off by about a factor of 10 based on estimates that were published in March in New Scientist. However, I’m pretty sure these NILU models make a lot of assumptions, I think their website even says that if you poke around. So it’s likely they ran “worst case” and “best case” models at NILU, that’s what you do when you make an estimate or a projection, And the Cesium deposits in the US are gonna be really spotty, just like Chernobyl. Some places are gonna be not too bad, others will get kind of hammered, we don’t know how bad yet. So my feeling is “no-point-in-freaking-out-but-watch-carefully.”

    This is a great site for links– best one out there, I am really grateful– but the tone? Yeah, it’s definitely a little alarmist. I mean, ENENEWS beats the crap out of Alex Jones or ATS, IMHO, but I do wish it was JUST facts and links, the interpretation seems strained.

    As for the advice on politics, guns and religion, hey, it’s a free country, you can say whatever you want, but, er… kind of on the wrong website, dude. I’m, like, so liberal I’m almost all the way back on the right, and all that blather is really 1995 and totally not intimidating.

    • serj

      i thought its just facts & links?!

    • really

      it is an alarmist.. those maps are only worse case scenerios so theres room for error & that it may not be as bad or maybe worse. its upsetting how at first glance you think its for the month of April. It would be great if they would accurately give inform like that the maps are for the month of March & that they held the truth from us. inaccurate things like this starts to discredit a site plus its not the first time since Japan happened that I see this site do this sort of thing.. Just please be more accurate & give the real info & where its coming from. sources

  • 67Mopar

    I think 90% of this is a lot of BS! Yes, America will get some very low levels of contamination, but by the time it makes it here (if it does at all?) it will so widely dispersed that it won’t even matter. There’s no way the heavier plutonium particulates can make it all the wat to the shores of the USA… Just check your food, detox with Zeolite, and enjoy your lives!

  • stockholmer

    the scientist with the original file
    John F. Burkhart
    Research Scientist
    Department of Atmospheric and Climate Research
    Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU)
    P.O. Box 100

    NO-2027 Kjeller, Norway Research Project Scientist
    School of Engineering
    University of California, Merced (UCM)
    5200 North Lake Rd.,
    Merced, CA 9534 Office: +47 6389 8080
    Fax: +47 6389 8050
    Mobile: +47 9682 5011
    US Mobile: +1 617 5432188
    Email: john.burkhart (at) nilu.no

  • god

    The guy who spread this bunk is a total alarmist with an army of idiot followers who predict the end of the world at every sparrow’s fart. Last month he said the sun “went dark” because that’s what he observed when the satellite transmitting the image of the sun was interrupted for several seconds. If you talk crazy talk every day, sooner or later you will actually get something right simply by coincidence because you are talking so much smack. I’m embarrassed this crap was posted on this otherwise serious site. Nobody should draw any conclusions from an unpublished model run from a scientist’s personal files–scientists run models to test the model’s sensitivity to various parameters and these test runs aren’t meant to represent anything. A matching date means nothing. Please only post the facts and not conspiracy lunacy. The facts are bad enough.

    • dan

      Thanks God. I was almost starting to believe this one. But I was wondering the same things about using unpublished files. Who (besides you of course) knows if there’s any accurate information in those unpublished files? Maybe they weren’t published, because the guy who made them realized they were all screwed up?

      • god

        All of the monitoring data show that the largest release of radioactive materials into the atmosphere happened when the hydrogen explosions blew the structures to bits and compromised holding pools for spent fuel rods, exposing them to the air, and possibly cracking containment structures or the reactors themselves. If you look at the data, there is a big spike. But why care about a model and ignore actual monitoring data being collected around the world? Here on the West Coast of the USA we have the University of California Berkeley, and the University of Washington measuring levels of radionuclides every day. It’s in the air, rainwater, soil, and in the food chain. But those who actually do the research are not in a panic over the levels seen to date. We do what we can to limit our exposure, wherever we are, but it will be chronic low-level (very low level so far) exposure for many, many months and nobody can really say how that will end up affecting people’s health 10, 20, 50 years down the line.

    • really

      i notice he frequently posts alarming stuff & its upsetting its not giving accurate data..that may I personally the video in youtube and its a map dating from march not april.. at first glance you’d think it was a forecast for April but it isn’t. look at the utube video enlarge it & you’ll see its from a March forcast.

      • dan

        One thing to keep in mind (as someone else posted) is that old data is still relevant. A lot of this stuff doesn’t go away for a very long time. So _if_ there was a huge radiation cloud last month, some of that stuff probably fell out, and is now part of the radioactive contamination that’s accumulating. Unlike oil, it’s not getting eaten by oil eating bacteria. Or degrading from sunlight. Or whatever. It’s just sitting there accumulating.

        • dan

          Some of it, like iodine-131, does decay in a relatively short time. So it’s only dangerous for a relatively short period. And it’s possible (I think) most of it could remain high up in the atmosphere, while it’s still dangerous.

          • splashy

            By now the iodine, if there hasn’t been much more deposited, is really dropping.

            On the other hand, the cesium has a half-life of 30 years, so each bit of fallout is accumulating.

    • You can stand there and put yourself on the level of GOD with your screen name and ask to be believed? Mothra seems to be on the right track and has the Data to back it up. I look as far as I can for it. Read it and decipher for myself. You do what you want but when the shit hits the fan I can do as I please. For I have guns ammo food and can produce 60 gallons of clean water a day for my neighbors thank you. I bet not one of you can do that. I can defend them from roving Gangs By arming them and creating a defense force. Can you do that. I can set up a source of energy albeit small one for all to charge essentials can you do that. This is what a real NEIGHBOR does for those that can not. So step up and support your local group. Since I do not live as a Isolationist I have to provide with the resources GOD gives me.

  • cheers mate!

    thanks for doing the extra editing to make it look nice.. the side by side and overlay are very good and show what the difference really is/was.


  • WindorSolarPlease

    People will believe what they want to believe.

    Some believe that all is ok, nothing to be concerned about.

    Some believe there is a little, but it will go away

    Some believe we are being saturated by this

    Personally, I believe that no matter if it is a little or if we are being saturated, it’s still to much.

    When I see reports that say no data, that concerns me more than anything.

    BTW..Welcome Dutch hope you join in here.

  • radegan

    Consider this – the second, non-private version of Cs 137 dispersion MATCHES the public version of Xe 133 dispersion over the same time frame. Now, when a reactor goes critical and starts spitting out lots and lots of Xe 133, it also spits out Cs 137. Those are known quantifiable ratios. Did you really think it spat out clouds of Xe 133 and only wisps of Cs 137?

  • Jack

    Cesium the Day!

  • radegan

    Date Place Cs 134 Cs136 Cs137 Te132
    3/21 Salt Lake 0.0141 0.0029 0.018 0.025
    3/24 Orlando 0.0151 0.0014 0.019 0.024


  • radegan

    It’s very clear that the huge emissions of Cesium 137 have decayed into the dreaded Sleazium 137, which numbs the thinking power and moral judgement of our leaders, so that they conclude it is best to lie even though they aren’t very good at it.

  • Jack

    I hope y’all will be Healed by His Stripes, and Made to Lie in
    Green Pastures.
    We Murricans have been taught to think of The Nuke Event, which
    we afterward slowly recover from…crawl out of cellar-shelters
    hoping there is some Life out there…
    This radiation is spewing unabated, like a volcano, and moving
    on the tides and winds. Continuously…the plumes just shift with
    the jetstream and normal (?!) oscillations in patterns.
    There is no reduction in contamination, no recovery to normal.
    Hope you get good Huggy Wuggies today.

  • John Wayne

    damn, we are becoming the United States of Cesium

  • Jack

    Perhaps this new Sleazium isotope will be shown to have
    properties only recently discovered: it’s a Twitter-emitter.

  • Regulus

    Sheeple can’t fight their way out of a paper bag.
    You won’t do anything about it.
    You don’t have it in you.

  • Cyclops2

    How is this for a calming effect.

    ” All previous readings at Fukushima were in error. The testing instruments had not been recertififed as accurate. ”

    “Therefore assume there is no present danger to anyone. “

  • Regulus

    Move along -nothing to see here.
    Gasping on to moaning.

  • radegan

    “Radiation is just sunshine trying to hug you.”

  • Regulus

    Whose army/war is this anyway?
    By the will of the sheeple.
    It’s yours.
    Feel free to lie down at will.

  • harrytheseal

    hey regulus,you spout a lot of crap…whats your solution, calling names and being insulting doesn’t help…you are sheeple too

  • Regulus

    The pleading and whining of the “earth lice” is annoying
    That’s all
    Things go as planned

  • Regulus

    This is the solution.

  • Jack

    It has been interesting, hasn’t it, all you Sci-Fi fans?
    Lots of story scenarios
    where cave-tunnel-mineshafts are developed for stored air, ventilation, and a serious
    waste flushing system saves folks underground for years,
    before they emerge, cautiously, with radiation-canaries of some
    kind to test the air before everyone risks it.
    I know a geologist who I suspect of owning a secret volcanic cave.
    Smart, Rich guy…

  • Shimghet

    Warloc, could you please share the type of water cleaner/filter you use as I’m fairly new to this, although I have been working on food storage for years, I would like to find a good water purifier for my next purchase and you seem to be so knowledgeable on this subject. Please, I’m serious and in no way mocking you.

    • xdrfox

      About 2 days ago someone who posted some very good inf and how to install, go back a few pages, he posted a number of comments on the subject !

  • Shimghet

    I live in SE Alaska where we are terribly close to Japan in fact, on the island where I grew up there are still gun sites where the army was stationed to monitor it from Japan. I’ve been preparing for this type of thing for several years but still cannot find a water filter that I like.

    • xdrfox

      Must be nice there in the Aleutian Islands.
      May be time to make that decision, get 2 so as to filter twice, remember about disposal of used filters, and best to have outside of living area.

      May need to get a counter to check your fish and seaweed if you collect and eat it.

  • 67Mopar

    This is nothing more than crazy conspiracy BS! GEEZUSSS!!!

    • Sandi Dinsdale

      Think again, your brain has fallen prey to television clap trap no news, you seriously think we are not eating, bathing, breathing radiation for weeks now? Don’t you wonder about the defining silence regarding something as grave as this issue? Don’t you like how they have cleaned up the gulf spill as promised by our govt?
      “Not” check out “Halfpasthuman.com and see how they predicted a major radiation problem in March truly devastating the northern hemisphere’s food and water making many of us sick in the long run. Better do some more research or get a radiation detector, you denying it is the conspiracy friend. wake up, you are living in la la land if you can’t put the 2 & 2 of this together for yourself.

  • Novamind

    While I like this site,and the comments, that sometimes are more intertaining than informative it is still worth reading.
    My grandmother passed away in the 60’s, I remember helping to clean out her celler,and as a boy, I asked why all the home canned food and newspaper and such was down there?
    My parents told me it was due to WWII, and the Cold war. It was an A Bomb shelter.
    The newspaper was to be used as a wrap on your shoes to prevent bring fallout into the shelter, and the food well I remember that I could not tell what some it was thru the clear glass jars it was so old, and so much of it.
    My Father was in WWII, He went to do “Clean Up” in Japan after the A bombs were dropped at the age of 18. He passed away at the age of 36 from hypertension, I was 4yrs old. My mother told me that he said that what he saw there in Japan was beyond discription and horrific. I believe his early death was caused by the Radiation he was subjected to in the war.
    Fast forward to present, and the current Radiation crisis America and the World now faces.
    Japan is still in shock from the multiangle crisis on its own soil and while wanting to control everything, is totaly out of control of what ultimately is most important to it and the world at large, the nuclear crisis at hand. That now is at an uncontrolable runaway pace.
    It is clear that even thru the disinformation, deception and denial of information, from Japan and America, that Japan needs help. They can not take the action that is needed at this time of need on their own, for they lack the resorces needed, in the time frame needed, many resorces from those who stand to loose it all,who Have the combined resorces needed, and that, is all of the World,its now up to Man to save the Earth! Lets hope its not to late…..