Seismologist: Could easily have M6 quake below Fukushima plant with “very destructive” result — Professor: There’s no way to stabilize fuel pool against strong quake (AUDIO)

Published: February 11th, 2014 at 11:26 am ET


Doug Dasher, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Nov. 6, 2013 (at 7:15 in): There’s a lot of unknowns, a lot of uncertainties… We really need to sample to understand this… Fukushima has continued to leak. They continue not to be able to stabilize or find where some of the melted cores are from the reactors… Stability of the spent fuel pool — that is a major issue right now internationally… there’s no way to stabilize it against a major earthquake. There’s a lot of things taking place — It’s not a stable site… We need to know what’s going on there now so in case something else happens we can be better prepared for it.

Kevin McCue, Director of the Australian Seismological Center, Feb. 11, 2014: […] there is a possibility of a much bigger earthquake happening there again. […] it is a very active part of the Pacific […] Engineers are kind of playing a game of chance when they build a building […] There is no possibility for designing for the worst possible earthquake. So they designed for something else. […] I would imagine that a relatively small earthquake could give the Fukushima plant a very bad fright if they happened right under the reactor, say an earthquake like [a magnitude] 6.2. […] So you could easily had a magnitude 6 earthquake right under the reactor and that would be very destructive […] And even another Tohoku earthquake – there is about a 6% probability of having two of those in 100-year lifetime of the reactor — a small chance but still a chance of having another very great earthquake off the Japanese coast. […] I imagine that they ought to be getting on with not only stabilizing the reactors but making sure that any other tsunami or any strong ground shaking doesn’t cause additional damage at those plants. I think that is a matter of high priority […]

Dasher’s full press conference available here (at 7:15 in)

Published: February 11th, 2014 at 11:26 am ET


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43 comments to Seismologist: Could easily have M6 quake below Fukushima plant with “very destructive” result — Professor: There’s no way to stabilize fuel pool against strong quake (AUDIO)

  • dtvedt

    Shore up the fuel pools with surrounding soils.

    • OldFool

      There were many things that could have been done and should have been done in the last 3 years – building a very tall tsunami wall, second harbor, zeolite trench, etc. etc. etc. But they would all cost big money. But a profit seeking corporation is in charge – none of these things will ever be done in time to avoid the second disaster. And these megaquakes may come in clusters, so time is very short now.

      • We Not They Finally

        We tend to forget that when ALL people have is money and power, then threaten that and there is nothing to sustain the entity. We think that the devil is busy here, busy there, busy there. Maybe he's just one big giant black hole….

      • AlexfromNB

        Why in the name of heaven did the Japanese government merely pass this mess off to a corporation instead of taking direct responsibility and action? This affects the entire planet!

        It isn't a "problem" for profit-making enterprise, it's the freaking planet for crying out loud! From the beginning this required a massive, coordinated international response from key scientists, engineers and experts, not these goofs! We're living in an age of insanity!

        Day after day time goes by with potential catastrophe at every hour. Worse yet, is the complete and total coverup by all governments. To the Japanese PM, apparently to you the "loss of face" is more important than human lives. Those responsible should be brought up on charges at the Hague and thrown into The Bastille forthwith. Since there's no Bastille, have them work at the NPP site.

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          The best part: They subcontract out the work to do the radiation monitoring. Any surprise they keep revising their data.

          • RichardPerry

            And the contractors know that low reported readings insure more contracts.

          • jec jec

            And means the workers insurance for radiation illness costs less!And any radiation exposure to the public is hidden..sure is a cost saving method for their bottom lines. And without any proof of radiation, cause the EPA is sure not monitoring it, companies are 'home free.' Bet someone even won a government award for saving taxpayers dollars…..

  • Ontological Ontological

    Many in the dead scientist club tried to tell GE this in the early 70's why the hell they did not listen. GREED. Those piles of junk were NEVER able to handle good solid S waves! None of them can.

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    The possibility of another upper 7m is not off the scale.
    The Tohoku quake has had more large continuous aftershocks than almost anything on record.
    Another 6m seems like a given.

    • We Not They Finally

      7.5 already happened late last summer! They just first downgraded it to just under a 7, then gave no reports of damages. This is not abstract, theoretical, future probability….

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      It describes the EQ threat to "THE POOL",which I take as meaning the Common SFP since no mention of the number assigned to the individual SFP's is made or given??!! Why the hell did they transfer those fuel assemblies("like lit cigarettes removed from a pack")into a huge,nearly-full one that still has it and "us" at risk from further EQ damage impacts??!! 😐 I understand that there's no room anywhere else to put it,like ALL nuclear waste accumulating EVERYWHERE that was & IS a problem both before & after 311,but I'd have "MADE ROOM" & focused on tackling transport & storage issues BEFORE any risky attempts to move the shitium just a few,short yards from where they were/are onsite & STILL just as much a hazard as they ever were(?)!! 🙁 How many "Liquidator's" were sickened and/or die in the process that appears to have had little to no impact on reducing the threats associated with another "Big-One" among the very frequent EQ's near & AT the deadly-toxic & always threatening sppewing,leaking,smoldering remains of what was once the 2nd largest facility of its kind in the world??!! But TEPCO shareholders have seen steadily improving returns on their stocks & executive bonuses will still likely be issued to management-level staff and they did say they were "VERY sorry" for the latest revelations of improperly maintained & operated monitoring equipment that led to grossly underestimated radiation release data,among their many other FUKuP's!~WTF's next? :(…

  • tsfw tsfw

    I know they say that earthquakes are not seasonal, but I'm not sure I believe that. Where I live they always ramp up in the winter months and the locals say the same things. Summers we have potential hurricanes, winters we have potential quakes, just the way it is, regardless of what they say.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    "We really need to sample to understand this… Fukushima has continued to leak."

    Ah yes, running around in shorts and no shirt on drunk as a skunk when it was -50 degrees out on the grounds of UAF. Those were the crazy days. Spent about four years there going to collage and living up on Chena Ridge. It was a good life in Alaska and there are still a few good friends doing well way up there in Tok, and Trapper Creek.

    "We need more samples to understand this?"

    Really? All one has to do is pay attention to what is happening here on Enenews to "understand" how bad this is, or what the present situation presents. The knowledge we have says WHEN this shakes again after another earthquake bomb is set off, it will only be a part of the takeover of America by the foreign banksters who are going to implement martial law after the economic crash. The multi-dimensionality of the take down is astounding to those who really study the beast and have a grasp on the bigger picture. The ordering of all the potassium iodide is proof of foreknowledge of what is going to come. It is only a matter of timing now.


  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "100-year lifetime of the reactor"!
    They think the lifetime of a reactor is 100 years?? Lol
    Probably run each of them until they have an explosion/meltdown/meltout. Lmao! 😉

  • Rufus

    This is what they're all dancing around.
    The next big quake (and there will ALWAYS be a next quake for Japan) will cause more damage and more lethal radiation than they want to admit.
    It's what's driving everything TEPCO does… fear of the next big one.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Of course, we will never see the results of testing for radiation, because there is no testing being done!
    "It's often amazing to watch some of these government types on TV telling people "We have no evidence there is any danger." Of course they don't THEY AREN'T TESTING FOR IT! How the hell can they have evidence if they're not testing?"
    From the same link:
    "Days after the tsunami, as the reactor cores in Fukushima melted down and began exploding one after another, after another, we got wall-to-wall coverage of that too. And it was then that the mass-media massively abdicated it's responsibilities. Sure, the media asked "Hey, where is all that radiation from the Fukushima Plant going?" But when the platitudes came, wherein so-called "experts" repeatedly stated there was no danger to America, that the mass-media completely fell on its face. Quite simply, they utterly failed to do their job and failed in the most miserable way."

    Nuke industry dis-information, government coverup, corruption of so-called "experts", media silence. Conspiring to kill a family near you.

    Very near to you. 😉

    • Socrates

      They didn't care about fish or the masses… just saving their multi-trillion-dollar investments. So goes Fuku,.so goes the nuclear Renaissance. So goes their pocketbooks and their weapons of choice.

      if they cared about this planet they would not have done this after Einstein.told 'em they were too stupid. Admiral Rickover told 'em, too. Their own engineers told 'em.
      Hell, I told 'em

  • Socrates

    If the fuel rods ate still in the sfps, there is no way to get them out or reinforce the buildings… Game over with the next big earthquake.

    • GQR2

      Probably it doesn't even have to be a big one,just a shake or two in the zone of destruction.
      maybe then the world won't be fooled by looking at steaming, fissioning nuclear wreckage that's covered with plywood,tarps,sheet metal, dry wall and chewing gum.
      Though one would think, the Tsunami footage would have been enough.
      They have a lot of experience with huge psy-ops and propaganda projects. grand scale. The game is over now Socrates, they just haven't gotten the memo.

  • Did anyone ever notice that the TEPCO icon looks like a 3 eared Mickey Mouse with holes in it's head…..scroll to bottom of my Radon page

  • We Not They Finally

    These people are just talking to hear themselves talk. They still think that it's about "if or when." If they actually COMPREHEND the magnitude of this at some point, we're listening.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    After awakening to even more personally distressing news I stopped in here to see what's happening at Fuku-Ichi and with all my peeps and I find that wit*h every horrific revelation of the actual status of Fukushima and what "stage" of the 311 ELE we have reached currently,my fears & concern regarding my family's personal problems & quickly-approaching,looming housing crisis ends up seeming less of an issue with each headline or hint screaming that "doomsday is upon us"! I wonder if 311 & the BS rolling downhill from the castles & mansions of the elite that makes life so hard that I look forward to death has also initiated "masochistic" tendencies??!! Since I know better than to expect "good news" via ENE or like-minded,HONEST,ACCURATE info sources/outlets,but then I step off from my hating & pity-party & I hope & pray that me and my trusted sources like ENE,etc. are ALL proven wrong and my anxiety,fear & despair was all for naught! Wishful thinking I suppose,but not even a SINGLE item coming from the parties responsible for the mess or assessing its status or their actions undertaken,underway or planned holds any promise of succeeding or even putting my mind at ease for a moment! It's not so much what they've "done" to date that's failed that angers & depresses me & quashes my hopes for an acceptable outcome & "END",it's what they HAVEN'T done or even considered trying when there was still time to prevent or even slow down what's happening NOW & getting…

  • Nick

    Johnny B.

    There IS good news with Fukushima……people all over the planet will be waking up, albeit belatedly, to the fact that there is NOTHING more sacred and precious under the sun than a healthy planet earth.

    Too bad some idiots tried to go fission.

  • atomicistheword

    TEPCO = Skapegoat for General Electric whom fiddles whilst Rome burns. What is the mark of the beast? Why mark 1, of course. Who made it? General Electric did! In fact they manufactured atomic radiation reactors 1 to 5. Whose product failed due to seismic activity, in a known region for such activity? General Electric. Who had direct financial involvement in atomic reactor 1? Uhmmm General Electric. Which corporation was involved in a safety scandal in Fukushima in 1976? Let us see, General Electric.

    What name seem to have disappeared in the last three years? GENERAL ELECTRIC.

    The cake eating underlings are restless and seek justice. Watch in amazement as the rats leave the sinking ship. No, astonishment!

    100 years, how about 1976.

    Points finger hissing, liar, liar, pants on fire.

    Your guarantee to the prefecture government meant nothing.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Great Avatar! 🙂

  • jec jec

    6.8 earthquake China, still not posted on the USGS RSS data feed. So its possible, very possible in Japan!

  • Japanese Newspaper Reports Japan Offered Earthquake Weapons in 1991!

    In a Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper report published on the 4th of May 1991 in Japan titled "Earthquake Weapons in the Latest Stage of Development" states that Russia was on the verge of producing an earthquake inducing weapon that artificially triggers large quakes in enemy territory by making use of the movement of the Earth's crust; and that such a weapon system was being offered for sale to Japan.

    This Russian weapon was alleged to consist of developed technology involving the detonation of a small nuclear bomb at a specific highly stressed plate boundary thus initiating a strong earthquake at the desired target location many thousands of miles away.

    It is a known documented fact that nukes do initiate quakes at plate boundary locations.

    Interestingly it is also reported how Foreign Minister, Shinzo Abe, now Prime Minister of Japan, was reported to have been in Russia at that time meeting with Gorbachev and his aide, Yakovlev, who offered USSR’s weapons technology capable of producing earthquakes to Japan.

    Using the cover of the Aum doomsday cult of which Shinzo Abe was a chief financier and sponsor it’s quite probable that all manner of nuclear and other advanced weapons of mass destruction where smuggled into Japan. The Aum cult had 50,000 members in Russia at that time

    Read more here


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