Senator: Gov’t warning that “violent extremists” obtained insider positions at utilities — Nuclear plants at risk of takeover — “I’m completely flummoxed” by NRC’s inaction on this… “You’ve got to be kidding” (VIDEO)

Published: February 5th, 2014 at 1:00 am ET


Medill School of Journalism, Jan. 31, 2014: [Nuclear Regulatory Commission members] blundered under questioning on the NRC’s vote to delay a recommendation by its own staff that two people be present when nuclear materials are handled to prevent an insider terrorist attack. The commissioners could not recall how or why they had voted to delay the decision, which they did unanimously in May 2013. […] “The commission decided not to move forward with that,” [Chairman Allison] Macfarlane said. When asked why she said, “It was a commission decision. I’m not sure what the vote was.” [Senator Barbara] Boxer expressed concerns and frustrations with the decision, saying that in 2011 the Department of Homeland Security had warned that “violent extremists had obtained [insider] positions in utilities” and posed a significant threat.

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA): “I am completely flummoxed. This is a big and important issue. This business of a cost benefit analysis, when you’re dealing with a potential terror attack and a takeover of a nuclear plant? You’ve got to be kidding. […] You found the costs were minimal, less than a million dollars a year.”

Chad Sweet, former official at Department of Homeland Security: “The only way you can actually kill the large-scale number of Americans [is] through the use of this critical infrastructure.”

Watch Sen. Boxer’s questioning of NRC members here

Published: February 5th, 2014 at 1:00 am ET


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182 comments to Senator: Gov’t warning that “violent extremists” obtained insider positions at utilities — Nuclear plants at risk of takeover — “I’m completely flummoxed” by NRC’s inaction on this… “You’ve got to be kidding” (VIDEO)

  • Ontological Ontological

    “This business of a cost benefit analysis when you’re dealing with a potential terror attack and the takeover of a nuclear plant—you’ve got to be kidding me,” Boxer said.
    Thank you, but not just for attack, for everything. Cost should not be an issue in this crisis. Only one way to stop it, decommission them ALL, and get the global fuel off the planet where they can fight over it for Plutonium in space.

  • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation


  • James Tekton James Tekton

    More gibberish from the queen deflector of them all.




    • We Not They Finally

      You're talking about BOXER? At least she's trying to do something.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        See above 🙂
        "Only one way to stop it, decommission them ALL"

      • AlexfromNB

        Boxer's a blockhead. Always has been and always will be. Her name says it all!

        I'm from Calfornia. She and her fellow Three Bimbos from the Apocalypse, Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi, have done more to ruin American society and our way of life than any other women in history.

        I can't think of a single thing these woman have done, or tried to do, that was ever in the best interest of the American people. They all voted for Obamacare. In my book that says it all.

        • AlexfromNB

          Close down all these plants worldwide. There simply is no other choice!

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Correct 🙂 and that would be the only solution to this growing Nuclear Nightmare that is now unfolding worldwide!

            We made a huge mistake and what species exterminates themselves with their own created death machines? 🙁 Pure insanity rules the minds of men…

            • JMR

              Homo Sapiens have been doomed to extinction ever since we evolved into what we are. The first couple million years went pretty good with hunter gatherer societies but as soon as we started setting up civilization the writing was on the wall.

              I agree with you 100% about shutting down these plants, but they never will be voluntarily. That would be like asking people to stop driving, or to stop using cell phones. Only through disasters will they be shut down. 400 more of these and we should pretty much be finished along with many other species.

              Nuclear is just a symptom of an out of control species that cannot be sustained by the Earth any longer. Fossil fuels have "fueled" our out of control population and nuclear is just adding to it. Meanwhile the very fuels that make our population growth possible are poisoning each and every one of us. There is no escaping it.

              No species has ever been able to stop its own extinction and we are no different. The very tools that we have developed to make our survival easier will be our undoing. It's kind of ironic that the survival mechanism that made us the most dominant species on the planet will be our ultimate demise.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                You are very wise, but I disagree with this one.
                "That would be like asking people to stop driving, or to stop using cell phones."

                None of out here have anything to do with Nuclear. Its the electricity that makes our world go around. There are clean sane ways to create electricity and there are unclean and dirty ways to create electricity.

                Nuclear is already proven dirty and a cancer causing polluting ecosystem nightmare and proven in every medical journal ever published on this planet.

                Shut this Nuclear crap down now and then find other clean ways to create the electricity we need!

                This problem is very solvable… 🙂 By sane people!

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  oops..None of "us" out here have anything to do with Nuclear.

                • JMR

                  I agree about shutting them down and using alternatives 100%. But many of us are complicit because we don't know where our electricity comes from. Many of us get electricity from nuclear plants whether we want to or not. Most don't care.

                  Using the driving analogy: I know my car pollutes the environment but what choice do I have in this society/civilization/world we have created for ourselves? There are choices of course that do not pollute, but most people are not going to choose those things. They will choose what is easiest. And collectively there is inertia to the way we live and how we power our lives. What is easier? To continue doing things the way we do them or to change? Staying the same will always win because of inertia – few like change and as a civilization or species we are not going to change voluntarily.

                  Unfortunately, nuclear is so dangerous to all life that it will most likely be too late before anything is done – and I contend that it is already too late. We are one major disruption to the electrical grid away from extinction – and that disruption is inevitable at some point in time.

                  Let me ask you if even one nuclear plant has been closed down due to protests, letter writing, petitions etc.? I honestly don't know, but I doubt it. The only thing that ever shuts these things down is accidents. So 3 down 400 more to go – we ain't going to make it through this.

                  On the other hand, we have nothing to lose by trying right?

                • usagi usagi

                  I thought of this analogy: Using nuclear fission to boil water for electricity generation is like using a chainsaw to open a soup can, but dangerous.

          • Homolumina Homolumina

            And then we still have more than enough sh*t at hand to clean up without knowing how !!!

        • captndano captndano

          You can' think of One good thing Boxer has done? If it wasn't for Barbara Boxer, San Onofre would still be spewing out it's poison. The next one to be shut down will be Diablo Canyon. And that will be on Barbara Boxer's account.
          By the way; it was We, the American people, who unanimously voted for Barrack Obama. We gave him the mandate to not only end the catastrophically stupid and costly wars the former administration lied us into, but to fix the broken healthcare system so the US can start acting like a developed country. It's the Law now, so get over it. And try to watch something besides the propaganda spewed out by Faux News.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        the nuclear cabal is killing us all.

        A rich and invested political figure gives the nuclear "regulators" a little tongue lashing, and people nod approvingly?

        What if those suited criminals broke into Sea World and killed children, dolphins and seals? Would Boxer be flummoxed and give them a reprimand? The NRC, IAEC, WHO and governments around the world shaking hands with nuclear companies have blood on their hands. They can bath in the blood of innocent animals, women, children maimed and murdered by nuclear. 60 million and counting

  • Jebus Jebus

    Makes you wonder about our nuclear arsenal and the recent purging.

    Oh, and add flummoxed, to the nuclear lie playbook…

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    This is as ridiculous as the guy who walked past superbowl security to get on TV. We spend untold dollars to have all these departments and ZERO boarder protection, ZERO security at nuke facilities from inside attack and rent-a-cops outside. No wonder an 84 yo nun can attack a nuke processing plant.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      Could this all be a deflection maneuver ?

      • whatamessa

        Homolumina….Iwould think that you are probably"SPOT ON" I was surprised that it took so long for the Fear Folks to start the word weapons of mass deflection!!

        • hexagon

          My fear is that the "word weapons of mass deflection" of today will be the actual weapons of deflection tomorrow. They will blame high radiation levels on unnamed terrorists soon.

          On a side note, I was watching BBC World News yesterday on PBS and they were talking about cancer rates significantly increasing by 2030. Of course they went on to say how it will be the fault of the person with cancer for their lifestyle due to alcohol, smoking and being sedentary.

          • Homolumina Homolumina

            yep, as it was done before – create a scapegoat per definition – from other people's perspective the US is a terrorist – then blame everything on them and keep doing what you do…

    • We Not They Finally

      That elderly nun didn't attack anything! All she did was peaceful protest and got jailed for it. Get your facts straight.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        Get your facts straight. The activists, Rice, Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed are also being accused of sabotage for damage they caused when they broke into the facility, cutting through fences and painting slogans on the walls before splattering blood and damaging a wall with hammers. I call this attacking. What do you call it?

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Someone trying to stop the Extermination of Planet Earth? 🙂

          • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

            OK you win. But I think they should have brought a few more nuns. 🙂

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Yes, that is good advice and washable paint and plastic throw hammers… 🙂

              They all should be wearing pink ribbons since most will have breast cancer from the very plant they are attacking.. soon. 🙁

              • According to Kevin Blanche, they were trying to make a citizens arrest of the people in the plant.. That is why the guards did not come out… they did not want to be arrested.

                Since they could not do that, they decided to have a party, paint some art, hang pictures, and bang on the nearest objects to make a tune…

                Seriously, $50,000 damage from paint and a hole in a fence? You can buy a HUMMER for that much?

                Who did they hire to fix the damage? A Pentagon contractor maybe? Want to bet that got charged $30,000 for a 2×2 section of fence, and $20,000 for a can of paint remover?

            • Ontological Ontological

              Don't forget the lil dancing mouse's pink tutu.
              And my cancer survivors ribbon is purple. Skull cancer is the rarest of them all. I wish I could get professional quotes from the immunofluorescence team @ UCLA. Alas I am all by myself here despite the miracle they performed for me. They cannot due to tenure get involved. My oncologist, a brilliant genius of QED and immune system superconductivity, was an avid surfer. Poor guy must be devastated..

        • WWJD WWJD

          @SykeWar – I believe the words "Sabotage" and "Attack" are used to make something that is really just "Vandalism" done as an anti nuclear protest. While our government "Peace Bombs" others in our name!

          Isn't this all part of syke warfare?

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          The Plowshare Three-Meghan, Michael, and Greg brought flowers, bread, paint, blood, and hammers in Oak Ridge Laboratory where they are making nuclear weapons in violation of international weapons treaties Their group believes we should hammer our weapons into plowshares, hence the hammering of the walls as a symbol of that belief. They are at risk of receiving 10 year sentences…longer than rapists, molesters, kidnappers.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Make that "an 84 yr old nun can do nonviolent resistance at a nuke weapons plant." She did not attack anything, and Oak Ridge is a filthy polluted radioactive weapons plant.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA


      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        The activists, Rice, Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed are also being accused of sabotage for damage they caused when they broke into the facility, cutting through fences and painting slogans on the walls before splattering blood and damaging a wall with hammers. This also wasn't peaceful.

  • Not that I am giving out plans and schematics, but I could tank a nuclear site with less than a $15k budget. This shite is so open to attack that it is not even funny.

    • We Not They Finally

      True. A lot of nuclear plants open out onto bodies of water because they want to be near cooling. You could just take a rowboat…

      • atomicistheword

        If it's a mark 1 atomic reactor just aim at the containment pool. They might as well paint a target on it, hit here! Silly idiots.

        I wonder what the budget on duct tape is per year?

        • atomicistheword

          PS and disclaimer, this has been posted all over YouTube…. Including
          ex-industry experts. The General Electric mark 1 reactor is a sitting duck waiting for duckie season.

      • WWJD WWJD

        Anyone who thinks 9/11 was not an inside job (I believe it was) should be really worried how easy it is to turn our nuclear plants in to one large dirty bomb like Fukushima.

        • johnnyo

          WWJD (When Would Jerry Dose?) I don't get the connection. From an anecdotal unscientific hunch based solely on reading here every day since August 2011, I would venture that a large majority do not accept the official fairy tale fabricated about that tragic September morn. However, I think ALL here ARE, and everyone else on the planet SHOULD be worried about the fragility of their neighborhood Death Star. The correlation escapes me.

          • johnnyo

            As my avatar suggests, I am active in a 9/11 Truth group in the DC area. I tried to conduct an informal poll in the off-topic room a while back to gauge the general opinion. Lackluster response rate. Will go there and try again later tonight. The reason we exist here, and that issue are intricately intertwined in innumerable ways.

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              I have some very good friends in the group in boston
              Are you folks talking about this ?
              The science on this is abit scary
              I'm getting ready to launch some organized discourse
              And 350 org what are they doing on this ?
              They are big
              But I'm still on the fence with how the group could be infiltrated and used for a nefarious agenda .
              Not that I'm against this McKibbon guy , I'm just not sure. Occupy in my area for the most part does not endorse them

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              What's the website ?
              Members only ?

            • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

              johnnyo….9/11 and 3/11 we need the complete truth on both.

          • WWJD WWJD

            @Johnny – What I tried to say is that for 9/11 to really happen as the official story suggests, many of their ducks neeed to be in row at the sametime. Either way, it was a very elaborate job that got pulled off. Attack on a nuclear does not need to anywhere near as elaborate, it could be done with simply a row boat and TNT on the water intake pumps. Oyster Creek during hurricane Sandy comes to mind. Arnie Gunderson said failure of these pumps are really what caused Fukushima.

            These facts should worry everyone!

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Industrial "T"–lived through some, never again.

      It's miserable, personnel turmoil and a management/documentation nightmare. Every day, for weeks, months, there is a problem.

      Third world tactics work well, cost about nothing.

      I have no doubt, we keep dickin around, we will see it here.

  • Socrates

    Critical infrastructure at nuclear utilities is totally unsecured from insiders who are (violent extremists) terrorists, but the NRC Commissioners did not want to vote to require operators to spend money by requiring two persons to be present, and they cannot recall why they had delayed the vote, but did vote to delay the vote, and Senator Boxer is flummoxed by the NRC's inaction.

    I knew a security guard at SONGS who was a former Marine. Most of the time he was drinking or lifting weights and taking steroids. A Marine friend of mine who served in Vietnam asked if he had seen any combat. The guy just stammered something about Grenada. One of my investigators worked there too in security. Big drinker also. Spent most of his time down in San Felipe drinking.

    I concluded that security was a bit of a joke.

    You can understand that these places cannot be properly secured if those guarding the places are drunks, and violent extremists can gain employment and are not even being watched by a single person.

    What is a violent extremist? Probably not a jihadist, a neo-Nazi? The NRC is more of a promoter than a regulator.

    Shut 'em all down. Violent extremists and drunks guarding nuclear infrastructure. Pressure tubes breaking…. Records being falsified. 8.5 million people within 50 miles. Not "if", just when…

    • agreed, an outsider could smoke a plant, what could the insiders do?

      • zogerke zogerke

        I worked in power plants…not nukes! After nine eleven. NYC. Top plant Management did not take security seriously due to budget cuts. Staff took it seriously. Stuff happened…we called in the fbi. Staff called in police and fbi behind top managements back. In my experience, safety management, Each plant also has a cadre of deeply committed folks…does not mean they are not sometimes deadly stupid…. And dont even talk about secure perimeters.

        • zogerke zogerke

          I know there are folks here who have worked in various types of power plants. Those are good jobs. People are there for decades. And key people..usually on the bottom, the workers, the maintenance mechanics, know every last quirk and creak of every single relief valve and boiler and switch. Those are the people who keep the plant functioning, the maintenance watchdogs, with years of commitment to the functioning of the plant.

          They know what right is, as far as plant operations go. I want there to be built in failsafes, controls, the more the better…..but from working inside….plants…tho not nukes..never …..from working inside, this scenario seems implausible…not impossible…but not so likely….how do you get around the workers who have been watching and caring for all the units for decades? Keeping it running even if by the skin of their teeth?

        • Socrates

          Good intentions, dedication, or hard work define most security. The problem might be in screening done by a private utility operator who breeches. Look at Edward Snowden.

          I've heard of a guy pulling a pin because of a Dear John letter.

          It is impossible to be 100% safe. Because of the magnitude of the risk, the cost of security would become infinite. Good dedicated guys are not enough. You need several people watching each other to avoid sabotage or diversion of materials.

          Then there are viruses…. In 2010, a pro-nuke posted that a major meltdown was impossible. When I confronted him with his post, he just shrugged it off. He is a professional. Fukushima is just a speed bump.

          Society cannot allow a utility company to protect a population from the ultimate disaster. The type of redundancies require tend to make nuclear economically unfeasible. Absolute care costs infinitely. Good enough isn't enough. Too much at stake. We cannot afford a single such incident – ever. It would wreck the entire country. Shut 'em all down! It's the only sane way. NRC cannot make a mistake but they in fact did.

          • WWJD WWJD

            I believe Edward Snowden is a hero because he put everything he had on the line for everyone else/us. It is called sacrifice and there are very few willing to sacrifice for others nowadays because we live in the land of selfishness.

            If everyone blew the whistle on the cover-ups people see within their job, this world and our life would be so much better. The name Karen Silkwood also comes to mind as a hero!

            • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

              I don't know what Snowden is because I've only been able to find 50 crappy powerpoint slides out of 50,000 documents he supposedly "leaked" but are somehow still kept secret. It's not a blown whistle if it doesn't sound, or sounds only to the tune of the media moguls and intelligence agencies controlling the press. Meanwhile Snowden gets whisked away to never land in Russia so he's out of the picture.

              The Snowden incident has become a "limited hangout" within a "limited hangout" for what and whose purposes I'll probably never completely understand.

              But I won't call him a true "whistleblower" much less a hero until he puts his entire "leak" into the public realm.

              • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

                Anyway, the "threat" here is probably just a conservative turned "tea party" member with a trailer-trash mouth who spewed enough profane hyperbole to spice up some investigator's report.

                What they're doing is trying to look like they're doing something, solving a problem that's cheap and easy to fix. Although probably a good idea, "The buddy system" is a lot cheaper to implement than real tactical security, and presents a political stunt that incumbents can pull out of their back pocket in the next election to "prove" they're on top of the issue.

          • zogerke zogerke

            socrates said <<<Society cannot allow a utility company to protect a population from the ultimate disaster. >>>>and that is so right.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        It's really inevitable and it will occur soon somewhere in/around the world. 🙁
        Stock: Problem
        "agreed, an outsider could smoke a plant, what could the insiders do?"

        Ontological: Solution
        "Only one way to stop it, decommission them ALL"

        Better move on it or soon we will all be burn't Nuclear Toast! 🙁

        All the legislators in congress have children and grand children and will also be toast!

        Time to wake up people! 🙂

        • Socrates

          We are at risk. We could wake up one morning and hear the grim news. Everyone would rush for the exits. Nobody is properly prepared. How many people have respiratory protection for themselves and their children. How about very young infants or pregnant women? This is totally insane.

          There is no way to evacuate Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties. SONGS could have gone on its own. Boxer knew this to be true. SCE was willing to take that risk to restart at 70% power to pass on costs to ratepayers. If they ran it even for second they could dump 2.5 billion on the ratepayers. Their economic incentives were against public safety. The big whigs lived in Emerald Cove, not San Onofre. Just as Obama went to South America after 3-11. From the FOIA documents, it would have been stupid for him to stay.

          This is all messed up. Shut 'em all down.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      The only violent extremists I can see are the ones running the Nuclear Cabal.

    • Yeah.

      "Former" DHS official Chad Sweet thinks "the only way" you can actually kill large numbers of Americans is by melting a reactor. Somebody really ought to inform DHS that melting reactors are NEVER considered to be hazardous to human health, under any circumstances, even when they explode. Period, that's they're story and they're sticking to it.

      They probably fired him for believing there might be Quakers under his bed!!! OMG!!!!

  • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

    A glorified "chain of custody"/"check and balance" is no substitute for real security.

    Considering this is the most critical infrastructure in the US and it is currently staffed with security guards, perhaps the politicians should order their personal security to the plants in their jurisdictions until they have the security question solved.

    To avoid repetition, see my comments about plant security in this thread generally:

    Here's how this plays out:

    1) small group of bad-guys overpower security guards using surprise and similar arms.
    2) power plant operators instantly SCRAM the core (proven ineffective at Fukushima)
    3) bad-guys disable cooling water pumps and conduits
    4) bad-guys begin trying to access the core and turn it to corium using stuff hotter than corium (thermite/magnesium) and more neutron moderating than liquid water (graphite,etc.)
    5) federal and state authorities arrive but refrain from assaulting, even with gas masks, because of the cooling water radiation fear
    6) aircraft on strip alert are re-fitted from air-to-air ordnance to air-to-ground ordnance necessary to bomb and scatter the core
    7) politicians guess whether they should bomb and scatter fuel rods or wait to see if the bad-guys can melt the core.
    8) Surrounding people die either…

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      Surrounding people would die either way.

      . . .Afterwards they could claim the heroic nuclear plant operators charged the control room, but the bad-guys blew the plant, and thus avoid accountability by creating some fictitious, posthumous heroes.

      After 9/11 and thirteen years of listening to these bozos babbling about terrorism, one would suppose that they'd have the most important critical infrastructure defended properly by now.

    • flatsville

      AI re: this >>> 4) bad-guys begin trying to access the core and turn it to corium using stuff hotter than corium (thermite/magnesium) and more neutron moderating than liquid water (graphite,etc.)<<<

      No need to access the core. Nearly impossible and unnecessry under your scenario. If past "accidents taught us anything, issues with vents, valves, sensors, back-up generators and connection to the power grid are enough to produce a deadly accident. It's unfortunately that easy.

      • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

        Right, I agree Fukushima showed that the 5 second SCRAM control rods (on that design of reactor) are completely ineffective. (An almost incomprehensibly large design "flaw.")

        Other more modern light water reactors in the US might fare better. We can only hope.

        I include step 4 to dispel the notion that effective SCRAM rods could take the place of adequate security or even provide extra time for response.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Or, a bunch of bad guys are in charge of running these plants already. If you dont care that your industry randomly murders your fellow humans for profit, you are a bad guy. If you dont believe it, then you are a bad guy because you have never read the extensive independent scientic data on this. Governments that allow uranium mines, nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons or nuclear waste on their territories are terrorist governments.

  • Hawaii report

    32 CPM in Air
    32 CPM in raining air
    32 CPM is Octopus from china

    Nuff said for now.

    • Socrates


      Looks like we have a new intermittent background level – the new normal. This will be very similar to ozone counts or pollen counts.

      I saw this number in Salmon burger from Alaska and at Half Moon Bay. All over the country here and there.

      Maybe we will have these levels two days per week. They could begin to rise consistently as the ocean plume hits.

      Dr. Goodheart posted studies that demonstrate that very specific chromosome deletions occur in childhood papillary thyroid cases caused by radiation. He suggests freezing samples of biopsies. Others are suggesting taking hair samples and discarded baby teeth for the strontium. Testing of milk, water, seafood, you name it.

      We cannot allow the nuclear industry to get away with more crimes. They have endangered every living thing on this planet. On meltdown on a major river in Europe…. I cannot bear the thought.

      That the citizens must prove this crime against their own government is unbelievable. That we have to use forensics to prove what our government is doing to us. They did the same thing before with above-ground testing and the citizens had to respond in the same way.

  • Ness Ness

    The Fukushima disaster proved that all you have to do is cut off electricity to the plant AND the back-up generators.
    I'm sure a dedicated terrorist can find a way to do just that and make it last long enough to cause a meltdown.

  • We Not They Finally

    It doesn't actually take MORE "terrorists" to create catastrophe in the U.S. We're been terrorized for decades now by the nuclear cabal. They just want to be clear who to BLAME if/when something domestic happens that is too huge to cover up. And that the blame does not fall on THEM.

    Me, I'm clear that we've been at the mercy of "terrorists" for a long time. It's called the nuclear industry itself.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Boxer..deflect and hat tip to DHS ..(geeze neato..sarc)
    Insider terrorists?
    'Uncertainty' in the control room?
    Shut them all down!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Chad Sweet ,ex-official for DHS..“The only way you can actually kill the large-scale number of Americans [is] through the use of this critical infrastructure.”

    The this well aware of the effects of a nuclear disaster then he most likely is also be aware of the effects of a multiple nuclear reactor meltdown on the general population.

    They know it's death.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Chad Sweet

    "Chad Sweet is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Chertoff Group, a global advisory firm and investment bank exclusively focused on the security sector. Mr. Sweet formerly served as the Chief of Staff of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Prior to DHS, Chad was an investment banker at the firms of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. He served in the CIA."

    Creepy creeping for…MONEY.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS …add one 'flummoxed'.. 'cigar girl'.

  • Max Sievert Max Sievert

    5 miles from the three Mile Island NPP
    Investigators are looking into a fire/explosion at the Arcelor Mittal steel plant in Steelton. Officials said one of the buildings ignited and exploded Sunday afternoon. People reported seeing a fireball and smoke towering above the plant. Emergency officials worked quickly to contain the fire. UGI officials said there was a break in a hanging fuel line. Natural gas filled the building, it exploded, and collapsed. No one was injured. Officials said it happened in a building that workers use to shower and change. Since it was a weekend around 1:00 p.m., no one was even in the building at the time.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Tic-toc waiting for the next one to go pop
    Tic-toc the NRC will blame the rubber cop
    Tic-toc fudged data will be the block
    Tic-toc MSM pushes the slop
    Tic-toc too bad they forgot
    Pandoras box can not be relocked
    And they will stew in the same pot

    I am convinced the madness come from the mad diets humans have perfected. The stomach is a brain…pure insanity from our leaders

    • JMR

      "I am convinced the madness come from the mad diets humans have perfected. The stomach is a brain…pure insanity from our leaders"

      I couldn't agree more. What we have adopted as "diets" have nothing to do with the food we evolved to eat. Hell, we've been eating grains in any quantity for only 10,000 years out of 2 million years of evolution. That's .005% of our species' existence. Started adding all kinds of chemicals and poisons the past 75-80 years and what do you think is going to happen to the species? We are going to have multiple developmental, mental and physical ailments. And these poisons, once produced, do not go away very easily.

      So we have created a totally toxic environment in which no food is pure, no water is pure where those toxins will drive us mad while we slowly die off from them.

      • Grains are the not the issue, it is GMO stuff that is causing the problems.

        If a person eats anything to the exclusion of everything else, they will probably develop an allergy response to that, and then dis-ease is the next step.

        Vary the diet, make it whole foods and diverse, and do not eat just GMO white flour, GMO sugar and GMO grain fed meat. That will prevent 90% or more of the problems.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, we have a real growing "insanity problem" and that statement/one is for sure…. buffoons!

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Must be the chemtrails. It's making us all pretty stupid. But it must concentrate in pockets, like cesium in the ocean. Some get stupider faster than others.

      I must have gotten very drunk and asked Saint Nick for a good dose of mental angst. It's the only think I can think of that is causing this crap. I can't hardly stand to read Enenews anymore. Must be the chemtrails making me stupid enough to expect some good news once in a while.

      I thought maybe I got drunk and asked my elected representatives and senators for a good mind f*ck, but that can't be it. They never respond with more than a form letter.

      Well, Rand Paul sent me a letter once that I could actually believe that more than a form letter. If forget what the issue was, but I was like wow, he really read it. I know I would not have expected too much insanity from him.

      Still, could be Santa. Or the Easter Bunny. God, I wish I could remember. Maybe I had a heart to heart with Mr. Bunny and he saw my rabbit's foot charm and decided I deserved this.

      Please, Mr. Bunny, take it backkkkkk. I din't mean it. 🙁

  • AlexfromNB

    Barbara Boxer…

    One of what we call the "Three Bimbos of the Apocalypse" from California. Feinsten, Pelosi and Boxer. None of these women are worth anything as they have no concept of reality, justice and they certainly don't respect our constitution or way of life. All three are from the Bay Area and that seems to be part of their problem. That paranon of wisdom and supreme intelligence Nancy Pelosi, also known as "The Birdbrain from Alcatraz", really rounds out the set!

    They're scared about everything except about those things that matter, illegal aliens, out of control spending, NDAA, outrageous taxes, Obamacare, spying, and a complete lack of understanding and efforts to help mitigate and to keep the public informed into the world's worst manmade catastrophe, Fukushima. As a Californian, Please don't blame me. I never voted for anyone of these bimbos, or any liberal for that matter, I promise!

    • AlexfromNB

      Oh, I agree with most of you guys… These plants need to be shut down. The technology has proven so unsafe that no amount of safeguards or security are possible. The risks are simply too high.

      • Socrates

        Simply stated yet so self-evidently true.

        I think that sending letters to these Senators advising them of the risks and that they are personally responsible if anything goes wrong because the nuclear power companies have a very long history of risk-taking to maximize profits because these companies have a relatively small deductible under Price Anderson. Taxpayers would have to pay themselves damages but nuclear power companies would walk away saying just try to prove your child's cancer was caused by our radiation. Ha, ha, ha… our lawyers will rip you a new one….

        That's in effect what they are doing to us already as Fukushima radiation continues to arrive in various plumes by air and water and in rain. Many children have thyroid cancer and damaged thyroid glands.

        • Nancy Pelosi is not a Senator, she is a member of Congress and ex-Speaker of the House. And AlexfromNB's characterization of these congresscritters (over all other ignorant congresscritters paying exactly zero attention to anything nuclear) is grotesquely insulting sexist bullshit /nutty teabagger distraction crap. Please avoid the temptation to engage.

          • Ontological Ontological

            Thank you! So well put, I wish I could rant as accurately as you JoyB.

          • usagi usagi

            Pelosi loves nuclear power, and has pimped for it globally. She deserves zero respect.


            • "Respect?" I don't care if you or anybody else thinks Pelosi's a sell-out, a corporate toady, a crooked politician, a power-hungry pig, or any other descriptive epithet a Dem or Non-Dem could throw at her for being an elected representative of her district's constituents in D.C., 'good' or 'bad'. I have so little respect for politicians that I put them in the same category as lawyers – Paid Professional Liars. That's our political system. It has always been thus – and I know that because I was raised in Will Rogers land. He knew how to insult politicians so well you'd giggle for days.

              But he was never a sexist about it. There are epithets that can be applied by means of the target's sex, but those are inappropriate in today's world just like epithets to the target's race or religion or sexual preference or marital status or… well, there you go. A politician isn't automatically any 'better' or 'worse' than any other politician just because she's a woman. To use an epithet aimed at women generally just because they're women is definitely over the line. It should not be allowed here.

              Now, "Pimp" works both ways. Perfectly apropos to politicians and their handlers…

              • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

                Lying is the greater sin of politicians who understand what they are doing. Pelosi is among those few who are so dumb they actually believe, having convinced themselves of the false narratives. Stalin call them "useful idiots." I don't know which is worse.

                There's a priceless interview of Pelosi by Charlie Rose where he takes a break from shepherding the conversation along the lines of his paymaster's agenda, and with incredulous candor asks here whether she truly believes what she is saying!

                If she figured it out since then, she isn't saying.

              • zogerke zogerke

                @JoyB at 5.53- GO GO GO GO GO. Well stated.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Objection filed to sexist language, bimbo, which would not be aplied to a male politician, no matter how incompetent. Objection filed. I will not engage in discussion, but sexism, racism, etc have no place in the antinuclear movement, or among any progressive people. Will simply report any further instances, will not discuss, because objections of this kind always make you boys who write this crap defensive. You cant even see it or acknowledge it.

    • IT is not about liberals or conservative. The 1% love to keep people divided and fighting each other, while they get away with robbing the bank, and stealing from the poor, as they just did with the food stamps, welfare and more.

      The money taken from the poor 8 Billion? got transferred from the poor to the rich, via increasing the farm welfare program by 8 Billion, which is what most of the Congressmen get. The military also got it's cuts reversed, despite ending two expensive wars, their budget stays level or keeps going up.

      The 1% will never have enough. They keep taking, stealing and robbing the people. It is the corporations you should be mad at, not the politicians who are owned by the corporations.

      Vote for people who do not take money from corporations. Otherwise, the problems will keep getting worse and worse.

      • Not talking politics, which we all know to be the world's second oldest profession. Connected to the first oldest by means of negotiation for the favors. Meh. That's absolutely nothing new.

        This website isn't about politics, apart from politicians maybe engaging, or trying to write things off like the industry does. Everything else can be settled at the ballot box, or maybe by DoJ if they ever get to work for someone honest (not likely).

        I object to the sexism. I understand haters make no distinctions between the targets of their hatred, but I don't come here to deal with haters. Hate never solved anybody's problems in life. Individuals or entire populations.

  • jec jec

    From NRC perspective..if an old plant got taken over..the damage is not funded by the nuclear companies..its up to private citizens to take the 'hit' for radiation releases and such. Even the 12 billion dollar nuclear plant disaster slush fund probably would not be touched. Crocidile tears…hate to sound so cynical,but age and experience does that to a person…

    • nedlifromvermont

      @jec: Don't forget. Under Price-Anderson payout scenarios, the nuclear plant owner and his legal bills are covered first, from any payout: for losses sustained to physical plant and equipment at full carried cost … the rest (if there is any left over) would first be paid to plaintiffs attorneys and then split on a pro-rata basis … any property owner affected would be paid at most one to two pennies on the dollar of losses. Any shortfall in damages not covered would be made up by the federal government, if they could be persuaded to vote additional funds from the General Fund. Unlikely. Drink your nuclear tea. These a**holes own you.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "two people be present when nuclear materials are handled to prevent an insider terrorist attack."
    Insider terrorist attack..this means that some of the employees are extremists..willing to commit terrorist acts.

    What is these people's ideology?
    What are they extremist about?

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Same as you and I and 99.9% here, on both accounts.

      I think we are talking about 'disgruntled employees' with the 'T' word for flash/bang effect.

      Is it plausible that an employee can be experiencing the same increasing pressures and life awareness that is happening here on this site?

      The problem is human, not always rational or predictable.

      Another statement as to the risk of nuke power.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS.. Shouldn't people ask?
    Are they just 'garden variety' extremists?.

  • tsfw tsfw

    It's amazing we're still here when you think about it. Earthquakes, terrorists, meteors, power failures, tsunamis. I feel like we're living on borrowed time these days. So many hits and misses, I sometimes wonder if there are aliens working overtime to keep us from blowing ourselves up. I wonder if they us as characters in Lord of the Flies. An example of why humans should have never been left along on earth.

  • tsfw tsfw

    I wonder if they see us as …

  • tsfw tsfw

    Jesus murphy correction 2

    switch along for alone

  • JMR

    Any time the government starts throwing the "T" word around (i.e, terrorist) I am immediately suspect. We've been threatened by this government with terrorists for 13+ years now. And what has happened? Pretty much no terrorist attacks. Yes there have been some and some have been stopped but really your odds of dying in a terrorist attack in the USA are pretty much zero. You have a better chance of being killed by your furniture.

    So what is the government preparing us for? Terrorism has been used mainly as an excuse to invade a whole bunch of other countries either overtly (Iraq, Afghanistan) or convertly (pakistan, yemen, etc.) and yet we support those very terrorists in Libya and Syria.

    This is just another excuse for something. Will the next nuclear accident be blamed on terrorism as an excuse to invade somewhere else?

    • What ever happened to the war on the Communists?

      The 1% have to keep throwing up a big, bad boogeyman, so they can hide behind the curtain and keep control, while raping, pillaging and stealing everything.

      Terrorism is the new boogeyman, since Communists are now our best friends, and most favored trading partners, who we sent millions of high paying jobs to, just so the 1% can make a few extra bucks.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      The have had the ability to spend ungodly amounts of our tax money… 🙁

      Heading up to 200 trillion public tax dollars…gone! 🙁

  • Why would anybody consider a Nuclear Power Plant to be a target?

    It didn't make sense to me until I saw this photo.


  • Shaker1

    Excuse me, but I really got a kick out of this one. And we here are accused of fear-mongering…

    I'm not trying to downplay what is said. The statement is obvious, but just who is he calling an 'extremist'? I might hold that 'extremists' have run the nuclear show from the beginning. Oh, but there's that adjective 'violent'. Now, ask yourselves just who developed a computer virus to damage a nuclear plant with consequences that were ignored and/or accepted for their violent ends? And hasn't been the situation existed from the beginning at civilian nuke plants? And the solution is his kind of extremists guarding these plants? And, by the way, he'll make money from the practice?

    We've watched as more and more we've allowed ourselves to cede control of utilities to private enterprise of varying integrity. Our water, waste disposal and management, electricity generation and distribution…I'm no outright socialist, but that control has made perfect sense to even the ancients who understood and undertook great collective efforts to achieve those system's integrity. We can allow an Enron to manipulate energy to the one of the largest economies in the world and overthrow a sitting governor who signed contracts with a gun to his head. This guy is of the same ilk that would allow such to happen. I expect he has just the 'making money' as his motivation, but one should be aware of one's wishes.

  • Sol Man

    Hello, ptb: please explain, why do you love disease and death so much? Is there more joy, satisfaction, money in planning that than there is in seeing you own children and grand children being born and growing into the persons that they are to be?

  • ftlt

    The violent extremist are the ones centered in Washington DC – ask the world.. Boxer is a Zionist paranoid tool (Sadly, in person in public – a real nice lady too)

    1000s of tons of nuclear warfare perpetrated against the world and growing daily… We are using nuclear warfare everyday… What is good for the goose – applies here

    Nuclear is unsafe – no matter, who is in charge…

    And it is not just the power plants either… It is the entire industry's ugly toxic footprint all around the globe that puts us all in danger.


  • Danger Danger

    Disneyland is a "No Fly Zone" but not nuclear power plants. A Cessna or RC unit to the external housing for the SFP stops cooling. The reactor buildings are impregnable, but the SFP is always a soft target. If 9/11 focus had been to do real damage to the U.S., Coyote Nuke Plant would have been the optimal easy target.

    • gordon

      Indian point was half a minute more up the Hudson from Wall Street. If they would have put an airliner into that facility it would have destroyed the East Coast in days.

      • zogerke zogerke

        @gordon 2.23: when the towers went down in 2001, i was a mile away. me and my buddy who also did safety, we heard blasts. we were sitting on a 17th floor window ledge (inside, watching out) and we counted. we counted seconds and did the math to figure out how far away indian point npp was from manhattan and how long we had before the pulse would reach us, if indian point were hit. i don't remember the math, now, but when we got past 17 we kept counting, at about 34 we started to breath a little better…. it was so close. it was so close.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Anahiem has some of the highest background rad in SoCal.

      Maybe GE is developing a new ride.

  • Danger Danger

    There is no need for "internal extremists" at a Nuke Facility.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Disney should own the worlds nukes, maybe they could at least run them like a theme park. Define "impregnable", I hear them testing bunker buster bombs in area 51 from here 40 miles away, ummm I don't think these nukes are immune to those! Just cuz the gov has em don't make em safe, emphasis added.

    • Danger Danger

      Reactor core buildings are made to withstand the impact of a jetliner. This gives a false impression of "impregnable", yet no Bunker Buster or heavy munition is necessary. The spent fuel of 40 years resides on site in overcrowded SFP. This is an incredibly soft target. The pumps / controls are usually in an outbuilding, that if compromised, causes SFP criticality resulting in a vast Dirty Bomb at best, and at worst a pulse that would cause a critical event in the reactor core.
      Again, no need for an inside job or deep cover.

      • Sickputer

        The typical Mes-Tex building ceiling for those old Mark I design reactor units like Fukushima are fairly good shields against rain and snow. The jury is out for tornados, plane crashes, earthquakes, and other stressful events. And the ground level pools like in Ft. Calhoun are a sitting duck for a large surge of flood waters.

        What if on 911 the planes had hit some spent fuel ponds? I doubt that those remaining old plants in America would still be operating as commercial power producers.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        "reactor cores designed to withstand the impact of a jetliner."

        Like the world trade center, I bet. Sure, the wtc withstood the impact, but what was left wasn't worth standing.

        Trust our government. They are always looking out for our best interests. (Snicker) (Chortle)

  • usagi usagi

    Yes, it's more than just natural disasters. What will be the excuse for the next meltdown?

    • Well, let's see. We've already had "Bad Design" on top of "Stupid Experiments" [Chernobyl], "Human Error" [TMI2], and "Natural Disaster" [Fukushima]. What else is there?

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Sorry JoyB, Fuku is not a natural disaster. They were well warned many years before by one of their nuclear engineers who told them a tsunami could do this. It was reported here on ene (late 2011, I think- I can't look for it now,). But they (TPTB) did not listen (they never do). Perhaps I'll have time in the next few days to find it and post it.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      It was a comedy of errors hence the clown suit 🙂

  • Bones Bones

    Who are these people? They obviously know or else there wouldn't be an article on it. How do you know there are "insider threats," a vague and nebulous term just like "violent extremists." Wait…so a VIOLENT person can get a job at a nuclear reactor? You aren't violent…till you are so you become called violent. Right? This just smacks like a BS article. Where's any real hard facts? I don't believe this one bit and if it is possible for a "violent extremist," whatever the hell that means, to get into influential positions in a nuclear reactor…then we deserve for this whole wasteland to just get covered in radioactive fallout…all over again. Are they SO PATHETIC they hire people who are known to be "violent extremists" for high-enough level positions???? Does anyone see what I am getting at here? I DON'T BELIEVE THIS CLAP TRAP!

    • or-well

      Bones, Hi, possibly just a precursor to justify imposing various types of profiling/exclusions in the nuke plant hiring process.

      • Shaker1

        "possibly just a precursor to justify imposing various types of profiling/exclusions in the nuke plant hiring process."

        or-well, there damned sure already are profiling/exclusions in the process for those who distinctly operate the plant with periodic checks. Bones has a point in that one isn't violent until one inflicts violence as proof, such as those two nut-jobs at that Illinois plant who were steroidic adrenelin junkies. Education in the discipline is in itself a vetting process, but humans are continually a work in progress till they die, aren't they?

        There are a lot of attendant things that happen at a plant. I played in a band with a guy who was a nuke worker, and he constantly moved around, 6 months here, 8 months there. (Too bad. He was the best drummer we ever had.) So I guess that in those attendant jobs that profiling/exclusions might happen. The expense will be passed along to the public, and who profits but this guy making the statement? All in all, the statement doesn't address the lack of real efficiency or the philosophy of nuke plants, only the allocation of public resources. I wonder, if the corporate owners of these plants weren't allowed to pass such expense on if this guy would be saying anything at all, or if said that the corps might try to discredit him.

        It is a fact that an 80 year old nun and others got into one of these things. My thought was that dog patrols might be in order. Reliable, and work for food.

        • or-well

          Aren't geese used to patrol scotch distilleries?
          I should have expanded my thought a little.
          What I meant to suggest was that after acquiring the education and passing whatever vetting, will we see Moslems being denied work, or someone who's recently visited the Middle East, or a US born child of immigrant parents from a country that is the enemy du jour?

          I don't know what the labor market is like for nuke plant workers. Plenty of 'em or not? Just suggesting "someone" may have an agenda in mind, or be thinking along those lines for the future.

          Or maybe it's just more "scare" to justify increasingly draconian laws.

    • gordon

      Dude, it's just a bullshit rag story.


    The present US administration easing of sanctions allowing Iran to become a nuclear power is a fatal move. And Sen. Boxer supports it. The deal negotiated with Iran is full of (deliberate?) holes and a secret addendum. Iran can continue to enrich uranium.

    Huffington Post: Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Carl Levin (D-Mich.) warned members of Congress Wednesday that new sanctions against Iran could derail nuclear negotiations.


    US GOVERNMENT SECRET DEAL WITH IRAN,0,4116168.story#axzz2qNlDP0oa


    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the deal reached with six world powers in Geneva “recognized Iran’s nuclear rights” by allowing it to continue to enrich uranium and that Tehran’s enrichment activities would proceed similar to before.


    Once Iran gets its nukes, so will Arab powers in the region. Saudi Arabia is next. Thus the US will have contributed to the nuclear arms race in a part of the world with chronic rage management problems.

    This is what the White House Iran policy is leading to.

  • Shaker1

    Israel has nukes. Are they so exemplary, or such responsible members of the world community? Does anyone doubt their willingness to use such? They will not stand inspections, nor will they sign the treaty mandating such. The US has consistently and unapoligeticly overthrown secular efforts all through the ME, rolling the dice with what comes after. Iran in 1952. Iran as it is today is made in the USA. It's time they were treated as equals as humans, charge them with being responsible.

    At any rate, any country that has nuclear power has the potential to build nuclear weapons, and it's a good argument that a nuclear bomb isn't the greatest threat, that a 'dirty' bomb in the end is just as potentially devastating. The nuclear cat was out of the bag as soon as nations such as Canada (that's where India got material for its first bombs), the US, and Russia started to export their nuclear power technology.

    The 'White House' and others should have been more responsible generations ago.

    “It is not possible for a modern state based on force non-violently to resist forces of disorder, whether external or internal.” Gandhi

    The answer, then, may be to drop the threat of force and to become a nation that might solve problems in the region, not continually or support those problem's creation.

    Sorry if this sounds political, but they're my thoughts as a non-violent man, not of any political camp.

  • Nick

    Violent extremists just need to discretely transport toxic (of which there is TONS and TONS, if not 1,000s of square miles!) Japanese soil.

    World's easiest d bomb. Import radioactive Japanese car, let oil pan go dry, drive.


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