US Senator: Japan tsunami debris will be worst single pollution event to ever hit west coast of N. America, far exceeding Exxon Valdez — Raises radiation concerns during opening statement (VIDEO)

Published: May 18th, 2012 at 1:06 pm ET


Hearing Discusses Tsunami-related Ocean Debris Reaching U.S. Coastlines
Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska)
May 17, 2012

UPDATED HERE: [intlink id=”senator-cantwell-almost-attitude-tsunami-debris-top-secret-people-answers-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]


  • Marine debris expert says Japan tsunami debris will far exceed any single pollution event to hit West Coast of N. America, worse than Exxon Valdez
  • I want to ask what you know about the radiation threat because of its concern to many
  • I hear over and over and over again about some of the large sightings of debris
  • Sightings are growing rapidly
  • We fear what the impact may be


Published: May 18th, 2012 at 1:06 pm ET


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26 comments to US Senator: Japan tsunami debris will be worst single pollution event to ever hit west coast of N. America, far exceeding Exxon Valdez — Raises radiation concerns during opening statement (VIDEO)

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Oceanfront property in the coastal states is going to $0.

    Not to mention the cost of cleaning out the commercial shipping harbors. All hazardous waste, with nowhere to go.

    Maybe we should just burn it in the trash burn plant in Long Beach and light up the US like they're doing in Japan?

    Hug your kids, folks, there's no stopping this.

  • norbu norbu

    Our amazing coast is going to be trashed. Must go to Lost Coast 1 more time. It makes me sad to think about it.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Plutonium in San Francisco, a post from last year:

    Plutonium in San Francisco, a post from this year:

    This makes me very sad for everyone, including my family, my 8 year old daughter. Such crime, yet I can't even get angry today, maybe another day. I hope that we survive.

  • many moons

    I'm sure TEPCO will come racing across the Pacific and "make everything right" (mantra of the energy disaster)
    They will be able to knock out the pollution before long…with a lot of workers, healthy young people willing to risk their lives or create chernobyl babies…for moderate pay.I believe by the year 3,000 California will be inhabitable again….Nuclear energy, cheap, clean, efficient..and that's a load of bleep we all let happen.
    Brad Pitt sold his malibu house not long after 3/11…he's a smart cookie.

    • omniversling

      TEPKILL's 1000th press release on the matter repeated earlier confirmations that 1.5-2 million tonnes of eastern Japan's backwash was NOT under the cloud of acutely radioactive fallout that was carried out to sea on the offshore winds during the meltdowns and explosion in U3. Most of that was aerosolised into the jetstream, so will only be arriving with the debris island if it has managed the quite challenging landing on the debris island during its transit. Although it's roughly the size of California, it's still quite hard for a little radionuclide to see it from the jetstream, which is quite high up.

      TEPKILL also repeated line 2847, that there was 'no immediate danger'. And that the reading taken on the roof of the American Embassy in Tokyo were false but they proved it anyway, and that the US warship that sent in a couple of choppers didn't get the fook outa there because the choppers set off the radiation alarms when they landed back on deck, but that the ship had just remembered that it had left something cooking on the stove back home, and had to go check it…

      Now go back to sleep children…

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        I remember the follow up story. They left a large pot of noodles boiling on the stove and had to get back before all the water boiled out and ruined their supper….

  • norbu norbu

    No Nukes, I am glad we do not live near the gray area. yikes!

  • Sam Sam


    Why not haul all that Trash out to Yucca Mtn. on the rails. Where else are we going to put it?
    Have to put it in one place, and not burn nor disperse it so all equally share in the
    contamination. i know issues are there at Yucca Mtn. We all won't be around the way it is
    going now to worry about it. Lets get it out from our West Coast to at least mitigate
    the danger. Is our great EPA going to be out there testing this ?

  • norbu norbu

    there are boats that can pick-up trash out of the Ocean. Just finished the video, they are cutting funding to clean up.

    • Sam Sam

      Return Trash to Japan.

      I like the idea of sucking it up there in the Ocean
      though where to finally dispose of it? Send it back
      to Japan? Return to Sender! Have them pay us in
      gold that their pension funds are now investing in.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      The wealthiest amoung us don't want their money spent on cleaning up the coast. They need more tax cuts, yea, that's it, tax cuts for the rich, that should solve evrything.

  • markww markww

    l LISTENED TO THE VIDEO typical government sitting and doing nothing no plans no money do not know what to do no one talking to one another. SEEMS the people are going to have to send massive volunteer teams out and hunt debris cause there is no funds.

    There is no SAT PICS JUST DRAWINGS, send out a submarine and let them see if there are miles and miles of debris cause it seems no one can spot anything either. Took Canadian searcher's to find the ship, that was sunk. Seems the Government has no planning no one doing a thing till it is too late then they panic.


  • mem mem

    Here is the plan so far…getting volunteers to pick up the garbage:

    Which is a link I found in this article from the Canadian weather network:

    Shouldn't Tepco be paying people a lot to clean up this debris wearing protective suits instead? I wonder how many volunteers will bring their kids with them to pick up the radioactive debris.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Yea, the garbage is REALLY bad, but then again, how bad is it compared to this…

    Fukushima Leaking Radioactive Water Plume Into Ocean; via A Green Road Blog

  • mem mem

    The garbage is really bad on it's own. But it's really, really bad because the debris has been carried by the same ocean current that they have been pouring massive amounts of radioactive water into for a year. Not to mention the plume that has been raining down upon it this whole time.

    And there is no plan to clean it up? I am so glad this Senator is speaking out. And many thanks to Enenews for posting this too.

  • "WILL far exceed ANY single pollution EVENT!"
    – Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska)

    It's an understatement, but it's a statement none the less.

    I say anybody who collects this stuff as a volunteer, (for free), put the garbage in a box and send it C.O.D. to a CEO at GE a.s.a.p.. 🙂

  • mem mem

    Good idea ChasAha! The CEO at GE is named Jeff Immelt. His quote on the front of the GE website is "I'm out talking about this company seven days a week, 24 hours a day, with nothing to hide."

    Well Jeff,that seems like a lot of time spent just yapping. So, I have an idea about another way you can spend your time – helping volunteers pick up millions of tons of radioactive garbage strewn across the gorgeous West Coast! Your company is directly responsible for it, so it's really only fair.

    Better yet Jeff, buy the best protective suits for thousands of people and then pay them a fair wage to clean up the mess you have made. I'm pretty sure you can afford it.

  • Bobby1

    The largest single pollution event to ever hit the west coast are plumes from Fukushima, not the tsunami debris. And it already has happened, and is still happening… the senator is talking about something that WILL happen, not something that has happened ALREADY.

    It's called "lying".

  • arclight arclight

    heres some european relevant contamination evidence from european nuclear power plants

    lead is the smoking gun for radioactive isotopes imo

    none of the acencies doing reports are joining there efforts up.. and also they are doing the away with regulations for profit reasons…

    comng to a government near you soon (if it isnt already there??)!

    the links are on the description under the video on you tube


    sunday thoughts 3– 6/5/12 air water and land radiation coverup!

  • glowfus

    hundreds if not thousands of trawlers drag netting back and forth off shore endlessly and huge barges with cranes to pile up the debris. then what? dont know yet!

  • arclight arclight

    "…Japan tsunami debris will be worst single pollution event to ever hit west coast of N. America…"

    this senator doesnt know the half of it… see my comments here on the future nuclear and toxicological pollution event waiting in the depths!!

    and just when you were getting used to one disaster 🙁

  • glowfus

    this could be a complicated scenario; sporadic radioactive debris washing up sporadically up and down the coast. some hot, some not, tons and tons attracting not only million of coast dwellers and coast visitors but millions of inland "debri prospectors" what to do? at least the connection between the radioactive debri and the radioactive seafood/air/milk wont be a factor in this mess.

    • hbjon hbjon

      I say this…."Leave the GD debris in the Pacific Ocean and erect a barb wire fence from Alaska down to Mexico to keep people from exploring where Man has made things unpleasant". It will take a little getting used to. I'm not saying it will be easy. Then again, switching form real sugar to artificial sweeteners was difficult to do too. We couldn't swim or surf in the sewage anyway. The fish were gone off the coast many years ago. Believe me, I used to fish off the piers all the time. I say…"as debris washes in, we bury it on shore. Coastal landfills if you will.

  • Where is the radioactive ocean plume right now?

    I suspect any references to "ocean plume" and "west coast" will be well-buried.