Senior Scientist at MIT Event: Japanese scientists censored — Not allowed to publish research that compared Fukushima to Chernobyl — Fukushima ‘arguably’ bigger

Published: January 24th, 2014 at 5:00 pm ET


MIT Center for International Studies — Japan’s Continuing Nuclear Nightmare, Oct 24, 2013:

Ken Buesseler, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (at 31:00 in):

I kind of look at these [Chernobyl and Fukushima] and say these are similar in scale, we can argue about which one’s bigger.

It was politically impossible, the first paper I wrote, for Japanese scientists to be co-author because I compared Fukushima to Chernobyl and that was considered not appropriate by his bosses at his institution.

Buesseler during a recent radio interview: [intlink id=”marine-chemist-latest-figures-i-have-say-fukushima-released-80-quadrillion-bq-of-cesium-137-latest-chernobyl-estimate-is-70-quadrillion-the-radioactive-plume-itself-has-actually-arrived-it” type=”post”]Fukushima released “100, or 50 to 80 petabecquerels” of cesium-137 in 2011 — Chernobyl total was 70 petabecquerels[/intlink]

Watch the presentations here

Published: January 24th, 2014 at 5:00 pm ET


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118 comments to Senior Scientist at MIT Event: Japanese scientists censored — Not allowed to publish research that compared Fukushima to Chernobyl — Fukushima ‘arguably’ bigger

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    People know whats going on and don't need scientists.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Poor. poor Buesseler..had trouble running his lowball numbers.

    Research indicates Fukushima’s atmospheric release of 210 quadrillion becquerels of cesium-137

    Nuclear Engineer: Estimated 276 quadrillion Bq of Cs-137 entered Fukushima basements — Triple Chernobyl total release — A portion “has already made its way to aquifer, whence it can easily flow into sea”
    Aug 26 2013

  • rogerthat

    ''arguably bigger'', what a joke. Arguably 10, 100, a thousand times bigger. I'll believe my lying eyes, thank you. Not to mention the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's assessment as it happened, as Fukushima's reactors and spent fuel pools exploded and burnt. My advice to all these alleged scientists, is watch the bloody videos and learn to count.

    • Count? Who needs to count? They have computer programs with 'models' that do all of the counting for them. They have forgotten how to count.

      The 'models' must be awful pretty and super hard to resist, because they are leading people down a primrose path to blissful ignorance and planetary suicide.

      The 'model' is probably the daughter of one of the gangsters in charge of 'recruiting' homeless people and then beating them at work, as reported here at ENENews.

      Yup, that there model is awful pretty, but just skin deep. Once you get married to the 'model', the dark side comes out, then, watch out. You are in for a VERY rough ride.

      • You have to sell your soul to the dark side to get married to the 'model'. The model only knows how to count from 1PBq to 27PBq.

        She gets lost and wanders around in circles after that, maybe the drugs, drinking or painkillers combination?

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Dr. Goodheart….I feel like everyone is selling their souls by willfully ignoring the suffering going in the world; and I am not talking about just Fukushima. 🙂

        • +1000

          normalcy bias…

          Everyone just wants to be 'normal' and avoid all the bad news, except what happens to everyone else.. avoid getting involved, avoid creating any friction, just get along, believe the 'experts', and be like the neighbors..

          Guess what? Normal does not exist, except in some fantasy land.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    In the not too distant future, say ten-thousand years or so, an old dusty petrified sign among the ruins of some sort of civilization in japan will be noted to say:

    IGNORANCE -> It's the law!


  • SophieQ

    After all, 'Scientists' have to make ends meet, correct? The disease is called 'capitalism' and there is no cure to it – but the suicide it commits to its own benefit and our demise…

    • Scientists have to get past the 'peers' who look into their souls and see if they have sold out to the dark side and know how to swear the right oath.

      If you can say; 1PBq – 27Pbq around Fuku, it opens all of the doors, and gets you published, plus money in your pocket. The 'peers' are happy, the nuclear industry is happy and so are the government 'regulators' and paid off reps.

      Plus you get published and get to name all of the dark side names of other 'peer' reviewed studies, because you are now one of them, staring into the infinite abyss.

      Study the abyss well, because it is very dark and getting darker. Study it long enough and it will swallow you and all your peers, plus humanity. Is that the goal?

  • Ontological Ontological

    They seem to forget only one reactor melted in Chernobyl, and there was 2 MORE reactors with fuel inventory, and loaded reactors at Fukushima Diachi. Nothing to argue.

  • bo bo

    I lost the link somebody posted in the past 2 days…
    Someone mentioned that Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute is owned by the U.S. Navy and that more nuclear power plants are operated out of it than all other western nations put together. How is that possible. .. I meant to repost it on a high traffic thread to run it by others, and now I lost the thread, and the link.

    Does anyone have the link, or recall this post?
    Or if original poster is reading, would u kindly repost here?

    Thank you.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Like.. Yah….it's comes down to material on-site ..and the added 'joys' of MOX.

  • KidIcarus KidIcarus

    This is it. The apocalypse.


  • J.

    One of the most compelling examples of official "scientific" mendacity is the NIST report on the destruction of WTC 7. In a nutshell, a high school physics teacher named David Chandler attended public hearings and FORCED the NIST to admit that the 47 story steel-framed office building, not hit by an aircraft, collapsed at absolute free fall acceleration for eight stories — impossible without controlled demolition.

    This absolute free fall acceleration is now on government record as the truth, yet the NIST incredibly persists in a ludicrous "explanation" — based on fraudulent and laughably wrong computer modeling — that a single failed truss heated by office fires slipped off and made the entire 47 story structure fall neatly, straight down, in just over six seconds.

    This is all easily verifiable. It is not debatable, anymore than the fact that earth is round. For more than twelve years, the world has been subjected to a sustained, top-level lie, a scientific fraud, perpetuated by a near-total corporate media suppression of truth.

    Knowing that, it is very easy to believe that similar or worse mendacity surrounds the official accounts of the Fukushima disaster, by several governments. I think that if the data from Woods Hole is not correct, it will be the job of independent truth-tellers to prove that. I can be done if there are public hearings — for inspiration, look up David Chandler.

    • Socrates

      We are the "3-11 truthers" who refuse to believe the Big Lie.

      Most people want to believe that our government is benevolent and that the country is "exceptional." These people fail to understand that the country has been taken over by a handful of huge multinational corporations.

      These people need very much to avoid the cognitive dissonance that would result should the idea threaten to break into their consciousness that maybe our country is no longer run for the benefit of the citizens. Indeed, the new "citizens" are multinational corporations.

      The thought that our country has been taken over by financial cabal allows these corporations to make huge "official" misrepresentations to force the real citizens into the painful dilemma of either accepting the huge lie, or facing the corporate coup and the terrible implications. One implication is that a good, brave citizen would take action against those whose crimes accomplished the coup. They read about the Founding Fathers but cannot understand that only 3% actually fought the British.

      A Zen syllogism might be: "If Kerosine can melt steel, why cannot three nuclear meltdowns escape concrete." (Shows contradictions).

      The point is that official explanations of 9-11 and 3-11 are readily accepted to avoid understanding that multinational corporations have taken over and care nothing about people other than themselves and will do anything.

      • shamwow shamwow

        After 9-11 they hauled the steel beams away to melt down the evidence. Each beam was tagged with a GPS tracking device so none would go missing.

        Are there ships out there picking up the carcasses to hide that evidence?

        • RememberThis RememberThis

          And it all went to…..


          • J.

            . . . in China indeed, where the company that held and still holds the WTC lease in NYC is now constructing a huge office complex. That was announced this week.

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            Even though it was specifically required the metal only be sold to an American Company, China by stepped that requirement by purchasing a small American Scrap company. I know someone that was bidding for that metal and this dinky company out of no where won the bid. Then the metal was loaded on ships destination China…

          • SophieQ

            …and repurposed into kitchen utensils, bicycles and other useful items. The steel was removed so quickly to prevent people from using a Geiger counter on the rubble – of which steel would absorb the most radiation. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

            • J.

              I believe that there is no credible evidence of nuclear radiation in the WTC site. Claims to the contrary are, I believe, disinformation, debunked by several credible researchers.

              The goal was, however, an effort to minimize the amount of material available for forensic evaluation. The whole cleanup process was harshly and vigorously attacked by NYC fire investigators and others.

              Despite the sale to China, evidence remains in the USA and points to extremely high temperatures and the use of nano-termite to produce the violent "collapses" of the WTC buildings. Dr. S. E. Jones and others have written extensively about this topic. It's all available on the Internet, some of the essays peer reviewed.

              In any case, David Chandler and others have proven that NIST is covering up the true cause of the destruction of WTC 7, and the ignore-ance goes far beyond the corporate media. Academia and professional organizations are also complicit. It is a national and international disgrace. Understanding that reality helps to make clear what the public can anticipate following the Fukushima catastrophe.

            • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

              I believe it was removed quickly for another reason.

      • jec jec

        Well "no longer run for the benefit of the citizens"..true ..but the citizens are the CUSTOMERS for China products so goal is to keep them happy and calm. And purchasing products to drive the economy of XXXXXX.

    • wxman2001

      Not only that, but WHATEVER caused the two towers to come down ejected parts of the building weighing as much as a 757 laterally over 400 feet into surrounding buildings…no pancake collapse could ever have that much force sideways, yet kerosene/office fires are said to have caused a pancake collapse of the two towers, as if an earthquake had occurred. Tell me, does your kerosene space heater melt it's steel casing each time you fire it up? No? then how did refined kerosene (jet fuel) melt the steel trusses and cause a collapse, and also somehow vaporize most of the 10's of thousands of lbs of concrete into a fine dust that settled over much of Manhattan afterwards? Inquiring minds want to know. NIST is a total fraud on this subject

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      J – Go here They have ALOT of interesting stuff about 9-11. All put together by architects and engineers, people that know their stuff, and DO KNOW about that which they speak. Very tech oriented people not bull-shitted by the U.S. government.

      • J.

        Thanks for posting this link. I have great respect for this group, and highly second your recommendation. Richard Gage is beyond praise, and the group studiously avoids speculation — crucial to silence spurious "conspiracy theory" charges.

        There's nothing but the facts from Their work is important for those who want to understand how the system works — and doesn't work – in regard to Fukushima Daiichi. The group is, of course, studiously ignored by most corporate media.

        Again, thanks.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Correct and why the entire world's inhabitants are to be considered simply bat-shit crazy.. 🙂

  • jackassrig

    What these hillbilly types fail to realize, the reason the US had such a high standard living from about '50 to about '80 is this country had a tremendous amount of oil resources, timber, fresh water, farm land, Gulf of Mexico, etc. It had nothing to do with free enterprise, capitalism or any of the other tommyrot these idiots pedal. The fact is the US had much resources to squander. Squander we did. Most of it was squandered on endless wars that have gotten us nowhere. Now that the resources are gone where is the free enterprise to bail us out. Free enterprise HS.

    • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

      Nicely said, jackassrig.

      The overshoot you're describing — sounds like you're familiar with William R. Catton's work — is a consequence of running everything like we stole it. Some might blame human nature. I see a lot of that here. I don't quite agree with that.

      Others blame the Christian assertion of man's dominion over nature (Genesis 1:26). Or a more general critique of western civilization's rapacious (and rapist) habits is best expressed in Columbus and Other Cannibals: The Wetiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism, and Terrorism, by Jack D. Forbes. What a title! While I like the perspective, because it's true, I don't think the cause can be limited to a western form of evil. I think the problem's more fundamental.

      I blame the uninhibited rule and growth of technique, as outlined by Jaques Ellul in The Technological Society. While the conjuring and application of technique is a human trait, that is to say, it's human nature, the scale and depth of its influence over us is now complete, and today technique controls all of us. Even the elites. Technological expediency rules all. Human sensibility has no power under this arrangement, so we lose. All of us.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        .. 🙂 Excellent!

        • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

          I think it's all in our minds, obewan. That right there's the problem. Fortunately, people change their minds all the time. Sure, it's about smaller things, but I hear minds also expand…

          I'm not even a hippie.

          Keep it up, obewan.

      • shamwow shamwow

        'No Immediate danger' I disagree on a certain level not being all that familiar with the sources you are alluding too.

        The central argument from jackassrig is that we were blessed by nature and therefore exceeded versus exceeding by our know how and virtue no matter what nature provided. That is a profound difference.

        • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

          I believe jackassrig was talking about the propaganda we're taught about the virtues of capitalism, entrepreneurship, a plucky, go-get-em attitude; that the realization of the American dream is proof of our exceptional abilities to wield these particular techniques. I sought to expand on his point, talk about the wider subject of techniques. Like industrial resource extraction.

          Resource extraction — even the use of the term "resource" to refer to nature, like human resources, like fish resources! — expresses nothing but absolute technique. Conscious men, for they were mostly men, did these things. Why? They considered themselves separate from the shithole they were creating, and they greedily sought the personal reward it would deliver to them. Those are people employing techniques at all levels: organization, industry, engineering, warfare.

          How can these men do it? They're separated from everything. That's alienation: human separate from nature, human separate from human, human separate from self. This alienation, a false separation between subject and object, blinds us from the clear evidence that we all comprise a living organism of nature as a whole. Not just on the planet, not in the scientific/theoretical reckoning of biology, physics and the universe, but everything. We can't see the profound connection because we have single vision, a reduced view of reality only focused on the quantitative, mechanical aspects of our experience.

    • Jebus Jebus

      In summation, it is greed, plain and simple.

      Turns out, man is the beast…

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    Compare: Chernobyl 180 tons -vs- Fukushima 2200 tons

    Compare & Measure

    Chernobyl had 180 tons of nuke-fuelrods in that blown reactor, and only 3 tons of that burned and contaminated 77,000 square miles of Europe.

    Fukushima has 2200 tons of some much nastier rad-toxics still festering and spewing on the beach.

    —for over 2 years I have been pushing to get a coalition of people to agree that building a much bigger massive breakwater seawall surrounding the existing small one to create a 95-99% effective containment and impoundment of all the site runoff…
    …this would give us a chance to stop tidal flux, and capture & filter the runoff.

    People don't realize that we do have very good technology for filtering uranium & isotopes from seawater.
    Nearly 15% of Japan's uranium was not imported, but it was extracted from seawater.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    21st we were all set to build it and/but we could not find you!

    Glad to see you are back! 🙁

    • Eh man, we were all on the beach, getting ready to build it, and could not find you… ? What happened?

      Seriously though, get the Japanese to print up another TRILLION bucks and we can try out all of these solutions.

      Just got word.. Japanese govt. says no more money..

      Get the volunteers out there, they said.

      Any volunteers, ready to sign up for suicide squad?



  • RememberThis RememberThis

    Shamwow….All that steel went to China


      and came back as July 4th barbecues…

      • RememberThis RememberThis

        And various other things.

        • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

          All the steel's everywhere, and it's been circulating for decades like radionuclides in the sea and atmosphere. Literally, it gets into the recycling mix and, of course, it stays in the mix forever.

          I like "Who's Protecting You." The NRC, DOE…

          I'd laugh if my heart wasn't breaking.

          • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

            And you can bet that when a radiological breakout occurs in a metal recycling facility, and they ship a whole bunch of contaminated materials out before detecting the problem, they do not send out a public notice.

            It's pretty obvious when E. coli gets into tons of ground beef in three cities, and who's responsible. Not so with the deadliest of all poisons. These guys don't have a record of honest disclosure, do they?

            Am I fear mongering? I've heard that.

            As many here know, it's impossible to positively trace the manifold consequences of radioactive contamination. This is a benefit to some and a loss to everyone.

            But to demand proof in this case, where there can be no proof, and to accuse someone of fear mongering until the numbers are in, strikes me as an unexamined perspective, to say the least.

  • J.

    The admirable, honorable Ralph Nader has something to say about Fukushima, at long last:

    The Fukushima Secrecy Syndrome – From Japan to America

    By Ralph Nader

    January 24, 2014 "Information Clearing House – Last month, the ruling Japanese coalition parties quickly rammed through Parliament a state secrets law. We Americans better take notice.

    Under its provisions the government alone decides what are state secrets and any civil servants who divulge any “secrets” can be jailed for up to 10 years. Journalists caught in the web of this vaguely defined law can be jailed for up to 5 years.

    • Sickputer

      Ralph Nader was quite a gadfly to the late nuclear physicist Bernard Cohen, most famous for his views about low levels of radiation having a beneficial effect on humans (aka hormesis). Bernie challenged Nader to a duel of chemicals (Cohen would eat gram for gram in plutonium to the same amount in salt for Nader).

      Nader of course declined the idiotic grandstanding challenge. Even the nuclear whores of Fukushima (the WHO) debunked Bernie: "Among other expert panels, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer discussed at length Cohen's results then concluded:"The weight of evidence is that the ecological analyses of Cohen can be rejected."

      SP: Bernie did gain the support of the other nuclear whores:

      "Subsequent [Cohen] research would join a profound array of positions including a 1982 United Nations' work-group study -UNSCEAR- concluding: "There appear to be no nonspecific effects from low doses of radiation that result in a shortening of the life span."

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        socref was referring to Cohen. The only person the nuclear industry has to quote from.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        SP…thanks for sharing that…I did not know Nader was pro-nuke. Maybe that was when he was young and dumb? Oh well, another person to be disappointed in.

      • zogerke zogerke

        this though is from the article by nader:
        <<Government officials have been upset at the constant disclosures of their laxity by regulatory officials before and after the Fukushima nuclear power disaster in 2011, operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).

        Week after week, reports appear in the press revealing the seriousness of the contaminated water flow, the inaccessible radioactive material deep inside these reactors and the need to stop these leaking sites from further poisoning the land, food and ocean. Officials now estimate that it could take up to 40 years to clean up and decommission the reactors.

        Other factors are also feeding this sure sign of a democratic setback. Militarism is raising its democracy-menacing head, prompted by friction with China over the South China Sea. Dismayingly, U.S. militarists are pushing for a larger Japanese military budget. China is the latest national security justification for our “pivot to East Asia” provoked in part by our military-industrial complex.

        Draconian secrecy in government and fast-tracking bills through legislative bodies are bad omens for freedom of the Japanese press and freedom to dissent by the Japanese people. Freedom of information and robust debate (the latter cut off sharply by Japan’s parliament in December 5, 2013) are the currencies of democracy>>

        • zogerke zogerke

          more from that article:
          There is good reason why the New York Times continues to cover the deteriorating conditions in the desolate, evacuated Fukushima area. Our country has licensed many reactors here with the same designs and many of the same inadequate safety and inspection standards. Some reactors here are near earthquake faults with surrounding populations which cannot be safely evacuated in case of serious damage to the electric plant. The two Indian Point aging reactors that are 30 miles north of New York City are a case in point.

          The less we are able to know about the past and present conditions of Fukushima, the less we will learn about atomic reactors in our own country.>>

          Nader is certainly not radical in his words, but at least the sentiment is in the right direction.

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    From the presentation: Ken Busseler: Went to Japan with 17 scientists from 13 institutions. @25:00 "not many of us left who study radio isotopes in sea water" (me: better start educating). @38:28 When referring to radio isotopes in water, "it might not be of human health concern directly". (me: lots of might, maybe, could be, possibly) Then there was Dick Samuels, a political scientist who showed his recent book which talked about things including how "political entrepreneurs" use a crisis to their benefit – umm… like selling books? 🙂 He starts talking @51:00. Anyway, he was quite good actually. He talked to the Japanese people and political leaders and some very interesting socio-political analysis to share. Very interesting. Most interesting were the changes in Japan's Energy Policy post Fukushima and how well they were doing in implementing the changes (not very). He covered this @1:10:00.

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh
    This is tonight's video for you
    It helps to understand by watching I find
    It's titled is thunder00t fukishima fallout illiterate or a shithead ?
    This has a lot of subject material that comes from this site so those of you that are new and those of you that are not I feel you will like this and learn from it . It's a short one tonight less than a half hour . Please let him get warmed up about five minutes in .

    Sent from my F-iPad

  • Cover up? Ya think? Science is a bought and sold commodity and not true science in any sense of the word. It's politics and business plain and simple. Good websites and alternative news sources (real news) is where you should go when you hear something and it just doesn't sound right or add up. We know by now that the damage is vast and it has traveled around the world and is showing up in rain and snow now. Time to not deny any longer, but what to do. Take some action and protect your health and drinking water supply. Take natural zeolite to detox radioactive particles from your body quickly and safely. and drink only reverse osmosis or better filtered water!

  • Hey all. I wanted to thank J for reminding me of Chandler and give you the link below.
    Great conversation in here ! Thank you all for it. Makes me very optimistic about our soon reaching critical mass and transparency tearing apart MSM veils..

    Quick link to an excellent summary of WTC7 / NIST shithole.

    @J Thanks for reminding me this 2008 conference report when M. David Chandler put the final nail in the coffin of "Al Qaeda". Of course they threw away the key in 2011, what else could they do and anyway, Ossama's death was being cheered on Times Square !
    Not even a single nail at the bottom of the sea.
    Un, deux, trois tu m'as vu, un deux trois tu m'vois plus.
    I’m sure the clownfish tried Osama's flesh and went their way.
    I / WE would have to keep waiting…
    Anyways, I was done with my ten years of insatiable thirst for everything 9/11.
    3/11 I now call FUK. had already happened.
    And you’re so right J. A strong connection there is. CYA politics prevail, for now.
    Still, we’re here aren’t we ? We, the people…of the Earth.
    @ Heart Parlons peu, parlons bien ! So you’d lost your own great job and nuck gave it back to you ? Right-brained gal ! Don’t you love that. Great to hear you on all fronts.

  • ftlt

    Woods Hole strikes again

  • Nick

    Toxic at the atomic level equates to no safe dose.

    Acceptable limits in foods and water are merely created by the industry to make us believe that all is well.

    We are finding out how molecules, atoms, and particles act on a parts per quintillion or smaller level.

    It is arrogant to think that x # of bequerels per mass of substance provides a safe dose.

    Toxic at the atomic level means wayward energies zapping cellular contents.

    Look at the biological activity of serotonin and melatonin. These compounds are present in very small quantities yet they exert tremendous influence biologically.

    When you interfere with the intricate shared electron carbon rings, the molecules of serotonin and melatonin become less bioactive.

    Radiation from Fukushima has the potential to affect us at the quantum level.

    Wrap your collective heads around that one.

  • The nuclear industry may even crack the cosmic egg, and we all know that once an egg is broken, it is very hard to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. No earthly knowledge, power, scientists, nuclear experts, banksters, billionaires or politicos can do that.

    Of course, there is One who can do something like this..

    There is no order of difficulty when it comes to miracles.

    After all is broken, decayed, corrupted, and laid to waste, still there remains hope.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Dr. Good…I read that book Crack in the Cosmic Egg….creating the reality you want with quantum thought. I still remember it…

  • pkjn

    Google trends shows Japanese searching the word “Losing hair” increasingly since 2011
    January 24th, 2014 Fukushima Diary

    Google Trends also show more and more Japanese search the word “Losing hair” since 2011. The connection with the Fukushima disaster is unclear, however the graph shows the significant trend change early 2011.

    The highest searching volume was in Osaka, and the 2nd highest volume was in Tokyo, however because it’s merely the “volume”, not the ratio, nothing can be concluded from this data.
    Osaka, Japan's 2nd largest city by population, lies in Western Japan.

  • pkjn

    Tsunami kids have stress effects
    JANUARY 28, 2014 The Australian
    1 in 4 nursery school children caught up in Japan's 2011 tsunami disaster has psychiatric problems with experts warning the effects could last a lifetime if left untreated.

    Researchers found 25.9 per cent of children aged between 3 and 5 suffer from symptoms including vertigo, nausea and headaches, with some exhibiting worrying behaviour such as violence or withdrawal.
    Young children who do NOT receive necessary care could develop much worse problems in later life.
    These could include developmental disorders and learning disabilities, which would have a knock-on effect on academic achievement and employment prospects.