Senior Scientist: Second radioactive plume headed to California — “Effects of Fukushima will be increasing” as front edge of large water plume arrives — Levels to rise for years — “It’s a health and safety issue here” yet no one testing ocean (VIDEO)

Published: January 19th, 2014 at 1:30 pm ET


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution senior scientist Ken Buesseler, Jan. 19, 2014: [N]o US government agency currently tests radiation levels in the Pacific Ocean […] “I don’t expect the radiation levels to be high but we can’t dismiss the concerns that the public has.” […] [W]eeks after the March 2011 Fukushima Plant disaster occurred a large plume of radioactive air swept across the Pacific Ocean and over California […] a second plume is headed towards California, this one is in the water and has taken almost three years to make it across the Pacific Ocean. “The effects of Fukushima will be increasing as the front edge of a large water plume coming from the nuclear plant will reach California soon and increase over the years. […] [Department of Energy, NOAA, FDA, and EPA] all said that it’s not their responsibility to test the Pacific Ocean for radiation. This issue is falling between the cracks of government responsibility. It’s a health and safety issue here.”

Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael), Jan. 19, 2014: “There isn’t data to suggest that people should be alarmed about the radiation levels of the waters along California’s coast. There is no evidence of environmental impact or affects on public health […] the US government should be doing more testing in order to convince the public that the ocean and fish are safe.”

Watch HuffPost Live’s coverage of Buesseler here

Published: January 19th, 2014 at 1:30 pm ET


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132 comments to Senior Scientist: Second radioactive plume headed to California — “Effects of Fukushima will be increasing” as front edge of large water plume arrives — Levels to rise for years — “It’s a health and safety issue here” yet no one testing ocean (VIDEO)

  • SweetDakini SweetDakini

    Wouldn't a correct term be an unrelenting plume at this point?


    Would someone please explain these 'water plumes'? And what they consists of. Effects will be increasing? Thanks.

    • califnative califnative (NY)

      Speaking of plumes, I've been watching the U.S. lighting up since this morning 🙁

      • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

        I have been watching that map for some time also. In the last two weeks or so, there were "A"s, one in CO. They are gone now. Does anyone know how this works? Does the radioactivity sink into the ground?

      • Southbound Southbound

        I've gotten a stern warning from someone well established in the anti-nuke movement not to pay much attention to the netc info. they are notorious for false warnings. While I personally believe that all information of this type should be taken into account, it was recommended to me that is a much more reliable tracking system.

        In short, don't let scare you TOO much. Do some research and find a more reliable source for radiation monitoring systems.

        • Stupidbutnotbumb

          Please don't listen to that site or any other site that talks about levels of man made radaition be safe at any level.. It's not period.. Just how sick you'll get and how bad your DNA will be forever f'ed up. It will never leave your body.

          • myau

            Big difference in measurements btw and Which site should I trust more? Any advice from anyone please. Thanks.

        • Homo Insapiens Homo Insapiens

          From time to time, shows alerts that are clustered together within a region, and all occur on the same day, sometimes within hours of each other. When this happens, is clearly measuring a signal. It is not noise. No trained scientist can sweep a cluster of alerts — geographically co-located, and simultaneously occurring, under the rug.

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            yep,I learned early on into the 311 slo-mo ELE that there's a lot of false alerts & anomalies that need to be accounted for when including the civilian(?)-run radiation testing networks as a part of my own action/alert criteria. I 1st look at my own Geiger counter readings and then compare the small number of civilian-produced data with the EPA's SADNET and weather/jetstream data to determine if it's time to take extreme action or in the worst-case scenario(s)="put my head between my legs & kiss my ass goodbye!! :} I have so many other unpleasantries to deal with as things are even without 311 issues-it's not fair that WE should be on our own and be the ones who have to purchase high-end Geigers & scintillator units to test for the toxic shit THEY unleashed with THEIR crap antiquated technology/facilities and STILL reside in the nuke industries pockets even though WE already bought them the best equipment our tax dollars can buy while the nuke industry owns the "experts" and the REAL data they KNOW is FUKuing us and everything else in the path of these unrelenting "plumes" up!! 🙁 I figured it'd be 5 years before there'd be any "hints" that 311 had occurred or how BAD it really was/is/will be(?)!!~The stuff coming out now in just under 3 years tells a LOT re;the status,severity level and prognosis of the events & impacts we WILL see that goes even beyond my crash course "skooling" on cancer(s) & misc. post-311 realities that do not bode well for Earth's…

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              cont'd-future! 🙁 I already long for the sense of relief that my own demise will surely bring to me re;my own messed up life situation which when combined with 311 ELE leaves me feeling hopeless for any kind of a future & diminishes my own sense of survival or self-preservation. I'm thinking to myself,"why even bother" trying to live right,do the right things,care about anything anymore,etc. since all the money in the world can't "erase" the reality of what has & will happen and I don't care to dwell on the thoughts of how my kids,both in their 20's & would've had their whole lives ahead of them-might die even before I do even if by some miracle I did manage to fix everything wrong with MY world??!! For what??!! 🙁 I'd share the sliver of hope that some still cling to in the cases of those who have more to lose if they didn't wake up alive tomorrow,except that I'm now convinced that our course & the fate of the world is set and nuke-pukes & public apathy displayed by their very victims has ensured that the nuke-puke agendas & business as usual will continue until we are ALL in an early grave after seeing how much lying to a mostly disinterested society has made it not only possible,but guaranteed to FUKu us ALL up now & forever since they haven't even changed their SOP,much less shut all the claptrap,flimsy NPP's down!! Sorry about my negativity but anything less would be a lie and put me on the same level as the filth who brought us to this foul place. :|…

              • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                JohnnyB…I have followed your story and it breaks my heart. It is not fair…I hope things turn around for you and your family. Sending the best thoughts your direction…

              • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

                i have a 20 year old daughter in california and i was supposed to finally return there year to be closer to her. add economic collapse and illness into the picture and i know how you feel. what is the point? i try to be grateful for the few things that give m joy in the background of great tragedy, loss and despair. it's a struggle most days and sometimes i wish to be among the clueless.

        • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

          Like any other you have to understand the tool you are using. Netc uses a mix of EPA radnet sites and home stations typically based on GMC-2xx to 3xx -series counters. The gov't sites are typically highly sensitive while the home stations are $80-$200 hand held detectors that are far less sensitive. Netc's method of having them play nice together is to base alerts on the relative rate of rise for each station relative to itself. I've found it to be a very useful resource; when the closest EPA station is showing a high level, our home model (not part of netc) shows a proportional rise in background.

        • raddog

          For the most part, the levels that NETC are reporting are just normal variations in the radon daughter products that rise an fall with weather changes and with a diurnal cycle.

          Rain, inversion layers, and low pressure systems also impact the background significantly.

          Changes in they solar cycle also produce variations in the background. They probably also pick up an occasional particle of uranium or thorium dust as the winds blow.

          There are also so many variations in the equipment and how it is employes that your really cant compare system to system, or know what they're actually detecting.


      @GOM – In short, much worse than what we get in the air from Fukushima and since Fukushima is still leaking in to the ocean the flow of this stuff has no end in sight. Most of it lasts our lifetime plus and until it is stopped at the source, will continue to build up here. Just think of the US as a trash can we can't empty and Fukushima keeps filling it up as it spills over the top onto the floor.

      • bo bo

        And they collect along the west coast like dust bunnies under the bed 🙁

        • Ontological Ontological

          Those be deadly dust bunnies. They can kill in 3 years, if you don't get discovered in time.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Many people think it is impossible for radioactivity from Fukushima to get to North America, but scientists know these ultra light particles like C-137 float easily as they are lighter than water, will make their way around the world.

          Fukushima is not just here it is everywhere.

      • GOM GOM

        WW. I am getting it, but use the GOM/BP as references. I have in my mind that one can't see radiation so all the talk of these Buckyballs is something I have to work on. Then I saw a video comparing lava to the coriums. Good grief. Glad everyone is patient.

      • SweetDakini SweetDakini

        um …"hydrodynamic

      • GOM GOM

        sweet. Thanks. But it doesn't explain radiation-water plumes. During BP fiasco, breaking waves were very, very dangerous due to massive chemicals in the Gulf. Guess radiation would be the same? As the waves hit, with the floating isotopes, they must 'break'?

        • guevara3712

          yes it will contaminate the coastline. and it's not just cesium of course, other isotopes too, plus the massive bone seeking strontium plume starting about midsummer of last year will be reinforcing the flanks of the plume for 150 years (if it isn't stopped)

        • loneranger loneranger

          Yes, Michael Collins said on the Rense show a couple of years ago that the mist produced from the waves is how the rad isotopes can get blown inland like 200 miles. Furthermore the "dilution" theory is nonsense as it takes only one molecule of plutonium to kill you. We're coming on to 1050 days of the Fuku nightmare spewing deadly radion daily and it is accumulative, forever.

          • GOM GOM

            lone. The mist. As with the GOM, the mist was a huge problem. And the fog. You could smell the Corexit on everything. The more I read, the more I absorb as related to the radiation spreading around as it hits the shore. Would radiation hang in the thick fog I wonder?

            • We Not They Finally

              Relate to what you are saying — saw you post that you are from Florida. Also know that there is AN ANALOGY here. Like the BP disaster was said to be "over" — but it's not ever over! They drilled a hole into the sea and it's gushing to this day. That revelation is apparently what got Matt Simmons killed.

              (They switched out webcams during Hurricane Bonnie in the summer of 2010. There were TWO Macondo wells 252, A & B, at slightly different long/lat readings. It's marked. A was long-since capped. B is still [I believe]gushing.)

              Same with Fukushima. It happened and it's over, we're told. Same blatant lies.

          • We Not They Finally

            The dilution theory is crap for a whole bunch of other reasons. Like bio-accumulation and bio-magnification, not to mention that genetic damage gets WORSE down the generations, not better.

            The plankton –too much of it– is already poisoned — bio-accumulates to WAY higher than the proportion in the sea water in the first place. Then that bio-magnifies up the food chain.

            That's what got to Chris Busby. He didn't want to jump and say that radionuclides were just drifting in tact across thousands of miles of ocean. But once he saw the measurements on dead sea life already at the bottom of the ocean, and the Pacific ecology dying off, he "got it, and started to call it "truly terrifying."

            And that is a man NOT given to hyperbole. Just solid science.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      Same game …

      "Would someone please explain …"
      … and sacrifice his time?


      • a lot of new folks are coming here and they deserve to know.

        new folks: now go tell others. ground works been done for you

        doesn't take much time. . . Alert the People to Fukushima

        P.S. Does duck and cover still seem a viable solution to you?

        • harengus_acidophilus

          Maybe … I'm to suspicious

          Some people are searching informations from multiple sources and take their conclusions. After this, they ask about lacking points. Others want to hear a quick'n'easy opinion from their peer group. Preferably coloured with emotions.
          Why asking for simple definitions, if you can read
          about it e.g. in wikipedia and other sources?

          If you aswer to an "RTFM" question, you don't have
          time to think about more difficult problems.
          It's like walking in a tar pit …


          • artika rama

            harengus we all know bits and pieces and sometimes we just need confirmation from someone who knows better . Its not that people cant use wikipedia but it is something else having feedback here directly by multiple responders.
            AN example i think coriums are gone ,, and i say / write they are gone ,, does nt mean I KNOW FOR SURE RIGHT ? I am guessing but unless someone manages to take an xray or radar image of the site or drill down to find them or any other EVIDENCE , we are all guessing right . Well my guess is that they are gone true ,, but its NOT a FACT , i have NO PROOF . so Thats only my OPINION and i may open the subject to see what others are thinking about it and by asking questions on it i may learn things i didnt know before and thats how it goes step by step .
            Its a learning process . Not many people here are experts .
            Sometimes we just need others opinion to confirm / to check if we are still on the right track . 🙂

            • harengus_acidophilus

              Difficult …

              "I am guessing but unless someone manages to take an xray or radar image of the site or drill down to find them or any other EVIDENCE, we are all guessing right."

              I'd prefer "the Sherlock Holmes way". Put it in a "logical tongs", eliminate the "no go's", you will get "upper and lower" boundaries, every information (and also noniformation) you collect will this distance between the boundaries reducing. If there is no room left, you have a proof w/o evidence. Simple logic.

              About emotional distraction i've wrote something in the OT-forum.


    • RobertC

      The radioactively contaminated water from Fukushima is being carried across the Pacific by the Japanese Current. It reaches the West Coast of the North America about at the latitude of Seattle. It, then, splits into two gyres. The Northern Gyre goes north to Alaska and, then, east South of the Aluetian Islands, back to Japan The Southern Gyre, goes south as far as Point Conception, before turning West. It, then, goes to Hawaii on its way back to Japan.
      As that radiative water has not yet been detected in Washington, It probably has not yet reached either Alaska or California. The radiation that is being detected in those locations is most likely from other sources.


    Congressman Jered Huffman said above in the article that there is no data to suggest that people should be alarmed about the radiation. Everything I see in terms of data and expert testimony by people like Arnie Gunderson and others causes alarm for me & other.

    Vote OUT Congressmen Jered Huffman because he clearly does NOT represent the people!

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      Yes, and he calls for testing to convince people the ocean is safe — isn't that a ridiculous foregone conclusion? Or maybe he wants the testing to be rigged with a phony "threshold" so they can claim it is safe even though it is not.

  • bo bo

    Repeating above article :

    'Department of Energy, NOAA, FDA, and EPA all said that it’s not their responsibility to test the Pacific Ocean for radiation.'

    • GQR2

      The government agencies have completely abandoned any semblence of their mission ?
      Not their responsibility?
      Well they may as well be dismantled.

      They certainly aren't helping us. Why even bother to have them. The department of home land security is not telling people squat.
      Why is that?
      money. power.mass insanity.
      The realities of illnesses wrought by radiation sickness and toxic pollution,will become known. It will be in the streets. Flowing out of hospital doors, undeniable, They won't be able to say its in everybody's head. Those who say such things will look like the fools.

    • califnative califnative (NY)

      wow, never thought I'd be looking at food radiation detector in my life time.

    • Sickputer

      Woo hoo…buy a $3000 machine that tests for two of the really long-lived 100 deadly radioisotopes. A crap shoot…your odds are 2% to be protected.

      Better plan…source your water food supplies carefully. Even sourcing carefully won't help against airborne radiation unless you have HEPA filters at home, work, and car and also wear an N95 mask (maybe 25% effective). Stay out of the rain and snow is a must and unless your job requires it most people can avoid the direct contact of rain and snow which is one of the most likely points of human contamination. You have to get protected spring water to drink though.

      Washing and bathing in tap water is risky. Just ask the Elk River residents in West Virginia. Radiation poisoning is far from their thoughts at this time. Future Shock victims.

      West Virginians near the Elk River: Relocate if you can (especially pregnant women and families with small children). I would have abandoned my house and fled the first day. Classic case of fight or flight.

      Fighting a ghost contaminant isn't my kind of a fair fight. You can't bring a paper towel to a mad scientist ray gun fight.

      • GOM GOM

        sick. I remember back in GOM/BP stuff, warning pregnant women about swimming in the Gulf. Said if you were early in your pregnacy, it would be better to abort. Then get healthy and try a few years later. I was called a Eugenist, among other colorful things. Well..many babies born were dead, deformed, major health issues, brain damage…and they STILL swim in the GOM. ???????

      • califnative califnative (NY)

        SP – I've noticed that some food products don't tell you the origin just where it was packed and distributed (like nuts). It seems this origin disappeared in the last year or two because I thought I always saw it before. Wonder when this changed and if the FDA did it because of Fukushima?

        • humptydumpty humptydumpty

          Many products from Japan are packed and distributed in China and labeled "product of China," or that kind of identification from some other country. Globalism has blurred national lines and relaxed laws we used to be protected by. We have to contact the distributor to find out the source, and hope they are forthcoming and truthful.

  • Jebus Jebus


    creatures screaming
    experts dreaming

  • Lion76 Lion76

    The more Ken B talks, the dumber and more uninformed he sounds.

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    Wow, just like someone said; Privatize all the public assets (illegal btw) and publicize all the costs associated with risks (assessment, mitigation, etc.). I understand the underlying logic, it's YOU folks that have the PROBLEM, it's your problem, therefore YOU should pay for tests, mitigation, etc. So folks, your money is going to bailouts, international funds, etc. – important stuff. They print the money they need for the rest. We're on our own with very little money left from the gov't/corp. thefts. What are we going to do?

  • combomelt combomelt

    Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael), Jan. 19, 2014:

    “There isn’t data to suggest that people should be alarmed about the radiation levels of the waters along California’s coast."–Correct–no agency has tested.

    "There is no evidence of environmental impact or affects on public health"–Correct–no agency has tested.

    "The US government should be doing more testing in order to convince the public that the ocean and fish are safe.”

    The truth is that the govt's own testing will convince US ALL NOT to eat Pacific seafood.
    Oh and Ken, btw, a second plume? How about we all label what is coming our way correctly and succinctly if I may. How about —
    "Its the leading edge of a radioactive ocean current full of millions upon millions of gallons of C137 irradiated water and G-D knows what other toxic man-made radionuclides, that is slowly moving with the currents of our world's 1 Ocean, spreading far and wide and deep and shallow across our sphere, mutating and killing everything it surrounds and filters thru."
    Fuku is coming up on 1095 days and no solutions to the subterranean corii and resulting toxic radioactive soup that pours every unabated second into our 1 Ocean. FDNPP covered in a gamma haze.
    Every day this continues, is another day of increased toxicity, ACCUMULATING up the food chain.
    KEN and the rest of the "scientists"–get it processed thru your craniums, THERE IS NO PLUME, just continuous, irreversible irradiation of the Pacific.

  • Sky-Valley Sky-Valley

    Radioactive Iodine-131 USA Forecasts (to May 13)2011
    Jul 3, 2011: During the first two months after the Fukushima disaster began, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) was providing public forecasts of possible radioactive isotope concentrations around the world that were generated by their Flexpart forecasting software. In late April, some six weeks or so after the reactor meltdowns had begun in Japan, someone following the news about the nuclear catastrophe posted a link to an obscure folder on a completely distinct server at NILU [1] where “private” radiation forecast maps were also being created. Note that the reason for referring to these obscured forecasts as private is simple: no public link or reference to the folder containing them was ever put anywhere on the NILU site.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    A "plume"?

    A plume comes from a single release,
    but this is an ongoing release.


  • pkjn

    875 trillion Bq of Tritium contained in total contaminated water / Over 60 times much as safety limit
    January 18th, 2014 Fukushima Diary
    The total volume of Tritium contained in the stocked contaminated water is 875 trillion Bq. Tokyo Electric submitted the data to Tritium task force of Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

    Currently 400,000 m3 of contaminated water is stocked in the tanks. 817 trillion Bq of Tritium is contained in the tanks.
    Additionally contaminated water is also stocked in reactor buildings etc.. The part of contaminated water outside of the tanks contain 58 trillion Bq of Tritium.

    Tritium is NOT going to be filtered.
    This is 60 times much as the annual safety limit of 4 reactors to discharge to the sea. This means, Tokyo Electric would take over 60 years to resolve the current water problem even if Tokyo Electric chooses to discharge Tritium to the sea. In reality, the volume of contaminated water is increasing by over 400 m3 per day.

  • loneranger loneranger

    I think Ken Buesseler should be forced to eat seafood from the Pacific everyday. He's a shameless shill! There should be an open season on vermin like him and all nuclear scientists and the PR parasites that make their living off pushing radiation and frankenfoods as good for you and your loved ones! They need to be held accountable for their crimes!

  • mairs mairs

    Through all of this I keep thinking about the seminal denial movie, "Jaws". Nothing is out there. Nope. Not at all.

  • Nothing but dead in the air and water…

    Fukushima Research blog on articles and videos since 3-11-11

  • weeman

    Department of energy, no sir we are not responsible for monitoring, we only produce energy, try NOAA, ok no sir that is not in our charter, try the FDA, very good, no sir radiation is not a food or drug, not our department, have you tried the EPA, I try them, sorry sir we only are concerned about land contamination and that is the ocean?
    They would be lining up if they thought they may get more funding, that is really what they want.

  • Daisy207

    Quote"“There isn’t data to suggest that people should be alarmed about the radiation levels of the waters along California’s coast. There is no evidence of environmental impact or affects on public health […] the US government should be doing more testing in order to convince the public that the ocean and fish are safe.”"
    1st – why can't we expect a congressman to use proper English – THERE ISN'T DATA should read THERE AREN'T DATA – "Data" is plural "Datum" is singular. Sorry – pet peeve.

    There is plenty of evidence – dead animals and fish to start with. Affects on public health are probably there and not being reported as in Japan. We clearly need tables – and not just tables with Bq/L but individual metals in mg/L or mg/Kg then calculated Bq/volume – not measured – because measurements will include all components – then have EPA establish "safe" limits for concentrations in plants and fish etc – and provide maps showing where samples are collected. The very fact that there are no published and on-going weekly or monthly testing should immediately be CAUSE FOR ALARM. Local Departments of Health need to be collecting samples and sending them to qualified laboratories – maybe Oak Ridge – that has the equipment to do the testing. This should cost nothing if the labs are federally funded – the equipment is paid for and the staff is on salary. Locals will be more trustworthy – because they live there too and will die if exposed just as fast as everyone…

    • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

      @Daisy207 "the US government should be doing more testing in order to convince the public that the ocean and fish are safe.”

      The government should be doing testing, period. And not in order to "convince the public" of anything, but rather to gather and post data publicly.

      That quote got me going, too…

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    I will say it again.
    I stood on the beach, in Newport, Oregon, in June 2012, 1.5yrs ago.
    I watched people looking, photos, officials roping it off.
    A barge, BIG, more like a floating dock.
    From JAPAN.

    I can only guess they are waiting. Waiting for the levels to rise.
    So that it won't "seem" so bad. They just did not know/believe it would continue for so long. They can't change it, so they just deny it. Same old song and dance, my friend.

    If it all stopped today, Fuku disappeared, it will continue to rise on the coast(us)for years. Then stay that way, for 10,100,1000,1,000,000's of years.

    Great way to boil water.

    If we really want some attention, action, it will take effort.
    But not as much as you think.

    Go out and TURN OFF your power. For an hour, or a day, or???
    What is an inconvenience for you, is a nightmare for the grid.
    But millions would have to do it, and is there the will to do it?

    When enough people, put enough pressure, in the right place, the foolish sh!tbags will get the message.

    Until then, its all talk, on both sides.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      Please tell your story in a way that it can be understood. What are you suggesting is the significance of the barge from Japan and officials roping off the beach? "I can only guess they are waiting…for the levels to rise." Who is waiting? Who are "they" — the Japanese or the U.S. officials, or the people watching & taking photos? Levels of radiation on the beach from the barge, or from Fuku?

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        Well the monumental question seems to be "when will the plume get here"?

        Like I said, wind driven debris, some of the first, June 2012.
        They kept people away, quarantined it. I was on a vacation, I do not know how that all resolved. That was the second 'plume'.

        The first plume was days after 3/11/2011, in the air. It circles the earth every 40 days or so. More than 25 times since 3/11/11. Plus whatever is added worldwide. It is our new, "modified" atmosphere. Think of it like a 'snow globe'.

        The 'third plume' is the ocean current driven one.

        'They' are the people who 'should know' what the historical background has been. They should be able to post history, times, amounts. They have had plenty of time to get ready.

        'They' act as if this just started. Without a history, we will never know what's happening. So, they wait. And wait. And wait.
        Wait until it peaks, and then it won't be rising. No worries, All is good here folks, move along.

        If they cared at all, there would be hundreds of test stations, and thousands of test results ALREADY. Air, water, food, wildlife. And when they are asked "what is going on?", they would whip this documentation out and beat you senseless with it. They don't have it, or won't share it.


  • soern

    has anybody seen "Super Cop" with Terence Hill?
    However i like his films, but this one was early propaganda.
    Maybe he was not aware of the fact.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    "The effects of Fukushima will be increasing as the front edge of a large water plume coming from the nuclear plant will reach California soon and increase over the years."

    Prolly close to one of the truest official statements we have heard so far.

    One can add that the plumes of both water and air, of which are indisputably interconnected, have long ago reached the shores of the entire NA continent all the way down to the tip of SA. The oceans are toast! Got that. It is only about watching the levels rise from here on out. Nothing more, nothing less. This is a fact!

    On the other side of the coin most do not see, is the fact that there are many real readings being taken by the babylonians that are responsible for this Extinction Level Event. They are taking precise readings to precisely predict when and where the cancerous sick diseases will break out the fastest. Put yourself in their ugly shoes and think, how and what would YOU be doing to slowly eliminate the worlds populations while at the same time profiting?

    They calculate these plumes and track the sicknesses and deaths to accurately predict when the panic will happen and the food starvation to begin. They want a lid down on America BEFORE this realization begins in the mass mind. We are very close to that time. It is a race to the panic zone, and quickening plans for the Martial Law Lock Down, and take over by foreign invaders dressed as American soldiers in the entire country. http://thecommonsenseshow

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      cont. :(-sigh…

      Listen in at 9:00 pm central time tonight at:


      • soern

        so now it works.
        First link:
        Seems to be slightly political and full of conspiration theories.
        Somehow extreme stuff after having read the headlines 🙂
        Second link:
        See above.

        • GOM GOM

          How about this fun fact. 911/Emergency # U.S.; 311/Emergency # Europe; 119/Emergency # Japan. ..Any questions?..

          • PurpleRain PurpleRain

            That is really odd! wow.

          • harengus_acidophilus

            Another lie from Mrs. Hateful

            "911/Emergency # U.S.; 311/Emergency #
            Europe; 119/Emergency # Japan"

            Besides the FACT that europe has 47 countries with different numbers, there is the "unique european emergency number" which is "112", so you can't tell us about "typo".

            This is ridiculous! Get a life!


            • GOM GOM

              I looked it up just before I posted it. On a site that referenced Satanic numbers associated with The GOM, Chernobyl, etc..I have seen these numbers before. Maybe the numbers have changed in other places due to people finding the connection? Why do you attack without asking and giving me a chance to correct my mistake? Maybe I am now very suspicious of you. Why would anyone get mad when I show animosity toward to government? If that is what you refer to.

              • harengus_acidophilus

                Tinfoil sales offer …

                "On a site that referenced Satanic numbers associated with"
                Is that what you called "a reasonable source"?

                "Maybe the numbers have changed"
                They never changed them since the invention
                of the automatic telephone exchange in my country.

                "giving me a chance to correct my mistake?"
                At 1st you have to do investigation from DIFFERENT sources, at 2nd you have to think about and correlete and AFTER THIS, at 3rd you can post your conclusions.

                You are doing "cherry picking" followed by fearmongering.


            • GOM GOM


              • harengus_acidophilus

                More LIES

                Have a look:
                Cite: "In the European Union, Russia, Ukraine and Switzerland and others "112" was introduced as a common emergency call number during the 1990s,…"
                More than 20 years …

                You weren't. Why crying, angry about your unmasking?

                Get a life!


    • soern

      Who are Babylonians precisely?
      Btw your link doesn't work.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      Lack of logic

      "Put yourself in their ugly shoes and think, how and what would YOU be doing to slowly eliminate the worlds populations while at the same time profiting?"

      I would create a disease and also a cure for my friends and me, but I NEVER would alter the environment uninhabilitable.


    • harengus_acidophilus

      Your personal obsession?

      "and take over by foreign invaders dressed
      as American soldiers in the entire country"

      An answer in the same style:
      "Why should foreign invaders enter a devastated
      waste land full of animals dressed like humans?"

      Maybe we should be more rational.


  • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

    Went to Fukushima, found radioactive seaweed for sale in Japan:

    Found many more:
    Did 10 min. "added CPM" tests, showing foods over 5 times background…:

    Disturbed by this, I aimed to get to the bottom of it: sent 'm to a lab.
    While awaiting the results, I began to wonder if K-40 could be the issue… (see this,, which also shows the results of my Northern California soils, mushrooms and seaweed sample-tested in April 2013)

    Tada: COMPLETE LAB RESULTS OF 9 SAMPLES (of various radioactivity levels observed with Geiger Counter), tested at an independent lab:

    This is not "proof" that "all is well". Detecting Co-60 500 km from the leaking plant is noteworthy, for instance. Sr-90 and Pu-239 were detected, too, but all so low they can't be quantified. What the caused the Gross Alpha in 1 kelp is not known, either (yet).

    But, surprisingly, my Hokkaido seaweeds would have been fine to eat, after all. I urge anyone who finds "radioactive food" with a Geiger Counter, to have your worst sample analyzed, and make sure they also include K-40 and Be-7 in their analysis for radionuclides. It's humbling; I believed I was onto something horrible that was either not known (I combed through thousands of test records: ), or somehow being covered-up, neither one would have surprised me.

    Keep questioning. Don't go…

    • soern

      K40 is clearly part of "Banana Story" right?
      Why should Potassium, which is K39(stable), K40(0,0118% of all Potassium) and K41(stable) increase like you're trying to tell us here?
      Stable means NOT RADIO ACTIVE!

      Thx for the "Eye Opener"

      Keep questioning INDEED

      • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

        soern, go read the blogposts first.
        Yes, 0.0118 % of Potassium (all K) is comprised of the naturally occurring radioactive (beta & gamma emitting) K-40. It's a trace, but the Potassium content of food varies widely, thus the K-40 content too. K-40, however, is not considered harmful (I guess because as our bodies evolved with it, and the energy levels of the decay are different than some fission products).

        500 Bq of K-40 in our food may be okay, & apparently some foods contain much more than bananas; but 500 Bq of Sr-90, or Co-60, or Cs-137 or Pu-239, etc are a very different matter. I'm not belittling manmade radioactive contamination whatsoever. But Geiger Counters, now also more sensitive than previous models, what they reveal can simply NOT be interpreted as Fukushima fallout evidence, UNLESS you can back it up with lab analysis that confirms that. I tried to do just that, and guess what: I was wrong. That's science: claim based on limited data –> added detailed data don't confirm theory? –> Adjust your claim.

        There's only 2 things that can be concluded with certainty from my sample data:
        1) Geiger Counter results by themselves prove absolutely nothing about fallout, because natural radioactive contents can apparently easily overshadow such measurements. It takes lab results for conclusions.
        2) Hokkaido kelp may, for the most part, be devoid of nuclear contamination.

        PS: I questioned the banana bs & facts here: http://wp

        • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

          On Potassium-40:
          The Summary of my lab results:

          • soern

            ok i've read your linked posts.
            Also i found one similar like above post some days old from you.
            Please don't get it wrong, but we had a good chance to experience psy op's recently by socref and therefore -you surely understand- I and maybe We are kind of alarmed now.

            Btw I have a "Gamma Scout" Geiger counter which shows 0,08 – 0,31 microsieverts/h average here in Bavaria, Germany. One day in 06/2011 it went up over 0,45 while raining started and went down to 0,21 after rain stopped. That surely was Fukushima radiation fallout. But small.

            Everybody can paint lab results without a valid source reference to maintain his claim.

            We just think by connecting dots and valid facts either.

            Keep curious 🙂

            • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

              @soern – Yeah, I've seen the socref… whatever that is, who knows. Other people can still learn when nonsense is countered with better info, though, imo. Otherwise, best ignored.

              I was just checking with the Belgian nuclear monitoring (FANC), and they claim these rainout peaks (more pronounced in 2013 than in 2011 from the data I've looked at) are from cosmogenic Beryllium-7 coming down, but they haven't provided me with their complete filter data yet, so I remain skeptical that that's all there is to it. At the same time, I've become more careful to not jump to conclusions based on Geiger counter readings alone. If you can, try to have rain analyzed if you catch a significant peak again.

              Anyways, I get it: unless I have bad news, better not bother sharing findings…

              • Mack Mack

                Michael, thank you for your research and financial sacrifice in having the seaweed tested. I appreciate your efforts. Please keep posting anything you find out. We all need to learn.


                  agreed, Mack. Michael Van Broekhoven's effort seem genuine and disciplined. Besides, we could all use some good news; assuming of course, it's well researched…

            • harengus_acidophilus

              Did you also look at the ODL web site?

              Note: In germany they have a network of gamma detectors
              In the weeks after 311, I saw spikes after the first rain after several dry days, later in the year this spikes occur after EVERY rain and background radiation begun to climb. In mid 2012 the local sensor was some days offline, since then there are no spikes anymore and background stays nearly constant.
              Did you have observed similar behavior?


              P.S.: If you are familiar with a great (the greatest)
              german IT web site, you know "b." 😉

    • Daisy207

      Data are interesting – at least you have a table to refer to. However- metals must first be reported in mg/Kg (for solids) or mg/L (for liquids) – the MDL – minimum detection limit should be shown on the table – the Bg/Kg will then be calculated based on known emission rates for the amount (mass) detected. The analytical method is not shown (i.e., FID, PID, ICAP, GCMS etc). The table should be footnoted with the name of the laboratory doing the analyses and the actual lab data (reports) should be PDF'd onto the report. Iodine should be shown as total concentration and then isotope values (concentrations) – they will all appear around the same time so that someone just has to isolate peaks and quantify. Same with any gasses – and again in mg/Kg with MDL's listed. They should be able to get Sr and Pu ( in fact most of the metals) down to 0.01 mg/Kg. If they are getting any radiation hits for these two metals they are certainly getting higher concentrations. I believe all the BDL's (below detection limits) are all for radiation only and not for concentration. Some metals for example are highly toxic but not radioactive – arsenic for example. Why wasn't total CS or uranium included?

      • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

        Daisy207, so you stopped at the Summary? Most of what you say "should be shown" is shown further down in the blogpost. The MDC etc are all in pCi/g and I didn't feel like converting the whole table in SI units, but it is all shown. They're in the tables further down, though, as I wrote… As far as data goes, it's full disclosure, but true, some pdf pages with scientific precision thingies and credentials etc aren't included. It was enough work as it was. And nothing "should" be footnoted. It's not a dissertation, just stuff I found out. In fact I "shouldn't" even make it public. I did. The lab is mentioned in the text 6 times: EMSL Analytical, Inc. (For Pu and Sr they sub-contracted to PaceLabs.) EMSL used the "food library" to analyze, and many isotopes found in soils aren't even looked for in food. K-40, for instance, because food's packed with them, are skipped, 'cause not an issue of concern. I hadn't specified I wanted to know more about the naturally occurring ones too. Why am I repeating this? It is ALL in the blogpost…

        If you want full details of everything to use the data in scientific literature, or a publication, I can forward you the full PDF, but you'll need to pay for the astronomical lab costs, and I retain my right to keep the data public. (This is usually where the conversation ends…)

        • Daisy207

          Sorry – your right I did a quick scan and spoke too soon – but still don't understand why they are not reporting metals first in mg/kg and then in emission units- I use EMSL for mold a lot but have not used them for radionucleid testing nor do I used them for metals testing because they just simply charge too much. Your right the costs are astronomical – for tests that the government should be running routinely – question? gross beta looks high – and may not be entirely related to the detected components – any thoughts? I have had no experience with Pace Labs but will look them up. I do know that there are only a hand full of labs in the country capable of running these tests – and most of them are run by utility companies. I have just run into so much bs chemistry that I am always wary. I would guess your testing was well over $20 K if not more which would not include the time for sample collection and documentation -not something that everyone can do. Thanks.

          • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

            @ Daisy207 – Yeah, I went with EMSL 'cause the the lab is independent, and whom I emailed and talked to felt like he had integrity. I'm wary of anything too nuclear-industry-entrenched, like Berkeley or even the EPA. I agreed with the Pu and Sr being outsourced, but don't know about Pacelabs either. Levels were luckily low, though, in any case. And the government really should be doing it indeed, but then again, they've "kind of" blown their credibility with sticking their heads in the sand and belittling valid concerns.

            The total came to $2220- for the 9 gamma tests (with 3 a-b gross counts + Pu & Sr analysis), crazy much, but I wanted to know. It was supposed to cover rent etc. for a transition/move (three months rent, basically), but instead I've stayed with friends and lived out of my car since September. That's my personal joke: I don't even have a place to live… No regrets, but I will be shifting my focus shortly. (btw, my trip to Japan has nothing to do with sampling, that just became a side-project when I found foods that concerned me.).

            Anyways, was all worth it in the big picture, learned a lot. But whether people will keep posting Geiger Counter scare video without backing their claims up with lab data remains to be seen… – Peace, – m

            • Daisy207

              I will check back in tomorrow after I talk with my lab director – I know they don't run nuclear stuff except for gross alpha and beta – but I know I would pay way more money for just the metals extractions and runs – much less the nuclear results. If you don't mind I am going to print out what you posted – perhaps go down and talk with them. I do a lot of analytical work pertaining to environmental issues – primarily VOC's, SVOC's, pesticides as well as metals and water supply testing. I'm trying to expand my knowledge of this testing as I think that we need to be including things like tritium in our water supply samples – especially if they are sourced to surface waters. I have seen property values declined by hundreds of thousands of dollars because of radon in the water (but they want those granite countertops – go figure) – but no one is talking about the effects of fallout from fukushima – especially on West Coast Real Estate. I know some of these metals need x-ray diffraction equipment – not too many labs have that. Would you have access to samples on the west coast – I live in Maine. I might be able to pull something off here.

              • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

                The Radon gets ingested, the radioactive particles in the countertops are embedded, and unless you chew on them, it's like a harmless dose of distant radiation, not like something that passes through the body; world of difference. I made an attempt to explain why in my blogpost, "the dose deception':

                Re. the costs through EMSL, it broke down like this (just added this to the blogpost, since it gives an idea of what's involved to get to the bottom of things):
                Just gamma: 6 samples Everything: 3 samples
                9 x $125 (gamma-spectroscopy analysis)
                3 x $60 (Gross Alpha & Gross Beta analysis)
                3 x $175 (Pu-239/240 analysis)
                3 x $130 (Sr-90 analysis)
                Total of 9 samples analyzed; the total lab testing project cost was: $2,220-. Add postal service: about $30- + the samples themselves: easily $100- and the complete total, work hours and travel costs not included, and the total cost was $2,350.

                For anyone pondering working with a lab: look around, there are many, but if you want to know a lot, get clear on which isotopes you definitely want included, know the minimum detectable amount, and see what can be found for what price.

                Not near the coast now, but I'm sure many could help. I'm currently in Utah, I don't really live anywhere… yet.

  • razzz razzz

    It is NOAA's responsibility to test ocean waters. When pressed, they claim they don't have the money. Might even hide behind recent sequestration. Of course the alphabet soup agencies needed to maintain observations for naval and air defense would be remiss not to track fallout but I'm sure results are labelled top secret just to avoid panic if nothing else.

    Continuous fed radioactive waterborne plumes are a relatively new phenomenon. Past ocean nuke bomb testing made the ocean currents mappable due to residual long lived fallout. Daiichi's plume was expected to dissipate (disperse) rapidly throughout the ocean(s). That has been found not to be happening as the plume(s) more or less coalesces and travels as one. The ongoing 3 years of nonstop radioactive tons of discharge from Daiichi doesn't help matters.

    They keep saying worldwide, Daiichi fallout is only 1/100 of background but never say exactly what concentrations are possible in hot spots or effects of biomagnification in the long run. Like Chernobyl never happened but re-entombment is necessary. The locals seem to take the brunt of the fallout. Define 'locals'.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      NOAA doesnt test for radioactivity in oceans or animals, but has a budget of 4.5 billion, test equipment and ships on the ocean. The fukushima disaster shines a light on the corruption and deception of government and private institutions.

      9-11 and 3-11 show that the world is an insane asylum of crooks and enablers. How do you get rid of the cancer of civilization? Not by good wishes or talk, not by law, not by war….all of which have existed in abundance and glaringly ineffective.

      Grow your own food and hope for the open source 3-d printing revolution, because the house of cards we call civilization will collapse on its own….probably bringing a great deal of other species along with it.

    • Daisy207

      Based on what your saying – SOMEONE IS TESTING TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION.

    • Daisy207

      NOAA has a lab that is staffed with salaried personnel and mega equipment – they might just have to actually work and do some testing that they are already paid to do. They always want more money – well if everyone is dead who is going to pay them anything – and why would they care – they are next.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    2nd plume? More like the 1095th plume. At 1000 tons released daily into the Pacific, we will be getting a daily plume of this shit for the next couple hundred thousand years or so. Give or take a millenium. Fuku very much Shinzo THE LIAR Abe! 2020 Olympics my ASS! I have contacted the US Olympic committee asking them to NOT allow our athelets to the radiation exposure dangers, I urge all my fellow ene'rs to do the same and also send the IOC the same demands. 🙂 NOKYO 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiza Tiza

    I learn something new every day, never heard of "buckyballs" before.

  • Tiza Tiza

    Has anyone heard about when that ocean plume will hit yet?


    Food for thought regarding the ongoing back-to-back 'plumes'. California. The coastline of Cali is rather bizarre. Most of it is a rugged, jagged mess. And you have to walk down stairs to get to the beaches or not able to get to the shoreline because of the geography. The waves are always crashing and spraying. It is not like you see in the movies, only in certain places is it 'normal'. Now cue the radiation. Crashing and spraying…the whole west coast.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      Well…the salt air can come in pretty far…esp up the Gorge.

      I remember some classic summer days at The 'Hatch smelling the salt
      air with the marine layer just hovering a few miles west.

      An additional air borne radiation load can be expected with this source.

      There will be a ticking sodium chloride compound with it, no doubt.

      Not sure what it would be.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Dont you like it how the pro nukes compare back griund radiation to banannas or a rock. You might eat 2 banannas a day & never get carcer form it, but inhale one hot particle of man made radiation & you will get some sort of radiation sickness & they will call it every thing but what it really is as you spend your last penny for a false cure!
    I found this from what the Russians has to say about Fukushima, the corium & more. It seems the Russians are not scared to tell the truth on some things ! A good article with other stories worth reading.

    • We Not They Finally

      If we get cancer, its not from bananas. (Duh….)

    • Tiza Tiza

      Our bodies are made to process the potassium in bananas. And we have to have potassium to live. Wish those guys downplaying the man-made radiation stuff, then comparing it to bananas could figure it out. BTW, I'm not talking about you, etpwcas1.

  • We Not They Finally

    To the Congressman: How many people have to be dead or dying in YOUR district before your "no evidence" line goes out the window?

    Serving the public he is NOT.

    • maybesomeday

      WNTF, think congressman Huffman is bad? This man (wingnut Art Robinson) campaigned for U.S. Congressman for the district where I live. He says, "All we need to do with nuclear waste is dilute it to a low radiation level and sprinkle it over the ocean — or even over America. And if we could use it to enhance our own drinking water here in Oregon.. Alas, this would be against the law!" Incredibly, he won 60% of the county vote. Thankfully, he lost the district vote to the incumbent congressman. Anyways, he got his wish.

  • You want to know why they never seem to be able to do anything? Check out the video below. Satanic dooky boys murdering the world…

  • Papa bear

    Large water plume to arrive. I think this is on topic. I had two dreams in the late eighties.Never forgot them in detail. First dream. I was floating in the air above Saint Judes hospital where i was born in Fullerton Calif.Its on a hill, from that point you can see out to the ocean. It was midday,clear and sunny. Looking out to the ocean i saw the fog start to roll in and creep across the flatlands as it does.As it started to come up the hill, it got thicker.I could see faces in the mist thousands,millions of them all the same.They wre round gray faces with black caps,large round wire frame glasses,slits for eyes and mouth.They looked animated,cartoon like,almost funny. As they got closer to me I became afraid.It turned into a nightmare.In terror I flew to the east but it was already a dark and starless night. Darkness. Only now do I understand.

  • FXofTruth

    What's to test?
    Even the bureaucrats know it's getting bad.
    Their view is why tell people how bad it is…they'll find out soon enough and they don't risk their cushy job!

  • Papa bear

    Second dream. I was standing on the cliff at pelican point,new port coast.Newport Calif. Overcast skies,I look down on the beach and saw that the tide was super low, hundred yards or so. Looking out across the wet sand and rocks to the water I saw a group of wild pigs out of the west running across the water then the sand, straight at me but in zig zag fashion back and forth but still coming at me.As they got closer I could see they were black and gray maybe 14 or 15 of them,no time to count them.Suddenly out from the east came 7 or 8 white horse's. They came in between me and the pigs and turned then around and chased them out across the water.They vanished behind a hundred foot or more tidal wave.I saw it peaking dark green,black,glassy,ominous,forboding. I said tidal wave RUN east high ground. I turned and started to run,three steps I was in the air flying slowly upward, speaking another language,I was still myself but I was greater then Iam now.Looking up I could see the light throught the clouds.

  • Papa bear

    One dream down one to go. All you good people look up. There is still hope. I shared this to comfort you. Bless all the children their angels behold the face of the Father. All their name written in heaven forever. God BLESS all the innocent children.

  • RobertC

    One of the methods that the US Navy uses to detect atomic submarines in searching for the radioactive trail they leave behind them. This is done either by aircraft or satellites. Therefore, they probably know where it the radioactive plume from Fukushima is and how radioactive it is. However, they are not telling. Furthermore, even if they did, there is no guarantee that the information would not be spun into propaganda, nor believed by the public.

  • pkjn

    Fukushima radiation reaches Pacific Coast: gov't does nothing to monitor air, food and water – California residents
    22 January 2014 Voice of Russia

    There are indicators that the radiation is reaching California.
    The Japanese government admitted in July 2013 that more radioactive water has been coursing into the Pacific Ocean than the Japanese government first had reported.

    There are signs of radioactivity in California fish. Starfish, Pacific bluefin tunas, sea lions, whales, dolphins, anchovies, and other marine animals either haves radioactive elements from the Fukushima plant, or diseases caused by radiation.

    It took almost 3 years for the radioactive waters to reach the Pacific Ocean.
    The effects of Fukushima will be increasing as the front edge of a large water plume coming from the Fukushima plant will reach California soon and increase over the years.