‘Severe spike’ in radiation around No. 2 spent fuel pool — Japan officials say damage to spent fuel rods ‘could not be ruled out’

Published: April 18th, 2011 at 11:02 am ET


Radiation near Japan reactors too high for workers, Associated Press, April 18, 2011:

A pair of thin robots on treads sent to explore buildings inside Japan’s crippled nuclear reactor came back Monday with disheartening news: Radiation levels are far too high for repair crews to go inside. …

Officials said Monday that radiation had spiked in a water tank in Unit 2 and contaminated water was discovered in other areas of the plant, underscoring the growing list of challenges facing TEPCO in cleaning up and containing the radiation. They also described in more detail the damage to fuel in three troubled reactors, saying pellets had melted. …

Separately, readings from a water tank attached to the spent fuel pool in Unit 2 showed a severe spike in radiation that NISA officials said might have been caused by the escape of radioactive vapor from a nearby containment vessel. They said, however, the possibility of damage to spent fuel rods could not be ruled out. …

A pool of stagnant radioactive water was also discovered in the basement of Unit 4. …

Read the report here.

Published: April 18th, 2011 at 11:02 am ET


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7 comments to ‘Severe spike’ in radiation around No. 2 spent fuel pool — Japan officials say damage to spent fuel rods ‘could not be ruled out’

  • Kevin

    The EPA’s actions, or should I say, the lack thereof, border on criminal. They are intentionally WITHHOLDING information. You all know damned good and well that the Federal Government has been, and continues, to monitor EVERY square mile of ocean, air, and land between Japan and the East Coast. I have come across TWO dispersion models for the same date. One is for the public, one is for the ‘elite’. I don’t want chance putting the actual address here, only to have the entire post thrown out because so. Please go to youtube and look up the channel ‘dutchsinse’. He has found the actual backdoor files of one of the PhD’s that are running these dispersion models you see on the net.

    God help us all………

  • Kevin

    Dog gone it. I forgot to make my point about the dispersion models. The model put out for public consumption shows only a mere spattering of Cesium. The personal one for this doctor, show a cloud on the same level as the Xenon Gas, which is covering the entire USA.

    Stay well people.

  • Kevin

    I’ll go ahead and take a chance with the link, just to save you time.


  • xdrfox

    We all need to read between the lines, Just as NO news coverage of !

    Ask a neighbor that has been on with their normal life about the Japan accident ???

    Why wasn’t the 200,000 people, US Military and their families reported on the news when it happened in the first week when they were evacuated ?

  • More radiation… Japan, please use other methods of providing the people with their electricity… that is, if you don’t sink into the ocean first.

  • Jack

    Wow Kevin,
    Whatta TRIPP if they pull a HAARP-fired New Madrid Quake
    Tomorrow!! Wow!!
    The End of the USA Fantasy Game.

  • I don’t think it was a “spike”. I don’t think they ever measured the radiation of the pool water before.