AP: Sharp rise in radioactivity levels signal possibility of new leaks

Published: April 16th, 2011 at 1:19 pm ET


Radioactivity rises in sea off Japan nuclear plant, Associated Press, April 16, 2011:

Levels of radioactivity have risen sharply in seawater near a tsunami-crippled nuclear plant in northern Japan, signaling the possibility of new leaks at the facility, the government said Saturday. …

The new rise in radioactivity could have been caused by the installation Friday of steel panels intended to contain radiation that may have temporarily stirred up stagnant waste in the area, Hidehiko Nishiyama of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency told reporters. However, the increase in iodine-131, which has a relatively short eight-day half life, could signal the possibility of a new leak, he said. …

Read the report here.

Published: April 16th, 2011 at 1:19 pm ET


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25 comments to AP: Sharp rise in radioactivity levels signal possibility of new leaks

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I’m not surprised..Levels will keep rising until it’s under control and all of them are put out.

  • 67Mopar

    Will someone please “nuke” the site, and lets end this with one fell swoop!

    I believe Thorium can “consume” the radioactive contamination?

  • No Mopar They are a little busy right now over throwing a Country that was a real threat to the world. Oh and AMERICAN IDOL IS ON TV The best 2 hours you can spend on your future.
    You better get the word out on the new data. Blow your mind stuff.
    Please enjoy! http://www.thesandmanproject.com/radioactive.htm

    The top video will BLOW YOUR MIND! I learned TONS!

    • Anna

      I watched it. It makes total sense. I did not know there were so many HAARPs around the world (10 of them).

      Did anyone follow the floods in Australia? That was really weird to have so much rain there. And where did it rain? On their agricultural area that feeds the country (just like wiping out our fruit/veggie basket of NorthAmerica-CA, Mexico,west coast of Canada with Fuk. fallout). I read insurance companies found a loop hole and people and farmers are going or have gone bust. That leaves the land up for sale for cheap. In swoops the banks. They get cheap land and start farming it and selling the food to the population. A great way to make money. I wonder if they have GM food in Australia. If not, they probably will soon and then they will have more infertility which in the long run leaves more land for the creeps running this whole sick operation.

      So, back to the video- I see that I have lived in high radioactive fallout areas my whole life. Add to that-living in Chernobyl fallout for 10 years. I played in radioactive dirt, drank radioactive water, soaked in tubs of it for years (in Nevada 1965-68.) and I am still standing. Maybe that will make some people feel some hope.

      • xdrfox

        And there fishing has been affected as well, lots of dead Whale, turtles beaching !
        Keep having fish kills.

      • Esrin

        Yes, we were pretty well contaminated before Fukushima even happened.
        Check out this video of all nuclear testing worldwide since 1945.
        Maybe it will further help to put things in perspective.

        • Anna

          That was a very informative video. I had no idea that there had been 2,053 nukes blown up since 1945-1998. Tons of them in the southwest of the USA. I am surprised I am so healthy. My whole family is and we were right in the middle of it for years. Never took any precautions. Never took potassium iodide.
          Gives me some hope we can survive this new situation. My heart goes out to the Japanese people.

  • Discordian

    I am certain that I saw an article here on Thursday which said something like TEPCO admits to open-air fission in one of the reactors. What happened to that? Or was it merely my imagination?

    • Northern Exposure

      It was your imagination… it was just a dream… it wasn’t real… you’ve nothing to worry about… now go back to sleep, little one.

      • Discordian

        Thanks, Northern Exposure! What a relief. For a minute there I feared that the Fukushima problem was an uncontrollable catastrophe and danger to life on the planet! Now I can worry about Truly Meaningful Issues, such as who will win the election in 2012.

  • Noah

    Breaking News
    Little Boy arrested
    for threatening Emporer

    While the whole of Rome was being covered in fallout, the Emperor, who had recently purchased new clothes, walked about the city. Not wanting to insult the emperor, those who saw him complemented his good taste and the fashion of his splendid outfit. A little boy looking on at his hand held radiation monitor said, “mommy look!, my detector is showing radiation in the water and food, and the top of my head too!” “No.” replied the mother to her son, “those are safe levels”. “Levels we see everyday in bananas we eat.” “Oh” said the little boy, as he checked that battery level of his detector. As the Emperor passed by the little boy blurted out. “Hey! that guy is NAKED!” “No” said the boy’s mother, “people born in Hawaii were originally like that, naked”. “Oh” said the little boy. “I thought people from Africa were naked too”, replied the little boy.

  • Esrin

    “CRIIRAD Reiterates its call for mobilization worldwide to make available to the public all the analysis results of the CTBTO. These states that are opposed to this must be identified. It is, for instance, the case of France. Each citizen must know the identity of those who are blocking the vital information on the radioactive level of the air we are breathing.”
    “The CRIIRAD has launched on March 23rd an international call in order to have the analyze results on the radioactivity of the air made available to the public. This call concerned most specifically the data from the international network set within the scope of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization network (TICE or CTBT).”

    Here’s the site that the animated map of radiation detectors from international monitoring stations comes from:

    The page is in German. This is it translated into English:

    • xdrfox

      Here is the direct link animated map, will fill your page/can see well!
      Give time to load !

      The next scheduled update is carried out on Monday, the 18.04.2011.


      Figure 3: The animated map shows the Radioaktivitätsmessnetz of the CTBTO and the timing for the first weeks after the event in Japan, in which artificial radionuclides from Fukushima were detected at the stations.
      Stations, which at the time, artificial radionuclides were detected, marked with a yellow point or by a yellow square in the detection of radioactive Xenon. A subsequent waste of radioactivity concentration of this station below the detection limit is marked by a green coloring.

  • NOAH why didnt you fish for food Oh yeah you only had 2 worms!!!!:)

  • Jack

    History shows
    Again and again
    How Nature Dee stroys
    the Folly of maaaan…
    Oh No
    There goes ToKyo
    Go Go GodZillah…

  • As a former receiver of chemo/radiation treatments in 2008, I was linked to a website by typing in google search words: how to rid radiation from the human body and site address: http://www.symptomsofradiationpoisoning.com
    I was leery of plunking money for a method claiming to get rid of radiation from our bodies. I purchased the e-book and followed the instructions and after a short period of time I felt a relief through my body like a dullness to my nervous system was removed I don’t know how it works. The author claims it will remove effects of low to moderate levels of radiation from the body.
    Can someone get back to me about this or check out the website. The website seems very well done.

  • Astarte

    The government, ours, theirs , the epa, fda are all lying sacks of shit.Between the Haarps, chemtrails and nuclear pollution, nothing is safe anymore. Cs 137 has a half-life of 29 years, U 235 has a half life of 4500000000 years and milk whether contaminated or not is harmful to your health. The morons who advocate nuclear energy should have the spent fuel rods from fukushima shoved up their asses. Look at sites such as educate-yourself.org and weep for what governments and industry has done to our atmosphere.When will we get mad a hell and say we are not going to take it anymore??????

    • Anna

      Good question. I think too many have partaken of the fluoridated Kool Aid water that dulls the mind. Also, strontium, that is in the chemtrails cocktail, has an affinity for calcium, even the calcium at the neuro-synapses and can promote a mood of apathy. Aluminum dulls the brain and as you know causes forgetfulness. Between these 3 ingredients it looks like they have dumbed down most of America. Throw in Dancing With the Stars and the controlled flow of information and a choke hold on the news reporting and it is the perfect storm for annihilation.

      If this weather/elements control is really all about land grabbing then why wouldn’t, let’s say, Russia do a massive operation to wipe out the other 7-9 Haarps owned by the Brits and the USA?

  • Lisa

    If you guys lived in Seattle, would you refrain from going for long walks outside on a sunny day… I’ve avoided my usual walks for the past 5 days after being in NW Louisiana for 3 weeks where i walked everyday, yes, even w/Corexit in the air…at least it is not Cesium or radioactive iodine or XE whatever or Uranium…what would you do? thanks.

    • dan

      I would limit my exposure until I could learn more. I’m assuming there’s at least minute amounts of fallout just about everywhere in the country. The iodine has a short half-life, so it’ll eventually go away. But some of the others will just keep accumulating. I know it’s supposed to be worse when it’s raining. But how long does it linger, after it rains? I wish I knew more, but I have the same questions you have.

      • Anna

        Radioactivity will stay longer on hard surfaces like roads and sidewalks. It sinks quicker into dirt/sand. I learned that from living in Chernobyl fallout and from the German radiation testing results.

        I have started working-out inside and take Vit D because they chemtrail the shit out of where I live. All of those people out running/riding bikes and walking their dogs are going to be sucking in more aluminum/barium/strontium/radioactivity than those inside. Dogs will be getting direct contact on their little feet to radioactivity. I would, at least, wash their feet off with RO or distilled water before coming inside.

        If they could cap Fuk. to stop the fallout and if we could get some good rain that washed the roads and everything I would feel like walking outside again. Oh, except for on heavy chemtrail days.

        Today is garbage day and it is dumping snow outside. I will not take the garbage out. It will have to wait for another week.