CNN to air nuclear power propaganda: “Irrational fears” — “Systematically debunks the myths and misinformation”

Published: April 30th, 2013 at 1:43 pm ET


Title: CNN Films Announces Acquisition of ‘Pandora’s Promise’ for Fall 2013 Broadcast
Source: CNN
Date: April 30th, 2013

CNN Films has acquired the domestic television rights for PANDORA’S PROMISE […] The film will premiere on CNN/U.S. in November 2013 […]

The atomic bomb and accidents at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima bring to mind apocalyptic disasters, but the science and experience since suggest that long-held fears about nuclear power may be wrong. […] PANDORA’S PROMISE examines how irrational fears of “nukes” may have extended the era of fossil fuels […]

“PANDORA’S PROMISE should inspire broad discussion on the fundamental issues of economic and social disparities and environmental risks,” said Amy Entelis, senior vice president for talent and content development for CNN Worldwide. […]

“He reports the history and how we got here, spotlights the challenges, and systematically debunks the myths and misinformation that have so clouded this essential debate – before this important film,” Malhotra said.

Undaunted and independent, PANDORA’S PROMISE is a groundbreaking work that is forever changing the conversation about the myths and science behind the deeply emotional and polarizing issue of nuclear power. […]

See also: [intlink id=”memories-daily-show-going-nuclear-nuclear-industry-will-show-starting-today-advertising-campaign-showing-value-atomic-power-trying-target-younger-audience-bloomberg” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: April 30th, 2013 at 1:43 pm ET


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115 comments to CNN to air nuclear power propaganda: “Irrational fears” — “Systematically debunks the myths and misinformation”

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    LOL.. dropped the cable propaganda machine years ago.. No CNN to lie to me 🙂

    • Fred

      There's more propaganda on US cable TV than Aljazeera, RT and Iran's Press TV combined! Journalism is dead. Dr Goebbels would be very proud of them.

  • m a x l i

    "irrational fears of “nukes” may have extended the era of fossil fuels"

    Nuclear delivers 2 (yes, two) percent of the worlds energy needs – just enough to serve the nuclear weapons desires of a few countries' "leaders", is stagnating or shrinking since decades and has no potential for growth for several reasons. Renewables are slightly higher and rapidly growing, while the vast majority of our energy still comes from fossil fuels. To say the 2% would have made a big dent into the 90+x% usage of fossil fuels is a megalomaniac assumption.

    • m a x l i

      A part of that fossil fuels we are "consuming" is needed for uranium mining, uranium processing, reprocessing, nuclear-industry transports, nuclear waste storage – which has not even properly started yet.

  • weeman

    This is good let them lay their cards on the table, now is the chance to trump them, prove there lies and deception, now is your time to step to the plate, so sharpen your pencil and be prepared.
    As a collective you will have more of a chance, there is some very sharp people on this site.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      weeman, what does it matter what you say in retort, debunking the debunkers? You go against the peculiar herd mentality, the zeitgeist that is so firmly in place that truth is met with derision and falsehood is met with cheers and beers. Truthers mouths might as well be choked with radioactive dust

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Only until the rad sickness numbers are too great to ignore, and everyone will see how great the lies have been from their masters.

        Besides, CNN isn't the powerhouse it used to be. Only a few liberals watch it, along with MSNBC, and the liberals aren't inclined to believe anything positive about nuclear power. Time slots on CNN are open to the highest bidder. Actual journalism went out the window years ago. Even Hillary suggests getting your news from Al Jazeera.

        The dam is cracking, and soon there will be no going back. The politicians all know it, and they're trying to position themselves as best they can. This is going to be monumental.

        • mairs mairs

          Liberals call CNN Fox Lite.

          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            CNN failing a year ago:


            CNN Ratings Drop to Lowest Numbers in More Than 10 Years


            And one year later, from 2/27/13:

            "Fox News Network won the month with more than 1 million daily viewers, more than MSNBC and CNN combined."

            "…the network has seen a 10 percent decline in total daytime viewers and a whopping 18 percent drop in nighttime viewers from one year ago."


            CNN is on the way out.

            • PavewayIII PavewayIII

              I think all of cable NEWS is on the way out. Here's the daily averages during 'manhunt' week:

              Fox News – 1.7 million viewers
              Nickelodeon – 1.6 million, cartoons and kid's stuff
              CNN – 1.3 million Ouch!
              Adult Swim – 1.2 million, older-kid cartoons
              USA – 1.2 million, old-school

              The surprising thing to me isn't the pecking order, but the shrinking cable audience for news. Barely four million average daily viewers. Cartoons and music channels easily match that.

              315M Americans and 1.5% even bother to watch any cable news, even during circus week when 9000 law enforcement personnel were chasing a teenage terrorist around Boston.

              Geeze… Rough crowd.

        • "Only until the rad sickness numbers are too great to ignore,…" – Time Is Short

          IMO – The numbers are and have been 'too great' for a long time.

          We the people, are dieing of illnesses NOW that 'should not be' or 'would not be' if it weren't for our own contamination.

          We have been programmed and will continue to be programmed that it's acceptable to die of these 'man-caused' illnesses in the name of progress.

          Starting with fallout from bomb testing. Continuing to combine with toxic contamination of all kinds over the last 70 years.

          What is your LOC-DIL today…?

      • weeman

        With that kind of thinking we would still be ruled by kings and queens, it took thousands of years to dispose of them we have only begun and I don't expect to see the fruits of my labour, but I will lay the seeds.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          weeman, thats nice, but those future generations will all have down syndrome, autism, co morbid symptoms with society ruled by the functioning aspergers and none will live more than 40 yrs old. We lost. I think a better approach to assuring info for future generations would be to inscribe basic survival pointers on a stone monolith, because electronic media will cease; too complicated. Or just maybe robotics will advance enough to self replicate and care for the worlds retarded.

          • We Not They Finally

            CodeShutdown, you just said all that to cheer us up, right?

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Chernobyl gives us some idea of the future of the northern hemisphere. Neonatal morbidity increase of 4 to 13 fold, endocrine pathology increased 10 fold. 40% have enlarged thyroid. 2,400 percent increase in the incidence of thyroid cancer. life expectancy reduced 10 years. An increase in every disease from tooth decay to schizophrenia. Here come the shrunken heads, or the multiple ones. No money to care for them. Surgeries done without anesthetic. The nightmare of nuclear, promoted by idiots and charlatans, payed for by us, the public. Public ENABLES psychopaths. Wont change before the apocalypse. With over 400 of these mutual assured destruction machines around the earth, our future is certain.


    • We Not They Finally

      And what happens when no such people are given microphones?

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    so far the criminal set have WON with their propaganda, their other weapons, pushing poison, raping and pillaging, all on OUR money. They have won and the world has lost. Why do they even bother with the propaganda anymore, the people are more powerless than mice. The public; what a LET DOWN. My own relatives will buy the CNN "groundbreaking, undaunted, independent Pandoras Box", and there is nothing I can do about it. How to sum it up in two words?; projectile vomit!

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    We Not They Finally, Did I call that or what? Here is the other side so the two political parties can entertain their masses.

    I can hear it now, the lights go dim and the arena quiets . . .

    In the RED corner, weighing in at 110 lbs, fighting for the balanced truth and the american way, FOX NEWS!

    Booo, go back to your farm and hug your bible while you cuddle your assault rifles! Booo!

    And in the blue corner tonight, weighing in at 265 lbs, the current heavyweight title holder, fighting for the world's glowing record of nuclear safety and the banker status quo, CNN!

    Yeea, yay wohooo!

    Ding ding ding.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Let'em bring it.
    Those in the know..will not be swayed by anything CNN..has to say.
    To that end..they are preaching to their own congregation..alone.

    It is no secret that CNN is a front for the CIA.


    When their pale journalistic ears heard the word of truth..they chose their comfortable offices..and funding from their government handlers/sugardaddies.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Helen Caldicott is the source on radiation. She has the expertise and the data. And the will to speak the truth. Ignore the regular news if you care for your family and loved ones, and want to survive.

      • We Not They Finally

        We (husband and I) totally trust her too. She did say recently that she does not know that the pushback is making a difference given the odds, but that's just realism. She's a fabulously committed person who doesn't give up. Kudos to her always.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    What?..another 'song and dance' the NRC Congressional hearings..concerning Fukushima?

  • Sickputer

    Robert Stone commentary about his new pro-nuke documentary Pandora’s Promise:

    “If there was a single AH HAH moment it was when I was granted entry into a room in France (the size of a basketball court) where all the waste from powering 80% of the country for 30 years is stored: four cylindrical tubes 10 meters long and 1 meter wide are all that’s left from powering the city of Paris for 30 years with clean nuclear energy!”

    SP: Kind of reminds me of the famous Reagan quote from 1980: “All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk.” Ronald Reagan (Republican candidate for president), quoted in the Burlington (Vermont) Free Press, February 15, 1980.

    Let’s examine the truth or untruth of such statements as Stone and Reagan. Can waste from a year or 30 years of spent fuel rods be compressed into such a space? We’re talking tons of material…and millions of gallons of contaminated water. So how does someone flippantly make such a statement?

    Because they are omitting a few details. Like the toxic low level waste water which pours out into the English Channel from Areva’s Normandy disposal unit. Nice touch there with the underwater pipeline for 5,000 meters into the Channel. Leukemia rates are soaring among the poor Dutch.

    Gee…I think even Forbes printed something to that effect. *;-)

    • Sickputer

      So we are to believe this filmmaker’s propaganda that fuel reprocessors which work so poorly (look at Monju in Japan and the horrible track record of the French nucleocrats) can compact those thousands of tons of uranium waste into a tidy little package for our filmmaker? And yes Pandora’s Promise is a propaganda film and admitted as such by Stone:

      “All documentaries are propaganda to one degree or another in that they express a point of view”.

      An interesting former classified nuclear industry document I happened to find from 1984 ddresses the reprocessor topic:

      Take a look at pages 15 and 16 about the French comments on nuclear proliferation and their efforts to get plutonium to the Japanese nuclear industry. Very topical considering the MOX fuel at Unit 3 blowing up and contaminating all of central Japan (and 6,000 troops on board the USS Ronald Reagan).

      But I digress a bit…how about Mr. Stone and his sudden 180 degree flip from environmentalism to nuclear proponent? What happened there?

      I am not going to be as naïve to think he didn’t get remuneration from SOMEBODY for his filmmaking skills. He makes documentaries mainly and his 2009 film Earth Days cost $1.2 million to produce and made a whopping $23,000 at the box office. Then it was picked up by PBS which also took his next film in 2009-2010 (The Civilian Conservation Corps).

      • Sickputer

        Now the real mystery as noted earlier is who funded Pandora’s Promise? Yes, I am sure there were many small contributors, but who gave the lion’s share? I am not going to name any person or organization, but we would assume it wasn’t a neutral party. If they were neutral we would have the open list of the top ten contributors.

        The film was essentially produced, directed, and filmed by five people (Stone and four others) with a cast of a handful of relative unknown PR folks and professional documentary workers including two fairly famous Neo-environmentalists in Michael Shellenberger and Stewart Brand.

        Oh, but wait…Wikipedia is considering deleting the entry for Neo-environmentalism (defined as “a term that has emerged to describe an environmentalist view that is optimistic that technology and the capitalistic business model can resolve the ecological crisis that faces the Earth”).

        Are the natives getting restless at Wikipedia? Or maybe there is a pushback against the perceived liberal slant of the hot topic entries.

        Rest assured I hold no brief for the accuracy of any entry at Wikipedia…even if I formerly helped write some of it. Because some wingnut usually comes behind intellectual edits and blows them to pieces. It is a quick free “resource”, but not one to bet the family farm on that is for sure.

    • m a x l i

      Sickputer said: >>>Kind of reminds me of the famous Reagan quote from 1980: “All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk.”<<<

      m a x l i says: Have a look at this:
      Click at the picture to enlarge and click repeatedly to see more pictures! Pay attention to picture No. 2! What you see is part of the nuclear waste of 1 nuclear power plant of 2 years.

      Mr. Reagan must have had a rather big desk in mind.

      • We Not They Finally

        Reagan also got his start as a front-man for GE. Remember The General Electric Theatre? But everything he ever proposed got cosmetically re-named — like a make-up job on a movie set. Remember "Star Wars"? How do you think we got to HAARP?

    • We Not They Finally

      YES. The U.N. by international treaty finally outlawed dumping radioactive waste at sea from off of ships. But Areva dumps straight into the English Channel. There is an EXCELLENT YouTube called "Secret Nuclear Waste: The Dark Side of Humanity." It uncovers where all the bad stuff is dumped worldwide (cluding Areva). This world is quite a huge land mass to wipe out, with thousands of species of plants, animals, and of course there are the (notorious) humans. But apparently it is DOABLE. Wiping everything out is DOABLE. Unimagineable, but still doable….

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The alternative media has grown..

    Anderson Cooper, CIA Operative?
    Sept.8 2013

    Did the get a little ratings boost from covering another false?
    Have a little chuckle with the Prez?

    • KDM KDM

      Speaking of Anderson Cooper, feel free to correct me or add to, I recall watching news coverage when the nuclear disasters were unfolding. He was reporting from Japan while one of the reactors blew. He asked the reporter in the studio about the explosion/ radiation. The look on the mans face in the studio said it all. But out of his crackling voice he said "there's no danger".

  • razzz razzz

    Just rerun 'Our Friend The Atom' 1957 produced by Walt Disney, "Disneyland" Our Friend the Atom (original title). Complete with cartoons characters with animation, foreign accented scientist and an appearance from Walt himself. Youtube has it.

    Taxpayer funded agendas (aka Socialism) are not based on being cost effective or the projects would fail on their own merits. Mainly military supported with killing people only considered collateral damage either directly or indirectly.

    Luckily, not many watch CNN – Communist News Network any longer but you can see the rats are scared needing to reintroduce nuclear power to a gullible public.

    There will be no mention of the rise in cancer rates or background radiation levels. Costs won't include cleanup and long term nuke waste storage.


      sooo right razzz. I'm reminded of the statement "Capitalism for the workers. Socialism for the rich.", from back in the day of the banker bailouts.

      Doubtless, they got a CNN 'prime time' slot, in exchange for a box of store-bought chocolate-covered donuts and some Micky-D lattes…SWEET!!!

    • We Not They Finally

      I haven't a clue why you mindlessly throw "socialism" into this. It's mindless. We actually need more CONSTRUCTIVE collective social concerns. Socialism isn't the bogeyman — it's fascism. But people get too easily confused. Then they think, in time of crisis go grab your gun, don't go help your neighbor! That would be "socialism"! Maybe you meant no harm personally, but this country is now full of lunatic me-firsters like we have never seen before.

      • razzz razzz

        We Not They Finally: I think you have a foundational flaw and like some Fukushima units, a big crack exists in the foundation.

        • We Not They Finally

          You don't even KNOW me. That's just rude and uncalled for.

          • razzz razzz

            Let's just say the nuclear industry doesn't operate under a free market system, anywhere in the world.

            • We Not They Finally

              No, it doesn't. Nor does the stock market for that matter! But we are all better off giving people facts, not ideologies. This world is way too addicted to slogans and bogeymans. Any human concern is a GOOD concern.

              • razzz razzz

                Tell us what it is called when governments take taxpayer money and spend that money on nuclear power generation subsidies.

                Should you be more scared of nuclear power or how nuclear power comes into being?


                  what I find entertaining razzz, is how someone could extol the virtues of socialism, while decrying Fascism. Apparently, they don't know…National Socialist were…FASCISTS!!!

                  It might be appropriate here, to call the reader's attention to how the United States government sprinkles fascist symbols throughout its domain.

                  see "Fasces in the United States" subheading in the following:

                  For an intelligent treatment of Fascism, see:

                  Moving on to these endless attempts to undermine self-determinism and the right of the citizenry to bear arms. Such agenda reveals a deep-seated distrust of the common people; those same people, they'd claim concern for.

                  Using Fukushima as one example of abuse of power, I continue to ask, "…do you trust government more than your fellow citizen?"


                  • razzz razzz

                    AFTERSHOCK: That is the way I am seeing it but fascism is a higher form of socialism usually led by an overbearing race or favoring a race.

                    There are many other forms of socialism but they all take other people's money for the good of the state, whatever the goal or cause.

                    Then there is oligarchy and all kinds of variations. With profits privatized and losses socialized, this is a hybrid form of socialism intermixed with capitalism leaning towards outright theft.

                    In the end they all fail. And I wouldn't bother to make the point but the root cause is the most important. For without changing the basis of the cause, nothing will change (think Congress).

                    • We Not They Finally

                      Razzz, we are a husband and wife team. The person you attacked is my wife. I'm also unhappy the way you comport yourself. We have been heartsick since 3-11, and researched everything we could. And you go calling my wife "the cracks in the foundation of Fukushima"? Can you figure out how to act civilized before you do anything like that ever again?

                  • We Not They Finally

                    And all human systems have been corrupted. "National Socialism" was no more socialism any more than Shinzo Abe's "Liberal Democrat Party" is either liberal or democratic. People need to know what things ARE, not what proponents SAY they are. Example: Go look at the trailer of "Pandora's Promise" on line. At the end. There is Stewart Brand saying (paraphrase), "How can you be an environmentalist and be pro-nuclear? But I'm saying that GIVEN CLIMATE CHANGE, how can you be an environmentalist and NOT be pro-nuclear?" In between, there is lots of crap about "the gap between fossil fuels and renewables is too great" — totally ignoring sunshine and wind, much less that maybe plutonium is just SLIGHTY more toxic than carbon?? Yet these people portray themselves as ENVIRONMENTALISTS. And YES, that's akin to equating collective social concerns with "the state." It's not the same at all!! It just gets people indifferent to building schools and maintaining roads and bridges, and suddenly it's fine to fire policemen and firemen, and if we all just have our own personal arsenal of guns…. Don't get indifferent to human beings just because you've bought into propagandistic labels. And please, do NOT go calling ME "the cracks in the foundations of Fukushima." That to "razz." That's outlandish. You shouldn't be posting at all if you do that to people. That's sick.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      then, from you own observations WNTF, would you agree that people purposely misconstrue concepts, to fit their ideological agenda? If such is the case (and you just pointed to an example of such spin), how are we – the people – to blithely trust in a collectivist agenda? Would not self-determinism be the far-more benign path for humans? Nature seems to think so and that system has been flawlessly operating throughout the entire universe. True, there are successful forms of collectivism within nature (Hymenoptera being the most obvious), there are equally impressive examples of individuated life forms.

                      Quicky shift in focus: on several occasions, you've ignored responses to posts that you specifically directed to me. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and deem such to having been an oversight on your part. But regardless why, ignoring the responses of others is considered a breach of posting etiquette. So, if you're genuinely interested in exploring issues, please make a point of showing others the attendant-respect that you'd expect from them…

                    • razzz razzz

                      We Not They Finally: Two authors under one name sure explains the incoherent postings.

                      Try not to hide behind your wife's skirt when backed into a corner, it is embarrassing.

                      Can either of you agree on what type of government the Japanese practice to allow the nuclear industry there to exist?

                      Never mind, I can't be bothered with playing who's who.

  • Never mind CNN.. Find the truth amongst the blogging community.. save yourselves with knowledge imo

    Shocking findings on effects of MOX processes on miscarriage and respiratory illness in the UK

    29 April 2013

    Published by

    By Arclight2011

    In this article I realise that I am touching on a sensitive subject and one that has impacted many. I hope to treat this subject with a respectful degree of gravitas. But I have some points to note.

    “In women lead poisoning can cause stillbirth, miscarriage, premature birth and foetal development problems”

    better than CNN – many bloggers work…

  • goebbels and the nuclear industry discussing how to pull the wool over peoples eyes.. imo

    "…Japanese government, and the company in charge of the crippled nuclear complex, are struggling with their risk and crisis communications, and their missteps are fueling mistrust
    and anger, which magnifies fear and stress, which may do more health damage than the radiation itself. The nuclear industry has done a great communications job in getting its messages across to decision makers over the last decade
    (Dewhurst, 2011)
    . But in the wake of the Fukushima disaster and in the midst of a global recession, the industry has to be more proactive in stating its case in the years ahead. A sustained, proactive communication campaign must remain at the forefront of the industry’s mind if The world is to meet its risingdemand for secure and clean energy……"

    "..But we cannot provide all details to the journalists. Lot of technicalities, secrets is also in
    these issues. Many journalists cannot understand the subject even we explained to them.
    There are no special correspondents for dealing this type of science and technology news…"

    And in the references i found the link that is bringing people to :0

    Moore, P. (2009).
    Media Coverage that Doesn't Disclose Moore's Nuclear Consultancy
    Source Watch, ,

    nice to be qouted 🙂

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    CIA Fundings and Manipulation of the US News Media CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, FOX

    March 1 2013

    Old news footage..
    The CIA..doesn't get it..GAME OVER.
    CIA..another antiquated organization…whose goals and ethics contrary to the wishes of the new consciousness.
    Yep..old school.

    Generations of my family..will be affected by the effects of radiation from Fukushima.
    My family..their families.

    What will they say to their grandchildren?
    The greatest challenge before Mankind has occurred…and they are busy playing Spy v. Spy.

  • ermm! just posted this on the comments.. checking the time… how long will it last.. what will be the replies.. how quick will the replies come in?? we shall see!

    "….This could be a good candidate for debunking.. you can even use the ICRP dose model on it.. and hopefully proove me wrong.. great to see the word debate being used again.. keep up the great work guys.. we need truth! ……"


  • i hope cnn dont see the imperial university london article i posted here!! :0 nahh i should be ok!

  • hehe! less than 5 minutes!
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    it was unmoderated when i did the post! 🙂

  • Congratulations, you are now subscribed to the site CNN Press Room ( and will receive an email notification when a new post is made.

    the computer was quicker than the censor methinks?.. an email i got after posting.. automatic..

  • RJ RJ

    CNN was dropped from my cable company in Japan a couple of years ago. Now all we have is BBC, and it's worse. Never watch it unless they have someone interesting on Straight Talk. I was glad to see CNN go as commented to the cable company more than a few times that it's useless. Maybe one million CNN International subscribers and one big contract…WHOOP!…gone. I like it!

  • "…fears about nuclear power may be wrong."
    – from above

    Which means:
    "…fears about nuclear power may be correct."
    – ChasAha 😉

    I don't want to take the RISK for myself or the planet. I didn't get to vote on this issue. It's really not fair!!!

    Fukushima is proving the point of global destruction daily with no end in sight and with FAR WORSE potential events looming.

    Maybe the Nuclear Industry should hire the Catholic Church to tell people that Nuclear Power is a gift from God. Oh, they've already done that.

    Film: Atomic Energy Can Be A Blessing (1952)
    Father James Keller and actor Fred MacMurray…

    "This film was an introduction to the Catholic civic organization's other atomic-themed films – Atomic Energy As A Force For Good and From Star to Star — which also starred notable celebrities."

    "…a God-given blessing instead of a man-made curse…"

    Now we know, it's man-made crime against ALL living things.
    It was/is all a lie and the majority have fallen for it. 🙁

    • We Not They Finally

      ChasAha, you hit all their buttons. It's Orwellian. Or like tongue-tied GWB once said, "When we say war, we really mean peace." (Yeah, he really said that…)

  • Cisco Cisco

    “Pandora Promise”… Who financed this and how much did it cost?

    To understand Robert Stone’s motives for his new movie/documentary “Pandora’s Promise”, it’s important to know who and what’s behind his thinking, wanting to make a film that promotes nuclear power generation. It seems out of character for Mr. Stone known for his intellectual curiosity, prowess, and previous good works. It’s hard to fathom, but maybe here’s a clue. Maybe it started with, and continues with his friend and resident shill Stewart Brand?

    Stewart Brand, one of the founders of the green movement in the US is an egocentric promoter and visionary of paradigm shifts of some technologies, may be Robert Stone’s inspiration and adoption of Brand’s shift in embracing nuclear power generation. Although Brand is highly regarded as a prophet of future change, he remains a legend in his own mind, too. He’s had some good futuristic predictions and missed a few over the years. He gets some slack, because he’s generally been on the side that values people over the State.

    In any case, the MSM would regard his views and opinions as very credible. Particularly right now with his stranger than fiction thinking that nuclear power is the answer, because that’s what the MSM is corrupted to push. The airing on CNN is a perfect example of fascism and propaganda.


    • Cisco Cisco

      I’m shocked that Brand takes this position. The only thing I can figure is sometimes in life; perfectly sane people lose their minds and exhibit bizarre behavior. This is a symptom of Alzheimer’s, and it metastasizes in insidious degrees.

      In 2008, Robert Stone joined with Stewart Brand when Stone produced his 2009 documentary about the beginning of the green movement, “Earth Days”. Since then it looks like Stone has been mesmerized by Brand’s genius. The tragedy is that Brand has bet on the wrong horse this time as he has erred in the past, and Robert Stone is fully onboard.

      Here’s an example from Stewart Brand’s own words from a 2007 NY Times article, “An Early Environmentalist, Embracing New ‘Heresies’, at, Stewart Brand says, “There were legitimate reasons to worry about nuclear power, but now that we know about the threat of climate change, we have to put the risks in perspective,” he says. “Sure, nuclear waste is a problem, but the great thing about it is you know where it is and you can guard it.“

      Without spending a lot of time on this, Brand’s casual dismissal regarding nuclear waste, “Sure, nuclear waste is a problem, but the great thing about it is you know where it is and you can guard it.” is disingenuous because we don’t know “where it is”, and we don’t “guard it”.


      • Cisco Cisco

        Bullsh#t, it’s a lie. This casual statement is a good example of disinformation because it is designed to imply to the reader/listener…hey, nuclear waste is no problem.

        In Robert Stone’s latest interview at, at around 6:10 minutes into the interview, he talks about how he responds to a questioner about his position on nuclear power. He says when asked the question, he introduces Stewart Brand to explain his (and the film’s position). Stone’s so sold on Brand that it is embarrassing, referring to Brand at one point as the godfather of environmentalism. WTF! Later Stone goes on to discredit Helen Caldicott as an extremist and using the WHO’s data of death and disease on Chernobyl. Watch the interview, it sickening. But, put the movie/documentary on CNN and the dumb folks will buy it and the MSM will herald its “honesty”.

        Robert Stone and Stewart Brand are now joined at the hip, intellectually and possibly financially. Expect to see them regularly on all the “news shows” and any other venues the MSM will be happy to offer, pitching their way to an early retirement I hope.

        As for Stewart Brand who lives on a tugboat in Sausalito, I predict he will die in the next 3 years from being irradiated on the California coast. Maybe then, Robert Stone will see he was mesmerized by a Wizard of Oz. We’ll see how much the MOU and the MSM like nuclear power when real estate prices collapse on the West Coast in the next 2 years.

        • Sickputer

          +311 Good stuff! If only one person knows the truth about a lie…it can be exposed.

          Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
          The Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
          He drink whiskey, Poncho drink the wine
          He drink whiskey, Poncho drink the wine

          We met down on the fort of Rio Grande
          We met down on the fort of Rio Grande
          Eat the salted peanuts out of can
          Eat the salted peanuts out the can

          The outlaws had us pinned down at the fort
          The outlaws had us pinned down at the fort
          Cisco came in blastin', drinkin' port
          Cisco came in blastin', drinkin' port

          They rode the sunset, horse was made of steel
          They rode the sunset, horse was made of steel
          Chased a gringo last night through a field
          Chased a gringo last night through a field

          –War. (SP saw War in concert in 1974)

        • We Not They Finally

          Smearing Helen Caldicott is about as low as one can go….

          • andagi andagi

            Dear We Not They Finally,
            Yup, and what goes around… comes around ;)!
            Folks, keep reading, posting, sharing ENENews! Generating change worldwide, 24/7!

      • We Not They Finally

        Cisco, yes!! This is the thing: Even look at Al Gore, Mr. Green. He says cavalierly, "I assume that they will solve the problem of nuclear waste." It's inane and ignorant, but these people are either not too smart to start with, are wrapped up in their egos and/or they haven't a clue that they have been co-opted by really BAD people. Like (for instance), who in his right mind would say that carbon is more dangerous than, let's say, PLUTONIUM? And (however it happened — I'm not a physicist), the Fukushima disaster apparently blew a huge hole in the Arctic ozone layer!! Yet people were so busy glorifying Al Gore, that they did not even notice that his "proof" in "An Inconvenient Truth" would score a "C-" on a grade school project. His famous graph showing that when the Earth was colder there was less CO2 in the atmosphere, but when it was warmer, there was MORE CO2 in the atmosphere? Just look it up! Warm air absorbs more CO2 than cold air! And say, that was before humans arrived at all! It doesn't mean that warm Earth periods have been CAUSED by CO2! (Not that we want pollution. No one wants less oxygen to breathe.) HAARP alone has cut back the ozone layer which protects us from deadly radiation from the Sun. Yet it's pushed as PROTECTING us from the Sun. But what is to be done with a culture that is so dumbed-down, that people will believe anything and investigate nothing?

      • We Not They Finally

        Maybe if Stewart Brand knows where all the nuclear waste is, he can help TEPCO find the corium from three complete melt-throughs. TEPCO doesn't seem to have a clue. So go, Stewart, go. Don't worry — it will be safe — Japan needs you.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Pandoras promise:

    "If you close my box fast enough,
    the hope remains inside."

    Time to close the box!


  • ftlt

    See the American propagandists Bernays and Lippmann… Goebbels was a Nazi fool and a rank amateur when compared to these slick swell fellas… Google them and read their thoughts on the role of the media, advertising, political propaganda, the truth and the rights of citizens… It is both frightening and arrogant stuff that has been applied unabated on us as a people and the peoples of the world for well over a century…

    On Wiki… No one needs a weatherman to tell them which way the wind is blowing… The scrubbing of Wiki began in earnest after 9/11… Go try and find something you had found on there on a controversial subject – alakazam – poof!!! – it is gone or substantially changed… This is true of the entire internet -but, is somehow more painful to find it done on Wiki IMO…

    The Wiki stuff on anything that can be construed as a "conspiracy theory" is almost always scrubbed…

    **** Remember, the biggest 'conspiracy theory" of all is the use of the label itself..

    Wiki scrubbing on the nuclear issues is at its worst… It is heavily monitored and always massaged in a particular way…Wonder why??

    Methane information has been scrubbed heavily as well by the energy industry hacks recently… Methane half life (an incorrectly applied term) in the atmosphere especially has really been played with lately… Really strange… Why???

  • Myme

    "the science and experience since suggest that long-held fears about nuclear power may be wrong… how irrational fears of “nukes” may have extended the era of fossil fuels…"

    Then, why not support the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea?

    When CNN, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, and all other alarmingly report nuclear experiments in those countries, are you (CNN) exhibiting the same "irrational fears"?

    Dear CNN, you can't have both ways. It's a greedy idiosyncrasy, low quality management decisions, amateurish investigation. That is why you're failing, and that's why viewers are leaving you because we can see how shallow you have become.


      nice turnaround Myme…

    • m a x l i

      You are so right, Myme. One shouldn't measure one country in inches and another in centimetres.

      After similar statements like yours, I've seen the nuke pukes always come to the deliberately twisted conclusion that you WANT Iran and North Korea to have nuclear weapons and therefore you are the enemy. Well, I know who the enemy is.

  • Jebus Jebus

    FTM… It always shows the intent…

    Listed below is the complete list of funders for Pandora’s Promise.
    The funders attest the they have no ties, financial interests or any encumbering involvements with the nuclear industry either here or abroad.

    notice how the middle initial is not given, but you can get there without it.
    muck around with these names, do a web search, follow the funds and foundations.

    I saw Bill & Melissa
    The Acumen Fund
    The Fledgling Fund
    Goldman Sachs
    and many other BIG BUSINESS, 1% elites that stand to lose much, if the nuclear gravy train is derailed.

    You can't tell me that if I dug a little more, that I would not find the radioactive connection.
    The puker blogs are lit up with rave reviews of this stalinist propaganda piece. And I say piece with caution.

    Helen, Arnie, and the rest of you real scientists, that see through the lies, that want to speak the truth, you can't let this go unanswered.

    There has to be a response from the anti-nuke crowd.

    Otherwise, dividing the environmentalists from the anti-nuclear movement will have let the pro-nukers conquer the day…

    • We Not They Finally

      Bill Gates is apparently outright advocating MORE nuclear plants in ways that will benefit him financially. Another benign looking face onto murder.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Well done, Jebus…I'll follow you down the rabbithole after breakfast (can't do that on an empty stomach)! 🙂

  • captndano captndano

    Maybe CNN has some room down in their HQ's basement where they wouldn't mind storing a few thousand gallons of spent nuke puke.

  • ftlt

    CNN was covering the beginning of the 2nd Intifada in a critical way in 2000… Israel complained… Within less than a week, the morning hard news show that had been focusing on it was reduced to a coffee drinking non/soft news Kathy Lee Gifford vapid morning show…

    Corpo-globalist border less control of the media (The Neo-con agenda at play there)… It is no different with nuclear news…

  • We Not They Finally

    "Pandora's Promise" seems to make the mythological Pandora look like a sweetheart. It was apparently all a box of Whitman's chocolates that people mistook for plagues and wars, murder and mayhem. This is beyond outrage.

  • We Not They Finally

    One of the WORST side-aspects of the so-called mainstream environmental movement these days is the propaganda that carbon emissions are the most dangerous deadly toxins on Earth. Who wants pollution? No one, of course. And nuclear is the worst, but what about lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic… (Even shy of the likes of plutonium…)

    Please understand that THE KOCH BROTHERS personally commissioned a study (I think it was out of Berkeley — not sure — someone can check on that) to prove that carbon emissions were the hugest villain of all, edging to get cap-and-trade to their advantage. And some of the most SINISTER people pose as "green." Like John Holdren, Obama's science advisor. He wrote a book decades back advocating EUGENICS to cull the world's population. Then suddenly he shows up as "green" — I mean, so concerned about CARBON that he pushes for chemtrails to rain aluminum and barium all over us from the sky! Supposed to "deflect the Sun's rays."

    But there are A LOT of creepy people who have infiltrated the green movement to do bad things. Even Al Gore himself, Mr. Green — he says that "I assume that they will solve the problem of nuclear waste." No, Mr. Gore, "they" won't! And how many millions have to die before reality dawns?

  • We Not They Finally

    If nuclear energy is so safe and no should be afraid of it, then how come NO INSURANCE COMPANY WILL INSURE IT??? The money comes from taxpayers — forced to fund our own demise. Or as someone recently put it "random compulsory non-consentual deaths."

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Exactly! That's what the sheeple still don't understand: the price for nuclear electricity is not to be found on the bill – but on the tax sheet.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      The price for nuclear is our total commodity aka cattle value aka what we can pay + our lives , but we are lucky , it stops there sarc off …:(

  • 10 hours later and the comment is still placed in moderation…
    and there are NO comments at all!?? for the record..

    stones gone to the dark side.. they need censorship to have their "debate"
    therefore they fear "a lively discussion" concerning nuclear..

    i refer you to the "how to make nuclear cool" article i posted above..

    preliminary evidence of ionising radiation causing miscarriage, stillbirth and respitory illnnes.. the video only got 10 views
    and the video only got 10 views extra and i have posted it everywhere!
    seems like some ionising damage has been psychologically self censored imo

    interesting.. you can see why the alot of japanese are ignoring the invisble threat..
    anything with more than 30 words or 3 minutes of video or is not complicated gets ignored

    i wonder what abby martin reckons on stones nuclear ways?
    sent her a copy of my findings too! shes a mate of stones 🙁

    nice to see ogilvy and maher and their friends have plenty of money for nuclear promo`s 🙁
    A level playing field? i dont think so!
    can anti nuclear survive if we dont spread this sort of article with these sorts of questions and findings?

    the other lot are getting prime time for their theory based statistics

    we get nothing for counting the amounts of real people injured or dead with a splash of common sense

    thxs those of you here at enenews that did take a look
    its quite mindblowing stuff added stats from usa and japan

  • A quick update on CNN comments
    comment no loger under moderation
    comment removed
    no comments on the lively chat comments at all!
    not very lively imo
    hope they use the info.. because its shocking!

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Hi arclight , from the link you provided , i scroll to bottom click your name , scroll to bottom again. Same like i did yesterday.
      Its still there…or did you also post another one ..?

      Thanks btw… 😉

      • hi DisasterInterpretationDissorder
        the comments section on CNN has removed the comment and link i left..

        i was refering to the CNN comments section of the above article posted by admin..

        and i didnt realise i could search wordpress blogs by author.. thank you for letting me know! it will be useful.
        peace light and love!

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          You are very welcome arclight , but DID is fine , i hate it myself to type out long names or names in only capitals , it totally dominates
          whatever response , visually and therefor mentally…
          idem ditto , 😉

  • JoeNeubarth

    I figure that the Nuclear Power Industry over the past 60 years has killed close to 50 million people with radioactive particulate discharge. Remember, Radioactive Particulate gets discharged to the environment when Uranium is dug up from the ground, and when it is shipped, and when it is processed, and when the nuclear plant is in operation, and when waste products are stored, and when the fuel is stored and when it is reprocessed and shipped elsewhere, and when there are nuclear accidents and so on. It is just a never ending nightmare of constant pollution of the environment. Most of that pollution ends up in the soil, and then in our food (both animal and vegetable) and then inside us. Once that radioactive particulate decays in our body it is 400 to 500 times more likely to cause cancer than just an ordinary Cosmic Radiation strike coming from outside the body. As I keep on telling people, the horrific Eight Fold increase in Cancer in the past century is largely do to radioactive particulate in the environment and in our bodies. The three largest sources of that radioactive particulate have been the Nuclear Industry, the Coal Industry and the Tobacco Industry (radioactive Lead and Polonium is in tobacco smoke. Thank God, people have cut back in smoking and the lung cancer rate has fallen proportionately.)Thank God, people have cut back in smoking and the lung cancer rate has fallen proportionately.)

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Hi JN , i think you are way closer with 50 million estimate then anything official , could even be a lot more…
      peace !

  • JoeNeubarth

    Even if we were to shut down the entire nuclear industry today, the pollution of the environment will remain for thousands of years continuing to kill and cause DNA damage for thousands of years. Not only have we had an 8 fold increase in Cancer in the past century, we have had a tremendous increase in DNA damage related illnesses. Every year the medical industry is discovering new illnesses that are caused by radiation strikes in developing ovas and sperm cells. Once a child is created with one of those defective ovas or sperm, it can develop the new genetic illness or it can be a carrier of a new genetic illness and can pass it on to future generations. Having these new genetic illnesses is not a curse from God. IT IS A CURSE FROM MAN, and it will continue to curse man for thousands of years and endless generations as long as people carrying those DNA defects continue passing those defective genes on to their offspring. All of the inherited mental illnesses are the result of DNA damage that can be traced back to an ancestor. I had a high school classmate that I encountered a dozen years after graduation and she was obviously a simple paranoid schizophrenic constantly fantasizing that people were plotting against her. I initially just saw some quirks in her behavior. I did not realize how loonie she was until I went to talk to her father who explained that the Grandmother back in Europe was locked up in a mental institution and had been since she was in her late twenties.


      interesting thoughts JoeNeubarth. While I'd agree, DNA damage can influence cognitive performance, I would submit that prior to the 'nuclear age', such mental 'disease' also existed throughout human history. It's likely due to 'wiring' errors being passed-down to succeeding generations. We also know, specific forms of mental disease are prevalent amongst certain races. This phenomena is likely due to a combination race-based 'trauma' (reactions to the horrors of war and its incumbent conditions), environmental exposure to naturally occurring toxins and/or limited dietary options. So, while I'll agree there are long-term deleterious impacts on the health – mental and otherwise – of offspring who are exposed directly (during gestation) or indirectly (DNA-induced) to nuclear-based toxins, such impediments are but a subset of the many forms of neurological disorders. Put simply: humans are far from perfect thinking machines.

      Again…thanks for the post…

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        AS wrote "environmental exposure to naturally occurring toxins"
        Do you have an example for that , right now i can only think of vulcano gasses or plantlife to make a connection with "race based"

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          And i remember there was this island population that had the tasty habit of eating the brains of their loved ones after passing away.
          They were the human population with the highest order of brain desease's iirc.


            recall reading that story as well DID, back in the eighties. Not sure but it may have contributed to a prevalence of Parkinsons, or some such disease, in that population. Sad…

            • It was kuru, in the Fore tribe of Papua, New Guinea. A TSE [Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy] like Mad Cow/CJD [Cruetzfeldt-Jacob Disease] but human-to-human. Transmitted by beta prion proteins.

              100% fatal within 12 months of onset, but incubation time can be from 5 to 20 years depending on the precise sequence of DNA for the prion gene in the individual. There were as of 2,001 42 variants identified in humans. It's not a nice way to die.



            P.S. awesome avatar DID…


          I'm sure DID, exposure to substances like cyanide and others could do the trick…

  • We Not They Finally

    Anyone can go to the trailer for this pernicious film. It starts by saying, "Fukushima… Chernobyl… Three Mile Island." Look at how bad this stuff is. And of course we, as environmentalists. oppose it. But WHAT IF if we've been thinking about this all wrong? Then it gets worse. And the PRESUMPTION that these days, all "environmentalists" are people who have bought into not just climate change (obviously, the climate has gone whacko) but that CARBON is the leading culprit (not that we don't want fresh air!), weaves throughout this thing.

    And that there is "too much of a gap between fossil fuels and renewables." (There is too little sunshine –for one– to fill "the gap"?) So we NEED NUCLEAR.

    O.k. My husband and I are gravely concerned about Fukushima, and we also pretty much hate the tone-deaf Al Gore. His main graph ("proof"?) in "An Inconvenient Truth" showing that in warm Earth periods, there was more carbon dioxide in the air is apparently true. The conclusion that it was the warm air that CAUSED the carbon dioxide, rather than that already-warm air just holds in more carbon dioxide is backwards logic that rates "an F."

    But does that make us heretics, or NON-environmentalists? Of course not. Sorry. The environmental movement has been CO-OPTED. Now it gets like a propaganda machine. Carbon is Voldemort. Plutonium looks great as a replacement, yes? It's all crap. But the film, and how deviously it does this, is upsetting.

  • remember Dentsu advetising in japan..?

    heres the dirt on them,,

    same procedure with CNN imo

    • “When such request is made to the media to hold down on a story, the threat is that the advertising revenues might be cut.” Honma explained. Obectively, it means that whenever a company experiences a negative incident, the information would be immediately reported to the advertisement agencies and the people at the agencies understand that this should not be reported in some certain ways. Therefore the ad agency gets in touch with the media, the TV stations and newspapers and generally talks with the sales department. In an ad agency, there are the sales department (営業部-eigyobu) and the news departments (報道部/houdoubu). Although they are separate entities, they collude when important action needs to be taken. The function of the news department in major advertising agencies appears to be to work on real news agencies to persuade them to cover the firm’s advertisers favorably or keep criticism at a minimum.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It's gotta look good..
    MONEY rests on this..
    Japan is outsourcing those holding the bankroll.

    Japan, Saudi Arabia to talk on nuclear technology export

    Japan and the United Arab Emirates – A Nuclear Family?

    PS..These 'allies' of the US..would suffer the same as the other Middle Eastern countries..except they have money.

  • combomelt combomelt

    when this waste of p2 cards finally premieres, let them know how you really feel

  • CaptD CaptD

    N☢ More Nuclear Business As Usual,

    Ratepayers have been ripped off enough.

    *Nuclear Baloney (NB)

  • CaptD CaptD

    ☢ Industry Trying To Retain Market Share, But At What Cost to US – First posted Jun 14, 2013:

    Get ready for ever more Nuclear Baloney* that in essence says the San Onofre was a fluke but all the rest of the nuclear industry is just peachy!

    Big Utilities have big PR budgets so they are now trying to sway ratepayers back toward risky nuclear using a number of talking points like:

    √ Nobody has been killed (yet) by nuclear, that we have been told about.

    √ Nuclear is good for the environment, except when it leaks radioactive pollution for decades like Fukushima and the other nuclear accidents.

    √ Required for base load to maintain the grid, except when the reactors are offline for extended periods when the grid gets along just fine when nuclear is shut down like it has in CA for a year and a half.

    • CaptD CaptD


      Lets cut to the punchline: If Germany can phase out Nuclear, so can the USA, the only thing standing in the way is the Nuclear Industry and their strangle hold on congressional Leaders that make our Energy rules! If people that installed rooftop solar got paid for their energy at the same rate that Utilities got paid for the energy that they generated (A Level Energy Playing Field) then Solar (of all flavors) would be installed everywhere, not just in Big Utility Projects! This would allow everyone to not only use Energy that they generate but sell back to the GRID (which we all pay for) for others to use! Ask yourself why the Utilities should be the only ones profiting from the sale of Energy?

      Regarding Nuclear, the USA cannot afford the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster RISK of one or more reactors melting down like the four did in Fukushima! Just because it has not happened yet in the USA is no guarantee that it will not occur tomorrow; that and the unknown costs of long term nuclear waste storage make nuclear no longer a good deal at any price, despite what the nuclear industry PR machine says!

  • Sickputer

    +311…a trillion dollar disaster from a nuclear accident is not just our Forum opinion:

    "From the United States to Japan, it's illegal to drive a car without sufficient insurance, yet governments around the world choose to run more than 440 nuclear power plants with hardly any coverage whatsoever.

    Japan's Fukushima disaster, which will leave taxpayers there with a massive bill, brings to the fore one of the industry's key weaknesses — that nuclear power is a viable source for cheap energy only if it goes uninsured.

    The cost of a worst-case nuclear accident at a plant in Germany, for example, has been estimated to total as much as $11 trillion, while the mandatory reactor insurance is only 3.7 billion."

    "A French Nuclear Disaster Could Cost $7.5 Trillion Dollars, Three Times Their GDP"

    "According to Reuters, the French government recently estimated the cost of a major nuclear disaster in France and instead of publicly reporting the results they kept the details secret…

    The report estimated a range of accident scenarios and in the best case the of cleanup would be $993 billion (€760 billion) and the worst-case scenario $7.5 trillion (€5.8 trillion)… the report says the amount is over three times France’s GDP which is $2.77 trillion!"

  • It gets worse than that…There is not enough money, gold, silver, jewelry, or diamonds to clean up or pay for what will eventually happen to all life on Earth..

    Pandora's Box has been opened, and the horrors will ALL come pouring out one day. So far, we have seen just a few leaks.. Even Fukushima is nothing compared to what is coming.

    Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth; 'Carrington Effect'; 400 Nuke Plants Will Melt Down/Explode; via @AGreenRoad

    Shut them all down and put the box of horrors away. Find some better, nicer toy to play with boys…

    like cars, trains, and planes…