Shock? Cow meat with high levels of radiation now circulating all over Japan — Cattle had previously only been screened for radioactivity on skin

Published: July 12th, 2011 at 11:21 am ET


Radioactive Beef Distributed Nationwide in Japan, Arirang, July 12, 2011:

Various Japanese media outlets reported Tuesday that beef containing radioactive cesium was found to have been distributed nationwide, including major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

Media reports say that some 190 kilograms of meat has already been distributed and a good amount has gone into the hands of Japanese consumers, leaving them, as well as the government, in shock. […]

Radioactive meat circulating on Japanese market, CNN, July 12, 2011:

A Japanese health official downplayed the dangers Tuesday after cesium contaminated meat from six Fukushima cows was delivered to Japanese markets and probably ingested. […]

Up until now, cattle in Fukushima were only subject to a screening test, to inspect for radioactive particles adhering to the skin, and farmers were ordered to self-report how it the cattle feed was being stocked. […]

On Saturday, the health and welfare office at Tokyo Metropolitan government found that meat from 11 cows from a Fukushima farm, which was about to be delivered, contained high levels of radiation. As a precaution, the office was ordered to trace meat from six cows from the same farm and realized that the meat is now circulating not only in Tokyo, but all over Japan.

Published: July 12th, 2011 at 11:21 am ET


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132 comments to Shock? Cow meat with high levels of radiation now circulating all over Japan — Cattle had previously only been screened for radioactivity on skin

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Mmmmm…cesium. The gift that keeps on giving….

    • ocifferdave

      It does keep on giving. How long is cesium’s half life? Where does it like to lodge itself in one’s body? No lasting effect on health says Japanese official?

      • bootsforlizzy

        Cesium half life is 30 years. Lodges in the brain.
        Try any detox methods for heavy metals to help remove it. 3-4 lbs of baking soda in a bath or 5-6 lbs of epsum salt for 15-20 min is good. Use hottest water you can then rinse with cool afterwards. Baking soda is cheapest at Costco salt is cheapest at local feed supply shops(they use it to dress fields)

        • alasanon

          I read that Cesium does a number on your liver & kidneys… brain, too, no doubt! Does anyone know if the I-131 is still coming here?…

          • charlie3

            Ceisum goes to your muscle tissue, and is most infamous for going to the reproductive organs and causing deformities in the fetus.

    • 373 kg beef from Fukushima farm may have been consumed
      National Jul. 13, 2011
      TOKYO — A total of 373 kilograms of meat from six cows shipped from a farm in Fukushima Prefecture, where cattle have been found to be contaminated with radioactive cesium, may have already been consumed, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said Wednesday.
      It has been estimated that a combined 1,438 kilograms of the beef have been…

  • paulie906

    sadly this is no surprise,much worse to come,time is not on our side.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Soon to happen with meat from Canada, US, Mexico, or has it already???

  • extra knight

    no surprise at all, since soylent green is people. a strip mall is not an ethnic food.

  • Darth

    I guess radioactive fish will also take its revenge on the Japanese.

    • Darth

      It would be nice, from a long term research point of view, if they would measure the radiation levels in all of their food supply to see what contamination vector leads to the highest percentage of whole body count radiation. Another nice aspect that could be teased out of the data to help verify their 8,000 bq/kg standard.

    • Fish market reopens in northeastern Japan
      A fish market has reopened in a huge tent at one of Japan’s busiest fishing ports, 4 months after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami struck the northeast.
      Ishinomaki, which had the nation’s 3rd largest haul of fish in the last fiscal year, is in Miyagi Prefecture. Almost all its facilities including quays and processing plants were devastated by the tsunami. Electricity and running water have been partially restored at the port.
      On Tuesday, squid, flatfish and other fish were unloaded. Celebrating the reopening, the president of the fish market, Kunio Suno, called it a symbol of restoration. He told a crowd that he doesn’t know how long it will take but he hopes the market will flourish again. The auction started after immediately after his speech.
      One seller said the squid was twice its usual price because it was the first auction since the disaster.
      A buyer said since it was a special day, he bid regardless of the price. The buyer said he wants to quickly deliver the fish to his retail customers.

      • Radioactive Cesium Found in Marine Products from JapanJapan has been battling radiation leaks since a March 11 earthquake and tsunami destroyed parts of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and radioactive cesium is still being detected in some marine products imported from the country.
        Korea’s Agriculture Ministry on Thursday said traces of radioactive cesium were detected in frozen cod imported from Japan late last month and earlier this month.
        But the amount is well below the legal limit and no case exceeding the safety limit has been spotted so far. The ministry pledged to protect Korean consumers by thoroughly monitoring seafood products from Japan.
        Arirang News / Jul. 08, 2011 12:48 KST

  • radegan

    “Up until now, cattle in Fukushima were only subject to a screening test, to inspect for radioactive particles adhering to the skin.”

    Well, thank god there won’t be any radioactive leather jackets!

  • acid Lab acid Lab

    cesium? uhhh… is that like the new salt substitute?

  • Cindy

    Hate saying this, but the Japanese really need to check all food supplies, from all areas , in the middle Island , until they narrow down all contaminated areas .. Big task, but they only need to check a few veggies , or water wells , or one cow , etc.. from each major farming area ..

    I’m afraid the contamination is much wider spread than they are checking for .

    I mean you hear of contaminated Tea Leaves far and wide, but no other food items … scary…

  • alasanon

    I wonder if such higher amounts would be noticeable, as you are in-taking a heavy metal?… For example, you can definitely taste the difference between clean, organic produce VS. produce with pesticide, insecticide, & fungicide residues. Or food made with artificial ingredients & artificial colors vs. food that is whole and unprocessed…

    I would like to ask those around Chernobyl if they could sense or taste it???

  • moonkai

    Murderers !!

  • maaa

    This would make up for the estimated 180,000 deaths due to nuclear disaster.

  • moonkai

    Ladies and Gentlemen … We are officially witnessing “the Fukushima Experiment” !!! And who are the guinea pigs ?

    • arclight arclight

      Links from the ramblings of an old motorcyclist….cheers xdfox
      45% of kids in Fukushima survey had thyroid exposure to radiation
      Please help!
      Children in Fukushima are at risk!
      The analysis of the health impact of radioactive land contamination by the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, made by Professor Chris Busby (the European Committee of Radiation Risk) based on official Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology data, has shown that over the next 50 years it would be possible to have around 400,000 additional cancer patients within a 200-kilometer radius of the plant.
      This number can be lower and can be even higher, depending on strategies to minimize the consequences. Underestimation is more dangerous for the people and for the country than overestimation….. and heres the link april 15
      and finally they are on facebook with various questionnaires and comments…worth a view

      • The same source has the following estimation for cancer due to Chernobyl to 2036 AD:
        European Committee on Radiation Risk estimates Chernobyl’s cancers will total 1,400,000 in 50 years. Existing nuclear reactors must go to sleep. No more nukes please.

      • Purposefully and directive, not ramblings !

        : )

        • arclight arclight

          oops…just a term of phrase too qualify your information! err…(nicely avoided metinks) 😉

          • arclight arclight

            lol looks like im digging myeslf in deeper lol…meant term of affection!

          • I know you are of good sprit, no offense taken here, just a bit of teaseing !

            Definition of RAMBLE
            intransitive verb
            : to move aimlessly from place to place b: to explore idly
            : to talk or write in a desultory or long-winded wandering fashion
            : to grow or extend irregularly
            transitive verb
            : to wander over : roam
            — ram·bling·ly adverb
            See ramble defined for kids »
            Examples of RAMBLE
            She rambled for several minutes before introducing the main speaker.
            He’s funny, but he tends to ramble.

            Definition of OLD
            : dating from the remote past : ancient b: persisting from an earlier time


    • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

      Why not have a boycott food protest? We refuse to buy food until we are assured of its safety! 😛

  • fuckyoushima

    evolution gearing up for creative destruction.

    the global power structure is an affront to human consciousness.

  • Mark

    The CNN article states “Goshi Hosono, state minister in charge of consumer affairs and food-safety, said he hoped to head off any overreactions.”

    After googling Goshi Hosono I found out his full title as per Japan Times
    Goshi Hosono -State Minister in charge of the nuclear power plant crisis and State Minister in charge of Consumer Affairs and Food Safety(born 1971, a youngster )

    We are truly bit players in an Orwellian Horror flick! So what we have in Japan is the minister in charge of Food Safety is also the minister in charge of the nuclear power plant crisis.

    Not sure what the duties are for minister in charge of the nuclear power plant crisis any Japanese can comment please?
    I’m thinking spin doctor.

    I don’t trust your government or mine.

  • Calibrat

    Did anyone see info about how internal radiation exposure compares to external exposure within the example of a passenger flight from A to B?

    e.g.: how many internal plutonium particles can cause cancer or genetic defects and how would that amount of radiation exposure compare to a flight in an airplane from A to B?

  • Mark

    Calibrat, this issue has been discussed here before, differentiating between an X-ray that momentarily passes through your body and a similarly charged radio-active particle injested or lodged in your lung.

    Internal and external radiation two different things.

    • Calibrat


      The reason i am asking this specific question is that i haven’t heard any expert using the example of a flight from A to B to explain how internal and external radiation exposure compares.

      A great answer to my question could be:

      Considering internal plutonium exposure one could fly from LAX to Santa Monica and be safe(maybe some Bq/Sv equivalent here), but not to Santa Barbara(maybe some Bq/Sv equivalent here as well)


      A link to the comment that refers to my question

      A No-answer would be:

      It has been discussed somewhere else
      This has been discussed by others
      The internet is your friend
      A link to a site that doesn’t answer my question but contains information related to internal or external radiation
      A response identifying the basic assumptions of my question

      • Mark

        My understanding of internal vs external radiation, keeping in mind I am a lay-person with no scientific background.

        External radiation of say a flight across the ocean, your body is exposed to that value of radiation for the duration of the flight

        Internal radiation a radiated particle of the same value of that flight is lodged in your lung or otherwise stuck in your body for a much longer time then any flight maybe years, so depending on the half life of that particle, if body disposes of said particle you will be exposed to that level of radiation a lot longer through Internal vs External.

        That is why it is mis-leading to compare radio-active values of external vs internal because you have to equate the time factor of exposure.

        So to use your example flying from Santa Monica to LAX say thats an hour flight, vs ingesting a plutonium particle (with a half life far exceeding human lifespan) of exactly same value of radiation as flight, and lets say plutonium particle stays in your digestive tract for 2 days, in a mathematical equation the difference would be would be

        Radiation times exposure of one hour
        Radiation times exposure of 48 hours

        Hope this helps

        • Mark

          Oh and flight of airplane scenario as outlined above, external radiation exposure based on idea that you are higher up in the air with less protection from radiation from the sun is external radiation like an X-ray but if flying through radio-active fall-out from Fukushima airplane air intake supplying cabin with air so you may be breathing in radio-active particles is internal exposure

          • Calibrat

            Nice try.. Cheers.. But no, actually i think it is mis-leading to not conclude the flight example with the other end – internal exposure – in order to have a tangible formula to decide how many hot particles one risks to absorb or when to use a mask.

      • one more time. effective dose for radiation is a bogus, unscientific comparison. it is deeply flawed, unscientific, nothing more than pseudo-science. no amount of radiation exposure is safe.

    • Newton

      That “news” story is filled with misinformation, half-truths and non sequiturs, as anyone here who has read much on the subject knows.

  • kx kx

    no shock just worried since im going there very soon…

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Earthquakes, July 13, 2011
    The first, 3.5 Magnitude is 11.2 miles (17.99 km), and the second, 5.3 magnitude, is 16.3 miles (26.3 km) from Fukushima Daiichi (#1) Nuclear Power Plant.
    Fukushima #1 37.233 141.015; Fukushima #2 37.317 141.026
    5:36, 2011/07/13 Earthquake Activity Date-Time 2011/07/13 5:31 Epicenter Area – Depth(km) 0 Magnitude(M) 3.5 Area(LAT) 37.3 Area(LNG) 141.2
    5:51, 2011/07/13 Earthquake Activity Date-Time 2011/07/13 5:47 Epicenter Area – Depth(km) 0 Magnitude(M) 5.3 Area(LAT) 37.3 Area(LNG) 141.3
    The distance is calculated at:
    For quake energy map of Japan see:
    The largest quake is graphed at the top for each day, and the number of quakes is the lower line graphed. This is updated every day.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      CORRECTION to explanation of quake energy map of Japan:
      “Daily Energy Release

      “The red line on this chart shows the total energy released each day (in Joules) and the equivalent magnitude if the day’s energy had all been released in one earthquake. The equivalent magnitude may not be much higher than the strongest individual quake on that day, as it takes many smaller quakes to release as much energy as one larger one.

      “The orange line shows the total number of quakes each day. Move your mouse over the graph to see the number of quakes (along with individual energy / equivalent magnitude values).”

      • Steven Steven

        Interesting graph, seems to be trending back up slightly and simultaneously becoming sporadic (null days). That looks like the early start of another longer stress and release cycle to me.

  • arclight arclight

    Beef from Fukushima to Be Tested (Somehow) in Fukushima from Now On, But It’s Too Late For School Kids in Yokohama

    • arclight arclight

      lots of good info here
      Chernobyl Heart – Part 4
      Part 1:
      Part 2:
      Part 3:
      Part 4:
      This service for the victims of chernobyl had its international support funding cut because average radiation became “mild”! the shape of things to come??? they need your donations!! peace

    • moonkai

      This is horrible. Speechless at the moment.

      • arclight arclight

        sorry if it shocked you moonkai! that wasnt the intention…knowledge of chernobyl children is common in europe, although the main stream covered some aspects the figures or graphic, human aspect is not shown…people living in the contaminated zones! problems for people in the newly declared clean zones…its all a joke /sarcasm….im all for supporting the linked charity and i suspect i will in the future in japan. oh and possibly the usa too! this documentary is harsh but its like looking into the future for at least some areas of japan! dependent on testing/monitoring!..1 more point, did you see the chair that the kids just sit in and the doctor gets an immediate reading of internal contamination? why dont the japanese use these.. it was easy to check the levels in the jam too!! this is old tech!! once again why go to the lengthy and expensive route of urine testing when this tech is available?? am i missing something? isnt it easier than analysing millions of dosimeters every month! arent the labs overstreched as it is? they can use them to test the food easily as well …its a no brainer…if your level goes up the doctor can trace the source of contamination! brilliant?

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Another earthquake today, July 13 JST, same coordinates at Fukushima Daiichi (#1) Nuclear Power Plant
    11:06, 2011/07/13 Earthquake Activity Date-Time 2011/07/13 11:02 Epicenter Area FUKUSHIMAKENHAMADOORI Depth(km) 10 Magnitude(M) 3.4 Area(LAT) 37.2 Area(LNG) 141.0

    Fukushima #1 37.233 141.015

    • irradiated californian

      and all the hundreds of quakes that probably hit that same area in march, april, may, etc.? i guess you feel the need to post every quake and put it together with this because it’s near and around the nuclear facility, even though quakes have been hitting there since march. *sigh* but that won’t stop you, so please disregard the logic and go on doing what you are doing.

      • irradiated californian

        oh yeah, since i won’t fit in unless i do so: OMG IT MUST’VE BEEN AN EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!! CHINA SYNDROME JUST OCCURRED!!

        • nuclearpowerisdeath

          No actually, you are trying your hardest to start trouble and mock us, while simultaneously bringing absolutely nothing of value to the conversation. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hope’s I’m wrong. This is way too serious of a topic for mindless trolling, and any trolling here I would insatntly suspect as in filtrator. So, sir, are you trolling?

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            irradiated californian comments on two topics almost immediately. If someone sees something on the live cam, and a report on earthquakes in the vicinity of Fukushima Daiichi. That’s how I know how important both topics are. Either he works for TEPCO or the Japancese gov’t or Japanese or American nuclear industry. His comments are incendiary and belittling to try to get the person to stop comments of these two kinds of observations. If he were quiet, the events might go by with little comment.

          • nuclearpowerisdeath

            You’d think they’d spend a little more on making those ticking time bombs of faulty tech and poor planning safe instead of PR and spin. If they were safe, we would all be following some other aspect of their corruption a little less of an immediate threat to EVERYTHING in it’s path

          • good call. irradiated calif only seems capable of spewing mindless insults and incapable of competent commentary. always relying upon drunken, myopic strawmen.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I think you haven’t seen the news. We had melt through reported a month ago:

          Worse than meltdown, government report says devastating ‘melt-through’ has occurred at Fukushima; Official suggests Japan could become ‘uninhabitable’

      • nuclearpowerisdeath

        and all of the quakes are just more evidence of the lack of intelligence and regard for life and the planet by building this death trap there in the first place. What you are labelling as over-reaction is actually only small tidbits of information of a huge glaring monstrous problem that is understated constantly

    • Steven Steven

      anne, have you kept a record of how many of these are right on the Fuku co-ordinates? Seems very odd that of all the places for these aftershocks to occur, even one would be right under the plant. If they’ve had more than one then I’d say we need a theory.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        I am keeping a record now. I wish I had started earlier because the record seems to disappear later on. I started looking because I thought they might show recriticality. The weak part of the statistics is that the Japanese round off the lat and long, so not as accurate at USGS which doesn’t record many of them.

  • irradiated californian

    work for tepco? government shill? you people are BEYOND paranoid. maybe if you spent as much time and effort you do here reporting every little thing as being totally catastrophic or the worst news, but that is how this site is, it is run by fear. why fear what you can’t control? like i’ve said before, there is a difference between reporting facts in a level headed manner, and reporting in a fear mongering way. your favorite tacoma runs on fear, and instilling it into you people, as much as you don’t want to believe it. stress kills, so step outside and away from the computer every once in a while and enjoy life, don’t waste it breaking down earthquakes or watching a web cam all day, no matter the circumstance. this shit is bad, and its only getting worse, WE KNOW, we have known that since march, now that you know that it is the time to stop worrying about every little thing and start living. i’m sure you guys are going to rip my head off for saying this, and you are still going to think i am hired by some agency or something (which is by far the dumbest thing said on any forum or site of any kind). i am a normal guy, i have a fiancee who is pregnant, i am just living my life the best i can, which is not worrying about what i have no control over. now carry on doing what you guys do, i’m sure that it’s totally going to help the situation 😉

    • nuclearpowerisdeath

      so you see as the biggest concern in all these stories and links people are posting is that you THINk we are scared? That’s your explanation for your condescending rabblerousing posts and atacks and others? A pregnancy in California? Yeah, you need to PAY ATTENTION

      • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

        This may sound trivial, but I’ve been outside noticing nature and have seen:

        three fawns
        a toad in the garden
        semi-feral momma cat with two kittens
        lots of butterflies on native milkweed plants and non-native marigolds (monarchs, swallowtails, skippers)
        great sounding birds (wish I could see them)

        And on a positive note, all of the above wildlife looked normal.

        • nuclearpowerisdeath

          that’s great news, really great. I’d love nothing more than for nature to go on and on and on, and if more people appreciated it, maybe we wouldn’t endanger our habitats unnecessarily for money and power

          • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

            I’ll tell you what’s scary and Arnie Gundersen alluded to this; that he was most concerned about the radiated ocean and the water.

            I wonder if lead would help? Again, this may sound dumb, but I remember buying brass nozzles and a garden sprinkler that had been banned in Cali. due to the lead content, but lead does protect you from radiation.

          • i agree. those “boxcars” paperthin justifications and corny, specious commentary is a dead give-away. irradiated calif i am finding it next to impossible to take you and your “look ma no hands” childish and malicous comments serious. in a word bogus.

        • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

          oops, I meant that I can hear the most awesome sounding birds, but can’t see them. These birds are most likely forest dwellers or high in the trees.

        • You are not hearing the birds that never hatched this spring ! In comments some time back I posted an article of how this affects birds and the missing generation after fallouts !
          But maybe there was not much fallout where you were ! Hope I didn’t bum you out !

    • nuclearpowerisdeath

      and I don’t think it’s “BEYOND paranoia” to suggest someone trying to undermine legitimate concerns and information is working for an agenda contrary to the best interests of this community and by the subject of our communiques, the community at large

    • irradiated Californian
      We have a long way to go, we know we all get worked up as the news comes and we go outside and see many haven’t a clue or even family and that can isolate you more, look at it this way, you have inside knowledge and you know what a windfall and a watershed that can be in all forms of knowledge !
      You have a little one coming, your first ?
      You need to be there and be your best, take what you are learning here like a savings account and us it to benefit your family, make plans, think ahead, you know what cards are coming, the numbers that will drop, the gift to see further then the headlights shine at night. Use it man, you are with a power all the others you see each day that go on as nothing is different !
      It is sorta like some of the old Twilight Zone TV shows, this time you are the one with the gift that can be a bit edgy but with a special power ! PS, a little extra sleep helps a lot to stay fresh and on top of things !

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I post about the earthquakes because I want to discontinue all nuclear power immediately and all nuclear weapon use and production. Japan is still starting up plants and planning new ones. They are planning to put 4,000 new nuclear plants in the US alone. My senator Udall is leading the plans. If he had campaigned truthfully he would have never got the nomination or have been elected. They are planning new nuclear power plants close to where my children live in 3 different locations far from each other and a new uranium mine close to me. I was already exposed and two of my children who were babies to the probably the worst nuclear disaster in the US in Simi Valley, Calif., in 1959 and I was exposed to an above ground nuclear test in 1951. I almost died of cancer in 1989 and the surgery permanently disabled me. I live now deformed and unable to hold down any job but sporadic substitute teaching despite 2 bachelor degree, 2 master’s degrees, and a PhD. My daughter is sucessfully at the moment combating an inoperable rare cancer.

      I don’t want anyone to suffer the way I have. If the world had had just one nuclear disaster it would be one thing, but to keep repeating the disasters with no place to store the nuclear waste is extremely sad.

      The cores at Fukushima Daiichi are melting into the ground and spreading radiation into the groundwater, the air and the ocean. According to the EPA Radnet both Colorado and Hawaii have elevated radiation due to Fukushima. And still plans are going forth to create even more nuclear disasters.

      Do you have any suggestions as to how we can stop the proliferation of nuclear power plants and weapons. Do you have any ideas about how we can get the government to stop using depleted uranium against people in wars and for use in gas production? Do you have any ideas about how we can stop the use of Corexit and Sea Brat#4 in the Gulf of Mexico which is still being used today? My family in Colorado was sprayed with aerial pesticides to supposedly stop West Nile Virus, and we weren’t even told about it ahead of time so we could leave. And my town still sprays the population with pesticides numerous times during the summer even though West Nile Virus was never an epidemic and those who died and were injured by WNV were because the pesticides causes WNV to cross the blood brain barrier and towns who used no pesticides had no problems with WNV. They’ve known for over 80 years from study after study that microwaves cause cancer, yet cell phones use microwaves and the damage is worst for children under 8 years old.

      • nuclearpowerisdeath

        I’m sorry to hear about all the damage this has caused you. I’d say it’s a definitive case in point that those who say “there’s nothing to ‘worry’ about” are just trying to reassure themselves if not outright supporting a dangerous, short-sighted and destructive abuse of technological kowledge.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Anne, my heart breaks hearing your story. I’m sorry that you have to endure this, it is all criminal. Thank you for writing this, you are the voice of the future for all of us. I am pulling for your daughter.

      • Steven Steven


        I don’t have time to read every post here, but there’s a dozen or so names that I always stop and check… yours is one of ’em.

      • Thanks Anne for your poignant but necessary posting. Many dont realise the power of individual experiences in bringing out the moral in the narration of modern civilisation(mc)’s cumulative effects. The specialisations of mc swamp off the truth from us and prevent us from acting on the truth. Text books on quakes have revealed that the small quakes are really an experiment on the earth by default and finally cause the rock to melt and cause a huge quake! And miseries under nukes! Reactor 4 slanted because of the 9 MM tremblor by rock melt underneath. Your contributions show the way for better living. Go on Anne and good luck for your family. Nukes must go to sleep. Just consider that at 100W per head 7 billion people generate 700 GW, double the power of existing nukes which are all consumed by the nuke industry anyway.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      irradiated Californian

      There is a whole wide world out there of people who are doing their best to ignore this, and “not worrying” about what they “have no control over.” You can find hundreds of them in the nearest crowd.

      The people who come to this site are the opposite, so instead of trying to change us, or protect us from any sources of fear, maybe hang out with all the fun party people, they’re great!

    • charlie3

      irradiated, what are you doing wasting your time here then?

    • “In my anger I am NOT blind… and in my fear I am NOT afraid, of telling the world how I feel…” – Severn Suzuki

      “You are what you do, not what you say! …. I challenge YOU, please, make your actions reflect your words.” – Severn Suzuki, a 12 year old girl from Canada, speaking to the United Nations (guessing circa 1992)
      🙁 Apparently, they were not listening then and they are not listening now either.

  • irradiated californian

    the problem is you people here, you ‘smart’ people, like to generalize. i am paying attention, but i’m not putting anything aside from my normal life for this just yet, not until i know that i have to, not until i know for the sake of me and my family that we are in dire need to do so. yes, the readings are a bit elevated then the background levels, but i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, all the sciences of the past can’t explain what any of this will lead to because this whole thing is of a different caliber. nobody can say it’s worse until we know for sure what the effects will truly be. do we know for certain, no, and anybody who says they know is not telling the truth or trying to misinform. we won’t know till we know, and a lot of you are reaching back into the depths to try and put it together with this, as if it’s happened before. you can do that, and make some connections, but ultimately you must remember that this is a whole new ballgame, and in a few years we should see the true effects. if nothing happens then, we wait a few more years, if nothing, a few more, if nothing after at least 10 years, not even the slightest change besides changes in radiation readings, what will you say? this is a wait and see kind of thing, but you people are making it a everyday thing. do what you will, assume what you will, live as you will, i will live my life to the best i can, and i’m sure you are all doing the same (at least i hope so)

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      One area of concern is that radiation levels are already greater in Japan and the US than after Chernobyl. Yet the efforts of the Japanese to contain the radiation are much less than what the Russians did and the evacuation zones are much smaller.

      US infrastructure in the US is decaying including old nuclear power plants and yet they are still in use. The weather is more severe than in the past and the fires are worse.

      Cancer rates in the US are already 1 in 2. Degrading the environment even further will only increase that statistic.

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion and you do not need take any precautions if you don’t want to. I tried eating my uncovered black raspberries three times. But I won’t eat more because my stomach feels so much better if I don’t eat them. I can see the yellow radioactive dust sticking to objects in my yard. It doesn’t wash off.

      In Colorado we have seen cpm of radiation above the alert level. Why would the EPA create alert levels if they don’t mean something?

      I already almost died of cancer 22 years ago. From my experiences I have seen enough and I will use my God-given knowledge and education to try to prevent cancer from all life on the planet which I believe is God-created and sacred.

      For me, this is respecting the Creator of everything and following His commandments.

      One thing I see on this blog is my generation which has the ability to rise above the misinformation directions of the msm. We believe in ourselves and do not submit to peer pressure.

      • Net

        Anne, I agree with your post. I find comfort in reading everyone’s posts. Even the one’s that stress me out. I believe that knowledge is power, but at certain times(you just have to let it go)you have to do the best you can because it is out of your hands. I give it to the Creator. I am still hesitant to walk around with a mask here in Calif. I wish I wasn’t so afraid of what people think, but sometimes I am. I often think the world is going to hell in a hand basket especially the US even though America is the BEST. I figure we will all go down together. Nuclear power is evil. I don’t see the benefits when the costs of the dangers-accidents and the nuclear waste(and where to put it) totally out weigh the benefits. Where is the LOGIC? How could the world even fathom the death and destruction it will cause in the hands of a rogue nation or person(s). It saddens me.

    • You have to admit, we’re doing a little better than Josef Oehman, Barack Obama and all his NRC advisors:

      “We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the United States, whether it’s the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska or US territories in the Pacific,” he said in a prepared speech at the White House.

      Some people are not skilled in dealing with the invisible. For the uneducated, what is not visible does not exist.

      There are many in Belarus, Russia, Southern Iraq, Lebanon and other places who have received a tragically solid grounding in Invisible 101.

    • only a fool would “pretzel logic” his way through any discussion here and life.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      irradiated californian,
      just wanted to say that I understand “where you’re coming from”. On the one hand, I’m extremely worried about our future and the conditions we’re being put in. On the other hand, I personally just don’t allow myself to go crazy about doubled background radiation (we’ve seen worse here in Europe in 1986).
      I appreciate everybody’s opinion and respect everybody’s fears and feelings on the matter. I hope, your fiancee is fine and has a wonderful pregnancy!

      *peace (let’s all get along)

    • nuclearpowerisdeath

      WE generalize? This post, while being better than your unprovoked unsubstantiated attacks on tacoma whoopie and anne and others, is still right back at your original “point.” That we shouldn’t say or do anything. That everything is OK, trust the media! Trust them when they tell you its safe and then later it turns out that wasn’t even close to true.

      “this is a wait and see kind of thing, but you people are making it a everyday thing”

      THIS POLLUTION AND DEATH WILL AFFECT THINGS FOR 1000’s OF YEARS. If that’s not an everyday thing, I don’t know what is. WHO’S GOING TO DO IT, THE MEDIA? NUKE SCIENTISTS ON TE PAYROLLS OF THE SAME COMPANIES AND INSTITUTIONS? No you are either dumb or a troll, I’m not buying it. It doesn’t matter anyway, you haven’t brought anything of substance that I have seen, even after this. I’ts not your “business” what we do with our time. Or is it? This shold be shouted from every TV and paper 24/7 until the problem is resolved. Until then, we need MORE people talking abbout this EVERY DAY, not LESS, like you desire, so you can pretend your false reality means something.

      • Net

        Main stream media will not cover it. Sigh!!!! When? I want to shout out to everyone, but will be put away and called crazy. Living in silence is stressful. Has anyone written to the President of the United States of America? Maybe we should do that. anne’s story is compelling, and moonkai’s situation is heart wrenching. moonkai is a hero and a voice that needs to be heard. So many people on this blog have so much knowledge. Thank you everyone for sharing.

        • nuclearpowerisdeath

          Hi net:
          I appreciate your optimism, but the President knows more about this than all of us, already. A coverup this large, of Fukushima, Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun, Cooper, Vermont Yankee, the new one in NC and Sellafield in UK, Chernobyl etc. could not happen without the complicity of those at the highest levels.

          They are not legitimate leaders, the media does not have the public’s interest at heart.

          Don’t worry and get stressed, that advice from the trolls is actually good. We have to have enough people and alternative media and bloggers asking the questions to FORCE the media to cover this.

          Another poster posted yesterday they are planning 4000 new reactors. I hope this was a typo and was really 40 lol. However, even the trillions of dollars that represents does nto pale in comparison to ALL the people KNOWING their media is LYING, SPINNING and COMPLICIT in the perils and dangers of nuclear power and nuclear weapons. The reason this has gotten this far is 100+ years of media spinning the people into a confused stupor. Once this programming is broken as it has been in millions now, the blinders come off and the fight for the survival of our species becomes clear. No reason to fear, it is all bigger than us. It is also up to us. Life will go on but irresponsible use of nuclear technology is one of those things that might stop ALL life. So why are we messing with it? Using substandard planning and materials, a contingency plan that is weak and flawed, I coudl go on and on – there is NOTHING SAFE ABOUT THIS AND IT’S ALL ABOUT WEAPONS AND DEATH. Time for mankind to wake up and use the other tech they have under wraps – google TESLA. Something that won’t destroy our whole planet for millenia.

          • Net

            I agree with you about not having legitimate leaders and that the media does not have the public’s interest at heart. Every time someone who knows what they are talking about gets on TV they are shut down or shut out of the conversation or is made to look irrational, and their character is attacked instead of the truth of the information. I hope Arnie G will get more coverage. He has been tiptoeing around mainstream media(for good reason) He doesn’t want to be totally shut out or called an alarmist so he has to give metered info. Hopefully, the average person will be able to decipher the reality. It is bad. Nuclear Power is BAD!

    • charlie3

      irradiated, instead of discussing fukushima you want instead to discuss personalities here.

    • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

      Irradiated Cali: You are keeping up
      the brave front, good going, stiff upper…
      But you must, please, commit your time
      to knowing about, and taking steps about,
      protecting your unborn child and mama.
      The radiation is here, its queer, get used to it.
      There have been many highly valuable
      links and discussions over the months
      about protection, filtration, bomb-shelter
      hygiene routines, nutrition, infant mortality.
      Infant mortality, infant mortality, stillbirths,
      defects, making it worse to give in to the
      medical fad of unnecessary cat-scans, pet-scans,
      MRIs and diagnostics just for the attention.
      Take the action of loading up and saving all these
      info guides and learning.
      My favorite, some would say sci-fi, interest is
      the lead-paint conspiracy to deprive us of
      some basic radiation-protection for our homes.
      A plan many decades in the making, to make sure
      nobody can hide behind Lead, after they’ve
      outlawed it!!
      Irradiated: I hope you are not going along
      with the medical machinery. they clock out
      and laugh about the idiot patients and clients.
      I know a real sharp guy who told me he had
      to save his own new-born daughter in
      a hospital in Santa Fe, turning blue, as the idiot
      so-called nursing staff paid attention to
      other things, ignoring the blue baby.
      This is the World you are Birthing your kid into.
      Time to get aggressive in your mental acuity.
      Protect your baby.

    • Steven Steven

      Where I come from, if somebody pees in the drinking water we frown on it. Doesn’t matter how much or for how long (e.g. the numbers are definitely NOT the point).

      Quaffing your fill with a big smile on your face while the miscreant stands nearby awaiting the call of nature solves nothing.

  • beamofthewave

    I submit to peer pressure, some people think I am nuts so I dont talk to them about all this and waste my time trying to inform them. Do I have an idea what the price for land will be here in Oregon once the fall out starts arriving from Japan? I got my kid out of here because I dont want her to be exposed to radiation. My older brother died of cancer as well as my mom and I was looking at the fallout map from 50’s testing and I am pretty sure now I know why. Hopefully I will be able to transfer and get to the east coast new my daughter. Life does have a way of working out, she is with family and they have a fantastic public school system, 1 to 20 teacher student ratio, heavy sports and good teachers. So it worked out good, she is also away from her thug friends and that is all good to. My sister used to be a correctional officer so she is going to watch my kid every minute and no new thug friends or boy friends that hit her.

    • fall out starts arriving ???

    • alasanon

      Families really have to pull together these days! That’s nice…and smart!

      • My family happens to be all of humanity plus a few trillion cats, dogs, pigs, chickens and other odd things.

        There is a large nation to my south whose only solution to political problems is to drop bombs on my family, and dirty bombs at that. Because my family doesn’t like this, they try to fight back with whatever they’ve got. When members of my family try to get married or bury their dead, they get more bombs dropped on them.

        My family doesn’t want to have to grab their babies at 3 o’clock in the morning to run from Blackhawk helicopters only to be “lit up” by a gung ho twit in Nebraska operating a remote drone from the comfort of his living room.

        My family would rather be planting cherry trees and harvesting non-irradiated peaches. They would rather feel the fresh rain on their cheeks and run about in the sunshine with laughter and broad smiles on their faces.

        My family doesn’t want fake seeds from Monsanto that cause starvation and mass suicide, and it doesn’t need a Tim Hortons on the corner. We want to grow our own fresh food on our own land; land uncontaminated by cluster bombs and DU ammunition.

        We want a world of cooperation, not a world of domination that turns humans in automatons. We have the solution, but we are just too dumb to take it, and run with it.

        Yes, we better pull together. Right now it’s coming apart.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    You could say OT, but in the grand scheme, over time,
    this maybe points up just how significant our actions,
    protests, preparations are:
    Denison Mines USA Corp

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Help Wanted: Denison Mines USA
    Corp has several job opportunities
    in Northern Arizona/ Southern Utah.
    Immediate needs are for the
    following: Safety and Environmental,
    Mine Geologist, Mine Engineer,
    Underground Miners, Mechanics,
    and Electricians. Denison has four (4)
    operating Uranium Mines in the
    4-Corners area, all in need of
    experienced personnel.
    Denison offers a competitive salary
    and benefit package. Please submit
    resume to: Denison Mines, C/O
    Jamie Huskey, 9244 HWY 141,
    P.O. Box 160, Egnar, CO, 81325.
    FAX: 970-677-2703
    from our local newspaper want ads….

  • bootsforlizzy

    To officer ave
    Cesium 137 has a half life of 30 years. It lodges in the brain.
    Remember that it is a mineral/ heavy metal besides being radioactive. That means that any kind of cleansing regime designed to rid the body of heavy metals will help remove it. Ie, baking soda soaks, epsum salt soaks, those foot bath machines seem to work well. If you do baking soda or epsum salt baths get your soda at costco cheapest as you need a lot for a big bath 2-3 lbs, and epsumsalt is found cheaply at the feed store(used for field maintenance). Using 5 lbs per bath seems to work.