NHK: Fukushima children not growing in weight, average increase down 75% — Doctor says “very unusual”… some gained only 1 pound in year

Published: November 7th, 2011 at 2:55 pm ET


Nov. 7 — “A survey shows that some children in Fukushima Prefecture have smaller average weight gains this year compared to the year before. A pediatrician says the results indicate the negative effects of the nuclear plant accident in March,” reports NHK.

“Doctor Shintaro Kikuchi tracked the weights of 245 children aged from 4 to 6 in 2 kindergartens in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture. The results show an average weight increase of 0.81 kilograms over the past year through June. The increase for children in the same age group the previous year was 3.1 kilograms.”

Mochizuki has an update:

Another doctor gives a comment about this.

@GoodBye_Nuclear [Translated Tweet, Emphasis Added]

Dr.Kikuchi states it may be because children can’t play outside, they lost muscles. However, mothers testify their children don’t say they are hungry anymore. It’s very unusual. Some of the children have grown only by 500g through the year [1.1 pounds].

Published: November 7th, 2011 at 2:55 pm ET


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22 comments to NHK: Fukushima children not growing in weight, average increase down 75% — Doctor says “very unusual”… some gained only 1 pound in year

  • ocifferdave

    If this is true for the kids at Fukushima then it is proportionately true for the kids on the West Coast USA. I talk with my wife about Puerto Rico vs West Coast everyday…even after we seem to fall asleep I suddenly say in the night silence of our dark room “Puerto Rico”. We laugh at ourselves for being so nurotic. But there is a reason, isn’t there?

    • Al-Chemisto

      you are not neurotic. neurotic is worrying about things you discover later were in your own head. Fuku/WC[Rad] is not in your head.

    • I do not believe you realize the gravity of your situation.

    • alasanon

      Make a move! It’s your kids. You clearly have recognized the danger from the beginning–can’t believe you are still there? I think the U.S. Virgin Islands sound pretty good!…

      • alasanon

        They do get a lot of storms down there. I expect that Canary Island volcano tsunami in a year or so (since Fukushima, North Anna & Irene didn’t really wipe us out yet in the East). Just my theories, anyway… You could take a “gap year” with the kids for enrichment. Everything’s changing anyway!

      • ocifferdave

        Canary Island Tsunami…I thought of that. Anvil Mountain would be a good place to learn how to drive to in a hurry on Puerto Rico.

    • bmurr bmurr

      Dave, I imagine myself in your situation. I have two very young children. I probably would not move. I have family across the country, and I would strongly consider moving. But at the end of the day, I would probably stay put on the west coast. It’s bad, but It’s not Japan bad.
      With that said, My wife and I are both clear on this – If millstone, Indian point, or Vermont Yankee have any signs of a melt down – we are in the car, and headed west. We’ll sort things out later…
      I will not sit by the TV and listen to the BULLSH*T that is fed to the public during these events. That’s what they are counting on. The national emergency broadcast test on Nov 9th is the centralization of the propaganda machine. That’s how they get away with it. Go google/youtube videos of news coverage of Chernobyl, or TMI, and next time you ask “how do they think they can get away with this?” your answer will be that they have done it so successfully in the past.

      • ocifferdave

        If everybody could at the very least have your exit strategy, we would be very very well off.

        Here’s a quick get out of dodge with a lot of clothes in a small bag tip:


  • Novamind

    Thus Mankind begins to Evolve into our cousins from the future The Grays.

    • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

      Yes. I always believed that The Grays were humans from the future. They probably perform human mutilations to figure out why we were so stupid.

  • Way Way too much doom and gloom on this website.

    …japanese children always smaller than other races…is a statistical fact.

    …unfortuantely many other races gonna grow smaller too….thanks to fukyoushima.

    So when are the world wars starting already?

    I bought a years supply of Orville Redenbacher’s low fat popcorn.


    red red wine

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Children who are developing major organ structures will not grow well in a fallout area. Life itself does not flourish in hotzones because the body cannot take the strain. Imagine raising a family inside a bubble while eating benzene coated food. Your children would not grow well. Being bombarded with radioactive particles that go right through walls can’t help the chances of healthy infants being born. 2 years before the massive pile of poo hits the windmill where exposure damage will become an epidemic.

  • Clocka

    Similar to what happened to the children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    The only thing is, for such kids the exposure ended in a day or two. The kids of Koriyama are still receiving the exposure as of this moment.

  • Spock, beam these kids up and give them a complete physical on the Star Trek ship..

    It seems to be fairly obvious that doctors here on Earth do not seem smart enough to see cause and effect. Medical doctors should be leading the charge to make the truth known and warn people about radiation exposure, harm caused by radiation, testing patients for radiation, etc.

    Maybe it will take some UFO kinds of people like you to tell the truth, and be logical.

    Could you beam up some of these government and nuclear ‘experts’ and have a meeting in an airlock with them? Let them know you will not stand for lies anymore, when the future of the whole human race hangs in the balance.

    After all, you know better than anyone that money is not worth anything in the grand scheme of things, and especially when looking at things for seven future generations into the future.

  • Clocka

    I am amazed why few people here do not bother to check existing accounts of real radiation exposures at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which are quite well documented at the moment contrary to Chernobyl which was ‘classified’ until a few years later.

    Some kids will grow up. Others probably won’t, but by now it’s too late to change that.

  • byron byron

    Thanks AGreenRoad, Doesn’t anyone know where the tepco aliens hive? Spock would need that info to start the beam up.

  • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

    Do you think now that the country will become a radioactive wasteland that they could stop using those annoyingly cute illustrations?

  • desert_lady desert_lady

    …heartbreaking… How can it be that pediatricians are ignoring this? Wouldn’t they be the first educating themselves on what to watch for in their patients after a nuclear accident? WHERE ARE THEY?

    On a different note, somebody linked to an article about a travel writer who visited the Chernobyl exclusion zone and focused on changes to the mammals. Whoever it was thank you.–My-Primeval–Teeming–Irradiated-Eden.html?page=all

    I found a bit of hope here: “There are strains of mice (who have developed) resistance to radioactivity—-meaning they’ve developed heritable systems to repair damaged cells… They took probes from the Red Forest and re-created the conditions here at the lab, then started giving the mice food laced with cesium and strontium… They’ve found sensitivity to ionization, which results in certain tumors, and some of this passes down through the genes. But they’re also finding HERITABLE RADIATION RESISTANCE—which could perhaps be beneficial to humans someday.” (emphasis mine)

    Will life eventually overcome radiation? Will humankind? Have you ever thought this was possible? Wow I sure didn’t! It’s not over yet, people!