Shock? Major US paper runs pro-nuke editorial claiming Fukushima survived earthquake… AND tsunami! — Says US should not close ‘reliable’ US nuclear plants

Published: December 13th, 2011 at 2:59 pm ET


Editorial: Japan’s nuclear meltdown shouldn’t close U.S. plants, USA Today, Dec. 12, 2011:

Some interesting excerpts (Emphasis Added)

  • The Japanese nuclear power plant catastrophe that transfixed the world in March has dropped down the list of things to lose sleep over
  • For all its drawbacks, nuclear power remains an indispensable part of the U.S. energy mix, reliably providing about 20% of the nation’s electricity with little to none of the greenhouse gas emissions
  • Japanese regulators apparently never thought that a tsunami would knock out the plant’s emergency electric supply
  • At first, the Japanese plants survived the earthquake and even the tsunami that followed
  • When flooding knocked out the plant’s badly located backup electricity supply, the reactors lost cooling water and began to melt down
  • Reassuringly, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has been focusing on the electricity problem
  • Plants now typically have just four hours of backup power
  • The Fukushima plant was without power for several days
  • The commission is mulling new requirements, but it’s anywhere from two to four years from implementing new rules for U.S. nuclear power plants to forestall a Fukushima-style disaster
  • That seems unnecessarily leisurely
  • If history proves anything, it’s that nuclear power is a reliable part of the U.S. energy mix only to the extent that Americans are confident it’s safe

Though USA Today fails to mention it, most media outlets have been reporting for weeks/months now about mounting evidence that the earthquake caused the meltdowns:

  • [intlink id=”japan-journalist-tepco-not-telling-truth-blacking-out-key-documents-evidence-mounting-fukushima-meltdowns-caused-by-quake-would-delay-reactor-restarts-by-years” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”bloomberg-helps-tepco-reminds-reactor-damaged-releasing-radiation-quake-before-tsunami-hit” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”bloomberg-fukushima-began-releasing-radiation-before-tsunami-indicative-structural-damage-reactors-during-quake-scientists-contradicts-official-assertions” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”tepco-quake-not-tsunami-may-have-caused-damage-that-led-to-meltdown-within-16-hours-no-1-reactor-core-had-melted-and-created-a-hole-in-pressure-vessel” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
Published: December 13th, 2011 at 2:59 pm ET


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66 comments to Shock? Major US paper runs pro-nuke editorial claiming Fukushima survived earthquake… AND tsunami! — Says US should not close ‘reliable’ US nuclear plants

  • stock

    Here is the list of just Civilian nuclear accidents.

  • Bobby1

    “You see, Junior, Fukushima proves that nuclear power is safe! Now, go back and finish eating your cesium.”

  • goathead goathead

    This is pure media backwash!!!!!
    A Tsunami of filthy backwash lies!!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    USA Today..YOU ARE A PACK OF LIARS…and complicit to Crimes Against Humanity….
    Second rate journalists and MORONS.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    I think this is just a prelude to the lobby wars we’ll see in California over the next months…it’s gonna be hard.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    It’s USA Toady, isn’t it?

  • or-well

    When this headline came up I was listening to children laughing and giggling on their way home from school.

    Preserve what we have so they have a future.

    What we DON’T need to preserve is bullshit Mainstream Media with it’s compromised hacks, shills and uncritical repeaters.

  • God

    People who run enenews should be this story up

    “Monkeys to Track Fallout at Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant”

  • bc

    I stopped reading that crap a long time ago. I scroll down to the comments and pull what feels to be true out of them, thanks guys. I think JB is totally onto something My rainwater isotope is POWERFUL mostly Beta and very short lived 45 min half life. I have posted this before no one commenting? It’s there every time where ever i go not iodine not ceseum. Rain is rain this is what we are looking for. HELP

  • bc


    I think it is Bismuth 213 which can be created by using a particle accelerator on radium. Short half life means we need a global particle accelerator. I saw with my own eyes 891 CPM (10 min count)

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      BC, where are you located? I’m on the West Coast near San Francisco. Nose bleeds for the first time a few days ago — lasted for two days. Also have swollen lymph glands in my neck, and had a sore throat. It’s starting to go away now that the jet stream has moved away from us here. We got a little rain; about .1 inches on Sunday night.

  • Auntie Nuke

    EVERYONE – go comment on the USA Today site.

  • bc

    I will not post again if no interest is taken by u here on this theory. I will keep watching intently though.

  • bc

    U being everyone not you auntie i have never blogged before.

  • or-well

    Hi bc,
    try the Discussion Thread called
    “Post your radiation monitoring data here.”

    This doesn’t seem to be a “busy” thread.
    Good luck.

  • bc

    I’m going to go live instead, the thread is there. Thanks though. I will be watching very closely, I’m extremely grateful for the REAL NEWS HERE. Those who make it their everything may experience sudden loss when the computer stops computing for us. Make local connections. Civilian monitoring. People need proof, because its invisible get your geiger counter while you can. The writing is on the wall.

  • They should rename the paper to reflect the low journalistic integrity; Faux News…

    Journalists are trained in how to be impartial and show BOTH SIDES of an argument or scientific debate…

    Yellow journalism consists of spouting off government, religious, corporate propoganda…

    Which one does this article fit into?


  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    USA Today is heavily Republican. They only know how to destroy the environment for the sake of profit to the top 1%.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    The US government will bury its head in the sand and wait for deadlines that are meaningless because they will ignore them anyways. Nuclear power is here to stay due to the fact that there is no way to store it. If an earthquake hit an underground storage area we could see a hydrovolcanic reaction far more catastrophic than Fukushima. A culture of denial leads to heavy casualties.

  • It is interesting that even though this was a pro nuke story they still criticized NRC taking years to implement precautions learned from Fukushima. But the truth is in this article. “Another serious accident could take the U.S. nuclear industry down with it.” Oh the horror! I guess thats whats on everybodies minds when we think nuclear disaster, we don’t care about irradiated children,
    farmland lost for generations, increased cancer rates and lost food sources. Thats just collateral loss. But Sweet Jesus! we can’t have the US nuclear industry go down!

    • americancommntr

      Sorry, the same people have already gotten into the food source. Worst case scenario, world population dies out from GM crops, and the polluted genomes released into the world forever.

  • americancommntr

    It shows how worthless USA Today is as a news source.

    Whoever owns it does not care one whit for their fellow man.

    Weather men make predictions based on known information.

    I’ll make a prediction based on known information.

    Somebody who owns that newspaper will stand in judgement before God someday, and if that person(s) current actions are any indication of future actions, will be sentenced to Hell, for lying, in the highest degree.

  • Hello all, Im new her on this forum! I have been following the ENENEWS and discussions from the very beginning of the Fukushima accidents.
    Today I finally decided to join in.
    I read the USA TODAY article and tried to comment via their Facebook -commenting system. My 10- paragraph antithesis to that editorial was removed after a few minutes. Was it too long, too offensive, or had too much “bullshit”, I don’t know. But If You wish to read my answer to that article it can be found on my Energy blog SOLARWINDPRONET .

      • Nice to hear! Sorry, Anne I was accidentally pressing the report comment button instead of reply button (I first looked the word comment…)I hope the report didn’t leave my computer. Not a good star for discussion!:)

        • …so, not a good START for discussion…

          • arclight arclight

            im about to crash but just caught your post.. interesting bit of research there! keep up the good work!!
            question though? are there lemmings (lemmus lemmus) in finland??
            oh and are there any radiation monitoring stations or blogs on line that can be accessed?? need spectrographic dose charts going back at least a year if possible!! could you post the answer on the radiation monitoring thread on the forums list on the right of the page! i visit there regularly!
            wellcome to enenews! will catch your answer in the morning!

            • Hi! There are lemmings in Finnish Lapland, I just photographed one really brave individual a few hours. It’s called tunturisopuli in Finnish language.
              Icould’t find quickly any others than our national radiation monitoring net web address:
              Fukushima hasn’t been showing much higher levels of radiation here in Finland. In March it brought some Cesium and jodium. In Central Europe things were different. But Chernobyl is still radiating here, mushrooms and fish are to be avoided in some areas (more cesium than in Japan in many places). Me too tired; Peace and Good Night!

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            I’ve had to apologize for hitting the report comment also in the past. It used to be right next to the reply and if you didn’t quite get the arrow in the right place a mistake was made.

            There are so many topics that are such unhappy subjects, it’s a wonder any of us get anything right. Arnie Gundersen assures us all on one of his videos that our comments are making a difference.

    • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

      Welcome NONUKEBOX!
      USA Today has always been Mass-Peasant-Pablum…
      I hope you are Washed in the Blood of the Lamb!
      Thank You for putting together your Writings. You might inspire

      • Thanks! Yeah, He has Washed me. I just try to get discussion started in Finland. Keeping an English written blog is not so easy, but just feel like having a channel open for discussion also people outside Finland could be valuable in the future. I have a sisterblog in Finnish, for those Finns that are not able to understand English. Perhaps some day I’ll find someone discussing there too 🙂

        • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

          Back in the first few months of ENENEWS, there was a Finn character
          posting about your problem nukes up North there. His main thrust
          was to expose the Financial bosses controlling the industry, and he
          hammered on the Roman Papacy Trillionaire manipulators. He says
          this is and was always intentional to cause the Population Reduction.
          You can go back to early archives and see a Ton of good info, links,
          essays….I admire your multi-lingualism. Typical American Peasant, here.

          • Once again I pressed the wrong button -Sorry Elenin V.!
            Word “comment” should perhaps be changed on the button so there would not be so much false reports from the newbeginners…

            I ment to reply: Yes, I remember reading the postings of that Finn earlier. We are really struggling in North-western Finland to stop the planning of a new NPP.

            Lets hope we are getting wiser. And they have quite secretly started a mining uranium in Talvivaara , Northern Finland, almost with no public discussion…

            But now, Good Night!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      I wrote one, too. ‘Am hoping mentioning unpopular and mostly unknown factoids like the harmful effects of DU isn’t enough to get comments banned. (Unknown to the general public, that is.) ‘Tried not to be emotional, even though the “editorial” comments made me angry! Also posted a link to Congressman Markey’s report. If they are truly running a disinfo. operation, they will pull the comments. USA Today forces you to sign into Facebook in order to make a post. Based on this, one can rest assured they’re monitoring who posted what comments.

  • So here is copy-paste what I wrote to reply that article:
    Ten antitheses for the Editorial Board’s Editorial

    1. Nuclear power has greenhouse gas emissions. The mining, enrichening of uranium fuel, building up the plants for years, keeping the plant in “safe” condition, taking care and storaging the used fuel, decommissioning the plants; it all takes enormously energy mainly made up with fossile fuels giving greenhouse gas emissions.
    2. Wind, solar and other renewable forms of energy are NOT a long way to be able to carry the 24/7 load for the world needing safe energy solutions.
    3. Nuclear power makes sense ONLY when one is looking forward to having nuclear weapons and exponentially growing group of other nations having them too, especially the quite poor developing countries. If we continue to use nuclear power, the only fuel available in a few decades is recycled MOX (mixed-oxide plutonium/uranium fuel). If you have couple of nuclear arms scientists available, you can make hundreds of a-bombs of the fuel needed to load only a few reactors. If everything is well planned, it takes about two weeks to make a working nuclear weapon of the recycled nuclear fuel.
    4. Japanese regulators were warned of tsunamis and the consequences they could bring to nuclear facilities. It was too expensive andtook too much work for something that can be ignored too easily by reading the statistics: once in a thousand years, it won’t be now…
    When you think of the unthinkable it will cost money, much money, when dealing with the safety of nuclear power stations and spent fool pools!

  • 5. Nobody knows the damage which was made to North Anna NPPs: the inner structures and hidden pipes can all not be examined. It’s only a good guess to believe that the plant is safe and capable of facing next earthquake or other accident, perhaps more powerful and severe than the previous one.
    6. Talking of NPPs and some hours without electricity is oldfashioned. Fresh studies show that terrorist attacs or violent solar storms can leave large areas without electricity for months, even years! According to a recent US study the propability of suffering a severe long blackout for a single NPP in the USA is about 33% during its economical life of 40 years (according to the report of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory). The scientists have estimated that during the next couple of years there will be several severe solar storms with geoeffects. It could mean 20 – 30 chernobyls or Fukushimas at the same time (on the US soil). But this is like speaking of tsunamis in year 2010 Japan, pure environmental bullshit! (Sorry!)
    Link – IBTIMES.COM:

  • 7.And talking about the Jaczko & Friends disagreement. It is not healthy but when somebody is willing to make things right it always turns out to be rough in nuclear industry (and circles around it, eating at the same table).
    As far as I know having read the news reports and NRC emails published, Jaczko tried to warn US citizens of the severity of Fukushima accident and make NRC to move quickly forward to finding out obvious risks in US nuclear industry, unfolded by the Japan accident. The others may have acted more slowly. Perhaps there is no hurry in nuclear world to find out masses of new safety investment targets right now. After Wednesday we all may be wiser.
    8. If history proofs anything, it’s that nuclear power has caused tens of thousands – maybe hundreds of thousands americans and citizens of other countries to get cancer or some other radiation related illness (caused by the nuclear activities of americans). The testing of nuclear weapons made the way for “peaceful” nuclear power generating.
    No, please don’t get me wrong, there are other nations as well quilty of the same “crime”: Russia, China, Great Britain, France….Iran. All the nuclear weapon producers. And also my own country, Finland, is running four reactors, the fifth is under construction. They are planning to build two more. Nobody worries about Finland being a nuclear weapon power. But when we’ll get Olkiluoto 3 ready, then we can load it with MOX. Some fresh spare MOX fuel is always good to have in storage – and our army has something to smile about. We have plenty of good nuclear scientists…
    I hope that is not the case, but coverups are quite common in nuclear industry.

  • 9. Perhaps before building up new NPPs the Americans should have more information of the consequences of the Fukushima accident for the US territory: radioactive fallout doesn’t respect any geographical borders. You should ask your officials for radiation information about fish being caught on US East Coast (for now and later on). Or taking samples of the soil at mountainious area where the fallout rained down at East Coast. And what to do with the radioactive water and polluted wood and masses of other floating waste of Japan Tsunami that is halfway sailing towards the USA.
    10. Finally, I do agree with the writer that there’s zero margin for (major) error in nuclear power.

    Have you ever met a perfect human being?
    (Neither have I)
    P.S. Sorry for my pure English – I’m used to write Finnish!
    If you want to discuss further of energy issues or ask for details you can visit my new, nonprofitable energy blog SOLARWINDPRONET

  • Well, this POOR English writer goes sleeping. Good Night from wet-snow-Finland

  • Please comment on this article…the link works I just used it…if not try this one:
    Editorial: Japan’s nuke meltdown shouldn’t close U.S. plants

    Please read this article and comment, this guy is a total shill. Its very damaging to have disinfo like this published in such a large periodical. He is completely minimizing and over-simplifying the situation. Lets set his a$$ straight.

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    “reliably” Too funny. The stakes are too high for these unsafe behomoths of “I’ve become death” makers.