NHK chairman named to Tepco board of directors

Published: May 15th, 2012 at 12:39 pm ET


NHK chairman’s appointment to TEPCO board raises eyebrows
AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
May 15, 2012

The appointment of the chairman of Japan’s publicly funded broadcaster to the board of Tokyo Electric Power Co. has raised concerns about its unbiased reporting on the utility and a possible conflict of interest.

[…] a senior NHK official said Sudo’s appointment might raise concerns among viewers about its reporting.

“Why will a top executive of a media organization now join TEPCO, the most important subject of media coverage, among all possible organizations?” the official asked. […]

Yoshihiro Oto, a professor at Sophia University specializing in the media, said Sudo must explain the process in which he decided to accept the position at TEPCO.

“It will be problematic if the public believes that NHK’s coverage is biased,” he said. […]

Published: May 15th, 2012 at 12:39 pm ET


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65 comments to NHK chairman named to Tepco board of directors

  • Ace33

    Not good thought we had no idea before what was going on now we will never know the truth

    • robertsgt40

      “It will be problematic if the public believes that NHK’s coverage is biased,” he said. Ya think? Plume-gate has been covered up from day one. You think this guy didn'y play his role from the get go? This is his reward for murder. And things are about to get much worse.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I assume it will be quite problematic.. as the removal of documentation of the disaster…already shows NHK's bias towards TEPCO and the Japanese government.
    NHK is complicit in the cover up…and Crimes Against Humanity.

  • richard richard

    Shock, no, not at all. I've come to expect the full on corruption and conflict of interest from the nuke dogs. They continue to spit in the face of the concerned public.

    Time to start getting in their face, time to start obstructing their progress. In fact, beyond that time. We need to step this up several notches.

    Nukers will spit in our faces till we are all dead and the planet is a wasted shell.

    It's the destroying all that was good.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @el..thanks for saying this…I added a little shaking of the head.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    “It will be problematic if the public believes that NHK’s coverage is biased,” he said. […]
    should say
    "…was awarded this position BECAUSE NHK's coverage is biased". […]

  • SacxtraTV

    it's a MATH PROBLEM

  • 3C

    I think it might be a good idea. He can head up the clean-up
    crew. Let's hope he is in good health so he can make a worthwhile
    contribution – he will be remunerated handsomely in hell.

  • Urban27

    This shows the corruption.
    Last year I was intensely searching for photos and videos of number three reactor building. I wanted to find out how it could be so broken.
    So I looked at many videos from NHK. I had really difficulty to find almost any pictures of that building. While the others reactors were filmed in long sequences. It was clear that the filmed material was strongly censored. Many times parts in the videos also were blurred out. Like signs and peoples backs.
    So it had a prize – all this media covering ups. NHK have so much material and they could use to show the truth. But instead they TEPCO pays.
    There are one thing with dictatorships – they dont allow truth. It must not be by military force they shut peoples mouths. It can be done in other social systems too.

  • MarcNJ MarcNJ

    Just to devil's advocate… he could be an accountant or a lawyer, which would be a fairly easy transition from one industry to another. And most corporate offices have PR people too. Right about now, I'd want an expert in that position if I were TEPCO.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Marc…consider that the board of directors job is to make sure that the CEO is running the company in a way that maximizes stock price for the shareholders.

      So you are quite right, he could be experienced in all sorts of topic subject choices and at the same time clueless about science or nuclear or anything technical.

      Case in point, the board of directors of Hewlett Packard chose Carly Fiorina as CEO.
      She has a PhD in Shakespeare.
      And, in hind sight, we can see how that lack of technical/business expertise turned out.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Bleep…Did you know that John Kenneth Galbraith came forward to acknowledge that he was the economist in the Iron Mountain story?

      For everyone here, The Report From Iron Mountain book will offer a superb insight in to how the corporate/govt nature of the Fuku mess has been able to happen.

      It does a great job of explaining how and why our war based industrial economy is the way it is.

      A major premise of the book theme is that world peace would offer catastrophic consequences from an economic perspective.
      At least from a capitalist perpetual growth economic model.

      That the Japan govt, regardless of who is "elected", has little if any concern for the health and welfare of the victims of Fuku
      becomes easily explained and understood after one reads Iron Mountain.

      And that all of us are, at best, expendable (in their way of seeing things).

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        That was supposed to go in way below.

      • bleep_hits_blades

        Yes jeff- G. Edw. Griffin wrote about that in his book on money & the Fed,THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND.

        As I recall – the ms REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN, was not intended for publication; but the story is that one of the participants 'leaked' it because his conscience nagged him. So once it was published, the damage-control story was put forward (like by Kath. Graham of the Wash. Post) that, my goodness, 'of course' it was 'just a satire.'

        But J Ken Galbraith in an earlier book review had blatantly stated that it was not 'satire' – that that's the way the elites think, of course (being practical men managing the world for their personal profit just like farmers or bee keepers, etc.) JKG said the sheeple are too dull to be able to understand the ways of those in power & have to be lied to.

        But when leaked, the damage control story of it as a 'satire' was invented.

        I even requested at my local library a copy of that review by Galbraith.

        Later, in the'90s on NPR 'news' there was the damage control blurb, in which the 'just a satire' story was put forward as 'of course' being the truth-& short clips were played of interviews with a couple of the guys who were in that think tank, old men by then, saying, Oh yes, chuckle chuckle it was of course 'just a satire.'

        What I remember most vividly is – what lousy actors they were! Wooden voices, phoney chuckles.

        That clinched it – re NPR being controlled dis-info targeting the educated.

        • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

          I had not followed the JKB part of the story much further.
          As soon as he had acknowledged his presence, that was all I needed.
          The damage control from there is as expected.

          I did give up on NPR many years ago.
          They stick to fluff news and serve to Collie the listeners in to the directions they are told to and clearly AWAY from what really matters.

          What is amazing to me is that NPR has done so much to avoid the nuclear problem, especially in the present sense of it.

          The real irony for me it that there is such a wealth of info about Fuku via RT.

          • bleep_hits_blades

            NPR seems aimed at leftish liberals.

            One of the key purposes of war from the POV of 'our corporate masters' is POPULATION CONTROL.

            Keeping the people off balance in emergency mode is desirable because they are scared & regress, become more childlike, more obedient to authority & more inclined to support govt. & hero-worship govt. figureheads like the pres. & generals.

            During war, govt.s take giant strides towards a more powerful, centralized state. "Temporary" emergency powers are granted which usually become permanent, business as usual; govt. is gradually molded into something else.

            The pres. governs by E.O. & normal civil law is set aside, becomes optional.

            E.O.s btw are totally unconstitutional & yet today the acting POTUS is ruling by exec. order, by edict that is to say.

            War stimulates the economy by creating a demand for goods like munitions & uniforms etc. & the sweetheart deals are awarded to insiders & their pals.

            War also inevitably results in the HIDDEN TAX OF INFLATION. Without the funny money that is created out of nothing as paper or electronic entry, these endless expensive (& profitable for some) wars would just not be possible. The people would see the true cost & just wouldn't support the long wars.

            As it is, the effects on money – inflation, loss of purchasing power, the invisible tax – are delayed & not obviously linked to the cause – creating millions of 'new' unbacked money – or rather it's backed by our…

            • bleep_hits_blades

              …backed by our labor – and with the huge current debt, backed by the labor of yet unborn generations.

              So you can see why they don't really want a 'world without war.'

              You can also see how crooked and rotten to the core govt is… and the schools…. and the mass media… because they all colluded in not telling us this stuff.

              We're the bozos. Why? Because we're the 'deep pocket.'

              Our labor creates wealth. They want our created wealth. Govt. has a monopoly on the legal use of force and a huge infrastructure and it is thus the tool par excellence for parting the sucker from his buck.

    • Rejected, this is an obvious move to control media….
      if you report what we want, you get to "go to heaven" and lead a cushy life on taxpayer and ratepayer shoulders, with no oversight.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Obvious blatant conflict of interest. One thing about the forces of evil – they just never quit tryin'. I hope there is a 'hue and cry' against this appointment, but I doubt there will be. The Japanese people have a lot of submissiveness conditioning to try to break thru, and not a whole lot of time to do it.

    Thanks to enenews for being here (my lifeline), thanks to Admin for doing such a good job running the website, for all of his hours of work and his sound judgment and good humor in dealing with problems, and thanks to all of you for caring and sharing your information and good minds.

  • Max1 Max1

    The best way to keep the people calm while they are being poisoned to DEATH by their own government…
    … Is to hire a Corporate Telecom as your energy spokesman.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    NHK was a sham from the start. They lied the entire time. They continue to lie. Belial himself would be a proud sponsor of NHK and TEPCO's relationship. May the liars all face him in eternal damnation. Once you wed media and large nuclear industry it is impossible to get a divorce.

    • Yep special place in hell for them, however, that doesn't mean we shouldnt fight them and destroy them here on earth.

      • richard richard

        Fight them and destroy them, thats what it's coming down to folks. All these pixels of light are nice inspiration, but really, we need to start pushing the mongrels aside. Else we all die. Action plans welcomed.

        I'm hoping to make it to an anti-nuke meeting tonight, got to finished work early to get there on time. That's my first step.

        Too much time has been lost.

        • richard richard

          I've just contact work, taking the day off. It's far more important to get to this meeting, work was just going to get in the way.

          It's 14 months and probably 40 years late, but I think we've got to get out there and start actioning actions (like my corp speak there 🙂 )

          I'll keep a post on progress from this side.

  • MarcNJ MarcNJ

    "The government will take the lead in trying to turn around TEPCO’s operations by investing 1 trillion yen in the embattled utility through the Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund in July.

    TEPCO will effectively come under state control as the government acquires a majority of voting rights in the company."

    It makes sense that they are putting different people in place. Whether you see it as a conflict of interest or not, in any country where the government owns a part or whole of a company, they have their own people in place. If you own a controlling interest in a company, you should have a say in who is running it.

    • Lilly

      "TEPCO will effectively come under state control as the government acquires a majority of voting rights in the company."

      yup indeed:

      The Japanese government will take a controlling stake in Tokyo
      Electric Power (Tepco) in return for a one trillion yen ($12.5bn;
      £7.8bn) taxpayer bailout.

      Trade Minister Yukio Edano approved the business plan on Wednesday.

      9 May 2012

      we knew this was in the pipeline from the get-go months ago, right? however, one can hope the govt will step up something succinct in handling matters. then again, i've never been accused of a Pollyanna mindset either, i'm as cynical as ever. for the sakes of every living soul there and worldwide, i hope my cynicism is full of holes, and they prove me wrong.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    "They kept repeating, as if in a mantra, the same refrain I had heard throughout the trip: as long as our trees, our waters, our air and our mountains are alive, we too shall be fine."

    This NY Times writer must have never heard of a place called Chernobyl, where "fruit orchards are heavy with unpicked, radioactive fruit that is left rotting on the branches.",1518,411285,00.html

    That should be radioactive trees, radioactive waters, radioactive air and radioactive mountains for the known present and future of Fukushima.

    More deadly lies. Guess the NY Times will just run an "apology" when the dead bodies of children are piling up, like they did after getting the helping the gov't with that phony "weapons of mass destruction" project. They have no mercy for innocent children.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      oops, don't know how that happened, the above was a response to the NYTimes posted on General Discussion thread:

      May 15, 2012 at 1:52 pm · Reply
      From NY Times Op Ed – Cherry Blossoms in Fukushima
      By NASSRINE AZIMI Published: May 16, 2012 HIROSHIMA, JAPAN

      Beautifully written .. made me cry.

      • irradiatedinbako

        @NoNukes .. the last lines you quote were not from NYT author but from the Japanese people themselves he spoke to and in reference to how beautiful Fuku w its ancient cherry trees were.

        After this quote you highlight here (rather out of context) the author says "Precisely" .. which I took to mean that as long as those folks can still find beauty and solace in their homeland .. they are alive. When that stops …

        He was praising their spirit and resolve. Not denying the reality of Fuku Daiichi at all and very compassionate to Japanese mother's concern about not traumatising children w radiation dangers bc that should be handled by the adults.
        Still chokes me up.

        Apologies OT to this thread .. but wanted to respond to NN's comments which were accidentally posted here.

    • arclight arclight

      They have no mercy for innocent children

      great point no nukes

      but lots of people do! 😉 this will be the year for the children of fukushima and maybe the childrens of chernobyl and khazakstan too!

      we do not forgive!
      we do not forget!
      we are anonymous! (err sort off)

      nhk helped to ban ms mutos video on tokyobrowntabbies channel as well as other great videos showing tepguv corruption and the childrens point of view to contrast..

      bad nhk!!
      bad tepco!!

      oops! aren`t they the same thing??????

  • cyc

    Not exactly a surprise, but still … hahahah 😀

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Yes, el, pretty much ALL centers of power are controlled. The two political parties are sock puppets, or more accurately, perhaps, akin to two cooperating organized crime 'families.'

    The other thing that most people don't realize is that to the elites we mean NOTHING, we are like livestock – 'useless eaters.'

    This info is very frightening and people reject it because it is just too devastating. So our 'defense mechanisms' work to help the power elite.

    For those who haven't checked it out, REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN offers a glimpse into their real thought processes and modus operandi.

    But if we needed any proof that to them we are totally expendable 'useless eaters', the Fukushima debacle has given it to us.

    They are hanging us all out to dry.

    • Good points, however, they do know in their hearts that they need us cattle, however even a rancher wouldn't treat his cattle this badly.

      • Holland Holland

        As far as i know they only need half one billion of us cattle.

      • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

        "however even a rancher wouldn't treat his cattle this badly." Correct if he needed us all.

        Robots are now *sex partners in music videos & are being *pushed as the next common sense step in technology. *they…The "" are trying to ensure that we have feelings for robots so that we encourage & accept their use. But then oopps by the time people realize what happened …that most of us cattle will no longer be needed. We will be replaced by robots & do you think that those of us that area no longer needed will live on social assistance until our death? Of course not.

        THEY are pushing robots… WE need to stop this push becasue it is the children & grandchildren that will no longer be needed. And no longer allowed to live out a normal life. They say it becasue they no longer will need to put up with us cattle & our demands & expense when we become ill.

        This is also why you will see in the news more often now is assisted death. The "" will ensure that it is something that we will accept as kind & loving & generous to let someone die in peace ect. So that when we are draining the system becasue of cancers ect. there will be NO backlash when we are put out of our misery.

      • bleep_hits_blades

        Stock, they don't need us as much as they did.

        With nanotechnology, bots, and automated production (advances are well beyond what is in the open literature in most areas) they need far fewer workers. They see the planet entering a new phase. Now they want to get rid of many millions of us 'useless eaters' and re-wild large portions of the globe, making all but the high density cities and corridors between them off-limits to the masses.

        The world is supposed to be their oyster and we will be crammed into high density areas and work for peanuts, basically – and not know anything else – will have our toys and amusements – not be allowed to reproduce without permit, etc. No 'wild reproduction' permitted among humans. Manager class will have better status & pay, more perks.

        This will be the 'new normal'. That is the plan anyway. As per the infamous Georgia Guidestones, and many many pronouncements and discussions among the elites.

      • bleep_hits_blades

        Stock see my comment to you below.

    • richard richard

      Hi bleep, I've said it before, I believe we are up against organized crime here. And they perform any level of crime to hold their power. They are the and they will kill everything for-profit.

      (good to hear from you too, after that crazy weekend. But I don't wish to open old wounds, if you get my drift)

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Bleep, it really changes your point of view on everything, once you "get" they consider us useless eaters. Yep.

      • bleep_hits_blades

        Exactly Richard. Govt. is not like' organized crime; it IS organized crime. The big corporations & big government.

        And yes, ho taters – in fact 'useless eaters' is THEIR phrase. That is one of their biggest, most urgent goals. Planetary de-population.

        This passive standing by & letting us all get polluted & sick with radiation is being done to further this goal.

        I do wonder though (as do many others here I am sure) if they are just fouling the planetary nest beyond the saving of it. They are smart; & they troll the universities for the best brains to hire in all fields. But basically they are fundamentally irrational (which we all are in my opinion, more guided by emotions & genetically inborn behavioral tendencies than by Dr. Spock-like reason & logic). So now that we as a species have so much power, with our technologies, we are like the Sorcerer's apprentice, the bull in the china shop.

        Also I have read that the Rothschilds have been interbreeding for many generations – weakening their stock; also many of these top guys are sociopaths (or in that ballpark) & have little if any conscience, compassion, or remorse.

        We are talking 'a kind of crazy.'

        So maybe they have screwed up beyond saving things this time. Certainly it looks like it will be a close call.

        "That which I most feared has come upon me." I've seen it coming for years. I really feel for all of the young people & children.

        I don't mean to pontificate. But – knowledge is power…

        • richard richard

          hi blade. repsectfully i'd rather not get into the de-population thing, for me it's not the initial objective, if any.

          for me, i've wondered how things have become so screwed up. without going into the details you probably know what i mean.

          then what i started to realise is mindset that parallels criminal behaviour in trying to get an advantage over others, no matter what it costs. always to ensure their own feathered nest and indulgent lifestyle.

          i'm trying to make this short.

          the organised crime groups like the mafia and yakuza would hold vast wealth, but constant under constant barrage. use the megaa wealth to buy legitimate corporate fronts. use those corporate fronts to sponsor and lobby politicians. the politician is bond to the highest bidder. the most corrupt will be the highest bidder, as they have the most 'liquid' funds available.

          when said corporation bends or breaks the rules, should they get caught (or the 'media' hears about it), the corporate can leverage the politician, the regulators, the legal systems.

          once everyone is bought, there is no turning back, the whole becomes an incestuous clan, feeding of each others lies.

          that's what i think we face today.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Sudo's appointment is only the tip of the proverbial, it seems.

    "Possibly the most contentious selection is that of former chairman, president and CEO of GE Japan, and senior deputy president of U.S. conglomerate General Electric Corp., Yoshiaki Fujimori, currently president of JS Group Corp."

    • irradiatedinbako

      @aigeezer .. Thanks for posting that Enformable piece to this thread. Also not posted here is NHK's assertion that Sudo has no control over broadcasting recs and he is parttime director (otherwise ineligible for Tepco post) and NHK actually lists another person in that position as "acting director."

      • irradiatedinbako

        Sorry .. wanted to add that it is still a controversial appt.

        • richard richard

          Yeah, it seems the storm of public opinion, especially from the blog community, is grossly ignored, a slap in the face really. What do you think, do we all mean much?

          • irradiatedinbako

            @Richard .. do we all mean much? Pheww .. when I saw this last nite thought .. uh no .. not for me as a relative newcomer to comment! I have been considering and actually do have some opines .. but I will take them to the off topic board later.

            Take care.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Smoldering reactors is a world problem, and needs to be dealt with from the outside. And reporting needs to be transparent. Other nations need to get in there and not be weasels.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Well, somehow I don't think the elites are very worried about us masses. After all, look at all the elites have dished out to us in the past century of unnecessary wars and inflation and designer diseases, chem-trails, poisons in our food and water, the growing police/surveillance state… not to mention all the nuke plants and bombs… and where are we…?

    Why, smack dab in front of our idiot boxes, watching creepy Satanic music videos, girls in bikinis, and sit-coms.

    Wow, are those elites ever shakin' in their boots…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Another bothersome thing to contemplate is that we have no idea of the true state of the development/advancement of so many technology, weaponry, and surveillance technologies, as what is published in the open literature is quite a bit, probably decades, behind where their science and capabilities actually are.

    I think it's not farfetched to see us (the people, the 'resistance') as being out-weaponed out-technologied to a degree comparable to that by which the USG & Cavalry had the American Indians out-weaponed/out-technologied.

    I think of that odious phrase used in the disgustingly unjustified attack on Iraq – Shock & Awe, wasn't it? Oh how I
    despise using these clever little phrases to describe unprovoked aggression, invasion, & genocide – with some of the most toxic polluting weapons ever devised, depleted uranium artillery.

    It just makes one want to cry, & also – talk about the profitability of war – how long is it now that the USA as the deep pocket attack dog of the NWO has been involved in one so called 'war' after another against key king-pin counties that have location &/or resources that the NWO moguls want to seize & control.

    & the bozo lab-rat public sits in front of the tube, munching GMO-laced carcinogenic fast food, giving their kids mercury-laced inoculations, sending their kids to propaganda-mill so-called 'schools', and being chem-trailed into – we don't really know what.

    I don't mean to rant but it is all true, alas.

  • Money is the biggest conspiracy on the planet. Business, government and the people all conspire to make money the most important thing in life.

    It's all US. WE are the problem. WE are the solution.

    WE need to create an alternative system to money.