“Shock & Outrage”: Japan TV host reveals being told he cannot discuss nuclear power until pivotal Tokyo election ends — “Somebody needs to bring these issues into the media” — #2 in trending news

Published: January 23rd, 2014 at 9:54 pm ET


TokyoReporter’s tweet, Jan. 22, 2014: Radio host Peter Barakan says broadcasters told him to avoid nuclear issues till after poll

Japan Times, Jan. 22, 2014: Freelance TV and radio commentator Peter Barakan said he was pressured by two broadcast stations to steer clear of nuclear power issues on his programs until after the Tokyo gubernatorial election on Feb. 9, causing concern among some about possible media censorship. [He] mentioned the “requests” on his live show Monday but didn’t identify the stations. Nor did he say when or why the requests were made. […] In no time, listeners were posting comments, particularly on Twitter, expressing their shock and outrage at the possible restraint on freedom of speech. […] he hosts several other news and music shows on radio and TV, including for NHK. […]  Backed by popular ex-Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, another outspoken critic of nuclear power, a Hosokawa victory could deal a severe blow to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s drive to […] restart the nation’s reactors […]

Barakan on Monday: “I have been told by two stations (other than InterFM) not to touch on the nuclear issue until the gubernatorial election is over, even though the campaign has not officially kicked off.”

Barakan on Wednesday: “What happened was, I made a very casual comment on my program, and I didn’t anticipate how overheated Twitter was going to get […] It took me a little by surprise. It’s gone a little bit too far. I probably made the wrong comment […] But somebody needs to bring these issues into the media. I probably should’ve done it in a different way.”

See also: [intlink id=”report-tepco-paid-creation-blacklist-actors-musicians-against-nuclear-industry” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 23rd, 2014 at 9:54 pm ET


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94 comments to “Shock & Outrage”: Japan TV host reveals being told he cannot discuss nuclear power until pivotal Tokyo election ends — “Somebody needs to bring these issues into the media” — #2 in trending news

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    The truth will be told: non-stop, continually, perpetually, endlessly, forever.

    And btw, The National Academy Of Sciences reports "all radiation is harmful".


  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Live now Fukushima and the beginning of the new order
    I'm watching now
    On every nite
    Very informative
    Good addition to this site for those of us that are learning or knowing
    A bit blurry

    Sent from my F-iPad

    • American Phoenix57

      Great LIVE link! Thank You Clamshellernh.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        American ph.. Thank you I have been listening to him for quite some time
        I know he's a bit hard to follow for some as it's live and all
        But every night at ten est
        I would encourage folks to watch his stuff as I already know many here do as I watch the conversations and hear his stuff being regurgitated in a good way .

        • loneranger loneranger

          Dana is good, but still suffers cognitive dissonance as do most of us. Very difficult to understand the Fuku nightmare is the tool chosen by the oligarchy to cull the useless feeders, that would be us. And there it is. The question is what are you going to do about it? (assuming you can wrap your mind around that grisly fact).

    • artika rama

      After all that discussion yesterday over "dana" i HAD to give him a second chance and started watching a video of his ,, untill he started saying that " he would be fine with china dropping a nuclear bomb on the heads of japanese bla bla "",, ,,,, thats where i stopped ,,, sooo ,, sorry ,, i tried ,, couldnt watch it 🙁
      i guess i ll never be a dana fan 😉

      • He has a style much like Kevin Blanch and Alex Jones.. kind of raw and adult language sometimes.

        They are not for everyone.. They are pissed off and mad as H(##.

        They are not going to take it anymore.

        So sometimes it gets heated and the language gets crude…

        But when you are trying to wake people up, or fight trolls who do nothing but lie and deceive, sometimes that is what it takes.

        Certainly not for everyone, but maybe the way to listen is to 'forgive' the 'lapses' of civility and 'normalcy' with these two.

        • Remember, these individuals are ALL human, and may say things that are not true, or correct, or accurate.. They may disagree with each other and attack others in the anti nuclear movement.

          No one is perfect.

          Take what you like, and leave the rest.

          Pick and choose, but don't destroy or attack the messenger..

          They are all important.

          We can agree to disagree on the finer points.

          We are all in this together.

          • artika rama

            dr goodheart Excuse me but i am not in anything together with anyone who thinks nuking a country is fine . We differ at this point .
            WHats next ? how about raping and killing children ? is that OKE ?? if youa re really ,, realllyyy pissed and angry and mad ?? maybe then ??
            one either has some values or not ,, cant change that right?

        • artika rama

          dr goodheart I can surely understand that one gets pissed off and mad as hell ,, i am pissed off and mad as well ,, but the anger is totally misplaced isnt it ?
          I can never justify dropping nuke on japan no matter how pissed off or mad i get . I think there must be something seriously wrong with someone to even suggest that .

        • deaddolphins simonhhh

          Dr Goodheart…well said…
          Dana was an "undersea diver" for 14 years…he's mad as hell alright; about the ongoing destruction of the North Pacific Ocean amongst other things…he has trolls and Hackers constantly attacking his work…He gets irate and occasionally lapses into expletives… but mostly stays on message…one of the few determined presenters that shows some TRUE emotion for what we all see as a slow moving ELE…As opposed to sitting in muted silence "as Rome burns"…still not everyone's "cup of tea", but I say good on him!

          • artika rama

            simonhh I am sorry simonhh but there is no way i could justify someone even remotely suggesting a nuke attack on japan ,, what you wrote above is so wrong in so many levels that i cant even begin to explain .
            Specially on this forum trying to defend even the idea of a nuke attack , is beyond anything i can put into words.

            Then i can only say i am glad he is "not my cup of tea"

            • deaddolphins simonhhh

              Artika rama…sometimes he talks figuratively and off into "ya ya land" venting, I guess…I tend to flick through this stuff…Just as an aside…I "totally agree" with you…This idea has been posed to qualified commentators like Dr Busby, Arnie Gunderson etal…Nuking Japan/Fuku would be an unmitigated disaster…the massive spread/fallout of ionizing radionuclide in the Northern Hemisphere would advance ELE dramatically…best regards

              • artika rama

                simonhh "' Nuking Japan/Fuku would be an unmitigated disaster…the massive spread/fallout of ionizing radionuclide in the Northern Hemisphere would advance ELE dramatically…best regards"'

                That s not why we shouldnt nuke japan ,, we shouldnt nuke japan because its going to kill millions of innocent japanese people ,, !!!!!THAT !!!!!! should be the reason why we shouldnt do it ,,
                I hope i am not alone on this one.

      • bo bo

        Dr. Goodheart, it's weird how these things work… I support kevin blanch wholeheartedly and it never bothers me when he curses the japanese for what they did / do, because I can tell he sees the big picture and that he obviously feels for the japanese people to. I absolutely love that guy.
        But some might communicate in that same coarse style and they leave me totally alienated, and often offended. I agree with artika on this one about the comment that Dana makes.

        I guess the majority here feel 'aaaaaw, get over it, we're just trying to get our point across, so to hell with your political correctness' – but perhaps a good parallel for Americans to consider imagining is a situation where someone shoves photos of abu grahb or guantanamo or something atrocious to one of the sick navy sailors and tells them coldly 'you guys deserve this radiation sickness, you're part of the problem.' ( and yes, I do recall seeing several such coldhearted posts even here on enenews)

        And I'll take my comment off the air here, don't feel like going into mudfights anymore.

        • bo bo

          Typo – he obviously feels for the japanese people too

          • artika rama

            bo just to make it clear , i am neither japanese nor american ,, just a NORMAL person who has ABSOLUTELY ZERO tolerance for ANY form of agression or discrimination , never mind nuking a whole country killing millions .
            I care for EVERY human being,, american or japanese or whatever. ANd i strongly believe Thats how we all should be .
            This is my philosophy , obviously not everyone agrees with me on this but there is DEFINTELY ,, ABSOLUTELY ,, SURELY ,,NO WAY i can step back even a single step .
            I have seen more than enough suffering and killing in this world ,, and thats one of the reasons i am here ,, and if any of us are not feeling the same way ,,then i suggest we should reevaluate why we are even here on this site .

            • bo bo

              I agree with u artika 🙁

              • artika rama

                bo thansk bo 🙂 I just hope i dont ever have to discuss "nuking "a country as an option for ANYTHING ,, specially not on this site.:)
                Its very late on my part of the planet ,, have to go ,,
                Take good care and thanks for your support 🙂

                • bo bo

                  I know. Kevin Blanch curses more than any of them and yet he would never suggest such a thing, even 'for the purpose of getting the point across'. Kevin is the real deal and he can curse as much as he wants, I still support him and love him all the more for his 'sailor mouth.' I feel guarded against Dana or even Alex Jones. But beggars can't be choosers, at least they're talking. 🙁

                • name999 name999

                  artika, that was so important to clarify. It is not cursing or the way the message is delivered, it is what the message is. Dropping nukes on Japan to fix this mess is obviously insane.

                  Thank you many times artika, so glad to connect with you on this site and grateful for your wisdom, patience and knowledge.

                  • name999 name999

                    love Kevin Blanch by the way…

                    • artika rama

                      name999 Thanks name999 the feeling is mutual ,i would hope i was half of those claims 🙂 wise patient and knowledgable :)but thanks anyway 🙂
                      i love kevin too ,, been supporting him for long 🙂 a real hard core activist .
                      peace my friend:)

        • artika rama

          Just to clarify ,,Its not the coarse language , or cursing , thats bugging me ,, not the slang ,,I can also curse the whole fukuing time agianst these bastard motherfukuing criminal murdering evil fuktards.. See i can do that too ,,
          its just the fact that even here , amongst the antinuke activists , we are discussing whether nuking a country or even thinking about it is an option ,
          That is seriously , intrinscily ,PATHOLOGICALLY wrong !!! . SOmehow i seem to be alone on this one and everyone is trying to find excuses to to divert the focus from that ,, till now i got a few
          that people are stresssed and they are VENTING
          that because they are angry they use COARSE LANGUAGE
          that its FIGURATIVE specch
          Sorry , no way around this ,,, no matter how many excuse you can find , I cannot accept that we are even discussing / defending it.
          EVen considering a NUKE attack ,discussing even the remote possibility of it , on any country ,, and SPECIALLY HERE ,, amongst the antinuke activits ,,is SO WRONG that my english is not good enough to express my feelings.
          These kinds of ideas makes me loose my faith in humanity .
          And so many trying to defend that ?
          Jeeezus , I just sit here and look at the computer screen with my jaw dropped to the ground in shock . nothing else i can say .
          Didnt you people learn ANYTHING ???

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            artika rama. I wish you would stop slandering the antinuke community. No one who is anti nuke wants to use nukes for anything. Your straw arguments are totally insulting.

            • artika rama

              anne my arguments are not against the whole antinuke community but only against the ones (i have been discussing here) defending even the possibility of a nuke attack on japan .
              That s the discussion about . i am sorry if i insulted anyone who is against nukes ,, that is not my intention ,, i have no problem with those people ,, my only problem is the ones who are defending it . Nobody who is against use of nuke weapons should be offended including yourself.
              Must be a misundertsanding.
              In short i am not aginst antinuke movement ,, infact i am antinule myself , and that why i am here ,, i am against people who would even consider , or defend the idea of a nuke attack against japan .

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              Thank you Anne the anti nuke community was quite large in the late seventies early eighties when these damn plants wrer being built , seabrook had over seventy thousand people show up to one of the first demonstrations . It opened the eyes of many to the dangers . I ask why would we not want folks to stand up again . Shills

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Why are you on this thread all you do is argue off topic
            I know I'm not supposed to feed the trolls here but it just pisses me off every time I look at the comments it's all argument . And of course those annoying smily FAces . Enough you are ruining this site . Do some research bring something to the table , your still prattling on again today . Yesterday was teeth , today well I really feel I've seen it all as far a shills go . So I ask kindly take this ot stuff to off topic discussion .

            • artika rama

              clamshellmh :)I just replied ANne s message ,, its right above mine if you look ,, thats why i am on this thread ,, it was a direct message to me .:)
              i am not a troll 🙂 nor a shill:) You shouldnt blame anyone a shill when you dont hav any argument against them 🙂 That makes you look stupid 🙂
              when people start talking about teeth i talk about teeth 🙂 it wasnt just me :)they asked i replied 🙂
              Just like now your message is directed to me so i reply here to you :)its off topic cause your question is off topic 🙂 If you wouldnt ask this stupid question i wouldnt be here having a stupid off topic discussion with you 🙂
              i like smiley faces :)I dont like personal attacks 🙂

              • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                Well if your not my dear , you should be . Look it up because you fit the profile . Maybe I am the only one who dare say anything . Anyhow I'm done with this . Don't bother replying . I'm changing my name here so I don't come under attack anymore .

                • artika rama

                  i thought you attacked me 🙂 oops 🙂
                  better change your character as well while at it , only changing your name wont do it 🙂

    • utahruss utahruss

      Well the kids in America are GETTING IT. We need to spread this little song and dance to all the kids around the world!!!


    • whatamessa

      does this coverup smell like U.S.A.involvement to anyone?!

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    What everyone can do is to be sure they are prepared. Make sure your relatives are prepared. Your families and outer neighborhood friends. Your community. Knowledge is powerful, if it is used correctly. Share it now. Spread Enenews around as much as possible in a quickening way.


  • ss.minnow

    If things truly are what they appear to be then I can't possibly conceive any realistic plan that could save myself let alone those I love. I would speculate that flies may likely do quite well. Ya know you really get a good kinda feeling when you listen to the eagles song Dust in the wind. You just can't deny it.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Dust in the wind
      Bad company too

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      you're right ss minnow…but I think the band is Kansas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH2w6Oxx0kQ

      • Gasser Gasser

        Dust in the Wind~~~

        Gist listen here first



        I close my eyes,
        only for the truth and the moment's gone.

All my Nuclear fears
        pass before my eyes with curiosity.

Dust in the wind,
        all we are is dust in the wind.

Same old scientific bullshit song,
        just a drop of Cesium in an endless sea.

All they do pollutes the ground,
        though we refuse to see.

        Dust in the wind,
        We are now radioactive dust in the wind.

        Don't hang on,
        Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky.

It slips away,
        All your money won't another minute buy.

        Dust in the wind,
        All we are is dust in the wind.

        Now don't hold on
        No reactors lasts forever polluting the Earth and sky.

        As all humanity slips a way
        And all your science won't another minute extend.

        Dust in the hot twisting wind.

        We are all now reduced to dust in the wind,
        We are polluted nano dust in the wind.

        Dust in the unforgiven wind.

        Everything is radioactive dust in the wind,
        Everything is now dead from Actinide laced winds,

        ~Gasser Classic~

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Anyone who speaks the truth is in danger now-a-days…I looked through all the links but never saw what he said to upset the status quo. We are living in strange times, and I think it is getting exponentially stranger sooner than we think.

    • deaddolphins simonhhh

      "…We are living in strange times…"
      Absolutely and sadly, everything in the world we are witnessing seems to be increasingly on steroids and exponentially dangerous… Disturbingly the more the evidence of any impending disaster the greater the resistance to sane decision making at every level…The denial has been and currently is a main stream global phenomenon…I believe this Fuku mess will not end well…the big baboon'y DNA evolutionary experiment an abysmal failure…

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Very cool links
    Ene is on this too
    This was from tonight's show live at ten est
    But you can watch anytime
    I encourage folks to take a peak
    Knowledge is power!!

    This is where we throw off the shackles of oppression , misdirection and constant attempts at manipulation so everyone can see the facts in all their horror to identify the real threats against all life on earth .
    Philippines Carnage Direct Result of Fukushima Radiation
    Rad Chick Nuke Radio – Coverup Of Radiation Exposure Of US Servicemen Near Fukushima And Operation Tomodachi

    Download 2000 plus pictures taken by The Fearless Fukushima 50 http://photo.tepco.co.jp/en/date/2013/201302-e/130201-01e.html

    NEW ! Leuren Moret Fukushima radiation genocide Much worse than we have been told http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkZ7v_6nsl0

    This is about how saltwater makes little nuclear engines that look like buckyballs and are not absorbed into water normally and able to travel long distances and last billions of years, its very bad news .
    Uranyl peroxide enhanced nuclear fuel corrosion in seawater

    Canada Busted Covering Up Spikes In Fukushima Radiation

  • Jebus Jebus

    Who said it? SP? Maija? 2014? This is it.



    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Jebus…everytime I watch that video I want to run in the streets screaming…

    • Jebus Jebus

      It's coming up on three years of continous radionuclide contamination, in volumes, of our one ocean, on March 11, 2014.

      Where will Japan be on March 11, 2015?

      Where will we be on March 11, 2016?

      Where will you be on March 11, 2017?

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Jebus…On 3/11/11 I knew something terrible had happened beyond the horrific tsunami causing death and destruction. When the reactor blew I knew the earth was in deep trouble. I had studied the Chernobyl disaster as my family and friends were directly effected in the Soviet Union, and yet Fukushima seemed much worse….who knows where I will be…I am grateful to have this moment.

        We all know each of our lives will end in death, but what has changed is we cannot be comforted that the Earth will continue on, or that our families will continue on; we have lost that assurance.

        I hope for the best, and expect the worst at this point.

    • Great video

      The message is clear and compelling

  • Jebus Jebus

    "You don't know what your up against" – A Friend



  • onedman

    I don't think he is the only one. Earlier today RT.com (usa) had a piece up about Canadian's trying to buy (can't spell, sorry) pot. iod. for prevention of radiation sickness. I informed admin. and then blink, it was removed from their site. I have contacted other news sites about enenews and they show nothing on their pages days later. I have contacted family and friends, they no longer speak to me. I come here to stay sane. Thank you to each and everyone here. Yes the truth can set you free but it can also be lonely. I try to spread the word and will not stop because someday we all must face the unthinkable.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      onedman…I think many of us come here to stay sane…I know my family and friends don't want to hear about it…I still mention it because I want them to incorporate the terminology in the minds so when the truth is revealed they won't have a mental breakdown from the shock.

    • I too come here and to Radchick's Facebook page to stay sane.

      I went through a phase where I was trying to warn everyone and quickly learned how apathetic most are around this subject. Some people react with indifference, some with anger, some scoff at you, and some will argue with you that the radiation levels are harmless.

      I participated in the Fukushima is Here protest in San Francisco at Ocean Beach. Only around 600 people showed up after it had been heavily promoted all over Northern California online and on the radio. Do you know how many people live within driving range if San Francisco? A hell of a lot!

      It was a life changing event for me all the same. I will never forget it.

      • +1

        "a life changing event…"
        – rachaeltowne

      • artika rama

        racheltowne Radchick has been dealing with this long before enyone i know and she has collected so much good information . i learned most of what i know about fukushima from her . She also has a radio station (not sure if its still broadcasting )
        Most of us here have been ,, or are going through the same what you are experiencing .
        We are here not only for fighting against this disaster but also because we support each other ( altough looking at our fights and arguments you wouldnt notice it initally 🙂 but this is imo the best community on the net about fuku .
        We are here for you too 🙂

  • Jebus Jebus

    crit·i·cal·i·ty (krt-kl-t)
    n. pl. crit·i·cal·i·ties
    1. The quality, state, or degree of being of the highest importance: "The challenge of our future food supply is approaching criticality" (New York Times).
    2. Physics The point at which a nuclear reaction is self-sustaining.

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Yep it is self sustaining itself world wide.

  • ss.minnow

    mach·i·nate this is a very relevant term.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Just got my wife's medical supplies. Count was 36! The culprit? Packaging material. Be sure to TEST everything folks this is NO JOKE! Just to handle this stuff made me feel very achy. To finally die will be a blessing. I made the choice to not follow the grim reaper when offered. As much as I used to love life, I should have gone. My wife needs me even in the condition I am.
    I have replaced the water filtration system myself (6 months after surgery), Done the "river" for drainage, landscaped, replaced trees, done the house work, vacuuming etc. People don't believe I had the surgery. Have done that well. Even the scars are for the most part healed. Inside, I am still wounded, feel stuck in a corner due to no respect cuz am one of those nuts that talks nuclear crap.
    PISS POOR the people of this have become. Money grubbers that call for ACTION! And pay not for there demands. Thanks for nothing Unka Sam! People donate millions to cancer foundation, they told me I am not eligible for help WITH SKULL CANCER! No hospital bed cuz some know it all moron insurance regulator denied me. I STILL cannot sleep without MAJOR pain. Do they care…NOT! Now we have to pay 3000 MORE dollars to these IDIOTS in office on TOP of the 5 grand they ALREADY took from SSDI/insurance disability payments and a FIXED income. So people of Japan good luck electing anyone that cares, since no one is running that does!

    • loneranger loneranger


        • artika rama

          dr goodheart I totally believe that natural cancer cures work ,, infact i have seen it with someone i know who had cancer . its a pity that the they never get the attention they deserve because the profits are not high enough for the pjharma industry . I will check the link . thanks 🙂

          • Cancer is Big, High Profit Business all around, artika. Not just Big Pharma. There's a huge segment of our deliberately kept lousy economy that exists purely to profit from human suffering. Sure, the very idea is morally repugnant, but there's way too much money in it to NOT exist as just what it is.

            Being old, I am at that point in life where more of the people I've known and loved dearly are gone than remain here on earth with me. It gives a somewhat refreshing perspective on life and death, where death doesn't look as terrifying as it was when we're very young. Everyone I've known who got cancer (more and more of them the older you get) ended up dying of cancer. They spent everything they had – and more – to give themselves MAYBE an extra few months or years. Which involved allowing themselves to be tortured to the very brink of death with lethal radiation and toxic stews, a most miserable way to live. Then they succumbed anyway, if the treatment itself didn't kill 'em outright. Which happens way more than they'll ever tell anybody.

            Figure that if I'm ever told I've got it, and have X time to live, I'll go live that time to the hilt. Give me the really good drugs I know they must have developed for easing pain without turning you into a zombie, that's all I might want. And only when I need it – I've a high tolerance for pain, no tolerance at all for puking my guts out and wasting away.

            I don't plan to make anybody rich with my dying.

            • artika rama

              joyb i may be younger than you , but believe me i have had the exact same coniderations as you do . I can understand why euthanasia is accepted in some countries. Chemotherapy / radiotherapy are causing more harm than good most of time and ruining the precious little time those cancer patients have left for them .
              I hope you never have to go through it . I think we should just make the best of our "borrowed"time on this planet , after all noone knows when it will be time to leave , at whatever age one is , right.

            • zogerke zogerke

              Joy b…ive said it before…your posts rock. I really appreciate your perspectives. Thank you for what you share on here. Zogerke.

              • Thanks, guys. I'm not planning on dying, I just know that when the time comes, I will. I'm okay with that, and have come to believe that consciousness is one of those qualities of space and time that cannot be created or destroyed. Though what happens to it when it's not here is not something I claim to know. Don't need to know, figure I'll adapt to whatever it is when I meet it. Even if it's just another dream… time.

                I'm simply not a fan of western medicine. For good cause, as I've seen it deliver far more suffering than is justified by its occasional 'cures'. Letting go is hard, but perfectly natural in the scheme of things. No matter how hard you hold on, death will come. Might as well greet it face to face, since it's haunted all our steps from the beginning, as it must in order for our time in time to have any meaning at all.


                • name999 name999

                  Thank you JoyB for this candid post.
                  This is sometimes a difficult concept to get one's doctor to understand and respect.

                  I don't want the treatments from dominant culture medicine so I don't want the tests either.

                  I think I will know (more likely when) if I have cancer. I would chose to live the way I do and to die with the values I have lived by.

                  Yes on the pain meds and sleep meds…

        • name999 name999

          excellent links, Dr. Goodheart, thank you.

    • GOM GOM

      Onto. "Hold on to what is good, only if it's a handful of earth" Hopi prayer

  • Blessings to All

    All who come to Enenews please do you're part to ALERT the People to Fukushima. Use these simple downloads, designed to be anonymous and widely distributed for maximum impact


    they were uploaded 12-21-2013.

    PDF downloads so far = 4,041
    JPEG downloads for social media = 115

    Not terrible numbers, but all who find themselves here please share more and more and more. At least the People must know.

    Be outraged. Tell the People.

  • SnorkY2K

    Peter Barakan has a TV series called "Begin Japanology". He is an excellent presenter and his TV series covers all kinds of topics related to Japan with extremely in-depth research. He even digs up stuff like Truman asking former president Hoover to find the most efficient way to feed Japanese school children so that they don't grow up hating Americans and that was how the spork became popular. If there was only one journalist allowed to report on any Japanese topic, especially Fukushima, I would want it to be Peter Barakan. If you are worried about the reports and TV show being in Japanese, it is presented in both English and Japanese and Peter speaks English better than we do.

    • bo bo

      Thanks snorky I actually didn't know he was a serious reporter, but recall hearing him on the radio / seeing his appearances on TV – and always amazed at his grasp of japanese language – both colloquial and proper. Truly bilingual man… now that I know he has a serious side, I am curious to know what he would have reported. Don't stop there Mr. Barakan ! japan needs you! And the world needs someone exactly like him, to be a true intermediary, not Caroline Kennedy.

  • ftlt

    This is not shocking there is not a main stream media person in the world that has their own voice on any subject/topic/view.

    From endless war for profit to climate change to the nuclear crisis mums the word until told what to say.

  • Nick

    The world awaits someone to wake up the masses.

    When a mother realizes her child is ill from Fukushima, her cries of anguish should not go into the dark night of humanity's soulless pursuit of profits.

    There will be no one person that does this.

    But some will be catalysts, waking up a few from their slumber.

    We can not make anyone realize what Fukushima means.

    Everyone, everywhere will have to eventually come to terms with it in their own way.

    The revolution will be a silent one.

    It has to be.

    Any noise and it will (has been) be squelched.

    So, go ahead and try and rally the troops and legions of humans to become outraged over Fukushima, but remember dissent is suspect.

    Tread quietly.

    The whispers of death are oozing from Fukushima.

    Listen for them.

  • isogoodhumans

    To the poster who said the news on Canadians hoarding potasssium iodid, the news is still ther:

    by the way, Google has made it harder to search blogs. On the main search page, under 'More', you cant search blogs anymore. Need to open a new browser "Google Blogs. This is new. The control increases…

  • Mack Mack

    "The Fukushima Secrecy Syndrome: From Japan to America"

    by Ralph Nader / January 24th, 2014

    "Last month, the ruling Japanese coalition parties quickly rammed through Parliament a state secrets law. We Americans better take notice.

    Under its provisions the government alone decides what are state secrets and any civil servants who divulge any “secrets” can be jailed for up to 10 years. Journalists caught in the web of this vaguely defined law can be jailed for up to 5 years."


  • weeman

    What next? No public gatherings, who do you think you are Hero Hitoshi.

  • robert stuart

    The hush, hush goes more deeply. Spend a hour viewing Fukushima – Israel did it ! Don't get hysterical, just checkout the evidence. New version of the same old story. PEACE BE WITH YOU


      makes no difference, robert stuart. Regardless who was (or wasn't) responsible, the fact that an entire planet's survival can be put in the balance, is the real issue…

  • kirinseti

    I've been thinking. I know we tend to fight fire with fire when responding just to make people aware. It ends up as typed words on a response, or a video. And there's nothing wrong with spreading the word. But I think music and/or video would be the best game changer, besides the cold, hard truth of people dying. I've been remembering all week Gordon Lightfoot's song, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" on YouTube. It would really get the word out if we could do something like that. Do we as a group have the time or the talent? Respectfully yours.

  • kirinseti

    Just like when Japan was the Western test case for direct war-time radiation in 1945, and so many others since, so it is again in peace-time since Fuku. I still have my paperback copy of "Power Inc" which directly questioned a lot of things nuclear. I cut my teeth on "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" and many more.

  • kirinseti


    I hear the hoofbeats of freedom from the human spirit, which, without God, goes nowhere. I know that's my opinion, and I take full responsibility for it. Your mileage, as mine, has varied. And I cried every time that no one hast listened.

  • kirinseti


  • Papa bear

    Japanese Tea being promoted by Bill O"Reilly. Fox news. Said he drinks it all the time now.He said japanese tea three times. At 8:58p.m. SHOCK!!! JAPANESE TEA BILL IS BAD FOR YOU.

  • Papa bear

    newsblackoutUSA…Who do you think wrote him that memo? Guess he doesnt read ene news. Or just totally sold out.