New Scientist asks “How did the population of Fukushima prefecture dodge the radioactivity?” — Chernobyl 10 times more radiation

Published: November 16th, 2011 at 10:36 pm ET


Radiation levels in Fukushima are lower than predicted – health, New Scientist, Nov. 16, 2011 (Emphasis Added):

The fallout from the radiation leak at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor in Japan may be less severe than predicted. […]

How did the population of Fukushima prefecture dodge the radioactivity? Gerry Thomas at Imperial College London, director of the Chernobyl Tissue Bank, says the answer is simple. “Not an awful lot (of radioactive material) got out of the plant – it was not Chernobyl.” The Chernobyl nuclear disaster released 10 times as much radiation as Fukushima Daiichi. [Uses the low-end figure provided early on by Japan Gov’t and Tepco; Subsequently contradicted by numerous scientific estimates]

Thomas says the quick and thorough response by the Japanese government limited radioactive exposure among the population. […]

The Japanese authorities also removed contaminated food and gave iodine to those who were very young, she says. […]

The evidence?

Radiology researcher Ikuo Kashiwakura of Hirosaki University, Japan, and colleagues […] measure[d] radiation levels in more than 5000 people [in Fukushima] between 15 March and 20 June.

They found just 10 people with unusually high levels of radiation, but those levels were still below the threshold at which acute radiation syndrome sets in and destroys the gastrointestinal tract. Geiger-counter readings categorised all others in the area at a “no contamination level”.

More reports featuring Gerry Thomas:

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Published: November 16th, 2011 at 10:36 pm ET


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69 comments to New Scientist asks “How did the population of Fukushima prefecture dodge the radioactivity?” — Chernobyl 10 times more radiation

  • Oh my gosh this is outright propaganda.

    Either the author of the article at New Scientist knows absolutely nothing about measuring radiation exposure for people, or the author is participating in a deliberate cover-up.

    Can we post comments there?

    • Checked–one has to be a subscriber to comment.

      $99 for a year. Who would subscribe to such trash?

      • I sent a letter to the editor composed of the information I’ve posted on my blog here. I would post it here but it is too long.

        • ocifferdave

          @majia, I tried to comment on this article at your blog via wordpress or google account but it wouldn’t take. Here it is:

          What if they all told the truth? Then our current economic collapse would happend that much sooner (days sooner by the looks of it). Their lies are like poles propping up a collapsing tent. Get out of the tent while you can. That is take your money out of the banks and invest it into the three things that we need in life: shelter, food/water, protection.

      • strAtum5

        That’s why he used that site. He knows he can post as much bollo**s as he likes cause few if any would consider paying that price to answer (I read $99 is after 65% discount – the paper there must be very expensive).

        “[…] still below the threshold at which acute radiation syndrome sets […]”

        I assuming everyone has noticed he dismissed any ingestion of hot particles has taken place and any long term effects from low lever radiation, have we not ?

        • theonlyjesse

          Yessir. people with acute radiation sickness a few months ago would by now be very, very unhealthy if not very dead.
          absolutely ridiculous attempt at confusing people.

      • arclight arclight

        leave a message on the new scientist you tube page πŸ™‚ see below for link πŸ™‚

    • mikey

      Good point! If those stats are valid why is the Emperor and his family all gravely ill now??

    • ben ben

      Newscientist or Nature?

      Gerry Thomas said:
      How did the population of Fukushima prefecture dodge the radioactivity? Gerry Thomas at Imperial College London, director of the Chernobyl Tissue Bank, says the answer is simple. “Not an awful lot [of radioactive material] got out of the plant – it was not Chernobyl.”

      November 15, 2011
      Geoff Brumfiel, Nature magazine:

      Brumfiel: No, it hasn’t. As far as I know, the Japanese government really has kind of given up on estimating how much radiation came out of Fukushima. They made an initial estimate back in June and then they just sort of decided to let that stand as a rough ballpark figure. The big problem is that there is so much uncertainty about what happened inside the reactors themselves, and unless you know that and you know the way they were venting radiation and the quantity of radiation they were venting in those first few days, that first week after the accident started, there’s really no way to tell how much radiation was released.

      • ben ben

        I wrote the above from the perspective of a reader who only reads those two articles; they do contradict eachother.

  • theonlyjesse

    I’m pretty steamed. I hope nobody takes it seriously.

  • Sickputer

    Oh yes…what a wunderchild of a reporter…from Washington DC no less:

    And are we surprised by the owner of NewScientist magazine?

    “Published by Reed Business Information Limited, Quadrant House, Sutton SM2 5AS, UK. All rights reserved.”

    Go farther down the trail and you hit these guys:

    Then it makes you wonder who pulls the strings for those guys? Anybody want to guess? *;-)

  • Gerry Thomas, go take a swim in SFP 4.

    Only humans with ethics and a conscience are allowed here.

    Your reptilian brain has no place on this planet or any other.

    • ReactorHalfEmpty

      He won’t be able to. There are no “swimmable” elements left any more. πŸ˜›

      (well, at least reactor 4 damage is so enormous that that’s quite likely)

  • thelili

    Oh hell no. Here is the regular contact form

  • theonlyjesse

    Let’s not forget who Gerry Thomas is.

    β€œWe’ve got to stop these sorts of reports coming out, because they are really upsetting the Japanese population,” says Gerry Thomas at Imperial College London, who is attending the meeting. β€œThe media has a hell of a lot of responsibility here, because the worst post-Chernobyl effects were the psychological consequences and this shouldn’t happen again.”

    • arclight arclight

      sorry admin it must have been the word bleeh! πŸ™‚ redact away! peace oh and joy when i return later πŸ™‚

    • strAtum5

      “[…] the worst post-Chernobyl effects were the psychological consequences […]”

      It seems that the heroes that have died while saving Europe and her @s* from extinction as well as those so many children born with horrendous congenital malformations and so so much suffering and illness to many others left Mrs Gerry Thomas quite unimpressed. She doesn’t seem to value sacrifice and life much – interesting character attributes for a “Chair in Molecular Pathology at Department of Surgery & Cancer”.

      What the heck, babysitting the sarcophagus for tens of thousands of years and finding another 1.5 billion to build the next one in our lifetime are … well … small potatoes for her. But what do you know ? Psychological consequences … That is what is troubling her.

      Can you imagine what she would have said should she have lived during World Wide II ???

  • arclight arclight

    arrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh!!! what!?……a……load…..of …………

    kept it classy admin πŸ™‚ ran out of room!

    where to start?? lol! there is a god!! hahaha! (if it wasnt so serious!)

    “iodine given out” true but limited but the order to take the iodine was never given and therefore no iodine taken…lie or deception??

    40 percent of children were found to have iodine 131 in their thyroids in tests done in fukushima

    wondered why the tests on larger sections of the population were done after the 90 day full life?? makes you think PR here

    i suppose that using the word cesium is out of the question? and why is the silly women talking about acute radiation poisoning? the type found is chronic radiation poisoning….which has varying degrees of symptoms..
    a very silly woman who disrespects our japanese, belarus, khazakstan, bikini and downwinders brothers and sisters… she makes me vomit!! and as for the new scientist….bleehhhh!

    i will be back on this, let you lot get a viewpoint in!!

    geraldine thomas…. hehehehe meet darklight…to be continued!…. πŸ™‚

    • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

      And the U.S. government supposedly bought up all the potassium iodine so that we couldn’t purchase any! b-a-s-t-a-r-d-s…!

      Now the U.S. military signed an agreement to add troops and more military presence in Australia. The media is spinning this move as the U.S. trying to thwart China’s influence in the Pacific, but is the real reason the high Fukushima radiation levels and the high radiation levels in Japan and S. Korea? Drawing down troops in Japan and S. Korea or closing military bases there and moving to the safer southern hemisphere region of Australia?

  • TheWorldIsBlind

    lol i love how this article comes out just days after articles saying fallout was worse than originally thought – where cesium was found 500km away from plant. such a brain f*ck. this world we live in is so unbelievably f*cked up. im so confused. but, i know this is a crock, i know that this situation is so much worse than how bad i even think it actually is, now thats a brain f*ck.

    • theonlyjesse

      I do feel a little crazy sometimes, considering media takes months to confirm what we already know. but during those months they steadfastly say we’re WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!
      every time bad news slips out, a wave of AMAZINGLY INSPIRING news comes out from the usual names.
      I’m getting used to it, but I’m still just as p*ssed about it.

  • theonlyjesse

    for a real laugh give Gerry a google.

    those particular search terms bring up an instant slap in the face of bull sh*t.
    my favourite’s the september one at the top, saying fuku’s only emitted 10% of what chernobyl spewed.

  • arclight arclight

    wonder how many comments are getting moderated as well LOL!! you will get to see the redacted version πŸ™‚ see you all later … enjoy!! LOL!

    • ENENEWS Staff

      “a very silly woman who disrespects our japanese, belarus, khazakstan, bikini and downwinders brothers and sisters… she makes me vomit!! and as for the new”

      … it was bikini. seriously lots of bikini spam. could be worse.

  • CB CB

    Chelsea Whyte author of above, also is responsible for the following articles;
    -Spit tobacco bacteria could warn of pancreatic cancer.
    -EEG finds consciousness in people in vegetative state.
    Signs of consciousness have been pinpointed in patients thought to be in a persistent vegetative state using a cheap, portable bedside device. A Solo cup.
    Mouse manoeuvres in the dark reveal brain’s map links. – Garmin interested.
    -Fin massage relieves stress in surgeon fish.
    -Pregnant women control birth to avoid Halloween.
    -Autistic’ mice created – and treated.

    So the cost of this propaganda by the Nuclear Industry was cheap, meaning CNN, are Fox are to expensive anymore.

  • Bobby1

    On March 24, New Scientist published an article:

    Fukushima radioactive fallout nears Chernobyl levels

    How did it get from near Chernobyl levels in March, to 10% now?

  • Tonnage, number of reactors, amount of time spouting, spent fuel pools, a 3 grade child can add !

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    Reality will bite the New Scientist, and all the rest of us, in the ass.

  • Captain Quark Captain Kirk

    Quick and thorough response by the Japanese Government?!!?!? My god Bones, they sat on their damn hands for 5 days while the plants blew their lids! All they had to do was contact California for 4 Chinooks to be sent over with diesel generators to power the cooling systems and this would have been much, much less of a problem now. Pathetic propaganda.

    • Sickputer

      Probably not… The electrical supply was just one safety feature among many that failed. Crushed supply pipes, destroyed electrical junctures… All those were destroyed by the earthquake, before the tsunami hit.

    • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

      lol. Love your avatar and your reply is right in character!

    • jimbojamesiv

      Didn’t TEPCO’s Il Supremo want to abandon the reactor plant and turn it over to the government, saying they couldn’t cope?

      Yet, 8 months later it was a quick and thorough response!

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    I almost bought milk today…I had the donuts but could not bring myself to drink the milk. This insane report is a sad testament to the long line of fails TEPCO and its media campaign have tried to slander the public with. Al Jaezerra did the same thing with their nuclear industry insider featured in their latest reports. I guess even the Middle East news can be bought for a certain price from the nuclear industry. These reports of “everything is ok” usually come out when things are “very not ok” at the plant. Enjoy watching all the footage of radiation sickness when you lift those gag orders and show us the bodies of the deceased workers!

  • dpl dpl

    New Scientishit must have gotten a bigger check this time.
    History is being made up in real time.

  • VyseLegend

    The Ministry of Truth at your service.

    • arclight arclight

      left a nice message on the new scientist you tube page commenting on how hilarious the article was!! πŸ™‚ ow of to the guardian πŸ™‚

      • lokay5 lokay5

        Someone left a NASTY message.

        Who could that have possbly been?

        Is that a lowered K5 Blazer in that avatar?


        You do the math…

  • McDuck McDuck!/chelsea.whyte

    Save $99, and voice your concerns directly to the writer. I did. πŸ˜‰

  • lokay5 lokay5

    Tried the address. Surprisingly got this;

    This content is currently unavailable.The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

  • voltscommissar

    Gerry Thomas popped up on Australian public radio current affairs in the days/weeks shortly after the Fukushima explosions, saying all sorts of bland reassuring things about FUKU. She and her organization are clearly not listening to Yuri Bandazhevsky, Alexy Yablokov, Dr Jeannette Sherman, Prof Chris Busby, or any of the German researchers who proved NPPs double the risk of childhood leukaemia.

    Her grounding articles of faith are clearly that (a) the thyroid gland is the only radiosensitive organ in the whole human body; and (b) there is no such thing as intense localized pin-point alpha irradiation if a hot particle enters the human body. This dogmatic approach to ionizing radiation goes against all the known facts.

    When I looked into the funding of the Chernobyl Tissue Bank at that time, they were funded by EurAtom (=EC), so seem to be a pseudo-medical front, whose research goals might even be directed or controlled by the IAEA, since IAEA almost certainly has huge influence on which organizations it will allow Euratom to support financially. Why would Chernobyl Tissue Bank bother to do any research if IAEA would put the screws on Euratom to pull the financial plug?

    FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! From Gerry Thomas’ own mouth she admits CTB funding comes from WHO, who [sic] as we all know is under the iron heel of IAEA control on medical research: “The Chernobyl Tissue Bank (CTB) is an internationally supported project, with funding provided by four sponsors (the European Commission (EC), the National Cancer Institute of the US (NCI), the Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation of Japan (SMHF), and the World Health Organization. see this document on page 3: (author = Gerry Thomas!!)

    So EC, NCI and SMHF are tainted as well, and they must know they are tainted, because the IAEA-WHO deal is no secret. Orwellian Ministry of Truth = LIES! Thomas = SHILL

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The Soviet Union ordered abortions of the pregnant women exposed. So the birth defects and genetic mutations were somewhat hidden.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Same thing in Iraq because of depleted and pure uranium munitions used by the US.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Iraqi women are encouraged to not bear children.

          • arclight arclight

            that is important for everyone to know anne thank you for high lighting it…maybe an enenews article one day…though i dont think i will be looking forward to that particular article … it must be done!!


  • markww markww

    this article is a crock of crap it seems another nuclear positive person talking out their rear end.

    the release at fukushima is not over yet, it has been steaming off daily and the people got dosed cause no one was checking the citizens for over a month after they were radiated

  • oscar419

    😐 Oh look a new crackhead to spoon feed swill to the sheeplz (facepalm)

  • goathead goathead

    I’m so glad I never renewed my subscription for this mag!!!

  • goathead goathead

    New Scientist???? Bought Scientist!!!!!!!!!!!