Shocking radiation propaganda on local TV news near troubled Calif. nuclear plant — Bananas, sleeping next to someone, granite, under 100 milliSv/yr safe… More (VIDEO)

Published: February 3rd, 2012 at 11:17 am ET


Title: San Onofre Radiation Risk Called Minimal
Source: NBC Los Angeles
Date: Feb 2, 2012

Charlie Zender, UC Irvine professor

Experts say radiation is all around us — from the rays of the sun to the granite beneath our feet. […]

Charlie Zender, a UC Irvine professor. […] said even those who work inside places like San Onofre would have to double their exposure [to around 100 millisieverts per year] to be at an increased risk of cancer. […]

Zender suspected that if any radiation was released, it was less than a chest X-Ray […]

But radiation can come to us in unexpected ways. Zenger said potassium in our bones and carbon in our flesh also emit radiation.

In fact, Zenger said, sleeping next to someone adds the equivalent of eating one banana each day, neither of which are considered harmful.

Read the report here

Published: February 3rd, 2012 at 11:17 am ET


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118 comments to Shocking radiation propaganda on local TV news near troubled Calif. nuclear plant — Bananas, sleeping next to someone, granite, under 100 milliSv/yr safe… More (VIDEO)

  • James2

    Hmm, I bet this was produced by the nuke industry.

    First – if they couldn’t detect the radiation, why did they have a shutdown because the detectors detected radiation

    Second, they haven’t yet shown what kind of radiation or how much was released.

    Third – If radiation is all around us, and it’s not dangerous – then why do they have detectors all around the plant.

    • patman

      Perhaps the Nuclear Industry Mafia can explain why they haven’t disclosed important information about how deadly stolen spent fuel can be.

      Spent fuel pellets are waste in one person’s eyes and gold in others.

      Japanese mob provides workers for Fk-1, may have stolen several tons of spent fuel rods by now.

      Perhaps a meltdown test beds have already been established. Iodine 131 found in Japanese sewage plant sludge may be originating from melt down experiments.

      Melt down device? Pellets. Four bags of cement. A couple buckets of salvaged vermiculite insulation. Use a basket ball inside plastic tote box as a mold.

      Pour the ‘refractory cement’ in around the basketball. Burn the ball out, then dump reactor pellets in. Fasten an oxyacetylene torch aimed at the pile of pellets.

      Pellets form the spherical ‘geometry’ as they melt, start as a sub-critical mass and goes spontaneous criticality with the added heat; wouldn’t blow up, but melts rock under foot.

      Noisy as it starts it’s journey through the moist top layers of soil. Smokes rats out of their burrows, too.

      • lokay5 lokay5

        Yeah. Uh huh. The workers are stealing spent fuel rods by the ton. Right. They’re putting them in their lunchpails and taking them home.
        What a load. Get real. And your ridiculous “spherical geometry” and “critical mass” crap is assinine. Please, don’t infect ENENEWS with your BS. We try to deal with reality here.

          • labmonkeywithagun labmonkeywithagun

            You are correct sir!
            Behaving himself for a few then will start shit.
            Should have had enough today already…………
            LOL, ya’ all will take care of it.

        • patman

          Sure it works.

          TEPCO has to use mob recruiters to get workers at the many sites in Japan that are having problems. Probably ‘recruiting’ doctors and staff to work at Fukushima, too.

          The place is crazy right now, very little security to stop the big shots from doing whatever they want, including sending a few truck loads of rods right out the gate. Spent fuel is valued many times higher than gold on the black market.

          If cooling keeps pellets from melting into a critical mass, then heating lots of pellets in a spherical mold would cause . . . ?

          Nuclear industry is impotent to stop theft or the black market, now those radioisotopes are everywhere.

          Japan government has no leverage any more; they are sitting in the back seat as nuclear criminals are in the driver’s seat. How else does the permissible exposure limits increase for young children?

          TEPCO invited the mob ‘camel into the tent’.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      A little info on (ugh) Charlie Zender

    • pacific

      To any new readers from the San Onofre area, be sure to read far enough in comments to see that our intrepid readers have discovered that the professor above isn’t credible. You’ve come to an excellent source for nuclear/radiation news!

      Also, you need to know this: very credible studies have shown that as little as 2mSv of radiation per year has been shown to increase cancer risk. has a great video explaining this and directly referencing the National Academy of Sciences BIER VII report and the study of nuclear workers the supposed expert above ignores:

      (sorry James2 for jumping in)

    • Auntie Nuke

      NBC in Los Angeles is an OandO – owned and operated station, meaning it is controlled by its parent company, which is General Electric. Are you surprised that such "hormesis"-like propaganda is coming from this station? Anything to lull the entertainment industry titans — who have the money and power to really make a difference — into thinking it's all safe, all good. And whether "scientists" like the numnutz they interviewed really believe their views or not, they really really really think it's awwwwwwsome! to get on TV, so they'll whore themselves out accordingly. Hit the blogs and comment, especially on NBC's site. Also, call NBC in Burbank, ask for their news department, and try to get through to the assignment editor, then demand a balanced report instead of a nuke industry hand job.


  • Bobby1

    Zender is an earth scientist, not a radiation expert. He studies global warming:

    “Zot!Wire: Global warming
    Charlie Zender studies the effects of airborne chemicals, clouds and aerosols on climate change. Dust from the world’s deserts changes cloud properties, rainfall locations and ocean carbon fixation, making it a hot topic in Earth science. Zender studies plumes of dust, industrial soot and biomass burning with a global climate model that predicts the sources, dispersal and fate of these particulates. These plumes can change climate after they land by darkening and melting snow and ice.”

    • Mack Mack

      Here’s what he said on March 17th about Fukushima:

      “UC Irvine Professor Says Radiation Cloud From Japan Is Not Damaging”

      • Enenews

        great comments everyone

        …climate change…

      • Mack Mack

        His March 17th comments on the radiation plume coming from Japan:

        “…it’s so negligible in amount that it’s nothing to worry about.”

        “Much, much less than an x-ray.”

        “Still at these levels even every day continually would not pose any risk this far downwind.”

        Those are some strongly definitive statements made even before the radiation arrived and was measured!

        Then the broadcaster said this isn’t even in the ball park of Chernobyl, even for Japan…

      • Isn’t it about time the mainstream media started tapping part time art teachers at community colleges to reassure us that radiation isn’t harmful to life forms?

        • Or maybe hire some adult pole dancers/entertainers? At least do some gyrations while you are giving everyone the ‘happy’ slippery banana news.

          In and out, in and out, those bananas are dangerous coming up to your mouth; everyone is getting exposed to banana radiation… better stop eating them.

          But the nuclear plant next door shut down due to ‘accident’, and unknown radiation release, it is ‘safe’.

        • lokay5 lokay5

          Thanks JoyB. LOLed! Art teachers indeed! Maybe the gym teachers, too? Not to mention the drivers ed instructors.

        • many moons

          I think maybe the art teachers are too smart for that or not morally corrupt enough.

          • Chelsea Chelsea

            Oh I have an old, retired art prof that used to keep flasks of whiskey in her desk that she’d pull out and drink from at least 3 times per class. She’d be corrupt enough (or at least we could get her drunk enough).

    • jec jec

      The “expert” –should take a good look at all the emissions/gases released from 3-11-2011 to 02-03-2012 THEN figure out how much damage all the gases have done to the atmosphere –and if it has accelerated GLOBAL WARMING, OR GLOBAL COOLING –Or Climate change. Since he is a “plume expert”–we can show him a LOT of Plumes, and them all avaiable to allow him to do something productive in his field. He should not be saying “radiation is safe ” at 100 mSv –what about infants, children, teens? Anyone with immune compromised health. There is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL with radiation. Also, the TYPES of radiation –one type is not as deadly as a second..and its usually not just one type..its a mix..

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    So less than The ammount of a cat-scan cannot be measured, but sleeping next to someone is measurable?

    • After we all stop eating bananas, we better stop sleeping with anyone and everyone.. No more sharing a bed.. 🙁

      Too much radiation.. I wonder how much of that dangerous radiation in the person sleeping next to was PUT there by the 2,300 nuclear bomb tests, and the huge number of yearly ‘normal’ radiation releases from the 400 nuclear power plants, DU weapons shot off, and uranium mining operations, spent fuel reprocessing facilities, military nuke dumps?

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Looking on the bright side then…

        Sleeping with 1250 people every night for 8 hours for a year is no more dangerous than getting a CAT-scan. 😉

      • Chelsea Chelsea

        I’ve had at least 35 abdominal CT scans since 2004. And my endocrinologist doesn’t get “why” my thyroid just effin’ gave up and now my body is beginning to do the same.

      • StillJill StillJill

        Is it really? I've had a dozen C/T scans since my car accident and three spinal surgeries. Not to mention MRI's x-rays, gastric empty studies, (where they feed you radioactive eggs and make you lay on a table being x-rays every half hour for 4 bloody hours!) I've had 6 of those. Dear Lord,….the list just keeps getting longer!

        No,…no one should ever sleep next to StillJill! (She's hotter than a truckload of nanners!) 🙂

  • James2

    So I went back and watched the video again.

    1. There are no facts whatsoever delivered. What kind of radiation was released, how much and where did it go.

    2. The “reporter” didn’t identify herself – every TV news reporter identifies themself in a piece. If they don’t, it’s a sure sign of a “planted” story.

    3. Zender says every nuke industry prepackaged line in the business. They film him in his lab. He says he thinks any radiation released is a less than an X-ray – another nuke industry line – and not what any legitimate scientist would ever say… They would want the facts. This guy looks to me to be bought and paid for by the industry – upon further review he’s a global warming “expert” , so I know he’s either an idiot or bought and paid for.

    Anybody that’s a UC Irvine alum or a UC alum ought to call up and complain about the practices of this “scientist” working for the nuke industry.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      I can’t believe he didn’t bring up flying as a source of radiation, he used every other falsehood in the book. Maybe the airline industry is fighting the radiation angle of flying?

  • James2

    This is why the environmentalists are absent from the fukushima watch – they’re following bought and paid for idiots like this

    I’ve mentioned here a few times that I found strong financial links from the nuke industry back to the global warming fallacy – at the time I couldn’t figure it out. Now it’s clear….

    • Irritated Kalifornian

      Global Warming Fallacy??

      • James2

        Yes, the AGW crap was made up by the same folks that are telling you the radiation won’t cause you any harm – with about the same small amount of data analysis and the same large amount of PR spin

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Unfortunately both global warming and harm from radiation are both very real and are threatening our possibility to live on this planet. However, it is the nuclear power plants which are significantly causing global warming. How many hot fuel rods have been dumped into the ocean. The water used to cool nuclear reactors increases the heat of the water poured back into our rivers and the ocean. We know that nuclear reactors cause heat. How else can they generate electricity?

            • James2


              I will only say this about your global warming pictures. i’ve seen them all, and they do not prove global warming.

              if you do think they prove global warming, then you do not understand science, and it would be a waste of time to argue with you about it…


              • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

                James.. go find the PBS special on ice.. and the cores that were drilled. The ice cores went back hundreds of thousands of years and showed that the planet, indeed, goes through a cycle of heating and cooling.. Warming is indeed proved to happen on a regular basis.. but, what also is proven and shown in these core samples is that man has had an impact. These ice cores show carbon, they show nuke accidents.. and they occur to document and prove an advance in normal warming patterns since man has become industrialized.. I don’t remember if it was a front line or nova piece, but, fascinating and worth looking for.

                • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

                  Try here..


                  interesting and when you read how fast temperatures can change.. oh boy..

                  Suddenly, possibly in less than five years, average temperatures, which were slightly cooler than today’s, plunged by about 27°F, returning the world to near-glacial conditions… lasted about 1,300 years before it returned—just as abruptly—to the temperatures typical of the period immediately preceding it.

                  • James2

                    Perhaps I should qualify my statement, although I said I don’t want to get into a global warming argument here – it is OT for this forum

                    The earth warms, the earth cools. I haven’t looked at it for a couple years closely, but I can tell you that through the years 1999-2010 – very little change, if any happened.

                    The oceans haven’t risen. Temps went up, and down, but ended about where they started. Ice increased significantly overall, however the 10,000 year trend of decreasing ice in the arctic continued.

                    Although man does have a significant impact on the environment, and C02 counts have risen slightly – it’s effect on temperature is tiny or insignificant. The whole C02 panic is made up.

                    And furthermore – that as an environmental issue is miniscule when compared to Fukushima. This nuclear problem really does threaten mankind – where global warming doesn’t.

                    I have all the facts. I’ve seen dozens of puff pieces which were just as flawed as tepco status reports. But you cannot get any real information until you look at the source date for yourself – then you get the real story.

                    Sorry I’ve studied that issue as much as I’ve studied Fukushima. I’ve debated the best minds on the topic and I’ve never lost – although there was a time – before I looked at the source data when I actually believed… That’s enough about Global Warming.

            • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

              Dear Anne: Thank you so much for these photos. This IS a related topic, as you already know, because (my words, I know not necessarily your words) there will be no change without critical masses of non-billionaire humans willing to immediately radically change/gain control of toxic greed-based totally non-transparent (despotic) power status quos. Humans must also immediately understand and decisively act on BIG PICTURE changes syndromes already occurring, which each individually have the power to soon cause human extinction. The three biggies in order of immediate consequences, up to and including extinction are: Nuclear ionizing radiation fallout cataclysms, anthropogenic thermal maximum and related anthropogenic mass extinction event. The thermal maximum and mass extinction events are the first humans have created; but are the world’s sixth in the past 500 million years (about that time that plants left the marine environment, allowing all other more complex terrestrial life to form).

              • James2

                If I showed you some nasty car crash pictures – which do happen – would you instantly jump to the conclusion that more and more people were dying of car crashes?

                You’d be wrong. Fewer and fewer are.

                This is the method of the propagandist. Show some extreme pictures that evoke emotions, then lead the reader to the conclusion you want them to.

                it is not scientific, however.

              • James2

                And, despite Anne’s pictures of ice melting, Ice overall in the world is increasing – not melting.

                Sure it’s melting in some places – but 90% of the world’s ice is concentrated in one large place – not all those small ones shown above.

                It’s the exact same thing as “cold shutdown” at Fuku – despite the loud and sometimes convincing claims – the facts do not support them…

              • Anthony Anthony

                Pallas (with caring respect) I have to say honestly given the reality of the scale of the warming there is really little man can do to change the cycle we HAVE to ride through.

                I’m of the belief the world has an amazing story full of hot and cold times. Birds then no birds. Oxygen based then CO2 based. Mammoths then no Mammoths. People no people then people again. Who knows the whole of the story really?

                If we gave it everything we’ve got everyday for the rest of our lives we really wont stop it (warming) from happening. I have to accept that which helps me be aware in the first place to care about poisons like Fuku and dying animals by the wagon load…. something is horribly wrong out there and I call it POISONS and TOXINS.

          • Anthony Anthony

            How you frame your point Ann is provocative in a positive way for me. I never considered the simple presence of the rods, tubes, barrels and assemblies of the thousands (millions?!!) of nuclear materials and garbage…. would CUMULATIVELY cause an increase to the temperatures. You know, for all the ocean dumped barrels in the oceans, to my knowledge we have never gone back, scientifically even, to retrieve and examine what happens to nuclear materials loaded in a barrel left to sit at deep-water oceanic pressures etc for decades … we really don’t know what the composition is and we should. Maybe I’m taking your point a step further on a thought tangent, but in doing so I think objectively you offer something important at least to me to consider.

            Nuclear and uranium products MUST be returned back to deep underground where it is safer. I have said it before and I say it again. We have always coexisted with uranium but everything was in its right place. We can`t and shouldn’t try to control it.

  • Bobby1

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is funded partly by the US State Department. Hillary Clinton & Co.

  • or-well

    NBC -Nuclear Baloney Corporation – presents a specialist with a sub-specialty, neither of which are medical, radiological or have anything to do with operation or oversight of a nuclear plant.
    Happy, smiling, regular folk and a Scientist to boot.

    Kiss my ass.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      Thanks or-well. My sentiments exactly!

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Or-Well that’s a good old fashioned, realistic and valuable deconstruction of the source the state is using to create a disinforming and mollifying social construction about the nuclear cataclysm. More people need to use their critical thinking like that. thank you.

  • James2

    I think it’s funny that they spend the entire video about “average radiation exposure”.

    The fact that the average person receives 4 ms per year – true; and that 75% of that comes from “natural causes” – well not exactly true – 75% comes from background radiation which includes natural and manmade sources; and that the other 25% comes from elective sources – X-rays and such – true



    So essentially the video is trying to divert your attention from the accidentally exposed to the average person.

    It’s akin to saying “the average passenger in a motor vehicle is comfortable” and saying there’s no need to worry about being injured in an accident. Folks, we got past that kind of logic 30 years ago in motor vehicles – that’s why we have seat belts and airbags and other safety systems in cars – because even though accidents are rare, the consequences are high – and can be reduced.

    This is the entire problem with the nuke industry – they deny accidents ever happen and won’t even consider them…. – it’s literally like a child putting their fingers in their ears screaming “I can’t hear you!”…

    • Screw the nukers, shut them all down, and keep them down.

      They cover up every accident, 100% of the time, until they can’t cover it up anymore!

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear James: I like your analysis, “It’s like saying the average automobile passenger is comfortable; therefore, there’s nothing to worry about.” I’m going to steal that one in conversations if you don’t mind.

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    Guess what? “All four of the plant’s steam generators and their tubes are about two years old, installed after being delivered to the West Coast by the Japanese manufacturer of the generators, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.”

  • Mack Mack

    Anyone here on Facebook can comment on the original NBC article, too, with some real facts for readers to learn, otherwise the propaganda is believed.

    • James2

      I don’t do facebook, but if you do please ask why they are reporting on average exposures in the face of clearly unusual plant releases of radiation.

      Ask them what was released how much and where did it go…


      • Gotham

        I don’t do FACEBOOK either – never will.

        Also ask about the long term effects of inhaled radiation!

        • lokay5 lokay5

          No facebook account here either.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Dear Gotham: Me either. I got tricked into it at first, got contacted by a bunch of people, many of whom I like; but many of whom I didn’t after not seeing these for a number of years in most cases. Some I’d rather not have had contact with any longer. I then realized, doy!, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, et al., are obviously either created by or are really convenient and great tools for CIA-FBI (or other, we have 18 covert orgs and uncountable corporate “marketing” private info snooper/sniffers) type spying on citizens, particularly after martial law further descends having much the same inhibitor of relevant information movement with a brightness dulling effect as the ever descending clouds of diverse aerosolized Fukushima fallout particles. I followed the procedure for getting off facebook permanently, but apparently my page still exists though friends wonder why I haven’t “updated” the page in more than a year when they find me in person or over the phone.

    • arclight arclight

      only 2 posts on that thread??? and they sound a bit antinuke to me!! 🙂

      • arclight arclight

        whoopie!!! lol

        350 bananas and no plutonium… wonder how that got past the mediation….and for a number of hours!! hahaha!

  • americancommntr

    What bovine manure.

    There’s apparently never any danger from a nuclear reactor’s release of radiation, EVER.

    Even when four reactors melt down and out. And a couple spent fuel pools with hundreds of tons more fuel burn up.

    This reminds me of a story from a US WW2 vet. A bad officer severely browbeat and degraded a private, while in England. The guy had big ears, and this officer made him feel extremely low about it, in front of everybody.

    That officer ended up abducted, with a parachute strapped on, and put on a plane, and pushed out over German-occupied territory.

    This is what I wish would happen to nuclear propagandists, who lie to their fellow citizens, and cover up the danger and damage of their precious industry, for its paychecks. I wish they’d be pushed out right over Daiichi, and they could think about their position on the issue as they look for a place to land as they float down.

    • many moons

      You are 100 % correct- there will never be unheathy levels of radition from a reator…too much litigation.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      I think the lying bastards out to be pushed out of a plane,too, but WITHOUT the parachute.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Amer: In fact, I am waiting for the fascist despotic government status quo pro-nuke profiteering shills to begin advocating swimming in spent fuel pools to cure whatever ails us. As the petroleum folks bade us do during the early Pennsylvanian state discoveries by same of NE PA petrolium deposits on Seneca Indian property; hence, it’s being named “snake” oil. An alliterative contraction and lexical gap of sorts. After all, the natural radiation level in the resort hot springs dotting the Japanese archipelago are high. This is locally given as the reason these waters are “healthful”. Human delusion apparently is boundless as other ENE’ers have noted. In California, we’ll have Sutro Baths (seawater baths near San Francisco) but instead people will be swimming until they are very woozy without any hair and nails, skin sluffing and the like, in the San Onofre seaside baths.

  • steve from virginia

    I was going to call out Zender as a useless, pathetic shill but others have beat me to the punch.

    Likely release is tritium but any release suggests both defects in steam generators AND fuel rod cladding. Tritium can pass through many materials but not through zircalloy if it is undamaged.

    All reactor cultures lie IE: are lying sacks of shit: where are the isotope analyses? (I dunno, ask Tepco.)

    If there are other isotopes such as Iodine-131 or Cesium/Xenon/Krypton there are leaks in both the steam generators and broken fuel rods. The core would need to be decontaminated which means fuel load and water removed.

    It must be assumed that other leaks exist in San Onofre plumbing and pressure control systems.

    the reactor operator must be having a cow: $700 million for steam generators from Mitsubishi (cut rate price!!!) now it is possible all four will be taken out of service and replaced AGAIN. Add to this the steam generator problems indicated in Illinois.

    Interesting to see what happens next … bankruptcy is likely.

  • GoFrodo

    He looks so smug in that photo!

    • Wreedles Wreedles

      I couldn’t agree more. That look seriously makes me want to… well, suffice to say that it makes me want to inflict less-than-peaceful acts upon his person. Repeatedly.

      • James2

        Read the student reviews online of him. I’m not sure you could get much more hated than this guy…

        • Wreedles Wreedles

          Wow, good catch James! The following link was posted by one of his students who rated him on; I include it here as a fascinating glimpse into the character of a man who’s demonstrably intelligent enough to know that the statements he’s made regarding radiation risks are untrue.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            I couldn’t see that this link was about a student rating.

            • lokay5 lokay5

              I couldn’t see anything about a “student rating” either.

            • Wreedles Wreedles

              The link wasn’t about the student ratings. It was posted on the rating site by a student, to give some insight into the character of the person being discussed; I included it a point-of-interest to my fellow enenewsies. I found it particularly interesting that he writes poetry about his children, while on the other hand promoting an industry that seems hell-bent on destroying their future. I don’t get it, and probably never will.

              Anyway, a link to his student ratings can be found here:

        • Anthony Anthony

          Perfect person for the job then!

      • lokay5 lokay5

        I agree Wreedles! What a condescending prick. GRRrrrr ! ! !

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      I agree, but that’s propaganda from our side (the good guys).

      Any one of us could have been caught in that “cat swallowed the canary” pose.

      • Wreedles Wreedles

        True, although it disturbs me to think I could have ever looked so wantonly loathsome. Seriously, it looks like he not only swallowed the canary, but then sucked all the eggs dry, and then had the temerity to complain about his bellyache…

        I’ll stop now. 😛

  • Alice Alice

    Right. If you consume 3465000090000 bananas a year.

    What a nincompoop!

  • many moons

    I wish someone asked him about the German studies of people living near nuclear plants and the very high rates of cancer….He looked like he was laughing at himself…maybe even he thought what he was saying was ridiculous.

    • americancommntr

      Good idea.

      I wish all the Californians living within the zone this plant affects with its ‘harmless routine’ emissions, would all take it to small claims court, where attorneys are not allowed, where the maximum award is $10,000.

      I can’t imagine how it would not be possible to line sample or grid sample the area around the plant for 150 km out, and show all kinds of isotopic pollution, obviously from this plant, and increasing with distance toward it.

      If Joe Blow soused up his neighbor’s house and lawn with radioactive gases, possibly dust, and daughter products, police would come and arrest him, and lawyers would sue him.

      Why should it be any different for a nuclear plant, which could easily be shown lying about dozens of things, in all likelihood.

      The lying nuclear pollution perpetrators would not have any advantage of an army of lawyers representing them in court.

      A simple cancer cluster map could also be valuable evidence.

      • americancommntr

        And not only pollution levels increasing with distance toward it, but with correlation to prevailing winds.

        They could save some of the best cancer and other disease evidence for giant lawsuits before a jury. A whole bunch of individual cases, not allowed to be class actioned, so that each and every one would be like a possible spear to the eye of the octopus.

        • many moons

          I think you are on to something…particularly if this kind of litigation brought public interest to the struggles of many.
          I hope people follow your advice…we need to win this!

      • Anthony Anthony

        Yikes how horrible… there goes California. My god one day we may have to talk like this. Its not worth it.

  • StillJill StillJill

    americancommntr said -“so that each and every one would be like a possible spear to the eye of the octopus.”

    Wow,…LOVE it!

    Yes, quite wise an idea. Think I may volunteer! 🙂

    • americancommntr

      This California small claims court strategy is being used by a woman, and others following her example, in suing a car manufacturer for their claims being untrue about mpg/performance the car gets.

      California reportedly recently raised the maximum award to $10,000.

      In many states where attorneys are not allowed in small claims, this kind of strategy would work, with varying max limits depending on state.

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    OK, Zender.
    I’m gonna quit eatin my daily banana and cram it up your smug, smarmy, lyin ass.
    Nobody but you would lick their lips and grin insanely as you say shit that most folks will not only believe, but will use as a talking point in their comfy denial of actual nuke plant dangers.
    You might just be the most dangerous little prick I’ve seen yet.

  • James2

    This guy is more than a liar. He’s literally taking money and trading if for people’s health.

    In my opinion he is a criminal. I think he’s just as bad as the guy raping 8 year old girls – worse even – he might be killing them – by the hundreds possibly.

  • Mack Mack

    Here’s a great article on San Onofre from Fire Dog Lake. Well worth reading:

  • Anthony Anthony

    We don’t have any world leaders who ask us what kind of future we want.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    ..I knew we at enenews readers should have copyrighted/patented/trademarked that banana, glasses, watch, monkey stuff.. we would have all been rich enough to evacuate 🙂

    ..imagine the royalties of plausible explanation would have been enormous by this point, and we are a long way from the other 90% of the world populace finding out the truth..

    well, if anyone does try to protect it… please use proceeds to build a haven for your fellow enenewsers 🙂

  • sworldpeas

    Here is the best explanation about OUR response towards global warming and whether we should take action or not…

    If any of you deniers out there can dispute this I’d LOVE to hear about it!

    • Bobby1

      Moot. The choice is a hot planet where mankind is extinct from radiation, or a nice cool planet where everyone is extinct from radiation.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi sworldpeas, good one. We need to change the way we live, the question is
      Will we change it by design or by disaster? The deniers are heading for the 2nd option.

      • sworldpeas

        Hi B&B at the rate we are going it’s a disaster BY design! lol but not really.

        I’m glad deniers weren’t around when it was discovered that CFC’s were burning a HOLE in the ozone layer. They didn’t deny SCIENCE then and we even got a world wide ban on CFCs. Too bad they believe Inhofe and his ilk over real climate scientist. I can only imagine where it will lead us…

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Disaster by design…true. Actually, I’m quite relieved to see I’m not all alone here with my views. Where do you live, sworldpeas?

          • sworldpeas

            Currently I’m being Fukd and irradiated in Central California how about you?

            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              I’m enjoying cesium chees & fuku’ed leafy greens in Trier, SW Germany. Luckily, no deniers around here left, but of cours that doesn’t help if the majority of worldwide hardcore-emitters is willing to leave the consequences to their children…
              I try to do what I can.

        • americancommntr

          Nobody has ever explained to me why there should not be a hole in the ozone layer during a pole’s winter and for a time afterward. The sun does not shine there, and to the extent it does, does so at a very slight angle. Ozone doesn’t last long, only 25 seconds or so at sea level, more higher. The sun has to shine, UV rays have to hit the oxygen to create ozone. So there should be holes over each pole. The CFC’s were heavier than air, too. Only convection or updrafts could get them up.

          So a law was passed, chemicals changed, and WA-LAA! All of a sudden the problem is over and done, even though the ‘experts’ claimed it would be hundreds of years before the ozone returned to normal.

          What happened, was an industry got a big bunch of money for new chemicals, new AC parts, etc., and a measure of global government was created.

          The same thing for CO2. We don’t even know where the atmosphere really came from or comes from. We do know a single volcano can and has in the recent past belched more CO2 than man ever did in all his industrial activity.

          • James2

            Actually the problem wasn’t “over and done”. The ozone hole never went away – just the pubicity about it went away. There was never any scientific linkage between CFC’s and the ozone layer anyway.

            And what they did was crazy. Have you ever noticed that home air conditioning systems have gotten huge lately.

            Well – they wanted to save the ozone, by banning CFC’s – freon in particular. Now freon is essentially chlorinated propane gas – it’s cheap and easy to make and it worked pretty good in the refrigeration cycle.

            So they banned the sale of new systems that use Freon – not the sale of freon itself, but the systems that use it. The problem is that the replacements didn’t work as good. So the new systems needed to be approximately 30% larger (and use 30% more energy) just to cool to the level that the old freon systems did.

            So now the systems need to be physically larger and cost more – the electricity usage goes up by 30% (or the cooling goes down by 30%) and our need for power generation skyrockets. Now here’s the nuke tie in – you don’t want to build more dirty coal and fossil fuel plants to save the environment – you want more clean nuclear fuel – right??? Of course you do.

            BTW – now the HVAC companies can upsell you a new “green” system. Dupont can patent the new refrigerant – when their old patent from the General Motors days had long expired. And they get to make lots of the new stuff. And – we can make it illegal for non-certified people to work on AC system (even though they are simple systems) and the service technicians make more money – EVERYBODY GET A PIECE OF THIS PIE.

            Everybody except the environment and the consumers. Now we have to make bigger systems that use more material resources – we need more power plants – which – well you know where that leads us, and we can no longer fix our own AC units. It’s a crazy solution – it absolutely had the opposite environment effect – but lots made tons of money…

    • James2

      Peas – using the term denier means that you have bought the rhetoric hook line and sinker.

      It was specifically coined to make you feel superior and suppress open debate on the topic.

      I’ve seen that video you point to – essentially he uses the old heaven argument – if you don’t believe in God and there is a heaven, you have a chance of missing out, if you do believe there’s no chance of missing out, and all you wasted if there was no heaven is some time and effort believing in God.

      It works in the case of God, but doesn’t work as well as global warming. If you believe and there is no global warming, the cost is too high in my mind. He also says that if we don’t do anything before we know for sure – then it will be too late. Not true in the case of global warming.

      You see he made the video before two very important pieces of data were revealed. #1 piece of data is that global warming hasn’t really happened since 1998, despite continuing increases in carbon – that kills the theory right there on the spot.

      But the second thing that guy didn’t know is that the climategate documents (not the emails – which were heavily publicized but somewhat innocuous) – the files – which were very extensive and not many people actually looked at them – these files prove that the leaders of the global warming “movement” were intentionally fudging the data to create AGW out of thin air. The emails were just a much easier thing to write about.

      If you looked at the source data all along, you knew this, but very few folks did that. I encourage you to look deeper. Just like with nuclear power – the propaganda you’ve been fed for many years is not necessarily correct.

  • or-well

    He’s a Prisoner of Zender!
    Trapped in his mind,
    drugged by his training
    and Discipline fine,
    hidden in Academe,
    tempted to think
    that he can speak
    quick as a wink
    uttering hogwash and
    no one will blink,
    and that it’s correct
    to speak to the proles
    of matters nuclear
    playing dual roles
    for which he’s not equipped:
    he’s one fine and dandy
    professorial twit.

  • RichardPerry

    Charlie Zender, a UC Irvine professor. […] said even those who work inside places like San Onofre would have to double their exposure [to around 100 millisieverts per year] to be at an increased risk of cancer
    I agree if you do not take it internally. The radiation though is high then you state, we know that TEPCO & government reports of radiation level is one tenth the actual. Also the workers are adults not youths, young are more sensitive, radiation is 10 times as dangers, [1]their whole body is closer [2]their nose is closer to ground [3]they walk on soil more than adults [5]workers at plant are exposed for 8 hours youth more [6]the worker wear some protective gear [7]the workers do not eat radiated food products [8]youths play on ground and handle soil then rub their faces and put them in their mouth [9]youth do not change their close as much as adults [10]the youth are exposed in their house [11]in time they will have several generations above them radiated all their lives [12]workers are exposed up to retirement or changing jobs [13]adults organs are larger than youths so can take more hits of recitation [14]youths sleep together and are then close to a radiated matter [15]youths handle radiated pets more than adults [16]youths play were water is in lower areas like ditches were radiation has been washed too [17]youths exposed to radiation from the roof especially if it is flat [18]youths at school are in classes radiating each other [20]youths walk to school on a…