Shocking Treatment of US Nuclear Whisteblowers: Sent to office in basement with rat poison after warning of Fukushima-like explosion — Another given office in storage room with drums of radioactive waste and asbestos soon after having chemotherapy (VIDEO)

Published: November 2nd, 2013 at 12:32 pm ET


KING 5 News, Nov. 1, 2013: Hanford whistleblower: ‘I was now the enemy’ […] [Dr. Walt] Tamosaitis determined that the mixers, as designed, would not be able to mix the waste sufficiently, posing a risk that heavy radioactive elements would collect at the bottom of the tanks and begin a nuclear chain reaction. The reaction, in turn, would generate large amounts of explosive hydrogen gas (a similar hydrogen build up at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan caused large explosions after the 2011 Tsunami damaged that facility). […] “The worst case scenario would be a criticality and trapping of hydrogen gas which could lead to a hydrogen explosion,” said Tamosaitis. […] URS moved Tamosaitis to another building where he was assigned to a makeshift office in the basement. He sat alone in a cramped space full of storage boxes, rat poison feeders and copy machines. He was not assigned any work and had no boss to report to. “The message was, ‘Don’t do what Walter did. Don’t raise issues. Shut up (and) do what we say,'” said Tamosaitis. […]  The Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board and the Government Accountability Office both issued reports highlighting Tamosaitis’ work. And in early 2012 Energy Secretary Steven Chu ordered a halt to WTP construction.

Top: Whistleblower Charles Varnadore; Bottom: Milton from the movie ‘Office Space’. Some may see similarities in the treatment of Milton and the whistleblowers. Watch clips of Milton from ‘Office Space’ here.

New York Times, Aug. 5, 2013: After Charles D. Varnadore complained about safety at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory […] his bosses moved him to an office containing radioactive waste. When an industrial hygienist recommended that either he or the waste be moved, he was put in a room contaminated with mercury [“visible mercury was in several places”]. […] His difficulties began in 1990, after he returned to work following colon cancer surgery. He found that his replacement had shortcomings in handling lab samples, and he pointed this out to his superiors […] he was given a storage room as an office […] The room contained bags and drums of radioactive waste, as well as bags of asbestos and chemical waste. […] “The only conclusion which can be drawn from this record is that they intentionally put him under stress with full knowledge that he was a cancer patient recovering from extensive surgery and lengthy chemotherapy,” the judge, Theodor P. Von Brand, wrote in his decision.  […] Judge Von Brand sent the matter to the labor secretary, Robert B. Reich [who] dismissed some of Mr. Varnadore’s charges on the ground that they had been filed too late, and he dismissed others because he did not believe that they had been proved conclusively. […]

Perhaps Mr. Tomaisitis would disagree with these statements in the New York Times article:

  • Mr. Varnadore’s complaints also led to stronger laws and practices governing employees who dare to blow the whistle on powerful employers
  • “No other whistle-blower will ever be treated that way again,” [said Varnadore’s lawyer]

Watch King 5’s interview with Tamosaitis here

See also: [intlink id=”gundersen-they-tried-to-crush-us-our-house-was-foreclosed-on-there-was-bankruptcy-we-were-followed-harassing-calls-sued-for-1-5-million-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 2nd, 2013 at 12:32 pm ET


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24 comments to Shocking Treatment of US Nuclear Whisteblowers: Sent to office in basement with rat poison after warning of Fukushima-like explosion — Another given office in storage room with drums of radioactive waste and asbestos soon after having chemotherapy (VIDEO)

  • ftlt

    Typical now in the puppet globalist state of AmeriKa..

    We only prize jackbooted first responders as our heros now..

    Sieg Hiel

  • Shaker1

    Oh, it's not only the State, but can be seen in management meetings everywhere you go. I guess it's just the reaction of shallow people with telescopic vision when they're pressured. This man works for a subcontractor of one of the largest and most persistent corporate arms of US government policy.

    While I commend the man on his courage, it should be pointed out that the man here is not in any way, shape, or form anti-nuke. Also, I take issue, which he doesn't, over the some interesting questions concerning the scope of this project. The simple fact is that, in my opinion, it's much too largely singular. Don't get me wrong, I live downriver of Hanford, and wish to see some remediation. But it's like putting one's eggs all in one basket with the scope of this particular project, and I therefore have a problem with it's management over time. One single plant, one management force, basically a cabal that has interest in preserving its lack of integrity much better than what should rightly be its integrity…Can you get the picture? One accident at the plant could contaminate it to uselessness and the waste of billions, when a number of smaller plants might preserve the continuing clean-up even with an accident in one. Besides, in my experience, it's just as easy to make two small things as it is to make one large one. They could be building 5 small plants almost concurrently, bringing in a variety of conscience and consciousness, and learning as they progresses.

  • Shaker1

    Another thing that I fear with this huge project is that because of the massive expenditure and its simple existence, it will become an excuse to ship waste here from everywhere in creation, massively upping the ante. This kind of crap, while not on the scale of Hanford, is all over. As it is Hanford has been used in some respects as a repository. Problems at Los Alamos? Ship it to Hanford…

  • Dugisme Dugisme

    No thanks, I'm more or less between Hanford and Fukushima. That's exciting enough without adding more. 😉

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    My neighbor is involved with the Hanford cleanup. He has some interesting stories.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      Although he never heard of RadNet. I thought that a bit odd.

      • Dugisme Dugisme

        That is odd.

        Read on a site last night that almost 7, 000 Indians were imprisoned for protesting by a dam where a new NPP was going up.

        • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

          If only the white man could organize a protest of that magnitude…but most are frozen by material desire.

  • Bones Bones

    Don't forget Karen Silkwood. Very high profile case. May all of our good luck and love be with each and everyone of these amazing human beings!

    • It has always been thus. When they weren't outright killing their whistleblowers [i.e., Karen Silkwood], that is. They didn't even like mind-changers, usually fringe-cornered them nicely in academia (Einstein, Oppenheimer).

      • We Not They Finally

        Everyone PLEASE keep on eye on whatever may have happened to Michael Collins ( and his wife Denise Anne Duffield. He was on the Jeff Rense Show (there are other problems with Jeff Rense, but he's been fabulous on Fukushima) like clockwork and with passionate enthusiasm until last week. Collins has done vigilant radiation testing from the start and he'd NEVER just back out.

        But Jeff got a brief, odd-sounding e-mail just before last Monday's show, with Collins (or whoever was using his e-mail address) saying that he wouldn't be on the show "anymore." Jeff speculated that Collins had been "threatened," for lack of other info.

        But now that website,, has had NO personal commentaries from Collins since October 17th, and you cannot even PRINT pages from the website, or even do a copy/paste to a blank page. You can still print out links to government radnet, probably just because the government website is still "live."

        This is extremely worrisome. Think Chile in the 1970's and "The Disappeared." I really DON'T want to "go there" (at all!) but shy of some other explanation, where does one go?

        If anyone else knows something or has some alternate speculation, please post. Meanwhile, we were able to still obtain a photo of the couple from Facebook to put on a wall in our house because these people are heroes in any case. We just don't want them to be "martyrs."

    • papacares papacares

      @bones & JoyB – thanks for bringing up Karen, for the enenewsers who do not know, Karen was one of the 1st whistleblowers of the nuke industry. She died in a mysterious car wreck on her way to deliver a folder of health and safety infractions she had observed while working for kerr-mcgee. the kerr-mcgee corporation was owned by the very influential longtime senator robert s. kerr.
      several years after Karen's death it was discovered the kerr-mcgee corporation was disposing of spent nuclear waste from their several nuclear processing plants by injecting the waste into their oil wells serving not only to dispose of the waste but also causing the oil to float on top of the waste therefore making it easier to pump the oil. the amount of nuclear pollution caused by the kerr-mcgee corporation is unknown but the groundwater in several areas was found to be contaminated. also kerr-mcgee was instrumental in developing MOX fuel – read more at:

    • Whistleblower Karen Silkwood First Anti-Nuclear Industry Martyr, Legal Case Was Won Against Kerr McGee For 10 Million

  • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

    I just dont understand why more people dont speak up.


    And how does Gunderson have such cool digs?

  • We Not They Finally

    This industry does seem to attract monsters. You try to act like a decent human and you're persecuted by the monsters. Shut them all down permanently!

  • behappy1

    Its not just the nuke industry
    Its the entire gov'ts SOP
    (for your own safty of cours)



  • behappy1

    Its their game, but you own the ball

    Just take your ball and go home
    game over

  • behappy1

    The goberment can shutdow

    Why can't the people
    Go marches
    No protest
    Just stay home, take a sick day or four

    Over 80% were against the Bank Bail Out

    There going to cut food stamps
    A program that cost 80 billion a year
    But continue 85 billion a month to the banks
    (at intrest)
    The nsa, its "crossing the line" they say to spy on world leaders
    But its fine to spy on your own people
    (guess were not allies)

    The msm, fuku blackout? epa warnings?

    fuku is only one symptom of
    Somethings Wrong

  • behappy1

    Whisteblower or nut case?

    Does seem a little strange to "push" him down the street
    says, they practice that
    might be other suspects
    so in the open, no protective gear
    Why not drive the ambulance to meet them?

  • yohananw

    an honor roll, short list — some of many anonymous nuclear whistleblowers

    can this organization help?