“Shocking Video”: Methane bubbling up near giant sinkhole — Dead fish all over the place out here now, this is not good (VIDEO)

Published: December 11th, 2012 at 12:59 pm ET


Watch the video here

Title: Shocking Video Of Methane Gas Bubbling In Bayou Corne Near Sinkhole~
Author: rainbeaudais
Date: Dec. 11, 2012

Source: rainbeaudais

Shocking Video Of Methane Gas Bubbling In Bayou Corne Near Sinkhole

At 6:00 in

We’re a little bit further down past the sinkhole and we’re now coming up on some dead fish suddenly that we’d not been seeing […]

They’re all over the place out here now. This is not good to be seeing all these dead fish.

Published: December 11th, 2012 at 12:59 pm ET


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84 comments to “Shocking Video”: Methane bubbling up near giant sinkhole — Dead fish all over the place out here now, this is not good (VIDEO)

  • ftlt

    Now that is alarming… And the volume is noteworthy…

  • jec jec

    Anyone hear what the crude oil "fingerprint" is? Anyone hear an annoucement it is NOT BP Gulf Oil related? Or just silence of the lambs.

    Hope no one floats a lit candle on the bayou water to see if it flares.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @rainbeaudais..Let me be one of the first to thank you.
    This gives a clear view of local and conditions.
    The volume is heavy..as I suspected.
    Thank you so much…

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      Thank you Heart….:-) I would love to take a walk from the sinkhole, through the swamp to those homes straight west, which is where the geoprobe went down on my lot. No telling how many holes there are venting this gas that no one even knows about.


        Can you describe the smells Rainbow? Any hints?


        BTW, I know you are very brave, rainbow, and I want to thank you for risking it all to bring this to us. I saw a blurb last night that a Baton Rouge newspaper was looking for raw footage of the area. I will look up which one it is and possibly get some media coverage on this before the next event.

        • FREEDOMROX

          No it wasn't a newspaper it channel 9, WAFB. Do you feel up to an interview?

        • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

          I'm afraid that next event may have already happened. The helicopter is in the air now, and they have been only going out once a week max, and last one was Friday. I'm assuming based on then sketchy reports we have been getting with little hints from Texas Brine, that something significant has happened.

  • krugthecaveman krugthecaveman

    Wow! Speechless. No media coverage? WTF are they waiting for.

    • Bones Bones

      Probably, waiting for people to forget just like every other man-made completely avoidable disaster. If they honestly reported on the toxicity of the Gulf, I highly doubt just about anyone would eat the contaminated seafood. The government will look credible and competent to the rest of the country because they assume that if they don't hear about it then everything is fine and the businesses will be left off the hook.

      The government did nothing appropriate or intelligent to clean-up the Gulf and actually made it worse by allowing corexit to be used, but people thought all was well after the media stopped reporting on the situation. We know that's false. It's almost "our" fault since people believed the "smell test" BS from so-called scientists. It smells good so it must be safe! That is just one example of American idiocy. The media and government cannot be trusted so don't ever look to them to do right; Only when it's in their interests will they report. Don't forget there are many oil suppliers financing all the stations. Complete lack of coverage means someone called a bunch of editors.

      • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

        I had a reporter at KATC actually tell a friend of mine they do report gossip or make predictions, they leave that up to their weatherman. That was in response to my friend asking why they were not reporting on the sinkhole!!

  • markww markww

    @rainbeaudais Be careful going over methane bubbles in boat you can sink. Bubbles make the water less buoyant


    • Maggie123

      Rainbequdais – hope you saw MarkWW's caution on being out in boat. I also wondered about breathing the atmosphere. If you had boat trouble and ended in the water, even if it's shallow, the air quality might be added danger.

      Might sound like over-care but I'd like to think you wear the kind of floatation jacket that holds head out of water – even if it feels silly and you've never bothered before! PLEASE TAKE GREATEST CARE – those of you going out on the water in boats!

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      Thanks for that information Markww. I didn't know that, and that is a scary thought, because we were directly over them.

  • ftlt

    I would think breathing, smoking (fire) and the engine heat (fire) could be a problem too given the size of those bubbles..


  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Apparently they are not measuring any leaks coming up directly to the ground that they can not see! Boston is using some type of technology to be able to monitor the leaks….


    THANK YOU rainbeaudais! Stay safe!


      Geez, Louise. Boston is just begging for a Chicago like fire, and this time it won't be Mrs. O'Leary's cow to blame.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      ibuilthis…..I don't even know that they have canvased the whole area just to check. They sure don't tell us much any more.


    I suspect that with this large increase in pressure that the throat containing all the trees, rocks and soil are about to be regurgitated.


    'Ibuiltthis', If I am not mistaken, these are brand new batches of bubbling spots. I counted over 37 once I re-watched it. I do wish she had described the smells surrounding her immediate area.

    Get ready for the 'Big Burp'.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      FRox….no smell at all. But then maybe I am used to it. That's the area that has always had a large number of different bubble sites. My sister has passed over them many times but it's been a while. She said there were many more, and all MUCH larger. I was just stunned when we came up on them.


        Thanks for clarifying that, and as for smells, you would not mistake low amounts of H2S, since it's like a mix between an artesian well, and rotten eggs. We know there wasn't a high level that doesn't have a smell, for you would already be dead.
        Incredible risk you took. Please get out of the area…all of you. I don't want to see ya'll poisoned to death.

        "Something's happening here..what it is ain't exactly clear." Buffalo Springfield

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Freedom, if water is not covering, how can you tell it's there? If I am not mistaken, the water has risen and they could have been there before, but water was not covering it for you to see the bubbles. right??


      very possible, but that section has been underwater for a little while, about two weeks, if I recall. I expected and told you last night when you pointed out the LA09 that something was moving pretty good and not just in reaction the Sun. This was an expected event if going by my Throat dammed hypothesis. Now in summer, when water levels get low, then you are correct and this would not be seen.
      This is a warning sign, and if they all interpret it correctly, then they will get the dickens out of there. Because for all of my talk of the throat clearing due to major underground pressure build-up…I haven't a clue as to how violent it could be.
      I promise, someone at that facility knows, and they will not warn the people there of the potential danger.
      I do not think enough pressure has built up to destroy the whole cavern and cause mass subsidence yet, but I do worry that if the throat clears enough that thousands of barrels of oil, HDC, TDS's, and even possibly H2S will come spewing out.
      Worrisome, since the vent flare is just across the highway…

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      The water is actually low. Very low. The water seen on land, and the increase in the swampy area is from 2 heavy rains in the past week. When traveling down the bayou, it is not normal to see any bankline.

      • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

        Y'all have it backwards. Our normals are for the waters to be high in the summer, from more rain and melting snow up north, and low in the winters.

        • FREEDOMROX

          Sorry, haven't slept in two days. I am bass akwards.. I do know about pressures though. Get ready for an event is about to happen.
          Too bad you couldn't get a video of Sonny Cranch swimming in Lake Oxy 3….

        • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

          First, If you don't like what I am about to say or disagree with it, so be it.

          It is apparent these people at Texas Brine could care less. They are obviously not monitoring anything that is not the sinkhole itself. They are not attempting in any way, shape or form to make sure the residents are safe beyond what they are ordered to do. The Gov't is doing little if anything to make them do so. All of you who say this is just a little incident have yet to place yourself in the shoes of those who live nearby. I am very happy I do not live closer, because I would probably be a resident of the local jail cell. This is just ridiculous! They have had plenty of time to do plenty of testing to see what the hell is going on, and report it. Instead you find generalized reports that state no change in sinkhole crap. You get 30 second video's from flyovers. Please… I'm not a fool, they are not editing the video's to that extent for nothing. Texas Brine and the gov't has been living on luck… I pray they continue to do so as anything less could harm innocent people.

          • sentinelle sentinelle

            There was a time, before September 2001, that I thought that I could happily focus on my own personal world and there were people of wisdom, knowledge and power in place whose jobs and passions were to keep us all safe.

            I watched in the months and years afterwards that the powers that be are mostly in a lockstep mode of reacting rather than acting. Those acting or speaking out are accused of insanity, conspiracy, or jumping too rapidly to conclusions.

          • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

            ibuilthis…I neither dislike or agree. You are right,and I am pissed now.

            • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

              You deserve better. Each pretty little package update they put together states they continue to wait for results from this or that.. where are they?? So much they are not sharing, they need to be grilled… I would love to put them under one of those spotlights and grill them! If only I were versed more in the geological situation!

              • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

                First I would like to say Thank you rainbeaudais so very much for taking the risk & filming for us. Please stay safe. 🙂

                I agree that none of those responsible or those payed to keep you safe are doing their jobs..except to make sure they have their @sses covered.

                These politicians need to be reminded that they would not have the food they eat or the roof over their heads if it were not for taxpayers money.

                Just as I would pay a surgeon for his expertise we pay these politicians to do their jobs. I do not need to be a surgeon to expect a degree of expertise or professionalism from one.

              • Anthony Anthony

                The whole truth.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    the first word that springs to mind – Crikey!
    I could not feel save anywhere near that place. You could get swallowed up at any moment.

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    All these companies need to be held accountable for the mess and danger and entire ecological consequences. You are very brave getting this video. Make lots of copies and make sure that many lawyers each have their own copy too! Please be safe.

  • BigLoner

    Off topic, but only by geography. Does anyone know what's going on with the Sissonville, VW explosion this afternoon?

  • amberlight amberlight

    Thank you once again, rainbeaudais. Now get the hell outta there! Your safety is more important than our updates, although we all appreciate them greatly. I just wish the cretins responsible for this mess were giving us the information you're providing. You should send them a bill for your services. Oh, right… They would sooner pay you to shut up and sit down!

  • markww markww

    rainbeaudais Remember this OK PLEASE

    As a fireman be sure if you start smelling toxic stuff get out of there oxygen levels can go down very fast ie Methane in the air displaces air you breathe and the other chemicals you do not see best to have a 0-2 detector so you have enough air around you to breathe.

    Remember ships that have sunk on Bermuda triangle they sunk from methane bubbling up it can sink your boat so stay away from the actual bubbles if they burp you will sink too and the boat so please stay safe Markww

  • Don't panic, but Scotland is actually being affected tonight by this. The mass of gas is same or similar to the Deepwater Horizon they quickly tried to cap. So much has moved up and escaped – there is now an active Magma plume upwelling and being correollissed NE moving the Atlantic Plate NE. Scotland has tremor lines on Infra Red at right- angles to their Caledonian Folding – Mayan Endtime wildcard No.2 after Fuku, anyone?

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Oh…My…God! You are breathing pure methane! For every bubble location on water, there are another dozen or more on land. The entire area is spewing forth methane and who knows what else. And if the butane makes it to here, butane will also be spewing. Get out now. (Great video, Rainbow!). But really, you must go now.

  • Mothercares

    HI Rainbeaudais,

    Thank you for sharing. I was wondering, you said the water level is low and that it just rained a couple of days back. Did you notice the water levels or oil stain on the tree's, so if that was the water level at that point and it has dropped or do you think it is from runoff of the rain/staining the trees. Eitherway, it poses a significant drop in water level and that can not be good. In regards to the dead fish, it won't be the last of the animal kingdom to die. Please heed the warnings and do not go back. Take what you have and go. Send this video out on the news networks and over the radio airwaves. Another part of me, warns you to be safe as well. I vehemently suggest you leave this area with any and all who will listen. Time will be important, do not linger on the past-it is the future, we have to deal with. Please go Now!!! and no, I do not know why I write this, except I feel that I must. Peace

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      Thank you Mothercares

      The bayou is at some point connected to the GOM way down the line, so the tides do affect it. The dark you see on trees is water stains and not oil stains. That line on the trees is pretty much the normal water level. We saw no signs of oil in the bayou, surprisingly.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Hi rainbeaudais

    I can't believe you got in there with those toxic bubbles. You took a chance, but your video is great. Not a good sign when there is dead fish floating.
    I agree with the others, just to be on the safe side, please get out.
    Be Safe..

  • sentinelle sentinelle

    Amazing video Rainbeaudais!! You're one of the few brave souls to venture out and take a close look at what's happening. I recall one of the statements from an official around Thanksgiving was they were having a real hard time getting crews to even go there.

    Obviously it's not safe or healthy to be there. The dead fish reminded me of canaries in a cave. A dire warning. It worries me that you were breathing the air/mix that was bubbling up around you. If you can – go breathe some fresh air far away soon and detox.

    Thank you!

  • Maggie123

    Rainbeaudais – Absolutely excellent video presentation. Don't know if you want 'detailed feedback' but here's what I noticed with *great* admiration! —

    Visual quality combined with 'just right' pacing really allows viewer to 'take in the reality'. Mix of voice over and text also works well and is so nicely done. Music ideal selection, not intrusive, and some spacing that was just viewing with only water-sound audio also worked so well IMO.

    I feel like your video will bring new interest to the situation – especially as over time you add to the collection. A story unfolding, documented.

    (Watched another of yours recently with similar admiration but this one *really* caught my attention for presentation!)

    Liked your note to Jindal at the close too – and assume (hope) you'll keep that up!

    Just wanted to let you know my thoughts. Thank you for your steady dedication – the Bayou Corne folks are so lucky to have you doing what you do!

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      Thank you Maggie, and yes, I always welcome detailed feedback. Someone posted on youtube that I should drop the music and slow motion in the beginning, but I started doing this because I like working with videos and am just really learning. It has to be interesting to me. I was initially so disappointed in the actual video with me narrating (I was nervous, scared and in such shock) that I felt I panned around too much, the boat movement caused even more movement, and I couldn't seem to think straight…..well, I almost didn't post the video. So I decided to try to make it a little more interesting. Thanks again……:-)


        Excellent job! Over ten thousand hits here so far, so don't you ever think it is not worth it. I still wished you would get out of there tho'.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Hydrogen Sulfide definition
    Hydrogen sulfide (British English: hydrogen sulphide) is the chemical compound with the formula H2S. It is a colorless, very poisonous, flammable gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. It often results from the bacterial breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, such as in swamps and sewers; this process is commonly known as anaerobic digestion. It also occurs in volcanic gases, natural gas, and some well waters. The human body produces small amounts of H2S and uses it as a signaling molecule.

    Hydrogen sulfide is slightly heavier than air; a mixture of H2S and air is explosive. Hydrogen sulfide and oxygen burn with a blue flame to form sulfur dioxide (SO2) and water. In general, hydrogen sulfide acts as a reducing agent.

    At high temperature or in the presence of catalysts, sulfur dioxide can be made to react with hydrogen sulfide to form elemental sulfur and water. This is exploited in the Claus process, the main way to convert hydrogen sulfide into elemental sulfur.

    Hydrogen sulfide is slightly soluble in water and acts as a weak acid, giving the hydrosulfide ion HS− (pKa = 6.9 in 0.01-0.1 mol/litre solutions at 18 °C). A solution of hydrogen sulfide in water, known as sulfhydric acid or hydrosulfuric acid, is initially clear but over time turns cloudy. This is due to the slow reaction of hydrogen sulfide with the oxygen dissolved in water, yielding elemental sulfur, which precipitates out. The sulfide…

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Continiued definition of Hydrogen SUlfide
    The sulfide dianion S2− exists only in strongly alkaline aqueous solutions; it is exceptionally basic with a pKa > 14.

    Hydrogen sulfide reacts with metal ions to form metal sulfides, which may be considered the salts of hydrogen sulfide. Some ores are sulfides. Metal sulfides often have a dark color. Lead(II) acetate paper is used to detect hydrogen sulfide because it turns grey in the presence of the gas as lead(II) sulfide is produced. Reacting metal sulfides with strong acid liberates hydrogen sulfide.

    If gaseous hydrogen sulfide is put into contact with concentrated nitric acid, it explodes.

    Hydrogen sulfide reacts with alcohols to form thiols.

    [edit] Production

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      Methane is not toxic; however, it is extremely flammable and may form explosive mixtures with air. Methane is violently reactive with oxidizers, halogens, and some halogen-containing compounds. Methane is also an asphyxiant and may displace oxygen in an enclosed space. Asphyxia may result if the oxygen concentration is reduced to below about 16% by displacement, as most people can tolerate a reduction from 21% to 16% without ill effects. The concentration of methane at which asphyxiation risk becomes significant is much higher than the 5–15% concentration in a flammable or explosive mixture. Possible health effects of breathing in methane at high concentrations, resulting in oxygen deficiency, are increased breathing and pulse rates, lack of muscular coordination, emotional upset, nausea and vomiting, loss of consciousness, respiratory collapse and death.[48] Methane off-gas can penetrate the interiors of buildings near landfills and expose occupants to significant levels of methane. Some buildings have specially engineered recovery systems below their basements to actively capture this gas and vent it away from the building

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        • “Methane is nontoxic on its own but can become lethal when it combines with another gas. Methane causes asphyxiation by displacing oxygen. It may produce symptoms of dizziness and headache, but these often go unnoticed until the brain signals the body to gasp for air. This happens too late, and the individual collapses. Because of the lack of oxygen, the result is usually death….”

        Read more: What Are the Dangers of Methane Gas? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5377204_dangers-methane-gas.html#ixzz2EoHvdkto

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        “Methane or CH4 is responsible for a significant part of the greenhouse gases causing Global warming. Methane is a trace gas that only makes up a mere .00017% of the earths atmosphere. In contrast carbon dioxide or CO2 makes up .04% of our atmosphere, also appearing to be a small amount.

        “Yet these gases along with various others are being said to be the cause of a potentially world ecological catastrophe for future generations. Some people believe the problem could be so serious that it could grow exponentially and affect present generations….”


    The dead fish are a sure sign that containment is no longer an issue.. It has been lost. The dead fish are most likely from the high salinity levels, and if brine is present, then so are high chloride levels. Talk about a TOXIC STEW!

  • Sickputer

    Great video rainbow… Nice cruise alongside the sinkhole. I think you will be fairly safe unless the methane eruptions give you no open gaps for your boat. I'd ride with you. 😉 If I was a few hundred miles closer I'd bring my camcorder and join you.

    No smoking though and if you feel any dizziness at all get out of the area. Methane has no odor so you can't rely on it being mixed with smelly agents. Take care and keep posting.

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    Thanks everyone for your concern for us. It means so much to know people are watching this and supporting us. We really do feel as though the MSM has let us down, as well as the politicians, including, and specifically our own governor.

    From what I understand about methane, is that it disperses in to the atmosphere very quickly, and is really a danger only when it forms a vapor cloud, or is contained or trapped.

    I do know there are other dangers, but I felt it was important to see this for myself, then once I saw it, felt that everyone needed to see it. This is the only way we will not be forgotten, or left to fend for ourselves.


      You are not alone, but my pirogue would not survive the Mississippi River for 375 miles. 😛

      Seriously, after what you did for your neighbor the other day, you have earned the "Biggest Heart" of the Year Award.

      For those about to Rock! We salute you!

  • SwimsWithGators

    Rain… Thanks for your on the water reporting. Enenews is richer for your place here.

    I have been following this since it started… been lurking… signed in to say that it seems to me the salt dome will dissolve. And if it does dissolve, there will be nothing but the world's biggest sinkhole.

    Be careful. And thank you and all the Enenews posters. I feel like I know many of you since I have been reading for a year now.

    We do live in interesting times. And yes, I have swum with gators. Might even do it again.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      Now see? THAT is brave….LOL. You should check out my gator video, called Oh Carp!

      Right when the fish kill started after Isaac, I was out on the pier fishing and there was this gator chasing carp (that were coming to the surface desperate for air)around. He came within 10 feet of me after one,and I got a great video of him lunging for it.

      I just don't get the logistics of how the dome can dissolve. I worried about that too, but came to understand the max dissolvability (sp?) of water,and how once it turns to brine, the dissolving effect ends.

      • SwimsWithGators

        Well, i don't actually get to close to them. Of course a few are underwater so who knows how close?

        Salt dome dissolution: As more fresh water enters the area the brine levels will change. If the water is stagnant then it will reach equilibrium and no longer dissolve.

        It could be that this situation is caused by freshwater reacting with the dome. That water made the side of the cavern collapse. This is of course the worst scenario possible, but it is possible due to aquifer and surface water movement and continued underground collapses.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        Hi RainB.. Thank you for your reporting.. again, we are the news now, unless of course you care about stupid stuff like the Kardashians..etc.. You have humbled your way into the likes of Walter Cronkite.. risking your life to tell us, and show us the story!

        As a visual, I look right at my jar of salt scrub. Notice how the oil does not cause the salt to melt..or dissolve? now, add water..and it will dissolve.. liquify even.. doesn't take too much either to start it down the path to dissolving.. a little will do it..

        Also, I do not believe this mess is all Texas Brine's fault.. I suspect they are scapegoats, for the entire brining industry.

        What does occur to make more sense, is that pressure came from outside that cavern, and started to erode it, over a year ago, when reports started trickling in of tremors etc..

        Now, the million dollar question is, from what? I suspect, gassing off methane is traveling through strata and finding, or pushing it's way to the surface.. and found a nice pathway into the big hum.. just seems too coincidental that the cavern collapsed right where the big hum seems to abut the salt dome..

        Is the methane from the BP screw up? or normal geological functions that happen from time to time?

        Certainly, those who are hanging out here and being made aware of the "news" are starting to see other weird coincidences.. like giant explosions everywhere.. methane again? cover ups? stupidity?

        or all of the above????

        • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

          Hi Cataclysmic, but would the salt wall have given way to that outside pressure if it had not been too thin because of overmining?

          • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

            @rainb.. That is hard to say, but, someone gave Texas Brine a permit to put that cavern there. And there is a map that shows the outline of these caverns..some make this one look dinky. ..and you better believe, the technology they have now would astound each and every one of us..

            Keep in mind HARRP was designed to ping the earth.. for gas and oil exploration..

            Was the industry out of room within the saltdome?

            Also, why no real action over a year ago?

            Also, other sluethers have uncovered the Koch connection.. any chance Texas Brine is currently being saddled with debt, ala Bain Capital types? They will siphon off all the assets load this corporation with debt and vanish in the night.. and/or get large tax refund.

            We have to hold the entire industry accountable.. Each and every time. Planetarily..so they can't just go to underdeveloped, less educated, less represented, regions and do the same thing there.. can you say Nicaragua(among other places)?

            I also can not help but see similarities within the big industries.. once something goes wrong they divide and throw someone under the bus. There is no move to gather together to solve the issue and then work out fault later..

            Can you say BP in the Gulf? Exxon in Alaska, Fukushima in Japan, and on and on…

            This is not ever going away. This is now and forever more a tarpit type of hole in the ground.. I don't see how it can be plugged.. Very very sorry Bayou Corne.


    Although this is about drilling oil, it contains information to help you understand the GOR, the prime motivator and explains interchanges.


    This is not a contained system. If it was, then the salinity of the water would stop the process of eating all the salt rock away, but it isn't contained. It has an outside source of freshwater to interchange at regular intervals and a mysterious back pressure. Mysterious, yeah, right!
    The reason ther is all the seismic activity is because the recurring fresh water infusions are eating away at all the Rock Salt structure. It is falling in upon itself in slow motion.

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    I really want to thank you ENENEWS for promoting this video. This is what our people need…..coverage to let the world know what is going on down here, and without great sites like this, that would not be happening. Thank you SO much,once again…..:-)

  • CharlesW

    This somewhat answers my questions from my other posting. I just found this post.. Many of my viewers are unaware of the Louisiana sinkhole. It is not getting media coverage like it should. Shouldn't there be signs posted NO FISHING in Bayou Corne? Obviously the fish are not safe for humans to consume! In fact they have HAZMAT testing going on near this Bayou! What if someone from out of town droppped a pole in Bayou Corne and then went home and ate the fish they caught! That might not be good!