Show Host: I was told not to discuss Fukushima on air, but I did anyway –“They didn’t want it talked about a lot, but eventually it became undeniable” — “World not rushing to aid Japan because nothing can be done… just getting worse and worse… it’s a horror, it’s a tragedy” (VIDEO)

Published: April 22nd, 2014 at 10:54 pm ET


Red Ice Radio, Apr. 7, 2014 (at 6:30 in):

  • John B. Wells, top-rated host of the most-listened-to overnight program in history ‘Coast to Coast AM’ until January 2014: My problem is, I was not looking at the scoreboard […] I did not realize the level of listenership — on a Saturday night [which Wells hosted] — 750,000 to 1.2 million. Compared with 275,000 to 300,000 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday […] sometimes the listenership on a Saturday night was more than the combined total of the entire work week, and this was not helpful politically. […]
  • Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice Radio host: […] This is ultimately what led to your termination on Coast?
  • Wells: I think so. As a matter fact, ENENews — you know them — they actually had a couple of articles […] they had quoted me, and I did say it, “Radiation shows are scary and the numbers go down and nobody really wants to hear radiation.” And I’m like, “Listen, this is a potential planet killer.” “Oh, do you really think so?” “Oh, absolutely I think so.” The reason that the world is not rushing to the aid of Japan is because there’s nothing that can be done, I mean that we know of now, unless it’s some off-planet intervention or divine intervention — there is some real trouble over there. And it’s just getting worse and worse […] It’s just awful. But, “Oh no, don’t talk about that.” And I did anyway. If there’s any creativity [inside someone], you can’t help but to try to make your spot your own. If you try to appeal to everyone, you just appeal to no one. So I thought, “Okay, no formulas here — let’s just wait until the imaginary red light comes on, and at the end the program we’ll find out if it was a good one or not so good.” I just played it from that angle and it worked out pretty well. They didn’t want Fukushima talked about a lot — but eventually it became undeniable. Even [Coast to Coast’s weekday host] started talking about it quite a lot. Because it’s a horror, it’s a tragedy – Japan, in my opinion, is gone.
  • Palmgren: […] We know this about mainstream media already — but it’s sad to realize that it encroaches into this territory as well, where the paranormal and things like that is okay, but then if you walk it a bit further into the political trenches, it becomes somewhat of a picky topic […] Censorship is so active, despite the United States having a very long and proud tradition of free speech and people being able to talk about what they want to, right?
  • Wells: I agree with you completely. It’s almost as though now, the only thing that’s safe to talk about is that which cannot be proved. And as long as you can remain nebulous and theoretical then fine, but don’t let any facts interfere with a good story.

Full interview available here

Published: April 22nd, 2014 at 10:54 pm ET


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67 comments to Show Host: I was told not to discuss Fukushima on air, but I did anyway –“They didn’t want it talked about a lot, but eventually it became undeniable” — “World not rushing to aid Japan because nothing can be done… just getting worse and worse… it’s a horror, it’s a tragedy” (VIDEO)

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    ~~~Build a Bigger Breakwater NOW Please!!~~~

    “World not rushing to aid Japan because nothing can be done.." ??????????????????
    WTF ???

    ….if this is true then the world is dominated and controlled by imbeciles who should be locked in a cage and fed bananas and peanuts.

    • Ontological Ontological

      "….if this is true then the world is dominated and controlled by imbeciles who should be locked in a cage and fed bananas and peanuts."

      Thank you!

      • Not until all of the radiation has been removed from them.. don't you know it is dangerous to eat radioactive bananas.. they are just like eating cesium or strontium, or plutonium.


        • Just wait until Dole and the other companies hear about how the nuclear industry is talking trash about their bananas..

          When a banana gets dragged down to the level of cesium, plutonium and strontium, that is REALLY bad.

          Kind of like calling your sister or mother a w#(#(.

          It is very strange that the banana industry is not defending their banana reputation and brand.

          • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

            Here's that propaganda mind poison meme again: “World not rushing to aid Japan because nothing can be done.."

            Controlled dialectic. Either ignore Fukushima on the one hand, or, if it does get discussed, claim that nothing can be done. Fool all the "green" people into wringing their hands. And, either way, no expensive fix called for. . .

            • PragmaticBeliever

              Alaskan Ice, the sad part is that even knowing that you´re right, still NOTHING CAN BE DONE.

              Of course we could start doing one thing: Terminate Nuclear Power everywhere, and that´s ok… but Fukushima has no solution in the near future (50 y+)

              • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice


                What can be done is "lift and separate the coriums" to cool them down and stop fissioning. The required giant, robotic earthmoving and handling equipment hasn't been built yet. But, with 450 nuclear power plants around the world, it will need to be built, might as well give it a shot now.

                A 100 trillion dollar world economy can afford to throw a trillion dollars at a problem this big. And, until I've seen a "Manhattan Project" approach to nuclear meltdown remediation technology and equipment, I'm not willing to accept that nothing can be done.

                They (and you) don't know because they haven't yet tried.

                Ultimately, that decision not to try equates to valuing a few hundred billion dollars over mutating children's genes, nationally and internationally, with persistent radiation pollution.

                • 21stCentury 21stCentury


                  Japan, Korea, China, all have giant massive barge cranes with over 3500ton capacity.. they quickly dispatched several big barge cranes to the ferry accident…

                  Lift & Separate [like a Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra]..

                  ..well, it might be too late to find 4 big blobs of corium, more likely we will find 40 little blobs of corium.

                  At Fshima we will be better off to keep the coriums flooded and dissolve them in water like big nasty AlkaSeltzer tablets. It has become a wet actinide mining operation. This is not new technology, much of the uranium mined worldwide is done with a wet fracking style process, using electro-activated water.

                  Massive equipment is needed to clear the debris with a long reach of aerial cable cranes using the big barge crane draw-works on the seaward side.

                  The Hoover Dam Bridge was built using aerial cable cranes.


                  Massive shielding walls can be jockyed, and the entire site can be demolished, dredged, decontaminated.

                  Fshima might be the distraction hand of a pickpocket, what else is going on we are not aware of ??


                  • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice


                    Aliens and psychics were both an intelligence creation during the cold war to spook the Soviets and get them to spin their wheels. . . An easy enough trick when your adversary is superstitious and spends most of their time copying what you do.

                    . . but B.S. nonetheless.

                    Other than that, I respect your technological suggestions. But I think that remediating the coriums in place has two problems:

                    (1) the earthquake zone, and
                    (2) the human tendency to "cheat" about the fix if it stays underground and no one can see it.

                    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

                      Alaskan Ice …

                      OK, fun spin on your pingpong. 🙂
                      After we clean up Fshima and remodel it into a LNG import terminal, then I'll let you drag my sorry old butt up Denali.
                      [it might be an urn full of ashes]

                      The estimated Fshima nuke inventory of 2200tons at 3/11/11 was based on the TEPCO inventory report from one year earlier plus the various reliable reports of add incoming shipments during that year.

                      So, it's easy enough to weigh it out, just like estimating an Alaskan goldmine… it will never be exact, because a lot of it blew sky high, burned, evaporated, oxidized, and washed away at sea already.

                      Korea has a 8000 ton capacity cranebarge onsite at the ferry sinking this week, plus several other slightly smaller ones.. I think this crane is big enough to pick the entire reactors up and put them on a barge.. this will have to be done first before signing off on the coriums, which are likely in 40 big blobs and 4000 little ones everywhere there. Building the bigger breakwater will immediately seal off the outflow/inflow and stop any further tsunami of similar size. Removal of 99.9% of the contamination is reachable, but the last 0.1% is nearly impossible.. just like goldmining, there comes a time to quit.
                      This is the rotten truth about actinides, too toxic to play with. Wet recovery is the best most complete method, similar to uranium mining from seawater.

                    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

                      99.9% good enough for government work 🙂

                      I'm sure that 999 out of 1000 putative victims would be thankful.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Yes Alaskan Ice, my guess is that Japan is now considered a military base, the people of little consequence. If it is finally claimed that the united nations must intervene, this amounts to the same thing. Thats not to say that everyone is on board with the idea, and no doubt dissent and war is close at hand. Actions and polarization of the BRICS countries will be very telling

              • PurpleRain PurpleRain

                …I was wondering and thinking along the same lines earlier when listening to Obama anb Abe's speech… They both spoke about shared strategic interests and the repositioning of American forces there…. and … well, …I think you are right. Japan is history… some of the rich elite will be saved, business headquarters moved…some young kids will get jobs in the USA and student interns… (help keep the cancer rates looking low for a few more years maybe)…buy Japan is mostly just a military base or territory now.

          • Bones Bones

            You just made an excellent point. A PR war by proxy against the nukes.

            • rakingmuck

              This is happening and has been happening in a very big way on Twitter. Please do not shoot the messenger – but ENE's credibility has gone down a lot on Twitter because of (my guess) not enough cross posting. I have a significant following base on Twitter (different name) including several people who post here. I always promote their tweets heavily to get the word out. The anti-nuke crowd on Twitter is massive. I never have understood why there is not a closer relationship between this site (which I cannot live without) and Twitter. Just a thought.

    • name999 name999

      …that almost sounds racist. Sorry, but there are some incredible people trying to lead. What leaders
      are you talking about?

  • J.

    The interview is worthwhile. I'm glad I listened. Wells praises Enenews, to his credit.

  • jimbob jimbob

    I used to love listening to Coast to Coast with my wife over the years but the last few years it became unbearable, a bunch of religion and hillbilly's spouting of about nothing.

    John B. Wells on Saturday night was the only redeeming feature for the program, I'm glad he has his own program now and got away from the corporate control.

    His new program is Caravan to Midnight and it is only available online. Here is the link:

    Unrelated but this is funny:

    On topic I do not think there is anything they can do about Fukushima, the technology does not exist to deal with this.

    I have read many well thought out posts on this forum describing how to deal with this problem, sadly I don't think any of them would work.

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Don't Ask, Don't Tell. See Something, Say Something, or Mention This and You're D-O-Done, ala John B. Wells.

    Adhering to tyrannical manipulations can be difficult. My hope is that civilian vigilante radiation monitoring will in time provide high enough readings of the actual and growing contamination to send out messages like "If you can read this you're too damn close", or, "If you don't like my detecting, Dial 1-800-EFF-YOUU".

  • Biffwise

    “World not rushing to aid Japan because nothing can be done… just getting worse and worse… it’s a horror, it’s a tragedy”
    Let's get something straight- before being educated about a global issue thru Ene news- I along with the "World" were purposely left in the dark regarding the severity. God forbid people are told the truth in this day and age. Neanderthals-
    Why would they rush aid to the Country who after a natural disaster the likes of which our eyes have never bared witness, deemed the situation was so under control, they earned right to the Olympics.
    …but hind site is 20/20…
    Can I place a citezens arest on my fellow countries who have chosen to lie confuse and obfuscate? if so- I choose to now. My official step towards doing something productive during this lul of Integrity from our dear (fuhrer) leaders
    Thank you Enenews for at the very least being there from the beginning- but more inclusively- the contributions of all readers who have chosen to see clearly and educate rather than put blinders on and pretend make believe. hug those close, take more time for you..

    • Seraphine Seraphine

      Don't knock Neanderthals. They were far more peaceful than us, & apparently not of such inferior intelligence as we once thought.
      Their very peacefulness made them easy victims for Cro-Mags.
      They would have had the good sense never to try anything like a nuclear test twice.

      • name999 name999

        seraphine, interesting perspective. Herbivores?

        • Ion Space

          OT but… PBS did a great episode of Nova on how misunderstood Neanderthals are. They were actually quite intelligent, had culture, and we're quite inventive.

          You can watch the full episode online here:

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            sure, now that they find we have neanderthal DNA, we can admit they might be "almost as smart" as modern humans. The ego of modern humans is his most outstanding trait, like a hideous wart on the nose.

            Neanderthal had bigger brains and existed in pristine unpolluted times.

            Human ancestors are always depicted as lumbering, unkempt doofus-brutes. Such a depiction is itself stupid as one only need look at lions, Cheetahs, birds, or any other species to see how sensitive, capable, graceful, beautiful and well groomed they are.

            Given the correct additive civilization factors, neanderthal would be our superiors….and THAT they will never admit. Neanderthal survived for 300 thousand years. How long will modern man survive?

      • Ontological Ontological

        Neanderthals were loving, peaceful, caring, and did not make good slaves, so he (EN.KI) trimmed the DNA in his experimental slave race from 12 strands to 3, and that took away our ability to have mitochondrial memory. So were now a better gold and plutonium providing slave race for the godhood.

        • Around 38,000 years ago, there was a earth magnetic flip, which decreases the atmospheres ability to shield us from cosmic radiation. Around the same time "cave art" came in vogue and a large advance in human activities came about.

          stock of the Nuke Pro was the first human to put these facts together.

          Some mutations are good. Most aren't.

          The Pole is flipping again, apparently very quickly, and the sun is pretty weird too. Just saying.

          • Shaker1

            "stock of the Nuke Pro was the first human to put these facts together."

            With all due respect, stock, and I do respect you, and no offense meant, you don't really think that, do you? Such ideas have been around in one form or another for quite a while. Have you looked into the 'electric universe' proponents and their ideas? Magnetic reversals, the sun-cycle, and the variances of the earth's magnetic field are standard fare of those theories.

    • Biffwise

      my sincerest apologies to Neanderthals for my comparison to current and the insult to their efforts. and to Neanderthal simpathisers abroad. I should have said- Those Fukurs

  • dosdos dosdos

    Clear Channel controls 90% of radio airtime in the US, either directly or through subsidiaries. They are ultra controlling about the content on their stations. That John B Wells was fired comes as no surprise.

  • How Corporations Control Governments, Media, Politicians; Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man; via @AGreenRoad

    • yep, I read the Hitman around 2006, helped me understand a lot of the slime, the financial crisis in the making, the dirty dealings, the pushing of big infrastructure projects to profit on in the near term and elslave with debt in the longer term, all while relying on lies and violence.

      That is why nuclear is the perfect playfield for the Economic hitman.

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        Stock, DrG:

        A great companion to Hitman is

        In The Absence of the Sacred by Jerry Mander

        It is to TV what ENENEWS is to the Fuku situation.

        Here is Mander on the issue of TV

        Also, on the topic of "Dumbing Down" is Charlotte Iserbyt:
        The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World

        The Untold Historical Truth Of American Education

        Any and all of Iserbyt's work will be a rude awakening, for the better.

        Digest these and then the world's reactions to reality make more sense. Not to justify their behaviors, just to understand that most people are more resistant to change than they even realize.

        Sort of like some one with Tourette syndrome.
        Don't bother trying to negotiate a conversation with them.
        Don't take their reactions to you personally.
        Don't expect them to be able to "change" their response to the world around themselves.
        Don't expect them to understand or relate to much of what you feel compelled to share with them, if you do.

        • Thanks FGJ,

          I bought the book at Amazon for .10 plue 3.99 shipping. It was published on my birthday, so destiny it is.

          Do you know someone with Tourettes? 1 year after Fuku my bro self diagnosed with Spectrum, and confirmed by med doctor. He hates to think about it, but he has a minor Tourette also. Pretty functional, sometimes at high level if he can focus, but sometimes just seems bat shit effen crazy.

  • dosdos dosdos

    A deviation, but a discussion of the thousands of abandoned uranium mines in the US and the damage they cause.

  • William Banzai takes on some visual combat with the nuclear cretins that be TNCTB

    Drop a comment, get Banzai on our side. Sway the masses, create the tipping point. I say WIPP it, Tip it good.

  • We Not They Finally

    Shame on Coast to Coast for firing this man. Well, shame on a lot of people. Even Congress who let media control consolidate. So much for "free press."

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    There are nearly 22000 likes for ENE on FB.
    Who know show many lurkers.

    We can all have some impact on the John Wells travesty by formally communicating to Clear Channel and C2CAM that we will boycott their shows and stations.
    The latter does have an impact.
    I have seen numerous corporate entities abruptly capitulate and grovel when their bad decisions backfire on the money end of what they do all from enough people communicating directly with them.

    Years ago (many) the general rule in politics was something like for every person who writes a letter at the state wide level, there are 50 other voters who feel the same way as the one person writing the letter does.

    The multiplier at the federal level was 500 to 1.

    The latter assumptions may not hold as much in politics anymore, but they certainly do when corporate profits are at risk.

    Just look at what is happening to the corporations advertising via El Rushbo during the last 6 months.

    If nothing else, we can all subscribe to Wells' new show.

    • I run into people who know "stock" on other venues and other monikers, they seem shocked to find out "you are stock!" yes word does get around….what does it take for a tipping point.

  • Cdog Cdog

    I was just thinking about Joe Rogen last night. He's the UFC longtime announcer that was at the start of the sport and is much like any great announcer in that he makes the viewing that much more better. He has a side show and he focuses on educating the oblivious to the realities of Fukushima. Well guess what, after about a decade he's no longer seems to be announcing. Instead they have Dan Hardy who is way less informative and inspiring. I was wondering how much longer he would keep his job, a job that put his voice into literally 100's of millions of homes.

  • shamwow shamwow

    I was afraid of this from the beginning that there is no solution to this problem.

    You cannot freeze the run off or build breakwaters high enough to contain the radiation runoff for the next 100 years or so. Maybe not even for the next 100 days.

    The coriums for reactors 1,2 and 3 have melted through the floor and are most likely in contact with the groundwater. No one can get even close to this mess without dying in a matter of minutes let alone do any sustained work.

    Fukushima is toast and maybe so are we. Can only hope that we find a break through but it will not be through conventional methods.

  • sworldpeas

    "World not rushing to aid Japan because nothing can be done" WRONG! There is always something that can be done. It's Japan's attitude that nothing can be done that is THE problem. Let's start with 600,000 liquidators and see how much can't be done. Let's put 600,000 liquidators on EACH reactor and see how much can't be done. What a lowly piece of shit to say "nothing can be done" so lets just sit here and wring our hands and watch the whole f-ing thing kill us all?!?! Japan said NO to foreign help, they said NO to liquidators, and now they are blaming the world for not helping because THEY did not take action??? I have a lot of respect for Russia and their efforts at Chernobyl. I have nothing but contempt and disdain for Japan and their lies and deceit and lack of effort in fukushima. There truly is nothing that can be done with an attitude like that, it's called self-defeating and I hate it.

    • itsanuclearwar

      Japan is not in charge of anything, not since World War II. The US Department of Energy (DOE) is calling the shots at Fuku. If the US Government really wanted to help out and fix Fuku, they would not be concealing everything about Fuku to everyone. Blaming Tepco and or the Japanese is part of the SPIN! And it is working very well. Blame the victims, referring to the Japanese.

      The US Government does what it wants to where ever it wants to. The damage from the fallout to the US will not be measureable. The US Government is not only allowing this but causing this. Look at WIPP and Hanford and all of the others, it is all by design. It's a nuclear war against all of us, nothing less!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, however all Nuclear Power must be banned worldwide via International Law before anyone/anymore humans sacrifice their lives for an industry that does not care if they kill us all.. 🙁

    Common Sense clearly states the Nuclear Industry should/must be shut down immediately worldwide now.. 🙂

    But you can't grow pot, which I think is a natural plant?

    Certainly we are all bat-shit crazy by a clever Matrix Control design.. 🙁

  • Nick

    Methinks us humans are partly batshit crazy due to the toxins that our societies have released into the biosphere.

    Our very hormones have possibly been corrupted, creating all kinds of havoc in our biological selves.

    Our immune systems are compromised.

    Our fertility rates (for the most part) are dampened.

    Who is to say that some of the passivity we seen in many Japanese is in part due to the ionizing energies of decaying atoms?

    When one is fatigued, it is hard to get motivated to do much more than survive, let alone protest.

    It is certain that the human genome is going to take a brutal beating as the years go by, as well as perhaps, most organisms on planet Earth.

    Hail the mighty atomic age, for it hath brought us all great sorrow despite it's promises of progress.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Mainstream media is passé. End of an era.

    Internet is the source. And why the world knows about:

    Hot particles in Japan

    Plutonium in Lithuania

    Mass die-offs in Pacific Ocean

    and a hundred other horrible things unfolding in front of our eyes.

    The pertinent information is being searched and found.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Through the passing days ..months ..years..I have listened most everything John B Wells has said about Fukushima.
    I found him informed and well-balanced.
    Later down the road ..he will find ..losing his job ..was worth it.
    It sure beats losing one's soul.

    I thank him very much.

    Heart of the Rose

    • jimbob jimbob

      You are bang on with this.

      How does the quote go: "What profits a man if he gains the World but loses his soul?"

      I firmly believe that those in control have all lost their souls if they ever had them.

      John B. Wells is to be commended for his stance and choosing independence and integrity in favor of slavery and wealth.

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