Shukan Asahi: Fukushima Daini also had major damage from 3/11 — Submerged under 4 meters of water

Published: May 30th, 2012 at 5:14 pm ET


May 27, 2012 report in the Shukan Asahi via Yahoo News Japan summarized by Fukushima Diary:


Fukushima Daini was severely damaged by Tsunami and lost its coolant system as well.

Tepco related workers state, the reactor started overly heating, they ordered 700 hoses for the damaged coolant system.

Last May, Tepco announced reactor 3 and 4 were not damaged. However, Mr. Kirishima, a journalist to work in Fukushima Diani denies that.

A notice is put on the wall “This area is submerged on 3/11/2011. Up to 430cm from the floor.”


“430cm” means it was not flooding, it was submerging.

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“Had been destroyed by the earthquake is also the second nuclear power plant in Fukushima negative damage” discrepancy TEPCO announced
(Shukan Asahi) Yahoo! News
May 27, 2012

“Had been destroyed by the earthquake is also the second nuclear power plant in Fukushima negative damage” discrepancy TEPCO announced 

But the second nuclear power plant has been announced by TEPCO Fukushima major damage in the earthquake did not last year’s East, its presentation and the actual situation is different and, Mr. Shun Kirishima journalists working in the second nuclear power plant in Fukushima be denied.

TEPCO officials, says the state at the time.

In the situation I do not know what is happening in the (nuclear power plant, Fukushima Daiichi) Fukuichi, holding a crisis that, such as the cooling system of the reactor has been lost even humans (primary second Fukushima) Fukuni ceased to communicate ” temperature of the reactor in the middle of the night. had been increases, the earthquake was, it mined the instructions in the “white book available for irrigation hose 700″ came out ”

Indeed, even Fukuni, but it was from a crisis.

Every day, to witness the damage that the contents earthquake, TEPCO is published by the conflicts with the actual situation has been found in the Fukuni. Let me give an example.

TEPCO May last year, Fukuni, concluded that “no damage turbine building Units 3 and 4 and”.

Too late, and even less how to swallow, but I think the announcement of the Tokyo Electric Power, is affixed to paper the walls of the stairs, there is written this way by hand.

2011.3.11 (no water) bed yo ri about 430cm

That place has become a “no damage” in the announcement of TEPCO, there was a flood of more than 4 meters, he has been specified.

That describes how the TEPCO this. “Fukushima nuclear power accident investigation report (Interim Report)” In December last year, acknowledged that the flooding has been confirmed in the basement of the turbine building No. 1 to 3. And yet, in the “past year Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Fukushima,” was announced on March 11 this year, concluded “the turbine building of Unit 3/4 is no damage,” and will, before the flood damage that should have been recognized in an interim report have disappeared.

There is even more surprising. “About the influence of reactor facilities due to the earthquake off the coast of northeastern Pacific Ocean Fukushima Daini genshiryokuhatsudensho” TEPCO has been announced in August last year, but Be Careful this damage, as a “leakage of fresh water situation,” leakage described as “confirmation of the surge tank and overflow Wed overflows” the cause of, have been “flooded and check the flooded ruins throughout the second floor underground.”

However, it is “submerged,” rather than “flood” reality. I filled the tank of water why. What say tsunami is irrelevant.

Published: May 30th, 2012 at 5:14 pm ET


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75 comments to Shukan Asahi: Fukushima Daini also had major damage from 3/11 — Submerged under 4 meters of water

  • I wonder what the condition of Daini is right now.

    I thought at the time they had backup generators to save us all from global doom.

    Or, some of those reactors could still be in trouble and leaking radionuclides into the air. Any way to check? (Elevated readings in that area compared to surrounding area?).

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    I saw somewhere that they used salt water for coolant at Fukushima Daini and everything is corroded as a result.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The hot radioactivity corrodes everything as well.

    • Anne

      What is your opinion about the probable state of Daini and also Tokai?

      I know you've been following these disasters more closely than most.

      Also, I've been following the secret decision making in Japan aimed at re-starting re-processing of fuel in order to make Mox (and whatever else they are making)

      Do you have an opinion about this?

      Surely they cannot be considering using Mox fuel anymore?

      Do they hope to sell it abroad?

      Is it a hedge for the cold war with China?

      I know you've been following these issues for a long time so I'm interested in your perspective.

      • SnorkY2K

        They can reprocess the fuel to make mox. However, they can also reprocess the fuel to make "nuclear poisons" "Nuclear poisons" are materials that stop criticalities. We should be making or enriching the isotopes that stop reactors. While the "nuclear poisons" are not something that you want in your soup, we need to stop the criticalities and even if we take all the reactors off line there is still a great risk that some spent fuel pools from Omaha to Kundalakam are going to have an accident and we need to have the tools ready next time.

        • Interesting

          but if they wanted to make nuclear poisons why would they have convened a secret meeting stacked with industry experts and scientists who had been paid well by the nuclear industry?

          This is what has been reported in Mainichi.

          If they wanted to make nuclear 'poisons' they could have had an open meeting explaining the need.

          • SnorkY2K

            They are not meeting to make "nuclear poisons". That will not choose that option willingly. We need to tell them to make them. Some of these nuclear poisons also make electricity directly but not at the levels of a criticality run steam turbine. Other "nuclear poisons" such as gadolinium are so important to alternative energy to avoid even needing nuclear that they should not be wasted on reactors.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          SnorkY2K, And just what nuclear poisons are materials that stop criticality? Do you have a link to provide any understanding for what sounds like an outlandish statement? And what alternative energy needs gadolinium? What is this? Surely it is not needed for solar or wind or geothermal? What alternative energy are you talking about?

          I don't understand the need for so much energy, especially in light of the fact that that the present levels of radiation is going to cause such a mass kill off of the population.

          It sounds to me like those who like their power and their rich life styles are thinking only in terms of their own life and not of any coming generations. It sounds to me that TPTB already know that future generations will probably not occur. And whatever their thought on that may be, they are not planning for future generations and the well being of future generations. I think that radiation and other toxins and excessive in breeding has dumbed down TPTB. The foolishness of the MSM sending their best reporters to cover Fukushima shows that TPTB are really uneducated when it comes to the health effects of radiation. They may have an "anti-radiation" pill, but like much of modern medicine, these drugs will only cause death like all the other drugs that have had to be taken off the market.

          The people who falls most for the cons of others are the con artists themselves.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            “Gadolinium is a metal found in contrast agents (dyes) that are used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures, including a procedure called magnetic resonance angiography (MRA). Since 1988, five gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) have been approved by the FDA. Although these agents were never specifically approved for use in MRAs, they have been used extensively for this legitimate "off-label" purpose. Unfortunately, patients with compromised kidney function are often unable to filter gadolinium from their bloodstreams following this procedure. This has led to numerous cases of a potentially fatal condition called nephrogenic systemic fibrosis/nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy (NSF/NFD)….”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            They are reprocessing nuclear fuel to make gadolinium:

            “Gadolinium is a soft, shiny, ductile, silvery metal belonging to the lanthanide group of the periodic chart. The metal does not tarnish in dry air but an oxide film forms in moist air. Gadolinium reacts slowly with water and dissolves in acids. Gadolinium becomes superconductive below 1083 K. It is strongly magnetic at room temperature.
            “Gadolinium has found some use in control rods for nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants; it is used to make garnets for microwave applications and its compounds are used for making phosphorous for colour TV tubes. Metallic gadolinium is rarely used as the metal itself, but its alloys are used to make magnets and electronic components such as recording heads for video recorders. It is also used for manufacturing compact disks and computer memory.
            Gadolinium in the environment
            “Gadolinium is one of the more abundant rare-earth elements. It is never found as free element in nature, but it is contained in many rare minerals. The main mining areas are Cina, USA, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India and Australia with reserves expected to exceed one million tonnes. World production of pure gadolinium is about 400 tonnes per year.
            Health effects of gadolinium

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Here is the information about the damage to Daini:

        The comments to the August 2011 ex-slf story and links to photos are important.

        The basement completely flooding from the tsunami means that everything was covered with salt water. There is no way to clean up the corrosion by salt water.

        The breakage of pipes by the earthquake would include the pipes running out of and below the reactor. With meltdown there is no way any repairs can be done. The loss of power reported was long enough and together with the damage by the earthquake meltdown must have happened. Maybe they hadn't welded close the means to vent the buildings and thus perhaps they avoided explosions. But this doesn't mean that meltdowns didn't occur.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Majia, I think that if they are meeting to reprocess fuel, it is for use in other countries. It means that they have completely written off Japan. Take your pick which countries. Bill Gates still wants to use MOX in the US. Then there is the UK, China, Russia, France, etc., etc., including all the third world countries who have been sold on nuclear, even including India.

          Any parent, including Pres. Obama, who is still for nuclear power is, in the words of Dante, eating his own children. Surely one of the greater sins.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            JFK brought about the cessation of above ground nuclear testing to save his children from the effects of radiation. How can Bill Clinton, first, then George Buss, and now Obama continue the licensing of NOX facilities and new nuclear power plants, and the relicensing of decaying old nuclear facilities proven unsafe by Chernobyl, TMI, and Fukushima and the other many failed reactors in Japan and the other nuclear disasters kept secret in Russia and elsewhere? How can they use depleted uranium when the radiation from DU blows across countries around the world? How can they approve of uranium in our roads, uranium mining polluting our ground water, iranium in our golf clubs, etc. How can they let radioactive goods from Japan and elsewhere enter our borders?

            When I went to the food bank one of the items I was given was canned pumpkin from China. What is canned pumpkin from China doing in the US? Where is the outcry about all the radioactive food from Japan being fed to people in Africa? And how much of it is in the US?

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            “Once the doors are crudely closed from outside, the Count Ugolino and his heirs will starve inside up to death. Most of us may have forgotten the historical aspect; but the other story, the one nobody could forget – struck with terror and aversion – tells of a further event: Ugolino, during the last days of his life, would feed himself on his children's own meat….. I remember that when I was a child, my friends and I always were afraid of walking by the "Tower of the Hunger". For seven centuries Tuscan children have been thinking to Ugolino della Gherardesca like to the symbol of cruel monstrousness…”

            • @ Anne:
              I believe majia had actually asked you what your opinion was in regards to the structural integrity of the reactor units on site at both: Daini, Tokai;


              • I am interested in that also Anne

                Our level of trouble may be far vaster if Daini spewed, and Tokai may be about to (or already did — if you remember that fire there a couple of months ago).

                I was reading today about how nuclear fuel is reprocessed.

                It produces a highly radioactive liquid waster product that is stored in large drums (Bertell, p.21)

                Japan has been re-processing nuclear fuel for over 20 years and maybe as far back as the early 80s.

                Additionally, remember that big fire a couple months back? Remember the inventory showed there was radioactive waste stored there?

                One has to wonder if any of that burned?

                Also, I recall that there were a depleted uranium processing facility (I think it was DU) that burned in March of 2011.

                Fukushima may be only the biggest candle.

                If anyone has the names for these other fires please let me know so I can add them to my chapter….

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                Arnie Gundersen Testifies at Petition to Shutdown BWRs.mp4

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                Fukushima JP update 2/9/12 (Arnie Gundersen believes top of Reactor #1 lifted BEFORE explosion)

                New Containment Flaw Identified in the BWR Mark 1

                “Fairewinds shows that the nuclear industry's plan to vent the containment at Fukushima Daiichi could not have prevented a containment failure and the ensuing explosions. Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1. This video and its graphics provide important clues about why Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 exploded.

                “Transcript Excerpts […] I wanted to focus on what happened after the tsunami but before the explosions. […] Well at 2 in the morning, the pressure inside the containment [at Reactor No. 1] was almost 9 times higher, that means it was about 125 pounds per square inch. This containment was not designed for 125 pounds per square inch. To look a little further though, by 9:30 in the morning the pressure starts to drop and for the next 7 hours the pressure is much lower than it was at 2 in the morning. So the question is, how could it be that the pressure in the afternoon was lower than the pressure in the early morning? Remember, there is a violent chemical reaction going on inside the nuclear reactor where all sorts of hydrogen gas is being generated. One possible reason for the lower containment pressure is that the containment vent was open. But that had not happened yet. So what made the pressure drop down? One p

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  So what made the pressure drop down? One possibility I believe to be the case, is something that happened 40 years ago at a plant called the Brunswick Plant in North Carolina. Now the nuclear industry in the U.S., the IAEA, the Japanese, are all aware of this, but they are all ignoring this test and pretending that it did not happen. What happened 40 years ago was this: When a containment was pressurized, it was pressurized to just about 100 pounds [per square inch] and then something really strange and unexpected happened. The top, the head of the containment, began to lift off of the bottom of the containment. […] Let's look at that table again from Fukushima. Where did Fukushima settle out at? Just about 100 pounds per square inch. What that tells me is that the head of the containment lifted up and gasses began to sneak out into the reactor building, which is that box that surrounds it, well before the containment vent was even opened. […] It seems to me that for 8 hours or more, the containment at Fukushima was basically ruptured, that the top had popped up, and gasses were sliding out, so that it could not go over 100 pounds per square inch. And hydrogen gasses were leaking out of the containment and into the reactor building for a long period of time. After that, it only took a spark to blow the reactor building up. This is a really important distinction.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  The nuclear industry, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Japanese are saying that we can make the vent stronger so that this accident cannot happen. But if the nuclear head is lifting up, the vent is irrelevant. […]

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                My research is continued at the end of this thread.

                • @ Anne…

                  However the top did not come off completely. Leaving the possibility *cough… That the fuel rapidly bore a hole into the bottom of the primary containment. This event is known as a china syndrome…

  • agent provocateur

    I have been lurking on this site since last summer & I created an account just to say a couple things.

    I noticed an increasing trend of people putting out absurd conspiracy theories in the comments section.

    Be wary of the possibility that this could be the work of disinformation agents. Corporations & political entities are known to create 'sock puppet' accounts that spew purposefully absurd conspiracy theory propaganda to discredit websites dispensing information that are not favorable to their bottom line. The hacked documents released by Anonymous in the US Chamber of Commerce hack last year revealed undeniable proof of this sort of activity.

    I know a freedom of speech policy is enforced & encouraged here, but if there is one thing I would ban here is absurd conspiracy theory talk – the type that is clearly beyond reason such as blaming Fukushima on Reptilians, Israel, etc. You do not want this site to become dismissed by newcomers who are rational minded & open to the truth based on these sort of comments.

    The other thing I want to say is I noticed some of the commenters are really hyperventilating on here. Fukushima is bad, no doubt, and we all cannot help but assume the worst. However, don't let your fear cloud your thinking and try to remember that you are speaking to the choir. Most of us who are regulars here are aware of how bad it is by now, so the constant repeated reminders of how much shit has hit the fan isn't going to make us any more aware…

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Hi agent. I'm generally in sympathy with your points, but I think you may not have reflected on how they interact. To make my point, I'll deliberately quote you out of sequence.

      "I noticed some of the commenters are really hyperventilating on here."

      "Be wary of the possibility that this could be the work of disinformation agents."

      For what it's worth, my perception is that the signal/noise level is generally better here than at some times in the past, and that the noise level increases whenever a hot potato topic is in play. I infer that much of the noise comes from disinformation agents, and that there is no point asking them to "play nice", since that is not their role.

      It is what it is. Keep posting anyway.

  • agent provocateur

    the last point i want to make. Here's something to think about:

    If this is really an ELE and we are truly past the point of no return, then screaming for the media to report the truth to the masses really is not in your best interest.

    The last thing you want is for the masses to freak out and start doing things that will further accelerate your chances of survival – things that are guranteed to disrupt the economy and national security.

    In the event of an ELE, should it happen, it is truly best that they do not know, it was their stupidity, apologism and complacency that got us to this point. It is survival of the fittest now – those who know should just be wise content with knowing the truth and how to lessen their chances of exposure and prolong their lives. It is too late to save the world – think about yourselves and don't worry too much about 'alerting the media' and the dumb masses.

    • wideawake wideawake

      I'm livid, you carry on mate thinking about yourself…not one bloody word about the pain and suffering of anyone but yourself you blind, dumb fool…you would'nt Know The Truth if it wacked you with a two by four.. fukoff …. sorry admin

      • agent provocateur

        I'm sorry I don't have as much faith in humanity as you do. Human stupidity got us to this point, do you really trust that an ELE will make them any smarter?

        A simple look at world history will tell you that humans are self destructive when truly faced with an existential threat – it brings out their worst tribal instincts. You are a fool if you're expecting the world to lock arms together and sing kumbaya and not embark on a mad scramble to claim the last of the resources while demonizing everyone outside their 'tribe' to retain power.

        I fear for the the Japanese and all asians when it dawns on the world what has been done to this planet – they will be the first to face a world wide lynching

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          agent, please tell us how you came to choose your username.

          • agent provocateur

            Um, Ichose it because i suspect there are some on here trying to discredit this site?

            Some of the conspiracy theories being floated on here are too way out there. It's like they're trying to get it to 'take hold' or undermine the perceived credibility of this site by attracting a bunch of like minded nuts to indulge & chase out rational, knowledgable people. It's a known tactic that has destroyed other sites in the past.

            • agent provocateur

              Don't get me wrong, i'm a sucker and can appreciate a well reasoned conspiracy theory.

              But claims that aliens did it? or it was an Israel false flag operation? come on… that kind of talk has no place here in these trying times. You don't want to attract all the nuts who believe in such far fetched claims

              • faithhopelove

                What 'conspiracy theory' do you need?

                This the reality:

                ~250,000 TONS* of high-level radioactive waste exists on the planet. The majority of the high-level radioactive waste–which will remain dangerously radioactive poison for 100,000 years–is currently stored in above-ground pools that need cooling and maintenance.

                *this estimate comes from a nuclear industry insider.

                • agent provocateur

                  um? i don't have a problem with facts like these… i have a problem with blaming fukushima on little green men from mars & 'teh j00s' however.

                  • In view of all that has happened, it is obvious there has been ET interference. They flew over and zapped everyone with a stupefaction ray.

                  • richard richard

                    To be honest, I've seen almost zero talk of aliens and Jews on this site.

                    You're making this perception up.

                    There has been a recent thread comparing tepco to aliens, and the many with humor here had some fun with that.

                    But you can drop the concept that it happens regularly here, because it simply is not the case.

                    • Bubbha

                      I shall interject. I, in response to a flippent remark about aliens doing something (that post ended with I don't believe in aliens)
                      I waxed nastolgia about Venice beach and the guys who dispell thier dogma, I.e. aliens. We both concluded and agreed in the folly of man. Just as to say aliens built te pyramids, is to doubt the ability of man. Or in this case, the shortsightedness of man.

                    • agent provocateur

                      I did not say people here blamed fukushima on jews & aliens 'regularly'. I said those were just a couple examples of a few wild conspiracies in general that ive seen floated on occasion, and to be wary not to entertain them unless you want to attract a nutbag crowd who DOES float them regularly. seen it happen to sites too many times

                    • Were in the middle of a "nuclear pandemic" far beyond the scope of chernobyl; While cnn and various MSM News outlets main / current focus is all the while reporting on: A Porn actor suspected in killing, and mailing human body parts… (amongst other equally degrading topics).
                      I believe richard was only mentioning that you could be a little more specific in your definition of "wild conspiracy's"…

                      As we here have technically agreed that Fukushima is nothing more than that of a large scale conspiracy. As most incidents would be considered to be. When after all the terms Mass murder, have been replaced with definitions such as: non disclosure contracts…

            • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

              Well with that approach (the selfish one) we may survive but who will we have become?

              If you are planning to survive an Extinction Level Event (ELE) then you are not really planning on it being an ELE. In that case the more people that know about this the more that will survive if Fukushima is contained as it is now or if it gets even worse.

              Also, your comments about retaliation against Asians, sounds a bit like “absurd conspiracy theory propaganda”. I don’t know where that idea is coming from but I have seen it twice now and I think it is ridiculous and I don’t think it is real. The ones to blame are the pro-nuke member countries of the International Atomic Energy Commission. An accident of global significance could happen anywhere there are nuclear plants, Three Mile Island-Pennsylvania, Chernobyl-Russia/Ukraine and almost Ft. Calhoun-Nebraska USA just a few months back.

              • agent provocateur

                We will become what we are and have always been – no better than the animals.

                If we become selfish. it will not be because we chose to be selfish, but because others who are selfish forced our hand to be selfish in order to survive. We will coalesce into tribes of like minded individuals looking out for our own interests fighting other tribes for our own gain or survival. It will happen, and you wont have a choice no matter how well intended you are.

                That's just the way human nature has always been when face with an existential threat – you really should not be surprised.

                LOL yeah right, people will blame the nuke industry for this. Maybe at first.. Problem with your logic is the 'nuclear industry' itself is not really a tangible entity, it doesnt have a face. These govering bodies are just a label -meaning once that is disbanded… what's left to blame? Nothing. You can shut down all nuke plants, but once people start dying en masse that will not be enough. People like to scapegoat actual tangible things with a face and the Fukushima disaster has a Japanese/Asian face.

                Your problem is you are expecting the masses to think rationally & parse facts and all be on the same plane of thought together. That never happens – people tend to create their own confirmation bias driven reality of who to scapegoat and the leaders of their tribe will shout that false illusion over their megaphones to maintain their power.

                Thats just how it's always been. You know I…

                • agent provocateur

                  Remember how the US totally wiped their ass on the Constitution & rounded up all the natural born American Japanese & Germans into internment camps because of Pearl Harbor?

                  That's the worst tribal instincts of human nature at work.

        • Cindy

          I agree, look what happened in Hati, after their EQ, when food was scarce,…. Crime skyrocketed, and other offences …

    • Anthony Anthony

      I've always felt I have a personal advantage with the knowledge that flows here. I would use it if needed to help those I care about for sure. I get where you are coming from.

    • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

      I would not worry too much about the masses, if the end of the world was reported on every news station in the world, at least 40% of Americans would ask "But dancing with the stars will still be on Mondays right?!"

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    When the FUKU news is covered up, spun or minimized, that is what creates panic, when it finally sinks in.

    When a captain of a sinking ship refuses to give out any information, that is what creates panic, when it finally sinks in.

    Those who are on board a sinking ship, and want to tell the truth, are also operating on limited information, but do the best they can. It may sound like they are hyperventilating, but what if it REALLY is sinking? What if FUKU really is that bad?

    Wouldn't you rather know, than be locked up behind gates, bars and in the dark with the rest of the steerage passengers?

    Yes, some of this information may very well be 'conspiracy theory' stuff, but it is amazing how often that same 'wild' class of information at the beginning has turned out to be spot on, maybe even understated.

    What sounded wild eyed and way out there right as FUKU was happening, may not even be wild enough to really categorize what is STILL going on at FUKU.

    • CB CB

      Is this week the “There will be broader, more disturbing discoveries later this year” part?

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    My theory is; take the ELE event information, and take in the TEPCO; nothing to see here information, and somewhere in the middle is probably, hopefully what is really going on. But no one really knows, because the information flow is so shut down that even basic information is not coming out..

    Who is reporting this, as a neutral third party, not 'influenced' or paid by industry?

    Total Fukushima Radiation Released Into Ocean, Air, Groundwater, Storage Tanks; via A Green Road Blog

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      AGR…Thanks for your voice of reason.

    • agent provocateur

      Personally, I'm starting to believe the inactivity of governments worldwide speaks volumes. They are all fully aware of how grave the situation is. Inactivity most likely means they have reconciled that the worst has already happened, and it can't be improved. They've decided that whatever happens next doesn't even matter – cat's already out of the bag.

      I also think governments around the world have been privy to a lot more radiation releases from DU and nuclear testing and other incidents around the world since the beginning of the nuclear age and are just desensitized about this sort of thing

      • Actually its not 'inactivity' Its more of a ghost effect.

        Its what they are doing that we notice that gives us the ability to infer what is actually happening.

        While you say silence is their statute.

        We can clearly see the elevation of oceanic emission testing, political leaders questioning the courses of action, as well as the anger rising between japanese citizens and their leaders.

        We can also see their daily operations taking place. The constant emissions that are released via live feed. As well as their reluctance to Spill the information that they have in their possession to this date…

        It is these slight movements that allow a chess player to asses his opponents next moves. It allows him to position himself to safety, and avoid being captured off guard.

        Every spectators cry in the background is also helpful in determining the opponents position. Weather it be valid or completely idiotic. It is information that you can use to your advantage.

  • I just received this prepper guide. It is outstanding. 500 pages.

    There are a number of ways our world can head to a "Bug out event"

    Fuku 4, a Carrington, a Europe Meltdown (financial, not nuke), the 100th Monkey sick of constitutional shenanigans.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    “Tokyo Electric Power Co. Spokesman Naoki Tsunoda declined to comment. Tokyo Electric or TEPCO owns the plant and is the same vendor tapped to build new nuclear plants in the U.S. currently planned by the Obama administration.
    …The fatal flaw in reactor #4….
    “According to Tanaka, the reactor pressure vessel had warped walls which caused the vessel to sag, resulting in a height and weight differentiation of more than 34 millimeters. During the last step in a manufacturing process at the Babcock-Hitachi foundry in Kure City, a deadly mistake was made. Braces which had to be placed inside the reactor pressure vessel during a blast furnace firing were absent. It’s unclear whether the braces collapsed or were forgotten entirely. The omission of these braces produced a reactor pressure vessel with warped walls.
    “While politicians may mock or belittle the importance of ’34 millimeters’—that miniscule difference is a vital safety concern. 34 millimeters can mean the difference between an intact reactor or– a chain reaction bomb. Nuclear regulations mandated that the vessel be scrapped. Had the warped reactor walls been discovered; the replacement cost of the vessel would have bankrupted the company. Tanaka claimed that his boss …”asked him to reshape the vessel so that no one would know it had ever been damaged.”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Tanaka further claimed that workers at the plant covered the damaged vessel with a sheet. It is noted that the same ‘protective covering’ of a white sheet is still employed at Fukushima in 2012. (Source:
      “Tanaka’s fix involved using pumpjacks to ‘pop out’ the warped areas on the walls. The company was happy because the end result looked like nothing had ever been damaged or compromised. There is no record of stress tests to determine ongoing viability of these compromised vessel walls on its own structural integrity, yet this same reactor pressure vessel is the sole defense protecting Fukushima’s No. 4 reactor.
      (Source: ….
      The GE Connection to Fukushima…
      “Tanaka has not been the only engineer involved in the building and operation of ‘boiling-water’ reactors who became a whistle-blower against corporate practices deemed scientifically negligent in the nuclear industry. Dale G. Bridenbaugh, Gregory C. Minor and Richard B. Hubbard, all former engineers with GE resigned in protest over major design flaws in the Mark 1 nuclear reactor designs they were reviewing. Dubbed the “GE Three”—these engineers switched sides and joined the anti-nuclear movement in 1975.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The GE Three were reviewing the Mark 1 system which is among the oldest reactors in use. Arguing that the Mark 1 system was a disaster in the making to deaf corporate ears—the three engineers quit in disgust. It should be noted that 5 of the 6 reactors at Fukushima-Daiichi are GE manufactured Mark 1 systems. To add further insult to injury—the GE Mark 1 reactors at Fukushima—have “23 sisters in the US.” According to Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) data, 23 of the 104 existing nuclear plants in the US are GE boiling-water reactors with GE’s Mark 1 radiation containment systems. (Source:
      “Bridenbaugh was interviewed March 15, 2011 by ABC News and explained the concerns;
      …”The problems we identified in 1975 were that, in doing the design of the containment, they (GE) did not take into account the dynamic loads that could be experienced with a loss of coolant.”
      (Source :
      “In other words, the integrity of the nuclear reactor’s coolant system to withstand what engineers call a “station blackout”—(where a power loss compromises or totally destroys the coolant system)– must be reexamined in older and newer nuclear plants.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Without a coolant system in play for these ‘boiling water’ reactors—there is no way to prevent spent radioactive fuel from going ‘critical’ and exploding into the atmosphere. As Bridenbaugh explains in more genteel tech-speak:
      ”The impact loads the containment would receive by this very rapid release of energy could tear the containment apart and create an uncontrolled release.” (Source :
      “Subsequently, secondary or back-up power generators are critical to public safety. Without such precautions, nuclear reactors such as those at Fukushima are little more than a radioactive time-bomb …”looking for a place to happen.’

      “Fukushima—revolving door …
      “The problems of Fukushima are endemic to the nuclear industry at large, where executives are frequently selected from government or business ranks rather than the scientific community. Fukushima was no exception. In a WikiLeaks revelation—cables sent from the US Embassy in Vienna to Washington DC cited Tomihiro Tanguchi’s weak leadership as head of Safety and Security for the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA).

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Complaints mounted concerning Taniguchi’s incompetence and negligence especially with regards to the Japanese nuclear industry—eighteen months before the Fukushima disaster….”
      The present conditions of Unit 4 are like this. [0:57] You see, almost no walls. [1:00] They were blown off, and honestly speaking, the Unit 4 is a wreck. A wreck. [1:04] There’s a stuff called “fuel pool” here. [1:10] This is a schematic illustration on the right. [1:12] The space up to around here is occupied by the nuclear reactor. Around here. [1:17] And there’s a fuel room in this area. Many fuel rods are stored in the fuel pool. [1:24] They are “spent” fuel, but a total of more than 1,500 rods are in there. 2.8 times more fuel than that inside the reactor. [1:31] These rods in the pool must be cooled constantly. [1:34] Now, what if an earthquake strikes right now and the water in the pool started to leak? I asked this question to Dr. Koide. Please watch this video.
      KOIDE [1:45] As you see, there’s the pool, here and many spent fuel rods are in the bottom of the pool. [1:54] If a large aftershock strikes and the wall here collapses, the water in the pool will leak out and the spent fuel will not be cooled any more.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      [2:07] Then they will start to melt, probably completely. [2:15] And a huge amount of radiation contained in the spent fuel will be released outside, with no walls to contain it.
      TAMAKAWA [2:27] We’ll never know an earthquake strikes. [2:30] But can’t we simply build another pool beside it and take the rods out and transfer them to the new pool before an earthquake strikes?
      KOIDE [2:37] Well, if you hoist them up in the air, huge amount of radiation will come out from the spent fuel [2:45] and people nearby will have no choice but to die from it.
      TAMAKAWA [2:49] That strong? KOIDE: Yes.
      TAMAKAWA [2:53] Spent fuel rods are in the pool but it doesn’t mean they’re “spent.” [2:58] They still produce heat and still have radioactivity that would kill peple nearby if exposed in the air. [3:05]

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        I was looking for Arnie's statement about all the pipes between the reactor and the torus which must have burst with the earthquake. This must have happened at least 15 reactors and the reprocessing plants.

        You have the opinions of all the experts. My opinion is really unimportant. The reason I do research is because the opinions of the truthful experts are the opinions which are dire and which are most important.

  • nedlifromvermont

    Great thread folks … The GE Three ride again …

    Long post about Jeff Immelt stonewalling to protect GE … swallowed up by hardware problems …

    Remember six Big Tobacco execs stonewalling Congress and lying, "I believe nicotine is not addictive …" then insider docs come out and they quietly agree to a $285 billion fine with no jail time for perjury … (payable over 20 years from sales of more and more addictive nicotine …)

    If Immelt admits GE screwed up, GE faces a trillion dollar fine that would swallow the company whole, as it richly deserves, despite making the things that "keep the beer cold" or bringing grown men and women to tears at the sight of a wasteful wide-body lifting off, or my favorite: "We're GE, we bring good things to life!" Oh yeah, Mr. GE? What about the PCB's in our rivers? And the tritium all your Rube Goldberg machines pump out, even when not melting out?? And now you've destroyed Japan, and maybe the whole planet!!!

    You may go to your God Jeff Immelt, but shut off your poison factories while ye' may, for you are a mass murderer, with a pre-meditated plan, even if it is become a wholly stochastic process.

    Long lived poisons in the food chain, in the water column and in the atmosphere. Really really really really BAD THINGS to life, Mr. GE. Admit and repent, while ye may!

    Peace to all, and to the Nuclearists among us, too.

  • getoutwhileyoustillcan

    Just thinking… Considering all the species on this planet we've caused to go extinct, or become endangered, by destroying their habitats, is it any wonder that we're doing the same to ourselves? (By we, I mean the human species as a whole. A lot of us have recognized the problem, and are doing what we can to reverse it. But we really need to educate more of us, before it's too late. Or the entire planet will be on the endangered list.)

  • sendaimom

    Getoutwhileyoustillcan, I agree with you. I am so sorry this accident is causing an additional and serious pollution to the earth.

    Also please take note of this. I don't want Japan to spread any additional radiation by burning such debris. Here is one way to express your opinion.

    It is not just this city of Kitakyushu. Evacuees from heavily contaminated area, especially mothers with small children, fear that if they cannot stop the burning, their run for life will be in vain. I am beginning to understand that they'll ignore people's voices if they are not noisy enough.

  • Choto

    A simple look at world history will tell you that humans are self destructive when truly faced with an existential threat——
    Sorry, but the exact opposite. When people are faced with these events, brings the best of herself. Flows solidarity and mutual help …… Despite these widespread false fascist thoughts mutual predation as assumed by many.
    Sorry, but the exact opposite. When people are faced with these events, brings the best of herself. Flows solidarity and mutual help …… Despite these widespread false fascist thoughts mutual predation as assumed by many.
    Is the interest of powerful psychopaths who rule over us, which we want to eat these "millstones."
    The unsupportive, will be the first to fall.