Siemens Report: Reactor No. 4 spent fuel pool cracked from earthquake (FAIREWINDS VIDEO)

Published: May 23rd, 2011 at 12:23 pm ET


The Implications of the Fukushima Accident on the World’s Operating Reactors, Fairewinds Associates, May 23, 2011:

Transcript Summary

4:45 in: Meltdown underway at Reactor No. 1 when tsunami hit
4:55 in: Siemens report: Reactor No. 4 spent fuel pool cracked from earthquake, not tsunami


Published: May 23rd, 2011 at 12:23 pm ET


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8 comments to Siemens Report: Reactor No. 4 spent fuel pool cracked from earthquake (FAIREWINDS VIDEO)

  • ocifferdave

    Its always a *great* enenews day when there’s a new Arnie Gundersen vid.

  • Whoopie

    Looks like WE Web Cam watchers DID see fire yesterday

  • Manifest Irony

    I love how the NRC and others have come up with a novel solution to Murphy’s Law: Declare contingencies as having zero probability of occurring. What cannot happen cannot go wrong!

  • Poor Daddy

    Did somebody get to Arnie this week? Looks to me like he pulled alot of punches on this vid and skipped right over ongoing Fuckushima nightmare. My imagination?

    • Good observation. He should have given us a summary of the whole situation, even if it is only his opinion, e.g.

      “In summary, it appears that the current full core meltdowns and immanent Corium explosions will spell the end of all life on this planet within the next few years.”

      [I made that up, so don’t quote it as fact – yet].

  • Recap

    I actually liked this video of Arnie’s a lot.

    He discusses some NRC failings, plus he goes over issues with U.S. nuclear power plants such as:

    Not enough battery-power; (only 4 to 8 hours back-up power)

    Containment building holes or cracks; (Crystal River in FL; Fitzpatrick in NY; Beaver Valley in PA)

    Vent system flaws; (for example, H.B. Robinson in SC; Dresden in Illinois; Vermont Yankee)

    If tidal surge in CA, potential to affect San Onofre plant

    If tidal surge in Florida from hurricanes, potential to affect Turkey Point plant

    Lack of emergency planning; (is 10 mile radius around plant large enough?)

    Potential of dangers with multi-unit sites (like Palo Verde in AZ which NRC recently gave a 20-year extension);

    and how in the event of an accident, owners of reactors “pony up” 100 million a piece (with a 10 billion dollar cap), and the U.S. taxpayers will have to pay the rest!

  • tony wilson

    prime minister no kann do,shows supreme belief and laddership by taking his family into the spent pool area as proof of total safety of systems.

  • KC

    COMMERCE is our MOTTO,
    More human, than human.

    The lords of technology no longer consider you to be and asset