Sign at Tokyo Hospital: We do not treat radiation exposure — Nurse: We are told to say we don’t do tests for radiation exposure (PHOTO)

Published: June 7th, 2012 at 11:50 am ET


There is a yellow notice posted at the entrance of Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital.

Translated by Fukushima Diary:

To patients

Currently, we don’t serve radiation inspection or medical treatment.

Translated by EXSKF:

To our patients,

Currently, we do not conduct the tests for radiation exposure or treat radiation exposure.

from Director of the Hospital

A freelance journalist Hiroki Suzuki reportedly spoke with a nurse at the hospital.

Translated by EXSKF:

We are instructed to say we don’t do the tests for radiation exposure. All we can say is that people consult the local public health center. Tests for radiation exposure cannot be done without appointment. There’s also an issue with the national government when it comes to radiation exposure…

Translated by Fukushima Diary:

We are told to say, we don’t serve radiation inspection. We can only say, please consult near public health center. We can not do radiation inspection for a sudden outpatient. Radiation issue is connected to the government…

Published: June 7th, 2012 at 11:50 am ET


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18 comments to Sign at Tokyo Hospital: We do not treat radiation exposure — Nurse: We are told to say we don’t do tests for radiation exposure (PHOTO)

  • bleep_hits_blades

    This is pretty amazing. Think of the desperation on the part of those in power/authority in Japan, for them to be doing something like this – leaning on hospitals to refuse testing/treatment (and the hospitals, of course, fully cooperating).

    Will the 'bleep' EVER 'hit the blades' and those who are responsible for this monumental on-going global genocide begin to be publicly named, denounced – legally charged?

    I guess this is kind of the litmus test to end all litmus tests –

    Just how much S**T will the masses quietly consume?

    Just how 'in our faces' can this corrupt global ruling elite be, in terms of crimes against humanity – AND GET AWAY WITH IT?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      @bleep_…"Just how much S**T will the masses quietly consume?"

      Looks like the answer is just as much as we Japan as we sit meekly by and let the gov PTB establish indefinite detention camps, militatization of police forces, combat zone vehicles and tactics. As long as we let the Commander in Chief take all power to himself to determine who should be killed–no charges, no attorneys, no trials.

      Where is the outrage as we sit and hear that the Prez now has his own "Kill List?" It's only 40 years since Nixon had his his "Enemies List." What an evolution: from breaking into psychiatrists' offices and dirty tricks to outright killing groups of people, just collateral damage to taking out the bad guy, and declaring that all adult males, only by virtue of being adult males, are enemy combatants or militants. I wonder what ages Obama puts on "adult"? Is it 10 to 100 years old?

      We in the U.S. are headed for the same fate as the Japanese, with no appeal to government. If we protest, if we demand our rights, we will be met with the extreme, militarized police force we've seen at Occupy, the brutalality of domestic drones, heat generating machines to boil our blood, and loud sound machines which can destroy our ear drums.

      How long are we going to sit here and take this? As long as the Japanese?

      It looks like it.

      • bleep_hits_blades

        dharmasyd, I hear you & I agree.

        The people are the other part of the problem, because the people are in denial & so actually participate in their own exploitation and destruction. Of course we are subjected to a lot of brain-washing & manipulation, from cradle to grave.

        Yhe evidence is all around us & where is the outrage, the protest? Yes, now the president can order 'non-judicial killings' – just say, 'kill this guy.' I read that he actually ordered the killing of a 17 year old girl.

        There is a lot to learn from Fuku, for those who will face the truth & see it – & that is that governments do not care about the people. General Smedley Butler said 'War is a racket' & he was right – & so is government 'a racket.' It's all about making money; just like the Mafia, it is another branch of 'organized crime.'

        The Founding Fathers warned us that it would be 'deja vu all over again' – & history has proven them right.

        There is this African saying, 'The leopard cannot change his spots' – & alas, neither, it seems, can we human beings 'change our spots.' And the exploiters in control of big business & government have made it their business to learn how to manipulate & manage us in order to exploit our productive capacity for their benefit & interest.

        With Fuku, we have before us all the proof we need that human life (except for their own) means NOTHING to…

        • bleep_hits_blades

          Have you seen the cover of TIME magazine – "How to Die" ? blatantly pushing euthanasia – Mike Adams has a lot to say about that …

          The cover of the latest TIME Magazine declares, bluntly & openly, "HOW TO DIE."

          "Inside the issue, you'll find an article explaining why you should pull the plug on your own dying parents and kill them off from starvation or dehydration – because it saves money!

          Yep, killing off your elderly parents or grandparents is being promoted as the new solution to health care in America! Die, granny!"

          The move will be away from voluntary, to compulsory.

          Of course with all the poisoning of our food, land, air, and water, and all of the poisons administered by main-stream medicine, they are already 'killing us softly' to the very best of their ability.

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            Bleep…I didn't know of Time's screed. I avoid those mags. Read them back in the 50s & 60s, but not now. What a revolting state of affairs…"Pull the Lug on Granny!" Oh dear, Where are we? Where's the map? I can't tell where I am anymore. Thanks bleep…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Thank you so much..for this article ..Admin.
    The betrayal of the medical community towards the people of Japan is unconscionable.

    Mr.Nakate explains why doctors in Fukushima won't help children.

    I have a very emotional rant..that I will spare all.
    But I ask…
    Where are the people to receive help?

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    This one pretty much says it all.
    This makes it more than clear that the Japan govt views everyone as expendable.
    Sort of like Katrina on steroids.

    How much more "On The Beach" could they be about this mess?

  • Urban27

    probably many people want examination and treatment – does this sign say anything about where to go?
    In a german reprotage video I saw a month ago, they said that they were not allowed to speak to the personell in any public health care center, in Fukushima district. Then they went to Tokyo, and interviewed a private medical doctor that told the number of miscarriage and malformed foetuses had increased much last year. Also it was said cancer of the thyroid was measured to 30 percent of people having a five centimetre large cancer. (not malignant)
    Sorry I cant find that programme again, it was in German. Think it was made this year (January).

  • Anthony Anthony

    From bad to worse.

  • jec jec

    So a tremendous and unusual violent flu which not only causes permanent illness and cancer, but also birth defects and miscarriage. The UN should be getting involved in this massive genecide. While other third world countries have terrible issues, Japan's death toll will top them in a few months, by millions (or more) people suffering from radiation illness. If they had only been proactive, but now with radiation damages to the population, there is no easy or fair way to correct..Just saying..

  • faithhopelove

    "If they had only been proactive, but now with radiation damages to the population,…"

    There were ~600 tons of high-level radioactive waste sitting above ground (in the reactor or SFP's) at Fukushima Daiichi. There are 250,000 tons of high-level radioactive waste sitting above ground at various sites around the world, including over 100 sites in the US.

    Get proactive to try and avoid even- further future disaster? How about,
    2. DEAL, IN THE MOST IMMEDIATE MANNER, WITH ALL HIGH-LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTE (without accumulating more in the mean-time), NOW!

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    The betrayal of the medical establishment to the public is worldwide wherever you have medical profit science determining what is an illness and what is a treatment. They become gatekeepers for industry. So, while "modern medicine" is on the rise, so is rampant chronic illness.

  • If you don't test for radiation, no one can 'officially' die of radiation.

    • bleep_hits_blades

      Yes, exactly – the last thing those in power in Japan (or the rest of the world) want is for us to see just how bad it is, in terms of our bodies' (on-going) contamination.

      Just like any criminal, they want and need to hide the truth about their crimes.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Such a tangled web was woven against the people themselves.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    The main thing that we-the-people need to get through out thick heads is that those in power are NOT operating in good faith. They do NOT have our best interests at heart.

    And they lie all the time.

    The evidence is all around us, in the poisoning of our food, water, & entire biosphere, in their suppression of holistic, non-toxic, non-invasive treatments & therapies, in their forcing on our children of toxic injections containing mercury, etc.

    So now TEPCO is putting on this big show of incompetence – but that is really one of their ploys – 'Golly gee whiz, we screwed up, didn't we? So sorry!' But it has come out that they have been falsifying records & reports & safety checks – lying – for decades, & viciously ruining anyone who tries to be a whistle-blower – & it is not just in Japan, either, or just in the nuclear industry.

    The problem remains that most people take the easy way out, believe the lies in the MSM, don't heed the warnings us few who have dug a little deeper – so the few of us are TOO few to make a difference.

    I fear that when the masses who are asses finally wake up, finally are forced to by the evidence & by consequences they can no longer deny & hide from, it will be too late. In fact, many of us here feel that it already is too late.

    Certainly for many millions of us – for so many of the children of Japan – and for many older people like myself whose health has deteriorated markedly since 3/11 – it is already too late.

    • richard richard

      +++ it was thru my thick skull a long long time ago.

      the whole fuku farce has strengthened my conviction, in fact cemented my conviction, that it's the people versus

      i will agree that there are some people in gov who are on our side. I've particularly noticed local mayors can often be siding with the community against the bigs boys. not always, but most likely.. so I want to give them credit – not tar them with the same brush.

      we are up against a powerful foe.. they have the money, the establishment, the universtities, the banks, the armies, the sheeple.

      i've pretty much given up hope of seeing a reasonable transition in my life time. all that's left is to fight for change. but i'll be dead before i see it.

      • bleep_hits_blades

        Well, Richard, I am not too optimistic either.

        I've been a student of all of this for a very long time, really since my hippy days of the mid-60s, although I didn't learn about free market economics until the early 80s. Took me a while to grasp the whole picture. At first I really naively thought that Congress were sincere and not controlled, for instance. And I was actually a collectivist(!) (Not any more! I met a brainiac who gave me private tutoring sessions about economics, plus a good reading list – and who, eccentricities and all, still holds the honors as the most important person in my intellectual life.)

        I've been trying for so long to wake people up, and mainly they just regard me as an annoying nut who doesn't know how to take the hint to shut up and go away. A lot of the brightest and most highly educated are the most closed-minded. Attorneys, MDs, university professors.