Expert: In all honesty things have taken so long because of problems getting staff to come work sinkhole area — Thanksgiving week off starts today? (VIDEO)

Published: November 20th, 2012 at 4:37 pm ET


Title: Bayou Corne/Assumption Parish Resident Meeting
Author: rainbeaudais
Date: Nov 13, 2012

At 1:22:45 in

Resident: Can I ask you a question why it took so long [to start flaring gas]?

Geologist Gary Hecox: We had to figure out the problem with our wells, first of all.

And then in all honesty we had problems getting contractors who would come down here and work on the wells.

Texas Brine Press Release, Nov. 19, 2012 (h/t Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle):

  • The Observation Well […] will remain shut in until Monday, November 26. […]
  • Due to limited contractor availability given the holiday, the work to remove the water in the casing [of the shallow aquifer Relief Well #1] that is apparently impeding gas flow will not begin until Monday, November 26.

Watch the most recent resident meeting here

Published: November 20th, 2012 at 4:37 pm ET


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77 comments to Expert: In all honesty things have taken so long because of problems getting staff to come work sinkhole area — Thanksgiving week off starts today? (VIDEO)

  • weeman

    In all honesty it is good you took thanksgiving off, cause their is a good chance it will be your last between Fukushima , sink holes, middle east etc.
    Enjoy your turkey gobble, gobble.

  • norbu norbu

    It's funny when they say thing's like " In all honesty" Just be honest. They are lying!

    • many moons

      I figured it's a lie too. They don't have enough people who want to risk life and limbto do the work….can't blame them

  • charlie3

    just like fukushima there's probably not that much that they can actually do to fix the problems there.

    • JHewes76 JHewes76

      Exactly! What can they do? Make sure the residents are relocated and safe. I think they are way past the "fix-it" stage.

    • bwoodfield bwoodfield

      They can seal the well heads and bore holes to stop the H2S release, clean fill the sink hole and collapse the salt dome to stop the continual erosion. This would put a stop to the petroleum production and the companies would loose a crap load of money though so it's not going to happen. They aren't going to do anything but "monitor" the situation until either the first houses fall into the sink hole or something major happens. The corporate entities don't care about the surrounding environment until they profit enough off their production that the clean-up doesn't put them in the red.

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    I bet the contractors know that something is wrong — and they are probably too afraid to get involved or work the situation. They don't want to die. No one knows what the heck is going on — "in all honesty." 🙂

  • In all honesty I don't know why they wouldn't want to prop up the side of the salt dome you know, toss in a few boulders to give the dome a structure to rebuild itself around. Otherwise a sudden collapse of the existing structure, or a surge of energy is just going to fracture & dice & splice the problem even more. It's like a free fall every time something slips (trees, mud) into the sinkhole but again, no bones (rocks) to the meat (silt) of the problem.

    Also plan a attack of offense by redirecting the water flow (the accumulation of water) to suit where the moat should be.

    If these guys can drill into salt domes & make caverns to store orange juice, then they can build in a moat to take control of the direction this situation may spread. Also, bring in some canaries(in cages) & set up a bird watching protocol as a quick way to monitor gas emissions, & probably cheaper to install that conventional monitor that they are working on now.

    It's straight forward. Create a support system for existing structure to collapse into in order to provide an avenue to self-wedge internal repair. Remove metallic elements from stone like a prescription from a doctor. Treat the symptom but also the illness.

    2 is get creative with moat building by understanding it's through digging or clear cutting that develops the path, or rather plan of attack.

    3. Seems this position is a stand alone, let's see what happens which I think is what is going on now outside of monitoring…

    • Anthony Anthony

      I was unnerved once I hit the word *toss*! 🙂

      • I know "toss" wasn't the right word to say but neither was throw or drop, as I was looking for an analogy/alternative word to break the fall of depositing boulders into a pit of water & mud.

        I would think a helicopter would be needed to carry the boulders to the center of the sinkhole to drop (but not at high altitude to cause extreme rippling & splashing of the water) & again that's why I chose the word toss. Maybe 'rolling in' boulders 1 at a time from a designated point could be 1 idea but it really depends on where the workers would want them to accumulate over time. A test run might be needed to gestimate the length of time, distance & direct a boulder would travel once deposited into or around the edge of the sink hole.

    • JHewes76 JHewes76

      I was watching a YouTube Video, and it stated that the salt dome cavern was 2.5 times the height of the Empire State Building. If that's true thats a sh*tload of bolders.

      • JHewes, no kidding & it all seems science fiction @ this point but then we're going into new territory that people say they have never been in.

        Consequently, for those in the science field/geologists/engineers & agriculture if this application of thought (tossing in stone/boulders) turns out to have some creditable possibility to begin plugging up the breech while at the same time, provide a underground structure for support for the dome, then it should be explored on paper with theory & then applied in practice at some point beginning @ 1 point whether it is in the center of the sinkhole or on the outer edge.

        It's a 2 fold attack as don't forget the directional pull.

        • JHewes76 JHewes76

          Yes, I see what you are saying. As good of a point as any to begin.

          btw – Doesn't seem like we've been "into new territory" a lot recently? Talk about life on the razor's edge.

          • JHewes, so many people are living on the edge these days for various reason & instead of allowing that negative energy to consume us into a place of no hope, we need to revert it back into a fight for survival because then…your instincts to not quit will kick in via rejuvenating your internal energy to make it no matter what.

            Biggest fear in life is fear itself (not my quote) but taking the stance from where I stand in it, if I would have given into fear I couldn't possibly provide hope today.

            Stay Strong.

          • Oh yes, there are some true "warriors" up in the Assumption Parish area who I can see when watching the Parish Meetings, are just itching to get their hands dirty. They love their land & therefore, it becomes very personal to them so if anything…let's work on getting some extra resources to them some how some way so that they can take charge of the situation where they are able.

            Remember, only fear prevents progress.

          • Hewes, I get a sense you're either a very hyper-sensitive person in a telepathic empathist way or, you're right in the mix but just not telling people here.

            People have choices & considering the situation, I would think that everyone at least who lives in the area of Assumption Parish knows about this web-site, & are trying to keep themselves inform right along with people like myself.

            So what I'm saying, they, the residents don't need permission to leave & if they feel threaten then they must make plans to prepare to leave. As another suggested on this site, "go to a church". Just show up @ the door & claim refugee status under the safe haven statue act. Don't leave to others what you can do for yourself if you feel strongly enough about that decision. I know it's hard to make tough decisions, struggle with that myself, but counsel yourselves/the community together as it will help.

            • JHewes76 JHewes76

              In the mix meaning La.resident? No, I live in Pennsylvania 🙂
              My wife says I'm empathetic… sometimes to a fault. I just feel that everyone deserves health and happiness. It just chaps my a** when greed and corruption take that away from people. (and perhaps I get a little too emotional, lol)


                quick mention JHewes76, your avatar-graphic is from one of my favorite movies! Very cooolll choice…

              • So, you're not far from New York & New Jersey with those nuclear facility/ies problem. So, maybe not out of the woods…

                On the West Coast we get radiated everyday but I try to ignore it & do what needs to be done. Maybe might have to move my family out of BC, & think about it sometimes but when you can't see the problem, people react even slower than when it's up in their face.

                Suppose life is a roll of the dice.

                • JHewes76 JHewes76

                  Yep. Kind of a helpless feeling isn't it

                  • JHewes76 JHewes76

                    On a clear day we can see the steam leaving the cooling towers of the Limerick power plant. And the New Jersey plant is around 2 hrs. away. So my wife and I are waiting to become victims too

                    • Oh Lordy, that is so close & when I say that my family got sick from Japans radiation back in April of 2011, we did. 9 people in the house @ that time & everyone had 1 to several symptoms of radiation poisoning. I even had a bleeding nose & I never get that, plus 1 of younger daughters had a bleeding nose as well. Skin rashes, sleepiness for weeks, loss of appetite, disorientation in terms of not having calm nerves, upset stomach with loss of body fluids (dehydration – dry skin, dry lips, parched mouth & just general listlessness. Was sick for almost 1 month.

                      So, if your water begins to taste like heavy metals take that as a sign & try to stay out of the rain.

                    • Hewes, not to fear monger but if I was that close to a nuclear reactor never mind 2 of them in 2 different locations, my plan for my family in light of what I know now, would be to get out & as far away from them if they blow.

                      Save your money & just make plans to relocate quickly, while you yourself may have to be a warrior to go back in to salvage some of your belongings. In other words, if I had to I would send my family away but would stay behind to pack up what I could to ship it out of province. That's the only way to protect your family from high concentrations of radiation, & unfortunately some of us are going to die in the process.

                      So take my advice, cut to the chase & don't fool yourself by thinking duct taping basement windows to hide out for 1 month is the solution, as that is only false propaganda to give you & your family a false sense of security. Invest your money into travel plans & be prepared to die so your family may live.

                    • & Japan now wants to talk about massing nuclear weapons & for what, because as far as I'm concerned they are already murders.

                    • Sorry, meant to write..MURDERERS

                      but then we already knew that.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      yes…we did NNU. A more important clarification might be in your inclusive reference between Japan and its government; which is under the control of a globalist criminal cartel. The people of Japan are – by-and-large – honorable…

                    • JHewes76 JHewes76

                      @NuNations: Your thoughts for us are heart-warming 🙂

                      Actually, My wife & I are moving to Nashville in Feb. to be nearer to family who live there (after all, in times like these family is all that matters) . I know it's not a lot better – but it is an improvement.

                      When all the cards are on the table, I'm getting a feeling there will be no safe place to be anyways.

                    • OK, "I think I got it", ha, ha (new catch phrase buzzing around) …reply button aligns with post initiator & then clips off when a new post is made..

                      Right, I did mention no place to go & especially if a mass exodus occurs, but still no reason to keep silent on the danger that is lurking in the environment to keep the status quo going while those with the resources make their plans of escape.

                  • Tell me about it, ha ha.

                    Seriously though just in case FukUshima reactors/buildings/spent fuel pools cave in whether #4, #2, #3, 1, 5 &/or #6 me buying duct tape, plastic, extra food & water over the last year & a half still isn't enough to ensure my kids would walk out of that radiated mess alive.

                    It's like you have to have thousands of dollars to invest into corporate accidents, add in another few thousands of $'s to evacuate your family away from further corporate accidents, while loosing almost if not everything in the end when you get to the other side when there is really no place to run.

                    Maybe this is a new way politicians have decide to social engineer a sustainable economy (at least temporarily)…keep the public buying/consuming products so that we can THINK we can survive.

  • 3. Seems this position is a stand alone, let's see what happens which I think is what is going on now outside of monitoring just to keep up.

  • 1 tower with zoom cameras can watch a lot of birds.

    • JHewes76 JHewes76

      They don't need the birds as "canaries" .. they have the residents.

      • They also have the wildlife too, point being the issue of monitoring can be streamed line to produce faster results, or at least can be used as a back up system to the one they are trying to install now (or will be).

        Canaries, dogs & horses have all been mans best friend & sometimes we have to use these animals in partnership so that 1 can protect the other long term.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The problem is ..workers in this industry are used to working in 'swill' of their own making.
    Monday through Friday..make/watch a on company time..means nothing to them.
    Upper corporate and the government..of course ..won't tell them the ground is destabilizing below their feet…with on-going methane build up.

  • My thought too Heart, but somebody has to pay & somebody has to work, so we just need to encourage more creative thinking around this matter as these people we are talking about, most live out that way so it becomes a personal investment for them. For us (or people like us) we're side liners who @ best might be able to make a donation @ some point for a good cause that could increase the chance for even more creative thinking to get the job done.

    What's the alternative?

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Great question for Enenews…

    • richard richard

      @NuNationsUnity – donating to animal activist groups is my highest recommendation.

      The fauna and flora of this planet suffer greatly at the expense of human selfishness.

      We may not be able to save the world from Fuku-D.

      But we should try to provide to relief for the innocent and undefended beings of this world.

      I suggest and do donate to …

      and also

      you can buy merchandise from these people as well. I've picked up some good clothing from sea sheperd.

      so everybody, please put some money into taking care of the animals, because there's probably not a whole lot more that can be done, 'cept go and party.

      • Richard, I've invested 10's of thousands of dollars (round it off to about 40 grand over a 13 year period) into a fledgling non-profit that I founded back in 1999 to 2001. End result, the non-profit represents billions of $'s long term that will help millions of people, but it's just a matter of how we connect the dots to make it work for "us" the people, as the non-profit operates under a international trademark name.

        Obviously, I bit off more than I can chew right now but that doesn't remove the fact that this situation doesn't exist & will go far beyond me as a founder to a trend setting paradigm shift.

        I'm just waiting on some basic contract to be drafted up, & then I'll pull myself up by my boots straps & will write those cover letters asking for help, & will include a envelope for the Sea Shepherds to review for themselves in the event they may choose to become a catalyst to move this movement forward.

      • Richard, I'm working on web-pages right now flipping from 1 to the other & while I do this, I'm going to add in a page for the;

        1 Million Flash Movement Telethon as a subsidiary fund raiser to the larger project I'm working on now.

        I'll begin building in the framework so that hopefully over the next year action can be put to words.

        It's better for me to plan this now, add in the link under construction & then once I'm pretty much done with the other stuff I'm working on, we can pick up on this idea very quickly if we want.

        Ultimate goal is a cash infusion into Assumption Parish of at least 50 million dollars straight up cash, dollar for dollar.

        I'll post the link once I make it.

      • Oh yes, of course if we can establish a network well before 1 year we'll do that as time is the essence, but this will require motivated people.

      • Don't know if you will make it back to this thread but have started to add in the link for the fund raiser called, "1 Million Flash Movement".

        However, someone has hacked into my computer & it could be someone from here (you know, pass those links around with spider crawlers or what ever people do to hack into PC's). Needless to say, it reminds me of when I was stalked in the courtyard with the kids as this crazy lady use to call the cops on me if she couldn't piss me off enough to make me fight. Jealous bytch all she wanted was for the children to be bored & miserable, while she'd pit 1 kid against another. I survived those days & it sure taught me a lot about racism, bigotry, corporate neglect, & how 1 negative person can influence a whole crowd to be submissive to bullying.

        At any rate, I could ask my service provide about this but if this person who hacked into my computer is intent on destroying the non-profit, they will do everything in their power to accomplish that goal.

        If you're interested I've begun adding in this fund raiser so keep that in mind because maybe 1 day it just might happen.

      • You know, 13 years is a long time to be working on 1 project (non-profit) while the world whizzes by on profit. Got criticized for talking about it but then got criticized for not, as how would people know? Canadians hate'n on Malcolm X, Americans & even on themselves, while Americans have just let it all slide to only cross over @ the border with Occupy Wall Street, which happened to convince some Canadians we weren't that anymore & got booed for sticking up for my country as a sovereign nation that could make a difference.

        End of the day, I stuck it out for 13 years & held true to the principles I came out with in the beginning days of building a Foundation. I was grateful to have a home, a family & freedom.

        So, as I listen to CNN talk about corrupt charities & how it related to last years reports, I can't help but wonder why the American people wouldn't want to try something else.

        Occupy Wall Street was used to bring the people together but now some individuals in individual States are trying to separate from the USA, as if that will solve problems. That's like Quebec not wanting to be a part of Canada??

  • I could write Billy in Plaquemines Parish for a second time, but only ask him to open a Trust Account so you, others & I can make a donation as a solution to begin solving this crisis. Clearly, it's a crisis that if left to long without the support of surrounding areas/communities (meaning federal gov, state gov & the public) it would be impossible for Assumption Parish to solve on it's own in a fiscal sense. Cut to the chase, it's an expensive proposition either way & 1 that a small town can't afford to pay on it's own.

    Problem is, Billy isn't in the business of opening Trust Accounts for fund raisers never mind that originated from B.C., Canada. However, nobody can ever say "it" (the Trust Account) was not done @ arms length when it happens.

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      If the federal government would declare it a disaster area it would free up federal monies to assist. I don't think money is the problem anyway.

      Some people need to be made to speak up and soon about what they know starting with the company's own geologist. Probably the only way to make them speak quickly is to wave liability to the company that is holding this guy hostage under his contract and non-disclosure agreement. I don't see that happening.

      Unfortunately, this problem is going to have to get much worse before the federal government takes over. As unfortunate as this is for those under evacuation orders by comparison to other disasters the number of people under evacuation is small for a federal disaster.

  • enoughalready45, I know it's heart wrenching to hear about the people out of their homes in Assumption Parish in comparison to other disasters happening right now in the United States, & I understand what you're saying about liability to talk & even about the money being there if the will was. However, I really don't think this is just a Texas Brine problem rather than a geological one in itself regarding a changing/living planet. That's why I suggest the experts become "Doctors in nature" while applying proven physics & chemistry compositions to begin patching up the wound so it can heal in geological terms.

    Yet, at the bottom of the food chain is the wildlife & domestic animals so in reality they will be left behind as this thing progresses, but by helping them we also help ourselves.

    November 22, 2012 at 9:29 am

    yes…we did NNU. A more important clarification might be in your inclusive reference between Japan and its government; which is under the control of a globalist criminal cartel. The people of Japan are – by-and-large – honorable…

    It doesn't help when you don't allow people to respond back to you by removing the reply button how ever you did that.

    Regardless, they the honorable Japanese not only allow their government to hoodwink outsiders to their cultural etiquette, but they also did it to themselves by profiteering off the the cheap energy that they benefited from as a "country" which put them into the upper ranks of the tax bracket & global economy.

    However, white dudes selling snake oil to brown guys isn't ever a good mix.


      well NNU, you have to go to the last reply that's available to sneak you response in…no magic or friends in high places.

      With all due respect, you're making the same mistake that most others do, in thinking that a nation's people are in the driver's seat. They (we) aren't. The elite long-ago co-opted the electoral process of every nation under their economic control. Go onto the streets of any control throughout this planet and talk with just about anyone (that's not on the government teat) and you'll find not only great dissatisfaction but surprising consensus on the issues that affect us all. How do I know this? Spend more time on the web talking with others (like you) and you'll have the answer. Truth is, we all one. Running a close second to that revelation is the sad reality that we're all being bamboozled into thinking we're not.

      Regarding the "white dudes" thing. Whatever you do, don't let the Japanese people know that they're not…


        forgive the grammatical errors…cooking while typing is fun!

        • JustmeAlso

          Using words is as personal as cooking! 🙂


            just some aren't as tasteful as my cooking…

            • JustmeAlso

              Taste is personal, but you do make me wonder about what you have cookin'! 😉


                that would be telling…

                • JustmeAlso

                  Bon Appetit, Aftershock!

                • Since you like to stir up the rhetoric & then back off to watch the show, I'll tell you 1 other thing. There are now 2 things that I just won't ever do & 1 is, I will never put on a scarf on my head to just be able to walk into a Punjabi Temple, as a show of respect to a ethnic culture who may in fact, be trying to dominate me with their air of superiority.

                  2. This same stance now applies to the bowing down to a people that if the shoe was on the other foot, & BC, Canada was sending poisonous pollutants right into the Japanese back yard, damn rights they'd mumbling about us Canadians being mass murderers to the planet. It's only "human nature" you know..

      • YOUR WORDS

        well NNU, you have to go to the last reply that's available to sneak you response in…no magic or friends in high places.

        They (we) aren't. The elite long-ago co-opted the electoral process of every nation under their economic control.

        Regarding the "white dudes" thing. Whatever you do, don't let the Japanese people know that they're not…

        MY WORDS

        I've been on plenty of message boards & this 1 seems to be quite effective in terms of organizing subject matter within post under 1 thread. Hard to follow & pin point the discussion but now that I know how it works, it put Enenews into a higher rank of what it means to be a good message board.

        (((They (we) aren't. The elite long-ago co-opted the electoral process of every nation under their economic control.)))

        Right…government has been bamboozling 'us little people' for a long time ("I got that" – new catch phrase outside next to, "it's sketchy") but who's been passing the papers around all these years, Left & Right together. What are your solutions to defeat that as a politician is going to do what they think is right for political reasons, while the rest of the populations is basically disconnected from that process by choice & for convenience. Remember, humans only use 10% of their brain capacity @ best. So with that said, we could say it boils down to Japan being 1 dumb ass country that gloated over cheap energy which bit it in the foot, ..


          no need to repost responses NNU. It clutters your responses and risks missing your point(s). Moving on…

          I agree that we're being snookered by the Left/Right paradigm. I don't buy into it. I find that all political philosophies are predicated on some truth; even the most unsavory of them. I choose to draw on the better points and only integrate that which agrees with the others. When I encounter someone who goes with exclusive cannon, I conclude they're victims of myopic propagandist. Thankfully, such ideologues are losing their import in today's intellectual environment.

          This thread was predicated on your inference that the people of a nation are responsible for the policies of that nation's representatives. It's counterproductive blaming victims of a criminal enterprise. IFact is, long before 311, many Japanese have (for historical reasons) been active in the anti-nuclear movement. Unfortunately for them, being a nation that's long been under post-war occupation of the United State military has not been conducive to greater consensus against nuclear-power technologies. I'd suggest integrating more history into your global perspective. Doing otherwise undermines your good nature.

          And thinking that humans use only ten-percent of their "brain capacity" is insular. Such research was circulated by those who'd like us to think we're surrounded by cretins…

          • OK, I can see you've upped the bar & are now using maybe 12% of your brain. (lol)

            Japan isn't so innocent go get off the bandwagon with your victim feeling sorry for the victim bullcrap.


              I can go back several thousand years NNU to find examples of inhumanity. I can also find examples of criminal behavior being perpetrated by almost every modern government around the world today. The Japanese people (not unlike the German citizenry under the National Socialist and the Israelis citizenry of today) were not complicit in the development of their respective government's racist policies. I don't know where you're transmitting from, but I can assure you, my own government (here in the United States) has perpetrated innumerable crimes against this nation's indigenous populace as well as foreign peoples.

              When the citizenry is inundated with hateful propaganda, they're likely to participate in those crimes. (The history of the Hutu/Tutsi conflict is a classic example of race-based propaganda.) By-and-large, the people of a nation do not determine such policies.

              We are all victims of an evolving criminal enterprise that now spans the globe. When we learn how this system is used to exploit our fellow humans, only then will we move forward. I'm all about progress, equity and protection. No double standards…

              • LOL, now you're really starting to get to me. Nice to know you're a stand up kinda person & people want to call me a "socialist" partly because I'm Canadian up in the Great White North, & partly because of the founding principles I represent through myself & the non-profit I work on.

                Notice, I have mention millions of people but put no reference to whom, what ethnic group, age, creed &/or gender.

                So, why not let us agree to disagree like the old days in message board talk, & try to move forward.

                You can have the last word but doesn't mean you won the battle or the war.


                  I know you're an honorable person NNU, who doubtless spoke from a sense of rage at the boundless stupidity we're now witnessing. My only concern is that we not fall prey to victimizing a people who are already on their knees. And believe me, there's nothing you or I could illuminate that the Japanese aren't already reflecting on. It's equally important that we hold ourselves, as well as each other, to a standard that we'd expect from those on high.

                  I do enjoy your efforts out here and wish you the best in your ventures…ciao…

                  • Japan is about 145,000 sq miles (slightly smaller than Montana @ 147,000 sq miles) with a population of about 127 million people. Japan had & still has 50 (FIFTY) Nuclear Reactors

                    While BC Canada is 944,735 sq miles with a population of about 4.5 million people with 5% being of First Nations decent.

                    We have no (NO) Nuclear Reactors.

                    Say what you want, it doesn't matter.

                  • I guess I'm not done with this nonsense yet.. as I forgot to mention that my provincial & federal gov have enable Japan to be who they are today, as our politicians supply Uranium to the world market.

                    Personaly, there aren't to many politicians whether MLA's or MP's that I like & that's because, they expect me to rally a nation before they jump on the bandwagon to do their jobs in relation to, implementing a universal school meal program from West Coast to East among filling in the blanks along the way. All this Uranium mining doesn't benefit the BC public anymore than the Keystone pipeline will benefit the Alberta public or British Colombians once they run the line.

                    However, 127 million people all crammed together on 1 small Island known for earthquakes, you'd think their first priority long ago would have been birth control.

                  • "No" not being sneaky here but rather bothered by the numbers.

                    Japan – population – 127 million people

                    Canada – population – 35 million people

                    USA (for good measure) – Population – 312 million people

                    Japan ranked third on the global economy

                    Here's a link I don't profess to understand everything,

                    Top 10 largest economies by GDP in PPP terms: 2010 and 2020


                    with the USA being first & China second.

                    Canada doesn't even make it on the list even in 8 years from now.

                    127 million people with 50 reactors is more than a conspiracy to not fall for the "we are the victims to our own demise". Granted 10,000 perhaps a million people rally against nuclear power in that country, but out of 127 persons as the economy booms ahead without noticing really does tell what is on those peoples minds.

                    That's the part that bugs me, I'm just suppose to support their bad habit to over consume energy, & if need be give up my life & my children's lives just so that the Japanese can live theirs. Doesn't matter if there is an accident like Fukushima just as long as they can boogie.

                    Same could be said about Americans as well if that Reactor blows up in the Oregon area, don't think it's to far from me either.

                    So, would you weigh that out as fair game with the odds being in favor of the Japanese considering land sq footage, population to the USA??

                    To make it worse, the…

                  • To make it worse, the… Japanese are ignorant to this.

                  • & NOW…they are talking about securing Nuclear Weapons. Watch & see, they will try to turn it out as another learning exercise on their long list of radiation gimmicks of "how to" demonstrations, with a few company advertisements that when I think about, I don't even like that product maker because their electronic connecting parts are crap. So, why try & sell me something that I don't even like, & then try & kill me off while your doing it?

                    It's pathetic in a very rudimentary way.

  • as undercover government culprits plot to depopulate parts of the planet whether for profit or future profit in a time of 'war', where politics is being used against us little people who we ourselves, are just as dumb as the general over all population of Japanese individuals. "I think I got it"

    (((Regarding the "white dudes" thing. Whatever you do, don't let the Japanese people know that they're not…)))


  • jec jec

    In this USA economy..the fact Texas Brine can not get contractors in to work..might be money..but bet the bottomline is OSHA rules..for workplace safety..CAUSE Texas Brine can not assure safe working contitions. The poor victims living in Bayou Corne..are really getting ignored…