Press Conference: Cavern below sinkhole has failed… and collapsed — Collapse may be ongoing (VIDEO)

Published: September 26th, 2012 at 6:30 pm ET


September 25, 2012 Press Conference

Assumption Parish Police Jury President Marty Triche: […] All of our suspicions and suspections have been confirmed. The Texas Brine cavern has failed and has…has… collapsed. Now to what extent that’s still being done [???]


It obviously was spin by Texas Brine to diffuse the situation because they had to acknowledge to the public that their cavern had failed.


The crisis that we see here today


Our fears and suspicions have been confirmed, the cavern failed.

Watch the full press conference here

Published: September 26th, 2012 at 6:30 pm ET


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17 comments to Press Conference: Cavern below sinkhole has failed… and collapsed — Collapse may be ongoing (VIDEO)

  • jec jec

    Believe we will now start getting the "spin" from industry/Texas Brine — natural disaster, not "our" fault. So everyone's homeowners insurance covers this correct? Texas Brine,hopefully, has the necessary finances/insurance themselves to cover this disaster..without penalizing their victims/landowners who live in the area. If blame needs to be shared..great..but the local populace is innocent..they just live there. And have for generations….

  • dosdos dosdos

    Texas Brine has been spinning for a couple of years. They sealed off their wells and left the area, hoping that their actions would not come to the light of day. Well, guess what. They are having to step up their spin.

    The sad truth is that while they may face judgment in state courts, they will be able to get it overturned in federal courts. The only damage they face is being branded as a pariah, not able to land future contracts, because they messed up so badly in public.

    • Maggie123

      dosdod: "not able to land future contracts, because they messed up so badly in public". Wish I thought this was how things work. It seems to me these companies are either accepted regardless by "The Industry Club", or they change their name and reappear (i.e. Blackwater). Either way, glad-handing all the way around among members of TIC. Since so many in govt positions choose to enjoy benefits of 'corporate sponsorship', losing out on contracts with govt aren't usually a problem either. (my bleaker view!)

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        These companies just go out of business, start up with a new name and they become Super Fund Clean up sites.

        Guess who pays to clean up the corporate messes?


        US taxpayers.

        Corporations keep all the profits, and transfer all of the risk to the programmed minions who keep on paying, and dying, and never complain.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    " The Texas Brine cavern has failed and has…collapsed…" There are two phases for the profitable exploitation of a salt dome or fracking well:
    The EXTRACTION PHASE: Where they extract salt, oil, natural gas, or whatever Mother Nature has to offer.
    The INJECTION PHASE: Where they get money from all comers to unload tanker trucks full of industrial crap into the well. This "Waste" consists of whatever sludge left over from an industrial process that they cannot sell to become a raw material to be turned into a product. Fracking waste is injected, to be sure. Radioactive wastes from oil and gas drilling. But really, whatever industrial crap you haul to the salt dome wellhead, and pay Texas Brine (or another company like them) to drain into a salt cavern or fracking well are welcomed.

    Is there an inventory of what Texas Brine has put into this salt cavern? If there is, you had better get a court to order this inventory be put into the public record for the upcoming civil suit. Or else, you can bet this will be lost, and we will have to depend on Texas Brine to tell us what is down there. In this case, all of the material injected into the salt cave will eventually come to the surface. Nobody will live in this area from now on. The water will be permanently polluted. 🙁

  • vivvi

    Sounds like spin to me. For there to be 1300 feet of stuff on the floor of the cavern, it had to come from above. Firstly they say it is not what they expected, which rules out salt and rock from the cavern roof. Second, if it had dropped from above, the top of the dome would have collapsed. No. This hole has been filled with some toxic crap dumped inside for $$$$$

    Looking at the maps of the dome, there is quite a bit of toxic stuff stored there. Millions of barrels of it, potentially. Butane, propane, god only knows what DOW have got going on there. If part of the dome is compromised, I am guessing the rest will eventually follow. Water will get in, dissolve it, and then ….

    • Maggie123

      viwi: re "rules out salt and rock from the cavern roof. Second, if it had dropped from above, the top of the dome would have collapsed."

      This is the first thing I've read that makes sense to me to explain dome 'failure' + 'contents not what expected' + dome not collapsing (as you say … if it had failed, and shouldn't contents be from walls if the failure is in the walls?")

      So – to me, the rest of your post also makes sense. We've already been told part of the TB company's activity is to inject junk fluids and stuff into domes. Makes so much sense! Thank you!!

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Yes, vivvi, now what happens to the 50+ million barrels of explosive liquid gas stored down there, in addition to who knows how much toxic waste?

      Wouldn't this be the largest toxic commercial waste/storage disaster in the history of this country?

      And an absolute minimum of MSM coverage. Not a word on Drudge. I can't believe they missed this, without some 'external' pressure. Cough, cough.

  • Sickputer

    Texas Brine claims May tremors caused collapse of salt dome…government scientists etorts the collapse itself caused the tremor:

    "BATON ROUGE — Tremors recorded in Assumption Parish since late May could explain why a brine cavern failed and caused a massive sinkhole that prompted more than 100 evacuations nearby, officials said Tuesday.

    That assessment came from the Texas Brine Co., a Houston-based company that plugged and abandoned the cavern in 2011. The company harvests brine — water saturated with salt — which is used in industrial manufacturing.

    But officials at the U.S. Geological Survey say the cavern's failure caused the tremors — not the other way around."

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Skimming for contributions, commonly known as extortion.

      Oops, I mean factual geological evidence.

      Excuse me.

    • Anthony Anthony

      The brine cavern failed due to unsafe construction engineering (required to maintain integrity to stand in place). Right?

  • vivvi

    Now I am wondering. The only PROOF we are offered to say the cavern has failed is the 1300 feet of stuff at the bottom of the cavern that isnt supposed to be there. If this stuff has been illegally dumped there, Texas Brine are not about to admit it, are they? So what choice do they have other than to say its not their fault, look, it must have collapsed, see all this material fallen to the bottom. There is as yet NO PROOF that the cavern is the source of the bubbling gas, nor is there any proof that the wall of the salt dome has been breached. I would expect to be seeing insane panic on the part of other users of the salt dome storage if this were the case. The source of the problem may yet lie elsewhere, such as deep gas deposits breaking out of a weak spot near this dome. We can expect to be lied to more and more as guilty parties duck for cover.

  • razzz razzz

    8/11/2012 — Louisiana Sink Hole Explained!

    Here the guy talks and shows where other drill holes result in strange sounds being report throughout the US and releases of toxic fumes. Discusses new/old faults in world becoming extremely active compounded by fracking wells here in the US. Also talks about salt domes esp. the Bayou Corne sink hole.

  • Michele

    The Mississippi Aquifer provides fresh water to approximately 70,000 people and it must have been toxic for a very long time since the DNR of Louisiana knew about the problems for at least a year. It takes real evil to put all these people in danger for the sake of hiding nuclear waste under the earth, especially underfoot of a community. Many concerned web sites are predicting another 911..311 false flag earthquake happening in the New Madrid Fault Line. The New Madrid is overdue.