SNL mocks Fukushima — Shows radioactive monkeys replacing Godzilla (VIDEO)

Published: December 18th, 2011 at 1:19 pm ET


Date Aired: Dec. 17, 2011
Source: Saturday Night Live

Published: December 18th, 2011 at 1:19 pm ET


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65 comments to SNL mocks Fukushima — Shows radioactive monkeys replacing Godzilla (VIDEO)

  • Using monkeys may actually help the situation. How?

    Right now, the medical experts that are pro nuke, claim that radiation does not hurt human beings, and that radiation is GOOD for everyone, the more the better.

    The danger from radiation can be avoided by smiling (so says the Japan medical expert on radiation) or by getting more of it with no upper limit, (so says Ann Colter on Faux News)..

    Since monkeys cannot worry or stress about radiation, and they also do not smile as a practice to ward off the evil radiation, it would seem that they would accurately portray the consequences of radiation exposure.

    How do they set this experiment up?

    Maybe give them basement water from FUKU, as their only drinking water?

    Maybe feed them food and bananas grown only around the plant or Fukushima Province, that no human eat, because it is too radioactive?

    That would be a good experiment…

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      No, it wouldn’t.
      No animal should be harmed or killed because of man’s stupidity. It breaks my heart to see the videos of animals on surveillance cams, like this one:


      • lam335 lam335

        I agree with you no animal should be harmed for a science experiment. It is my impression, however, that these are wild monkeys that would simply be living in the area anyway. Perhaps it would be ideal if the Japanese would round up all these monkeys and move them (and all other animals in the region) to a less contaminated location, but they are not even doing that for the human children in the area, so the odds of them caring enough to evacuate the animals is zero. (And as with the exclusion zone at Cherno,many animals will probably just find there way back into the place even if those there now were transported away from it; a fence isn’t going to keep monkeys out).

        That said, GreenRoad is probably right that the more data that can be collected about the effects of low-level radiation exposure on life, the more it will gradually undermine the claims of those who downplay the effects of such radiation. This corrupt, pro-nuke science needs to be exposed for the fraud that it is, and tracking the health of these unfortunate monkeys might help to reveal the truth of low-level radiation exposure’s harmful effects.

        The Saturday Night LIve skit is in poor taste, however.

        • Radio VicFromOregon

          We need to remember that Japanese fisheries cut off the fins and tails of live sharks to be made into health products leaving the shark to drift to the bottom unable to swim and eventually die. They aren’t even willing to take five seconds to kill the animal. The sharks die a lingering, horrible death of suffocation. Monkeys will get no better.

          • lam335 lam335

            True. I think the Japanese really ought to stop their whaling practices. They have already done such incalculable harm to the life in the ocean; stopping that practice seems like the least they could do to begin making amends.

          • lokay5 lokay5

            Very sad, but very true. Bears suffer a similar fate. So do whales. Maybe on second thought, Fuku could be their revenge.
            The “monkeys” that should go in and test for radiation should be the useless,greedy, criminal monkeys on TEPCO’s Board of Directors.

            Go GO Godzilla!

        • richard mancer

          If you say SNL is in bad taste then it must be good, I’ll take time to watch it later.

          What’s bad taste – well, murdering whales, dolphins, sharks. Now that’s ceertainly in bad taste.

          The nuclear industry is in bad taste too.

          Mmmm.. let me guess.. the Japanese gubermunt and TEPCO are in bad taste for the criminal negligence and decieving lies.

          SNL is not bad taste – SNL is about WAKE UP you FUKU IDIOTS.

      • From reports they are allowing to kill their own people, why would they be concern for a few monkey’s dieing !?

  • norbu norbu

    I fail to see humor in this disaster. The world is suffering from this Nuclear mistake, we dont need humor. We need compassion. We need cooperation.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Ironically that 20 second SNL attention put Fuku in front of millions at once. Agree about the context but feel good Fukushima was put out as the disaster it really is. Better that we are at cold shutdown melarky!

    • Bones Bones

      Laughter can heal even the worst wounds, even if for a second. You gotta laugh man or you go insane. I also agree that it is good exposure even if it isn’t what we would like to see. My best friend might be stationed in Japan next year and his wife, who just got prenant 6 weeks ago, might go as well. She will have her baby by then but I still don’t want them to go.

      • the yeoman the yeoman

        Agreed. But SNL’s use of a chimp to protray Japan’s indigenous primate is I think rather rude.

        Now this is Japan’s wild monkeys. Super cute…funny too.

        Man, are we ever rat bastards of a species.

        Sorry about your friend Bones, navy? Hell, you know we are all monkeys…right? Man I’m I feeling bad.

        A song 🙂

        • Bones Bones

          No, I agree about the rudeness. lol I think SNL stopped being funny a long time ago. If the comedy isn’t funny, it is just offensive.

          Nah, he is in the Air Force so he is probably in the best possible branch for safety. He might be able to get out on a technicality so I am hoping all is well. I know it will work out. Thank for the concern, yeoman. haha I LOVE the Star Trek nerds on here! I’m a still in the closet fan. lol

          Also, just a thanks to all here who makes this site what it is. Without and Enenewsers, I would still be in the dark!

    • stock

      We need rage, we need the powers that be to realize that they are flirting with disaster.

      • the yeoman the yeoman

        You mean the shareholders…they know. OCD,ethnocentic,hopped-up on their own hubris…they can’t stop. And they don’t listen.
        And this is they song

        sorry had to go there

        We don’t need rage. We got plenty of that. They could use some tough love though. Cup o coffee and some fellowship…a hug perhaps.

        • Tough love sounds good. How about telling the WHOLE truth about Fukushima and nuclear power? How about telling the truth about how it is part of the “money conspiracy” to hook all of us on the idea that we NEED money in order to survive on this planet? Who about telling the truth about how nuclear power is a global conspiracy to justify global government by the money powers? How about telling everyone how money is an “evil system of domination and control for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many?”

          That’s “tough love” in my book. Especially when we “take it to the world’s religions and accuse them of silent complicity with this evil conspiracy.

    • ItsumoGenkiWanWan

      Unfortunately, it just plays to the dumb, intellectually lazy American “Duh, Godzilla!” mindset. I doubt any SNL viewer was inspired to hop on the internet and find out what exactly is going on at Fukushima.

      • lokay5 lokay5

        I think the fact that it WAS on SNL shows me that that their viewers DO KNOW what’s happening at Fukushima. And now, even MORE people know. Perhaps THAT’S why it was on. Ya think?

        Thanks SNL for the publicity. And, like they say in Hollywood, “You can say anything you want about me, as long as you spell my name right”.

        It’s F-U-K-U-S-H-I-M-A

  • CB CB

    Maybe SNL is right. I studied the bible when I was younger and couldn’t figure how a 7 headed dragon would ever come up from out of the ocean during end of days. Not so hard to imagine that now. Lotan – the seven-headed sea serpent His appearance is described in detail in Revelation 13:1-10 and some of the mystery behind his appearance is revealed in Revelation 17:7-18. The Beast is aligned with The Dragon and The False Prophet; all three who can project demons into the world in order to gather kings for Armageddon.
    The Moking Americans, I guess it helps with reality, it’s a scape goat for the sheeple.

    • CB CB

      Not religious- and please keep your religious comments to yourself. Just saying it’s plausible, and subject to interpretation.

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    I think they were mocking the use of monkeys with radiation detectors, not belittling the disaster.

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    Humor can be an effective tool to reach people.
    And, fuck it, if we’re gonna go down, I’d rather go down laughing!

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    I find this a puzzling development. If the msm have been ignoring Fukushima for the most part (as they certainly have), why would they expect an msm audience to find a Fukushima story funny?

    It just seems weird. Are they getting the story out through humour? If so, why? Are they belittling the crisis? If so, why? Are they mocking the Japanese situation? If so, why? Are they crass and tasteless?…

    What is the effect they intended?… just a good chuckle at the misfortune of others (human or simian)?…

  • Jebus Jebus

    drip, drip, drip……

  • jimbojamesiv

    I understand how this can sound crazy, but I was reading about the Russian oil rig, which “capsized” in the Sea of Ohkotsk, or north of Hokkaido, Japan, and thinking if this had anything to do with Fukushima.

    Whether it was the deliberate deep-sixing of a sick crew and sinking a contaminated rig, or if the rig could have been weakened/disturbed/displaced by the events swirling around Fukushima, including the earthquake or, more particularly, the radiation causing havoc with anything in its path and surrounding environs?

    I was just wondering, given that strange things have been known to happen.

  • TheWorldIsBlind

    whats funny is that they are really releasing monkeys in the no go zone. crazy.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Were are the animal rights activists? Hummmmm?

  • Gotham

    We are devolving – bend over and kiss “you know what” goodbye.

  • stock

    Interesting discussion going on over here, about fuel rods lying about, see my other post too

  • stock

    I am the author of the mystery pellet video.

    I found some additional photos and links that look very much like the rods in the video…=0&FORM=IDFRIR

    I also added these to my anti-nuclear blog…f-nuclear.html

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    And so it begins…
    Fukushima drives French nuclear giant to big loss – Business – NZ Herald News via @nzherald
    4 minutes ago
    Can we count on other countries joining in?????

  • sworldpeas

    This SNL skit brought to you by GE where we bring good things to life! (there’s an oxymoron for you)

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    I didn’t even post this post to HP and the reason why is because NO FUCKING THING about Fukushima is funny. Nothing at all. But hey, if THEY get attn, then go for SNL. 🙁

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Fukushima drives French nuclear giant to big loss – Business – NZ Herald News http://t.c­o/KX56UbbK via @nzherald

    To which Atoms answered (get this)
    My Reply:
    It must be very hard seeing news like this come in Atoms.
    We’ve said it before and will say it again:
    HUMANITY AND how we go forward from here.
    Personally­, your Industry can D I E for all I care.
    Because the most important thing to me is every living thing on this planet.
    The Nuke Industry..­.not so much. It’s all about the almighty buck, no matter how dangerous, no matter what happens when a plant is breached, nothing seems to matter as long as The Gravy Boat keeps it coming in.
    THAT is what has to change. No plant anywhere in the world is without risk…ALL are one natural disaster away from screwing up everything for the rest of us.

  • dosdos dosdos

    And another comedian implying that a chimp is a monkey. (They’re apes, monkeys have tails.) Accept it, the world is mostly ignorant.

    • James2

      Whoopie – in Nukelchen’s latest videos an on the JNN cam, you can see clearly that the Spent fuel pool at #3 reactor has collapsed.

      I think it did two weeks ago when we saw the big light and strange colors. But I’m 100% certain it’s fallen now.

      However you have to remember that all, I mean all of the danger is around the MOX core of #3.

      The nuke industry and the governments will do anything to cover up the MOX explosion. They will claim there was a weapons factory below the plant. They will claim that the SFP exploded (and now it actually did spill it’s fuel, so they will claim that’s what’s all over the ground, and it’s proof that the SFP exploded). They will make any crazy unbelievable claim to keep people from knowing the MOX went bang.

      While you are on HP – bring up MOX frequently. They hate it. They have to fight you when you bring it up. However that is the central core thing they will fight to the finish over -because that is their gravy train – MOX was going to be worth billions and billions in profit.

  • I agree that animals should not be used for medical experiments of any kind, as they have rights, just like humans. Since we cannot get their ‘permission’, they do not fit the model for ideal scientific research. While we are on the subject, dolphins should not be penned up in a cove and slaughtered.

    The only reason I mention using monkeys as test subjects is that it would get rid of the arguments that the pro nuke industry has about innocent civilians being at fault for all cancer or diseases caused by nuclear accidents, but NOT radiation.

    I highly doubt the nuclear industry will EVER allow ANY animals studies about radiation from here on out, as they seem very intent on covering up on the one dog study that seemed to show the extreme danger of low level plutonium radiation exposure.

  • James2





  • someone

    Use pro-nuke lobbyst instead of monkeys.

    There is so manany “nukes are safe” and “radiation if good” folks out there. Them them do the work.