Soaring number of Fukushima children with headaches/nausea — 6-fold increase blamed on ‘stress’

Published: June 7th, 2012 at 1:10 pm ET


June 7, 2012 report in Mainichi summarized by Fukushima Diary:

Fukushima university conducted “stress” research for 2743 people this January 2012 […] 

their last research [was] June / July 2011.


the ratio of frequent/occasional headache and nausea increased from 6% to 38%.


Prof. Tsutsui from the researching team states, this persistant and continuous stress is physically affecting the children.

However, the ratio of fear, anxiety, regression, dependence decreased.


Published: June 7th, 2012 at 1:10 pm ET


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17 comments to Soaring number of Fukushima children with headaches/nausea — 6-fold increase blamed on ‘stress’

  • I think we're all getting a headache as we watch this whole thing spin out of control with seemingly no concerted action from the UN or anyone else and the stupid, ultimately murderous actions of TEPCO and the Japanese government.

    This is a very dark period of earth's history with no end in sight.
    "A meltdown is forever." (Michio Kaku) – a statement I'm actually still struggling to comprehend. (I'm hoping he doesn't mean what he says).

    Arnie speaketh:

    Which Will Collapse First, The Economy or the Spent Fuel Pool at Fukushima?
    [Published On: Wed, Jun 6th, 2012]

    “Let’s assume that it didn’t fall, but went dry a hundred feet in the air, it would be a beacon, but instead of a beacon of light, it would be a beacon of radiation, and bathe the site in high levels of radiation. That’s not something that you want because it would make work on other units darn near impossible…The gamma rays, forget the particles that get caught in your lungs, but the gamma rays would go up and bounce off air molecules and come down as a shine of radiation over the site, and it would go right through those suits and the guys would be exposed from the ‘sky shine’ …”
    [quote from Arnie — within the article]

    • labmonkeywithagun labmonkeywithagun

      You can hide some crap, but it still stinks. They are hoping everybody ignores it until it is dry and doesn't stink that much.

      There is a problem here with that it will never dry, it will not die, tons of fissionables will not stop fissioning because you just ignore it.
      See Chernobyl, cap it and hope it dies… a few million years.
      But Japan has no space to just let it be, neither does the whole planet come to think of it.

      • odylan

        The thousands of dead sardines stink in the harbour at Ohara Chiba.

        • labmonkeywithagun labmonkeywithagun

          Not gonna' say it out load or suggest going back on these discussions or following other links or anything, but these are the real physicists and stuff,
          Big Bang dudes in reality.

          I have my own take on things. These are not PR trolls and if you sign in, please have a real basis on what you say, it can be closed off to public. We really, really don't want that. Don't make me sorry I linked it. Thanx.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Well, Dr. Kaku's "forever" is a practical term.
      And he is very serious about it.
      In my opinion, Dr. Kaku has been far too diplomatic about
      the issues at Fuku and nuclear in general.

      Hundreds of thousands of years is essentially "forever" due to the nature of radioactive half life.

      Some radioactive isotopes have half lives much shorter than a billionth of a second.
      Then we have U238 at about four and a half billion years.
      And no shortage of isotopes spread out in between.

      On pure technicality, no it is not forever.

      For an on going day to day continuation of life on Earth…..
      Uranium and Plutonium and plenty of others are as much as being forever, in a practical sense.

      Prior to 3-11-11, nuclear protestors were as much as ignored by the media and politicians.
      The concern was nearly always minimized, marginalized or construed as grand standing or protesting for the sake of protesting.
      But it wasn't.
      We protested because we had done our homework.

      A good calibration is that if there is not a single insurance company on the planet that will insure a nuke plant, for any price.
      That ought to be a big red flag for even the least of technically minded people as to just how dangerous the nuke situation really is.

      "They say silver burns a hole in your pocket…
      gold burns a hole in your soul…
      Well Uranium burns a hole in forever…."
      Priests of the Golden Bull
      Buffy Sanite-Marie

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      They are doing a concerted action; to do nothing.

      This is the secret of success for all monopolies.


      Because if you do something, you admit there is a problem.

      If you do nothing, you at least can PRETEND nothing is wrong. And at least 50% of people will believe you.

    • ion jean ion jean

      THE STRESS is physiological, not psychological!

      They can get away with the term "stress" because ionizing radiation is creating "oxidative stress" on a cellular level. That will be the TEPCO spin du jour.

      I was nauseous and headachy through a lot of my early childhood…come to find out it was fallout clouds and contaminated food…

      Ask some middle aged Americans if they remember feeling that way as young kids…probably yes.

      These poor kids have RADIATION SICKNESS.

      There are two opposing camps right now in Japan, hard to see the dividing line when these scholarly pundits make statements!

  • Urban27

    Japan government now are trying to hide the truth about the health. I saw a statement that I found showing this: It was about cancers, and the statement was that it would not be seen much difference in the Japanese population, regarding cancers.
    This is what they are planning to do. They are planning not to declare the cancer situation among people being radiated. But they to mix in this information among total Japanese population, so it will not show.

    • richard richard

      this concept falls in with the suggested reasoning for burning debris around the nation.. mix the toxins up.. spread them throughouot the whole country.. then cancer stats will rise proportionally. no 'hot spots', cause they are all 'warm'.

  • The physical effects of radiation on children is no joke

    Neither are the jet streams …. duck and cover, folks,20.msg464.html#msg464

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is from on the one year anniversary of the disater at Fukushima.
    I find it a very clear and well intended piece of work.
    I thank all that are trying to tell the truth in this area…FOOD.
    Fukushima: One Year Later – Food and Health After the Fallout

    And please see this.

    Radiating Americans: Fukushima rain, Clinton's secret food pact

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    NEWS FLASH!!! Exposure to radiation causes stress, too. The body's immune system having to constantly kick into overdrive to protect from outside or inside contamination, whether natural toxins, bugs, pesticides, radiation, what have you, creates all sorts of stress hormones in the body which leads to stress symptoms. This is an example of some of the worse medical thinking that it borders on the criminal. Doctors so allied with the "progress" of their society that they can't accept it would cause harm.

  • Sickputer

    Even animals protect their young unlike the Japanese politicians:

    Battle at Kruger: Adult water buffalo save a young calf from the jaws of lions and crocodile. See 5:48 where they band together and flip a lion in the air:

    SP: To deflect blame by trying to shame Japanese children and their parents is a ploy worthy of the Nuclear Nazis.

    It is a normal reaction to experience stress and fear from a physical malady. Animals also experience stress, although Nazi scientists deny it.

    We have met the enemy and he is not us, he is our corrupt leaders.

  • snowwy snowwy

    this is beyond a joke. again, nobody needs more than a little internet search to understand that one of the symptoms of radiation sickness is headaches.

    i cannot express the rage i feel on behalf of the people who are put through this, being denied any medical help and thought to be "just stressed" and are not "smiling enough".

    yes, stress can cause all manner of symptoms including death.. as such, time stops for no man and either way, whatever makes children ill, weak and exhausted, remove the cause and the symptom might well subside unless it is too late already.

    what do they think is going to happen if they just deny that it has got anything to do with radiation? it is not going to stop….

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Same old, same old…

    Around Chernobyl, where the birth defect/non healthy infant rate is 80% and climbing, the MOTHERS are blamed for it all… it has nothing to do with radiation.

    In other words, the mothers are so stressed and mentally ill that 80% of their babies are defective at birth. Yup, we will more than likely see that same thing happening around Fukushima.. Just give it a few years to build up a head of steam…. errrr, stress.

    In other words, among the nuclear apologists, the MOTHERS are defective..It has NOTHING to do with radiation at all.

    Would anyone be surprised if the next thing we see is a campaign to get rid of defective mothers, cause they are too stressed out to have healthy kids?

    Chernobyl Heart Movie; How Children Are Affected; via A Green Road Blog

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Another good one….for those who want to know what is coming in Japan.

    The Children Beyond Chernobyl Movie; via A Green Road Blog

  • pierre

    yablokov chernobyl report translated (belatedly) into English.
    got a disease in mind? radiation causes it, ie so many diseases are more prevalent in affected areas.