Solar storms threaten nuke plants: Electric power outages could last “for years or even decades” — Risk significantly outweighs that of major earthquakes

Published: August 7th, 2011 at 12:01 pm ET


Solar Storms Could Debilitate Earth this Decade: NOAA, International Business Times by Elvira Veksler, August 6, 2011:

[…] NOAA predicted four extreme solar emissions which could threaten the planet this decade. Similarly, NASA warned that a peak in the sun’s magnetic energy cycle and the number of sun spots or flares around 2013 could enable extremely high radiation levels. […]

This type of storm could also induce geomagnetic currents that could debilitate transformers on the power grid. Electric power would be out for years or even decades. […]

Effect on Nuclear Plants

Nuclear plants would also be negatively affected as supplying power systems with enough fuel despite main power grids being offline for years would be a grave problem. Furthermore, spent fuel rods losing connection to the power grid could cause pools to boil over, fueling fires and releasing deadly radiation.

A report by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory said that over the standard 40-year license term of nuclear power plants, solar flare activity enables a 33 percent chance of long-term power loss, a risk that significantly outweighs that of major earthquakes and tsunamis.

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Published: August 7th, 2011 at 12:01 pm ET


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135 comments to Solar storms threaten nuke plants: Electric power outages could last “for years or even decades” — Risk significantly outweighs that of major earthquakes

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    lol…I’ll be the first one to say it…solar flares or Stuxnet?…

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Shut the Nuclear Plants Down!!! What are they waiting for, another disaster?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I read somewhere that they put zinc is the chemtrails and in all the body soap to protect against the radiation that is coming in from space because of holes in the ozone layer.

      • americancommntr

        Would these be the holes over the north and south poles during their respective winters, when the sun does not shine there, and ozone is not produced? Ozone only lasts a short time. At sea level it lasts 25 seconds. There should always be holes in the ozone layer during the polar winters, and for the times before and after them when the sun’s angle to the earth is low.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Observations on ozone layer depletion

          “The most pronounced decrease in ozone has been in the lower stratosphere. However, the ozone hole is most usually measured not in terms of ozone concentrations at these levels (which are typically of a few parts per million) but by reduction in the total column ozone, above a point on the Earth’s surface, which is normally expressed in Dobson units, abbreviated as “DU”. Marked decreases in column ozone in the Antarctic spring and early summer compared to the early 1970s and before have been observed using instruments such as the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS).[6]

          “Lowest value of ozone measured by TOMS each year in the ozone hole.
          “Reductions of up to 70% in the ozone column observed in the austral (southern hemispheric) spring over Antarctica and first reported in 1985 (Farman et al. 1985) are continuing.[7] Through the 1990s, total column ozone in September and October have continued to be 40–50% lower than pre-ozone-hole values. In the Arctic the amount lost is more variable year-to-year than in the Antarctic. The greatest declines, up to 30%, are in the winter and spring, when the stratosphere is colder.”

          • americancommntr

            When did the “Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer” go up into orbit? If not in the early 70’s, then what data is there to compare it with?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Ozone Layer Depletion

          “I n the war to save the ozone layer, and you may be at risk. The enemy is far, far away. 93 million miles away to be exact. It is the sun. Each day the Sun is a vicious warrior constantly bombarding and attacking our earth with harmful Ultra Violet radiation (UV). Earth has a shield to protect against this constant bombardment of harmful UV radiation. It is the ozone layer.”

          • americancommntr

            Yes, the sun is a vicious thinking entity out to get the earth.

            If harmful UV levels to the lower atmosphere increase, they will create more ozone there.

            It’s not a war to save the ozone layer.

            It’s a war to get into the wages and earnings of working citizens, and force them to buy new products, pay new taxes, submit to new authorities and new levels of government (which will be corrupt not to mention ineffective), and support grant-sucking scientists.

            Exposures of fraud among global warming advocates mean there is also fraud in ozone hole advocacy. They are both religions, based on beliefs and not scientific facts, instigated by supperrich folks for ulterior motives. Talk about conspiracy theories. These are conspiracies, with sinister aims.

            CFC’s by the way are heavier than air.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Why is the Ozone Hole only over the North and South Poles, and not distributed evenly over the earth’s atmosphere?; Where is the ozone hole and how fast is it expanding?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          What is the Ozone Hole?
          Each year for the past few decades during the Southern Hemisphere spring, chemical reactions involving chlorine and bromine cause ozone in the southern polar region to be destroyed rapidly and severely. This depleted region is known as the “ozone hole”.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    @Heart of the Rose

    Have you read/listened to Leuren Moret’s reports on Fukushima? She says that Stuxnet was used to disable the back-up power at Daiichi and also HAARP was used to trigger the quake. She provides a lot of evidence and commentary in support. You can find her interviews on You Tube (Alfred Webre Exopolitics You Tube).

    • jonjon

      Leuren MOret, yes, I listened to her too. We all know about the haarp magnometer and that it shows EMF wave inductions of high intensity lasting many days until the earthquake. But do we know if these are induced by haarp, or if they are simply a consequence of electromagnetic activity inside the planet? We don’t know. No one has researched the subject or prove anything, yet Moret claims there were induced.

      On that one I would have to say Moret is out of her mind and just loves conspiracies. That’s my perception of her and the other guy who interviews her. Some of the stuff they believe completely discredit their other theories. Even though she could be proven right some day about haarp. I do not reject people who talk about haarp and 911, and I don’t think they necessarily tgive a bad reputation to the site. But we should talk about these things with moderation here because they are off topic anyway. I believe once we start looking at things ourselves, it is scary to realise how information is manipulated and how much we can discover that isn’t officially true. Our own non expert judgement and common sense is often enough to open our eyes.

      As for the power grid disruption due to solar storms, I’ve been concerned and talking about it since the start of fukushima. If loss of electricity can cause a power plant to explode, then you have to listen to Michio Kaku warning us about those storms towards the end of 2012 .

      Michio Kaku forgot to mention how nuclear power plants would be affected. But now that we know, there are more serious reasons to feel very concerned. Bad things can happen and they do, especially when we don’t listen to the voice of reason telling us nuclear energy is the greatest threat to humanity. This could indeed prove to be the case sooner than we would have liked…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    yes…I have listened to her…
    … and yes..this is an hypothesis presented by a in her field..and should be regarded as such.
    ….Stuxnet is on the table for consideration….,0,4150594.story I’ve said before… the military likes overkill…

  • Darth

    Good God – isn’t the EMP Solar Flare threat bad enough without once again HAARPing about all this other fringe science stuff. You people give this forum a bad reputation by rolling out all this crap.

    Well, I guess it is like the number 666 – it is like psychic flypaper so that if there is a hint or something “smells” like anything Apocalyptic then it must belong and must be included in the discussion. I can understand that tendency up to a point. But eventually we all have to grow up and face the facts. And the facts are we are so screwed that we don’t need to include all these fringe theories in order to justify our concerns for life on the planet.

    • I sympathize, Mr. D., as it does seem to me this is bad enough without extra layers. My feeling that way is no proof that there aren’t extra layers, though. That’s how Iran-Contra turned out, for example, though many people call it it “conspiracy theory” to this day.

      I’m a little depressed today b/c family is “x”-ing me off for perseverating on Fukushima even without any conspiracy theories at all — noticing reality comes with costs …

      • Darth

        Yeah, I hear you on the family thing. They just can’t handle reality. It is too dark for them. Hell, I don’t even blame them because this is so horrible.

        I have, on the other hand, never been one to bury my head in the sand for too long. It is my disposition to try to face life squarely. Somebody has to do it. Looks like us folks collected here are up to the chore. So, I don’t try to talk to those I love about this anymore. I vent here with my fellow travelers.

        ALL ABOARD!

        • farawayfan farawayfan

          Yep, sadly The first rule of Fuku is you don’t talk about Fuku. The seconds rule of Fuku is you never talk about Fuku… :-/

      • Pallas89juno

        Dear Ris:

        Well, we support you here. I’m sorry your family is trying to shut you down or trying to shun you on this. You know how U.S. culture goes from the time of the Puritans, as in it’s always better, so the herd would have us believe, to avoid reality by ignoring it and by attacking thoughtful, definitely intelligent messengers on any issue, which threatens the extant leadership of the herd in our nearly always selfish materialistic systems in the U.S. You rock for having the courage to stand up to real-world loneliness for thinking. Good job. Keep going.

        • Pallas89juno

          My own family, friends and academic peers are pretty supportive, knowing my skill at uncovering truth about things; but, of course, are also influenced by the herd and aren’t exactly bringing a spark or revolution about. I have peers and colleagues who have been personally effected by teletherapy (radiation based cancer therapies) gone wrong (and those where it went right, luckily for them) who very much understand the danger of ionizing radiation, internalized radiation dosimetry and consequences, as accidents related to such cancer treatments are actually not unusual, particularly in treatment of women, for some reason, with thyroid cancers.

          • My academic peers are in complete denial. What discipline are you in?

            My colleagues listen to my warnings with disbelief…

          • Pallas89juno

            Dear Majia:

            It might help that I’m in Northern CA. There are plenty who don’t think it’s any kind of problem; but most are open minded. As I said though, no momentum for change is apparent with or without the information provided; the usual circumstance in the U.S.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      I’m with you there .. the basic facts of the situation …is plenty enough..
      Some of us however a wary of the complicity of the government.

    • Jebus Jebus

      If you see my original post on the above thread topic yesterday,

      My point there was to show that there is one major uncontrillable threat to nuclear power plants self destructing. The Admin thought this was relevant.

      Then in my next post there,

      I made an attempt to show a combined correlation to all these natural disasters by posting my rambling thoughts and observations as questions.
      The HAARP crap can be thrown to the wind as well as the cloud seeding.
      That still leaves these questions that can be answered yes or no.

      Have you seen the record temperatures across the globe?
      Have you seen all the reports of the persistant cloud cover across the planet?
      Have you seen the persistant cloud cover personally?
      Have you seen the earth shivering and quaking alot lately?
      Have you seen the wild weather across the globe lately?
      Have you seen the reports of the PTB gearing up for god knows what?
      Were the indigenous people of the americas correct in passing down the legends of change to thier children?
      Has our solar system been around the milky way block before.
      Does our caucasion people have legends of planet wide disasters in a certain book?
      Is the sun quivering and acting up, spitting out energies?

      Is there a commonality to all these events?

      Darth, What is your take on all these events accelerating lately?
      Do you think these events have any connection to each other?

      • lokay5 lokay5

        Thanks to all who believe that HAARP and chemrails had nothing whatsoever to do with the Fukushima earthquake. When I hear “HAARP” and “chemtrails” in ENENEWS posts I just have to shake my head in wonder.

        • Pallas89juno

          Dear Lokay:

          Nothing against those who think those things are real; but I also have never been convinced there is any such thing. Remote control flying of commercial jetliners (Crossing the Rubicon)…that can be proved; but I have not seen or heard any cooberating evidence from sources I consider reliable about HAARP. We may be being sprayed with chemicals for a variety of reasons…see the factual “Light Brown Apple Moth Overhead Spraying” controversy for Northern California; but I think the government is screwing us over and poisoning us in plenty of easily proven ways. I would tend to have more belief in the “chemtrail” thing if it weren’t connected a) with space aliens! and b) if there were more official whistleblowers accounts that had been backed up by independent study by scientists in university settings with peer-reviewed commentary. If there is already this sort of thing for chemtrails, then I apologize in advance to those “believers” of such. However, the HAARP thing does not seem real to me at all.

          • 10995–Federal seizure of all communications media in the US;
            10997–Federal seizure of all electric power, fuels, minerals, public and private;
            10998–Federal seizure of all food supplies and resources, public and private and all farms and equipment;
            10999–Federal seizure of all means of transportation, including cars, trucks, or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and water ways;
            11000–Federal seizure of American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government so desires;
            11001–Federal seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, both public and private;
            11002–Empowers the Postmaster General to register every single person in the US
            11003–Federal seizure of all airports and aircraft;
            11004–Federal seizure of all housing and finances and authority to establish forced relocation. Authority to designate areas to be abandoned as “unsafe,” establish new locations for populations, relocate communities, build new housing with public funds;
            11005–Seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities, both public and private;
            11051–Provides FEMA complete authorization to put above orders into effect in times of increased international tension of economic or financial crisis (FEMA will be in control incase of “National Emergency”).

          • Jebus Jebus

            So there is a yes for:
            Have you seen the reports of the PTB gearing up for god knows what? YES

          • Toadmac

            Agreed. Show me the proof and I’ll be on the boat, until then I will be watching from the shore! Cloud seeding or spraying god knows what chemical’s from a plan I can understand. I have no doubt haarp exits for scientific reasons and maybe a test bed for weapons of war, “exploit the ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes.” , but I doubt it would have the power to cause extreme weather, earthquakes etc. Just my research and thoughts, no offence intended.Believe what you must, don’t believe anyone and always question everything.

  • Pallas89juno

    I see “solar storm” theories of electricity disruption as being very suspicious, at best. Solar storm disruption stories, and there isn’t any good past precedent that I know of, is kind of like Y2K false fear building. At the same page there was an article that claims that NASA doesn’t believe in global warming, essentially. Having studied under excellent global warming researchers myself, any disinformation verves and memes coming from the U.S. government through any English language media, is immediately under burden of proof. The rest of the planet’s scientists are not bamboozled about anthropogenic thermal maximum. The bottom line is if the power goes out to nuclear power plants and the attribution by the U.S. government or nuclear industry is “solar flares” or “al qaeda”, that report is fully false flag in nature.

  • CB CB Radiation in the little fishys in Vermont.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    They have rendered themselves so capable…
    How can we not help but wonder…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    @ Darth and Risibe

    Have you taken the time to investigate Moret’s info and claims about HAARP? Have you taken the time to research HAARP online?

    Rejecting information out-of-hand because it has been smeared as ‘consiracy theory’ is just not intelligent.

    We know there is a lot of corruption in government. We know that the elites have an agenda to lower the world population (in their own words). We know they are now up to their eyeballs in unnecessary wars, using, du, killing a whole lot of innocent people. Proof that they ARE capable of such things.

    So maybe a little research is in order and should be undertaken before ‘opinionating.’

    • I did not say there’s no such thing. Said there’s enough on my plate without it. People in my vicinity have shouted me down without my ever getting to the part about HAARP, and I think we can all agree spent fuel pools are dangerous with or without it. ENENEWS seems to me to provide a focus and framework within which you and I have plenty of work to do. I would be INCLINED to work on microSieverts, milliSieverts, Sieverts, and the implications of “rich” people assuming that their accumulation of more shiny rocks than me means they know more than I do, with arguing too much over a very few people’s thoughts on how they might or might not be enforcing that view.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ATS has the breakdown…here.
    Big thanks from the Heart Of the Rose.

  • Cindy

    Please check the Tepco live webcam… it’s all fogged out .

    I’ve never seen it like this !!

    • What time frame Cindy?

      i see Aug 8 7:29 and it looks like heavy low-level fog.

      I do not see “radiation” disturbances on the screen?

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    Of course fear of solar flares would distract us from Fuku flares.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    TPTB might be setting up to say something stupid…let me think…the additional radiation on Earth is due to solar flares.
    ..also the crash in the stock market..and the reason my souffle fell…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It also devalues the occurrence of earthquakes..
    ..even without statistic..earthquake has to be of greater danger to nuclear reactors.
    They have to say something in front of the news that.. inspections for the reactors in American concerning earthquakes..and probably most else has been falsified.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    NOAA…ya…lame zingers…did all this BS around BP too.

  • StillJill StillJill

    I think they are ALL waiting for,…almost seem to HOPE, another truly natural,….well, seemingly natural weather crisis occurs so that they can blame what’s about at our door,on THAT??? Did that make ANY sense?
    See,…one piece does not fit,…period. Why are the acting like the final curtain will give them cover?

  • StillJill StillJill


  • bleep_hits_blades

    @ Darth

    Re equating HAARP and 666 and similar religious beliefs:

    Not very careful or skillful thinking here, Darth.

    You have to distinguish between statements that can be investigated empirically (such as information about HAARP and its capabilities) and those (like all religious theories, systems of belief) that cannot be empirically proven/disproven and are matters of personal belief.

    In trying to figure something out (something that is not a metaphsical sytem of belief), you need to proceed carefully and not just jump to conclusions(especially in our present ‘age of spin/disinformation’).

    Rememeber – it boils down to being in large part a ‘battle for the minds of men’.

    One reason I respect and pay attention to Leuren Moret is that she does research, backs up her statements, and she is logical.
    She is a scientist and a longtime anti-nuke activist and educator.

    One of the main ways that the elites use to control/manage public opinion is to use the old ‘conspiracy theorist’ ad hominem attack.

    Ad hominem attacks INVITE us to just dismiss info (labled as ‘conspiracy theory’) without researching, checking it out, thinking about it. It has been and continues to be a very successful psy-op technique for NEUTRALIZING THE OPPOSITON and CONTROLLING/MANAGING/ DIRECTING PUBLIC OPINION.

    It cleverly exploits people’s laziness, fear of ostracism, and discomfort with ‘cognitive dissonance.’

    RE SOLAR FLARES – Moret mentions them. She points out that their energy is diffuse, spread out over a huge area, not targeted, pulsed, repeatable and controllable as are the HAARP energy pulses. She says that the solar flare theories as causes of these recent quakes is disinformation.

    I would say the same thing about these other purported/alleged vague ‘earth changes’ that some (including a couple of ‘patriot newssite gurus’ whom I will refrain from naming) mention as being responsible for this apparent increase in ‘natural’ disasters.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Go ahead and mention names, most of us are pretty tough. I know I am.
      The earth changes that I tried to get some input on by posting the theories as questions, are just observations and nothing else. I am not an expert on anything.
      Even the top scientists do not know what is causing all these sudden and more frequent events. Closing your mind to endless possibilities is the lock and that creates an expert. Again an expert is someone who has quit learning and thinks he has the definitive answer. The nuclear industry is full of experts and look at what they have accomplished in thier wisdom.

      • Steven Steven

        Oh bravo Jebus.

        “an expert is someone who has quit learning and thinks he has the definitive answer”

        Can I use that? Bloody brilliant!

  • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

    The future looks dim…

    …meanwhile the conditions in Japan continues to worsen:

    Public hoarding old rice over fallout fears

    The Japan Times, Saturday, August 6, 2011

    Consumers are starting to hoard last year’s rice over concerns the next crops may be contaminated with radioactive materials released from the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, retailers said Friday.

    • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

      Those poor people are trying to get their hands on the last uncontaminated food left from before 3/11.

      • Pallas89juno


        True. I recommend that if people cannot stock up here on such food that they at least stock up as much as they can on water bottled before it was effected by surface contaminating rains after 3/11, so water bottled from surface sources in CA before 3/15-even 3/18 may be alright. Mine is going to run out in two or three months. I hope I can still find sources. I don’t personally believe water (the most important thing of all) is that contaminated from places like Fiji and NZ, unless someone can prove differently to me; so, all my drinking water after I run out will come from there, or even Chile and Argentina if they start producing and we can get access to water from that part of the world.
        Otherwise, I do not recommend eating root crops, or leafy greens, as these are likely to be the most contaminated. For the green phytonutrients I recommend that people eat a variety of sprouted beans or even chia (I haven’t tried the latter, sorry) sprouted with water bottled before the event. Filtering of water does not help, you cannot filter out most radioactive particles. Either the reverse osmosis process membranes become hot, your personal mineral filters get hot (or don’t work at all) and if getting water from distillation, the metal boilers become quickly contaminated. These are some things i would love to test at water sellers if we had access to their filtration equipment. Also, it is not possible for civilians to filter out common radionuclides like Tritium, which become part of the water itself.
        Otherwise, as far as safer food, avoid, and I’ve said it before, starchy or leafy things. Seeds and nuts are safer (including beans) as research on plants effected by Chernobyl has shown, plants TEND to sequester radionuclides to their starchy tissues and generally do a fairly good job of reducing the amount of radiation and radionuclides that there reproductive tissues get. If anyone has more information about radiation and plants (since all human food is based in plants, fundamentally and first, even for meat products), this would be extremely useful, practical information for reducing internal emitter accumulations.

        • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

          Just a thought about water.

          Glaicer ice could be a good clean source of water in the times to come.

          I once bought a bag of glacier ice cubes for drinks. Perhaps you can have your local store order some bags, before you run out of water. I believe it was a Canadian brand. Hope it helps.

        • nohobear nohobear

          Lots of good tips pallas89juno. It is critical that we get information out so that we can all make individual choices to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Thanks.

          For myself, I’d been eating mostly vegetarian (allowing for occasional seafood and once a year July 4th BBQ) for several years, after reading “Food Inc”. After the BP Corexit nightmare, I kissed seafood goodbye.

          Being on the West Coast, I now have my little thoughts of mortality when I eat some mushrooms, or put some cream in my coffee, or walk in the rain. I’m certain that part of the Fuku news blackout ferocity is directly related to the impact it would have on California agriculture if true contamination levels were revealed. Hence the disabling of radiation monitors in the middle of an unprecedented triple nuclear meltdown. Insanity! (or rather corruption to the nth degree)

          At 53, there comes a point for me, where I have to say enough is enough. I’ll continue to eat organic for the health benefits of the food. I’ll avoid eating higher up on the bioaccumulation food chain. I’ll take my Vitamin D megadoses, and hope the anti cancer properties touted are true.

          But if the radioactive future holds drinking only bottled glacier water, eating greenhouse grown sprouts,betanite clay enemas, and wearing a hazmat suit to walk in the rain, then I hope I will have the courage of the Edward G Robinson character in Soylent Green, and take the cyanide pill.

          And to finish up back on topic, yes, if there ever is a carrington effect solar flare, with 400 nukes worldwide, and a failure of the grid, it will be a very radioactive future indeed. You will not want to be one of the survivors. I’m going to invest my energy into the goal of seeing all nuke plants worldwide de-commissioned.

        • stock

          Darn, thought the RO would get the whole job done. What about the tritium, if that a common element distributed from fukushimas?


    • Even if they have good rice, they may have a great deal of finding clean water to cook it with !!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Solar activity has been going on since..well .. since the Sun’s formation….
    …sputtering..from a pro.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Rather like fission….chem build up…boom.

  • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

    Still no end to the lean stream of disgusting misinformation by the Japanese government.

    Please note that absolutely nothing tangible is presented in the aticle linked below. It appears to be almost good news but a closer look reveals its true nature: Male cow manure!

    Cleanup plan in works for Fukushima

    The Japan Times, Sunday, August 7, 2011

    The government is thinking of setting a decontamination target of halving the areas in Fukushima Prefecture where radiation exposure exceeds 20 millisieverts a year by March 2013, sources said Saturday.

    The measure is one in a package of decontamination proposals linked to the Fukushima nuclear crisis that is expected to be announced soon, the sources said.

    The targets are aimed at giving residents who fled the 20-km hot zone around the damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant a chance to return to their homes, the sources said.

    The package will also propose a long-term goal of reducing annual radiation exposure to 1 millisievert or less.

    Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Saturday that he “would like to implement thorough decontamination while firmly monitoring” the situation.

    Decontamination entails cleaning up buildings and roads and removing tainted soil and mud. Some of the water used in the process, along with mud extracted from roadside ditches, is expected to be highly contaminated.

    But the decontamination process is expected to lead to a new problem: how to store and dispose of all the contaminated waste.

    The government is considering dividing contaminated areas into three categories by radiation level, the sources said.

    The government would be responsible for cleaning up areas where exposure tops 20 millisieverts a year, while municipal governments would tackle areas where exposure is likely to range between 1 and 20 millisieverts.

    In areas where exposure is expected to be 1 millisievert or less, the residents themselves would be tasked with decontamination duty and subjected to government standards.

    According to the crisis road map drawn up with Tokyo Electric Power Co., the Fukushima plant’s stabilization process is at “Step 2,” which began in July and is expected to last from three to six months.

    In Step 2, Tepco will try to reduce the temperatures at the bottom of the reactors’ pressure vessels to 100 degrees or less and to halt the release of radioactive material from the containment vessels.

    • Pallas89juno

      Dear Hemi:

      You’re correct if you mean to imply this is a disinformation piece. It works to distract (because there are far worse problems than this fictitious–not really all that possible, considering the lack of containment and the deep incidiousness of radiologic compound contamination circumstances) from the far worse problems, such as the 20x Chernobyl amount of far more toxic corium and spent fuel perpetually emitting and now contaminating areas downwind of the summer monsoons, including often Tokyo, the poisoning of the children that is already occurring, the deaths of Fukushima workers, the inadequacy of the response, the need for immediate shut down and remediation worldwide of ALL nuclear power plants, remediation needed of all extant, un-contained nuclear waste worldwide, etc.

      This sort of article understates the contamination that exists in many locations, makes no comparisons to historic responses, which the Japanese MUST learn from, from 25 years of dealing with Chernobyl in USSR/Russia/Ukraine/Belaruse and much of the rest of Europe.

      This sort of desensitization piece also repeats BS radiation levels putting such levels in false contexts that imply or could be inferred as SAFE, when there is NO such thing and the real circumstances, which will worsen severely, if Chernobyl (far far less toxic than Chernobyl) with higher contamination rates, not lowered, after 25 years, as an example.

      Slightly pleasantly written drivel as distraction is what the article above is.

    • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

      They are THINKING OF it – means they haven’t done it yet.

      The package IS EXPECTED TO BE PROPOSED soon – no dates, no promises.

      The TARGETS ARE AIMED at giving residents a chance to return – you just won the fuku lottery!!!

      LONG TERM GOAL 1 mS/year – Eventually this goal will be met, sometime in the future – but we won’t be there to see it.

      PM Kan WOULD LIKE TO – not “will” or “has”, but he wish he could…

      Luckily only SOME OF THE WATER is expected to be contaminated

      Hot zone DIVIDED INTO THREE CATEGORIES – Very hot is cleaned by government, Hot is cleaned by municipal government and the rest by residents, who won the Fuku lottery and returned home.

      We are now at STABILIZATION PROCESS STEP 2 in wich Tepco will achieve to reduce pressure vessel temperature to less than 100 degrees – Errr?? Didn’t the corium blob leave the pressure vessel long time ago? Who came up with the theory that it would help anything at all?

      Masters of deception, these people are. If you didn’t know otherwise you might get the idea that they actually did something about the situation.

  • Pallas89juno

    I meant in the 3rd paragraph, that the circumstances, bad and getting worse as far as soil contamination, specifically measured especially Cesium-137 levels are NOW worse than ever in areas closest to Chernobyl and furthest away with Cesium-137 contamination. I meant to say that Chernobyl is geometrically less severe an event and covers far less ground (background) than the ongoing and not even really begun Fukushima event, which will see further nuclear explosions with the status quo mismanagement of the event.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Tepco live..not too pretty ….
    I think they are throwing debris into the sea.

    • Jebus Jebus

      From below the cam picture:
      * We apologize in advance for any inconvenience which may be caused by temporary distribution failures of images due to switching of power supply between 9:00 pm on August 7 (Sun) and 1:00 am on August 8 (Mon).

      They’re going to shut the camera down tonight for a bit. Sure takes a long time to change extension cords. That boring hole did some damage?

      • Jebus Jebus

        I can only speculate but, could they be lifting a big chunk of something during that five hours?

      • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

        That boring hole story seems to be another BS story i think.

        They say they are boring to probe before installing a shield to prevent radioactive water from reaching the sea. I imagine such a shield would work best if it was installed between the plant and the sea.

        Why would there be a underground power cable between the plant and the sea? It would seem logical that the cable would be between the plant and whatever power source they have further inland. And they say that is was 2.5 meters below ground. As I recall, in March they claimed that they lost the power cable connection in the tsunami.

        Now we should believe that they rigged a new cable and even dug a deep trench for the cable to lay in, filled up the trench – and forgot about it!!!

        Blaming the Solar storm would have been more credible. But perhaps that is what happened.

        I guess we’ll never know.

        • Jebus Jebus

          LOL easy there… Then if power is not the issue what could they possibly need to do to have the power out? Seems like the camera would be running on administration bldg power. Do they realy have all the power on one mainline? So much for redundancy. I fall back on the need to eliminate spectators for reasons that we probably will never know. I say capture pics of the plant as it is now to compare with when the camera power is restored.

          • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

            We are so dependent on the bits and scraps of information they throw at us.

            Would it be possible to install more cameras to monitor what is going on? I’m sure the funding is not the problem. I’m willing to help with donations, if someone in Japan would set up more cameras.

            I have wondered why the press hasn’t arranged for more cameras to be set up. If I was a news editor, I would want to make sure I got the front page pictures before the rest of the press.

            Furthermore I believe there are a lot of Tepco cameras that we do not have access to at the moment, but they would be very interesting to watch.

          • Pallas89juno

            Dear Hemis:

            I’m with you and would contribute what little I could to also helping someone in Japan set up maybe a solar powered cam covering FukuDaichi and some of the others. That’s very important. We need some guerilla movement on creating our own (the people’s) surveillance on these matters. Obviously, we cannot rely on ALWAYS, virtually, lying, diminishing, minimizing, insufficient and incompetent keystone cop, “accidentally” in effect even genocidal, government or industry functionaries for transparency. Structural functionalism (globalization/capitalism/fuedalism/monarchies/republics/even parliamentary systems under capitalism or related systems) leaderships do not provide transparency. They simply don’t do it even when insufficient legal means to enforce such, like the Brown Act, or the weakened U.S. Freedom of Information Act, do exist.

            As to media outlets providing any more transparency, this is quite unlikely, given the capitalist nature of these organizations. All corporations are dictatorships, governed from the top down. All leaderships of broadcast media are co-owned, owned or deeply in bed with nuclear power, weapons, defense and covert, multinational corporate interests. There can be no transparency expected from them without some critical mass forcing them to be transparent and this does not yet exist. The Japanese nuclear cataclysm should be the spark that brings replacement of top-down corporate systems.

  • Pallas89juno

    Dear Majia:

    More nuclear explosions are going to happen because there is no containment of the corium. There is no way to prevent the ongoing accidental criticalities, which keep producing more volatile daughter radionuclides, including plutonium, which increases the volatility of the corium blob. The spent fuel pools are also all extremely volatile without precise cooling and control of neutron cascades (criticality) because they are already high in plutonium and other more volatile daughter products. If you analyze the cyclic radioactivity on the graphs for R1, when these were still available, you’ll see that the radioactivity of the R1 corium is continually topping itself. The MOX fuel that melted down already had significant Plutonium in it making it super volatile to start. Who knows if what has melted down from (I would like to know) is also in a corium blob somewhere beneath the R3 Containment building. I personally believe that what exploded at R3 was the R3 SFP and NOT the reactor corium. There is no reason to believe that anything with a significant component of Plutonium can be brought under control if the center of any fissioning masses cannot be prevented from having a self sustaining neutron cascade, which continuously add more plutonium and other daughter products of fission to the mix creating a positive feedback loop (cyclic worsening of the problem). Fissioning blobs of radionuclides cannot be cooled from the outside edges. This makes little but a palliative and short-term difference. Also with Plutonium significant radionuclide sources (corium from R1-R3, w/R3 already starting out with significant Pu, and R4 being fresh spent fuel, very high in Pu, and the common spent fuel pool being collectively high in Plutonium, all are volatile. Anything with significant plutonium in it, and we’re talking tons of it in each of these locations, especially R3 corium, R4 Spent Fuel and the CSFP, there is tremendously increased volatility. This volatility, at the very least, is brought about by the Plutonium, which is a very touchy substance to put it mildly. It doesn’t like to be too warm, be at all exposed to oxygen or exposed to WATER!!!, which is what is being used to cool these masses and assembly rods. If the water is kept at the right temperature to remove heat then it works on spent fuel to remove heat. I’m not sure that this is possible as an efficient or usual 3-7 YEAR cooling process if there have been problems where the water has at all boiled away and the assemblies of spent fuel have even partially melted. I’m not sure that this sort of situation CAN be brought under control, in terms of preventing future, spent fuel burns as likely, or may have, occurred on Aug 4 and 6, 2011 between 7p and 8p in both occurrences and in previous occurrences mentioned in many articles and analyzed here referring to the R4 spent fuel pool. I hope I’ve made this topic a little clearer than mud.

    • Thank you Pallas. I appreciate your explanation.

      Can I ask for your opinion on another matter.

      I’ve been monitoring the radnet data for Omaha and the vicinity (Des Moines, Pierre, etc) for 4 weeks now and there have been some very high beta levels, up to 490!

      I’ve been posting the numbers on my blog.

      i was contacted by someone who claims expertise in the area of radiation monitoring who said that the EPA’s data were off and malfunctioning for beta.

      He provided a detailed explanation and asked me to post it on my blog, which I did.

      However, I don’t understand why these levels would be continued to be posted on the EPA’s radnet for 4 weeks if the data were incorrect.

      Furthermore, the high radiation reading detected in Omaha city confirms high radiation in the region.

      Can you tell me what you think about those high readings in Des Moines? could it be equipment malfunction?

      Alexander Higgins posts all the radnet data in a very accessible format here

      • correction on the confirmation of data from Omaha city. I intended to write Oklahoma City posted here at Enews.

        • alasanon

          I asked the local radioactive materials dept. here about those high readings around Ft. Calhoun and the gist of the response was… “We’re only responsible for nuclear events in our state. You would have to contact the NRC…Those readings (even 490) are not that high, there are many possible causes, other events, anomalies…yadda yadda..not that high on Radnet” (paraphrasing)
          He also said that Calhoun had been shut down, so there was no threat. I mentioned the spent fuel pond. He paused.
          He sounded like a schmoozy political hire (very corrupt here).

          • Sickputer

            I don’t think Ft. Calhoun is making the readings of 400 to 600 at cities all across the network. Quite a few are offline also so I would say Japan radiation has infiltrated North America. I need to see if I can find CPM estimates or hard data from the big Chinese, Russian, and USA hydrogen bomb blasts in the 1960s to see how Fukushima compares. It certainly should be much longer in days of high readings.

          • Alasanon

            You would not happen to be in AZ would you?

            Your reaction to the radiation PR guy working for the state sounds exactly like my experiences.


            Who ever you spoke to is WRONG about the levels not being that high. They ARE high. Even the EPA notes that anything over 200 is really a concern (100 is look for source)

            I am concerned…

          • Pallas89juno


            Of course, you’re being deeply lied to about the beta measurements. Spikes in beta are very serious, no matter what. My suspicion and I don’t know for sure; but, here my intuition is telling me that Ft. Calhoun had a partial or worse meltdown when the cooling pumps were offline at some point during the worst of the flooding in July either before or after the puncture by equipment on site of the water dam/baffle used to protect some of the buildings at Ft. Calhoun.

        • Sickputer

          It would be fantastic if we could get levels from the 50s through 60s. I have tons of books on fallout during this period but none of the ones I’ve read give these numbers.

          I’ll look again and post if I find something.

          One thing I do know is that Iodine-131 levels in AZ milk reached 50picocuries per liter, which according to our state’s testing lab is 1/2 the highs during nuclear testing in the 50s.

          However, I cannot confirm the lab’s number–the number was offered during a telephone conversation of 100 picocuries for Iodine-131

      • Pallas89juno

        Dear Majia:

        My unqualifiable, so far, opinion…take with a grain of salt is as follows: I don’t believe the EPA is being transparent concerning the measurements at all. I believe that any data we’re getting is based on intentionally faulty data or is intentionally presented in a false way and is likely always UNDERstating what the actual situation is. I do not personally believe that unless there is some sort of people’s takeover of EPA testing facility and equipment, that we are going to get any accurate numbers out of them. The government is top-down controlled. Individuals working for the government may be good people, I’ve been schooled by and have associated with a number of high quality government employees. However, the problem is related here to hierarchical control. Our government is blindly pro-nuclear and based in profiteering and protecting the profits of the most polluting industries. We cannot, reasonably or logically, expect to receive accurate information from government sources without vetting such data ourselves.

        • You are right Pallas.

          I hope that Stock@hawaii is not correct about the relase being between 1000 to 10,000 nuclear bombs but s/he is not the first to suggest that framework.

          This is like a strange nightmare. I is awfull but also dreamlike.

          It doesn’t seem real and the lack of public acknowledgement and reliable empirical data reinforce that nightmare like quality.

          I oscillate between being totally confident that we are going to be in for a very rough ride on the one hand and on the other hand feel as if I’m “over-reacting” and compared to post WWII atmospheric testing, think we have little to worry about in the US and Canada (though Japan is most definitely in terrible danger)

          Busby’s recent statement about cesium-137 levels was definitely disconcerting

          Cesium-137 Content From Air Filters

          734milliBecquerels/cubic meter of Cesium-137 for Tokyo air filters sampled

          In comparison, the 1963 global weapons fallout 2.7milliBecquerels/cubic meter for Cesium-137

          Chernobyl fallout was 8milliBecquerels /cubic meter for Cesium 137

          And the Fukushima filters 2.7Becquerels/cubic meter (2700millibecquerels)

    • stock

      Well put,
      I wrote several months back that the answer lied in separation, neutron control (boron), and cooling.

      Obviously, once the corium has burned through the concrete, and is now cooking away beneath the building, it is going to be much harder to achieve separation, neutron control, and cooling.

      In fact with the incompetence of the response already proven, and a response 10 times greater than Chernobyl needed, I fear the worst.

      There is around 2.5 million pounds of uranium and some plutonium on the site. 8 pounds are needed for a nuclear bomb.

      That would be the equivalent of 325,000 nuclear bombs. In reality, because not all of it will undergo fission, I think the net release will be between 1000 to 10000 nuclear bombs.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Heart, what do you think this means, written under their camera?

    * We apologize in advance for any inconvenience which may be caused by temporary distribution failures of images due to switching of power supply between 9:00 pm on August 7 (Sun) and 1:00 am on August 8 (Mon).

  • StillJill StillJill

    Sorry Jebus,…you’re all over it!

  • pg

    I have been lobbying for the shut down of all reactors since 1999 when I was paid to study the grid. A few laws changed since then but not many as far as I can tell (please correct me if I am wrong). Basic law stated as follows.

    1) Plants must get power for all cooling pumps from the grid. This is because the grid was rarely goes down longer than 3 days.

    2) Each plant must have at least two backup generators for the pumps. If generator one fail, generator two could take over. Generator contracts went out to lowest bidder. In the USA most were small block Chevy diesels, which were the worse diesel ever made in my opinion, and Ive built 20 to 30 of them. Gas? A+. Diesel? F.

    3) It is a minimum of seven days of on-site fuel supply for these backup generators. No more than that was mandated. As far as I knew back then, none of them had more than 7 days.

    Ok, lets take a look at this. A large section of grid fails. Hurricane, ice storm, EMP, Nuclear exchange, Solar storm, tsunami, meteor strike, large meteor shower. Power rolls over to the backup generators. Backup generator one holds the job, if we are lucky. If not, lucky generator #2 will do the job….for 7 days. Between day one and day seven, someone somehow needs to be flying fuel in. Now, if the scope of the disaster is large, be it a meteor strike, nuclear bomb, solar storm, equipment will be destroyed. If it were an EMP or solar storm, the only vehicles running would be pre-1975 without HEI ignition (not so many of those around these days are there??). Also, the personnel trained for that job would need to be available as well. Chances are, after 7 days, the generators would stop pumping, and within 7 hours the reactors would come apart like Fukushima.

    If there is ANY chance what so ever of a hard hitting solar storm or meteor drive by in the near future, all plants should be shutting down….two years ago. Because it takes two years for the rods to cool off…and that isn’t even talking about the cooling pools.

    Get masks, KI, Analog and digital geiger counters, learn how to filter radiation from water using soil…and get away from nuke plants.

    • Pallas89juno

      And a MOX fuel plant will boil away all its water and blow, at least the potential is there, well before the three days is up.

    • americancommntr

      Meteor shower’s can be a risk. Reportedly, the 1871 Chicago fire was not started by Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, but started all over in many places at once by electrical discharge from current induced in metal objects and wires, due to a large shower of iron meteors.


      • pg

        Yeah, the greedy figure they can make their few million, then swiftly flay away from the problem should one occur, leaving the rest on their own.

        Its ok, we have the Internet. We all know whats going on now. We just need to do what needs to be done and do it the American way. With STYLE.

  • theypoisonus

    Both Water Treatment Systems are down. Again 🙁

    Something wrong with ex-skf’s puter. Space Key stopped working, has HDD problems with the Dell also. May be a bit of a while before he can post more.

  • Pallas89juno


    I bet we could figure out, aside from engineering problems, “why?” Highly radioactive substances mess with delicate mechanical and electronic things. Certainly, they could say what they thought it was if it werent’ for the corporate tendency by leaderships of such corporations, particularly in the nuke industry, for CYA.

  • theypoisonus

    Underground electric cable damaged during survey at Fuki.

    That happened Thursday, they just now announce it. They are going to check diagrams from now on before boring.
    DUH !!

    DH is in pipeline maintance, He has to check for things like that before digging around pipes. Problem is, telephone, cable, even water in older parts of towns do not have that information. He catches ‘cane’ for hitting or breaking said things. Not Fair !!

    Hi Pallas 🙂

  • theypoisonus

    They were lowering something down at one of the reactors. You can actually see over there today.

    appeared to be large, cylindrical and is probably behind the building now. It was right about 8:50 or so.

  • Jebus Jebus

    What happened at Fukushima?
    David McNeill & Jake Adelstein

    It is one of the mysteries of Japan’s ongoing nuclear crisis: How much damage did the March 11 earthquake do to the Fukushima Daiichi reactors before the tsunami hit? The stakes are high: If the quake structurally compromised the plant and the safety of its nuclear fuel, then every other similar reactor in Japan will have to be reviewed and possibly shut down. With virtually all of Japan’s 54 reactors either offline (35) or scheduled for shutdown by next April, the issue of structural safety looms over the decision to restart every one in the months and years after.


    “What really happened at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant to cause a meltdown? TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) and the government of Japan have provided many explanations. They don’t make sense. The one thing they haven’t provided is the truth. It’s time that they did.”

    • stock

      They put so much energy into pimping out the idea that the tsunami was 14 meters, they really want to blame the tsunami, and not the earthquake. I remember that during the time they were pimping this tsunami takes the blame idea, that it was completely transparent to me, who prefer to read between the lines and listen to what is not said, that was the cards they were going to play, disingenuously.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Monday, Aug. 8, 2011

    Knowing your audience crucial to winning effective PR results overseas
    Companies court failure when attempting to communicate in a cultural void, experts warn

    When reaching out to overseas audiences, Japanese companies need to understand what their target audience wants to know instead of just releasing the bare facts, two public relations experts said in a recent series of seminars.

    News photo
    Shuri Fukunaga

    Understanding and addressing the gap between what you say and how your audience will take it is particularly important today because, as foreign media coverage of the March 11 disasters shows, the number of people in leading positions abroad who understand Japan has declined substantially in recent years, the experts said in seminars organized by the Keizai Koho Center last month.

    One of the most important points in corporate PR, especially as it concerns people outside of Japan, is to know your audience, said Shuri Fukunaga, managing director and CEO of Burson-Marsteller Japan.

    People involved in public relations need to be aware of the potential gap between what they say and how their audience will react — even when they are communicating in the same language, Fukunaga said July 21.

    When you talk to people who come from different countries and cultures, the way they will think about you and understand what you say becomes a sensitive issue, she said.

    The same point was repeated by Kumi Sato, president of Cosmo Public Relations Corp.

    When it comes to food safety and radioactive fallout from the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, for example, you need to understand the kinds of fears foreigners have about Japanese food, Sato said at a seminar July 27.

    It is not enough just to release data and say the food is safe — you have to know how your target audience will feel about the problem and make sure they feel your products are safe, she said.

    Fukunaga stressed that one’s messages must be simple and clear, noting that complicated phrases tend to confuse people with diverse value systems.


  • pg

    August 7, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    10995–Federal seizure of all communications media in the US;
    10997–Federal seizure of all electric power, fuels, minerals, public and private;
    10998–Federal seizure of all food supplies and resources, public and private and all farms and equipment;
    10999–Federal seizure of all means of transportation, including cars, trucks, or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and water ways;
    11000–Federal seizure of American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government so desires;
    11001–Federal seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, both public and private;
    11002–Empowers the Postmaster General to register every single person in the US
    11003–Federal seizure of all airports and aircraft;
    11004–Federal seizure of all housing and finances and authority to establish forced relocation. Authority to designate areas to be abandoned as “unsafe,” establish new locations for populations, relocate communities, build new housing with public funds;
    11005–Seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities, both public and private;
    11051–Provides FEMA complete authorization to put above orders into effect in times of increased international tension of economic or financial crisis (FEMA will be in control incase of “National Emergency”).

    Tell me this. What are they going to pay all those 21,000,000 useless federal employees with? All the gold they stole? Because one the dollar crashes, which it will, there will be 21,000,000 slaves looking for farm jobs.

  • pg

    Fukushima had several conditions, all of which would have caused melt downs and or a nuclear disaster.

    1) A massive EQ that lasted nearly 5 minutes shaking cracks in the above reactor cooling pools, containment chambers, water pipes, cooling water aqueducts, busting backup generator fuel lines, and more.

    2) Grid collapse from the EQ. No grid, no cooling pumps unless the backup systems function (cross your fingers there). Backup systems were damaged in the case of Fukushima Diatchi, Daini and Oganawa.

    3) A drop in continental elevation by up to 10 feet due to the EQ. This rose the water table up around 8′, under ground springs up changed routes, while lowering underground equipment into the water table.

    4) A 30′ high tsunami and swamped much of the backup generator equipment, destroyed backup generator fuel storage, and shored out most backup mission critical electronics.

    5) Debris clogging the water intake and output for the reactor cooling. Sand, clam shells, wood, metal, cement, stones, you name it got blasted into the water intake system duct work.

    Then we have the domino effect from placing reactors 100 feet away from one another. That was a perfect design if you wanted to destroy Japan and America some day (thanks Britain). They should be 50 miles apart minimum. Then we have 4 more reactors at Daini only 7 miles away. Lovely.

    Just one reactor going would have been enough to drive workers away. Now we have 4+

  • maaa

    Reactor 3 seems to be smoking right now.

    • Maaa

      I agree that reactor #3 looks like it is smoking or steaming. Time stamp is 8/8 16:13 in broad daylight and quite extensively

      Dr. Busby said the plant is still fissioning. I assume he meant unit #3 and in the comments above Pallis provides a good explanation of why that is happening…

      • Wow. In 7 minutes the cam went from depicting blue skies and some steam coming from unit 3 steam completely blanketing the plant.

        This is not fog. I saw it come from unit 3 and blanket the plant.

        I think Anne (?) mentioned she saw something like this earlier today…

  • TerraHertz TerraHertz

    “Electric power outages could last “for years or even decades””

    Hmm… This reminds me of some things I read recently:


    NERC history page|7|11

    Summary: a plan is afoot to deliberately destroy the entire US generating and distribution grid, as a part of the Elite’s global population cull and de-industrialization program.

    The method involves splitting the grid into phase-independent subunits, then while the power phases are opposed, suddenly closing the isolating switchgear. Resulting in colossal fault currents, welding shut of breakers, vaporization of transmission lines, and total destruction of most generating capacity.
    As the first article notes, even the preparations for this ‘test’ can only be considered an act of war, by enemies within the State.

    It would seem that here we are seeing the beginnings of a cover story, intended to make people think the resulting massive, long term outage was due to natural causes.

    • pg

      I believe this but one has to remember, America is extremely desirable for the corrupt elite to keep in tact. The corrupt British elite, the ones who build Fukushima plants, paid off the FDA to remove iodine out of out diets, and has basically infiltrated the leadership of all division of our government, WANT AMERICA without the AMERICANS. besides, they have their $100 Trillion dollar bunkers in Colorado stuffed with food and gold they don’t want to loose.

      Dropping the grid means two things. It would be a last resort and would mean an eventual all out war. Two can play the drop the grid game. I think they will pick and choose their nuke spots then flee to hopefully attack some other day.

  • americancommntr

    Reading report from SW Missouri, this morning as front-related thundershowers moved through, taken from paper towel wiped on car:
    .02 to .04 millirems/hour with spikes up to .06 millirems/hour.

    Taken using an old analog Monitor 4.
    Normal reading seems to be .005 to .02, with spikes up to .025, all in millirems/hour.

  • Antimatter belt enveloping the Earth spotted for the 1st time

    8th August, 2011
    A thin band of antimatter particles called antiprotons have for the first time been spotted surrounding the earth, with scientists hoping that it could be used to fuel future spacecraft.
    The find confirms theoretical work that predicted the Earth’s magnetic field could trap antimatter.
    The team says a small number of antiprotons lie between the Van Allen belts of trapped “normal” matter.
    The antiprotons were spotted by the Pamela satellite – launched in 2006 to study the nature of high-energy particles from the Sun and from beyond our Solar System – so-called cosmic rays.
    These cosmic ray particles can slam into molecules that make up the Earth’s atmosphere, …

  • pg

    When I read a headline from this all I can think of is treason, life behind bars. USGS (one federal agency) reports this than the other federal agencies (NRC, EPA) WHOM WE PAY to act does nothing.

    How interesting.

    If there was ever a reason to shut down all nuclear reactors it would be something like this. If there were ever a reason to shut down the government for a complete overhaul it would be something like this.

    Remember, shutting down the reactors is step one. Waiting two years for them to cool off is another.

    Looks to me like our government has been hijacked and/or is a complete failure.

    • americancommntr

      I think you’re right and it’s been hijacked, and that somebody who wants their investments in nuclear power to last forever.

      There are only two other possible reasons I can think.

      One, government bureaucracy is perfectly capable by itself, even without corruption, of destroying anything good, and of creating terrible problems. Maybe it is stupid bureaucracy carrying forward in momentum, not responding to new information and newly identified hazards. This is hard to believe considering the government and industry censorship of the news.

      Two, the government views nuclear plants and spent fuel pools as insurance against strategic attacks, whether EMP, general nuclear, or electromagnetic weapons. Not only would the US become worthless, but the attacker’s homeland would become worthless, too, not to mention the total retaliation they’d catch if they didn’t achieve a knockout strike.

    • Pallas89juno

      pg, it really takes 7 years to cool reactor fuel. I don’t know how long it actually takes to cool MOX fuels–but it’s probably longer than it takes for other fuels. Then it must be stored forever and not in spent fuel pools as is the current status quo, but then immediately–zero delay–to properly designed dry storage with waste completely surrounded by neutron inhibiting, inert gas (w/o O2 or H20 molecules) to prevent fissioning from starting up again–remember that spent fuel is high in Plutonium. No air AND no water can be admitted into the perpetual, in human lifetimes terms, dry storage of this waste.

      The spent fuel pools are suicidally and genocidally dangerous storage strategies, as most have deduced via the Fukushima and other nuclear “accident” events, which are ridiculously dangerous as soon as their guaranteed perfect cooling protocols cannot any longer be guaranteed. These necessary conditions of perfect cooling protocols for spent fuel will become more difficult to achieve and maintain as long as we let the same status quo monkeys run things, given the fact that without the public the status quo powers that be can’t seem to properly protect everyone and everything from fuel pool damage due to fully common events on this planet, such as storms, earthquakes and floods. These stations are NOT designed for reality but for profiteering, which is human-to-human parasitism, the way a virus works, It’s a win for the virus, status quo powers that be (fucking everything up) and a lose for the hosts, working-class humans and our finite ecology.

  • Toadmac

    Hi guys, got my new Geiger counter today and can anyone help me with the measurements?

    Normal background = .21 microsieverts/hr
    Rain off car window = .32 microsieverts/hr

    But when I test Alfa/Bata flux desity particles per cm2
    Normal background= 350
    Rain off car window = 1272

    What does this 1272 mean? I am new to this.
    I live in Victoria Australia. Any help would be good. Thanks people.

    • Toadmac

      Alfa/Bata flux desity particles per min per cm2.

      • Au Au

        Toadmac I am interesting in following your readings. Are you going to post them anywhere on the net?

        • Toadmac

          Tell me how or where and I will do it! I really want to understand what I am reading so as to not scare anyone with false or misleading readings. It has rained twice since I have had it and both times the readings have gone up.

          • Au Au

            I was just reading what Ramaswami had to say in the Oklahoma thread. Allowable is .1millisievert. I don’t know if microsievert is the same unit of measure.
            Let me know if you post your readings somewhere.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Milli to micro
            1 milli unit is 1000 microunits

          • I don’t know a lot but I can suggest this: capture your rain and test it once an hour over the next 8 hours. If its radioactivity drops off sharply to background levels, your readings may be skewed by the presence of radon daughter products, which degrade rapidly.

    • Toadmac

      So sorry, I have it wrong. It is speciffic activity curie per kg. But still I have no idea why it is 1270?

      • Au Au

        The above is a converter for units of radioactivity.

        Would curies per kg be the same as a kilocurrie?

      • Au Au

        Toadmac, seeing that there hasn’t been any help suggested maybe you can just publish here what your readings are and we will just see how your readings go over time. I have saved the above reading. Maybe contact Radiation Network and see if they can send you some info to help clarify.
        I know the guy in California averages the readings taken in a day because the readings bump up and down all day. Thanks!

  • reVivre

    The topic linked source article has been removed meanwhile.

    via google-cache I could only find further quotings – but the page had been captured in a video:

    besides 2 similar pages have been put up:
    Severe Solar Storm to Create Global Chaos and Complete Darkness

    Severe Solar Storms Could Disrupt Earth This Decade: NOAA

    @all ~ don’t miss these incredible photos:
    Solar Storm Threatens to Slam Into Earth…