Speech for Japan: “We’ve got to act from our truth and our gut” — “There’s nothing to be afraid of except for our children and our future” (VIDEO)

Published: February 11th, 2012 at 8:58 am ET


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Excerpt from Helen Caldicott’s speech at St. Paul’s University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 25-26, 2011:

  • […] We’ve got to stop being nice.
  • We’ve got to get stuck into our passions.
  • We’ve got to act from our truth and our gut.
  • We’ve got to speak the truth and get out there […]
  • There’s nothing to be afraid of except for our children and our future, nothing to be afraid of […]

Watch the full 25 minute speech here

Published: February 11th, 2012 at 8:58 am ET


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14 comments to Speech for Japan: “We’ve got to act from our truth and our gut” — “There’s nothing to be afraid of except for our children and our future” (VIDEO)

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Admin, what a wonderful post! You have shown YOUR SUPPORT FOR JAPAN by posting the famous words of Helen! I SALUTE YOU ADMIN!! GOOD JOB!!

  • CaptD CaptD

    People in the Western World, need to reexamine the “way” they view Japan and that includes not only how that Country is governed but what actual “say” the Japanese people have in their Governments process!

    It has taken almost a year to realize that Japan is actually being “run” by its Powerful Utility Companies and this “business” relationship extends in a “Control Continuum” that extends at one end, from actual Utility direct financial support of the highest Government Leaders in the Country, to the widely known use of organized gangs to keep citizens in line at the other!

    The idea that individual Japanese people actually have a say in how they are governed, much less the way their Energy is generated, is just a well publicized fantasy that the Utilities uses to put a nuclear “smily face” on the grim reality that ever facet of Japanese life is less important than what is good for these Utilities! These Powerful Utilities ARE Japan, and the Japanese people are only “forced” customers of these Utilities since they have no other choice of providers when it come to basic needs like electricity, at lest until now! Solar panels have allowed many to get the electricity they need and this is a huge threat to these Utilities, that must be “crushed” ASAP if they are to maintain their complete control over the Japanese people!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      I’m going to keep posting this to keep trying to hammer home the fact what Japan is dealing with is MUCH BIGGER than control by utility companies. Tepco is just a member company in the largest keiretsu (industry cooperative/cartel) in Japan (Dai-chi-Kangyo or DKB Group). It has been described as “too big to fail.” The bank funding Tepco , Dai-ichi Kangyo is the largest commercial bank in the world. What threatens Tepco threatens DKB Group.


      Stating it’s just utility co’s calling the shots minimizes the scope of the political/economic issue, IMHO.

      If you were to get Tepco to bend, you’d also be challenging the entire “keiretsu good” mindset. You can bet the entrenched institutions in the kairetsu system don’t want to budge, nor does the Japanese government.

      The power structure of Japan is governed by MUCH MORE than utility companies.




      Read down to “services” above, and Dai-chi Kangyo

      Historical zaibatsu —–> keiretsu (present system)

      Here’s a quote:

      Zaibatsu … were widely considered to be beneficial to the Japanese economy and government, and the opinions of the Japanese public, of the zaibatsu workers and management, and of the entrenched bureaucracy regarding plans for zaibatsu dissolution ranged from unenthusiastic to disapproving. Additionally, the changing politics of the Occupation during the reverse course served as a crippling, if not terminal, roadblock to zaibatsu elimination.

      Even until today, banks and trading companies have been at the top of the pyramid, having access and control over a portion of each company’s part of the keiretsu. Shareholders succeeded over the family control of the cartel. This was made possible with relaxing of Japanese laws whereby holding companies could become stockholding companies.
      Strong historicity…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Also important to keep in perspective Japan has one of the largest military budgets in the world. Directly tied to the nuke industry of course.

  • CaptD CaptD


    Ever since 3/11, the rest of the World’s attention has been focused on the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster at Fukushima and Japan’s response to their triple melt down. What we have learned is that the Government has allowed TEPCO to not only remain in Control of this debacle but they have actually enabled the Utility to place huge numbers of Japanese citizens at risk rather than demand that the Utility think first of human health instead of Corp. shareholder profits. The fact that radioactive pollution has now spread Globally and is affecting the rest of the Planet is hardly mentioned in MSM which points to an even greater problem for the rest of mankind; we are helpless and as yet unable to demand any “better” treatment from Japan because our own Leaders are for the most part are in full support of the those Utility backed Leaders in Japan.

    Kudos to Germany and many other Countries for pointing the finger at Nuclear Power and the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster RISK every nuclear complex now represents! People globally now are becoming informed and starting to demand answers to basic questions and once people start asking questions perhaps change will occur, even if not for the Japanese themselves… one thing is for certain, the Japanese people will be affected by their Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster for much longer than the estimated 40 to 100 years that it will take to “tidy up” after Fukushima…

  • CaptD CaptD

    What is wrong with this “Picture”?

    1. Tepco is one the “GANGS” that runs Japan.
    2. What is good for TEPCO is good for Japan.
    3. The Japanese people MUST OBEY TEPCO for the “GOOD” of the Country.
    4. The financial health of TEPCO is more important than the physical health,
    … of the Japanese People and all their FUTURE children!
    5. Only TEPCO knows what is best, all others must BOW to TEPCO’s Rule.

  • CaptD CaptD

    Please Respect Nature

    It’s OK to just say N☢

    The World is watching

  • I Think they are starting to get it in greater numbers !

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    This is a poem I first heard sung by my favorite Scotsman Dick Gaughan. It was written by a Russian imagrint around 1906:

    I come like a comet new born
    Like the sun that arises at morning
    I come like the furious tempest
    That follows a thundercloud’s warning
    I come like the fiery lava
    From cloud-covered mountains volcanic
    I come like a storm from the north
    That the oceans awake to in panic

    I come because tyranny planted
    My seed in the hot desert sand
    I come because masters have kindled
    My fury with every command
    I come because man cannot murder
    The life-giving seed in his veins
    I come because liberty cannot
    Forever be fettered by chains

    I come because tyrants imagine
    That mankind is only their throne
    I come because peace has been nourished
    By bullets and cannon alone
    I come because one world is two
    And we face one another with rage
    I come because guards have been posted
    To keep out the hope of the age

    From earliest times the oppressed
    Have awaked me and called me to lead them
    I guided them out of enslavement
    And brought them to high roads of freedom
    I marched at the head of their legions
    And hailed a new world at its birth
    And now I shall march with the peoples
    Until they unfetter the earth

  • blackbeer blackbeer


    And you, all you sanctified moneybags
    Bandits anointed and crowned
    Your counterfeit towers of justice
    And ethics will crash to the ground
    I’ll send my good sword through your hearts
    That have drained the world’s blood in their lust
    Smash all your crowns and your sceptres
    And trample them into the dust

    I’ll rip off your rich purple garments
    And tear them to rags and to shreds
    Never again will their glitter
    Be able to turn people’s heads
    At last your cold world will be robbed of
    It’s proud hypocritical glow
    For we shall dissolve it as surely
    As sunlight dissolves the deep snow

    I’ll tear down your cobweb morality
    Shatter the old chain of lies
    Catch all your blackhooded preachers
    And choke them as though they were flies
    I’ll put a quick end to your heavens
    Your gods that are deaf to all prayer
    Scatter your futile old spirits
    And clean up the earth and the air

    And though you may choke me and shoot me
    And hang me your toil is in vain
    No dungeon, no gallows can scare me
    Nor will I be frightened by pain
    Each time I’ll arise from the earth
    And break through all your weapons of doom
    Until you are finished forever
    Until you are dust in the tomb

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    By the way, the title of the poem is Revolution.