Co-Star of Fukushima Film: “I think my phone is bugged, and when I’m out I think someone might be entering my house” (VIDEO)

Published: January 5th, 2013 at 11:17 pm ET


Film: Women of Fukushima
Director: Paul Johannessen
Co-Director: Jeffrey Jousan
Director of Photography: Ivan Kovac
Women of Fukushima on Facebook:

At 13:00 in

Setsuko Kuroda:

The Japanese police in this sense are very good.

Everyone could be watched.

I think my phone is bugged.

And when I am out I think someone might be entering my house.

Watch the video here

Published: January 5th, 2013 at 11:17 pm ET


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25 comments to Co-Star of Fukushima Film: “I think my phone is bugged, and when I’m out I think someone might be entering my house” (VIDEO)

  • charlie3

    Not to minimize this person's experience and concerns in any way, and she may well be singled out for attention, but at this point everyone's phone is bugged.

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    Echelon is how old again ?

  • spying on activists and bloggers?? chortle

    since i decided to share thoughts and ideas with enenews, post on a youtube channel and post at i have;

    had my phone intercepted by the police where they pretended to be one of my contractors

    had my on-line vodaphone account hacked.. vodaphone have the isp and were eager to pursue the "villain" but were stopped the same day from investigating by the police

    had my internet cut off when i tried to post Chris Busbies appeal on behalf of the legal challenge to the ICRP model in Brussels

    recieved a fake e-mail from an aljeseera account.. turns out thats jow they spread finspy to activists in Bahrain…and bloggers in england

    since the indian and egyptial out of hours telephone help operators gave me information like, telling me that i have to have some equipment fitted to my broadband before they can reconnect me after a modem change (broadband off all weekend and connected after normal operating hours began on the monday

    i have received "points" on my driving licence "TC20" which was for "crossing the line" (a solid white one) on a motorbike. the police spent a good 5 minutes reading the screen before deciding to issue the points.. and began the nnick with "its your lucky day" (i have a VERY clean criminal/driving record, so what were they looking at for so long

    the motor insurance i use for work.. aviva have stated they will pull my licence if i get WORSE POINTS..

    • they are also trying to charge me an extra 8000 over the five years they hold on to the points.. this is unheard off in the uk by the way

      and this years charges for the points come to 1,600
      i am being slowly raosted..

      wasnt there a show that explained how easy it would be for the security services to squueze people financially with the help of big corporations like Aviva and the banks etc..

      on and Aviva wont pull my licence (typo) meant pull the work policy.. comes to the same thing..

      and about automatic number plate recognition cameras…best to have a motorcycle to avoid the worst of the ANPR cameras, but as you can see above it just makes it a slower game..

      is it all worth it??

      hell yeah

      the more that do this , the harder it will be for the security services, STRATFOR etc to plough through all the data..

      thats why ive gone onto facebook again and will be restarting the you tube channel i have had a break from
      message to Setsuko Kuroda:
      HOLD FAST!!

      [message to police handler
      sorry i havent been posting the last couple of days on nuclear-news, been a bit ill! but if you will follow me over to australia… i think i will be posting on shortly.. gonna have a cup of tea so you can have a break.. give my new years best wishes to your colleagues]

      no harm being polite eh? πŸ™‚
      great post admin! have you any stories of woe?? been wondering πŸ™‚

      • Anthony Anthony

        That`s brutal Arclight – I had no idea this was happening to you.

        • rather be me than busby… no wonder he has to detach from the banking money system.. only way to protect yerself!

          will be following in his footsteps as soon as my financial bubble pops.

          the uk security mob seem to be likely to abuse this technology and we know the banks phone comapnies insurance etc are willing to attack activists and bloggers.. done differently in different countries it seems and the uk has few activists.. most people believe the bbc πŸ™ for now!! making targettng activists easy in the uk
          still worth it.. imho

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Thanks for the headsup arclight . Brutal is the right word i think too , in civilised Europe ffs ? Under the queen's wings so to speak… Just for voicing a warning and a try to help humankind's worst case scenario from completing ? To survive itself ? Its good you say you were ill , i was already visualising too much.
            Excellent point about the data πŸ™‚ Thanks for staying brave , keep us updated πŸ˜‰

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Bugged?..well..good luck to them with that… around here.
    I haven't a personal email in months.
    I do not talk about my activist work… when I do.
    I don't skype.. or have a facebook acct.
    I seldom answer the phone.
    This is not real life I'm a very private person.

    Follow..What I view on the internet?
    We have babies in the house..
    So I hope they are enjoying…watching "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" over and over again.

    PS..They could answer my emails for me….

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS..typo..I haven't 'sent' an email..
    It's cool keeps it clean..
    That way any time spent in spent engaged in truth telling..
    Ya..someday… even the minions of TPTB will.."read'em and weep".

    • even the minions of will.."read'em and weep"

      the pr companies spend alot on keeping the alternative news scene in a corner on the web

      its a bloggers bubble
      and its about to burst imo
      happy new year heart

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    This story reminds of me Gary Webb, Rest In Peace.

  • jec jec

    Keep older cell phones, new ones in USA are said to have a special 'channel' to allow "messages" from the XXXX or authorities. It takes over your cell like the messages on TVs. You can not over ride it. Probably the concept is warn in emergencies..but it allows the opportunity for corrupt government to miss use. This was passed in legislation about a year ago. At least that is my understanding, its a new FCC legislated regulation. Again, the concept is probably NOT to take away rights or ease drop on conversations, BUT..Just my understanding, so more informed persons should chime in here.

  • weeman

    Under what premise did they get a court ordered wire tap on his phone, what did they tell the judge to convince them to issue a wire tap must have been serious, maybe he is a criminal and a threat to the people of Japan or maybe he has information that it hey want suppressed, what do you think.
    The truth is they probably did not need a judge and was deemed a security risk, nobody expects the Japanese inquisition ( monty python ).
    That judge should have issued arrest warrants for the board of directors of tepco and do the job he was hired to do, up hold the law, I personally can think of several issues were these leeches on society should be hung up to dry cant you.

  • weeman

    The Japanese police are that good that criminal organizations have infiltrated the whole country at every level from labour to government and everything in between, including the police without their complicity they would not exist. Corruption is rampant in Japan don't deny.

  • Jebus Jebus


    • Jebus Jebus

      An interesting note, they devote an entire chaptor on the "other" "honest" Abe…

      Scandals and Suicides Under Prime Minister Abe

  • charlie3

    Government and business everywhere is corrupt as far as I can see.
    The difference is that the Japanese are not as good at Public Reelations and Political Correctness.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      My geezer perspective on this stuff – Governments exist to govern – namely coerce people to do what they would not do voluntarily. It is a modern fallacy that governments exist to give out goodies. No government has goodies to dispense that it has not first taken from someone or printed out of thin air.

      One label for such systems is "corruption", and there are times when I use that label. At other times I think we (collectively) get what we deserve by (collectively) imagining that we will get something more from any government than what it takes from us. Same notion for business – for example they advertise that we will be "the envy of our friends" by buying their product and we (collectively) fall for it again and again.

      So, age-old debate – is it "their" fault, "our" fault, or some mixture of the two.

      I can't do much about "their" behavior but I can do something about my own, so over time I just opt out more and more. Rather than following Thoreau's activist maxim "Let your life be a friction to stop the machine" (that got him imprisoned), I try to help starve the beast that is government by not feeding it.

      Hehe, in days past, if politicians sent me flyers (at my expense) gushing about their munificence (with my money), I would mark them "unsolicited obscene material, return to sender" and put them back in the mail, inadvertently creating more postal/clerical costs. Now I just kindle a wood-stove with them.

  • PattieB PattieB

    Film showcase lies.

    1: The rods they pulled out of pool #4 were (BLACK, Smooth-sided) dummy rods used to train users to move such wothout damaging them.
    2: Real rods would have irradiated the workers holding it in this farce, and they would have die within days.
    3: They didn't burn. Yet, withing about 10 min. of removing a real used, or non-used rod from the water like that, they would heat up and start the zircaloy cladding burning… FYI, water doesn't put such fires out, once begun.
    4: The(So-CALLED) rod the removed from the pool and inspected in the common pool building? Hum, doesn't match the rod the extracted from the pool, nor if one isn't blind… had that rod they take apart in the common pool building ever seen, nor been touched by such water at any time! This is rather obvious, do remember… the pumped salt water into the pools! That rods brand new, and the core-rods in it are quite empty!
    5: Need I even point out, that urainium isn't a light metal? Do please notice how that rod-core segment is being handeled!?