State of Arizona found I-131 in Phoenix milk at levels 500% higher than EPA’s top reading for anywhere in continental US

Published: April 22nd, 2011 at 8:29 am ET


MILK SAMPLES FROM THE PHOENIX AREA, State of Arizona, April 6, 2011:

“Due to the amounts of radioactive material falling below detection levels, monitoring data will not be collected several times a week as before. Data postings will appear less frequently unless conditions warrant more frequent measurements.” –

h/t Alexander Higgins

Published: April 22nd, 2011 at 8:29 am ET


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65 comments to State of Arizona found I-131 in Phoenix milk at levels 500% higher than EPA’s top reading for anywhere in continental US

  • Thanks for the h/t. BTW the link is broke.

    Also, you should know about this.

    Radioactive Fukushima Plutonium And Strontium Bombarding US West Coast Since March 18th

    h/t to Lucas Hixton Whitefield

  • xdrfox

    US to move 8,000 Marines from Okinawa (to Guam)

  • whimbrel

    Alexander I tried to make a tiny url of your link for twitter and the url mushing site i was using said that your site was banned…. WTF?????

  • Radiation levels in city tap water detected in East Liverpool, Ohio.

    • Michelle

      EPA limit is 3 so those levels are negligible, not that any radiation is good but that is within the acceptable range.

  • Michelle

    Not talking about Arizona the levels in Ohio are acceptable.

    • No, not good!

      uh, Ohio native here…the 14 or so million of us in Ohio don’t consider extra radioactive iodine in our drinking, cooking, bathing and washing water to be acceptable. It is even showing up in the drinking water of major cities in Ohio: Cincinnati and Columbus. Ohio River Valley has challenged air quality to begin with. This is not good.

      • Michelle

        You right it’s not acceptable at any level I was referring to what the EPA claims to be acceptable. Sorry for not clarifying my statement, I blame major brain fog. Take care and no worries.

  • Dana

    Can someone please explain this in terms a normal person can understand? I try reading the info on this site, and it gets me so terrified. My kids haven’t had milk since April 4, sadly I bought some on March 31. I am panicked, why isn’t this on the regular news?

    • Will Tell

      For Dana’s post,

      For your children.

      Buy dry milk that was produced before the radioactive elements were in the USA.

      Buy dry milk at a local warehouse shopping club (Sams,Costco, or BJ’s for best price) has it for $11.50 a box which makes 5.5 gallons of milk per box.
      Mix it with distilled water. Buy 5 gallon bottles of distilled water from a local company (buying 5 gallons is cost effective). The dry milk does not expire for 18 months. Buy enough for 18 months. I like 7cups of distilled water mixed with 3cups of dry milk, then refrigerate, drink when cold.

      My 6 year old loves it.

      • Dana

        Is distilled water safer than the drinking water? How do we keep the I-131 out of the water?

        • Dana,

          Distilled water is steam distilled which removes all impurities. It is the purest water that the average person can afford to buy. Buy distilled water.

        • As far as the water is concerned –

          1) Buy PURIFIED (not spring) water by the bottle. Make sure it is purified using reverse osmosis. This will remove 99% of radioactive contaminated which pollute the water in the form of particles of heavy metals. Reverse osmosis runs the water through a filter that is .0001 microns wide, thus removing the heavy metals.
          Not only does this remove radioactive contaminates it will also remove other nasties such lead and mercury.

          2) The remaining 1% of radiation in the water will be inside of dissolved gas inside the water, such as C02. Using activated charcoal filtering will absorb much of the contaminates that remain.

          You should put a charcoal filter (like pur) on your faucet. Run your bottled through a brita or pur water filter.

          I actually buy the value brand of purified water at my local Walmart for $.99 called “Great Value”. It is purified using Reverse Osmosis, Carbon Filtration, Ultravoilet Light, Micron Filtration, and Ozonation. If the water was only filtered with reverse osmosis I would run it through my brita filter. Just make sure you replace your charcoal filters frequently.

          Public officials will tell us there is nothing that can be done, but this is BS. At some point we will need to demand our tap water is purified at our local water facilities, for those of who drink city water. Those drinking from wells will need to install purification systems at home.

      • Mothra

        I bought bulk pounds of whole milk and butter powder a month ago from Great American Spice. I called the 1-800 number and asked for the “older pre-event” stuff. It’s delicious – better than our local fresh milk. I’m into it. I have frozen pounds of imported Irish plugra too. It makes great pie crust :).

        • Mothra

          Note: the milk powder reconstitutes better with heated, filtered water as you mix before chilling. Butter powder reconstitutes better with warm oil, and aged cheeses freeze too. Most are 60 or more days aged. New Zealand makes a nice cheddar too.

          • No, not good!

            Thanks, Mothra! It’s really time to get down and dirty! Get your plan, fast. I hope some people can benefit from all the suggestions laid out here!

            p.s. Many folks just giggled back when I predicted that commodities and certain non-US currencies would be the place to be. They thought it was interesting speculation on my part. But now I’m up HUGE–blowing away finance professionals I know who manage millions. I have no training or aptitude for this, other than one tough Economics class in college. I just think for myself and buck the tide. It seems to work OK! 😛 Follow your instincts!

          • No, not good!

            ..and no I don’t have millions…ha! I’m small scaling it, all the way. But, I hope my little story can inspire people to think for themselves now and take action!!!

            p.s. Money is near worthless if you don’t have your health.

    • Concernedmom

      Children need milk and dairy products as part of their diet. I’m currently using dry milk from that I had purchased prior to the nuclear accident as part of my emergency preparedness. It is better than most store-bought dry milk, but not as good as fresh milk. Other good brands are Country Cream dry milk from and Provident Pantry from Emergency Essentials at I recently ordered some Morning Moo from, hoping it was made before nuc accident, but it has yet to ship and it’s been over 3 weeks since I ordered it. All online milk suppliers seem to be at least 3-weeks out from shipping. As far as store-bought dry milk, Nido can be found in most Mexican food sections and is pretty good and I would use if my children were younger because I think it is more nutritious than dried fat-free milk. You can also make milk from canned evaporated milk. Lots of choices out there. I’m even making yogurt from dry milk. Here’s a review of many of the various most popular varieties of dry milk:

      • god

        Children absolutely do not “need” milk and dairy products in their diet. Humans evolved without these items in their diet and it is not included in the diets of many Asian countries. People need calcium and vitamin D, which can be obtained from rice or soy milk product fortified with these nutrients, as well as from other non-dairy foods. It’s not going to taste like cow’s milk, but cow’s milk has been blamed for many health problems in humans. That’s not what the US Ag lobby would like you to believe, of course.

        • No, not good!

          watch out for soy for children…soy formulas have been proven to alter their hormone and sexual development-soy isoflavones. Some seaweeds and leafy greens provide many times the amount of calcium that milk provides. But, those sources are getting threatened, too. There’s always stocking up on supplements while you can. Buy frozen spinach and greens!
          Dried milk, frozen dairy, looking into freezing cheese myself??…

          • Percy

            It’s true–I don’t eat soy myself for both environmental and health reasons.

          • Mothra

            Fermented soy products are an exception to this. In small amounts they are excellent. Aged miso, natto, tamari, pickled tofu, tofu yogurt and tempeh. The fermentation digests the concerns and makes soy bioavailable. There are also fermented soy powders.

        • USDA EMP

          This is true, but they will never believe it… All most Americans care about is not noticing the truth.

          • No, not good!

            I’m a born and bred American of the USA. And I DO care, passionately!…
            Please add to your anonymous statements.

    • Really Dana get a grip and start looking into this it is not that hard to follow after a little bit. Dont Freek out don’t be rash in judgment. Write on a note book what you need to live on then take and cross it over to what you really need to live on. Buy some and put it aside. Now think about what you REALLY REALLY need to live on. WATER get some stuff to make water clean and the best for home if you do not have a bunch of money is to Filter then Distill. You can not live past 3 days without fresh clean water to drink.I have been prepping for 3 years now and can get by pretty good . It seems to be too much at first but look at these sites it will help.

    • CaMom

      Try this blog for clear dosage info:

      Buy powdered milk. So far we have found lots made before the earthquake. It keeps for 2 years so any expiration date before 3-2013 would probably be OK. If your kids don’t like the taste just add a little vanilla and sugar.

      Fresh greens are easy to grow on a windowsill. We have been covering our outside vegis with plastic at night and when it rains.

      For fruit and some vegis we have been getting cans, last seasons harvest (like potatoes) and fresh from the southern hemisphere.

      ps I LOVE this site- I have learned so much. Thank you!

      • xdrfox

        @ CaMom
        Yes stock up on everything you can, dried beans/all types of and 10lb. bags of rice are about $6. Pick up zip lock bags, to store opened bigger bags to smaller, save old jars with lids too !

        You take care of them babies !

      • Farmers on top of this yet??

        A lot of us rely on the gorgeous, prolific CA produce… Are the farmers there staying on top of this? Couldn’t they enclose crops with sufficient covers from radioactive dust and rain, yet keep the sunlight coming in? I would think they would be on top of this, since they are pretty cutting-edge out there!! CA growers seem to take pride in their products, as they should! What’s the word on that??

  • sooner

    This is an old report, why is it relevant?

    • xdrfox

      No testing/reports of the other Isotopes had been done, but most know if the I-133 one is easy to track is there the others with it too !

      To some it is just dawning on as new with/testing results released and it on paper now !

  • whimbrel

    Thanks Alexander…Now Dana… why do you suppose you didnt hear that what was done in the gulf of mexico killed most of the animlas and is wiping out last few now? we are talking really trillions of animals if you count the invertebrates.Why do you suppose people are still being told its ok to swim in the water and eat the seafood (what little is still alive to catch)? Million dollar questions. the best any of us has been able to come up with is hidden agendas… and lots of them. Go to to find out more about the gulf. with respect to Japan and the massive meltdowns… clearly the powers that be do not want us to protest, or go all anti nuke and get them all shut, or clearly do anything to prevent ourselves from getting poisoned. So why would they want that? well US only has weapons and reactors to sell all our industry was outsourced. And the rich and powerful will lose lots of money if we go anti nuke and … then theres the depopulation theories….

  • Wean not eat soy products are all gmo products also contaminated with round up. Where can one purchase safe soyproducts?
    See The World According to Monsanto, documentary full version on utube.
    I have not seen any kind of food imports to California. I have 3 granddchildren here, now what do I feed them ?
    See Dr. Helen Caldicott, on Nuclear Fallout, finally someone who can not be bought off or silenced, the facts: Type on utube: You won’t hear this on any mainstream news!!! (Nuclear Fallout)
    Listen to what she says: All facts, please share w world.

    • No, not good!

      I strongly urge you to get cracking and get an extra freezer. As I posted on here earlier, for some reason, TX is not doing too badly on radioactive deposits (none yet). They have farms and land to use. Quick SW plane trip. If I had little ones and the means, I would move or at least send them to stay with family/friends there, maybe a summer fun educational camp? Time to make arrangements with summer break~

      • USDA EMP

        Correction, Texas is on fire and used to have lots of things, but the states a mess at the moment. People do some research, as to how you can protect yourselves from the fallout, it was created right after 9-11, and it is a supplement, not potassium iodide either. That is all I can say, other than you can find it if you look.

        • No, not good!

          I’m just watching RADnet readings. No, TX is no haven across the board. But, the latitude & lack of rain seems to be a plus if you want to avoid plutonium, uranium, cesium, & I-131 in daily life, food, and water. Plus, CA is far worse off fiscally than TX with bad fires, too. I’m just looking for an out for others–because it’s sure not where I am! :/ …Interesting what you might be getting at & referring to!!? I have been researching, trust me.

          • xdrfox

            What do you think the accumulative readings will be before harvest !

          • No, not good!

            You mean in the agro-belt on the west coast? 🙁 I was just in TX and noticed no problems from the fires. The AQI levels were consistently very good & I get asthmatic, so I would know. I was watching AQI, pollen levels, EPA & independent RADnet readings, NILU projections, and national university Jet Stream projections through TX, like a hawk. That area seems to be withstanding the nuclear downfall more than other places…thus far, for what it’s worth. (maybe the Bushes did 😉

          • No, not good!

            Happy to entertain any other observations in this huge N. Hemisphere!!…Europe is looking pretty good, but I’m not a citizen.

          • No, not good!

            (i.e. Take it for what it’s worth…maybe the Bushes did! ;))

      • Mothra

        I actually worry about Texas because of the staunch opposition to enviro testing and reporting there. Historically here:

        I have a close friend there with an infant.

        • No, not good!

          @ Mothra
          Well, it surprised me. I travel all over, so I had to note any decent geographical advantages and testing data thus far, domestically. It could be a hidden gem on this problem for some who need that. (and Texans can be very nice, diverse and welcoming to newcomers) I truly hope for good cold spots in the U.S., both literally and radio-figuratively!! 🙂

  • psky

    I’m stocking up on dried sproutable seeds now. They don’t require a freezer. You only need water and sunlight to turn them into super nutritious food. No cooking necessary either.

  • Cyclops2

    I on the other hand know the Fukushima radiation is going to spread for tens of years. So I can not avoid walking, driving, breathing, going to stores with loads of people bring it in & walking in it. In the car. Floors, walls, carpets & AC ductwork.
    It will get me. So I just go about my normal life style untill a form of cancer or Lukemia kills me.

    I refuse to give up my life to a bunch of nuclear murderers who knowingly created this disaster.
    Far worse than any terrorists have ever done.

  • Thomas Wells

    Like a magician gesturing with one hand to distract you, the official “data” on the amount of radioactivity is focused ONLY on I-131 and Ce-134,137 isotopes. Anybody who knows what an isotope is, knows that there are a lot more radioactive isotopes (hot things)released from a ruptured reactor than just these.But if they released the sum total,people might figure things out and demand that the Japanese plug those dam things-at gunpoint.As this would be costly and inconvenient, they will go on lying-business as usual.

  • Cyclops2

    I am guessing the last page of the General Electric Reactors Operation book states.

    ” Loss of required coolant, VOIDS ALL warranties. “

  • Michelle

    A tune from when I was living in Carlisle near Three MIle Island. I will never forget how quiet it was that weekend as so many people fled. I was stuck and had no way of leaving.

  • No, not good!

    little inside joke-ha! (& no editing here :0)

  • Like a magician gesturing with one hand to distract you, the official “data” on the amount of radioactivity is focused ONLY on I-131 and Ce-134,137 isotopes. Anybody who knows what an isotope is, knows that there are a lot more radioactive isotopes (hot things)released from a ruptured reactor than just these.But if they released the sum total,people might figure things out and demand that the Japanese plug those dam things-at gunpoint.As this would be costly and inconvenient, they will go on lying-business as usual.?

  • math is not my strength so please help me if i’m wrong.

    I’m using a conversion chart for the relationship of the Isotope I-31 which puts 75 picocuries as equivalent to 1 mrem/year

    here is what I figured. Again, please let me know if I’m way off…

    The EPA’s Radiation Protection Document from 12/20/2008 recommends no more than 100 mrem per year of “background radiation” from all sources other than medical

    The highest reading for milk from Phoenix was 48 picocuries liter. 1 liter is 33.8 ounces.
    75 picocuries equals 100 mrem (This is from a conversion chart)

    48 picocuries equals 62.4 mrem

    So, 1 liter of milk is 33.8 ounces which is 62.4 mrem

    So, if you drank 365 ounces of milk you’ve consumed 673 mrem

    Help please! Is this correct?

    The EPA guide I’m looking at figures that if
    10,000 people are exposed to 1 rem of radiation over a lifetime, cancer rates from that exposure will be 5 to 6

  • moi

    Hmm – nobody here has mentioned zeolite yet – a well kept secret or just lack of awareness? Better hurry up before some psychopathic Wall St. fatcat in a suit corners the market:-

    Run yourself, all your food and water through this natural compound and quit worrying.

    Good luck to all compassionate people suckered by the wet dreams of the Old World Ordure (eg: Georgia Guidestones)


  • think people

    The cows at Phoenix dairies don’t graze on grass that radiation fell on. They live on dirt feedlots. They eat grain from silos(GMO no doubt). How is that much radiation getting into their milk?! What’s left, the air and water? If so, all of us Phoenicians are exposed to the same. Filtering water, taking iodine, zeolite detox etc. are always a good idea but if a radioactive particle gets to your lungs, you’re probably f*cked.

    • yep

      I’ve putting together that areas with a lot of air particulates and poor circulation of air to begin with tend to have the highest levels of these radioactive particles. The radionuclides apparently have to cling onto some pollution, dust, a rain drop, etc. to make an impact on an area…
      So, with Phoenix being very polluted and in a valley, there’s a lot for the radioactive particles to attach themselves to. Therefore, if your area is Clean Air Act compliant and out of a valley, your intake of this nuclear stuff should be less deadly…watch out, Ohio, LA, etc. NM still has good readings and basically no air pollution or much rain, etc…

      • think people

        we,in Phoenix, get very little rain. What we do get are chemtrails. LOTS of them. I wonder if radioactive particles can attach to the aluminum, barium etc. in chemtrails. I also wonder if we are being absolutely blanketed with a fallout-chemtrail blend contributing to higher particulate levels than we already have in this dusty valley, hence, the high radiation content in milk from feedlot dairies.

  • Cloud

    Reply to Majia —

    No, you cannot compare BACKGROUND RADIATION RATES with INGESTION RATES, and you’re comparing apples to oranges.

    The maximum EPA INGESTION RATE for milk is 3 picocuries per liter (3 pc/liter). Multiply that by the detected rate of whatever isotope. If the detected rate is 48 then the INGESTION RATE is 144. Therefore 144 is what percentage of 3?????