State Expert: Major explosion possible in area of sinkhole (VIDEO)

Published: November 20th, 2012 at 2:37 am ET


Title: Bayou Corne/Assumption Parish Resident Meeting
Author: rainbeaudais
Date: Nov 13, 2012

At 1:41:00 in

Resident: I just wanted to know is there a possibility of a major explosion in our subdivisions?

Geologist Gary Hecox: The answer is yes. I wouldn’t be telling you to get your houses checked if I thought there wasn’t.

Published: November 20th, 2012 at 2:37 am ET


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6 comments to State Expert: Major explosion possible in area of sinkhole (VIDEO)

  • richard richard

    geoligist – "i wouldn't live there [in a house built on a slab]"

    official – "mandatory evacuations are 'unlikely' to be lifted within weeks".

    methane monitors require 24/7 attention when they finally get installed.

    r: there are over a 100 people in the meeting, representing a 100 households i suppose. it will take for ever to install monitors.

    woman – "i'm not living there. i'm not living there again. i want texas brine to buy me out! i want to get out of there". Applause.

    now i feel bad for the people of fukushima, no doubt.

    this community is now being ripped from their homes. seems like a common theme. what a life. reporting to a 'command centre' everyday. waiting for technicians to install 'monitors'. wow.

    i've been wondering how many more 'salt domes' are out there waiting to 'collapse'.

    • So what ? I also said after Kashiwasaki Kariwa quake hit that Genpatsu Shinsai will occur. And on Feb 15, 2011, I predicted the Fukushima Catastrophe. See
      The human spirit is dead in policy making and implementing personnel. They should never have allowed Chernobyl, Fukushima and the Sinkhole and other stinkos. Yet they allow the dance of the dams to make the night of Brahma arrive in the nest few hydrological cycles. THERE IS NO PURE REASON FOR THE NON-HARMONISED/NOR FOR THE NON-HARMONISED IS THERE TRUTH/FOR ONE NOT FOLLOWING TRUTH THERE IS NO PEACE/AND FOR THE UNPEACEFUL HOW CAN THERE BE HAPPINESS? MORE FUKUSHIMAS

  • Anthony Anthony

    Repost: Sinkhole: H-Bomb explosion equivalent in Bayou Corne possible


  • many moons

    I watched the film about the Congo and how the people there are being killed or displaced because the occupy a land that is full of minerals and people in power want what is under the earth and they don't give a damn about who dies because of it….then i started seeing about the same going on in southern Lousiana….I think the best thing the population can do is vacate with their lives….and fast…leave the litigation for later.

  • beamofthewave

    I agree, for the sake of the children there especially, time to go. Those poor people, my heart goes out to them.