State of melted fuel at Fukushima plant unknown — Worker: “We opened the Pandora’s box” — Journalist: “We’re headed toward a real crisis”

Published: June 10th, 2013 at 11:38 am ET


Title: Stricken nuke plant struggles on
Source: AAP
Date: June 9, 2013

[…] TEPCO acknowledges that the exact path to decommissioning remains unclear because an assessment of the state of the melted reactor cores has not yet been carried out. […]

The process of permanently shutting down the plant hasn’t gotten started yet and the work up to now has been one makeshift measure after another to keep the reactors from deteriorating. […]

“We’re headed toward a real crisis,” said Ryuichi Kino, a freelance writer and photographer who has authored books about the nuclear disaster and has reported on TEPCO intensively since March 2011. […]

[Former Fukushima Daiichi worker] Happy-san has the same fear. Some of the recent workers, rounded up by the lesser contractors, appear uneducated and can’t read well, he said. […]

Happy-san still remembers the huge blast that went off when one of the reactors exploded, and rubble was showering from the sky for what felt like an eternity.

“We had opened the Pandora’s box. After all the evil comes out, then hope might be sitting there, at the bottom of the box, and someday we can be happy, even though that may not come during my lifetime,” he said.

See also from today: Japan eyes earlier start of melted fuel removal at Fukushima plant (“But prospects are unclear because technology must be developed to perform the work”)

Published: June 10th, 2013 at 11:38 am ET


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51 comments to State of melted fuel at Fukushima plant unknown — Worker: “We opened the Pandora’s box” — Journalist: “We’re headed toward a real crisis”

  • ftlt

    “We’re headed toward a real crisis,” said Ryuichi Kino

    It is so sad that well meaning writers are forced to use this type of language to get published…

    The day it happened the crisis was on… "Happened" = meaning the day any nuke is built and its most toxic of fuels are mined and processed…

    We are doomed by our own human nature..

    • ftlt

      The latest "concerned expert talking head" point that is slipping out over and over is "REMEDIATION"… Regardless of the crisis topic – be it climate change or pollution or nuclear or endless war for profit – you name it… There must be some money to be made here… HAHAHA

      This REMEDIATION is always couched in the tomorrow… A tomorrow that seems to never arrive… And in some wonderful new technology to come tomorrow too…

      The more-is-better "grow baby grow" mindset is never challenged..

      Yeah, forgot; almost, no one ever speaks to the facts of resource depletion… A current (and accelerating) level of depletion that all but guarantees a failure of a growth based economy and the destruction of the planet as we know it..

      We're doomed!!!

      Live good not better… IDLE NO MORE!!! LA RAZA!!! OCCUPY!!!

    • Jay

      The Clean-up , a Bonanza of earnings for hundreds of years to come :

      " …. A December 2012 survey of workers that the company released found 48 per cent were from companies not signed as contractors with the utility and the workers were falsely registered under companies that weren't employing them … "

      See the movie Tony Brasco , the true story of undercover detective Joseph Pistone who spent decades inside Mafia and brought up the realisation that those people are mentally f***ed : to them corruption , stealing and killings are NORMAL !

      So , HOW do you deal with such brains ??

      One of the strong signs of an infant specie is that in 2013 the population doesn't fret about all of us living on a rock , Earth , that tumbles uncontroled through space and hitting periodically Extinction Level Cosmic Events … even when they see on TV over that Russian city …

      What the hell am I talking about , the population doesn't fret over being fed daily pesticides laden foods that lowers their kids IQ , never mind knowing what Fukushima is !!

      Proof : only 60,000 Japanese showed up the other week to demonstrate against nuclear power ! Out of one hundred million Japanese "adults" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QED

  • weeman

    That is the million dollar question, how much corium escaped containment and did it leave the building at the same time as Elvis, this question must be answered before a plan can be formulated, yes formulated cause we do not have the answer one way or another and we are out of our league.
    No question containment has been breeched, the question is the extent of the breech.
    I am hoping it has not left the building, I hope I am not delusional for the sake of mankind and all live forms.

    • domjox domjox

      "Elvis has left the building". And a bit of corium, unless buildings are actually volcanoes in disguise.
      Scary video

      • weeman

        Let's say that is corium in video, we're did it originate from, reactor or fuel pools, I did not see a date stamp,
        We know the reactors melted down and they held containment for a couple of days, I would think that gravity was the deciding factor for reactors and what not vaporized fell to the bottom of reactor and exited vessel, so how did it defy gravity, I don't know, was it ejected?, are the lids are still in place, more questions than awnsers.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Good morning weeman, domjox. No weeman, you're not delusional. "Elvis has left the building." And for that matter, I guess we should all ask, "Where's Waldo?" (The escaped corium(s), a.k.a. "Waldo."

    • many moons

      Even if we knew how much corium left the building, would we understand it's significance? Do we really have a clear understanding of radiation? Maybe it doesn't take a lot of radiation launched into our environment to start us down a long road of corrupted DNA which may be our un-escapable future.

      I think it's amazing how educated people don't come around to the notion that we really have nothing that we can relate any of this to. Even with the facts…what do they mean? People think that 10 years a long time to deal with a nuclear crisis when in fact the time frame is more like 250 million years.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      They know where the corium is or rather the big portions. I think the problem is that some of it splattered and some of it continues to fission. Plus it must be very difficult to work in respirators and gloves, etc. While it is easy for us to judge it must be horrific to perform work in such conditions Having said that I do wish they would have implemented some of the suggestions made by the like of Arnie Gundersen and others instead of making more of a mess by trying to decontaminate. JMHO

  • Sickputer

    The pronukes will suppress any actual scientific discoveries of where the coriums reside. Same principle as they used in the week after the Great Earthquake: avoid public panic and evacuation from central Japan.

    So we suspect as hours of webcam visible burning radioactive fuel smokes overnight that radiation continues to drift across central Japan and hotter particles waft up into the jetstream.

    Bad news for Fukushima Prefecture, bad news for metro Tokyo, and bad news for the human race.

    Jetstream in an unusual pattern today:

    Hello Great Lakes residents… Air mail from Honshu.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    "State of melted fuel at Fukushima plant unknown" somebody send a memo;

    state of cores; melted, untouchable.
    large quantity of radioactivity now in the ocean, and circling the earth every 40 days in the atmosphere, contaminating the earth.
    Fallout from explosions covers vast areas of Japan, causing deformities, sickness and death.

    OK, so now they know. But computer simulations and IR diagnostics tell the government, who have supercomputers and resources beyond comprehension, just what is happening. So really its only the public who dont know the state of the cores. So what

  • First sentence of the article.

    "Keeping the meltdown-stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in north-eastern Japan in stable condition requires a cast of thousands."

    IMO – There is nothing STABLE about this catastrophic global event.

    If there is no 'clear assessment' how can the facility be stable?
    It's been pumping radioactive contamination daily for over 2 years.
    There is no end in sight of current emissions and releases.

    additional note: from article

    "His cumulative radiation exposure is at more than 300 millisieverts." (Happy-san)

    "Medical experts say a rise in cancer and other illnesses is statistically detected at exposure of more than 100 millisieverts, but health damage varies by individuals."

    "Nuclear workers generally are limited to 100 millisieverts exposure over five years, …after the disaster when the threshold was raised to an emergency 100 millisieverts.(1st year)"

  • Sickputer

    "We had opened the Pandora's box. After all the evil comes out, then hope might be sitting there, at the bottom of the box, and someday we can be happy, even though that may not come during my lifetime," he said."


    SP: That's where the real award-winning Pandora's Box film should be filmed… And not a propaganda piece funded by Bill Gates to help promote his TWRs at Terrapower.

    Bill…I hope you realize your family is sucking down Fukushima jetstream radiation at your castle in Seattle. You may feel like King Midas if your kids get sick. And looking at your photos lately… You better get those skin spots on your face checked out. Money can't buy happiness or good health.

    • Jay

      SickPuter : " Bill…I hope you realize your family is sucking down Fukushima jetstream radiation at your castle in Seattle "

      Burning books is bad .
      Designing an internet that spies , spreads false concepts and censors voices is worse than burning books .
      Bill Gates helped design that internet , hence I have no respect for him , and definetly he is no genius : no genius would participate in the dumbing of its own specie .
      And no genius would participate in the development of a nuclear bobmb .

      !!!! Steve Jobs' silent legacy and Statement about internet privacy : a small tubular camera for computers , the net cam , model A 1023 , EMC no. 1950 , released in 2003 : it has built-in a Manual Shutter that can be closed ( by hand ) and obstruct completely the lens !!!!
      Tells us more Steve from your grave , what else do we suppose to be worry about ?


        a historic overview Jay, is called for here: Bill Gates had zero to do with the development of the internet. In fact, he thought it was a passing fancy and chose to focus his resources on operating systems and applications. When Netscape turned into the overnight sensation (that it was), Microsoft (Bill Gates) decided to develop "Exploration" and force-bundled it within the Windows OS shell. After years of antitrust actions (mainly initiated by the Europeans) against Microsoft's marketing practices (forced bundling of DOS and Explorer as well as other sneaky moves), they capitulated (because they had already undermined Netscape's share of the browser market and untold other independent software developers), and agreed to allow Explorer to be an optioned application within the Windows environment. Bill Gates is a sleazy criminal (surprise!) and went on from there to become the darling of the NWO. He's a sellout of the highest order…

        Other than this correction to the record, great post Jay…


          P.S. When Bill Gates was approached by IBM (who needed a rudimentary operating system to interface with their PC ("PERSONAL COMPUTER") hardware environment (which was also designed by a handful of independently contracted engineers), Gates opted to plagiarize the software algorithms from a small company of people who made CPM (CONTROL PROGRAM for MICROCOMPUTERS). He renamed their work "DOS" (DISK OPERATING SYSTEM). He was savvy enough to require that anyone shipping the "PC" architecture also bundle DOS with their systems. This agreement with IBM was maintained for many years until it was challenged by the hardware system engineering firms in an antitrust suit. I admired Gates in the early days of the computer revolution, until these 'revelations' came to my attention. Then I realized, he was nothing more than a thief with a disarming smile…

        • Jay

          AfterShock , u r shocking me : Bill owns what makes it possible to masses to access the internet , no ??
          So , he's patchup job IS the instrument ! Very interesting that you are trying to DECEIVE us on this issue which is known world-wide …

          Oh , the internet was developed in an University under the request from the Army for a means of communication … than they got the rest of the ideas which Bill implemented … including the back-doors that need to be patched when the 'hackers' find them ( over and over again in every released edition !! … and people still buy it !!! ) .

    • We Not They Finally

      Seattle is VERY bad for a number of reasons.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Where are the melted cores and what to do about it? Experts agree, the cores are somewhere pretty much under the nuclear power plant. If it happened to flow sideways, thermal imaging and radar will show it.

    "we learned important lessons from Chernobyl" HA! "When our first child was mauled by our pit bulls, we learned important lessons. But nobody could have imagined that our second child would be mauled by our pit bulls"

    Its no mystery; just like Chernobyl, containment will have to be an international effort. The U.S. made 300,000 high tech aircraft in five years for WWII. The same effort should be made towards solar and wind. Mans mentality prohibits solutions. Steward Brand illustrates we are not advancing. Honk his nose and send him to Fukushima

    • We Not They Finally

      All the U.S. seems to be sending to Japan these days is Caroline Kennedy to be next ambassador to Japan. We wrote upset letters to any politician in Massachusetts whom we thought might be able to get to the Kennedys to intervene, but there hasn't been a peep said about danger. We voted for Obama but we can't stand it anymore. When the plume originally came to the U.S. from Japan, he whisked his own family off to South America and did not even warn pregnant women to stay out of the rain. So it's going to be the U.S. to lead "an international effort"? For any number of reasons, that won't happen.

  • There are libraries of secret information gleened from human tests in communist and democratic armies. Nuclear power has been with us since WW2, thats 70 years folks. As Sickputer said they won't tell the truth about melted coriums and as CodeShutdown pointed out with all the technology available they must have a good idea. In any case its true you can't send in a robot and a camera to map out the area as the radiation is too high.
    Mainstream Media is funny. Cold Shutdown isn't mentioned too much anymore now for the first time for me I hear "the meltdown-stricken Fukushima nuclear plant". Thats a new one. Just so funny the article is found in the financial section. Whats up with that?
    Even the article mentions the leaking radiated water the power failures the spent fuel pools lack of experienced workers and this is a world crisis but rates only financial section. So weird.

    • We Not They Finally

      Mark, that's one of the many horrifying things about this. They think that it IS[!] in the financial section. The truth melts down the Japanese economy, and others not far behind. What a profound litmus test: Do you care more about human life or do you care more about money and power? Wrong answers abound everywhere with this.

      • Obviously financial interests trump all. This is the first story I have followed through alternate media in detail on the web and it just saddens me how they manage to minimize an ongoing triple melt down an unprecedented event in modern history. They want people nose to the grindstone working for the economy and only distracted by fluffy news and sports events. Now there is also clear evidence of spying on Honest Americans through cell phones and internet. No you don't hear about this on Prison Planet but mainstream news. Fukushima must be bad for USA but the government is doing nothing while spending billions to monitor their citizens. Still football scores are more important then all that.

  • combomelt combomelt

    Its a horrid state of affairs when an unknown journalist gets the lead here from A(A)P AAP?. Not AP? THIS NEEDS COVERAGE FROM THE ALPHABET NETWORKS. This story even though its "shocking" news to the gp, will be buried in the Happy-San alphabet soup. Dammit already some "real" reporters need to do some "real" reporting ALREADY FFS!!!!

    • vital1 vital1

      We have to get the true message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is. We must do this quickly, and efficiently. Getting frustrated reading this stuff without taking psychical action to change it is a waste of life. I am suggesting we create our own world press organization. Each one of us can distribute lots of important life saving information to those around us.

      It has to be diverse and decentralized concerted organized mass effort. Everyone distributing the information in their own local area, or Internet social networks. If you have recorded local data showing raised radiation levels try your local media, and see if they will write an article.
      For this process to work well, we need different flyers created by lots of you. The central message being, how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is. No leaders, just personal action.

      Hand them out, mailbox them, or email them. Put them everywhere, libraries, notice boards, web pages, forums, Facebook, and tweet! Put them on web pages, and in lots of sites where the flyer can be downloaded. Think outside the box. Here is one I have created, use it if you like.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "Removal of fuel debris at Fukushima I Nuke Plant to be carried out 1 and a half year ahead of schedule, the government and TEPCO say."

    Even the name, "fuel debris", has a harmless sound, like scooping up ash taken out of the furnace of a coal-fired powerplant: "Fuel debris."
    And "ahead of schedule" just sounds so very reassuring, doesn't it?

    Yet, TEPCO was surprised during the endoscope examination of Containment 2 in late January, 2012, to find that the Containment Vessel holds only a couple of feet of water, in spite of fact that hundreds of tons of water a day is pumped into the Reactors1,2,&3 to cool the melted fuel.

    Where is that melted fuel? The bottom of the Containment should have boiling water and roiling steam, if 100 tons of uranium fuel was still present within the Containment Vessel. Yet, all TEPCO found on the bottom of the Containment, when they finally looked inside, was a few inches of placid (non-boiling) water, and some wispy steam.

    TEPCO may never be able to remove the melted fuel, no matter how many years they work at it.
    Because the melted fuel may no longer be inside the 3 Reactor Buildings.

    • We Not They Finally

      "…the melted fuel may no longer be inside the 3 reactor buildings." Bingo! Apparently, that is what melt-THROUGH means.

    • We Not They Finally

      "Removal of debris ahead of schedule" is sort of on a par with that horrible TEPCO PR flunkie, Lady Barbara Judge saying that she went right to the plant [NOT] and that "the morale there was amazing and fantastic [NOT]." Well, just preaching to the choir here..

    • hbjon hbjon

      Oh they know. They know how much vaporized, aerosolized, splattered, or coalesced into multiple China Syndromes. Quantitative measurements that are so precious to many Enewsers will never be disclosed to the public for obvious reasons. Human behavior is directed by the minds perception of the suppressors that lower the life force dynamic. It is important to analyze the facts and put into place a workable solution. Those who were tasked to mitigate this unprecedented disaster may have made a difference. They may not have. The suppressor that waits in our future is one that only a handfull of people will be able to properly articulate its origins. The invisible enemy is odorless and when it kills it is replaced by words that are fashionable for the times. ie Cancer, Stress, Heart attack, stroke, etc….

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    This comment speaks for it all:
    "Some of the recent workers, rounded up by the lesser contractors, appear uneducated and can’t read well"

    At this point they have the conscripted labor from the local Yakuza. Rice farmers and debtors who can't pay back their loans. These are the Japanese Liquidators. Unlike the Russian ones who only had to spend 2 minutes on top of Chernobyl NPP reactor number 4, these poor people needs to spend months or years in this radioactive hell. Any skilled workers still on a pay check have probably been moved to one of the other power plants in the country to keep them from melting down as well.

    Think of it this way, at some mechanic shops you need to be a journeyman mechanic to get hired, someone who has the years of training and experience. That's just to work on your car. This is a nuclear power plant, and they have partially illiterate people working on it. So unless they have pictorial aids everywhere, these people have no idea whats written all over the equipment.


      that's the whole idea, bwoodfield. Not only are they keeping the world in the dark, the very people who are risking their lives putting bandages on those power plants, have little idea what they're up against…

  • Cisco Cisco


    TEPCO’s copywriters turn it out, and the MSM prints it out…with little and/or no critical review. I think someone offered this before, and if it wasn't so sad it could be ridiculously funny like “Bagdad Bob”.

    The universities with government granted research in nuclear science are working hard like TEPCO turning out the “don’t worry, be happy” research papers. The IAEC, the UN, the WHO, DoE, DoD, et al. and all the other supporting government and NGO’s PR and communications departments are working overtime; the scientists shills and consultants are working the pols, the MSM and the brain-dead. They are drowning out the truth because they know there will be no consequences for them, from the people they lord over.

    But there will be consequences for them, not their office or position or station, their very lives and the people they love.


      you are correct Cisco. We are – all – to discover the sad truth of your closing thoughts…

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    The Fukushima Short Story:
    3/11/2011: Earthquake damaged the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 1, and took out grid power.
    Tsunami took out backup generators.
    3/12/2011: Reactor1 exploded, sending clouds of smoke sideways.
    3/13/2011: Reactor2 Torus popped, ejecting one panel from Secondary Containment Building.
    3/15/2011: Reactor3 blew up, way up, effectively killing nuclear power for all time.
    Reactor4 blew up at night, nobody knows why it happened, since it wasn't running at the time.
    Spent Fuel Pool4 burned, on and off, for days, until refilled with water.
    3/15/2011 on: Reactor Vessels1,2,&3 experienced melt-throughs.
    3/21/2011 on: Containment Vessels1,2,&3 experienced melt-throughs.
    3/25/2011 on: Buildings1,2,&3 experienced melt-outs of molten fuel that approached 5,000 degrees C.
    The very ground between Fukushima Buildings1,2,3,&4 commenced to belch smoke and steam.
    12/31/2011: Airborne radiation began way up on 3/11/2011, but slowly subsided over the rest of 2011.
    2/1/2012 on: Airborne radiation went up again when Corium1,2,&3 melted out, under Reactor Buildings1,2,&3.
    6/1/2012: As Corium1,2,&3 melted down deeper through mudrock layers, airborn radiation levels went down.
    7/1/2012–12/31/2012: Corium1,2,&3 melted downward and seaward, following mudrock layers down towards the Pacific Ocean.
    2/1/2013–3/15/2013: Sea surface temperature anomaly went way up as Corium1,2,&3 flowed under sea bed.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Philip, nice compendium. I thought Gunderson said the rods and zirconium cladding of SFP4 would continue to burn underwater once ignited, but I must have misunderstood.

    • weeman

      PUN it does tell a convincing time line and I am a believer, you convinced me with your words of wisdom and salute your contribution.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Link should read:

    There could be a hundred links to illustrate every point in this timeline.
    Someday, I may write an ebook, giving them all.
    Peace. No nukes.

    • weeman

      Not so fast on this one, if you change the dates on NOAA site year by year you will see the same effect even post Fukushima, more investigation will be required.
      What I do not understand why we did not see at least three see seperate steam explosions when corium hit ground water? Please I am not criticizing, I am trying to look for answer and the only way to get the answer is question it.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Some contend that one or more of the explosions that rocked Fuku were caused when corium dropped out of the reactor vessels into water pooled on the containment vessel floors. Soon after mobile pumps, and some electricity arrived at the ruins, TEPCO began pouring hundreds of tons of seawater through Containments1,2,&3 every day. The water table is actually above the level of the basement floors at Reactor1,2,3,&4. With so much seawater being pumped in from above, and so much groundwater right below, the corium was continuously immersed in water, all the way into the ground. So no steam explosion. Or, one continuous steam explosion, if you wish.
        I agree that sea surface temperature anomaly concept deserves some more study.

        • weeman

          Do we agree that three reactors melted down? Yes.
          So cores melted down because of lack of cooling, water. Yes
          Once cores are molten, if you pour water on them instant steam as water cannot exceed boiling point at sea level and it's cooling properties are lost, yes no.
          In my mind once cores are molten you can not pour or immerse in water without a steam explosion,
          What do I know, only speculation, two heads are better than one.

  • Baha 2012 Baha 2012

    Maybe they can do like a twilight zone movie implicated. Put a huge glass dome over these reactor sights made from this new state of matter forming “transparent aluminum” found here … that hope of mankind’s deliverance gets more appealing everyday …

  • We Not They Finally

    Anyone who wants some "light reading" (no!), check out the Red Road prophecies of the Hopis. In it are clearly genetically deformed children and a population increasingly in desperation and despair. Though it does say that there is hope from deciphering codes in the blood (DNA?) and that our "brothers from the stars" might be of help. It's astounding because it was written long long before the atomic age or genome mapping. If there really are higher beings out there who knew this would come, however, that has to be a GOOD thing; because we may truly be getting to the point of "God help us all."

  • FaraFola

    Let's face a reality here

    Unit 3# with MOX load blew a sky high, blast was a huge and there's not any reactor building left

    1,2 and 4# coriums are now underground somewhere, If in groundwater level, situations on most worse in Japan, because water supplies will be compromised.

    SFP3 went also a Sky high in that same blast, hundreds of rods were vaporised.

    Even if Tepco could find a location of those missing coriums, problem is that no eguipment has designed or build to work those conditions at all. Coriums are extremely radioactive and hot for many years, human will be killed in a seconds when too close, same what kind of suit you're wearing.

    Tepco has lied since day 1 what comes in decommission project. This was a scenario which couldn't never happen, but like always it did and now whole mankind will pay the price.

    This accident just cant be wiped a away, health problems will haunt us in decades.

    In some point Tepco have to admit, that there's no solution for rogue coriums, and also those highly radioactive tanks are a huge problem. They wont last for long depending on radioactive stuff, they have on those tanks. At the end tanks will be bailed out in the Pasific.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Too bad they can't clean it up. Radiation continues to leak, non stop.

  • J.

    Some thoughts on what we must do, from Wendell Berry, not apropos Fukushima, but highly relevant nevertheless:

  • DeSwiss DeSwiss

    Dear Editor:

    When doing stories involving TEPCO I am requesting that you include a soundtrack of Boots Randolph's Yakety-Sax (the Benny Hill theme for you youngsters).

    I think the stories would make more sense with comedy….. :-/

  • We Not They Finally

    Too miss quote Shakespeare:My Kingdom My Kingdom the Corium for my Kingdom.Otherwise nothing new. The Japanese leaders have turned away from the great tradition of the past. When a man did dishonorable things to pay for his shame he would committ sanpaku…Now there is little honor anywhere.Now a man becomes great by the number of people he slays.Oh yes its called population control and eugenics.The middle class the poor and the old are the first to go.
    No wonder why the repubs want to slash and burn social security medicare and unemployment.Why do anything for those who may not be around soon.Planned obsolesence.Th end of education as we know it.The enslavement of all but the chosen.