State Scientists: Crude oil may be penetrating aquifer around giant sinkhole — Contamination of aquifer is certainly being looked at… that’s all I can say (VIDEO)

Published: October 10th, 2012 at 8:07 pm ET


Assumption Parish/Bayou Corne Sinkhole Meeting
Uploaded by rainbeaudais
Date: Oct 9, 2012

Question: My question has to do about the crude oil getting into the fresh water aquifer and from there getting into the bayou. What is the probability that we’ll start seeing crude oil in Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou? […]

Gary Hecox, Geologist

Gary Hecox, Geologist with Shaw Environmental: That is one thing we’re evaluating to be able to answer. What we’re doing is getting physical properties on the crude to see how it’ll migrate. Those samples are in the lab also. I don’t have them back. In addition to the gas coming up, the crude oil coming up, ahh, possible contamination of the aquifer is certainly on the agenda of things we’re looking at. That’s all I can say. It’s on the list I’ve been — that Shaw has been — charged to look at. And we’re getting the data we need to be able to do that.

Speaker 2: Plus we’re taking water samples… that’s being analyzed for constituents in crude oil to see what extent the crude oil might be migrating away. [Discussion] I have to add there’s no indication of that occurring… yet.

Watch the full press conference here

Published: October 10th, 2012 at 8:07 pm ET


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16 comments to State Scientists: Crude oil may be penetrating aquifer around giant sinkhole — Contamination of aquifer is certainly being looked at… that’s all I can say (VIDEO)

  • markww markww

    Here is what I found as to the Methane cap when Bp was drilling I am posting this to some of the gas sites here


  • vivvi

    Isn't it interesting how the truth comes out in little dribbles, here a word, there a phrase, bit here, bit there. What started out as pesky swamp gas has now become crude oil making its way up into the aquifer and busting out near the salt dome. Wonder how long we will have to wait for them to identify the source of this crude oil? If it's from BP, will they EVER tell us? It amazed me at the time of the main disaster how they said it was impossible to fix it, then HEY PRESTO they got it capped and everybody who wasn't paying attention went back to sleep. We were told then that it had fractured the sea floor, and the stuff would keep finding its way out. It shouldn't surprise anybody if this is the source of the problem here. We WERE told.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Exactly. I'm in the south and last night met someone casually in a bar who turned conversation to how much they loved Louisiana, was born there, should have never left there etc. I carefully asked if they are following the sinkhole situation and they looked at me as if I was from another planet. They didn't believe me.

      Its hard for me to process others COMPLETE lack of awareness of such a potentially hazardous situation. It is the fabric of chaos.

      • many moons

        "there's lots of sink holes everywhere" is what i've been told when mentioning the problem to my kin in baton rouge….they just don't want to know.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Methane gas bubbles are everywhere and if we don't get global warming under control it is not going to get any better check this out

    • markww markww

      This is not Global warming that you think it is If you look global warming is done by the sun. The problem is man made Bp and filling salt domes with fuels and radiation and gas and other things.



      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        The greenhouse gases (Co2, Methane, N2O, and others) trap the heat of the sun in our atmosphere.
        That is in fact why they are called greenhouse gases, you know.
        If they weren't there, the biggest part of the sun's heat would be reflected back into the universe.
        The disappearance of the ice caps which refelected a lot of rays as well as the massive release of methane in Siberia and Canada thanks to thawing permafrost soil will accelerate the problem in the coming decades.
        Laws of physics apply, if you like it or not.


        • Radio VicFromOregon

          Yep, B&B, the signature of the trapped gases also identify as manmade burned hydrocarbons as the bulk. The sun has been doing it's thing for eons yet never warmed the planet like were are seeing today. It adds its share. Volcanoes, decaying vegetation, deforestation. But, make no bones about it, within a few decades, the earth will be warmer than it has been in 2 million years. The methane layer is thawing everywhere and fastest under the sea floor. That we are adding all the activities that Mark refers to on top of this climate destabilizing crisis is sheer lunacy.

        • markww markww

          co-2 and the gasses you mentioned sunk into the ground they are heavier than air, When the people tried to make everyone believe that greenhouse gasses and the global warming started they tried to brainwash everyone they sink into the ground once they are released. Mark

  • markww markww

    Here is a video as to the 100,000 psi under the gulf and talking about cracks on top of the gulf floor horrendous gas explosion mt saint helens underwater that would blast out of the Gulf and Tidal waves 600 MPH across the Gulf

  • dosdos dosdos

    There are things about the theory that make me feel that I'm listening to a Syfy movie plot. I don't want to downplay how stupid BP was, or how much damage they have caused, but there are just too many holes in the presentation for me to take it to heart. Too much was not covered, only those points that support the theory.

    From everything I've seen, the sinkhole incident is a local phenomenon, caused by chemical degradation of the salt cavern. All the clues fit. Not the first time a salt dome has been abused to the point of failure. Probably not the last. It's just one of the more graphic examples.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    dosdos, i can't quite settle on this being only from degradation, though that is a very important piece to this. I'm thinking we have one of those "perfect storms" where all the various elements are combining and making things far worse than had it just been one or two – warming, degradation, underground nuclear detonation, deep drilling, fracking….but, i hope you're right and i'm wrong!

  • project722

    Mark is correct. The AGW panic was triggered by an artifact of poor mathematics which has been thoroughly disproved. The panic is being deliberately nurtured by those who stand to gain both financially and politically from perpetuation of the hoax. The UN IPCC has corrupted the "reporting process" so badly, it makes the oil-for-food scandal look like someone stole some kid's lunch money. They do not follow the scientific method, and modify the science as needed to fit their predetermined conclusions. In empirical science, one does NOT write the conclusion first, then solicit "opinion" on the report, ignoring any opinion which does not fit their predetermined conclusion while falsifying data to support unrealistic models. Solar activity is the principal driver for climate change, accompanied by complex ocean currents which distribute the heat and control local weather systems. The correlation between solar activity and climate is now so strong that solar physicists are now seriously discussing the much greater danger of pending global cooling. The amount of C02 in the atmosphere is irrelevant, warming is not a result of rising C02, rising C02 is a result of warming. If the entire atmosphere were composed of nothing but CO2, i.e., was pure CO2 and nothing else, it would still only be able to absorb no more than 8% of the heat radiating from the earth, due to the black body radiation effect.