Strange: Dramatic drop in background radiation just before radioactive cloud detected in Australia

Published: January 14th, 2012 at 6:59 am ET


Brief large spike in local background radiation. What caused it?, Sunshine Coast Computer Club by Peter Daley, Jan. 9, 2012:


  • 8th January 2012
  • Geiger Counter Alarm starting going off at around 6.30 pm
  • Raised radiation levels lasted until around 9.45 pm


  • Sunshine Coast, Australia [Queensland]


  • Wind direction was NNE at 22degrees

Equipment & Setup

  • Gammascout Geiger Counter
  • Alert alarm was set to go off at .50 uS/Hr, and to record data every 10 minutes


  • Visual observations showed actual peaks reaching .80 uS/Hr
  • Even though this chart of the downloaded 10 minute interval recorded data is not showing the true peaks that occurred, it is still dramatic
  • If the maximum visual observed peak had been recorded, the peak on this chart would be over twice as high!


  • The beginning of the chart would be considered average background for our area.
  • Background radiation levels here, with 4 years of recorded data to refer to, has averaged around .10 uS/Hr.
  • The background radiation level was peaking 8 times above average during this event!


  • Either some of the radioactive fall out from Fukushima has briefly reached us, or there is some seismic activity N/NE of our location in the Pacific Ocean which has released a spike in radon gas. Just a theory.

Other Thoughts

  • I was shocked to hear the Geiger alarm going off
  • The dramatic drop in background reading just before the spike is also interesting. Anyone have any ideas?
  • I promised members that I would post any unusual radiation data, I just didn’t expect to be doing this so soon

See also: [intlink id=”australian-govt-confirms-radiation-cloud-east-coast-8-times-normal-level-reported-08-microsvh-concerns-about-fukushima-fallout” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]


Published: January 14th, 2012 at 6:59 am ET


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34 comments to Strange: Dramatic drop in background radiation just before radioactive cloud detected in Australia

  • arclight arclight

    weather related.. no meteorologists in the house? gundersons mate marc would know!!

    “Weather patterns are a common cause in barometric pressure drops. When low-pressure weather systems move in over a certain area, not only is pressure in the atmosphere shifted, but it causes the barometric pressure reading to drop. A low-pressure system indicates that low-pressure air rises and begins to cool. Once the low-pressure air has risen into the atmosphere, it creates condensation and causes it to rain, snow or create ice. …….. because low barometric pressure is associated with storms and bad weather.

    Most areas on Earth are considered to be low altitude. As you go up in elevation, whether it be hiking to the top of a mountain or living in a city like Denver, which is a mile above sea level, the barometric air pressure drops. Air contains less pressure the higher altitude you go, ……….. “.

    “Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air, and when there are higher levels of vapor in the air we breathe, it can decrease the amount of barometric, or air pressure in the atmosphere. Relative humidity refers to the moisture in the air, measured in percentages. With the inclusion of vapor into the air, it takes over some of the pressure……. “

    • arclight arclight


      -to muddy the waters a bit more.. the air circulatory systems are complex.. so it could take a few days if following the jetstream but longer if using the lower air current layers..

      so, if the lower winds were bringing broken up clouds of contamination they could take longer..

      i give you two possibilities to start you off..

      burning waste caused the cloud and could have happened at any time or maybe something like this link that discusses issues around high readings up to the 2 january 2012

      dont think its uranium mining.. would have had that sort of peak before!! 🙂

    • mikey

      About weather related** on drop in Radiation levels just before the next wave hits- Sure to a degree the basic pressures temps humidity levels particulates blah blah but this is more as a driving and dispersing force then a radiation deflector- And thats what happened! My guess is that we just stumbled upon a practical machine that can deflect radiation and we just need to use tons of radiation to do it- Sort of like fighting fire with fire- May turn out to have a electromagnetic or repulsive component to it- Elites may be sweating this one if true they already have this machine and plan to use it after they have nuked us all–Theyll just pop up from those bunkers to flip on their anti-nukkers and boy will they be suprised when we are all still here

  • Bobby1

    The jump in radiation on Australia’s east coast was just a little puff. A branch of the northern hemisphere jet stream took a right turn and headed toward South America.

  • Bobby1

    Paul Langley suggests in a very long post that the radioactive cloud is from the Lucas Heights reactor in Australia:

    • arclight arclight

      “There’s a long history of bungles, radioactive releases, safety breaches, worker exposures, accidents, harrassment of personnel who try to report radiation leaks from Lucas Hieghts reactor and especially the poorly run radiopharmecutical production facility. Where workers have to handle little glass vials of stuff made in the reactor for use in medicine. More than one glass vial has been dropped and spilt over a worker.”

      point taken bobby.. clever bugger that langley chap !!

      butt there are annual surges into the southern hemisphere.. so mystery still on… no chance of an air analysis from a local university?? thats where our inyrepid reporter should have gone first!! HO HUM!!

      Where would the suggested radioactive dust come from? (playing on Australian history) Why would “weather changes” (local effects) bring a radioactive cloud to the Sunshine Coast? Where is the cloud normally? Didn’t ask that one. How often do such clouds occur? Dr Grzechnik could have answered those questions. Instead you swallow the CT Scan line.

      • Bobby1

        There is a high pressure area over northern Australian desert, and it’s summer. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

        Seabreeze blowing toward the sunshine coast. The land is hot, the sea is cool. Happens almost every day in summer.

    • “So there’s more than one thread to this story. There’s the abuse of climate change by nukedom to suit its own ends, and there’s the local scandal of the Australian reactor, there’s the reality of Fukushima and there’s the circular logic of using reactors to make radiopharmecuticals such as Metastron Sr89 chloride for the treatment of bone cancer. And to have the radioactive gas Kypton 89 it comes from float all over the joint, along with Xenon and its decay products too. Seems they need lots of patients to justify the joint.”

    • Stephengn

      You guys can’t see that those government officials in charge of monitoring radiation rigged the equipment to show lower amounts after the cloud arrived????

      As I said The EPA did the same thing last year. Check out my link that proves it

      • I see alot of “data under review” light blue, but I missed the part that proves they rigged the data to show lower, can you point it out?

        I agree the hypothesis is valid

        • Stephengn

          You can find a much longer discussion about this here:

          This thread at the Berkley department of nuclear engineering is the thing that actually inspired the investigative journalism by the other site I posted

          Ok, iIll admit that It’s hard to say if they did these recalibrations to hide the data or if they were just due to horrible management. Either way it’s not good. And you must admit that if it’s the latter, the timing is freakish

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Stephengn, EPA RadNet is also posting what appears to be falsified data at the Rad Net site. Looked at the links from Alexander Higgins’ blog the other day. The data (gamma) for San Francisco and Los Angeles was IDENTICAL. Every wave form showing data over time was IDENTICAL.

        Some of the other monitors simply stop working when Beta levels get high, or Gamma trends upward — such as Alaska and Washington state stations. That has happened within the past 4-6 weeks. Or after a big spike in radiation (Ex: October 30 beta, Sacramento, CA) the levels drop down to almost zero and stay that way, according to data shown on Rad Net.

        Yeah, right!

  • lam335 lam335

    If this is from the post-New Year’s Fuku events, would it already be making its way to Australia? I didn’t think it could go directly into the Southern Hemisphere (to the south and west).

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      If earlier comments about air flows mixing are true, (Arclight’s comments?) then it’s possible an air mass got pushed down to Australia about 7 days after the January 1 Cesium spike. Which would make the timing just about right.

  • LAS

    I’m thinking some sort of solar activity. Solar flares, sunspots, something like that.

    I also noticed a drop in background radiation here in Southern California earlier in the week. I never saw a spike afterwards, and background levels are now back to what I would consider normal.

  • arclight arclight

    Long-range attraction of negatively charged dust particles in weakly ionized dense dust clouds

    ” A crucial issue is the parameter regime where the critical point could be found and this requires, as a first step, knowledge of the parameter range where dust-dust attraction can exist. This problem is addressed in the present work, extending previous works on long-range screening and attraction of negatively charged dust particles in plasmas. The roles of nonlinearities, ion-neutral collisions, electron dynamics, and plasma source on the depth and long-range behavior of the attractive well are established and the impact of these results on the PK-4 experiments is discussed”

    The nonlinear wave propagation in collisional dusty plasma is investigated in the present work. When the electrons and ions are highly magnetized, i.e., when the Lorentz force acting on the plasma particles dominates its collision with the dust and charged dust remains weakly magnetized, the drift between the plasma and dust particles may significantly modify the wave characteristics of the medium. It is shown that when electrons and ions move approximately with the same bulk velocity, the large amplitude waves can be easily excited in such a collisional dusty medium and they can be described by derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation”

    ha ha ha! if you want a proper answer to your question.. read this!!!!! ha ha ha! physics!! ha ha ha ?

  • arclight arclight


    “MHD was originally applied to astrophysical and geophysical problems, where it is still very important, but more recently to the problem of fusion power, where the application is the creation and containment of hot plasmas by electromagnetic forces, since material walls would be destroyed. Astrophysical problems include solar structure, especially in the outer layers, the solar wind bathing the earth and other planets, and interstellar magnetic fields. The primary geophysical problem is planetary magnetism, produced by currents deep in the planet, a problem that has not been solved to any degree of satisfaction.

    The purpose of this article is to explain the fundamental principles of MHD as best I understand them, and not to treat any of the applications in detail. This requires an acquaintance with several areas of theoretical physics, including electromagnetism and fluid mechanics, which are discussed in other areas of this website. I will use the index notation freely, in addition to the usual vector notation. Index notation is explained in Euclidean Tensors. The electromagnetic units used will be Gaussian. Much MHD literature is in emu (which is like Gaussian without the c’s), while modern references will probably sink to MKSA. I shall relate all quantities to practical units, anyway.”

  • arclight arclight

    Lorentz force
    “Early attempts to quantitatively describe the electromagnetic force were made in the mid-18th century. It was proposed that the force on magnetic poles, by Johann Tobias Mayer and others in 1760[citation needed], and electrically charged objects”

    “In many cases of practical interest, the motion in a magnetic field of an electrically charged particle (such as an electron or ion in a plasma) can be treated as the superposition of a relatively fast circular motion around a point called the guiding center and a relatively slow drift of this point. The drift speeds may differ for various species depending on their charge states, masses, or temperatures, possibly resulting in electric currents or chemical separation.”

    “Charged particles are possibly coupled to other forces, notably gravity and nuclear forces. Thus, Maxwell’s equations do not stand separate from other physical laws, but are coupled to them via the charge and current densities.”

  • arclight arclight


    “In physics, scalar fields often describe the potential energy associated with a particular force. The force is a vector field, which can be obtained as the gradient of the potential energy scalar field. Examples include:

    Potential fields, such as the Newtonian gravitational potential, or the electric potential in electrostatics, are scalar fields which describe the more familiar forces.
    A temperature, humidity or pressure field, such as those used in meteorology.”

  • arclight arclight

    i understand none of that 🙂


  • arclight arclight

    hopefully in 1 more hour there will be a video on the rad forum showing a drop in levels before a spike.. twice! bit of luck that! and got me thinking.. as you can see!

    oh and MHD above is measuered in emus?? lol

    “Much MHD literature is in emu (which is like Gaussian without the c’s), …”

    top picture looks a bit like me at the moment!! 🙂

    • arclight arclight

      i wanted to clarify the position i hold on the “dip”.. i believe that it is caused by pressure systems and the electrostatic properties of isotope bearing clouds…

      probaly that the front edge of the cloud front pulls the forward particles and gases in to the much larger charged cloud front.. thereby getting a dip before the main cloud…

      also, the large peak seen at the start is a thick wall of isotopes on the leading edge.. obviouly the meteorological and physics moponents fit together quite nicely..

      just my take!

      • arclight arclight

        moponents =components…

        heres a video i did of the gieger peaking in a more localised small way! are these effects the same??

        • arclight arclight

          later that night when i did a reading the average was higher and the peaks in a 2 hr monitor were not to be seen? so maybe dust particulates are attracted to the oncoming gaseous cloud and the gieger reading above actually showed that beginning to occour.. hence the double spike!

          so was langley wrong.. im not telling him.. schhhhhh????? lol! whoopies in bed!!

          • arclight arclight

            obviously, the enenewsers are suffering from shrunken brain syndrome !!:) nobody got a degree in meteorology then????

            what! a fascinating dip!
            but! it wasnt very hip! 🙁
            so! i thought id just let rip!!
            then! go and get some kip!!


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The isotope dip
    …wasn’t missed ..
    By this drip…

  • vital1 vital1

    The dramatic drop in background radiation level just before the peak seems to be due to changes in air pressure, and differences in the electrostatic charge of two air masses. This occurs when the two air masses one on shore, and the other coming from off shore meet. This is one theory.

    I have since had a report from someone in New Zealand. They detected .33 uS/Hr. He had wiped down a small area of a wet car, and then tested the cloth. He indicated that this was above their normal background level. This was 2 days after my report. So New Zealand also got some.

    “Hello Peter!

    I carried out a swab of a car windscreen after our first rain in weeks. I’ve been doing this every so often out of curiosity after seeing many videos on youtube showing results.Well, after 4-5 weeks of northerlies, and no serious rain (as well as stinking hot weather) a quick swab test of 0.4m^2 of windscreen yielded 0.33 microSieverts per hour … outside background here averages 0.12 microSieverts per hour …

    Using the front foil, it appeared to be alphas and betas …
    What ever you were detecting blew this way, and precipitated in the rain.

    I’m in Dunedin NZ. Almost 46 South

    Best Regards and Wishes,”

    Wishes to stay Anon

    Added this to my post here on the spike in radiation on the 8th January 2012.

    • arclight arclight

      hi vital
      sounds like we agree..

      ive also noticed this in little pockets of fallout/gas .. today a number of times i had a drop and then a peak.. so i think the electrostatic charge has a big part to play.. also the cloud may have been drawn down from a higher level by barometric pressure forces.. or it was a stray low level cloud..

      i think it sounds like bobbies posit of draw down of a part of the pollution from the jet stream and caught by one of the southern hemisphere north/south winds from the equator.. mostly people concentrate on the east/west prevailing winds forgetting the north south cycles… also this is the right time of year for the southern push into the southern hemisphere from the arctic/japan..

      so there are two possible routes..

      thanks for the info as it all adds to the theory.

      food for thought eh?

  • vital1 vital1

    Potrblog have gone to a lot of trouble, and put a detailed youtube video analysis of the Caloundra radiation spike event on the Internet. These people have done similar analyses of American radiation fallout events.
    This is their theory.

  • Bobby1

    The jet stream opened a branch at that time and headed toward Central and South America. The main event was probably down there. I haven’t found any radiation monitoring sites in those areas, though.

  • vital1 vital1

    Radiation spike in Australia another suggestion.
    The author Paul Langley also suggests that the dip in the recorded radiation levels just before the spike is because the Geiger counter overloaded. This is called a false zero reading. That is, it went of scale before recovering to a level it could read. This is worrying if true!

    For a non technical explanation of “false zero readings” in Geiger Muller tube based radiation detectors see: Word search for “false zero” in this web page.