Strange: Sandy to strengthen as it gets cooler; Energy being injected into hurricane — Governor: Storm hasn’t peaked yet

Published: October 29th, 2012 at 6:06 pm ET


Popular Science:

[…] “The trough of low pressure that will be sucking in Sandy to the northwest towards landfall will strengthen the storm by injecting ‘baroclinic’ energy–the energy one can derive from the atmosphere when warm and cold air masses lie in close proximity to each other,” says Wunderground’s Jeff Masters. What you have right now is a jet stream hovering over the Rust Belt that is really damned cold. Sandy is warm. As the two systems interact, with the hurricane moving west over cooler water, Sandy, unlike most tropical cyclones, will intensify. […]

NECN at 5:40p ET:

Hurricane Sandy picking up speed, will get stronger

Hurricane Sandy is barreling toward the Northeast with sustained winds of 90 miles per hour. The powerful storm has picked up speed and is expected to make landfall sometime tonight in southern New Jersey. “The storm is not at its apex yet, it’s going to get worse between now and the next time I speak with you,” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie warned residents. […]

Published: October 29th, 2012 at 6:06 pm ET


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22 comments to Strange: Sandy to strengthen as it gets cooler; Energy being injected into hurricane — Governor: Storm hasn’t peaked yet

  • gladys a milyon gladys a milyon

    Amazing. Another fukushima ?

  • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

    Surely, this must be the time to use technology such as HAARP to disperse the storm…unless someone is keeping the finger on the 'excelerate' button :O

    It is amazing that 19 months on, after watching Fukushima NPP emersed in water, US NPP didn't prepare? Hurricane storms aren't rare in the US 🙁

    If crisis develops at the NPP, public won't be notified for sometime… and if they were to tell us, it will be played down….deja vu anyone?

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      @GID, you never know, I actually read, a few days ago, of giant HAARP signature in the area.. dutchinse.. he has some other "interesting" things to share on his site..

      They didn't prepare, because, to do so would worry the people living around the plant.. oh, wait, that was Tepco.. or was it???

      • Jebus Jebus

        I went to his site and couldn't believe that he could post such an obviously fake radar map of that supposed HAARP swirl. So I went to the intellicast link provided to see if it was still up. It wasn't but there is a disturbance in the atmosphere there and a line all the way across the pacific, strange. So I started digging at NOAH's site and the winds are going west to east in that lattitude, strange again. I was looking at the IR cloud sattelite images and it struck me that this atlantic storm looks to be heading south towards the GOM, and getting another recharge. Wierd that everything is flowing east. See what you guys think of these links. Play with the wind checkboxes and please tell me I'm way off base here…

        NOAH GOES East site

        Look at how Sandy is being pulled south again.

        NW Atlantic Wide (ir flash)

        Carribean (ir ani gif)

        Tropical Atlantic (ir flash)

        Check GOES West for the stream of disturbances across pacific

        Notice how it matches where dutchsince showed the ring…

        • Radio VicFromOregon

          You didn't mean to say Pacific, right, cuz the winds DO blow from west to east most of the time unless we are having an easterly flow due to temperature changes north or a weaker westerly cold front. The best analysis i read about Sandy getting so far inland is the amount of energy it picked up in the mid Atlantic which is about 9 degrees warmer at the surface than usual for this time of year. Are we still in La Nina? If a HARRP event occurred in NYC the day before the storm to try and deflate the core pressure in Sandy when it reached that location, then, one could say that it worked. The transition from sea to land is where the hurricane can best be effected. Opening a low pressure area ahead of the snow storm and allowing surface land temps to cool down a few degrees to thwart a warm Sandy from hitting frigid air head on would be the place i'd choose if i were manipulating the weather to diffuse a potential monster of a storm. It certainly made me wonder and i'm still not at all certain what i think about HAARP and the claims of the technology. But, if a HAARP event occurred in that spot as claimed yesterday, then it was to try to effect the storm or get a better look over the curvature of the horizon to better predict possible paths and intensities. Hmmm….

          • Jebus Jebus

            At that lower lattitude the winds usually flow east to west bringing the hot dry dust laden air out of africa that generate our hurricanes.
            It is the northern lattitudes that flow west to east along with the prevailing jetstream over north america usually.
            That has been my observations…

          • Jebus Jebus

            Did you look at dutch's site and see where he showed that swirl in Mexico?

            • Jebus Jebus

              That was the reference for my post…

              • Radio VicFromOregon

                I'll look again, but it all looked normal and seasonal to me at first quick glance. But, i need more time to study them. So, yes, from the Pacific side of things, the air mass flows west to east most of the year and in a counterclockwise direction. I'm assumming you are seeing too much uniformity when there should be a better mix? If there is a swirl in the Gulf of Mexico different from usual for this time of year, it can be La Nina as one possible explanation, but, enough methane release in the area will also add to it. Not only is the methane released hot with a high thermal loft, Renses clips of possible methane plumes is too difficult to tell if those plumes are high before they head out to the gulf, but even if they are field fires, those generate lots of heat, too. Hundreds of degrees. We are probably way off topic right now, but the blogging is low tonight due to the storm. So, i'll just mention i recall something about an ozone hole during the fall and winter hovering not too far from the Gulf, but more south and west. NASA graphs show it as rather more massive the past couple of years. That hole is letting a lot of energy out, but, also letting a lot of energy in.

              • Radio VicFromOregon

                Jebus, i looked and am still not certain what you are seeing, though two things more come to mind for me – we are in a split jet stream right now on the West Coast and enjoying a little warmer and drier weather after days of unending rain. The jet stream is split so the cold fronts are going south and north and missing Oregon. That forces the colder northern air flow higher over the Rockies to then shoot right down the middle of the US straight into the Gulf while some heads East, which probably accounts for the snow storm heading their way. The other half of the stream heads for SoCal and the Gulf bringing a lot of water and cold air. There is also an unusual warming of the surface temps in the Mid Atlantic by as much as 9 degrees F right now, which was a driver for collecting so much energy and water for Sandy. Add in the recent draughts and forest fires, those plumes, heat and radiation from Fukushima, not to mention the electromagnetic addition from all the recent quakes, and the jet streams will be effected for sure.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Start here,


                  then read my NOAH post again?

                  Maybe I am reading too much into the NOAH feeds, but it looks like Sandy is being drawn down towards the gulf again….
                  And that spin in the north eastern atlantic?
                  I'm probably wrong…

                  • Radio VicFromOregon

                    Jebus, Sandy is sooo big it's practically in the Gulf. This is a 900 mile wide storm. That's nearly the whole seaboard north to south. Even Florida was effected with storm surge. It is also merging with other storm fronts which is why it got dubbed a Frankenstorm – made up of different storms. It drew the cold air down from the north dumping feet of snow in West Virginia and the warm air up from the south pushing water inland. Maybe that is the pattern you are seeing. So, if your eyes are telling you that you are seeing something out of the ordinary, then it may be the storm itself. Many meteorologist, as well as hurricane experts, are a bit awed by both the massiveness and the ability of this storm to push so far inland. This is a very unusual storm configuration. It's one to be studied.

  • omniversling

    See also:

    Storm boosting; Chemtrails before Sandy ('activating' the air to make HAARP more 'conductive/conductable')

    Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

    Owning the weather in 2025 – Military Applications of Weather

    Commentary going along the lines of: so long as Obama doesn't botch the emergency response, it'll give him the opportunity to appear 'presidential' and 'in control'.
    Also see Naomi Wolf – The Shock Doctrine …disaster capitalism = economy booster…

    PS: never let a good disaster go to waste. (Hegelian dialect class 101 – Problem reaction solution..)


  • richard richard

    please consider some respect for the power of a fatal storm, Mother Nature and Planet Earth. That's what's at work here, nothing more.

    the fanciful stuff is probably best in the off-topic thread, since it's not related to this thread. that would be nice.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    @richard, there was such a sudden low pressure zone the day before the storm in New York that HAARP scouts thought something was up, and Jebus was looking at some wind direction maps preceding the storm and thought they looked unusual. And, they do a little. I agree with you, this is all that you say it is. And, i'm thinking that these other phenomenon may be useful insights as precursors to such future storms as Sandy. I'm watching intently not only because i have friends and family throughout the storm path and i'm worried for the people. pets and wildlife, but, i also see these odd type storms as responses to the increased energy releases in the atmosphere – the Co2, radiation, etc. We have a closed system and what goes in has to come out at some point. Mega-storms may be how it gets done.

    • richard richard

      hi Vic.. i seem to recall Mega-storms being mentioned many years ago as a possible side effect from our (alleged) exploitation of resources.

      i still see renewable energies as an antidote to the carbon and nuke nightmare we live in. that's the pivotal swing that is required, in my humble opinion.

      REs solve many of the poisons, and disempower the stranglehold corporations and energy 'companies' hold over the consumers.

      But I think Sandy shows we may be too late to change before the real mega storms hit. Sandy was a Cat 1 covering 1000 miles. One year soon, there will be a Cat 5 of those dimensions.. then that will be the new norm for some time. Just my thoughts.

      And in balance, storms like these have easily happened before, very much in pre-history. They may come around every half-millenia of so anyway.

      We're on a rock hurtling through the void. We should think ourselves lucky we have the interwebby thing and got this far 😉

  • omniversling

    @Richard, stratospheric geo-engineering is no longer the realm of sci-fi, nor is the manipulation of storms. If you consider my post 'off-topic' I offer you, and anyone else interested in "Strange: Sandy to strengthen as it gets cooler; Energy being injected into hurricane" (the headline of this thread), these links to peruse.

    You could also read the above link to the PDF, Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

    HAARP and lightning –

    "Why in the World are They Spraying?"

    The questions are not surrounding the technology, although I'm certain that there is much much still unrevealed to the general public, but who is doing this, under what authorisation, and why…

    Love, light, luck and best wishes to all affected….

  • Karnage

    Dont forget we are getting hit with a solar storm as well. They could also produce emps