Rumor circulating via Twitter in Japan: Many more Fukushima workers dead than revealed — Bodies may be kept at medical school

Published: November 7th, 2011 at 7:19 pm ET



Almost 1,500 recent tweets, most all from Japan: Twitter Trackbacks for – 2011年11月7日 13:05 – ウェブ魚拓 [] on 143 people suspected of nuclear workers with no contact (2) to sample from the dead in Fukushima Medical University Missing several hundred names, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant workers have died

Excerpts from Unknown source, but as the story may be – Chika-chan village meeting (Translation via Babelfish):

“Tokyo Electric Power Company we fear. Because as for me until today, this story is heard from the Fukushima” […]

“Today, the authorized personnel inside a certain you spoke distantly. ‘The nuclear operator having died hundred several, as for the corpse the story which is managed ‘as the inspection body for radiation injury research’ in the Fukushima Medical College. With Fukushima first nuclear plant over hundred operators as for whereabouts obscurity lie.”

“The whistle-blowing of the earnest of Professor Seto. However it is, actuality was more terrible.”

  • Operator death person several approximately 4,300 people
  • 300,000,000 Yen oral stop charges to one bereaved family
  • When the mouth you remove, payment in full forfeiture

UPDATE: [intlink id=”just-in-japan-times-it-is-of-great-concern-that-little-has-been-disclosed-about-fukushima-workers” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

UPDATE II: [intlink id=”just-in-fukushima-engineer-reveals-workers-often-keeled-over-while-clearing-radioactive-rubble-removed-by-ambulance-usually-they-returned” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 7th, 2011 at 7:19 pm ET


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50 comments to Rumor circulating via Twitter in Japan: Many more Fukushima workers dead than revealed — Bodies may be kept at medical school

  • Sickputer

    Not surprised…nor am I surprised at the “mild” pneumonia that has struck the Emperor’s granddaughter…

    Journey to Chernobyl: Encounters in a Radioactive Zone (1995 book)

    “Skripka has data on increases in health problems. Among official adult victims, the death rate has increased 400 percent since 1987. Death by cancer is up 300 percent. Breast cancer is up 26 percent. General disease, up 500 percent. Problems in thyroids and other glands, up 400 percent. Respiratory disease, excluding cancer and tuberculosis, up 2,000 percent. Pneumonia, up 220 percent in adults, 260 percent in children. Allergy problems, up 41 percent in adults, 80 percent in children. Incidence of brain cancer, up 350 percent from 1988 to 1991. Genetic aberration, 10-13 times higher in contaminated areas.”

  • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

    So now we know what happened to all those missing workers…

    We’ll probably never really know the extent of the damage, though, thanks to the way the governments of the world are dealing with this catastrophe…beyond tragic…

  • watcher watcher

    What am I missing? There must be a way to translate.

    • oscar419

      Try google translate, that is what I use..

    • Sickputer

      Here’s my translation (of the translation) *;-)

      “It is a lie that TEPCO reported several hundreds names of Fukushima Daiichi workers are missing.

      In fact, those workers died from cardiac abnormalities caused by strong radiation. Their bodies are saved at Fukushima Medical as radiation disability research specimens.

      Tepco feared these deaths would cause a terrible problem for them in public relations.

      The bodies were processed at the medical school Tepco paid a huge amount of hush money to the worker’s families. Although I feel threatened by revealing this, it my duty to inform you of this situation.”

    • watcher watcher

      It’s all right there anyway, I’ll get there gang.

      • Sickputer

        When the lies start unraveling in Japan…oh how shocked will the sheeple be! But watch how the NRC spin doctors whirl into a frenzy and blame Tepco for everything and I do mean everything! Easy target…they are bankrupt and operate in name only.

        The Red Cross money is being funneled to fund their lackluster containment strategies and isn’t going to relief for victims.

        Kinda like Katrina, huh? How much of that $20 billion has BP actually paid out in 15 months? 25%? Yep…

    • arclight arclight

      “Operator death person several approximately 4300 people
      300,000,000 Yen oral stop charges to one bereaved family
      When the mouth you remove, payment in full forfeiture
       300,000,000 or more, the person who is done the promise which is paid it is, it seems. The operator number of people work so far with the luck one nuclear plant, the expressing 100,000 person. The 4 percent die at present time. _ [sono] mostly site on death do mean be, job end person house at die when majority. As for cause of death myocardial blockage. Because also the bereaved family has received oral stop charge, it cannot put out either funeral.”

      thats as good as it gets… about mycadial blockage though..

      “The carried out researches showed a high frequency of
      electrocardiographic modifications in all groups as a function of the
      amount of radioactive cesium in the organism of children and the level of
      territory contamination with given radioisotope (table 1).
      In the areas with level of 137Cs contamination more than 15
      Ci/km2 and its concentration in organism more than 80 Bq/kg
      electrophysiological cardiac modifications appear in the organism of more
      than 80 % of children.
      According the character one could divide the revealed pathologic
      processes into the following groups: arrhythmias and disturbance of
      oxidoreductive processes. Among the arrhythmias mainly the conduction
      impairment of electric impulse by myocardium (blockage of the bundles of
      His, atrioventricular blocks) is occurred. In majority of groups mostly the
      arrhythmias were occurred (table 2). In dependence of diapason of
      radioactive cesium incorporation in the organism of child each group was
      divided into 5 subgroups (table 3). That allowed to evacuate a direct
      proportional relation of electrocardiographic modifications from the
      amount of incorporated radioactive cesium.”

  • Mauibrad Mauibrad

    Yakuza financed power supply in Japan.

  • maaa

    “300,000,000 Yen oral stop charges to one bereaved family
    When the mouth you remove, payment in full forfeiture”

    Thats like $2 million+ to stop one from speaking? Something tells me its senior government member using this opportunity to make money from this disaster.

  • lam335 lam335

    I would not be at all surprised if this is true. The question is how do they get people to continue working for them? The Soviets had to force people.

    But if true, how can a private company get away with hiding/suppressing the deaths of possibly more than one hundred people. Seriously, as corrupt as our government is, and as worthless as our media is, I can’t imagine an American nuclear plant getting away that.

    And regardless how much hush money (assuming that’s what “oral stop charges” means–that translation made me laugh), I can’t imagine SOMEONE wouldn’t have relatives who would refuse to take the money and would get the story of this cover up and attempted bribery out to the media.

    I’m still suspicious about what was attracting all of the crows/ravens on the TEPCO cam video this summer.

    • CB CB

      If you just don’t care about any of this…

      …There’s a good chance Sodium Fluoride is in your water. Sodium Fluoride induces apathy, listlessness, lower IQ and aggression and a general “mental fog”.
      This makes it much easier to get these menaces and enemies of the state to take a shower for example.
      Fluoride Zombies..

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      So much new stuff to pore through here & elsewhere today!-I had spent a few hours last night,early a.m. watching the Tepco cam and I saw huge swarms of birds and wondered wth they could possibly be drawn to that hellish place by also?!!-I’m extremely concerned for my mother and younger brother having chronic nosebleeds for 2 days now and I’ve had that metallic taste in my mouth that I haven’t noted since April again accompanied by a migraine headache which has plagued my whole family as well!So much going on lately that I can’t keep focus on plans,projects,appointments & my wifes seizures have become daily events again after about a 2 week respite…the latest news has my blood pressure up again though too!Maybe I’d better get some sleep before I try to process everything happening at the accelerated rate it seems to be overloading my brain with again tonight! I feel like puking already with just the small taste of food for thought I’ve sampled tonight-I knew those MF’ers were chucking bodies into ovens somewhere & now it seems like the proof & full story might just break anytime now!!PEACE all,Good Nite!(if there’s anything good about it!)

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Oh JB. I’m so sorry to hear that about your family!!
        Hope you check in today and let us know how your doing.
        It’s absolutely criminal what’s going on in Japan.
        My prayers go out to you.

      • Au Au

        Oh man, JB.That is a lot to be dealing with. You have cyber support here. Take care friend! Get some rest.

      • Grace Grace

        JB – I feel for you, it is difficult to remember that this is a ride. Allow yourself the luxury of enjoying your life and the love that you have. We are lucky here as we have that choice. We are here, we chose to know, to fight for all that is good in this world and within ourselves
        Don’t succumb to the dark side, fear and anger lower the vibrational frequency of your being, turn this around into action, empower yourself, you’ll meet real people who will fight alongside you.
        I have found that whenever I have become really anxious about this I make mistakes.
        Love is All.
        This is too important to lose a warrior like yourself, we all need to stay strong, to defend, to fight.

  • lam335 lam335

    Considering how dishonest TEPCO is, I would be surprised if they really are keeping all of the bodies frozen somewhere (I doubt they would put advancing scientific knowledge of radiation’s effects on the body above covering their own asses (the true English translation for the more genteel-sounding Japanese concept of “saving face”). I wouldn’t be surprised if they were burning more than radioactive waste material in those fires that can be seen in the distance on the TEPCO cam videos at night.

    • lam335 lam335

      covering their asses = disposing of the evidence

    • staycalm

      Not sure face is genteel. An honourable death wipes the slate clean after all.

    • oscar419

      Didn’t they pour a crap load of cement in a few places to try to seal up some significant cracks? I dunno, from what I hear cement has been hiding Jimmy Hoffa for a while now

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        @ Oscar 419, -the keyword here is “try”(ed)~I followed up on those items & it didn’t work…btw,no cement involved with Jimmy Hoffa-my “associate”-“Vinnie-The Gimp”,from nearby Cicero,IL told me JH hung on a meathook for 3 days before being ground up & fed to hungry patrons of a Chicago-based fast food chain during a promotional event after a 2 day trip in a refrigerated tractor-trailer from Jersey to the meat-processing plant….lol!

  • patb2009

    4300 casualties * 300,000,000 adds up to over $12 Billion in potential hush money.

    Of course Tepco just got a 11.5 Billion Bailout from the japanese government.

  • bmurr bmurr

    “A little caesium-134 or 137 here or there should certainly not prevent visitors from enjoying what continues to be one of the world’s most vibrant capitals, packed with traditional culture and cutting-edge entertainment.”

    • aldo aldo

      “We are selling peace of mind,” said Kazuki Kikuchi, the centre’s head of advertising.
      Peace of mind! Soon to be right up there with pork bellies on the commodities market?

  • ocifferdave

    George Celente says when the cash dries up for the people on the streets…then the streets will run wet with blood.

    George Celente says we may be looking at the beggining of this century’s World War.

    George Celente…well, I’ve never seen him so angry.

    Fukushima is only part of the cancer that this world has. Only a beggining of a certain part. Wow, do we live in bad times, people. Bad.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    When the bodies start piling up the people will know of the true nature of this catastrophe. It’s worse than a volcano explosion, worse than earthquakes and NEVER gets cleaned up. There are only so many people who will be willing to die for TEPCO when they run out the plant goes into a new phase of horror the world has yet to face.

  • maaa

    Tepco will survive because your corrupt government will be asking you to pay for it. I say jail those who proposed to build the nuclear power station in the first place.

  • NAH, They are just natural deaths….like there are always construction workers who die on the job when bridges are built.

    …Like that guy who was onl the video from fukyoushima….he’s still alive, although he’s walking around emanating a bit of a green glow.

    …He’s gone “Green Lifestyle”!!!!

    red red wine

  • Human0815

    Again a Gossip-Story,
    maybe true and maybe not!

    But there are by far to many Rumors
    spread by Enenews in the last days
    and i think that Enenews need
    a stricter objective Rule for Articles
    otherwise Enenews will lose her Credibility!

    Stop Disinformation and start to focus
    things we can change!

    • arclight arclight

      hi human
      the voice of reason …again
      we can normally get away with it when the girls get their beauty sleep 🙂 …dont worry too much, i enjoy the insights of posters when a thread is lacking in verifiable info… but your posts and others point this out …so thanks! if its too irritating just view iy as the cartoon section lol 🙂 perception is everything!!

  • pg

    At times there was 270r/h coming out of reactor two. 150 at one. While that was going on, there was plutonium, Xenon, uranium, Cesium, mox rods, spent rods, active rods, you name it. At 270r/h your dead in 5 min. You vomit, have a hear attack, then die. There were workers there those days. I seen them. At 135r/h dead in 15min.

    In my opinion, every worker is dead. Its math and science. No one is immune to that much radiation even with equipment and high iodine intake. Remember, this is RADS per hour, not MILIRADS.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I thought the same thing myself-how could those workers possibly still be alive I thought to myself?! The Fukushima 50 it turns out was really the Fukushima 5000!! Those surviving family members who honor the terms of the “oral stop charge” contract have sold their souls to Satan himself!!

  • bmurr bmurr

    did you miss the part in the title that said “rumors” ??? Enenews is read by many in Janapn, and comments may confirm some rumors. I personally take everything with a grain of salt. Our westernized governments is more like that of soviet Russia than people want to admit. the propaganda machines are running at full power.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I’d bet everything I had that if we survive long enough to see “everything” about this nightmare be revealed-the rumor will be proven to be fact! There is just no way that the modern-day Hibakusha,Liquidators,whatever one chooses to call them-could still be alive! Just common-sense & my poor math skills are enough to safely assume the worst. I mean the “Fuku 50” were doing the tasks during the worst of the aftermath of the initial event & then traipsing through the scattered debris from the ensuing explosions?!! They didn’t get the packbots until AFTER human workers made the first trips into the worst areas and I’d been disgustedly noting since March that they didn’t have enough detection equipment to go around & the fixed monitoring stations were mostly broken,likely even before the EQ struck and conveniently so for TEPCO as they were sending people into suspected high-radiation areas blindly. If I remember correctly,they had to have human workers go in with geiger counters with external probes fixed to telescoping booms to “peek around corners,etc.”while manually clearing the path prior to using the robots and then run like hell back out the door into decontamination stations after a couple of minutes of mollecular rearrangement! It all seems to add up now,rumor or not. It’s sickening-in every sense of the word….

  • Grace Grace

    sure it may be an unverified rumour, do we expect an official announcement? Personally, I have spread this rumour amongst the pro-nukers on facebook so they can taste a morsel of anxiety, even if dismissed as hearsay, there is no smoke without fire and I for one am up for lighting a fire under their complacent asses.
    Join me on facebook, IAEA pages, World Nuclear News etc etc, I’d sure love the company 🙂

    • arclight arclight

      +1000 🙂
      have a good dat all … check out nuchs web video now!! and download!!

      • pure water

        When there are dirty tricks with information, it is a fair thing to give publicity to rumours, stating they are rumours. If they are repeated we have no right to ignore them. When you dig for truth, you dig everywhere, naming the sources. Tepco redefines cold shutdown and criticality, measures the results of its own poisonous emissions, with no other indipendant monitoring and gives information which shifts from day to day. Rumours are the most natural thing to appear, and it is highly probable for them to be true, because the official information fails to explain what is happening. Have in mind that those people who wrote this are aware of the problems they may have. By the way does anybody know anything about Moonkai?
        So, I am with the English team here on this topic! It is just a joke, we are all individuals, and nationality is a secondary feature here – simply this time we happen to think the rumours have the right to be told in this situation, when you state they are rumours.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    The people here at ENE are awesome!!- I’d like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my ramblings & offer kind words in response to my many personal issues-including family health that may be directly linked to,or compounded by the ongoing crisis we are all here to address. It’s been raining steadily here and expected to continue for quite some time and I wish my Weller soldering station hadn’t self-destructed yesterday because I really am curious about what the readings of the current rains would hold here in the Great Lakes region? We’ve been going through extreme financial hardships for a while now and I won’t go into it here much,but we were suspiciously denied benefits that would’ve at least provided some basic needs after I started a barrage of critical,even nasty emails & letters and I roasted the EPA at least 3 times a day when the little survey pop-up would come up & I’d use every bit of the character limit in the “other” box meant to describe options not listed in the multiple choices available in the survey(s)!(lol)-The chain of events that suspiciously followed my harsh criticisms & inquiries would probably be of interest to many people here and the impacts of so many “seemingly circumstantial developments” has not been very pleasant at all for me or my loved ones even though they sadly remain in denial or in the case of my ever-shrinking social circle who won’t challenge me directly,but do give me the “silent treatment”& conveniently find my stance & activities an excuse to backstab me! That’s ok too because the “plastic” MF’ers who can’t disprove the obvious must know the truth in their heart of hearts,or they really are that stupid?!!So in closing this “novel”(lol)-I’d estimate I’d gained 3 intelligent,caring,& useful friends for every idiot,or “Fakebook”friend I’ve never really had all along or so it seems?!-(damn,just had a very brief bloody nose myself now & coughed up some blood too,wth!?!)BRB,*Peace*

  • Gentlemen, there is one thing which requires the immediate attention of all of us. Specifically: our future.

    • Grace Grace

      Shima means “island” in Japanese. Hiro- and Fuku- .
      Island, like Hamlet is the island of the cognitive I AM, the ICH in German. The Island of Reil, the insular cortex: emotional experience, giving rise to conscious feelings, empathy, compassion, music and language, laughter and tears, balance and bladder control, disgust and addiction; embodied cognition, what it is be, experience being human being. Interoceptive awareness, the heartbeat, the drum. Limbic body bridge.
      This Earth is our Island in space. We are Islands in our collective experience.
      We mirror, the time is now for us to wake up to our potential.

  • This troubled planet is a place of most violent contrasts — those who receive the rewards are totally separated from those who shoulder the burdens. It is not a wise leadership.

  • ghdeh

    its rumor .hukusima’s a local assembly man writed shes blog .. source unknown
    but she heard to some offical person ….hukusima nuclear worker die 4300
    person.but now this bolg changed text content