Strawberries, mushrooms with Cesium-137 found in Northern California; 5 of 6 items in food chain sampling test have radioactive particles

Published: April 8th, 2011 at 5:59 am ET


UCB Food Chain Sampling Results, University of California, Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering:

Six items were tested: spinach, strawberries, cilantro, topsoil, grass, and mushrooms. Measured in Becquerel per kilogram.

Wild Mushrooms, Collected April 2 in Alameda, CA:

I131 @ 8.4 Bq/kg
Cs134 @ .63 Bq/kg
Cs137 @ .47 Bq/kg

Strawberries, “Best By” Date of April 1, Location Unknown :

I131@ 2.5 Bq/kg
Cs134 @ .69 Bq/kg
Cs137 @ .67 Bq/kg

Grass, Collected April 3 in Alameda, CA:

I131 @ 9.8 Bq/kg
Cs134 @ 6.9 Bq/kg
Cs137 @ 6.9 Bq/kg

Spinach, “Best By” Date of April 8, Location Unknown:

I131 @ 2.8 Bq/kg

Topsoil, Collected April 6 in Alameda, CA:

I131 @ 12.5 Bq/kg
Cs134 @ .99 Bq/kg
Cs137 @ 1.5 Bq/kg

No radionuclides were found in Cilantro from an unknown location

Read the report here.

For infants the FDA set the level of concern at 55 Bq/kg of Iodine-131.

Guidance Levels for Radionuclides in Domestic and Imported Foods, Food and Drug Administration, July 2004:

Infant Food: Iodine-131 @ 55 Bq/kg

Read the report here.

Published: April 8th, 2011 at 5:59 am ET


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26 comments to Strawberries, mushrooms with Cesium-137 found in Northern California; 5 of 6 items in food chain sampling test have radioactive particles

  • Nancy Lazaryan

    Idodine 131 is BAD, the REALLY BAD danger is from the CESIUM, what is the “safe” limit for Cesium? It bioaccumulates and lasts for DECADES.

  • Jose Castro

    According to Wikipedia, “Experiments with dogs showed that a single dose of 3800 μCi (4.1 μg of caesium-137) per kilogram is lethal within three weeks”. So if someone weights 100 Kilograms and ingests 0,41 miligrams of Cesium that would be lethal if countermeasures such as Prussian Blue weren’t taken.

  • xdrfox

    EU cuts acceptable levels

    EU cuts allowable radioactivity in Japanese food BRUSSELS – The European Union is lowering the maximum acceptable levels of certain
    radioactive elements in food and animal feed imported from some areas of Japan to conform with temporary levels imposed in that country.

    The European Commission said all checks so far by member countries “demonstrate negligible levels of radioactivity,” significantly below existing standards….

  • Mothra

    Dear adored nursing mums and parents,

    Your infant’s risks are substantially greater and you should openly know that in making lifestyle choices going forward:

    • Elaine

      Mothra I cannot THANKYOU enough!!

      My grandchild to be is at risk, as is my daughter. If my pleas for taking this seriously will not be headed because it’s from me, then maybe she will take a serious look at it from you.
      It’s the MESSAGE that is important.
      The main stream news is NOT going to tell people the full impact of what is going on.

      Thankyou more than I can say for speaking out about Parent/Child Health.
      You are helping untold numbers of society by doing so.

      I truly do THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mothra

    The EU actually increased their allowable levels acceptable by secret emergency order. That was covered here.

  • Mothra

    Also, I wrote to Oak Ridge National Laboratories for a cross-discipline, multiple pathway approach in risk computation help. Too many “low dose” statistics in too short a time with comparisons of multiple beta ingestion likened to gamma commuter airline flights is just not feasible – especially for infants.

  • xdrfox

    Is it all part of the mis-information to bewilder and confuse until people give up trying to figure it all out and turn off what is relevant !

  • Christopher

    So, just exactly how much cesium and radioactive iodine are we supposed to believe one accumulates on an airplane flight? If they want to compare, they should really compare.

  • xdrfox

    May be coming to a farm near you !

    Japan bans planting rice in radioactive soil
    TOKYO – Fears of radiation spread to rice as the planting season began in Japan, prompting the government to ban its cultivation in contaminated soil as fallout…

  • Cesium is a stone cold killer. I don’t think there is a “safe” level. The only level that is truly safe is ZERO. Please get this mess cleaned up nuclear radiation people. You created this, now please clean it up.

  • Sheeple's Xpress

    Incredible the denial in America. Denial is truly a force greater than all other forces. Mightier than the strongest fortress.

    Isnt it obvious after a month of NO URGENCY that that the world govts are acting in unison in their intention of not stopping this? They created it. It will bring down the global population in a way that their phony UN H1N1 pandemic w/ live virus failed to do once it was fortuitously detected by some of us “Useless Eaters” as they call us.
    Who do you think put all these reactors on faultines in the most seismic area on earth and WHY?? They strategically placed them on similar faults in US also.

    Save us?? Instead, they’ve turned off detectors, confiscated all potassium iodide (weeks before the ‘accident’), raised acceptable carcinogen levels, encouraged contaminated food proliferation etc etc. Closed off every avenue of protection and containment.

    What more do you need to know to face reality? Read Agenda 21, Global 2000, Maurice Strong….
    – UN sustainability means POPULATION REDUCTION.

  • Trisha Springstead RN

    We are on this story here in the US like white on rice. I sure would be nice if the Mainstream Media would freaking WAKE UP.

  • Adin

    It’s so far beyond bad there is no word that really, truly fits. Remember, all radiation is CUMULATIVE.
    Read the UN’s Agenda 21 document and understand what’s really going on is culling of the herd of man. Agenda 21 calls for lowering the population down to a sustainable 500 million, maximum. This Fukushima event is Japan’s BP. Notice how everything they are doing has nothing to do with actually containing the radiation and they most certainly don’t have any control over it. Now they are awaiting that huge Putzmeister concrete pump in order to pump more water on the problem and that water is likely going right into the pacific ocean. The only logical, safe option is to encase these reactors in boron and concrete; it’s too late for more water. Just like BP, those in charge are allowing this to go all out, uncontrolled and uncontained and as slowly as possible to release as much radiation as possible on the global population.

  • anonM

    I wouldn’t hold my breath wating for the MSM to cover any of this.

    There was a time when – even though I knew the government was full of shit – I didn’t give much thought to Agenda 21 and the like, but now when I see all these interestingly coincidental happenings (creating wide spread death and disease) Agenda 21 looks more real to me than ever.

  • Vivian

    The animals that brought this on, see all of us out here as usless eaters, brain dead ignorant floriaded, mental retards that they can push around and control. It has been going on for years and years. Now that they have moved into the final phase of wipeing most of the population off the face of the earth so they can take over…….you and I will now see suffering like we have never seen it before. “He will be a cruel dictatory like the world has never seen before.” read your bibles. Every day it gets more ludicrise and nuts from the US government branches which are now nothing more than the Nazi regime that was flurishing in Hitlers Germany not so long ago. It just goes on and on and someone is in control of it and it is not a large group of people! We are the majority here, and we are either going to agree with our own extermination or we are going to revolt resist and demand accountablity at the end of a rope for all betrayal to the Constitution and laws of the land by politicians and military and legal professionals . What is it going to be ? We probably should decide now if we are going to find something sutiable to ease the pain and suffering coming upon the face of the earth as these insane animals at the top of the human food chain…”manage” the planet. Don’t be lulled to sleep and go awol America.

  • Mike


    3/11 seismic terror : Seismic wave shows clear evicence of man-made quake!

    Japan quakes are man-made!

    Daily quakes at exactly same latitude/longtitude

    Look at this clear evidence of ARTIFICIAL QUAKES

    Artificial earthquakes in Japan by D Rockefeller

    Judaism calendar and magnitude terrorism

  • adelaide


    I am wondering… is the radiation inside the produce or is it on top of the produce?
    Does it actually get into the soil and absorb into the plant?

    please, will a scientist please answer that question. No one has been able to answer that yet! Thank you so much!

  • Anna

    @ Adelaide, Yes, the plants keep sucking it up through the water : (

  • Anna

    …and also the contaminated soil. Over time the particles tend to sink or that is what I saw in Europe with Chernobyl. Then it went into the aquifers. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Michelle

    How long does it take to reach an underground aquifer…say 280 feet down? Does anybody know about infiltration rates?

  • Cesium1970

    Back in March I suggested to avoid giving milk to the infants and was laughed in the face. From my Chernobyl (1986) experience the milk and mushrooms are bioaccumulators so they tend to collect the radioactive materials and posing the higher danger. The I-131 affects women more then men (the women exposed to I-131 are 4 times more likely then men to develop thyroid nodules later in life; about 90% of I-131 tends to collect in the thyroid and the rest goes to ovary and breast tissue). Injestion of 500 millicuries of I-131 acts at cellular level, “burning the cells” and converting them to the dead tissue (used for thyroid ablation for grave’s disease toxic goiter and cancer; the KI tablets can help here), on the other hand low doses ingested on regular bases are acting on molecular levels damaging acids present in the nucleus of the thyroid cells, causing atypical cells, nodules and cancer. It is impossible to take KI in high doses for 70 days (like wearing a gas mask for more then 4 hours!)
    However there are easy steps can help to prevent radiation poisoning from long term low dose exposure for the risk groups:
    Installation of the chlorine removal (activated carbon) filter on your water drinking system will trap I-131(the neutral atoms of I-131 poorly dissolving in water, unlike ions found in sodium and potassium iodides); the iodine molecules are larger then chlorine molecules so the filter can trap them.
    Milk can be processed into the cottage cheese and stored for several weeks; this will reduce I-131 activity levels in that product due to decay.
    As most iodine falls down during the rain, have your kids stay indoors especially right after rain when the water near ground is evaporates (this vapor has high concentration of I-131). Control the dust (it is full of cesium).
    Taking these easy steps now can avoid someone you know to grow up a “madam’s apple” (thyroid nodule) later or end up with “neck smile” surgry scar and lifelong dependency on the hormone tablets