Strong typhoon headed for leaking nuke plant — Over 1 million Japanese told to evacuate — Due at Fukushima in 48 hours

Published: September 20th, 2011 at 7:14 am ET


SOURCE: Japan Meteorological Agency

Typhoon Roke Nears Japan on Track for Leaking Nuclear Plant, Bloomberg, September 20, 2011 at 6:38 am EDT:

Typhoon Roke [is] on a course toward the crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant.

More than 1 million people in Nagoya have been advised to evacuate […] The eye of Roke [is] categorized as “strong” […]

Roke, due in Fukushima prefecture in 48 hours […]

The storm may drop 150 millimeters [around 6 inches] of rain on Fukushima within 24 hours […]

Published: September 20th, 2011 at 7:14 am ET


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35 comments to Strong typhoon headed for leaking nuke plant — Over 1 million Japanese told to evacuate — Due at Fukushima in 48 hours

  • socal stukncali

    so they evacuate 1 million for a typhoon but only what 40000 (someone correct me) people for a triple meltdown? smart

    • SteveMT

      May I also add: …with one of the three reactors containing the most deadly substance known to mankind.

      • socal stukncali

        Yeah so this typhoon will nicely distribute it in the surrounding areas.. if not high in the atmosphere i dont know much about typhoons so i dont know if they can put shit in the atmosphere

  • larry-andrew-nils

    if they can evacuate 1,000,000 people in this much of a hurry, what is 30 times that in a slow exodus?

    • larry-andrew-nils

      and i’ll take one from tokyo.

      i’m open to that. always.

      if someone from tokyo sees this post, i could be your new roomate. i won;t charge rent if you can’t afford.

      i am a good guy.. you can live away from me upstairs i live downstairs you do laundry downstairs
      i prefer someone from tokyo who smokes weed. (i got weed) prefer male because i will get my own wife from canada thank you.

      • ocifferdave

        +1 “prefer male because i will get my own wife from canada thank you.”

      • socal stukncali

        @larry: If youre really serious about that then go on youtube.. there are people who make videos asking for help.. use google translate to talk to them thats what i do

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Morning Enenewsers! Dont know if you saw this:
    OCTOBER 1st Actions for a Nuclear-Free Future
    I’m GOING! Damn straight.

  • markww markww

    This could flush most radiation to the cities along river-ways and to the sea and if the water from the rains hit nuclear there is going to be a KABOOM

  • Here we go again. Sign my petition to the President and congress. It calls for more government support for clean energy investments. Thanks. Lets save the planet.

  • nohobear nohobear

    Sitting here, on a gray foggy morning,having my coffee and contemplating just how radioactive the gray coastal fog is, or the cream in my coffee.

    I’ve had an overwhelming sense of dread the last few days. This was before learning a strong typhoon is about to make a direct path to Fukushima in the next 48 hours.

    Does anyone else feel that this may be the “game over” moment for Japan and the world?

    I suppose I should be furiously stocking up on 2010 canned food, potassium iodide, and powdered milk. But the thought of living in a world where one has to flee indoors from the rain is too depressing. Or that I live long enough to see an unimaginable number of people becoming sick and die. Especially the children.

    I can only hope that the perpetrators of this crime against life are brought to justice, but I doubt they will. Ultimate justice will have to be dispensed by the radioactive poison itself they have loosened upon the world.

    I’ve never been big on prophecies, but are we looking at a great re-calibration of the earth? Will life as we’ve known it even be recognizable in 5 years? I want desperately to think these are fevered imaginations of my mind from having been brought up on one too many “end of the world” sci fi movies.

    If Tokyo goes down, so does Japan, and very likely the world economy. And that’s just the economic damage.

    Just what the hell is coming? Answer: a hell of our own creation.

    • nohobear, you are not alone. yet for many, especially with children, the show must go on. talking to other like-minded others may help some with that scroomed feeling we all have got (or not). As of today I am not going to kill myself, so camaraderie here and there is a bright spot.

      • iwunder

        Hi first time post. Like you I get a sense of dread. But they come in waves. One of the issues me is that the world around me is ie family. Friends. Coworkers. Continue on as if nothing has happened. I look at them eat their cheese drink their milk eating their salads. Eating fresh king crab. Etc and wonder… Was that the gulp that is carrying the plutonium that will kill you.

        I have two kids. Living in korea (am Canadian). (glad to be living in korea). 16 months and 3 years old. I’m following dr apsleys protocol most of time for all members of the family. But worried Am I doing right? I am giving too much calcium. Not enough. Who should I talk to? My pediatrician. Nope. No support there. Definitely feel alone on this one. Sometimes feel nuts because it seems only our family has made changes. Thanks. Sent from iphone

    • BadjerJim BadjerJim

      I feel much the same as you. I try to pass along what I know… but those who will stop and listen all have the same reply: “There’s nothing we can do about it, so ‘what, me worry?'” The rest look at me like I’m an alarmist paranoid… after all, if this were really important, it would be on the 6:00 news.

    • Sickputer

      >If Tokyo goes down, so does Japan, and very likely the world economy

      SP: Maybe and maybe not…economies flex from boom to bust to boom cycles. Witness Germany after World War One. If the radiation is severe enough that the entire Northern Hemisphere is severely effected then yes, the world economy will suffer severely.

      But one country? The Japanese population is only 2 percent of the world population. Sure there will be repercussions in the market, but world wide it will be diffused if the radiation dooes not reach Japan levels in other countries.

      Japan is going to have an even harder time than other countries because the environmental damage is ground zero in Japan. Right or wrong countries will shun Japanese products and even their citizens could be viewed as dangerous carriers of contamination if the damage becomes a MSM topic.

      That trend is already visible in Japan…discrimination against fireworks, bonfire wood…and the social stigma is not unlike how Hiroshima survivors were (and still are) treated by Japanese who did not live in Hiroshima during 1945.

      Will a father allow his Okinawa daughter to marry a man from Fukushima? I don’t have those thoughts, but others do.

    • Steven Steven

      Good thoughts and well expressed nohobear. Hang in there. You are not alone.

  • dpl dpl

    Japan is the new poster child for what can go wrong with nuclear power. They have stubbornly shown us they will not act to save themselves and now they must act to prevent the loss to others..outsiders.
    I believe their culture prevents thinking of others above themselves and so we are stuck. We are not good neighbors we are competitors or adversaries thanks to war time policy and the business culture mindset. A call for HELP is needed to clean it up.The nuke community should respond and show us it can handle it’s affairs or shut it all down until it can.

  • shaktasna999

    I have to hand it to Mainichi. They are at least trying to make an attempt:

  • DannieJ DannieJ


    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Grace Grace

    “If only those nuclear power plants hadn’t existed,” Mina Sato said. “Things wouldn’t have turned out this way.”

    I have room here, I want to help these people.

  • The World’s and Indian Dams, Worldwide Earthquakes and Cyclones Interconnected!
    Rocke is seeing the enormously heated rocks at Fukushima region melting and is pointing straight to Fukushima.
    It happened -the 7.9 magnitude Sichuan quake on May 12 2008.
    It is possible the big quake may occur in the coming days. Other indications are the Japan Region is blank as far as hotspots go, presumably because of the latent heat of melting or because of the cloud cover.
    What about the daily changes in the dam contents in the past few days when the India China Region is experiencing huge waves of rains?
    September 2011
    Note dMCM: Change in Reservoir Contents,million cubic meters from the previous day’s
    MM : Moment magnitude of the peak magnitude earthquake for the day
    Day. dMCM. MM
    6. 10200. 5.4
    7. -6224.77. 5.3
    8. 1586.13. 5.2
    9. 2808.74. 6.4
    10. 6053.49. 5.1
    11. 750.4. 6.0
    12. -2929.81 6.2
    13. 1650.97. 5.7
    14. 1327.66. 6.1
    15. 5611.36. 7.3

  • D. dMCM. MM
    16. 2161.63. 6.7
    17. 19483.51 5.9
    18 -16361.58 6.9
    Just for the 30 Indian dams these are huge changes in dam contents. A taste of what happened:Sikkim Nepal Bengal earthquake of 6.9 MM on 18 Sep. The death toll is increasing and stands at about 100(92) as of now. Looking at the hotspots, the numbers are huge in the South American Region of longitude -52. Note that the shadow region 52 plus 90 is 142, the Fukushima region! The hotspots are intense also in Australia in the region spanned by Japan. north West Sumatra and Japan have no hotspots! Big quake is imminent. Note that on the USGS map for the last week, the number of earthquakes havereached 187 and going down. The countdown.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    From Fukushima Diary today:
    “Melted rods can not be taken out for 1~2 years. One piece of the fuel rods is estimated to sink into the ground at a rate of 17m per year. Therefore, 2 years from now,they may be 34m underground.”

    Powerful typhoon headed toward Japan disaster zone
    AP – 19 mins ago.
    Even before its arrival Typhoon Roke turned deadly, with local media and police reporting five people killed or missing after being swept away by rivers swollen with rain. …

    • … Also in the path of the storm is the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, which started spewing radiation after it was sent into meltdown by the tsunami.

      Takeo Iwamoto, spokesman for Tokyo …