Strontium found 80 km from Fukushima plant — 15 Bq/m² of plutonium-239 and -240 in Minamisoma (MAP)

Published: October 1st, 2011 at 10:35 am ET


Highly toxic plutonium detected in soil 45 km away from Fukushima nuclear complex, Mainichi, October 1, 2011:

Namie registered the highest density of plutonium-238 with 4 becquerels per one square meter of soil. The combined density of 15 becquerels of plutonium-239 and -240 was detected in one square meter of soil in Minamisoma, while 0.82 becquerels of plutonium-238 was detected in one square meter of soil in Iitate. […]

Meanwhile, the ministry said it had detected radioactive strontium-89 in nearly half of the locations inspected, including Shirakawa, about 79 kilometers from the nuclear plant. Because the half life of strontium-89 is only about 50 days, the ministry concluded that all the findings of the radioactive substance were linked to the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Namie registered the highest level of radiation, with 22,000 becquerels per one square meter of soil. [….]

SOURCE: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Published: October 1st, 2011 at 10:35 am ET


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30 comments to Strontium found 80 km from Fukushima plant — 15 Bq/m² of plutonium-239 and -240 in Minamisoma (MAP)

  • many moons

    Do you know what soil your food came from?

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    “The combined density of 15 becquerels of plutonium-239 and -240 was detected in one square meter of soil in Minamisoma”….

    I remember seeing a post on Ex-SKF a while ago saying that a doctor and some pregnant women moved back to Minamisoma to get away from the bad conditions at the shelters. Doctor said it’s safe for the women to give birth there.
    Here it is, from September 6:

    I wonder how those mothers feel now – with their newborns in their arms (hopefully), again being lied to by a person they trusted.

    • Saw this also on some other sites, the past years and many other Asia areas is why I didn’t post although it is still active with new case’s this year ! Dose not mean that it may get a lot worse with people immune systems being compromised by fallout in the future !

  • arclight arclight

    meet the daughter product

    “89Sr is an artificial radioisotope which is used in treatment of bone cancer. In circumstances where cancer patients have widespread and painful bony metastases, the administration of 89Sr results in the delivery of beta particles directly to the area of bony problem, where calcium turnover is greatest.”

    and it becomes

    “Yttrium has no known biological role, though it is found in most, if not all, organisms and tends to concentrate in the liver, kidney, spleen, lungs, and bones of humans.[39] There is normally as little as 0.5 milligrams found within the entire human body; human breast milk contains 4 ppm.[40] Yttrium can be found in edible plants in concentrations between 20 ppm and 100 ppm (fresh weight), with cabbage having the largest amount.[40] With up to 700 ppm, the seeds of woody plants have the highest known concentrations.[40]”

    and this

    “Water soluble compounds of yttrium are considered mildly toxic, while its insoluble compounds are non-toxic.[40] In experiments on animals, yttrium and its compounds caused lung and liver damage, though toxicity varies with different yttrium compounds. In rats, inhalation of yttrium citrate caused pulmonary edema and dyspnea, while inhalation of yttrium chloride caused liver edema, pleural effusions, and pulmonary hyperemia.[6]

    Exposure to yttrium compounds in humans may cause lung disease.[6] Workers exposed to airborne yttrium europium vanadate dust experienced mild eye, skin, and upper respiratory tract irritation—though this may have been caused by the vanadium content rather than the yttrium.[6] Acute exposure to yttrium compounds can cause shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, and cyanosis.[6] NIOSH recommends a time-weighted average limit of 1 mg/m3 and an IDLH of 500 mg/m3.[65] Yttrium dust is flammable.[6]”

    looks like the yttrium levels will be up next year? the phrase on-going experiment, comes to mind here! 🙁

  • arclight arclight

    strontium 90….now that is as a result of nuclear reactions and strontium 89 is created for medical research and treatment….both could be found together but only sr89?? and after we had reports of strontium 90? strange that? now no sr90? scratches head…nice one mainichi!! i suppose you dont want the electrical companies to pull the plug on your advertising revenue…but at least your still chipping away against the 101 dodgy japanese lawyers assembled to do whatever they did in the gulf, no doubt? right… im off to watch doctor who…. its about my level! sorry spock! star trek is a bit dated! lol!

    • arclight arclight

      oh and spock…. i love your work…your sacrifice for the many was outstanding….any chance of getting one of those planet bombs to restart life that brought you back to life?? we might be needing it?
      peace light and love
      a small furry quadrapedal creature

    • arclight arclight


      “i suppose you dont want the electrical companies to pull the plug on your advertising revenue…”

      should read

      i suppose you dont want the electrical companies to pull the plug on your advertising revenue again!

      sorry admin 🙂

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Hey Arclight….
    Original Star Trek pushed the limits of political
    commentary in their scripts!
    There was one episode, i hope you remember,
    where two planets were at “war”, had been for
    a thousand years! The Enterprise showed up, and
    found out the whole “war” was a radio-tv production,
    used by the bankers of both planets, to boost
    economy, and reduce population, while maintaining
    an illusion for daily society, that this “War” was
    actually happening….the “troops” were hyped up,
    and disappeared “In Combat”….maybe we oughta have
    a Star Trek Marathon party.

    • arclight arclight

      right it star wars elenin…prepare to be deleted lol….first this from a well respected journalist! 🙂

      The Fascist Ideology of Star Trek:
      Militarism, Collectivism, & Atheism

      “So what one is left with in Star Trek is military life. Trying to soften this by including families and recreation on the Enterprise in fact makes the impression worse, since to the extent that such a life is ordinary and permanent for its members, it is all the easier to imagine that all life in the Federation is of this sort. Not just a military, but a militarism. In the show, this actually didn’t work out very well. In the beginning, Star Trek: The Next Generation wanted to remind us of the daily life, children in school, etc. on board; and more than once the “battle hull” of the ship was separated from the “saucer” so that the civilian component of the crew would be safe from hostile action. This cumbersome expedient, however, was soon enough forgotten; and we later forget, as the Enterprise finds itself in desperate exchanges with hostile forces, that small children are undergoing the same battle damage that we see inflicted on the bridge — unless of course it is brought to our attention because there is a story with a special focus on a child, as with Lieutenant Worf’s son. In Star Trek: First Contact, crew members are being captured and turned into Borg. Does that include the children? We never see any. Do Picard’s orders to shoot any Borg include Borg who were human children? This disturbing situation is completely ignored by the movie. Star Trek, therefore, cannot maintain its fiction that military life on a major warship will be friendly to families and children.”

      from this well respected journal 🙂

      dr who is a pacifist and he kicks arse!! apart from destroying the odd race or two, but we all make mistakes and anyway they came back, beat that!!…eh!!

      peace 🙂

      • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

        The LawGivers: “Are You Of the Body?”….

        The Nazis of Rome, “Death to ZAY-on”…remember?

        The Brainwashing of the poor ghetto kids,
        rescued by the Enterprise, and the Deathly Angel!

        Sending a cognitive-dissonant message into
        the logic of the rogue-probe, to make it contradict
        itself, and decompose.
        If I was a Better Trekker Geek I’d know the Titles
        of the Episodes.
        James Tiberias Kirk
        King James Bible- Roman(Tiber) Church….
        The ENTERPRISE…free Enterprise?

      • Steven Steven

        Interesting POV there arclight. It begs the question, can the civilian population be completely isolated from the horrors of war? Sadly there is very little evidence in our history to suggest the answer is anything other than in the negative.

        That said it seems clear that the goal and indeed function of the military is to act as a shield for the civilians as far as possible. Our military here in Australia is referred to as the Defence Force for just this reason.

        Typically in any major war resources become scarce and often rationing (food, petrol etc) is one of the first ‘military’ type encroachments on the general population. The armed forces usually do their level best to stop bombs raining down and enemy tanks rolling into the cities, so it only seems fair that some of the deprivation is borne on the shoulders of the non-combatants, when necessary. Curfews, military like discipline in the workplace, etc, which seems outrageous on first view but most submit willingly in light of the alternative.

        I realise that the ‘friends of the earth’ folk typically have a poor opinion of the military. It never occurs to them that many servicemen/ex-servicemen are also ‘friends of the earth’ who feel/felt it their duty to serve their time on the shield wall as ‘friends and protectors of the people’. Some of them come from families with a long history of such service, without which I doubt this discussion would be possible.

        • StillJill StillJill

          Yes Steven,…But the ‘romance of war’ wears off when the wars are poorly defined, not vetted, inconsistent,..”We’ll help this rise-up, but stay silent on that one,…” Surely you’re not confusing ‘war-time’ with ‘play with our new toys, time, are you?

          • Steven Steven

            Hi StillJill 🙂 No I don’t miss much these days, as it happens. But I do remember being young, idealistic, and completely in the dark about politics etc. I doubt if things have changed much since my day, so whatever the intent of TPTB I’m sure many amongst the military both here and elsewhere are simply stepping forward to serve their country in the best way they can, trusting their government (naivety, perhaps?) to also ‘do the right thing’.

            Now, if you want to talk potty mouth about TPTB I’m your man 😀

  • catweazel

    it is nice that they use bequerel for analysis,
    i wonder what the mass of Pu in the found sample is, how much Pu gives 15 bequerel? 0,1 microgram? 1 pound?

  • catweazel

    only to have an idea of particle size, just in case it is dust. and what about airfilter analysis? could be done regular as it is a replacement part, nothing new on that front.

    • arclight arclight

      will be getting a motorcycle air filter that did 20,000 miles (about 30,000km) during the fukushima emmissions with a trip across northern europe…will be getting it after the service in two weeks….should be interesting!!

      point to note
      honda deuville 680cc 20,000 miles with only 2 new tyres and an oil change….well done honda!

  • StillJill StillJill

    I’m sure you’re right about some,…perhaps many enlisted ones,…but you are missing the ‘killers’ among them. They are more than the tip of the iceberg my friend.

    I have a son who is a Staff Sgt. in the marines.
    This is a video game to him,…with a $40,000 sign on bonus every four years or so. He’s 25, has two brand new cars in San Diego, a $350,000 house with a $2,300 monthly note,…two kids and a wife who doesn’t work. The boy can hardly spell his own name. Am I jealous? What do you think?

    Is my son naive? Sure! But, that IN NO WAY EXCUSES HIM!

    • Steven Steven

      I think that what you are basically saying there StillJill is that your son has responded to the reward system which was deliberately designed for and aimed at him, and others like him. Better that than drugs, I would think – ‘disaster mitigation’ again?.. yeah it’s becoming a habit lately.

      There are many paths to the summit. Some ascents are rapid, steep and arduous, others slow and gentle. We need not arrive at the summit all together, on the same day 🙂

      • StillJill StillJill

        Yes,…the poor darned VICTIM. Poor soldier,…..deceived,…given a TON more money than ANYONE knows or believes,…the MSM loves the soldier’s foodstamp pieces,…can’t get enough of those,….. yes,…poor, honorable, deceived murderers!

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Watch this video, copy it down, please….
    Then Steven,
    Watch it again….thoroughly.
    Go over the parts a few times, the ones about
    our proud soldiers not only Raping their way around,
    but proudly kidnapping and pimping-out the
    fifteen-year-old-Iraqi girl, until she hung herself.
    Steven. If I was there with you, I’d make it
    quickly very clear to you that you should
    never again speak, write, nor feel smoothly
    supportive of both your own military FANTASY,
    and the Criminal Military in general.
    Veterans going on about their honorable service
    are just so many white Knickers, son. You haven’t
    enough sense to have the Appropriate Shame.
    Shame on You, proud military Baby Boy.

    • Steven Steven

      Elenin V, it seems you are suggesting that any group by association is to be reviled due to the actions of some small number of that group, in which case you are clearly and rapidly going to offend pretty much everyone here, not just those of us with a history of military service.

      First and foremost I served in the Australian Defence Force, nothing to do with the USA, and I therefore cannot speak for that video. Second, while you probably imagine the tone of your post to be both infuriating and condescending, be assured it actually projects a weakness and negativity of spirit which someone of my years and experience recognises only too well with sadness rather than anger. I can only hope it does not reflect your true self, rather an unfortunate slip of misdirected anger, and badly phrased at that.

      In conclusion, I have no issue with you, but you seem to have some issues of your own due to a prejudice against the military. Prejudice is just that – an uninformed preconception based on stereotypes due to a lack of ability to realise and comprehend the complexity of reality, often based in fear.

    • Steven Steven

      Since we are showcasing movies, why don’t you grab some popcorn etc and watch a historical documentary on, say, World War Two? Or is that also not to your taste? Maybe you would have preferred growing up under a fascist dictator?

      Generations of decent people stepped up to serve and protect – often with dire consequences to themselves – so that people like you can speak freely in places like this. They don’t ask for your thanks, or approval. But whining about it and then insulting them reflects very badly on you.