Study: Up to 900 trillion becquerels of strontium-90 into ocean from Fukushima plant — “Direct discharges of cooling water”

Published: March 23rd, 2013 at 1:35 pm ET


Title: 90Sr and 89Sr in seawater off Japan as a consequence of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident
Authors: N. Casacuberta, P. Masqu´e, J. Garcia-Orellana, R. Garcia-Tenorio, and K. O. Buesseler
Published: February 5, 2013

[…] Liquid discharges of 90Sr to the ocean were estimated, resulting in an inventory of 53±1 TBq of 90Sr in the inshore study area in June 2011 and total releases of 90Sr ranging from 90 to 900 TBq, depending upon the reported estimates of 137Cs releases that are considered. […]

Results of the samples analyzed here evidenced a much stronger influence of direct discharges of cooling water into the sea and the oceanic background concentration, rather than atmospheric deposition. Direct discharges have been quantified on the basis of the estimates of 137Cs discharges and the 90Sr/137Cs ratio, resulting in a range between 90 and 900 TBq of 90Sr.

See also: [intlink id=”study-up-to-47-quadrillion-becquerels-of-cesium-137-flowed-into-pacific-nearly-50-times-tepcos-original-estimate” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: March 23rd, 2013 at 1:35 pm ET


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32 comments to Study: Up to 900 trillion becquerels of strontium-90 into ocean from Fukushima plant — “Direct discharges of cooling water”

  • weeman

    What to say about that I am speechless, I am going to pour myself a nice 12 year old scotch and drink it untill I am oblivious, cause we are well on our way to oblivion.

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      Yep. You can safely drink 12yo cask-strength scotch until 2023. Time to stock up.

      Sadly no more West coast wine. Gotta look for 2010 vintage.
      Lots of good wine from the southern hemisphere to sip on.

      • hogy

        TO: gottagetoffthegrid:

        Why no more West coast wine??? it's not made with ocean water.
        What am I missing?

        • Au Au

          Fallout lands on the grapes and also washes into the soil and then it gets sucked back up into the grapes…for infinity. I quite drinking California wine unless it is from 2010 and earlier. Bummer.

  • Proton

    The truth gets freakier everyday…

    Too bad they won't just test specifically for isotopes other than 137Cs… Comparative estimating… Ugh


      not sure, Proton, if the following answers your question:

      [extracted from lines 17 and 18 of page 2 (2040) in report]

      "Existing 137Cs data reported from the same samples allowed
      us establishing a 90Sr/137Cs ratio of 0.0256±0.0006 in seawater off Fukushima,…"

      Their numbers are based on extrapolations…

  • Mack Mack

    Finally, the "s" word is mentioned. Strontium.

    "Strontium-90 can cause beta-burns on the skin."

    1. The Rongelapese suffered beta burns after the 1954 Bravo tests

    2. Many reports of Japanese people complaining of itching/burning skin after Fukushima fallout

    3. Cows in Fukushima with open sores (beta burns?)

    4. Seals in Alaska with open sores (beta burns?)

    Dr. Saji, former Secretariat of Japan's Nuclear Safety Commission, believed Strontium caused the burns of the Tepco employees when they stepped in contaminated water.
    (excellent site with information-filled updates from Dr. Saji)

    • Mack Mack

      " 'Beta burns' may result from direct skin exposure to strontium-90. For large exposures, burning or itching, sometimes accompanied by a transient erythema, may be noted within the first forty-eight hours of exposure. This is followed by a latent period which may last up to two weeks, after which the affected area will take on the appearance of a mild thermal burn or sunburn. This is followed by epilation (usually spotty) and the formation of skin lesions, which may be superficial and dry or deep and wet depending on the degree of damage."

      • saltyfishlvr

        BP killed the Gulf, TEPCO killed the Pacific, waiting to see who destroys the Atlantic 🙁

        • Mack Mack

          Unfortunately, the Atlantic Ocean hasn't been spared from radioactive contamination.

          Quote from a 1980's IAEA report on radioactive contamination in oceans:

          "One can look upon the nuclear fuel reprocessing plants Sellafield Works on the Irish Sea and La Hague on the English Channel as being the principal sources of the artificial radio nuclides present today in the North Sea and in the adjoining regions of the Atlantic towards the North."

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      Strontium is a calcium analogue and gets incorporated into bones. Long term effects:
      Bone cancer

    • yep, Strontium is truly the Bogeyman…

      Goes right into the bone and stays there, and of course the blood is produced in the bones, and then you get leukemia, which is terrible and deadly, often very quickly.

      You can protect against by loading with calcium (think Tums) but must be done within 24 hours. The liars will never fess up within 24 hours.

      And the Fukushima "water treatment" only takes out the cesium, not the strontium, that is why "they" try very hard to avoid talking about the bogeyman under the bed, Strontium. The Fukushima treated water is thus highly concentrated in strontium.

      They want to dump directly into ocean too. So many fish and shells will have a nice concentration of strontium, and the half life is right around 30 years, just like cesium. The gift that keeps on giving.

  • RADS

    1 element out of 200+, Foolish humans.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Ocean is wrecked, thanks to nuclear.

  • jec jec

    The sea lion pups ill in California are "Stronium Poster Children." How does TEPCO plan to FIX this mess..they can't. Hope the same illness hits them so they have a chance to share the pain with us..and the rest of the world..

  • We Not They Finally

    What's confusing, especially to laymen, is that the article says this is extrapolated from measurements made all the way back in June, 2011. We haven't a clue whether it has since been dissipated, added to, spread further, emissions ongoing, degraded into yet more dangerous radionuclides, etc., etc. And that's ON TOP OF whether the figures have been fudged in the first place. It's seems like every other measurement has "50 times the original TEPCO estimate" added to it. It would be great if someone could give us the BASELINES on all this, and "in plain English." That seems hard to do, even with the honest experts here and there. I mean, even if someone is skilled and honest, it seems very hard to do.

  • CB CB

    207,989 becquerels a gallon.

  • CB CB

    Thats 207,989 becquerels of strontium-90 a gallon if evenly distributed throughout the Pacific.
    900,000,000,000,000 becquerals strontium-90
    There are 187 quintillion gallons or 187,189,915,062 billion gallons of water in the Pacific. (wiki)

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      I bow to your math, CB. Thank you.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      I hope this is accurate, as its an astounding figure to give during conversation. From the EPA; "concentration of 90Sr in water supplies should not exceed 8 pCi/L (0.3 Bq/L)". So we seem to have an ocean with 173 thousand times the EPA levels. immerse the heads of all people responsible in this water for five minutes. After all, no immediate danger.

  • Jason

    (CB) Umm Soooo what your saying is after all that ocean water gets around and mixes and mixes and gets to our west coast with Sr90 there will be enough Sr90 in a gallon to cause measurable and or beta burns on humans and ocean wildlife? sorry not good at big math 🙁

  • Jason

    so when does my Inspector geiger counter start ticking like crazy when I put it near ocean water?? (NWST)

  • I did a pretty good educational post on Strontium, which packs a wicked 1-2 punch. It really is a type to be feared and avoided. It sticks in your bones.

    Seriously, read this one.

  • Sol Man

    We had a innate sense that things would go wrong when the craving for money became greater than the healing power of love for each other and the earth, but in our ignorance we did not know how wrong they could go. Some have destroyed everything.

  • You forgot to mention the airline employees which complained about rashes appearing on their bodies while flying in april2011.

  • ecoguy57

    URGENT! Anyone eating Pacific Ocean fish and seafood better be ready and prepared for this HUGE escalated radioactive disaster that's coming! Readers need to read and act on the radiation detox information in the website called The life you save by avoiding sickness and DNA damage will be yours and future generations of you family!