Study: Type of dead sea creature covered 98% of ocean floor last year about 150 miles off California coast; Unprecedented, was below 1% prior to event — ‘Major’ changes began in spring 2011

Published: December 11th, 2013 at 6:44 pm ET


National Geographic, Nov. 22, 2013: […] “In the 24 years of this study, the past 2 years have been the biggest amounts of this detritus by far,”  said study leader Christine Huffard, a marine biologist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California. […] In March 2012, less than one percent of the seafloor beneath Station M [located 145 miles west of the coast of California between Santa Barbara and Monterey] was covered in dead sea salps. By July 1, more than 98 percent of it was covered in the decomposing organisms, according to the study, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. […]  Although climate change is a leading contender for explaining the major increases in 2011 and 2012, Huffard says that these spikes could be part of a longer-term trend that scientists haven’t yet observed. She hopes to continue gathering data from Station M to try and figure it out.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nov. 11, 2013 (emphasis added): […] Two major peaks in POC [particulate organic carbon] flux occurred over the last 18 mo of the time series […] The peak POC flux in spring/summer 2011 was the highest recorded over the 24-y time series (Fig. 1D)  […] The daily presence of detrital aggregates on the sea floor did not exceed 15% coverage over the period from 1990 to 2007. The highest sea-floor coverage by detrital aggregates measured throughout the 24-y time series occurred between March and August 2012, when salp detritus ranged from <1% cover in early March to a high of 98% cover on 1 July (Fig. 1E). This was the only measurable deposition event of salps observed during the entire time series. Following this salp pulse, phytodetrital aggregates combined with some salp detritus formed another major deposition event beginning in late August and peaking in mid-September. This pulse covered up to 61% of the sea floor (Fig. 1E), the largest primarily phytodetrital aggregate peak recorded during the time series. […] Although environmental variation, such as air temperature and winds, affect the physical dynamics of this upwelling ecosystem, the specific mechanisms behind the changes in food-supply composition and food-web processes corresponding with the peaks in 2011 and 2012 remain unknown. Such increases in food supply appear to change the structure and functioning of deep-sea communities. We already are observing significant changes in populations of benthic fauna […]

Study’s Supporting Information: Sea Floor Megafaunal Community Change […] Over an 18-mo period beginning in spring 2011, the densities of epibenthic animals increased by nearly an order-of-magnitude and diversity was considerably lower. Major faunal changes included a substantial reduction in sponge and other sessile animal abundance, and by late 2012 three holothurian species were at the highest densities recorded since mobile megafaunal investigations began in 1989.

See also: [intlink id=”more-weird-things-along-california-coast-previously-unknown-toxic-algae-blooms-suddenly-proliferating-mysterious-stranding-of-large-squid-covering-12-miles-and-researchers-dont-know-why” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

And: [intlink id=”cbc-news-something-very-odd-happening-in-pacific-sea-creatures-acting-strangely-species-turning-up-where-rarely-seen-related-to-fukushima-crisis-l-a-lifeguard-used-to-be-2-shark-sightings” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 11th, 2013 at 6:44 pm ET


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149 comments to Study: Type of dead sea creature covered 98% of ocean floor last year about 150 miles off California coast; Unprecedented, was below 1% prior to event — ‘Major’ changes began in spring 2011

  • Discordian

    Our worst fears come true.

    Like WNTF and others have said here, we knew immediately. I think that several people, as parts of an interconnected biosphere, could just feel a wave of death emanating from Fukushima. So this is one more confiramtion. I took the day off of work that morning, and when I logged on the net, there it was. The explosion. I was very conscious of something like watching a giant page turn. "This is it, this is the end" were the words in my head.

    How does one reconcile one's life with that? The reports aren't going to get any better. I'm trying the smartass stoic approach, but I don't know how long I can, particularly now since I can't really afford good whiskey any more. 🙁

    • rakingmuck

      Discordian For me its even worse than my worse fears as they did not include all these creatures dying. I can take my own death stoically. But these baby creatures, it feels like I have been punched so hard in the stomach I can't look. But then I to because they have to me remembered. And then I cry. Since I was a child upon seeing a dead cat on the freeway I always said a prayer and still do.Seeing these creatures in distress, dolphins foraging, all dying, there is enough grief in me to filled the destroyed ocean.

      • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

        it's heartbreaking. they've done nothing to deserve this. just saw dead squid all over the beach i used to walk in calif for 15 years. i still want to go back. i still can't believe it.

        • The radiation levels are high here in Carmel by the Sea…since they chemspray we have no dew any more in the morning…at least I can't find any and I'm in the forest near the water.

          My lungs/lips burn from all the chemicals…and feel so sad for what they are doing to our planet and the innocent animals plus very high cancer rates in children, and deaths of babies under 1 year old in 8 western states up 38% after 3/11.

          I trust none of the official story…

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

            It is high time all politicians responsible for all the s..t and industry leaders be held accountable; hauled out of their offices and HUNG for their crimes. If hanging is not politically correct, then put those traitors in cages. Anything less will never account for the catastrophe they have unleashed; of which there is no doubt, whatsoever.

      • Discordian

        Understand that. I am down in GA, between Atlanta and Macon, and watched the BP oil disaster very closely, especially through floridaoilspilllaw. The millions of dead fish around Plaquemines Parrish and elsewhere shook me deeply, bringing up depths of grief and anger I didn't know was possible. I capped that off inside like BP didn't cap the well (if I may allude to Douglas Adams). Went to Clearwater Beach one last time while they were spraying Corexit 6 mi. offshore and got some funky cancerous looking spot on my arm for the trouble, since removed.

        I can't imagine what you folks are feeling looking at what you are looking at. Macondo is a storm in a teacup to Fukushima.

        • Discordian

          Pardon the atrocious grammar in that last sentence. Death may be approaching rapidly, but that's no excuse for bad taste.

          • EX-pose-the-fakes

            Thats the spirit…dont take a rocket scientist anymore to tell us that our lives have very little time left. Be like them titanic musicians playing as they sink, thats what I do every night in my room and when I get lucky to share music with folks…i play my guitar as i watch this ship sink and i'll ride those melodies into eternity like the fool i am who has every word to tell you about this one, but not a damn thing to do/offer to make it different.

            Ill be making a music video to one of my song about fukushima very soon, stay tuned

        • We Not They Finally

          Discordian, BP did NOT cap the well. There were TWO wells leased, Macondo Wells 252-A and 252-B. 252-A was already capped the year before. During Hurricane Bonnie in the summer of 2010, they switched out the two webcams to conceal the still-gushing well. Check long/lat markings in the respective upper left hand corners.

          Matt Simmons (formerly energy adviser for Bush Sr.) tried to publicize that it would be gushing for years ongoing, and was found dead ten days later in his home. We actually do have some American heroes — unfortunately, they sometimes wind up dead….

          • Discordian

            Thank you, WNTF. I am aware. It's still spewing and will only stop when Nature decides it will stop.

            I think I was trying to model that sentence on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ("The Vogon ship hung in the air like bricks don't"), but there was beer involved after a long day at work.:)

            Peace to you and yours.

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

            The kind of hole Macondo made is actually a tear. It keeps tearing further along; like you tear a sheet of cloth. As they fill the hole the rupture just keeps going.

            The entire oil industry is of Satan. Hemp produces far better oil and gasoline which is biodegradable and does not require the incredibly dangerous infrastructure currently in place in the oil based economic paradigm we live in. It is a false paradigm and it is killing us.

            Just as the nuclear industry is killing us, the oil industry is killing us. Oil and nuke, nuke and oil, they go hand in hand and are administered by the same sociopaths; all of it under the umbrella of the International Banksters. It is time to pull the plug on those nefarious ladies and gentlemen.

            All of our energy needs can be supplied directly by the electric generator the planet actually is, and with hemp cultivation and economics. Those two facts; if implemented, can turn the world around and we'd all be rich.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      We need to focus on adapting to this radioactive environment utilizing a plethora of supplements radiation remediation, monitoring, etc. a never ending list but if you insider all the other catastrophes threading our planet good whiskey is one of many ways to adapt, ;>[

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        Vitamin B 17 prevents cancer. The best source is the almond like pits of apricots. They're inside the hard nut. Forget about the pulp; even monkeys rarely, if ever eat that. It is that almond pit which is so rich in Laetrile; that being B17. The other good source are the seeds of apples. The weird thing is; B17 is illegal in Kanada and the Jewnighted states. Hmmm. Do you wonder why, as you hang your bra on a bridge, ladies? Do you wonder why all cancer fighting nutrients and technologies are denied to us, gentlemen without prostate glands?

        Another great technology for preventing cancer is the RIFE RAY TUBE system. Royal Raymond Rife, the inventor lost his lab and most research material in a suspicious fire; just as Nikola Tesla lost his laboratory. Both men were broken after that.

        Good whisky, wine, whatever it takes. My choice is high grade BC bud. Which, btw, also protects my lungs from cancer. And iodine for my master gland.

        I was out on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia last week. At Powell River I checked the water and rocks at the marina. What I noticed was the following: the water was crystal clear. It looked like one could drink it. There was nothing alive in the water. The rocks looked as if they had been scoured with acid. I asked some local Joe Sixpackers who said they didn't see anything untoward. But then, I doubt if they actually look at things closely; with all due respect.

        To be continued:

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          While waiting for the ferry at Sechelt, I spoke with a local sports fisherman who told me quite bluntly that all the information regarding dying starfish and such is a lot of malarky. He told me that he's seen more chum, salmon, and other sports fish than he's seen in years. Three weeks ago he put out three crab traps, fifty feet from shore and when he retrieved the traps, they were full of star fish, including one, which he indicated with his hands, was about fourteen inches in size, arm to arm.

          Sechelt and Powell River are definatly on the West Coast; perhaps they are still immune because of currents and the fact Vancouver Island is just a ferry ride west.

          Whatever the situation, I did warn people with whom I happened to engage, that eating Pacific food products might better be put off the list. Lots of people looked at me as if I was from outer space, this being the first they have heard of any of it; some not even aware there was a nuclear disaster in Fukushima. WTF, eh? Adult human beings, living on the west coast not even aware of what is going on. Is there hope for any of us, given the incredible level of ignorance which abounds? It is very difficult for this truthseeker to live in a herd of sheep who will blindly walk to the slaughter house while merrily enjoying their lattés and cappuchinos and eating some dried out Italian crumpet with is so gouche and in vogue at the moment; while they text each other and check out the latest Tweets about nothing.

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Something I also noticed on the Sunshine Coast; having come from Alberta and experiencing minus 38 at Lake Louise, that temperatures are balmy enough to support shore birds. Sea gulls easily handle 0 degrees, that being the temperature around Vancouver and along the coast while I was there. I hardly saw ANY gulls and only a very few shore birds foraging. There indeed was an eerie stillness along the shore.

            Now, lest you think this rover has only seen one coast in his life; let me assure you, I have been on many coasts all over the world. This time was truly different. I could sense it deep inside me. It was the stillness that caught my attention. I heard not one screech from a gull. Not one!

          • invisible ELEphant in the room

            Fukushima Denial and Suicide

    • Mary A. Johnson

      my co-worker's step-aunt makes $85/hr on the internet. She has been out of a job for six months but last month her paycheck was $18508 just working on the internet for a few hours. original site… http://www.FB39.Com

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        That is wonderful that your co worker's step aunty makes so much money per hour on the internet. Won't do her much good when she's dead from radiation poisoning. How much are you making?

        The rest of us on this thread have no time now, to consider chasing your 'dream'. We're too busy trying to come to grips with one of humanity's most profound problems. We've not time to go chasing geese for a paltry 85 dollars per hour. Your post needs to be placed in a different thread. I find it rather obscene and disgusting you would post this information in a thread so serious as this one.

    • Sol Man

      None to little reporting on msm is no surprise, the corp. is for profit, not human, no feeling, conflicted. Thanks for the tidbits that we are able to get here, Before It's News, and from links that various people put up- like your markww.

  • KidIcarus KidIcarus

    Am I the only one who is astonished at how much the study of science has been corrupted? Not one mainstream scientist is willing to say the F-word. The Nazis were brutal in their media control efforts, but they weren't nearly this good (or subtle).

    The scientists who knew but said nothing will be judged by posterity and they may take a dim view of the cowards.

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      No you are not the only 1. Since day 1 my consciousness, my heart & my sense of morality had me monitoring, learning & sharing info as have so many others. We all have asked the same questions, how with so many agencies & people are there so few whistle-blowers? How is it that the average person on the street has been monitoring the ocean, land & air since the beginning, yet those trained & paid to do so have not? And how could they not use common sense to see that what happened at Fukushima would affect all life forms in some way?

      It hurts to know that so few would stand up & do what is morally & ethically right.

      I can not know what I know & not share it. It is that simple for those of us here.

      • norbu norbu

        Yes from day 1 we wore masks and cloth around our heads and duck taped our pant legs we were nervous. we staid in doors for a few weeks. Outside only when protected. No seafood ever again. We have changed our life's around because of this horrific event, that is ongoing forever…

      • TruckerDave TruckerDave

        I'm glad you are here. Thank you.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      What posterity? For who or what? There won't be anything left alive except maybe the cockroaches. Those that don't give a damn will continue to not give a damn and will continue to blame everyone else — just like Bernie Maddoff still blames the people he ripped off and scammed.

    • We Not They Finally

      KidIcaurs, yes, the scientists and the universities are heavily corrupted by foul grant money. MIT even has "a TEPCO chair."

    • charlie3

      There will be noone left to judge them or remember anything.
      At least the wind will still blow.

  • Socrates

    Correlation does not prove causation. But if others causes are ruled out, and this die – off scenario could be caused by Fukushima, then Fukushima looks like a probable cause.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Badly written, badly researched. Who gets the pay off for this outdated crap??

  • Alpha1

    If people do not think that debris and dead fish covering 98% of the sea floor is significant as to the truth about the incident and the on going flood of radionuclide poison in the sea every day as to killing the entire eco system from sea to shore wow there is an issue with the leaders of the world.

    Hey fuck it lets just study the affects to human life and watch everyone die. That is sick sadistic and Demoniacal as if human life has no meaning or merit. Who the fuck are they and are they human at all and if so they will watch as the very lifeline that they come from dies off just as fast as ours..

    • norbu norbu

      Alpha1, these entities are bad. They want to wipe out all life. They are the worst of the worst. No heart No love

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Why wasn't this info screamed from the rooftops? How dare they withhold it? Their funding should be removed immediately for not warning the public. Do the studies AFTER, but warn people that there is something desperately wrong with OUR ocean. Just maybe some real research would have been done as to why this is happening.

  • Socrates

    Sea lions, polar bears, starfish, benthic fauna, human fetuses as per Joseph Mangano and Jeanette Sherman, all points to a temporal sequence with 3-11 being the starting point. Cs 134/137 and Iodine 131 with aerosolized U isotopes and Pu were spread immediately. If there was some other cause….

    Notice that there were two waves… A bimodal die – off pattern…

    The atmosphere, if Fukushima was to blame, must have been the initial vector; then ocean currents or continuing precipitation; finally currents…

    • Socrates

      East Coast starfish die – offs began in 2010. That would tend to refute the radiological pathogenesis of the die – offs unless there was a documented East Coast dose of radiation. Baffling…. maybe too much ocean dumping of plastic and pesticides and fertilizers. Bee colony collapse (more properly "pollinator population collapse" because the butterflies are gone, too). What is causing such planet-wide death? Chem trails – saw one last night.

      • Cisco Cisco

        Socrates…How's this for an East coast correlation?

        "June 3, 2011 – Infant deaths have risen 48% in Philadelphia since mid-March, when fallout from the meltdowns at Japanese nuclear reactors reached the U.S., according to data published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

        Soaring infant deaths occurred as the highest levels of radiation in drinking water in the nation were found in Philadelphia by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), raising the possibility of a link between Japanese radiation and risk of infant death….."

        • Socrates

          "Raising the possibility……"

          Mangano's study has been criticized for problems in methodology, specifically sampling error.

          I correspond with Mangano and would not say that this study proved causality when it states that it raises a possibility.

          Starfish were dying on the East Coast before 3-11. There have been die-offs in the Carribean in the 1990s.

          it is therefore not conclusive as to the cause. I suspect radiation and chemicals.

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        I was trying to do a search just last night to find out if there were any reported east coast star fish die offs and I could not find any, nada zip, no matter how I spelled it and after pages and pages and pages of google searching. So, if you have any actual factual info about this happening please post the link.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Socrates, all due respect, show me a picture of the die off in 2010 that looked like what we are seeing now. I have looked and I cannot find anything like the melting sea stars pre fuku. I do not buy that these are the same.

        • Socrates

          I did not say the die-offs of starfish on the East Coast were the "same." I said that there have been numerous prior star die-offs.

          Scripps Institute of Oceanography has begun measuring levels of Cesium and will publish it soon.

          I can send you photographs of people surfing without ill-effects. No use freaking out over something that oceanographers do not understand yet. Algae blooms can be very toxic.

          There needs to be a measureable exposure to a known toxin. Toxins are measurable. Unless you can measure the levels of radionuclides on the bottom of the ocean, calculate te exposure of these creatures which are filtering volume of water with levels of radionuclides, and show that sudden disintegration of the stars results, you must consider other causes….

          Take an aquarium, add some radioisotopes, see if the stars lyse and turn to goo.

          I have to prove causation in court with experts witnesses who follow the protocols of toxicology and epidemiology. A mere possibility, rather than a link being more likely than not, is not admissible. Science demands MORE proof than something is more likely than not.

          Lack of videos on the internet is not really proof. It raises some logical inferences for sure. You can draw those inferences if you wish. I prefer to hear from expert witnesses and Scripps andcsee measurements first.

          Scripps reported levels of Sulpher-35 coming from Fukushima so Scripps is not part of the conspiracy.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    Some of your comments beg the question, what do you think those that 'know' something should tell the rest of the people that aren't paying attention? What if there really is nothing anyone can do to stop it, gone past the point of no return, if you will. Is it really in the masses best interest to come unglued? Mass pandemonium, hysteria, societal collapse. I think not, at least for most people, they can find out like we did if they choose, most won't though….

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      It does beg the question…who has the right to take away anyone's ability to fight to protect their life & that of their loved ones? By not speaking up you have determined that we SHOULD DIE WITHOUT A FIGHT…when that right has been taken whom?..who on this earth has the right to determine that? You or I? The president, a corporation???

      It is beyond time for people to focus on humanity & all creatures great & small…not on an economic collapse…in case you haven't noticed …the collapse is happening..all without our help..all controlled by those who will benefit the most. And when people are too sick to work it will collapse further…so to claim that we should worry first about the economy is to be exactly like those that put us in this situation.

      We know there are things we can do to lessen the damage & had everyone worldwide been warned right away there was the chance that there would have been fewer deaths & illnesses.

      And it would have shone the light on the true horrors of nuclear energy. And the names of those responsible would have been known to all…then there might have been justice…that is why there is always the claim that we needn't tell the masses for fear of economic collapse….it keeps the evil in the dark where it thrives.

      • andagi andagi

        Dear MaidenHeaven,
        Thank you for your post. As a healthcare professional, I am forever indebted to Admin and all of you brilliant folks. You all have helped ground me and prepare for the apparent 'inevitable'… my heart aches for the innocent. We must remain collectively focused, strong and supportive.
        Over 35yrs doing this work. Relocated in 02/2011 to PNW to be with family. Following wonderful ENEnews since. Continuing to follow healthcare trends. Will not be moving.
        Facing this with all of you intrepid folks. Miss Risabee, Whoopie and many others… hope they're okay.
        Sincere thanks.
        Take good care 🙂

      • nohobear nohobear

        wonderful post. well said. Indeed, no one has the right to take away someone's ability to try to protect themselves and their loved ones.

        I believe you are correct in that collapse is coming. Maybe in a post collapse world, if there are any survivors, they will have come to a more enlightened state, and humanity may live one day in equilibrium with the natural world.

        But my God, if there are survivors, how they will curse us for bequeathing them a poisoned, radioactive world where once was a garden of Eden.

        • We Not They Finally

          I second all of the above. If we are going to be killed off, we have every right to know how and by who. And yes, there are blanket protections people can do — reverse osmosis filtering of water, baking soda (makes the blood alkaline which resists cancer), lots of anti-oxidants. There are a lot of things people can do fairly cheaply at home. It's good to share remedies. We also like Dr. Mark Sircus ( who is an advocate for patient education and self-empowerment to ward off cancer.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          For those of you new to hollow earth theory, let me give you a very brief explanation and then I will tell you how that fits in with what we are talking about. Bear with me, please.

          This planet was first a molten ball, spinning really fast on her axis. Centrifical forces sent stuff to the surface which eventually built up a 'pastry dough' crust as the planet cooled. This pastry dough are the techtonic plates, which eventually, as they built up mass, held back the other stuff being flung out from the centre, creating a crust, like a Swiss cheese, which is up to 1000 miles thick. As the planet continued to slow down and cool, the rest of the stuff eventually collapsed into the core; a tetrahedronal form, which glows hot like the sun. As the geothermal events unfolded, eventually gasses built up to such an extent, massive holes were blown out of the poles; these were covered up for the last 8000 years and have 'recently' opened up again, adding the built up heat from inside to the outside of the globe, causing localized warming trends.

          Anyway, the Swiss cheese crust has massive cavern systems the size of entire countries, inside of which are the comfortable quarters of the elite, who are moving there, while the rest of us fry topside; eventually returning the planet to a pristine state free of us; and a new world for them.

          An excellent novel on the subject is: A Journey to the Underside, by Gertjan Zwiggelaar. PublishAmerica, Baltimore, 2012.

  • mairs mairs

    July 2012, Ocean off of Southern California teeming with unprecedented numbers of salps:

  • mairs mairs

    So a year ago last summer there was an unprecedented population explosion of salps and this year there is an unprecedented number of salp corpses on the bottom. What is their lifespan? They feed on plankton. Was there a plankton bloom in 2012?

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      You make a valid point. When the tsunami hit the coast, SO MUCH SHIT from homes, businesses, you name it, chemicals of all types, cleaners, solvents, everything washed out. Could this be part of the die-offs?

  • name999 name999

    I must post this evening because I am once again aghast…really breathtaking. First thing is the news report on NPR News of a "Marine Debris Hotline" for the Oregon Coast, which Oregon State was defunding at the end of this year…THIS YEAR. In the meantime no one has heard of this supposed Marine Debris Hotline. Now that you have heard of it, it is gone,
    As if that is not bad enough, there is some genius here in Washington State that is wanting to make a "State Park" at "Hanford Nuclear Site" in Washington. Yes, you heard me right, a PARK!
    MANHATTAN PARK. Sorry to yell.
    Finally, we have the CRAZY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE just wanting to politicize Christmas and ruin everything for us…
    I have to stop crying…but it is hard to stop…our oceans…unbelievable…

    • We Not They Finally

      Yeah, like Boeing in southern Cal. is turning the Santa Susana Labs into a public park. But you cannot visit the "park" without signing a release form because the property is still so contaminated from the meltdown in 1959 which never got any press. (I kid you not. Can't make this stuff up.)

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        When I accepted public housing in Boulder, CO, in 1971, I had to sign a release saying that I knew it was close to Rocky Flats. Of course, I didn't really know what went on at Rocky Flats. And I didn't have anywhere else to go to with my children or any money to get there.

        • andagi andagi

          Dear anne,
          You are one of the most incredible and amazing persons I've ever met… and here on ENENews! You are so appreciated.
          Take good care!
          Aloha 🙂

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Again: I heard not one sea gull from Vancouver to Powell River, last week. Not one! And it was a balmy 0 degrees Celsius. The silence was truly deafening. And the people living there, at least those I spoke with, noticed it. Like living near an airport, eventually, whether there is sound or not, it is white noise. The same goes for gulls screaming their insults at us and squabbling over a dead fish. I did not even sea dead fish. There was nothing in the water. At one point, as I stopped along the shore, I felt as if I was in a horror movie because of the tomb like silence. The coast is no longer normal, that is for certain.

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        Slight editing problem above. I meant to say that not one person I spoke with on the west coast noticed the absence of the gulls. Hence, like white noise … whether the sound is there or not, the locals don't notice the silence.

  • jec jec

    A study shows these same types of sea animals suffered off Japan after the tsumani. While the report at the link ONLY CONSIDERS TSUMANI, its a fact radiation was also involved in the locations. The time of the survey to discover changes..May to Aug 2011, enough time for damage from any of the disasters to have caused impact. This study should be relooked at with an eye to radiation caused affects. At least someone should look at areas affected by tsumani that were out of the area of possible radiation impact.

    • jec jec

      What is meant by the wording from the Academy of Science in all this? The sealife using saltwater for direct use (filling sacs for feet, aka as a direct body fluid), starfish, died. Sealife with contained seawater storage areas, seacucumbers, did not die out in fact they increased. Its got to be something in the seawater..and forgive my poor non-scientific mumblings about sealife..but in a nut shell..sea stars (salps) died..seaslugs/seacukes..didnt. Difference for them..the way they use/contained seawater for body fluid. Probably a lot more diffs..but in a short comment..its what I can observe.

      • Socrates

        There IS something in the water. Organisms that filter water ARE exposed to more of it.

        I suspect that the toxic soup from Fukushima is CONTRIBUTING in some fashion to a cascade of events in sea life of the bottom feeders.

        80% of radionuclides from Fukushima went out to the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean. Currents carry much more. Precipitation brings more.

        Chemicals werecreleased by the tsunami and are arriging in the marine environment. There is an autoimmune response veing triggered in stars which cause them to discard a limb. Echinoderms are usually able tomregenerate arms. The response triggered by Fukushima heavy metals, lack of normal phyto and zooplankton, and other organisms has caused a toxic red tide that is triggering this cascade.

        I have seen certain toxins from bacteria is sushi cause neurological damage that is fatal or disabling. The ocean life is very complex. I have to allow scientists to sort it oug, but I suspect that radiation has altered the marine ecosystem. Just how I do not know.

  • Jebus Jebus

    It wont be long before they have to use hydro to light that state park…

    Report calls Northwest's lone nuclear plant a money drain

    Group: Shutting down Richland nuke plant would save money

    Keep on speaking up and speaking out. Take the money away.

    We're going to shut all the f$ck$rs down…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Is the death of all the biological life and the entire Pacific Ocean worth what this industry does for us?

    The answer is no! 🙁

    It's time to shut this entire industry down worldwide! Where are the wise humans hiding?

    Millions of human deaths will be the end game and do any of us still alive want to play this end game with any of these Nuke Puke boys and girls anymore?

    The answer is no! 🙁

    Ergo: Shut them all down and do it right now! 🙂

    • KiloCharley KiloCharley

      obewan, Agreed! And to that end I hope people can take a few minutes to sign some of the important petitions on this matter being presented in the FORUM: Petitions, Ballot initiatives section on this site.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        @Obe and Kilo…

        Link to show Sea Lion Mortality in California.

        I have a friend who works in Sea World San Diego….they aren't allowed to implicate Fuku in any of their rescues. This year was a record for rescues of malnourished sea lions. Now news is starting to come out in MSM & they are "considering" it could be due to an "after effect" from the 2011 tsunami debris, but still aren't allowed to consider the "R" word radiation.

        I had always hoped I was overreacting and my dread was misplaced, but with each headline I see the end is not near, it is here. Just a matter of time now.


        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

's all very sad.. 🙁

        • KiloCharley KiloCharley

          newsblackoutUSA, Wow! Thanks for that info. The rise in 2013 is staggering, and that is just the first 5 months! I need to study the link more. It is not just a shame the restrictions imposed on agencies that see something out of the norm. It is criminal!
          "newsblackoutUSA" well that just about covers it!

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        We have to go beyond petitions. We actually have to organize a posse and go into the offices of the vipers in charge and haul them out with ropes around their necks. What happens next is up to a court of the people. I say we hang them. But, then, I'm not very politically correct, as you likely have noticed, those of you who have read my comments here and there.

        It is time for accountability to begin.

  • elenews

    @Discordian, this is my first post here also. Amazing to find just one other person in this state who is aware! Just like you and others, when 3-11 happened it felt like a gut punch. It was the first day of our vacation and I hadn't heard anything due to all our rushing round, but at around 11 am EST I swear I felt the earth jump and it made me feel odd. My spouse was concerned that I was ill. Later that day in our room I heard. I remember watching the same damn story over and over. 3 total meltdowns with god only knows how much fuel there in an industrial nation? I knew it then. But I kept turning off the TV and thinking 'they will fix this , they have to'. It was vacation, not a time to ponder that. But I still knew.

    Later on there was news out (lies) they had achieved cold shutdown. I said hooray and promptly, gratefully, forgot about the whole thing. Until some jerk on Apple insider mentioned this website in sept or oct this year. So I have been rushing through the grief stages because this really is the end. It's common sense. I think I'm still at the bargaining stage though.

    I wonder why most of you are stuck in the anger phase, it's understandable to be angry but how long are you gonna call everyone muderers? I think Michio Kaku had it right, some civilizations don't make it past stage zero, when they discover higher physics and don't have the sense to stay away from radionuclides. They just wink out of existence. Uh that would be us barring some…

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      I think we will be calling them murderers..until justice is applied..
      The nuclear contamination is forever..pursuit of justice the same.
      Move on to what..?

      • We Not They Finally

        When someone coined "the five stages of grief," that was for some whatever personal loss, you grieve, you get through it, and you move on, because there is still more life to live. With the death of a civilization, it doesn't quite work that way.

        It's hard to work past the ongoing rage. But one does not even have to be consumed with rage to call them "murderers." They are. And so long as it is a plastic world with suppressed news, let's keep saying it.

    • vicky13 vicky13

      Welcome to the group Elenews!

      I am angry as hell.

      I don't want to be in a Type 0 civilization (swamp civilization). I had great hopes our species would *at least* evolve to Type 1, before I shed my "meat suit", and head back to where I came from.

      That pisses me off the most!

      I am also enraged for the other 300 million or so species we share this tiny planet with.

      In fact I feel more pain and anguish for my animal brothers and sisters, than I do for my own swamp civilization species.

      They are murderers straight up. Only consolation is they are gonna get messed up just like everyone/everything else on this world. But their KARMA is BLACK so they will re-incarnate as something as low as SHIT somewhere. Hopefully back here so they can suffer again.

      So Mote it BE., hehehe


      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        I think a discussion about appropriate response might be in order.
        Too much..too little..too soon ..too late?

        Anger..being bred 'politically incorrect'?

        • vicky13 vicky13

          They need an army of international experts,, and a money is NO option attitude.

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          I think anger is totally appropriate and right. Anger promotes action as opposed to sitting in a corner and crying..even if some night I cry, other nights I get angry and share links everywhere and try to share the story with friends and neighbors and even strangers. We each have to "move to action" to do something. Something is better than nothing.

          • KiloCharley KiloCharley

            PurpleRain, Agreed. 100%. And so may I ask that you visit the FORUM: Petitions, etc. on this site and make your voice heard? "We each have to "move to action" to do something. Something is better than nothing". Very well put, now DO SOMETHING! Please. Make your voice count. I am independently speaking and not connected with ANY of the petitions, period.

    • charlie3

      Elenews, welcome to the club of those who have realized how bad and unfixable this disaster is.

  • robz

    alwa days welcome elenews

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Move on to intelligent wall paper?

    “In the future, your wallpaper will be intelligent,” Kaku predicted."

    Science fiction-style technology will be part of future, Kaku predicts
    Sept 23 2013

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "They just wink out of existence."..Ya..being led by dull bulbs like him.

  • elenews

    Sorry if I sound so detached. I'm struggling mightily with this as the rest of you are. I worded it clumsily in my first post, it's not that i don't call them murderers, they are far worse than that. My point was ….probably pointless as was pointed out above. I don't know what to say.

    I guess it doesn't matter to me whether the perps are japanese or American. We monkeys just think we can get a nuke phd to consult with an engineer and turn these power plants over to council? It's horrible outrageous and stupid but I'm kinda DONE with that train of thought.

    The interesting part of this site for me now is the rare technical suggestion. I hope there are more suggestions. I hope there is a way out of this mess.

    • Bones Bones

      You can't delete a post, and we all say stupid stuff. I woke up early and read all these. It really is quite heavy man. We already know the perpetrators of the nuclear hoax. They are above the law because they can give politicians the holy bomb. You realize Fukushima is the largest dirty bomb in human history. That's just worded different, without the direct intent to kill, but through negligence and poor choices. It's 100% murder, maybe not pre-meditated though. lol Who knows though? The Japanese are just as screwed as we are man. This all goes back to Nazi Germany yet right? That's where the bomb came from. So, are we still paying for WWII? Last part random though. Back to bed for a couple hrs. Fucking sad is all I can say ele.

      • charlie3

        Yes, this is a continuation of WWII – the whole paranoia between nations is, the US military-industrial complex, the nuke industry, etc…

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        Adolf Hitler was vehemently opposed to the nuclear industry.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          The continuation of WWII because you all fought on the wrong side and were duped by the Communists amongst you. WWII would have resulted in a paradise on Earth without a nuclear power industry and life enhancing technologies of the highest order if National Socialism had won the war. Alas, the one of the greatest statesmen the world has ever had; someone as great as Alexander of Macedon, Julius and Augustus Caesar, and Marcus Aurelius, was ganged up on by a group of sociopaths mythologized to be heroes of Demon ocracy, (sic): Churchill, Rosenveldt, and Joe Stalin. If National Socialism had succeeded, non of this s..t would be and we would not now be bemoaning the loss of our beautiful Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

          Yeah, people, those of you still using the NAZI word to denigrate what would have been your salvation, wake up and smell the manure which has been spread all over this planet by they who invented the nuclear bomb in the first place. It was not the NAZIS, it was JEWS!

          Again, I repeat: Adolf Hitler said NEIN to nuclear power and the bombs it is meant to generate.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Hitler killed millions and he had an atomic bomb production plant and testing in Japan and North Korea. No one wants to live with the Nazis who just kill off anyone they want to including many different groups of people.

            • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

              Oh, for Pete's sake, Anne. Give me a break. Your ignorance of history is showing; with all due respect. I would rather be living with NAZIs than with the current crop of sociopaths running the world. Had National Socialism succeeded we would not be writing comments regarding this nuclear disaster in Japan.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                What you really mean is that if the Nazis had won the war, we wouldn’t have had freedom of the press, and we wouldn’t know what was going on. The Nazis were quite instrumental is producing the nuclear industry in the US.

                This is really off topic. Please continue your totalitarian remarks in the off-topic section. Rehashing WWII is just a distraction from the topic of this thread.

                The worldwide nuclear industry is so obviously fascist your remarks are totally contradictory.

                Open mouth, insert foot.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          The continuation of WWII because you all fought on the wrong side and were duped by the Communists amongst you. WWII would have resulted in a paradise on Earth without a nuclear power industry and life enhancing technologies of the highest order if National Socialism had won the war. Alas, one of the greatest statesmen the world has ever had; someone as great as Alexander of Macedon, Julius and Augustus Caesar, and Marcus Aurelius, was ganged up on by a group of sociopaths mythologized to be heroes of Demon ocracy, (sic): Churchill, Rosenveldt, and Joe Stalin. If National Socialism had succeeded, non of this s..t would be and we would not now be bemoaning the loss of our beautiful Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

          Yeah, people, those of you still using the NAZI word to denigrate what would have been your salvation, wake up and smell the manure which has been spread all over this planet by they who invented the nuclear bomb in the first place. It was not the NAZIS, it was JEWS!

          Again, I repeat: Adolf Hitler said NEIN to nuclear power and the bombs it is meant to generate.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            This is a double post. Please see my response to the original post just above.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            For a Nazi to use the cognomen "Emmanuel" which means God with us, is a contradiction to both Christians and Jews. Killing Bonhoeffer one day before the Americans seized the concentration camp he was held in, is just one example.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              Holocaust victims
              “…While the term Holocaust victims generally refers to Jews, the Nazis also persecuted and killed millions of members of other groups they considered inferior (Untermenschen), undesirable or dangerous.
              The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) states: “The Holocaust was the murder of six million Jews and millions of others by the Nazis and their collaborators during World War II."[1]
              In addition to Jews, the targeted groups included Poles (of whom 2.5 million gentile Poles were killed) and some other Slavic peoples; Soviets (particularly prisoners of war); Romanies (also known as Gypsies) and others who did not belong to the Aryan Herrenvolk "Aryan master race"; the mentally ill, the deaf, the physically disabled and mentally retarded; homosexual and transsexual people; political opponents such as communists, social democrats and socialists; and religious dissidents, i.e. members of Jehovah's Witnesses.[2][3] Taking into account all of the victims of Nazi persecution, they systematically killed an estimated six million Jews and mass murdered an additional eleven million people during the war. Donald Niewyk suggests that the broadest definition, including Soviet civilian deaths would produce a death toll of 17 million.[4]…”

            • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

              I am not a Christian, albeit that Jesus of Nazareth is my older brother and sovereign.
              Christianity is a religion invented by the Jew, Saul of Tarsus and was foisted on people in the western world with strappados, bonfires, glowing 'blessed tools,' and other abominations until they finally go the message; Jews are specially chosen by God who hung My Brother on a cross.

              I am certainly NOT a Jew, either, obviously.

              So, if there is a contradiction in your mind, Anne, well, so be it. I AM THAT I AM, Emmanuel. Amen.

            • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

              I am not a Christian, albeit that Jesus of Nazareth is my older brother and sovereign.
              Christianity is a religion invented by the Jew, Saul of Tarsus and was foisted on people in the western world with strappados, bonfires, glowing 'blessed tools,' and other abominations until they finally go the message; Jews are specially chosen by God who hung My Brother on a cross, the single most significant lie ever told on this planet.

              I am certainly NOT a Jew, either, obviously.

              So, if there is a contradiction in your mind, Anne, well, so be it. I AM THAT I AM, Emmanuel. Amen.

  • Sol Man

    Love begets respect and honesty, but think, too late.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Love could have taken us the way…
    Brought on the.. 'paradigm shift' seen in the dreams of the people.

    LOTTA LOVE / Nicolette Larson (Audio)

  • robz

    but yu need moneay to build an army off international profis without the thnknof creationg war in ths case :and goes.

    pls stop talking shit the hole tinme

  • robz

    we know what me must do : and the reactors still goin : stuipid folks….. .

  • EX-pose-the-fakes

    Not to be to real but, this is earth afterall, does anyone else remember what it is to be soul?

  • robz

    we are blind.

  • robz

    (ccritic) sry server trubles now

  • name999 name999

    we were not told when these three meltdowns and untold numbers of other meltdowns have happened. But we felt it. gives validation to many people.
    Michio Kaku is amazing…he is trying to talk to regular people about something they do not understand…his books wake people up…
    And Karma…humans should not even use that word…karma is divine, not human…we abuse the word.

    • Ourself Ourself

      Karma may be a natural law, but natural laws are all very simple. Karma is momentum; for example, our civilization has been heading in the direction of self-destruction for so long, there is so much momentum, that now it is hard to stop.

      I can understand why the psychopaths who caused this wouldn't care, they're psychopaths. What surprises me more is how many people have the information right in front of their face and still refuse to acknowledge it. The truth has been slapping them in the face since they were born and are still oblivious to it. Truly astonishing.

      • charlie3

        Fukushima and people's reaction to it have taught me a great lesson about the human need and capacity for denial.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          YES..but those in the know..should share with the world what they consider appropriate response.
          There is a myriad of emotions involved.
          Still..when we caution the people not to panic.. we need to offer other mechanisms that might help them cope.
          Strengthening one's rationale.. and temperment.
          Things like that.
          Ideas that I can not got in to at the moment.. aiming all strength and wits..towards resistance.
          Hopefully.. a conversation of this type.. will drift softly across this board..

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Michio Kaku is a major inspiration for me. His book, Visions, How Science and Technology Will Affect the 21st Century was a major influence and prompted me to throw away a six figure income job in order to pursue writing full time; since entertainment is the growth enterprise for this century; that and travel. I am now writing my 18th book; seven are published; one of my plays won a literary award and was produced. Thank you dear Michio; you amazing philosopher; you are a modern Socrates; most assuredly. Being as you are of Japanese descent, it must pain you even more profoundly to see your country being slowly eaten up with radioactive poison. I feel a profound sorrow because we have lost an ocean, but we have also lost a unique and amazing people. I doubt if the Japanese peoples' DNA will survive this onslaught.

  • name999 name999

    …and who ever heard of salps…wtf is slaps…they are saying big globs of jellyfish but what the topic is is starfish…seastars..that are turning to goo, just dying, and every time I type seasalps…if I don't make three spaces it turns into the word saps, sapls, slaps…but I am not talking about slapping, but this new sea creature, sea salps…say that five times…

  • hummina shadeeba

    I havent read from the top to bottom of all written here but i think a lot of our not knowing what could happen… And where are our oceanogrophers who can give us news other than ene's? I mean theres a lot of people who are connected with this site from all types of science backgrounds…wheres an expert with a tool looking for the 130 or 1300 radioactive isotopes that are possibly out there? And whos testing fish and the other life. Or better yet whos going to step up with a better plan than the ice castle? Nobody? We're in too much debt maybe. I mean not for a war. Id be much cooler if i knew what was going on with the sea. The air seems pretty covered. But then the whole science of nuclear physics is new to me. Id like to read about our government's monitoring?! but likely will have to wait for the freedom of information act to deliver it.

    And everything happening might be the result of some other puddle of crap we've left, radioactive or not.

    I dont want all the people who give a damn crying the earth is falling too soon.
    Hopefully there'll be a bigger forum of scientists looking into this…and then they have strong evidence of bad things, we the people get upset and push and boom and handclaps and a bunch of politicians smile and we move on to the next thing.

  • name999 name999

    …yes, that is all true, but I think when you are new to this, one can and tries to be optimistic…it is flight or fight. But eventually it sinks in that this is really happening and we can't unring the
    bell…do not ask for whom the bell tolls…

    • KiloCharley KiloCharley

      Triple 9, It is true one cannot unring the bell, the world must come together, top scientists from all countries need to make this top priority to mitigate/minimize the damage. The nuclear genie IS out of the bottle, and now we must either find a fix, or just go ahead and lay our heads on the chopping block. Defeatism is not human nature, it is learned.
      Food for thought…

  • Jebus Jebus

    I am here for what I believe in. Life.
    I am of this Earth. I am only one.
    I am not the only life she gives.
    I am indebted to her, for all she gives.
    I owe it to her, to fight for life.
    She has enlisted me, to fight for life.
    She is worth dying for. Life is worth dying for.
    I will never give up. I will never give in.

  • name999 name999

    …Jebus, obewanspeaks…moving video…the real thing…

  • hummina shadeeba

    There may be stockpiles of crap and tons rigged to blow as warheads but….
    We could get a good scare from this and if we get enough self-respect we could do something about all of it.
    All of it.
    What will they say of our democracy, that we were controlled by money or too lazy to stop the money from controling?
    I hear theyre going to make some new reactors in this country! Seems people these days suck. Sell outs.

  • vital1 vital1

    They put this event down to global warming.

    The vast majority of the large multiple species die off reports I have seen, are from Northern America, and the Pacific Ocean. This geographical evidence strongly points to the continuing Northern America radiation fallout, and Pacific Ocean contamination, caused by the ongoing Fukushima Nuclear disaster.

    We have to do more than just comment in these forums. The more people we educate the sooner change will happen. Educated people will take informed action, and cause change.

    This is not just about us. What we do as individuals now will affect multiple future generations for centuries to come, plus all life on this planet.

    Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is
    quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, Facebook it, Twitter it, or email it. Think outside the box, put it on public notice boards, hand it out to people, or put it into letter boxes when you go for a walk.

  • We Not They Finally

    It was "climate change" that did this in just one-two years? Well, the climate will be rapidly changing NOW. Those tragically decaying organisms throughout the sea will be giving off methane. Don't blame CO2. That just makes the flowers grow.

  • razzz razzz

    I guess Kenny-I-sit-on-the-fence at Woods Hole didn't think this event was important enough to mention. I wonder what else he thinks needs not be mentioned?

    The next person not to mention incidents of importance will be the new talking head Barret because it does not fit the nuclear industrial agenda.

    They would try and prevent upwelling if they could, easy as trying to stop Fukus' Daiichi fallout.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    It is mind blowing when the cause of increased methane levels in the atmosphere are clearly stated and linked to contamination. Being able to see what the true cause of mass ecosystem collapse is both enraging and incredible at the same time. I'm amazed that "scientists" cant seem to explain or don't have a major hard on for researching this nuclear catastrophe. They won't come out and say it until EVERYTHING IS GONE AND WON'T COME BACK.

    • Sol Man

      Short-sighted people looking at their cash flow only and not the fact that humans are part of the ecosystem, too. They're all frauds that have turned their back on the individual sovereignty and Principle; they don't care. Their corporations take care of them.

      By the way, the fraud is real so the debt is not.

    • Bones Bones

      It really is. There are obvious PR campaigns out there, but I'm just ashamed that any American scientist, who should pride themselves on spreading truth and knowledge, would go along with such ignorance or outright lying by never, ever mentioning Fukushima radionuclides. A man was just interviewed who specifically said, "We aren't ruling radiation out, but we clearly are not ruling it in." It seems the only places that see this first hand, have the money to do testing without needed corporate donation or gov't, and usually left alone enough to do their work and publish results. I don't think any "scientist" or "expert" ever interviewed on TV news will say Fukushima is the cause…ever. At least on any GE owned stations! lol

  • Vorith

    That's right Bones. A major issue with our dilemmas down here are the complicit and or willing lackeys.

    Did I read it right that there were folks who felt, prognosticated, the events at Fukushima? I won't rule that out but ain't it curious in light of the Daily crap that goes down. Oh I didn't sense that massacre but did get vibes from some disaster in waiting.

    As for the star fish etc., no one is mentioning MEOR'S, or gene tweaked bacteria. They are spreading… and they are alien. Take note Bones.

    Now truly, isn't that old Doctrine of Karma ridiculous!? We see, finally, what that was really about. Don't rock the boat (owned by vested interests) or else.
    More wisdom from just above needs repeating, "the fraud is real so the debt is not."

    But seeing They plan things far in advance…. it's safe to assume all that is happening today is part of the agenda – for not just the NWO but a complete refresh of the planet. It has been said They already have all they need to clean up the planet. But they won't use that stuff until they get the rabble down to a "sustainable" level.

    Well, in essence, we are in or entering a perhaps semi permanent war time scenario.

    Hey history buffs. Note Germany, with WWI & II. Two majors. And Japan get's seriously nuked twice (1945 & current). So, what is it about countries, say like Bohemia, that are Never in the news?

  • Nick

    Nobody can experience what another individual is feeling. Nobody has the right to tell others to NOT
    be angry, sad, happy, etc.

    Our feelings and experiences are personal.

    If someone is pissed about the nuclear global cabal, let 'em rail.

    It gets old when we try and usher each other to different states of consciousness, we can only do that for ourselves.

    I have days when love seems so easy to utilize, in myself and with others around me. Other days I am beyond gloom and doom and generally am impatient with most of the clueless humans around me.

    Fukushima is something that is affecting us all whether we admit it or not. On a molecular level I bet our very neuro-transmitters are being altered, the indol-amine molecules share electrons and maybe gamma/beta energies are screwing things up.

    Of course I can't prove this, just my instinct kicking in.

    The macro = human idiocy of warfare/nukes/etc. The micro = our very brain waves, oscillating just a tad differently in ways we can't quite pin-point or reconcile.

    GMI is here. Global Mass Insanity.

  • Mack Mack

    Listen, it's hard NOT to attribute these strange occurrences to Fukushima when ALL of the articles on sick seals, walruses, birds, algae, sardines, starfish, etc… say something like this:

    * never seen before
    * beginning in spring 2011
    * first time ever seen
    * like none ever recorded
    * never seen anything like this
    * never before in state history
    * unprecendented
    * experts baffled
    * really weird
    * very strange
    * extraordinary events seen recently
    * previously unknown
    * something fishy is going on
    * never seen anything like it in 50 years
    * nobody's seen this
    * sea creatures acting strangely
    * species turning up where rarely seen
    * surprisingly high mortality
    * high rate of embryo deaths
    * bewildering
    * never observed before
    * none of us had ever seen anything like this before
    * 60% of species are sick or dying
    * sailor: after we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This study 150 miles out..
    Anecdotal evidence..of a much larger dead area..
    It would be 'interesting' to know..the real extent of area involved..
    I will say this.
    (98%..of an area would mean a surrounding area..with some percentage of involvement.

    150 geological distance.. is one office over..

    Sailor: “After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead” — Nothing alive for over 3,000 miles — No longer saw turtles, dolphins, sharks, birds — Saw one whale, it appeared helpless with big tumor on head
    Oct 19 2013

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    150 office over..the same can be said of Tokyo from Fukushima Npp.

  • Sparky Sparky

    Welcome Enenews visitors! Note this article has 31,000+ views. Could people be finally waking-up and concerned?? I hope so as we need a worldwide response to stop the spread of this nuclear poison and shut down the nuclear death machines, their overlords and pimps.

    • bo bo

      I think this is why enenews is slow right now.
      And watch out for NSA sending out trolls on this thread to sabotage information dissemination… everyone guard this thread, no off topic stuff, no posting without credible links, no ranting (I admit, I'm always the worst with all that! )

      Admin, please remove spam from this thread

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Does 54,000 views indicate critical mass social interest when FDNPP contamination reaches your west coast beach?

  • Nick

    In May 2013 UNSCEAR reported that "Radiation exposure following the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi did not cause any immediate health effects. It is unlikely to be able to attribute any health effects in the future among the general public and the vast majority of workers."

    For whom the Troll Trolls……..

    So according to UNSCEAR and WNO Fukushima ain't really all that bad………

  • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

    Not one gull screeched.