Japan Study: Fukushima fallout “unlike the past nuclear accidents” — Radioactive silver prominently observed

Published: March 27th, 2013 at 10:08 pm ET


Title: Observation of gamma-rays from fallout collected at Ibaraki, Japan, during the Fukushima nuclear accident
Source: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
Authors: Jun Saegusaa, Yasuaki Kikutab, Hitoshi Akinob
Date: July 2013


Gamma-ray pulse height distributions were measured for a fallout sample collected at Ibaraki, Japan, during the Fukushima accident in March 2011. The fallout was collected in a pan of water and then evaporated to dryness on a stainless-steel holder. The sample was measured by a germanium detector three times over a year. In the pulse height distribution of the initial measurement, approximately 140 peaks were observed in the 50-2048keV energy region. Most of these peaks were either total absorption peaks or sum peaks of Te, I or Cs isotopes. Unlike fallout samples at the past nuclear accidents, nuclides such as Ce and Ru were not detected whereas 110mAg was prominently observed. The radioactivity concentration of 137Cs was determined to be at least 1.4×104Bqm-2, approximately 14% of which was attributed to rainout.

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Published: March 27th, 2013 at 10:08 pm ET


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50 comments to Japan Study: Fukushima fallout “unlike the past nuclear accidents” — Radioactive silver prominently observed

  • And, even "past nuclear accidents" (i.e. Chernobyl) may have been much more severe than advertised:


    "VERCELLI – This northern Italian city is more than 2,000 kilometers away from Chernobyl, so it’s almost impossible to imagine how the very same radioactive particles ended up here — or in the innards of 27 wild boars.

    Caesium-137 is a radioactive isotope, formed by nuclear fission on nuclear sites. The particle was infamously released into the environment during the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

    The Milan daily Corriere della Sera reports that 27 samples of wild boar tongues and diaphragms from the 2012-2013 hunting season had been analyzed, which led to the discovery of the elevated levels of the caesium-137 — levels that are consistent with a nuclear accident. "

    • Published on 2013-03-27 22:29:53

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        It's apparent, at this point, that there are no food products that are radiation-free, only degrees of contamination that are not measured.

        Worldwide genetic mutation is assured, and Fukushima is only the latest in a soon-to-be long line of nuclear disasters.

        How much are they really hiding?

      • Usefulbreather

        I read where the Italian Government imported food for most of Northern Italy in the aftermath of Chernobyl because the local produce and dairy was testing at unsafe levels, which would explain the bio-accumulation in the Wild Boars in the area.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Describing the contamination with such technical mumbo jumbo will distant citizens from the magnitude of the contamination we all must endure for eternity. Using the most conservative estimates of fuel released into the harbor to date, I would bet anybody a million dollars that one drop of that harbor water ,if taken internally, would kill a mouse within 12 seconds. This is the only sort of demonstration that really satisfies the enquiring mind.

    • @Hbjon

      The government of Japan has chosen, and will continue to choose to limit the amount of media exposure related to the Fukushima crisis (at all costs);

      What meltdown…

  • pure water

    Valuable study! Some of the health problems – teeth and nails falling, make me think Fukushima resembles more Kazakhstan bomb test site, than other nuclear plant accidents.

    • pure water

      Or things like this, many of us have read from Japan as well:
      In particular, the Kazakh team recorded hemorrhaging of respiratory tracts, mouths, genitals, and changes in mucous and skin of those living in the area surrounding the test site. They also noticed a spike in those suffering from asthenia, or extreme fatigue. More often than not, victims would suffer from all of these symptoms at once. The study's findings filled 12 volumes of classified documents. Only after the Soviet collapse did this research become available to the general public.
      And what later researches show:
      Up to 1970, the esophagus cancer incidence was predominant, but it decreased thereafter, while the incidence of stomach and liver cancers increased. The second peak of excess cancer rates was mainly due to lung, breast, and thyroid carcinomas.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      The air releases are similar to bomb explosions, only with more core material spread throughout the atmosphere.

      The constant leakage into the ocean is similar to other nuclear spills, only on a far more horrific scale.

      Fukushima is the worst of both, by a large margin.

  • Mack Mack

    Health effects / what was found in Ibaraki, Japan:

    —> Tellurium 119m, 129, 129m, 131m, 132

    Health effects of TELLURIUM:

    Inhalation: "Drowsiness. Dry mouth. Metal taste. Headache. Garlic odour. Nausea."

    Short-term exposure: "The aerosol of this substance irritates the eyes and the respiratory tract. The substance may cause effects on the liver and central nervous system. Exposure may result in garlic-like breath. Medical observation is indicated. Ingestion: Abdominal pain. Constipation. Vomiting.

    —> Ba140 = Barium, half-life 12.75 days, decays to La140

    Health effects of BARIUM:

    "Small amounts of water-soluble barium may cause a person to experience breathing difficulties, increased blood pressures, heart rhythm changes, stomach irritation, muscle weakness, changes in nerve reflexes, swelling of brains and liver, kidney and heart damage.

    —> La140 = Lanthanum, half-life 1.68 days

    Health effects of LANTHANUM:

    "damps and gasses can be inhaled with air. This can cause lung embolisms, especially during long-term exposure. Lanthanum can also cause cancer with humans, as it enlarges the chances of lung cancer when it is inhaled. Finally, it can be a threat to the liver when it accumulates in the human body.

    • Mack Mack


      —> Sb125 = an antimony (metal), half-life 2.76 years, decays to Tellurium-125

      Health effects of ANTIMONY:

      high concentrations = "irritation of the eyes, skin and lungs.
      As the exposure continues more serious health effects may occur, such as lung diseases, heart problems, diarrhea, severe vomiting and stomach ulcers."

      —> Ag110m = radioactive silver (also found in spiders, zooplankton, small fish in Fukushima)

      Health effects SILVER in water:

      "In water silver and silver compounds are toxic to micro organisms."

      "Silver that ends up in the body is generally deposited in connective tissue, skin and eyes and causes a gray to black colouring."

      —> Iodine-131, half-life 8 days/Iodine-132, half-life two hours

      Health effects IODINE:

      thyroiditis, thyroid cysts, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer

      —> Cesium-134, half-life 2.1 years/Cesium-136, half-life 13 days/Cesium-137, half-life 30 years

      Health effects CESIUM:

      (depending on amount exposed to) nausea, vomiting, diarreah, bone marrow failure, headaches, loss of appetite, ocular effects, reproductive effects, dermatitis, aberrations of blood lymphocytes, radiation burns, increased likelihood of cancer, cell damage, bleeding, coma, death

      • guezilla

        Just to note, radiosilver (110mAg) bio-accumulates specifically in the liver, very agressively. It has a relatively short half-life (and therefore activity as well), 250 days.
        By now it should be at 1/8th of original fallout. But it would still be smart to avoid eating liver from the heaviest fallout areas.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          Something not discussed is the hundreds of thousands of tons of granulated aluminum being sprayed worldwide in the chemtrails. As with silver, the aluminum is bonding with the radiation and bringing it down to earth. What are the short- and long-term effects of radioactive aluminum particles, which we are all breathing daily?

          It just gets worse.

    • omniversling

      Post from Bobby1
      November 28, 2011 at 4:37 pm

      Radioactive silver comes from melted control rods. A lot of control rods, apparently.

      “The most likely root causes for silver leading to the observed Ag 110m pollutions may be as follows :
      – the neutron-absorbing alloy Ag-In-Cd contained in control rods ;
      – some silver coated seals.”



  • Mack Mack

    The Ibaraki study says 14% of Cesium-137 was from rain fallout.

    NASA published these maps of where precipitation fell in Japan after the meltdowns:


    Also, go to this page and click on the earth animation on the right for an enlarged version of where NASA predicted precipitation carried the rest of the Fukushima radiation:


    • pure water

      TY! With all the differences, contradictions, and uncertainties – maps, especially for precipitataion are useful.

  • guezilla

    I'm little confused by these (largely) non-news lately. 110mAg has been reported in Fukushima from the start – and regardign this study, 110mAg was the defining feature of Chernobyl accident so it's nothing new as such.

    It's interesting to note though that main source of 110mAg is said to be neutron-activation of normal silver. In Chernobyl I connected this to the silver-iodine seeding of clouds to protect Moscow, though most likely unjustifiably, as it's unlikely the fallout has had high neutron flux. Might Japan have likewise attempted to protect Tokyo with cloud-seeding? They seem to otherwise having taken every failed page from Soviet Union's Chernobyl response, so why not.

    Another consideration is the seal in the reactor well head is usually a silver composite, so the neutron activated silver could be further evidence the reactor containment(s) were seriously compromised. Chernobyl went prompt critical, so it could be interesting to explore whether the 110mAg might be a signature of prompt criticality.

    • Sickputer

      Gz sez: "Might Japan have likewise attempted to protect Tokyo with cloud-seeding? They seem to otherwise having taken every failed page from Soviet Union's Chernobyl response, so why not."

      SP: It's possible, but I doubt it. The Japanese government pretty much has given Tepco free rein to stall and lie since the beginning. It might be said there is no legitimate government now in any of the major countries of the world…just corporation big shots pulling puppet strings.

      To compare the bumbling Japanese nucleocrats (who can't seem to find their ass with both hands) to the well-oiled Soviet dictatorship is like comparing a piss ant to a tiger.

      About the only planes mobilized prior to the MOX winds covering Tokyo were the evacuation planes for families of Tepco and Diet big shots.

      Brazil was looking pretty good to them as well as Obama and his gutless entourage. Makes you wonder how many planes did fly multiple trips to Brazil between March 12 and March 18? Somebody in Brazil would have those stats.

      • ogp

        Gzilla can u read? "Unlike fallout samples at the past nuclear"
        "110mAg was prominently observed"… UNLIKE PREVIOUS EVENTS

        yet u write "110mAg was the defining feature of Chernobyl accident "

        u r a joke!

  • razzz razzz

    "…In 2013, the IAEA report that there are 437 operational nuclear power reactors (although not all are producing electricity[2]),[3] in 31 countries…"

    "…The world's nuclear fleet creates about 10,000 metric tons of high-level spent nuclear fuel each year.[96] High-level radioactive waste management concerns management and disposal of highly radioactive materials created during production of nuclear power.

    The technical issues in accomplishing this are daunting, due to the extremely long periods radioactive wastes remain deadly to living organisms. Of particular concern are two long-lived fission products, Technetium-99 (half-life 220,000 years) and Iodine-129 (half-life 15.7 million years),[97] which dominate spent nuclear fuel radioactivity after a few thousand years. The most troublesome transuranic elements in spent fuel are Neptunium-237 (half-life two million years) and Plutonium-239 (half-life 24,000 years).[98] Consequently, high-level radioactive waste requires sophisticated treatment and management to successfully isolate it from the biosphere…"


    • We Not They Finally

      "…high-level radioactive waste requires…" But you cannot SEE it, so despicably greedy/irresponsible parties can HIDE it; it rarely works INSTANTLY; it travels FAR AWAY; you can always say that the harm came from SOMETHING ELSE, or "scientists are baffled," or "you can't prove that"….. Yet it gets into EVERYTHING; it NEVER GOES AWAY; your CHILDREN'S CHILDREN suffer the worst of it; before you know it, the food, the water, the air, are all UNSAFE… Have honestly reached the point where I wonder why people fear a possible anti-Christ. It's already here. Plutonium and all his little brothers…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Fukushima fallout travels the earth, the radiation is carried by wind and gives you cancer. In all food, you cannot find a food sample free of man-developed radiation. It's that bad.

  • Sol Man

    The spread can not be stopped now forever, that is how badly mucked-up this situation is. To those that tried and cared, but were unable to make the change that all of humanity really needed against the inertia/branding of the cash flows- thank you for your compassion and heartfelt efforts. Peace.

  • many moons

    2,00o miles sounds like a great distance and 100,000 years sounds like a long time, however in relation to the power of nuclear radiation it's not far or long. When mankind split the atom his perceptions of time and space needed to keep up with his new creation. Radiation is now part of our food chain and will be forever. Life on planet earth has changed.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


    "Dissolution: Plutonium oxide is electrochemically dissolved with silver (Ag2+) in nitric acid forming
    a plutonium nitrate solution with the impurities."

    Please note this is the process..in the works..to be constructed at Savannah River Npp.

    "The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is currently reviewing a license application from the
    consortium of Duke Cogema Stone & Webster (DCS) to build a mixed oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication
    facility (MFFF) at the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Savannah River Site (SRS)."

    MOX plant cost revised to $7.7 billion, with three-year delay
    Plant's deadline pushed to 2019
    March 20 2013


  • rambojim

    Dear Folks,
    On thing I have learned from reading and adding my views on this website is, The people who run ENE will print any news with the most shocking of flair. I think that when all is said and done,we will find that we are not going to change the world for better of for worse any time soon. Live every day like it will be your last. Life is too short. It is not all doom and gloom……

    • Sickputer

      "The people who run ENE will print any news with the most shocking of flair"

      SP: Good…there are about 7 billion people who need to be shocked…every day until the nucleocrats and the frackocrats are driven into bankruptcy.

      It may take 5 billion dead from human pollution accomplish that, but on their tearful deaths we can keep humanity alive and Mother Earth recovering from her nearly fatal wounds.

      She is on her death bed for sustaining life on this planet. If she dies we all share the same fate.

      • rambojim

        Earth will be around for a long long time Sickputer. Without us humans,perhaps even longer….

        • helios

          Shocking? You sound like a little girl Rambo. The headline is suppossed to describe the contents of a report. Get how that works? In fact I found this one downplays the significance, if anything.

        • We Not They Finally

          rambojim….The world may not have oxygen as its main constituent of its atmosphere..However im sure that's some living beings breath methane. Why not?

          • We breathe mostly nitrogen, not oxygen, but …

            As 78% of the air consists of nitrogen, when we breathe the air most of what we breathe in is nitrogen.

            The nitrogen has no effect on the workings of our body and so it is emitted again when we breathe out.

            The only gas in the air which is used by our bodies is oxygen which, when we breathe in, is absorbed by the lungs and passed to the bloodstream.

            At the same time waste carbon dioxide is passed from our bloodstream to the air we breathe out via our lungs.

            Around 21% of the air is oxygen which is only marginally reduced in the air we breathe out which explains why we can give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as there is plenty of oxygen left even in air we breathe out – enough to keep someone else alive during resuscitation if necessary.

            Yes, nitrogen is roughly 80% of the air you breath. However it simply acts as an inert gas, not being used by the body.
            Humans breathe air order to obtain oxygen (20% of air).

      • We Not They Finally

        SP, I'm with you. This is the best centralized news on the web. It needs to keep going full force.

    • Sol Man

      Across the board there will be more cancers and mutagenic changes because of this disaster that did not have to happen. The birthrate will be lower with additional risk involved. That is no opinion kid…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I guess that is the point..the world might be better off without humans..but that does not mean that Mankind..and the mistakes made by so..can bring sickness and death…not only to humans but to all life forms…without resistance.

    It's not all 'gloom and doom'..hopefully the posters and readers here..are taking full advantage of life..in their private lives.

    Yes..some of us feel…so very alive.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @Very nice to hear from you too,..rambojim.
    Hope all is well..with you.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Outline of the Rokkasho MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant


    General data on MOX production.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    And this is what the want to build in the US.

    MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility

    "The MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility is a key part of the U.S. government’s strategy for managing radioactive material left over from the Cold War's nuclear arms race. Alberici is building the concrete structure for the 500,000-square-foot facility at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, South Carolina"


    This can't happen..we have to stop it.

  • weeman

    no two industrial accidents are the same, there is always variables, how can you compare Chernobyl to Fukushima same as apples and oranges, yes they have common denominators.

    • Maggie Gundersen posted a slideshow today on the comparison between Chernobyl and Fukushima in terms of reactor releases:

      Fukushima Daiichi: What Did They Know & When?

      • We Not They Finally

        That slide slow begins with thanking the workers at Fukushima Daichi in the wake of the disaster as heroes. (And many undoubtedly knew the risks, and were.) Then, "Their bravery saved Japan from massive evacuations." That's where I gulp a little. The Gundersens have to KNOW that Japan from the start STILL needed and needs to be massively evacuated. Arnie Gundersen went to Tokyo personally and said that soil samples marked the whole area as "nuclear waste." But maybe they realize they are dealing with a much wider population that is only now being brought into the loop. My husband and I watched the face of Naoto Kan, Prime Minister at the time the reactors blew. He gave the opening talk by videotape at the recent symposium in New York. A very sorrowful man. As he talked about the anguish of whether or not to evacuate Tokyo in the early days, you could see that however seriously that decision weighed upon him ("We nearly evacuated Tokyo"), he will never know if the decision was RIGHT. My husband and I looked at each other and said, he'll live with that the rest of his life, and it was very sad.

  • Boelie

    it´s like this webpage is the only true one on the fuku issue…. when i read this link i almost fell from my chair.


    it´s almost as if tepco posted this themselves

  • Mad Scientists Mad Scientists

    Shutting down nuclear power plants saves lives.

    "Study: Nuclear Plant Shutdown Results in 4,319 Fewer Cancer Cases"


    • Mad Scientists Mad Scientists

      From the study:

      * "The most statistically significant reductions were in breast and thyroid cancers in women"

      * "the rate of childhood cancers like leukemia dropped 13.6 percent"

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    At Fukushima Daichi, 3 Coriums Left Containment Compared To 1 At Chernobyl; via @AGreenRoad

    Dr. Paolo Scampa Reports That Fukushima Released 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses Of Radiation; via @AGreenRoad