Nuclear Journal on ‘Fukushima Plutonium Effect’: Melting MOX fuel may lead to neutron flux blow-up — ‘Surprisingly’ there’s absolutely no reference data in any scientific literature

Published: January 6th, 2014 at 10:06 am ET


Fukushima Plutonium Effect and Blow-Up Regimes in Neutron-Multiplying Media, World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology (2013) h/t majia:

Fukushima Plutonium Effect & Blow-Up Regimes in Neutron-Multiplying Media

It is shown that the capture and fission cross-sections of 238U and 239Pu increase with temperature within 1000 K – 3000 K range, in contrast to those of 235U, that under certain conditions may lead to the so-called blow-up modes, stimulating the anomalous neutron flux and nuclear fuel temperature growth. […]

It is known that after the loss of coolant at three nuclear reactors during Fukushima nuclear accident its nuclear fuel melted. It means that the temperature in the active zone at some moments reached the melting point of uranium-oxide fuel [the third block partially used MOX-fuel enriched with plutonium], i.e. ~3000˚C. Surprisingly enough, scientific literature today contains absolutely no either experimental or even theoretically calculated data on behavior of the 238U and 239Pu capture and fission cross-sections depending on temperature at least in 1000˚C – 3000˚C range. At the same time there are serious reasons to believe that the cross section values of the mentioned elements increase with temperature. […] it is very important to know the anomalous temperature behavior of 238U and 239Pu capture and fission cross-sections, and furthermore it becomes critically important to know their influence on the heat transfer kinetics, since it may become a reason of the positive feedback (PF) with neutron kinetics leading to undesirable solution stability loss (the nuclear burning wave) as well as to a trivial reactor runaway with a subsequent nontrivial catastrophe. A special case of PF is a non-linear PF, which leads to the system evolution in so-called blow-up mode, or in other words, in such a dynamic mode when one or several modeled values (e.g. temperature and neutron flux) grows to infinity at a finite time. In reality, a phase transition is observed instead of the infinite values in this case, and this can in its turn become a first stage or a precursor of the future technogenic disaster. […]

One of the causes of a possible fuel temperature growth may lie, for instance, in a deliberate or spontaneous coolant loss, analogous to what happened during the Fukushima nuclear accident. […] the coolant loss may become a cause of the nonlinear heat source formation in the nuclear fuel, and consequently emergence of the mode with the temperature and neutron flux blow-up. In our opinion, the preliminary investigation of the heat transfer equation with nonlinear heat source points to an extremely important phenomenon of the anomalous of the temperature and neutron flux blow-up modes behavior. […]

Full journal article here

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Published: January 6th, 2014 at 10:06 am ET


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490 comments to Nuclear Journal on ‘Fukushima Plutonium Effect’: Melting MOX fuel may lead to neutron flux blow-up — ‘Surprisingly’ there’s absolutely no reference data in any scientific literature

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    I don't understand all the science…. but I'm guessing that most of the Ocean fish and mammals, etc. don't either, however ….the nuclear burning wave… might possibly be what they are experiencing in the Pacific.

  • Fukushima: are we witnessing the final battle between the forces of corporate greed versus humanity and superstition versus common sense.

    • elizabeth01234

      I want to submit IDEA what we can do to push Japan/Tepco/nuclear Mafia to start to DO SERIOUS CLEAN UP.
      It is very simple. If person from Japan send me letter with poison and I will die, this person will go to jail and my family can sue big money because of loss.
      If they send us RADIATION, because of their action Tepco/Japan government who agree for settlement of nuclear plant on seismic/tsunami historically area they are on the hook for all dead here and for the loss of health as well.

      What to do :
      Find law firm and nuclear scientists like Bill Busby-or any who know how to prove in court that person died/children mutated/loss of health because of raised radioactivity of area. Or just because your garden where you grow food has raised radiation.

      Do cases in bulks. Put on-line lists for every damage : list for newborn still, list for lung cancer, list for mutated kids, list for soil contamination, list for fishermen who fish radiated fish and cant sell it, list for thyroid cancer. Everyone who thinks that has damages of this or that kind will sign for adequate list.

      Then put all peoples in bulks and prepare cases to sue : Tepco/Japan Government/GE/Nuclear safety organisations who give licences. Sue them really big.

      Believe me, then this fake theatre of doing nothing for 1000 days, because Japan/Tepco/ Nuclear Mafia DON'T WANT TO SHOW TO WORLD HOW DANGEROUS NUCLEAR POWER IT IS AND ACT AS NOTHING HAPPEN AND KEEP IT QUIET…it will finish very quickly.

    • Listen to aarto Lauri in Finland shocking details on IAEA underground plutonium market, many players.
      Shut IAEA down. Don't let them in the doors.

      3rd Vid

  • Sickputer

    Socref posted this laughable assertion:

    "No one got sick and went to the hospital due to acute radiation doses. No article cites that. ENE doesnt even cite it. The dosimetry isnt verified with a neutron dose."

    SP: Tepco/Diet have the doctors by their balls and they do anything to keep their jobs as doctors. They lie, conceal radiation deaths and illnesses. Just a nightmare for worried parents in Japan. There is no one they can trust in the government or the hospitals.

    Don't believe me? One day they will be revealed as cowardly liars. I hope I live to see that day.

    Just try and find the Japanese statistics for infant deaths, deformities, and abortions by women. That data was pre-Fukushima published religiously by these goose stepping grandsons of Tojo.

    Now the records are a big fat blank space since 2011.

  • J.

    Regarding nuclear criticality: we have known very well for a very long time how preposterously easy it is to produce it. Workers in Japan managed to do it with a bucket full of ingredients. Yes, that's right: mixing stuff in a bucket. I remember my incredulity when I read this, recalling all the assurances of "experts" that such things were not possible.

    There were conflagrations and deflagrations at Fukushima Daichi, and A. Gunderson has clearly explained the differences. One explosion was clearly very different from the others.

    I have no reason to doubt Gundersons hypothesis of prompt criticality, all the elaborate obfuscation to the contrary thus far on this thread being utterly unpersuasive.

  • We Not They Finally

    The way I look at it we maybe heading for Global super storms…An Ice age…Or the continuation of the loss of the Oceans Planckton and loss of 70& of the worlds oxygen..Needless to say the die off of most of life on this Planet.Dont forget Vaolcanic activity like at the complex at Yellowstone would also lead to total disaster…

    I congradulate the Worlds elite for out of total greed they will certainly decrease the worlds population but not to 500 million more less to the few who will survive.This seems likely to be sort of like what happened to Mars.

  • Shaker1

    Personally, I'm not sure that it matters whether the 'criticality' is even necessary, and in some respects the assertion that Unit 3 didn't experience criticalities should be an even BETTER reason not to support nuclear power. Saying it hadn't just says to me that there is another level ABOVE what we'd witnessed, which in itself needs more than this space to contain the adjectives I would use in decidedly unflattering description. What is there is bad enough for me, thank you.

    I don't live in a world of theory, see what I consider the ultimate irresponsibility in not only the process but also the reactions to that process even in its innocuous states, and reaction that defies faith or theory and argument in the case of Fukushima. It's here, now, right in our faces.

    • socref

      I dont live in a world of theory either. Criticality accidents such as the one at Tokai Japan in 1999 took 2 lives. I work for accuracy to protect those most vulnerable to a potential criticality accident lethal dose.

  • Shaker1

    Individuals make contributions some backed by actual experience or credentials, some not. I can accept on a basic level either and entertain either if its presented with respect, though whether I believe either is quite another thing.

    Socref from his/her perspective presented what they believe about criticalities with respect, correct or not. I'm not going to go there to take a look. I definitely feel he/she is off-base regarding health effects as Sickputer points out. But much space and energy (though there have been worse comment strings) has been given to claims he/she is a troll or worse, and while some are surely worthy, I don't feel that's necessary.

    By the way, this isn't some 'apology' for socref as it was assumed about an earlier comment of mine. At least read what is said. It might help in arguments if one uses the language of the original comment, as Sickputer did, rather than some personal paraphrase which only exhibits what one thinks has been said.

  • Angela_R

    Take a tour with Arne Gundersen around the plant at Fukushima and see what you think:

    • Mack Mack

      Regarding Unit 3 – Arnie Gundersen says:

      @9:30 — “We know a detonation shock wave happened and no nuclear plant in the country can withstand a detonation shock wave. The NRC doesn’t want to address that, so here in America we solve the problem of detonation shock waves because we ignore the problem of detonation shock waves. But we know, this picture is evidence, that it can happen. “

      “I’ve been saying all along that I think Unit 3 had something called a prompt moderated criticality in the fuel pool, and that particles of fuel would be found lying outside unit 3 is an indication that that happened.”

      • socref

        It was a hydrogen explosion. Not a prompt moderated criticality. "I think" is conjecture on his part without noting any evidence. The fact that fuel could be lying around is not evidence of a criticality accident. The large doses to the Fukushima 50 would be the tell tale sign.

        • A blast from hydrogen would be an explosion from the whole interior of the volume. It would move out in all directions and would blow out the walls, as happened at R1.

          In order to launch the fuel inventory, the blast has to start within the fuel mass. aka Radiation Cannon

          What could be more simple to understand than this?

          Uranium in Alaska food chain
          * Uranium-234 — 5.312 pCi/kg Goose Egg no shell
          * Uranium-234 — 3.466 Ci/kg Gull egg
          * Uranium-234 — 4.96 pCi/kg Chiton
          * Uranium-234 — 9.344 pCi/kg Dragon Kelp
          * Uranium-234 — 7.885 pCi/kg Rockweed
          * Uranium-234 — 4.906 pCi/kg Greenling
          * Uranium-234 — 2.304 pCi/kg Halibut
          * Uranium-234 — 58.721 pCi/kg Horse Mussel tissue
          * Uranium-234 — 8.86 pCi/kg Irish Lord
          * Uranium-234 — 7.127 pCi/kg Octopus
          * Uranium-234 — 4.976 pCi/kg Pacific Cod
          * Uranium-234 — 4.644 pCi/kg Rockfish
          * Uranium-234 — 3.032 pCi/kg Reindeer Lichen
          * Uranium-234 — 3.906 pCi/kg Sea Urchin

          How do we know where it came from

        • Jebus Jebus

          There are some Fukushima fuel fleas flying around in lithuania…

          Where are those Fukushima fifty now? Hey, did you see where one of them, Yoshida, I think, got throat cancer right after #3 reactor went critical…

          Go figure…

        • What Really Happened At Fukushima Reactor And Spent Fuel Pool #3? via @Green Road

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  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    BBC article explaining that the Plutonium being found right now was from atomic tests decades ago…

  • MOX Plutonium Fuel Burning, Reprocessing Nuclear Waste Fantasies, Fast Breeder Reality And Dangers