Study: Fukushima plutonium in playground 60 km from nuclear plant — “Proves that indeed Plutonium has been emitted by the accident” — Some “in the form of fuel fragments”? — Up to 14 Billion Bq of Pu-239 and-240 released (MAP)

Published: June 29th, 2014 at 2:57 am ET


P. Bossew, German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, PLUTONIUM EMISSION FROM THE FUKUSHIMA ACCIDENT (pdf), 2013 (emphasis added): […] Apparently no explosive fuel fragmentation occurred, so that little, if any of the release happened in the form of fuel fragments. […] Only scattered data are available from the farther surroundings. It can be assumed that continuous and frequent monitoring of environmental media for Pu from locations more distant than a few km was deemed unnecessary […] Given two different sources (global and Fukushima fallout) with different, but known 238Pu : 239+240Pu ratios, the contributions of the both in a sample which is a mixture of both can be calculated […] we estimated a median 2.28 (95% conf. interval 1.98 –2.58), [15] and 2.19 ± 0.48 (1 ), [14], for Fukushima emissions. […] The background Pu ratio in global fallout has been reported 0.035 ± 0.008 […] a map of the 238Pu : 239+240Pu ratio in the region around the NPP […] The “trace” towards NW from the NPP, in which the Pu ratio deviates strongly from the background […] This proves that indeed Pu has been emitted by the accident […] For 238Pu, the Fukushima contribution is much higher than the global one in many places (as detectable at all) because the Pu ratio is much higher in Fukushima (~2.19) than in global fallout (~0.035). […] Keeping with [the total 137Cs release of] 15 PBq given by NISA […] we find an atmospheric emission of 239+240Pu equal 4.2 GBq. Using the upper estimate of released 137Cs, 50 PBq, a release of 14 GBq is found. [NISA 239+240Pu estimate = 6.4 GBq; Zheng et al. 239+240Pu estimate = 1.0 to 2.4 GBq] […] It should be stressed that the evidence of Pu from Fukushima does not pose any radiological concern […]

P. Bossew, German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Hirosaki University, Anthropogenic Radionuclides in Environmental Samples from Fukushima Prefecture (pdf), 2013: Three samples [all taken approx. 60 km from FDNPP, 1 from a parking area in Koriyama city and 2 from a playground in Fukushima city] were measured twice […] Sample 4 was too small for a meaningful analysis. […] The result found in this study is consistent with a Pu/ Cs ratio reported by Imanaka et al. (2012) for a highly contaminated place in the Fukushima zone as below 1 E-6 […] Zheng et al. 2011 found 239+240 Pu/137Cs in soil, close to the NPP, as (3.6 ± 1.1) E-7 (only samples with 241Pu>0 considered, and Fukushima contribution 87% to the sample J-village, surface soil , as suggested by the authors), which is in good agreement with the results of this study.

See also: [intlink id=”scientists-release-of-plutonium-from-fukushima-is-of-radiological-concern-reactor-must-have-been-source-not-spent-fuel-pool-study-plutonium-found-120-km-from-plant-plutonium-and-non-n” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: June 29th, 2014 at 2:57 am ET


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246 comments to Study: Fukushima plutonium in playground 60 km from nuclear plant — “Proves that indeed Plutonium has been emitted by the accident” — Some “in the form of fuel fragments”? — Up to 14 Billion Bq of Pu-239 and-240 released (MAP)

  • suzil

    thanks vital, extremely clear answer.

    as to the question of how scared i should be living in california, would i be better off somewhere else? and where? people talk of "inland". really? the doesn't make it seem so, with missouri off the charts, n. dakota, etc.
    does anyone have opinions about what their favorite fantasy refuge is? belize? south africa has crime problems up the wazoo. seriously… i haven't heard an idea yet.

    • Tung Jen Tung Jen

      suzil, crime problems up the wazoo", I lived in Japan, tokyo, for 29 years lowest crime rates in the world, I'll take this crime here in Belize any day.

      • bo bo

        Hi tung jen ! Good to see you again. I second your notion.

        Recently a friend of mine was lamenting the fact that she is facing the possibility of having to get rid of most of the furniture due to bed bugs, and how devastating the ordeal has been.

        I did not say this, but I couldn't help having this thought flash by – 'as horrible as bed bugs are, it still is a thousand times better than having to leave everything behind because of radiation'

    • Starbird Starbird

      Suzil, If you only speak english, then New Zealand is the most practical destination – but only if you source all your food locally.

  • General User General User

    Hi suzil, I am a bit new here myself, so I ask those here more knowledgeable to review this post/answer.
    I am a member of and have one of their Geiger counter on the ham radio tower beside me. My counts per minute average 20, with peaks of 30. My location is Western Pennsylvania.

    The netc site has two styles of G'counter, private sites like mine have a unique bunch of letters/numbers in the name. The guy down the road has a name like "Station ID 1:EBCFBD32 New Castle, PA, US". The EPA sites have names with only numbers like "Station ID 4:310 Pittsburgh, PA, US".
    The EPA sites have an elaborate hepa filter system that filters a large volume of air each moment catching many particles in the filter. The radiation from these particles are counted over and over each minute of the hour until the filter is "discarded" and a clean filter starts over. Members of netc can log-in and see the peaks/valleys of EPA sites as filters change.
    That was a long winded answer to your question about 200 counts vs 20 counts.
    In My Humble Opinion, [IMHO] If you are able to move 'inland' with out major financial trauma, please do so. I hesitate to leave the USA, and would seek residence away from large citys. When it all falls apart, civil unrest will be ugly in the inner city.
    Peace to all

  • General User General User

    A word about netc;
    Monitoring Sites
    Active Private: 83
    Active EPA Beta: 37
    Active EPA Gamma: 105

    OT yes, but have any {netc} members looked into the data-charts?:

    Station ID: 6:164758457 Fukushima Dai-ni MP-4, Fukushima, JP
    nSv/h: current 700

    only 700 nSv because the instrument is 'pegged' at full scale, and has been for over 60 days. there are a number of these 'pegged' data sites
    Perhaps there is leakage here in Fuku-2 also?

    • razzz razzz

      General User: Either there was a partial meltdown at Daini or the spent fuel in the pool was damaged. TEPCO says the high reading at Daini are from Daiichi's fallout. The highest readings are taken from inside the buildings at Daini. Makes no sense unless it is a cover story to hide other TEPCO failed BWR reactors.

      If Japan only restarts 2 or 3 reactors in the coming months, it is only because 2 or 3 reactors weren't severely damaged during the Great Quake. The rest of them are radioactive trash.

  • General User General User

    Thanks Razzz, agree on that radioactive trash.
    I am considering the New York gathering in Sept…