Study: Multiple surges of radioactive substances detected far from Fukushima Daiichi — Over 10,000 times usual levels at plant — Mayor: Gov’t knew but never told us, they can’t be trusted — Worst may be yet to come; Risk of ‘much broader’ contamination — CBS: “Many miles away… spike in cesium detected this week”

Published: July 17th, 2014 at 6:32 pm ET


Asahi Shimbun, July 16, 2014 (emphasis added): Radioactive substances released during rubble-removal work at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant last year likely spread to areas nearly 50 kilometers away, according to […] Akio Koizumi, a health and environment science professor at Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Medicine, and four other scientists […] From samples collected between Aug. 15 and 22 last year, they found a reading of [1,280,000 becquerels] per cubic meter at a location in Soma, 48 km northwest of the plant […] more than six times higher than usual. Radioactivity levels were 20 to 30 times higher than normal in Minami-Soma […] The team also found that cesium levels at the measuring point in Minami-Soma surged in both May and June 2013. […] The research results indicate that future rubble removal at the nuclear plant could disperse radioactive materials over much broader areas surrounding the facility. In March this year, the scientists presented their findings to the Environment Ministry. […] TEPCO currently plans to resume [highly contaminated rubble] removal efforts by the end of July […] The utility acknowledged that the Aug. 19 operations released a maximum 4 trillion becquerels–more than 10,000 times the usual levels at the site–over four hours […]

CBS News, July 16, 2014: CBS News’ Lucy Craft recently visited the crippled Daiichi plant […] Even now the meltdowns in Fukushima still cause lingering worries for people many miles away. Craft reported that a spike in radioactive cesium was detected this week in a residential community about 30 miles northwest of the Daiichi plant.

Asahi Shimbun, July 15, 2014: Residents of Minami-Soma in Fukushima Prefecture expressed anger with the government and Tokyo Electric Power Co. for keeping them in the dark about radiation that contaminated local rice crops. […]  The ministry informed TEPCO of the problem in March […] However, the ministry failed to inform the city of Minami-Soma of the situation. […] TEPCO officials apologized for causing trouble in extensive areas.  […] At a July 14 news conference, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga was […] asked why the agriculture ministry and TEPCO failed to inform Minami-Soma about the contamination of local rice crops. “The reasons are unclear,” he said. “But I have been informed that investigations will be held soon.”

Katsunobu Sakurai, Minami-Soma Mayor: “We cannot help but distrust the agriculture ministry, which did not promptly let us know of the matter, despite it being a serious issue […] We protest (TEPCO’s) irresponsible clearing of rubble that raises concern among farmers. We demand an explanation.”

See also: [intlink id=”officials-radioactive-substances-released-from-fukushima-plant-areas-far-away-being-contaminated-govt-tracking-plumes-using-emergency-prediction-system-large-amount-of-radioactive-substa” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: July 17th, 2014 at 6:32 pm ET


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564 comments to Study: Multiple surges of radioactive substances detected far from Fukushima Daiichi — Over 10,000 times usual levels at plant — Mayor: Gov’t knew but never told us, they can’t be trusted — Worst may be yet to come; Risk of ‘much broader’ contamination — CBS: “Many miles away… spike in cesium detected this week”

  • Solar output was forecast to inch higher to 15 GW for average peakload hours Friday, the source said. Solar output averaged 13.4 GW during peakload hours in June, according to Platts PowerVision data

    Germany is kicking our relative ass in solar.

  • Nuclear waste makes raw sewage look like fine art

    • nedlifromvermont

      Hey there Stock … nice link … what do you think of the "highly efficient coal fired plants?"

      and the raw sewage comparison might have legs …

      the worst thing you can do to a plot of land: cover it with a few grams of cesium dust, evenly spread …

      Later, Stock!

    • name999 name999

      stock, ahh, there you have it…

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      wow! Is that quotable!

    • MFX 1209

      So build reactors that recycle actinides instead of putting it in the ground for eons. Wouldn't that make better sense to capture the fission potential of all actinides instead of putting it in the ground?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        You can't used up all the nuclear waste. You just create mure nuclear waste. Also the reactors themselves spew out radionuclides everyday into the air, land, and water. Why keep destroying the environment and why keep killing especially the children and women?

      • Now, if they can just keep them from blowing up when they open the doors to refuel them while they are running! Nuclear energy is exponential and to make money, they need to be large. The larger the thorium reactors, the more de-stabilized they become, so when you solve that little explosive issue, maybe, just maybe, we can start scooping used fuel into them and reduce the stockpile a little, though, of course, these reactors produce their own mess which is even more deadly and unstable than what went in. It's a closed circular system, which is why it is a failed technology on a large level. Take the greed component out, then maybe the vision of the technology can come up with something other than replicating death processes as a means of energy production. But, why bother? We have alternatives that will produce more fuel, faster and for far longer and at far less expense. Nuclear energy is the brainchild of an old paradigm that has delivered us to the precipice along with the may technologies from the same ilk. We've wasted so much time following the allure of controlling something we theorize exists but can't even see – the atom! We could have done so much more. I don't believe it will be the end of life, but, i do see it as causing great suffering on the one hand, suffering you dismiss, and on the other, it has been a funnel down a hole in which we pour our hopes and dreams leaving one hell of a mess for the future to deal with.

      • Lies, lies and more lies.

        False promises, not based on actual facts.

        Get real, and stop the lying.

  • The pro-nuke "experts" that dog our threads ALWAYS have refused to enlighten us with where on our planet might nuclear waste be absolutely positively stored safely for 100's of millions of years!!! WIPP didn't make 15 years. Geology classes anyone?

    DUH!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure are smart people, eh? 🙂

    • MFX 1209

      We dont want it stored. We want it burned up forever.Google IFR.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        There is no way to burn it up forever.

        • MFX 1209

          We proved it in the 1990s in Idaho with IFR. Looks like you have moresearch to do.The whole aactinides series went with electrorefining. I was there you were not. I have been blessed with being involved with nuclear projects you can only blog about from a third party. I was there when IFR was demonstrated. You were not there.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            So why is Hanford such a mess?
            So why is WIPP such a mess?
            Why is there nuclear waste all over the US?
            Why didn't they spend the money to clean up Rocky Flats?
            They only spent $7 million on cleaning up the soil.
            And they just covered many of the extremely hot buildings and the numerous infinity [extremely hot] areas in buildings.

            • MFX 1209

              1. I never worked at Hanford.
              2. I cant speak to areas I did not work
              3. Politics

              the rest is politics and the dissemination of inaccurate information

            • MFX 1209

              There are no buildings left. Its just a wildlife refuge where buildings once stood. Building 771 is not there anymore. Its just a concrete pad where there once was a building and that is not contaminated.

              The natural flora and fauna have grown over what was once buildings and wild antelope and deer prance around where my office was once located.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                "…The legally binding standard the government intends to adopt for cleaning up plutonium in the soil on the Rocky Flats site is 651 picocuries per gram or soil, significantly higher than at any other site in the Unite States.

                "There will be no cleanup of off-site soil.

                "How does 651 picocuries per gram of soil at Rocky Flats compare to other plutonium-contaminated sites? The bomb test sites at Enewetak Atoll and Johnston Atoll in the Pacific Ocean are lower, at 40 and 14 picocuries per gram of soil, respectively. The Livermore National Lab in California is at 10 picocuries per gram of soil. Fort Dix in New Jersey is t 8 picocuries per gram of soil. A portion of the Hanford, Washington, site, one of the most contaminated sites in the country, is at 34. Only the Nevada Test site, where the nuclear bombs were tested, is higher, at 200 picocuries per gram of soil–and then only for part of the site that is not open to the public…"
                Kristen Iversen, Full Body Burden: Growing up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats, p. 319.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  "…'Close it, fence it, pave it over,' implores an environmental engineer at a forum in Boulder a few months later. But the government has no intention of closing off the land. In their view, turning former nuclear sites into nature reserves is 'thrifty environmentalism. It would cost a fortune to clean up the site so people could live there…but making it safe for "wildlife-dependent'" public use is more affordable.',,,,"
                  Kristen Iversen, Full Body Burden: Growing up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats, p. 321.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                "…Instead, the DOE, EPA, and CDPHE come up with a compromise of their own. The top three feet of soil at Rocky Flats will be cleaned up to 50 picocuries per gram. Soil from three to six feet below the surface will be cleaned up to a level of 1,000 to 7,000 picocuries per gram. There will be no limit on the amount of plutonium that will remain in the soil six feet or more below the surface, despite the fact that a great deal of material and contaiminants remains below the surface, in parts of the lower floors and basements of buildings and the extensive piping that connected them.

                "Critics note that just cleaning up the top contamination level does not take into consideration soil movement due to weather, erosion, or–perhaps most worrisome–burrowing animals. A 1996 study of burrowing animals present at Rocky Flats shows that they constantly redistribute soil and its contents. Animals dig to depths of ten to sixteen feet and disturb as much as 11 to 12 percent of surface soil in any given year. Wind and water actions contribute further to soil movement…."
                Kristen Iversen. Full Body Burden: Growing up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats, 2012, p. 320.

              • MFX, we do have short term containment and some clean up down pretty well, but, i would expect that someone who worked so closely with some of the most toxic substances known to man would have some respect for their dangers and take a little more time to research the literature. It sounds like you've read all the pamphlets but not the pile of good studies collecting dust in the back-room that demonstrate clearly how low level radiation tricks the immune system, that the majority of metagenetic alterations will be in seven generations from time of exposure and not in the foreseeable future, meaning that we defer the dangers onto others, and that bioaccumulation, not a myth but a trackable, provable theory, can be a very slow process – generations. But, low dose radiation does not create a swath of dropping bodies all round. It tends to enhance other illnesses and disease processes such as heart complications, diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc. rather than instigate specific diseases of it's own. Therefore, proof lies in the increase of these already existent and common health issues. We could develop a means of tracing radioisotopes in tumor markers to gain the kind of proof you talk about, for example, but there is simply no funding for such information.

            • We Not They Finally

              Idaho apparently sent much of their forever-poisonous crap to WIPP. MF is obviously a troll, but he also doesn't seem to be very smart. Maybe he can go drive a truck full of the stuff along Hazard Highway. Get a little educated while he is glowing in the dark!

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            I certainly have a different view as to what constitute a blessing.

            • MFX 1209

              God gives us many blessings. I have been blessed with good health, a family and a good career. Hardly the typecast that all nuclear workers have no soul and are evil. People in my line of work know they have to stick with it to see it through. People quit when the going gets tough but those that stick around can be assuaged their efforts are not for not. People in my line of work are very intelligent, highly trained, and knowledgable in what they do. They are very serious in their profession but they are also husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. THey are some of the most honorable people I know. You only parody the outliers, the whistleblowers when the vast majority still work behind the scenes to ensure nuclear safety and public health and safety. Do you really think that the public health and safety today, July 18 2014 is in such a dire straight that additional controls should be instituted? So if you think that radiation as it stands now, presents a massive threat to world wide health and safety, what controls would you implement at this very hour? Shutting down 20% of our power is not an answer. Neither is closing all hospitals and removing licenses of oncologists. Some on this site have loved ones that see oncologists. What about medical isotopes? Radiation sources for Non Destructive Testing? Did you know that most bridges in the country have to pass an inspection involving handling radioactive isotopes to scan for weld defects?

              Nuclear industry…

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                Nuclear technology is destroying the world. It is evil in itelf. It is destroying the health and future of children. Sacrificing the children in not civilized or moral.

                • MFX 1209

                  I disagree.

                  I raised 3 children and they are not damaged. I was intimately involved with radiation physics while they were young and they are not damaged by any means.

                  Its an emotional appeal to bring in the children. You should know that there are many parents in the nuclear professions. THey want the best for their own children. Do you think they go to work, and then come home to irradiate their children?

                  I dont believe you have an accurate picture of nuclear workers and their dedication, nor do I belive your outlook is accurate.


                  • MT

                    MFX you raised 3 kids and they are not damaged ??? is that you assestment of the situation ? 🙂 Where should i start ,,, lets first say , neither you nor anyone can guarantee that they have no damage from radiation or that they will not develope cancers or other diseases further in their lives because of that .
                    Second even if they werent damaged , this does not prove anything . you can not just consider 3 people and extrapolate that to the whole public and claim radiation is not damaging ,THAT IS WRONG ,, it doesnt work like that ,,, some kids DO get damaged , some get cancers some gets malformations genetical diseases etc etc because of radiation ,, These things DO HAPPEN ,, please do some research and get informed , my kids are not damaged so radiation is not damaging is so far from the truth that i dont even know where to start to inform you .

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Genetic damage can happen the first generation, or show up several generations later.

                      And it is extremely difficult to conclude that he is telling the truth about anything when so many opinions are just plain wrong. Is he mistaken or just plain wrong.

                      Another former nuclear scientist on this website said that all nuclear scientists know the damage they are causing with nuclear radiation. They are just plain lying.

                      He is a well-paid shill. And there are other kinds of damage besides physical damage.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                    You always judge everything by yourself or your own children. How about all the other children in the world? How about those living near Fukushima during the meltdowns? How about all the children who live near nuclear power plants who are getting leukemia? How about all the children in Belarus who are suffering genetic deformities and those suffering from Chernobyl heart/ How about all the children with leukemia, thyroid cancer, diabetes,…?

                    How about all the children who have suffered because they lived downwind from Rocky Flats? The children born without brains in Yakima County near Hanford, and those near nuclear waste? How about the children and people bombed in Nagasaki and Hiroshima? All the babies born with genetic deformities in Iraq from DU?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      How about all those living near uranium mines and uranium milling? How about all those near nuclear reprocessing plants?

                    • We Not They Finally

                      Anne, it's pointless arguing with this guy. He thinks nuclear is safe? Let him keeping work with it. Everyone else has the sense to stay away. But him — let him go do it!

                  • PROVE IT!

                    Do the genetic tests that show your genes are not damaged.

                    Do the genetic tests that show your children's genes are not damaged with recessive genes damaged that will show up in future generations.

                    What do you call healthy anyway?

                    They never get sick? You never get sick? You don't take any medications? YOu never see a doctor? What are your health stats?

                    PROVE IT!

                    Bet you can't…

                    Thought so.. empty promises, false assurances.

                  • 60srad

                    @ MFX 1209: There are so many levels of this now nuclear matrix in which we are embedded. Study the "nuclear cycle"–mining all the way to nowhere to store spent nuclear fuel. I'm talking globally. You seem in denial and argue about tangential points. I see doom and no regulation and tens of thousands of radioactive waste zones on earth. Very wise people are freaked.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                The rain falls on the just and the unjust. he who loses his life gains eternal life…

              • 52Rockwell

                Welding 🙂 Now youre Playing in my ball park son. I assume yyou are referring to Xraying the welds ? It can be just as easily done with ultrasonics .

              • We Not They Finally

                MFX, why don't you just keep working with all that perfectly safe nuclear waste? Everyone else is smart enough to stay away. But since you don't seem to have the sense to know when you are endangered, then go! Go to the most radioactive sites of all! They need you in Hanford, Rocky Flats, Savannah, Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, WIPP — OMG, they need you everywhere! Go, go, go!

                (Why didn't we think of some really good use for this guy earlier? [sarc])

                • +1000000

                  and since this MFX has gotten ZERO rads, they can load him up with some of that GOOOODDDD Stuff.

                  Hormesis theory and all.

                  They need you at Fukushima MFX.

                  Go help out… Pool 4 has some great stuff at the bottom of it that needs a diver to go down and loosen up..

          • Idaho Falls is an especially fun place! From EPA's own radiation monitors, consistently has 3 to 5 times higher than government *safe* background levels. For about a month I recorded it wondering what the heck are they doing there! May 9th to June 11th….showing Alpha, Beta and Gamma, the CPM counts ranged from lowest 311 to 455 highest. Then suddenly on the real time maps that a lot of people watch, counts switched to show only the mid range Beta count from then on.

            Hmmm….26CPM (remember, shows Beta only) on June 12th. Whaaaa?

            Wowsa!!!! A miracle! Man we are so safe now!
            Whatever was emitting at Idaho Falls must have been stopped out of the goodness of their hearts, lol.

            Ah well, one can dream, can't they. 🙂

        • MFX 1209

          You took one online survey course in nuclear tech. THis is a little beyond your grasp. Google Integral Fast Reactor and not just the Wikipedia page that I helped write.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            I've looked at a lot of failures of fast breeder reactors. Fast breeder reactors are very expensive and are big failures and create plenty of reactor waste. This is true apart from my knowledge. Di you read Sickputer's response?

            July 19, 2014 at 1:22 am
            Even staunch IFR proponents admit the Achilles heel is a raft of safety issues:
            "using liquid metal coolants has important drawbacks. Integral fast reactor usually uses liquid sodium as coolant, which is highly reactive: it ignites when in contact with air and explodes when in contact with water. This problem has already caused reactor accidents in the past (e.g. Monju Nuclear Power Plant in Japan was forced to shutdown in 1995 after sodium leakage)…"
            SP: If you really like to see rabid IFR supporters get an ass whipping…read Edwin Lyman's stinging indictment of Pandora's Promise:
            Excerpt part 2: "And what about Till's claim that the IFR can't melt down? It's false.
            "Pandora's Promise" referenced two successful safety tests conducted in 1986 at a small demonstration fast reactor in Idaho called the Experimental Breeder Reactor-II (EBR-II). But EBR-II operators scripted these tests to ensure the desired outcome, a luxury not available in the real world. Meanwhile, the EBR-II's predecessor, the EBR-I, had a partial fuel meltdown in 1955, and a similar reactor, Fermi 1 near…

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              and a similar reactor, Fermi 1 near Detroit, had a partial fuel meltdown in 1966…"
              SP: Nuclear liars will not escape the verdict of history…
              Sadness in Japan…time grows short for many fallout victims

              • MFX 1209

                I was intimately involved with EBR-II back in the day. You really need to look at your third party resources. Its one thing to sit back on the computer and try to connect the dots with this technology. Unless you have specialized knowledge of the specifics of the reactor and the different modes of operation, you are just spitballing. The operation of EBR-II required specialized knowledge of how to configure the core for burner or breeder application. For the IFR the blanket was configured in such a way that the core fuel (the U-Zr metal fuel from IFR) would have walk away safety and recycle actinides.

                The results were not really communicated to President Clinton in a way that he would understand. He didnt have foresight of a reactor with walk away safety (turn off coolant pumps and power goes down) or complete actinide recycle.

                People like Von Hippel and Lyman were content with labeling IFR as just another failed breeder project. Even though EBR-II was the test bed, the creation of special U-Zr fuel and the U-Pu+actinide-Zr fuel from the electrorefiner (Fuel Cycle Facility) was not enough to override politics.

                President Clinton said in his state of the union address he was killing advanced nuclear research with prejudice.

                He didnt know he was killing the golden goose.

                Guess what? IFR is back and South Korea perfected uranium oxide electrorefining for commercial LWRs.

            • MFX 1209

              The IFR was not a breeder, it was a burner. By configuring the core and blanket a certain way, it would not be a breeder. I think people that call any sodium fast reactor a breeder dont know enough reactor physics. Lyman included.

              • We Not They Finally

                MFX, you think nuclear is great? O.k. Keep working with it. it will help spare the lives of everyone else who knows better. Do your thing! Go glow in the dark! Go!!

              • We Not They Finally

                Better still, MFX, why don't you volunteer to be our medical control group? Get really really close to one of those things. Let us know how you are doing every now and then. Bye-bye.

              • Burners, breeders, nukers, pukers.. all the same lies, all the same promises, all the same guarantees.

                Lots of empty boasting, and meanwhile, toasting genocide for the people.

                Why not move to North Korea, if they got what the rest of the world doesn't have.. They need help more than anyone. Maybe North Korea can burn the worlds nuclear waste and you can be the hero of the world..

                Go for it.

                Who is stopping you?

                Not us… nope…

                Must be you, no one else in the room..

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV


          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            I've spent over 3 years on this website reading and doing a lot of research.

            • MFX 1209

              And I have spent 9 year at top universities doing nuclear science and engineering research and design, as well as 30+ years in commercial nuclear, criticality and nuclear safety outside reactors, fast reactor physics and advanced medical isotope reactor safety.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                But you need more education in biology and medicine.

                • MFX 1209

                  The training I received included biology and medicine. Remember an MDs training is with patient care. PhDs study more for research. I'll put my biology and radiation physics training against any MD. Oncologists rely heavily on Medical Physicists to get the dose calculations right so they dont overdose their patients. Just because Im not an MD doenst mean I dont understand radiation biophysics. I have a lot of interdisciplinary formal training in this area. ABET accredited nuclear engineering programs require radiation effects on the human body be taught. We just dont learn about technology.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                    Your conclusions are completely wrong. I don't see you teachning medicine at Harvard University Medical Center. Two notable examples are Dr. Helen Caldicott and Dr. Shield Warren. Dr. Gofman is also much more advanced than you are. Looks like we will all have to wait until you have cancer or a heart attack before you see the light. You don't seem to be able read or quote epidemiology studies or to have any compassion on the children at Fukushima or the babies born with denetic deformities. Some people are having strokes or just dropping dead from radiation contamination.

                    Without wisdom, education is really incomplete.

                    • MFX 1209

                      Its not about MD vs PhD or Goffman vs Cohen. Its about whether or not nuclear engineers at MIT (they dont have nuclear engineering at Harvard) receive Dr. Caldicotts work with ABET accredidation. Ask ABET whether or not Dr. Caldicotts work passes muster. When ABET recognizes Dr. Caldicott and implements her teachings into nuclear engineering curricula then you can have an argument. Until then, if its not ABET accredited, not matter if they teach at Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Imperial College London, it wont be taught in modern engineering schools. Engineers learn engineering principles. Medical doctors are trained to treat patients. Surely my undergraduate nuclear engineering professor taught at USC Medical School, but can MD teachers teach engineers?

                      I think we are far apart on this issue. I am interested in modern nuclear engineering education. I thought about going into radiology and/or oncology after my PhD but I had 2 kids and was tired of school.

                • MFX 1209

                  Busby and Caldicotts methods are not taught in nuclear engineer and radiation health physics programs because their methods have not been vetted by independent experts that are not biased. Their work is more proof that minority reports can not be used to train the masses. I would be more than happy to explain why ICRP and NCRP standards are the best source of information for this work. All the independent LLR work in this field has been directed to antinuclear pursuits which is not acceptable for people being trained to apply the most conservative science with constraints. The art of any engineering is to take the scientific principles and apply constraints for an engineered solution. The minority reports by your side just are not up to muster with regard to standards application. Its hard for you to understand but if technical work is not in standards, its very difficult to get it implemented.

                  If Drs. Busby and Caldicott can get their work in national and international standards then that would help your cause.

                  As it stands as long as their methods are not reflected in the standards, its of little use unless you want to put a case together for the antinuclear activists.

                  Nuclear engineering is about applying the atom in conservative ways so that workable solutions can be put forth. Engineering is not perfect, but our knowledge of nuclear engineering is getting better every day.

                  By nuclear engineering, I focus on reactor physics. Some nuclear engineers do not…

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                    This is a real pity. How about Dr. Ernst Sternglass? There are many, many other medical scientists who disagree with you. All your attacks against just a few names makes it look like you have no depth in the subject. Instead of just ad hominem attacks how about the issues?

                    How about the issue of an alpha emitter inhaled, such as plutonium?

                    Show me some recent studies that claim that inhaling plutonium is safe.

                    • MFX 1209

                      Dr Sternglass came to my graduate school in 1986 and gave a lecture that was so inane, that many health physics professors asked him questions he could not understand. In the end he showed that cherry picked data gave him some spikes in leukemia after TMI but could not explain why actual consequences were not supported. In a way it was my first exposure to epidemiology cherry picking. It continued after his death with Mangano, who was trained by him. Dr. Bernard Cohen, a real health physicist at Pitt would routinely refute his colleague. My impression with listening to Dr. Sternglass was that he was grandstanding and had an agenda. He could not prove his assertions with real data, but with massaging his data.

                  • 52Rockwell

                    Yeah the future is so bright …..Gotta wear shades

                    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

                      MFX – "Dr Sternglass came to my graduate school in 1986 and gave a lecture that was so inane, that many health physics professors asked him questions he could not understand."

                      Then you should understand most peoples reaction to you on this web site. You absolutely lack ANY understanding of this problem of radioactivity killing everyone. You too appear to very stupid to a great many of us here….

                  • mairs mairs

                    The nuclear industry are masters at cherry picking data. As if they don't have an agenda, pretending that the years of medical research into the effects of radiation on mammalian organisms never existed and that this is all uncharted and unknown territory. Complete and utter hogwash. But we have learned to accept psychopathic behavior from the nuclear industry when it comes to protecting themselves.

                • We Not They Finally

                  VanneV, respectfully, surely you've seen signs like don't feed, don't get too close, remember that it's you who are supposed to be a protected species. Let the guy just go all nuclear. Hanford, WIPP, Savannah, Rocky Flats, they need volunteers like him! Wish him God speed and glow, little glowworm, glow!

              • Full head, empty heart. ZERO compassion.

                Push that zero theory, see where it gets you at the end… when you look at what really matters and how much time you have wasted and all the harm you have done..

                Pity, such a waste.

                • 52Rockwell

                  Yeah His cup is full. But we cant hate him . He is us. Until we have a total mindset tsunami and change our attitudes towards energy generation we will produce these guys in our society. My Grandma called em educated idiots. I will not direct that at anyone in particular.But if the shoe fits :)…
                  We have the same in church… So spiritually minded ,they are of no earthly good. Nanny used to say that one 2.
                  Knowledge is good and necessary .I bet old mf could tell some stories if he dared. If he is as deep into it as he claims they would most likely send a black chopper to his house and he would ,unfortunately ,end his life by his own hand. At lest that what minitru would publish..
                  We win with heart,soul,and courage. = Action Now…Lets quit carping and do some actions . Enenews on the Street OOOrah. Bring Gas mask,gloves ,and megaphones:),and a fighting spirit. KI.

          • itsanuclearwar

            If you did in fact help write anything in Wikipedia it only supports the fact that Wikipedia is unreliable and loaded with misinformation.

          • Sickputer

            MFX 1209 (of the curiously same viewpoints as the departed Moe Foe and MF posters) typed these highly condescending pixels of light about a Founding Mother Enenews poster:

            "You took one online survey course in nuclear tech. THis is a little beyond your grasp."

            SP: I am sure the two dozen PhDs I beat out for a technical job two decades ago felt the same. But the job did require substantially more than just little piddling email skills even pre-WWW. 🙂

            Perhaps a quote or two about arrogance and condescension is in order:

            "Trust me. The words are a prayer, not a warranty. I understand that now".

            "You can coat that shit in sugar, but it's still shit."

            —Kyran Pittman

            • MFX 1209

              Its factually accurate. She said she has had one online survey course. The reactor physics of burner and breeder reactors involve very complex reactor kinetics at the graduate level specifically in nuclear engineering and science. One can not expect to just post several links or take an online survey course and be able to understand the intracacies of the physics and mathematics. Im not taking anything away from her overall general knowledge base, however she must realize that its incorrect to label all sodium cooled fast reactors as breeder reactors. Depending on the core and fuel configuration in the blanket and core regions, a fast reactor can operate in burner mode, and remove actinides from consideration. Actinides are fissionable or fissile (there is a difference in those terms). And as fissionable or fissile material, it has a lot more value in fissioning the waste atoms than putting it in the ground.

              • Sickputer

                Methinks the man protests too much..,

                Let's move along to more recent news:

                "The Royal Navy is phasing out depleted uranium ammunition used on some of its warships after the American manufacturers stopped producing the shells over safety concerns, it emerged today. The ammunition is used in the American-designed Phalanx anti-missile system, which is fitted to some of the Navy's destroyers and three other vessels. The US manufacturers have stopped the production line and the American Navy has been phasing out stocks for around a decade, replacing them with tungsten-tipped ammunition, which is not radioactive and far less toxic. A Ministry of Defence spokesman has confirmed that the Americans' decision to cease manufacturing the munitions means the Royal Navy have no choice but to phase them out. The spokesman said the MoD had always known that there were dangers associated with DU ammunition, although the MoD maintained its line that there was still no evidence of a link between DU and an increased risk of contracting cancer, and that possible exposure of personnel to DU in the Gulf and Balkans conflicts would have been at 'extremely low' levels."

                SP: More about the health concerns at:


                SP: Very lucrative tungsten business by the Chinese tungsten companies in making the new projectiles and also aircraft counterweights. Still some aircraft flying with toxic du counterweights.

                • Sickputer

                  Also such very ingenious gold bar fakes in circulation (cpins also). The tungsten-core fakes with a thick layer of gold (to defeat x-ray tests) are quite the topic at the New York Federal Reserve.

                  I am not blaming anyone for these swindles, but it does put a new wrinkle in the theories about US gold stocks. Especially since the US has been very tardy in honoring the German requests for gold bar tepatriation for their $30 billion plus they possess in US gold certificates. They asked in 2013 for transfer of the bullion to Germany. Only 30 million has been shipped. Wonder how that is playing out…

                • MFX 1209

                  Your reply wad disappointing non sequiter to my reply. I think you put too much emphasis on the knowledge base of your founding Mother. I am interested in factually accuracy. When you watch a movie on a subject you are intimately familiar, dont you get upset when they get it wrong? Many armchair nuclear engineers think "oh I have a physics degree Im an expert". If nuclear engineering and physics were identical there would be no need for specialist engineering programs. This is what happens. Policy makers and pundits like Lyman are trained in phsyics (I think he was astrophysics) but then get jobs in government. They read up on nuclear and after 6 months or so interject themseles as experts without having any real expertise.

                  • Sickputer

                    You are the one fixated on the assumption that IFRs are safe. You say the Clinton Era technology has been suppressed and is safe. Frankly I care nothing about your defense of a nuclear plant that has never gone mainstream. I highly doubt your South Korean claims.

                    We are here as intellectuals interested in saving our families and the victims in Japan and everywhere the fallout is traveling. I don't give two cents for debating about breeder reactors, or fusion pie-in-the sky pipe dreams.

                    My concern is stopping the fallout at Fukushima and relocating victims in highly dangerous zones. Try spending some of your energy helping out instead of promoting theories of hormesis. That ship sailed to Nonsense Island along with its departed founding father (RIP Bernie…you were a sad ignorant man in my opinion). YMMV

                    Sadness at Good Fortune Island…

                    • We Not They Finally

                      Sickputer, you're on the right team, but silly to perpetuate the argument. He loves nuclear, so let him go to Hanford, Rocky Flats, WIPP, Oak Ridge — any number of places would welcome him with open arms. He doesn't have to hang around here where he is not welcome. Let him pursue his dreams at Hanford or WIPP.

                    • Well said…we have much work to do simply documenting what is happening around us, in the ocean, soil and air…. document real life effects on families and backyard gardens in the now! I could care less about debating the man made (or natural, for that matter) background radiation pre-Fuki.

                      If we're stupider than the pro-radiation people, there won't be anyone left to debate. Food chain's already disrupted. How's that going to work ya pro-NPP people?

              • 52Rockwell

                What you dont understand Sir,is that all that knowledge has accomplished poisoning the world with nuke waste. We have no way to dispose of it ,or store it safely. It is a F'ing Mess…
                You are very smart,and well educated , but I dont think you are very wise.

                Down here in Texas us uneducated simple folk have a saying ..
                "Dont piss down my back and tell me it is raining.

              • PROVE IT!

                Show the world how wonderful you are.. No one is buying the nuclear B(** here.

                Maybe you can sell your invention to North Korea or Zimbabwe.. and get rich..

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              Instead of discussing the effects of chronic low dose radiation, he just wants to make ad hominem attacks against me. I am definitely not the issue. The issue is that more and more people are suffering health problems and death because of Fukushima.

              He is actually cheering that they are trying to attract children to the Fukushima area, because this, in MFX's opinion, means that things are getting back to normal.

              Fukushima will never be back to normal and children should definitely never again be allowed in an exclusion zone which now should cover a whole lot of Japan, but especially Fukushima.

              • MFX 1209

                No one has proved that Fukushima has lead to deaths and suffering from a radiological point of view. I am not making ad hominem attacks. You probably are a decent person, but your knowledge of low low radiation doses versus the reality of what is actually happening at Fukushima is disconnected. The UNSCEAR and WHO have weighed in and these bodies include MDs with impeccable credentials. So why should we believe anything else? You might not trust them because you believe they are captured by the nuclear industry but tell me, what is the mechanism for them to collect kickbacks from the industry? Its just not there. They are independent by design. I gave you their web page and I am sure you looked at the CVs of these people. Its a big honor to be on a standards group. I am on 2 WGs in my professional work.

                If you believe I am making ad hominem attacks that is far from the truth. I think you might be a little sensitive to criticism and no one has really called you on the carpet on specific knowledge except for me. I am a seasoned PhD and my research credentials are pretty good. Some here have looked at my linkedin profile. I wont give it out publically.

              • 52Rockwell

                Surely God has hardened his heart..
                Exodus 7:3-4 says, “But I will harden Pharaoh's heart, and though I multiply my miraculous signs and wonders in Egypt he will not listen to you. Then I will lay my hand on Egypt and with mighty acts of judgment I will bring out my people the Israelites.”

                And blinded him to the simple truth because he chooses a false idol…NUKE GOD PLUTO nium:

                18They do not know, nor do they understand, for He has smeared over their eyes so that they cannot see and their hearts so that they cannot comprehend. 19No one recalls, nor is there knowledge or understanding to say, "I have burned half of it in the fire and also have baked bread over its coals. I roast meat and eat it. Then I make the rest of it into an abomination, I fall down before a block of wood!"…

          • Calling people dumb on this site won't get you any brownie points.

            Not even any zero points.

            ZERO, ZERO, ZERO credibility

      • Do your homework…guess what it does to critical components in an aged reactor. Clue: They're not designed for high burn of any type. 🙂

      • They are burning nuclear waste all over Japan, poisoning everyone. Same deal in the US, importing waste and burning it.

        Burn, baby, burn. Keep poisoning the rats in the cage, without informing them, and lying to their faces.

        False promises, empty boasts…

        MFX has been everywhere, done everything and is expert on it all.

        He is a GOD, that needs to be bowed down to and worshipped..

        All hail to MFX, who is going to save all of humanity.

        So good of you to drop in here, we are soooooo gratefulllll


    • Compartmentalization of that industry allows people to create potential dangers while being told that they are not responsible for any of the consequences – that will be someone else's department. It has allowed entire societies to think they are accomplishing great things when the job is only half done, the cake half baked, the race half run. You get the trophy before reaching the goal, win the game before scoring the point. You are accorded attention in money and slaps on the back and authority for getting product to market quickly rather than for what that product is in its entirety. You get to create vast mountains of waste without having to give any thought to what will happens to it. It has created generations of half thinking, half morality. First person – "I brought energy to these people, haven't i done a great thing?" Second person – "But, their environment is starting to die and maybe that is because of what you brought." First person – "That's not my department or area of expertise."

  • WesternKyMan

    The upcoming "large releases of radiation" during the debris removal from reactor 1 will put Fukushima back in the spotlight once again.

    What was it Gandalf said in the Two Towers? " In 5 days time, at the coming of dawn… look to the east".

    Pro Nukers are starting to get a tad bit nervous about Fukushima… the gift that keeps on giving.

    The longer Fukushima goes on, the faster the people wake up to the inherent dangers of nuclear power, and unfortunately for the pro nukers, Fukushima is going to be going on a long long time so the discussions about the safety of nuclear power will continue.

  • Sickputer

    The blunders of Tepco and the Diet are deadly to the inhabitants of the globe.

    In particular the 2013 decision to break down (grind, cut, and shear with huge tools) the broken walls at Units 3 and 4 unleashed enormous fallout. Numerous postings by Enenewsers commented on that possibility.

    Now it is confirmed. The radioactive concrete and steel debris was loaded with MOX fuel contamination and dangerous radioactive isotopes.

    Because that fallout was not from coria emissions the fallout did not have the heat punch to rise to the jetstream. Thus, most of it landed inland or in the ocean. The Japanese people are just getting exterminated by Tepco decisions. Burning debris in incinerators and grinding up the heavily contaminated walls at Fukushima…those are actions Enenewsers have denoted as huge mistakes. The Japanese people are bearing the worst of those Tepco/Diet decisions.

    • SP, thanks for pointing out that the dust would tend to fall back down closer to its origin because it wouldn't have the heat, nor i suppose the concussive expanding force of an explosion, to get high enough to get into the jet stream. The transport of nuclear isotopes through an environment is not monolithic as it has too often been intentionally portrayed by industry and also unwittingly by antinuclear advocates. It is varied, and even available heat to form columns of upward draft affects where and how it travels. The misunderstanding, purposeful or not, allows for the bad decisions that you cite. So much has happened that i completely forgot about the rendering down of the containment walls! That should have been piled and entombed. I can only shake my head again.

    • Shaker1

      Well, Sickputer, I thought and think it just becomes more and more silly, though in a very deadly way.

      I saw much mention of DU weapons and their 'attributes' and I think that is a good comparison of what they're finally seeing in all this. Maybe it was mentioned in comments (I've taken some time off from enenews; look but not comment) but it's a known fact (the outcome of a scientific study, for those who can't seem to accept anything that doesn't have a 'scientific' label) that DU dust has been observed in Great Britain. Who'da thought…Surely not Tony Blair…Was it something unpredictable? Hell, no.

      Personally, Radio, I think there are a lot of factors in play here. Stupidity can be really complicated at this level. There are and were strategies that would have helped, but there wasn't the impetus, they cost a ton of money and require much more labor, and the approach to all of this just hasn't changed since the week after the explosions and melt-downs. Hey, just wait for the plastic of bags piled from the 'decontamination' process begin to go…Is it thinking that one doesn't know enough that allows one to pass decision-making responsibilty to another, who in reality may not share motives and, in the case of elected officals, isn't likely more intelligent of informed than they are?

      This has been ongoing, from spreading the shit over the country for incineration to this. Share the pain, right?

  • Canuck1

    Follow up email to my complain regarding RADIATED ORANGES from Japan..this guy is hooked to the stupid feed line:

    Thanks for getting back to me xxxx. Like I said in my earlier email I can appreciate your concern and understand your position on this issue, however, I am confident in our business practices and our relationships with our suppliers and also the fact that we would never put profit ahead of our customers well being by selling imported product that we were not 100% sure of. I am not familiar with the government’s criteria for assessing whether or not food is safe but I did find this website from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in regards to food imported from Japan since the earthquake and the subsequent catastrophe at Fukushima. It explains and provides testing samples in our waters and Japan’s as well as links to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, World Health Organization, and updates from Health Canada regarding radiation levels:…/1384448940388‎

    I truly hope this information helps put your mind at ease and provides you with some confidence that any food we sell whether it be imported or local is in the interest of providing the best possible food experience for anyone who walks into our stores.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    Tritium is an uncommon product of the nuclear fission of uranium-235, plutonium-239, and uranium-233, with a production of about one atom per each 10,000 fissions.[7][8] The release or recovery of tritium needs to be considered in the operation of nuclear reactors, especially in the reprocessing of nuclear fuels and in the storage of spent nuclear fuel. The production of tritium is not a goal, but rather a side-effect.
    Fukushima Daiichi[edit]
    Main article: Fukushima disaster cleanup
    In January 2014 it was made public that a total of 875 terabecquerels (2.45 g) of tritium are on the site of Fukushima Daiichi,[9] and the amount of tritium contained in the contaminated water is increasing by approximately 230 terabecquerel (0.64 g) per year.[10] According to a report by Tepco "Tritium could be separated theoretically, but there is no practical separation technology on an industrial scale."

    10,000 x 875 terabecquerels is the quantifiable fission production of FDNPP that is reported as of the date indicated.

    Source: Fukushima Diary/Wikipedia

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

    MfX stated that no one died as a result of the clean up of Rocky Flats, but, not surprisingly, that turns out to be not true. Charlie Wolf died of a brain tumor in 2010. He was hired in 2003 to go into the hot spots with his crews for clean up and the brain tumor, glioma, shows up a year later. His wife and daughters received #150,000. after his death, but that figure didn't nearly cover his medical expenses.
    Kristen Iverson, Full Body Burden: Browing up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats, 2012, p. 324.

    Nuclear officials claim all sorts of inaccurate information because they may be dead before the truth is known. However, the levels of radiation are now so great, the untruths are now made known fairly rapidly.

    • MFX 1209

      He didn't get an acute exposure with definitive effects. Remember no matter where one works be it in an office or industrial site CDC says 33% will be diagnosed with cancer. Maybe this beta on had good lawyers for tort law and maybe there was non nuclear culpability but at the end of the day no acute large dose was attributed to his condition .

      I stand by my experience at Rocky Flats. This is unique that Anne cannot refute.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        It depends on what kind of cancer you get. Brain cancer is much more prevalent among those exposed to plutonium than among the rest of the population.

        • MFX 1209

          I was transferred from Chicago to Idaho because the reactor physicist had brain cancer. But even working at the nuclear site no one attributed his fatal disease to nuclear. There were thousands at the site that didn't get cancer. If the whole site got sick thats one thing but the cancer rate at the site was within CDC norm.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        MFX, here are some question for your guru:

        These questions are for MFX about Dr. Chabot.
        Is this him?
        George E. Chabot, Physics
        Professor Emeritus
        \What does he know about medicine? What does he know about new medical studies?
        I will repost the following because the comments are no longer going to the correct page for the forum for general nuclear issues.

        So, what is his recommendation for work place shielding for workers working with plutonium? What is his recommendation for using MOX fuel? What is his recommendation for the evacuation zone around Fukushima? What is his recommendation for evacuation for Tokyo? What should be the criteria for evacuation from any area? What does he recommend people do who live near WIPP?

        • MFX 1209

          You dont have to be an M.D. to be an expert in biological effects of radiation. I know where you are going here. You think only MDs are qualified to know about biological effects of radiation. Busby is not an M.D. neither was the 'BEIR committee. Dr. Chabot is eminently qualified and board certified inHealthPhysics.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        I will post a number of medical studies with regard to Rocky Flats tomorrow. But anyone can read Full Body Burden.

        Also I will post a statement that Dr. Shields Warren made in 1946 about plutonium.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Charlie Wolf's family already received compensation for his cancer received while he worked in the clean up at Rocky Flats. For all I know, there are more.

        • MFX 1209

          Just because there was compensation doesnt mean there was causality. Thats not proof. Having understanding of both acute doses and lower doses I would surmise his family had a very good lawyer and RF just didnt want to fight. The tell tale signs of acute radiation sickness would have mobilized the REAC/TS and I would have been notified as well. My work involves researching what medical radiation specialists such as R.Goans MD, and other MDs write about acute radiation syndrome and medical management of radiation accidents. For the most part a very large radiation dose (> 1000 rad or 10 Gy) would be deleterious to a worker. No such large radiation dose has been reported over the last 15 years save Tokai 99.

          • More lies… the theory that no one died and no one was hurt at places like Fukushima, WIPP, and more…

            Flat out contradictions to what really happened.

            Must protect nuclear industry at all costs.

            HOpe they are paying you well per post, for this disinformation.

            Are you CIA?

      • Prove it, come on, work harder..

        We are not convinced..

        Come up with some evidence..

        Go get his brain and do some tests…

        Come on, you can do it, try harder..

      • What happens when WHO and CDC raise that to 100% as the norm…

        Nope, still not linked to man made radiation..

        Our computer models prove it…

        and our statistics plus PhD beat your genocidal death rate…

        What was the norm before the atomic age?

        Smart maybe, but wise, NOPE!

  • chevvvy chev

    MFX 1209 is living proof of radiation damage to the brain……good on ya for posting here

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      He's always claiming radiation in the womb. Maybe his mother was near an atom bomb test. He's certainly claiming exposure. His sister already has had 2 mastectomies. The elite always think they will be immune until cancer strikes. It is all very sad.

    • MFX 1209

      My personal dosimetry records that I receive quarterly has read zero rad the past 15 years. I work in an office environment mainly with computer simulation. If I need to go into radiation areas, I practice ALARA. Airline pilots receive more annual dose than me.

      • UncleCrusty

        Perhaps your information is correct, but most secure, grown people do not present information with the degree of arrogance,egotism and passive aggression that your thread displayed. Congratulations. Your the smartest kid in class. Enjoy lunch alone.

      • UncleCrusty

        I also worked For both Bechtel and S.C.E, building, operating, retrofitting and refueling San Onofre 1,2 & 3. About 10 years. You remind me of the paper pushers that were so sure of themselves that they forgot to look when installing unit #3 Reactor vessel. It was Installed 180 degrees off. Backward – hey, but ya know what? They found a Cock sure Paper pusher to sign off on it anyway. It was "no problem" You are arrogant, and that Sir, makes you a danger.

      • razzz razzz

        MFX 1209 is another intellectual idiot trying to cope with the realities of anything nuclear by practicing physic numbing. Being conflicted will lead to another online meltdown in due course…cheap entertainment.

      • Is this more of the driving to ZERO theory?

        Computer simulations, and virtual reality

        Welcome to the zero reality world.

    • Its the heart that is the problem, not the brain…

  • itsanuclearwar

    Regarding the article "Fukushima: Bad and Getting Worse", I would have liked to have seen the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) expose the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) for what they really are, NWO agents and murderers of humanity.

    Lets not forget that the United Nation's World Health Organization (WHO) is "“WHO cannot undertake any research, cannot disseminate any information, cannot come to the assistance of any population without the prior approval of the IAEA…WHO, in practice, in reality, is subservient to the IAEA within the United Nations family,” explained Alison Katz who for 18 years worked for WHO, on Libbe HaLevy’s “Nuclear Hotseat” podcast last year.""

    "On nuclear issues “there has been a very high level, institutional and international cover-up which includes governments, national authorities, but also, regrettably the World Health Organization,” said Katz on the program titled, “The WHO/IAEA—Unholy Alliance and Its Lies About Int’l Nuclear Health Stats." "Katz is now with an organization called IndependentWHO which works for “the complete independence of the WHO from the nuclear lobby and in particular from its mouthpiece which is the International Atomic Energy Agency.


    • itsanuclearwar

      " We are demanding that independence,” she said, “so that the WHO may fulfill its constitutional mandate in the area of radiation and health.”

      “We are absolutely convinced,” said Katz on “Nuclear Hotseat,” “that if the health and environmental consequences of all nuclear activities were known to the public, the debate about nuclear power would end tomorrow. In fact, the public would probably exclude it immediately as an energy option.”

      I believe that the entire UN "is subservient to the IAEA". The IAEA being the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency.

      "Leading the Fukushima cover-up globally is the International Atomic Energy Agency, formed by the United Nations in 1957 with the mission to “seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world.”

      The US needs to get out of the UN. The UN's purpose has always been to usher in the NWO. Like the US, the UN is a terrorist organization.

  • itsanuclearwar

    And for some good news, for those who know another government lie, global warming, "In Historic Blow to Climate Hysteria, Australia Kills Carbon Tax"

    Hooray for our side, the truthers. Take down the NWO a notch!

    • MFX 1209

      what makes "truthers" think they know the truth?

      • UncleCrusty

        This "Truther" Goes by 10 yrs field experience. That and avoiding intellectual arrogance. Many others here are former workers as well. Now play nice and dont be a Dick. Sir.

      • itsanuclearwar

        Being a liar it would be over your head, kind of like a psychopath understanding emotions.

      • Byrian420 Byrian420

        MFX 1209 are you part of the 1% because if your not your just going to die while trying to promote there death and utter bullshit about nuclear technology. Have you heard of MF or Moe Foe if not look them up, you sound just like they did before they got called on being a TROLL just like you. I hope all you nuclear people get to take nuclear baths in the near future to prove to use that these atoms are for peace and not for death 😉

      • When you go explore your heart, you will understand.

        When you start caring about 7 future generations and what THEY think of what you are doing, you may get an inkling.

        Until then,

        Well, there are a lot of walking zombies out there…

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        Maybe if you guys spent less time being assholes and more time fixing fukushima we wouldn't be so drain bamaged.

      • tsfw tsfw

        MFX I just finished reading this thread and I want to thank you for reminding everyone why the nuclear industry is still thriving. It's really hard to believe that people like you still exist — and consider themselves educated. No proof? Your inability to accept the proof does not equate to lack of proof. Many credible scientists are trying to tell you that your technology is ruining the world. This is the problem with you people- you create the proof where it fits in with your evil plans and throw out what doesn't. That's not science so repeating your degrees doesn't sway us. Your ignorance far outweighs your credentials. I guess you spent a lot of money, time, sweat and tears getting your nuclear education, no wonder you feel you have to defend it,but at what cost? Free your conscience. What do you want to leave this world? Isotopes? That can't have been your dream growing up.

    • We Not They Finally

      itsanuclearwar, yes, the whole climate change thing is full of lies. But the climate IS changing and much of it IS man-caused. Just not like they say at all. See Dane Wigington. Wonderful expert on He explains all the man-made disasters with the weather. Once you get into the chemtrails and fracking and HAARP, manufactured droughts and floods, etc., you can "get it." But meanwhile, environmentalists have been shanghaied down the garden path with the greenhouse gasses cr-p.

      If these people actually CARED about the balance between CO2 and oxygen, they would not keep poisoning the plankton with radiation, thus destroying the leading source for soaking up CO2 and giving off oxygen.

      When we can no longer breathe, it will hardly matter what propaganda we believed!

    • West Aussie West Aussie

      Yes, it's a little more complicated in the land of Oz when it comes to our politics and politicians. We get swung like a pendulum every time the government of 'two tribes' changes here. We are now without any sort of climate action plan and it's full-steam ahead with uranium mining with the possibility of Puke reactors being built around the country. Hooray! for the Liberal/National government! (conservative)…(sarc)
      Not forgetting the trade agreement we just signed with the Japanese govt that gives Japanese farm goods even greater unfettered access into the Australian market…..

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    OK, I'm seein a lot of raw sewage on a graffiti covered slab of concrete. Graffiti scrawled by a blind madman. Meanwhile, genetic chaos is right outside that door……..Uninhindered by 'regulatory control' or theoretical unicorn b.s. about next generation death stars. Not even enough sense to shut down the Mark I. But then, it's really all about money & power, isn't it?
    Goodnight Vanne V, Sickputer & all. Bless You.
    Ask it about wHoremensis and give it enough rope.

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    No sleep for the this kitty yet. Just noticed this thing is back tracking on the thread. It goes back to a previous point in the thread, an exchange or even a conversation that it was not even part of and inserts new responses. Usually more wordy,oh gawd. Hours later. Trying to put it self in a better light, LOL. It does change meaning.I'm not good at mind games, can't see why anyone would go to such lengths. If you can't make your case with facts, deceit just makes a bad smell to go with it.
    I DO know it speed reads..Badly.
    Goodnight, again

  • mt1000

    we gots us a widdle twoll …

  • Trolling for the truth. Get the rad word out, People!
    Fukushima Business Cards 4 U! And everyone else, too!

    These nifty cards are easy to print and pass out.
    Or leave randomly, where ever you please. Distribute liberally!!!

  • mt1000

    Fuku is about to get more 'substances' . . .

    Another Leak of Radioactive Water Reported at Fukushima NPP in Japan

    • Sol Man

      There were warnings about things becoming more difficult at the SFP at #5 about two weeks ago. At the time the article stated that if the that leak was not fixed in about 9 days that it would get much worse, as the cooling would be lost. Seen on RT.

  • ruppert

    Someone reported earlier about the grinding up of concrete that was not hot so therefore would mostly land inland but don't forget that this is typhoon season so it really makes no difference where it lands as with all the typhoons and storms they get it will still end up in the sea.

    It takes my breath away reading someone proactively supporting nuclear. It reminds me of early on when the tobacco industry was heavily trying to push tobacco as good for you.

    Very surreal

    • zogerke zogerke

      ruppert that is a great analogy….also asbestos proponents and all that fake science on health effects (there was a BS report that chrysotile asbestos was not hazardous, called the harvard project, because the corporate shills who wrote the study rented a room in the basement of a harvard building)….I remember ronald ray-gun making cigarettes are good for you commercials….

  • jec jec

    ONGOING water leakage does not help!
    100-liter radioactive water leak found at Fukushima-1 NPP – TEPCO
    A 100-liter leak of radioactive water has been detected at the crippled Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant on Saturday, said Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the operator company of the plant, in a press release. TEPCO said the leak was detected on the fifth floor of the Unit 5 reactor building at about 1:30am local time (16:30 GMT Friday). The leak was discovered in the water gate area of the pipe which is used to transfer liquid for the spent fuel pond cooling. According to TEPCO no changes in the background radiation of the unit have been registered so far. The NPP was crippled following the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that triggered a tsunami which hit the building on 11 March, 2011. A report published by Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority on Friday suggested that key systems at the NPP failed due to the damage from the tsunami, but not the earthquake, dismissing reports to the contrary.

    • Well of course they dismiss anything to do with reality, as does anyone in the nuclear industry..

      Whatever reality is, you can just about count on them to find the exact opposite of it and then deny reality.

      It took them ONLY 3 months to admit 3 meltdowns.. but still have not found out what happened to the cores..

      No need to, especially since they are poisoning the ocean so well.

      Everyone really here really appreciates MFX supporting the nuclear industry doing everything right so far, and no deaths.

      Cheerleaders for genocide are not needed or wanted here. Fukushima caused between 14K to 50K deaths in 3 months in the US alone in just a few months.

      No jobs available here for genocide promoters.

  • The Children Beyond Chernobyl Movie; via @AGreenRoad

    Maybe MFX and MF and MOEFOE and all of their friends can try and help the children that they are responsible for hurting..

    Maybe when they wake up to the suffering they are causing, they will get out of their deep, deep, denial and start dealing with REALITY.

    It will suck when you wake up MFX.. sure hope those kids get to meet you sometime, and they can tell you how they feel about your computer models, and meaningless statistics that proves none of them are sick from radiation..

    Meanwhile enjoy your deep deep denial while it lasts.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Critical Analysis of the UNSCEAR Report
    “Levels and effects of radiation exposure due to the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East-Japan Earthquake and tsunami” by

    Physicians for Social Responsibility, USA
    International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War / Physicians in social responsibility, Germany
    Physicians for Global Survival, Canada
    Mexican Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Mexico
    Association of Guatemalan Physicians and Scientists for the Prevention of War, Guatemala
    Physicians for Social Responsibility / IPPNW, Switzerland
    Danish Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (DLMK), Denmark
    Medical Association for the Protection of the Environment and Against Nuclear and Biochemical Threat, Greece
    French Physicians Against Nuclear Weapons (AMFPGN), France
    Physicians Union Lege Artis, Serbia
    Dutch Medical Association for Peace Research (NVMP), The Netherlands
    Irish Doctors Environmental Association, Ireland
    Association of Physicians and Medical Workers for Social Responsibility / IPPNW, Kenya
    Society of Nigerian Doctors for the Welfare of Mankind, Nigeria
    Physicians for Social Responsibility, Egypt
    Physicians for Peace and Preservation of the Environment, Israel
    Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD), India
    Physicians for Peace and Social Responsibility, Malaysia
    Austrian Physicians against Violence and Nuclear Dangers (OMEGA), Austria

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