New Book: Nuclear explosion may have occurred at Fukushima Unit 3 after ‘supercritical condition’ — Sudden increase in plutonium, uranium recorded by U.S. at several EPA stations

Published: September 27th, 2013 at 11:04 am ET


Title: Hiroshima to Fukushima – Major Incidences of the Failure of Nuclear Facilities
Source: Science Policy Reports – Springer (The series presents the endorsed results of important studies)
Author: Eiichiro Ochiai
Date: 2014

Excerpt from ‘The Accident at Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant

The unit 3 reactor exploded on March 14, and the cause of the explosion is still being debated. A very strong flash of light was seen at the beginning and several detonation sounds were heard. The smoke due to the explosion was not quite the same as that of the unit 1 reactor […] In the case of the hydrogen explosion at unit 1, the vapor spread horizontally. The smoke from the unit 3 reactor was actually gray to black, rather than white. It has been suggested that a water vapor explosion was immediately accompanied by a nuclear explosion. The TEPCo have now officially called it “detonation”. The hot fuel rods caused a rapid expansion of the water added (water vapor explosion). This caused the collapse of the water shield between the fuel rods stored in the storing pool, and this may have caused a supercritical condition momentarily and, hence, led to a nuclear explosion […] The nuclear explosion was not very extensive, but there is a sign that it may have occurred at the storing pool […] If this is, indeed,the case, then not only fission products but also U-238. U-235, Pa-239, and neutrons would have been released. Pu-239 (and also other Pu isotopes) has been detected around the plant and up to several tens of kilometers away, though not as high as in the Chernobyl case, and, also, neutrons were observed in the premises of the plant. Data from several of the EPA’s radiation monitoring stations (in the USA) recorded sudden increases of Pu-239, U-234, and U-238 after the Fukushima accidents, particularly in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, and California. These data suggest the release of fuel rod material itself in addition to fission products, and are consistent with the notion that a nuclear explosion, indeed, took place. This description is entirely a conjecture based on what has been observed, but much uncertainty still exists regarding the explosion at unit 3.

More reports questioning the hydrogen explosion theory at Unit 3 here

Published: September 27th, 2013 at 11:04 am ET


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52 comments to New Book: Nuclear explosion may have occurred at Fukushima Unit 3 after ‘supercritical condition’ — Sudden increase in plutonium, uranium recorded by U.S. at several EPA stations

  • "Nuclear explosion may have occurred at Fukushima Unit 3 after ‘supercritical condition’" …… think

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Double Duh…

  • Lion76 Lion76

    It's ridiculous that we still have to "debate" whether or not this thing blew up in the worst possible way or not.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Has anyone had a chance to read an advance copy? Does it blame MOX fuel for the increased plutonium detection readings, or the rumored weapons facility underneath?

    • Pu was certainly vaporized (by melting fuel) and blown about (from the explosion) at unit 3, the MOX reactor. But about a third of the still-fissile isotopes in the other two cores – and in ALL of the accumulated spent fuel in all of them – are plutonium. These reactors 'breed' plutonium because uranium-238 captures neutrons and becomes plutonium-239. ~95% of the uranium in regular reactor fuel is 238.

      MOX was developed because nuclear weapons aren't so popular anymore. They've gotta do something with it…

      Plutonium got out from all 4 of Daiichi's destroyed plants. It's still getting out with the groundwater. I don't think it was unit 3's SFP that exoloded. Though it was seriously damaged and burned. Twice.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Vaporized plutonium from four destroyed nuclear power plants? Still leaking into the ground water? Spontaneous cancer remission the best thing billions of people can hope for? Why the hyperbole? Aka disaster porn? 😉 But seriously, thanks for your input

        • Heh. No, the truth is – and has been since Day-1 – plenty disastrous enough for anybody's tastes, I'd think. It's the biggest * unintentional * nuclear/industrial mess the world has ever seen. And hopes like hell never to see again, but good luck with that.

          The Great Bomb Game from 1945 to 1963 (plus some after that, through NKorea's latest) was quantitatively worse per atmospheric fallout, nothing like Fuku's ocean pollution. One of the primary reasons for the comprehensive test ban treaty was the amount of "premeditated random murder" being spread around. Probably a more considerable reason (from all the military/intelligence hidey-holes) was the development of computers vulnerable to EMP.

          The impetus for the people of the world is to now insist that nukes be immediately shut down and the mess cleaned up as much as possible, do NOT take "no" for an answer. Oh… and to get busy locally arranging for renewable power generation, thumb our noses at DOE and the Megawatt Cartels.

          Hmmm… that would be a good name for a band… §;o)

          • Mack Mack

            The Dutch are a good example of how to move toward Renewable Energy.

            Dutch neighbors get together and "crowdfund" to buy a wind turbine and then get their energy from this "cooperatively owned turbine."

            • Mack Mack


              "An increasing number of people want to generate their own electricity," says Harm Reitsma, founder of Windcentrale.

              "Solar panels aren't always an option and so wind-shares in a remote wind turbine gives everyone the chance to take matters into their own hands and generate their own clean electricity. As a result, interest in our wind-shares has been huge, and continues to rise. A good example of Power To The People!' "


            • AntonButler

              The Dutch, Netherlands are a bad example on how to treat children. The lock thousands of children, up in high security prisons from ages of 12 years to 18 years, for no criminal offence, and the state calls these "treatment centres".
              The International Convention
              for the rights of the Child, is broken in every article
              by the Dutch state. The Netherlands is a state which commits perjury against parents in order to steal children for adoption. They target foreign families in particular I lived in that country, and I know. I HAVE A ACQUAINTANCE LAWYER THERE, IN family law. And what you say is wrong, very very few in nl buy wind turbines.

  • razzz razzz

    Do they ever say what would happen if control rods failed to insert? They always say uranium fuel is neither rich enough or configured correctly to go boom in a nuclear reactor.

    • This was MOX, different thing altogether.

    • There is a difference between a criticality, and a nuclear bomb explosion.

      Both are explosions, but one is orders of magnitude bigger than the other.

      Criticality explosion is like a dirty bomb, the other (nuclear bomb reaction) wipes out everything flat to the ground for a couple miles around it.

      Both are bad, but we can be grateful that the #3 reactor did NOT go up in a nuclear bomb fashion.. Instead of 50 Chernobyls, we would then probably not be around anymore to talk about this; more like 5,000 Chernobyls… all 40 plus TONS of plutonium would have been released, instead of just some part of it.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    "… may have …"

    Think about the CTBTO, they have valid data.
    But they don't talk about it.


  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Publication is supposed to be Oct. 31.
    Hiroshima to Fukushima: Biohazards of Radiation (Science Policy Reports) [Hardcover]
    Eiichiro Ochiai (Author)
    Springer; 2014 edition (October 31, 2013)

  • I was the one who broke this "story" by mining the EPA data and then doing some Pacific Wide calculations to show amount of mass of uranium and plutonium ejected/aerosolized.

    Hydrogen floats up, it could fill the reactor room, but it wouldn't create and overall upward trajectory for the MOX fuel that was in the deep pot called the reactor, nor for the spent fuel pool.

    So it's a no-brainer, a moderated criticality.

    Here is my work and calculations from 2011

  • razzz razzz

    One of uranium's daughter/by-product is plutonium. 1%+ of all uranium spent fuels is now plutonium. During the fuel cycle inside a working core some of the newly created plutonium begins to fission and that heat production is included in the overall burn rate along with the original uranium fuel.

  • mairs mairs

    Signs it occurred in the storage pool. I always thought the initial flash was rectangular and storage pool-shaped.

  • mairs mairs

    "These data suggest the release of fuel rod material itself in addition to fission products,…"

    Since it was reported back then that fuel material was scattered about the plant and also found several kilometers outside the plant, this isn't news.

    • Reported by who ????

      The official version is nothing happened. Nothing came out and FUKU is only 10% of Chernobyl. Nothing has changed.

      Only ENEnews folks are saying anything different.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    The nuclear shit is still flowing to this day and worsening if anything! Sick of seeing MSM headlines that start out with attention-grabbing headers only to be concluded with panic-easing BS!- ie;comparison to Chernobyl which was a bad event in itself but doesn't apply since it was a relatively short term release event with much less material involved and like comparing a ladyfinger firecracker to a stick of dynamite and sensationalist headline story's followed by downplaying & minimizing Fukushima to "ease their victims minds & fears via panic-reduction missions" while scaring the shit outta everyone with regard to Syria,Iran,N.Korea & WW3 threats looming while the USA & most of the world unfortunate to be impacted by the nuke industry & their puppet Govt.'s they install with their dirty money is going bankrupt & hungry while nobody seems to care that the environment & food/water supplies are contaminated at increasingly deadly levels is just WRONG and disgusts me to the point that I may wind up being "lucky" if death comes to me quickly and I'm spared the agony of seeing how things play out in the end which my grown children would otherwise suffer illnesses & harsh demises before my eyes and I already watched my father in-law die of the cancers that ravaged his pain-wracked body until I watched him take his final,labored breaths yesterday when he died in front of my eyes @2:35pm CDT. 🙁 Today's reality is worse than nitemares of the future I'd had decades ago! 🙁

    • Our deepest sympathies and condolences 🙁

      Sending you blessings and *******

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Johnny, you are in my prayers. Peace.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Thanks Dr.Goodheart,Kassandra & the Group for your kind words! I'm thinking that MOST,if not nearly all of the aggressive,out of the blue,post-311 onsets of cancers & subsequent deaths are clear indicators as to how far & wide the radiation & health impacts have already begun in a major way 🙁 Yes cancer was already on the rise even before the 311 ELE,but the unexpected "crash courses" & "hands-on hospice training" I've received since 311 has all but convinced me that I wouldn't have had my "Oncology 101" degree nor the deep personal losses & hardships I and my family & many friends have & will go through! I don't have a degree in nuclear physics or even be that good at math,but I don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that something is terribly wrong or what that 'something" is either! I'm not feeding my self-pity or seeking sympathy from anyone when I set out my personal details of the horrors I've seen first hand,but I am grateful that ENEnews & the Group has an opportunity to hear what I've got to say and how it(311&nukes)impacts ordinary folks lives and my entries here may someday be used as evidence towards holding those responsible accountable for their actions & "inaction's" if crap technology doesn't kill off most & thrust the rest into the Dark Ages(?)!! 😐 Have a great weekend just the same everyone! 🙂 I never know when or "if" I'll get a chance to come back here again these days??!! TAKE CARE ALL! 🙂

    • NoNukes NoNukes


      I am so sorry for your loss.

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    Fuku reminds me of the neutron bomb; the former being more deadly…

  • W8R W8R

    Initial flyover vids clearly show a beautiful square hole blown thru the rubble, exactly above the fuel pool. #3 went down. Its fuel pool went up. Way up.
    The pools are way worse than the reactor cores.
    And there are 5 more.. The 3 cores are gone. Way gone.
    This is just beginning.. Watch….

  • yellowrain

    how ironic this world has become, in my life I have seen a president of the united states state that a dirty bomb in a suitcase could destroy a large major city. Then I watch three meltdowns and a detonation with multiple pounds of Plutonium blow up on live tv and the very next president says dont worry be happy. Anyone else observe strange specks on their vegetation lately? Replace the word ironic with words of your choice. How long do you live after you inhale plutonium anyway? Better start that bucket list.