US Study: Radioactive Xenon-133 in Washington was 450,000 times above detection levels after Fukushima — “Persisted for weeks” (CHART)

Published: June 7th, 2012 at 1:37 am ET


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US Particulate and Xenon Measurements Made Following the Fukushima Reactor Accident

Page 8

Xenon-133 measurements were x450,000 our detection levels using a SAUNA-II xenon measurement system

Noble gas does not “washout,” and is the first emitted from any possible fuel damage

Levels persisted for weeks and isotopes were ultimately detected across the northern hemisphere and around the world

h/t Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog

Published: June 7th, 2012 at 1:37 am ET


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46 comments to US Study: Radioactive Xenon-133 in Washington was 450,000 times above detection levels after Fukushima — “Persisted for weeks” (CHART)

  • yogda yogda

    I'm in Washington and had my windows and doors plastic covered duct taped closed by the 16th of March 2011.

    I told my friends what was coming which fell onto deaf ears…

    "Right now Heads Up" Radiation network has been showing 7.000+ cpm somewhere in the Chicago area. I saved a screenshot.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      I am in WA too, but did not hear the news until after the fact…:-(

      So what this means is that our gvt knew about these elevated, persistent readings but did not warn us to keep our children indoors, out of the rain.

      I hadn't seen this chart previously. So the noble gases persisted for about an entire month??? We were told they decay away within a few days…so what this could mean is that there were ongoing noble gas releases for that month time period…? So we were exposed, breathing it in and absorbing it through our skin the entire time…

      Words cannot express the anger I feel at our own gvt having turned their backs on the very people who have voted them into office to represent us and protect us…

      • ion jean ion jean

        We all have our shoulda woulda couldas in this nuclear holocaust…

        Just mitigate as best you can going forward, moving to change food sources if needed, clay, rosemary, etc. And your family will still be doing better than Eastcoasters who don't have a clue about irradiated food supplies.

        Limited finances can be as devastating as Location in this matter.

        The Pacific Coast needs to rise up in opposition to Nuke pollution…I expect CA to wield its sword, eventually.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          No, there's no "we" in "shoulda, woulda, couldas" in this disaster. There is only the greedy bastards that knew nuclear power was dangerous, they knew the contractors were cutting corners, and now they've killed off the whole biosphere on this planet.

          WATK is right. Our government is ultimately responsible for all this. These aren't defective Russian plants. These are GE plants that were built cheaply, with massive corners cut, on sandstone over fault lines.

          Our kids are going to die a horrible death, by the billions, because of this. Closing every nuclear plant on the face of this earth isn't going to change where we're headed.

          And change food sources? From where? Clay? Does that remove uranium from the air? The water? Rosemary? Does that eliminate plutonium from our kids' lungs?

          Maybe Obama could lean over at the fundraising table and ask Immelt from GE what might clear our radiation and save our kids. The manufacturer should know.

          • mem mem


            I feel like the decisions I make about what food to eat (and feed my family) are a total shot in the dark. I won't use seaweed or fish, but I still drink the water and breath the air. I stopped eating leafy greens but after looking at the deformities in carrots etc., I feel like it's all contaminated and there is no way for me to know.

            I keep my kids inside from the rain and feel guilty about it, even though I see the raindrops leave brown spots on my flowers. I put baking soda in the kids' bath and I don't know if it helps because I worry that the baking soda I buy may have already absorbed rads and that I am actually putting concentrated rads into my daughter's bath. We have to mitigate if we can, but it's all so invisible that it's very frustrating.

            • I know how you feel. The most sensible thing to do is stay in a nuclear fallout shelter, unless you consider moving to the southern hemisphere which is impractical for most people. I live in a basement. That's as close as I can get to a fallout shelter.

              What to eat? Grow your own food indoors. That's the most sensible thing to do.

              Try looking at my Nuclear Radiation Health information fact sheet.

              Perhaps the pro-nuke people are right. Radiation doesn't hurt happy people.
              It sounds crazy but there might be some truth to it. Your body is capable of dealing with a lot of bad stuff when you are happy. 🙂

            • demo demo

              arm/hammer baking soda is mined from Green River Basin, Wyoming. soak herbs, berries, broccoli and leafy green veggies for 20 min. in a solution of 4 oz. backing soda per gallon of water. scrub peelables before peeling. now more than ever, we need anti-oxidants from fresh fruits/veggies. i try to eat a daily avocado (or half), banana, organic orange or grapefruit w/ the white stuff (pectin), onion, garlic, tumeric, cilantro, green tea from India. costco has cheddar aged 3 yrs if you must, but vegan diet is healthier. vit/min supplements.

              do what you think will help, to the extent feasible, then let go and leave it to fate. studies show faith/optimism help immunity. count blessings & try not to worry nor worry the kids pls. it won't hurt them to stay out of the rain. got one of those little round trampolines or a big ball for them to bounce on? got books they love? dvd's? (but limit screen time.)
              feeling for ya, especially as a mom.

  • norbu norbu

    1,751 near chicago ?

  • yogda yogda

    it's up to 7009cpm again.

    • lam335 lam335

      I live in South Bend, where these high readings are being reported, but my GC is showing normal readings from 20 to 40 or so CPM.

      Although I'm generally the type who worries about stuff, I am really inclined to think that these extremely high South Bend readings are incorrect.

      I could be wrong, but if they were really that high, I would think my GC would be picking up some elevated readings too, but even close to the window, I'm just not detecting anything abnormal.

      • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

        Lam335: Here is a repost of my comments on the South Bend false alarm issue from another forum today. philipupnorth
        June 7, 2012 at 12:01 pm · Reply
        From Radiation Network: (Many thanks Radiation Network, for getting this right out. Phew! I'm so relieved):

        "Update: 6/7/12, 7:45 A.M: – False Alert:  The alert level reading last evening appears to be a false alert from an equipment malfunction.  Here is the station's report:

        "out of control readings on the GeigerGraph screen from about 11:30pm local time that occurred while sleeping. My apologies to all. I have no idea what caused this. Shut down GeigerGraph and restarted. Readings from the Geiger were in the normal range (the Geiger operates on A/C). All cable connections are tight and not loose. Am speculating between the GFI and USB Adapter and some sort of voltage spikes. The uninterruptable power supply UPS had lost power and had died – a tripped GFI. I am not going to leave the system running while not at home until I can determine and fix the problem."

        "By the way, a handful of stations on the Radiation Network feed simultaneously to the Black Cat Systems network, which explains why a high reading was showing on their network at the same time.  But Black Cat works in uR/hr instead of CPM, so their radiation level was lower because of the conversion factor between units of measurement.". [This is the false report of high readings in South Bend from last night.]

  • norbu norbu

    we are in california and its scaring us. my family lives in Ill.

  • rollbuff

    I just Subscribed to STOP Nukes NOW! 🙂

  • Max1 Max1

    (reposted on General Discussion)

    I'm in downtown Seattle. On top of it being a bad sinus day…
    … It's been a persistent 'funny taste in mouth' day, too

    • candlebox

      yesterday i was driving home from work (Oklahoma) and i hit a certain stretch of road ( In the middle of nowhere) and i had a metallic taste in my mouth.

      I would like to think it was my monster, but it tasted like iodine tbh.

      Dont know…didn't say anything, because i feel this situation makes me borderline crazy.

  • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

    Just finished reading the PDF.

    This shows that monitoring stations across the united states (east and west) began detecting huge concentrations of radioxenon (and other isotopes) beginning about 7 days after the earthquake.

    They said in their conclusions sections that it took about 3 days to go over the data and form hypotheses on it (paraphrasing).

    They say that 85 to 103 percent of the xenon inventory of units 1,2,and 3 was released, considering what was picked up in the air, soil, and or water.

    Fukushima proved that their monitoring network WORKED. They knew after a couple of days that there had been reactor meltdowns.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but NONE of this looks like the trace amounts that my president assured me were harmless.

    • exnavynuc exnavynuc

      lets look at a time line 3-11 event happens. 7 days later 3-18, start detecting huge concentrations of radioxenon and other isotopes. 3 days to go over data 3-21 officials knew that plants had melted down. Nothing was put out in the media, no government official came out and said this is real bad and here is why. If these monitoring stations and the people that run it do nothing, why do we keep paying them, what is the purpose of this government group. Hell this website has released more information the the government group that is suppose to protect/warn the public.

  • dosdos dosdos

    These readings on the graph are from 3/1/11 to 4/1/11, covering the initial release of Daiichi.

    I remember having a long, low grade fever that started with a viral infection in February of 2011, but it cleared up about the time of the event. It was followed by something that felt like bronchitis, but with no mucus, similar to a mild asthma. I'm convinced that it was the Xenon release that blanketed the entire US in mid to late March. After my lungs cleared, the fever persisted for weeks, then finally cleared. Lots of people I knew were having breathing problems during that period.

  • Toby

    I'm in Auburn, Wa, and it's raining hard here (June 7, 9:00 am)

    I went out with my Civil Defense CD V-700 (Cold War Era Rad. Detector) and got virtually zero readings.

    It works properly, has fresh batteris, and the 'Operational Check Source on the side of the unit (it's a tiny piece of Uranium under a foil sticker) indicates that the unit IS working properly (it registers up to about 0.2 millirems), yet I get nothing in the rainwater on my deck or in puddles on the patio.

    I know it's not an "Inspector Alert" unit, but I would think this thing should register SOMETHING if it's truly there.

  • November 14, 2011 Xenon Gas and Lethal Doses by Inhalation (this site is in French so I used Google translate):

    The AIPR or International Association for the Protection Against Ionizing Radiation posted this on Nov 4 (please note it is translated from the French)

    "The program "semi formalized" in Fukushima of 1.67 E19 Bq 133 Xe gas have meant the spread of 2.411 kg. This emission is equivalent in terms of internal radiation lung 400.8 million in potentially lethal doses by inhalation. As shown, 2.4 kg of material having the power to kill only transient 400 million people, the Xenon 133 is classified as very low radiotoxic. It's not beautiful science! "The Xe 133 has a half-life of 5.244 days. It decreases in beta mode with a decay constant of 1.52985 s-1 E-6. (Ln (2) / T1 / 2 ie 0.693147 / 5.244 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 1.52985 E-6. ) The specific activity of E15 6.9271 Bq / g E05 Ci/gr.- -1.872 (6.0221415 E 23 / ​​133 * 1.5299 = 6.9271 E-06 E15 Bq / gr.) The inhalation dose factor is of 1.20 E-10 Sv / Bq.

    •A lethal dose by inhalation of 5 Sievert E-06 weighs 6.02 gr. (6, o2 micrograms), E10 is 4.17 Bq. One gram of 133 Xe has provided 166,249 potentially lethal doses. Fukushima has released about 2411 grams of the radioactive element has so far scattered in the environment the innocent and very low radiotoxic equivalent of 400.8 million lethal doses."

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    "Xenon-133 measurements were x450,000 our detection levels using a SAUNA-II xenon measurement system."
    We need to know the levels of all isotopes, not just several of them. If the US Government (DOE, EPA, NRC, HS, and others) knew about these levels in real time (and there is really no excuse if they did not know), then knowingly contributing to the disease and death of the affected population is criminal behavior, including murder. Hell, you didn't even tell the little children not to go out for recess when the fallout arrived. Big shame on you! 450,000 times detection levels does constitute an emergency, in spite of whatever you criminals might think. Will there be hell to pay? The science has finally caught up with Fuku, and the science is far beyond our wildest predictions here at ENEnews. Are we all toast? Probably. Time will tell. (Too bad about the kids.)

    • The failure to protect the public is indicative of a MASSIVE FAILURE OF GOVERNANCE.

      The public could have been warned to reduce outside exposure, especially for pregnant women and children.

      I called my school district and used all of my persuasive efforts to beg that kids be kept inside during recess.

      They would not listen to me and presumed I was insane despite the evidence I shared with them in the form of a comprehensive power point presentation on the effects of radiation and the extent of the fukushima crisis.

      I could not protect my children because the lying SOBs would not trust the public

      • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

        majia: We should put copies of this study into the hands of city officials, fire departments, schools, school boards, etc., so they will be better informed when the next radiation emergency happens. I know, I know. The response is pretty much always: "They would tell us if it was dangerous." "They" being HS, EPA, NRC, DOE, the President, etc. Not so much. Just as The Japanese Government sacrificed the population of Japan in a vain attempt to keep the nuke industry going, so has the US Government, with knowledge of these high levels of Fuku radiation falling out over America, elected to protect the nuke industry and corporations rather than to report radiation levels to the people so that we can protect ourselves. Outrageous! Criminal!

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Government is no longer citizen-centric. It is corporation-centric. Corporations are now considered people. That's O.K. though cause they will also die from this event…..

      • demo demo

        Good for you for alerting the school district! Pls share the power point.

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      "We need to know the levels of all isotopes, not just several of them."
      I stand corrected. Data on many isotopes from Fuku were measured in Richmond, WA. (Ya gotta read this stuff all the way to the end.). 🙂

      • What-About-The-Kids

        But PhillupNorth: Where's the Beef, as they say? I didn't find any mention of the P or U words, Plutonium or Uranium, did you?

        Heck, even the EPA measured levels of these early on in the disaster. (Check out the chart Chris Busby created from these measurements on the homepage of his website,

        Snip: (from his website statement last year early on in the catastrophe):

        "Elevated levels of Uranium have been found in air samplers (filters) operated by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the north Pacific.

        Recent data for the Mariana Islands (2800 km south of Fukushima) Hawaii, California and Seattle have been found in the RADNET EPA website.

        The graph left has been created from the very limited data provided. It shows that uranium (and probably also therefore plutonium) particles have been or are being released by the Fukushima catastrophe. They are appearing in California some 8000km away at levels which are greater than background. (Note: EPA has not provided baseline data. The background level indicated by the blue line on the graph is based on averaged measurements at UK Atomic Weapons Establishment.)

        The increasing trend with proximity to Japan suggests that Japan is far more heavily contaminated than any of these sites, as we have predicted. It is of the greatest concern that no data on uranium and plutonium have been published by the authorities there. Report. Data on EPA site"

  • shiverca shiverca



    THEY KNEW!!!


  • shiverca shiverca

    PS I bet you the people with this info kept their families and kids indoors.

    • yogda yogda

      That's right. No one should be in the rain these days.

      shiverca, If you can get yourself a Geiger counter.

  • Lyrics from my favorite song, The Sound of Silence

    And the people bowed and prayed
    To the neon god they made
    And the sign flashed out its warning
    In the words that it was forming
    And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
    And tenement halls"
    And whispered in the sounds of silence

    Majia here: WE MUST START A GRAFFITI CAMPAIGN where we cite this study of 450,000 background on all the major news outlet comment sites.

    We must start twitter campaigns and facebook messages that PUSH this message into the crowd.

    The evil neon god is going to kill us if we don't raise awareness and demand MITIGATION.

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    I love the idea, "GRAFFITI CAMPAIGN". I'm thinking if the world knew, understood what has happened, the full truth…they would panic. In a big rush things would rapidly spiral out of control. This way, the way things are being hanled, our world can kinda go on as normal, maybe long enough for an escape or maybe even a miricle. I do not agree with the way this has been handled but the truth could wipe us out much quicker!!! I think we all got at least a little piece of poison in us, doing it's thing it is. Better to worry about what might happen then the reality of what has taken place.

    Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain! Including TEPCO!

    • I understand your concern but I think that allowing the lack of mitigation is going be far more deadly than raising some alarm.

      I am not convinced people will panic.

      No one here has panicked that we know of.

      The emission calculation — 450,000X Background — is still an abstract number.

      I don't know how many people actually understand what the significance of that number means. I certainly don't.

      Prof. Koide concluded that humanity as a whole has never experienced this level of radiation contamination and he stated “I have no idea what will happen but we will be fighting this radiation on the order of tens, hundreds of years”

      Professor Hiroaki Koide, Nuclear Reactor Specialist and Assistant Professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute. Cinema Forum Fukushima, titled, “Archive Footage of the NYC Press Conference May 4th 2012.”

    • faithhopelove

      There are 250,000 tons of high-level waste sitting above ground. Most of that sits in pools that require energy to be expelled in keeping them cool.

      Will mankind deal with this problem that has gone too long, if the masses are not aware of it. Unless the people are informed, they may continue in their stupor, until millions die poisonous deaths, while millions of others wait the same.

  • ML

    The taxes we pay and the money the government borrows (and goes into further debt for) is to protect and promote corporations and bail out big banks. And these corporations pay big bucks to accountants to keep their tax bill as low as possible.
    Our taxes are funding government actions which will slowly murder us since there is no funding for public education on radiation mitigation and no monitoring of the safety of our food supply! And they continue to increase nuclear waste without a means of safely dealing with it. Government policies are promoting genomic instability. What chances do we have of a decent future for our grandchildren?
    What fool would pay taxes to support such government policies?