Study: Those lacking wisdom expected Fukushima plume to disperse before hitting West Coast — In reality “sharp features” were detected even after several days travel (PHOTO)

Published: December 2nd, 2013 at 7:06 pm ET


Evidence of sharp features in the Fukushima plume over Southwestern British Columbia, by Health Canada and Canadian Association of Management Consultants (Undated):

Evidence of sharp features in the Fukushima plume over Southwestern British Columbia […]

Unfortunately, the land map is removed from the study’s images. For a reference point, the row of dots in the upper right denote monitoring stations along the Vancouver Island coast.

Naively [naive: deficient in worldly wisdom or informed judgment] one could expect a diffuse and well-mixed plume reaching the West Coast, especially in the boundary layer – – Nevertheless important small scale features are observed in the plume […]

Dispersion modelling indicates that there are indeed small scale / sharp features in the plume even after several days travel times […]

Horizontal diffusion does not play a major role in the horizontal spread of the plume […]

See the presentation here

Published: December 2nd, 2013 at 7:06 pm ET


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47 comments to Study: Those lacking wisdom expected Fukushima plume to disperse before hitting West Coast — In reality “sharp features” were detected even after several days travel (PHOTO)

  • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

    i feel like i am sitting in a giant gas chamber right next to the vent.

  • Sol Man

    The risk of radiation exist for every living creature and the becquerels make little distinction along class lines.

  • Bowtieman Bowtieman

    Yep…. With a busy signal at the Governors office….

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Risk?..what are the chances that future generations..will live in a healthy environment.
    High risk..they won't.
    Risky manmade endeavors.
    What is required to cut this risk?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    N O R T H E R N . H E M I S P H E R E

    Nuclear radiation travels in jet stream, across America, Europe, and beyond.

    All day, all night, 24/7, forever, until they make it stop.

  • Gradius

    "Future generations" ?!?!

    For real (and I'm *dead serious* here)… WHAT FUTURE GENERATIONS ?!

  • jec jec

    A farmer, in the fields plowing during spring planting in N. Washington March and April and May 2011…came down with pancreatic cancer almost a year later..he died Dec. 2012. Tell me his early death was just a statistic. Did anyone WARN people who work out in the elements (rain) to take care, and protect themselves? NO!!! EPA should be fired.

    • norbu norbu

      My Grandfather was asked to do a part in a Film for the Quad cities nukear plant in Cordova ILL. He was a honest hard working man with a big family. They asked to film him plowing his field. I guess to promote the plant safety. His farm is 5 miles from the plant. He died of cancer within a year of the plant operating. He never used chemicals on his farm only manure. I love my Grandpa, it makes me cry to think about it. My grandma is 97 now and in a home, she has been without her man for a long time.
      peace to all

      • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

        So sorry for your loss.
        enoughalready45 in Illinois

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

        My sincere condolences on the loss of your grandfather due to nuclear poisoning, Norbu. We all share your loss because we also are losing people left right and center. I am going to post an essay later on this thread to give you all a different view of the history behind this disaster; going back to WW2. Perhaps it may wake you all up to whom the enemy of humankind is and how we must proceed to correct matters before the entire world is finished by those whom I will expose. Some of you already know, but my essay will serve as a refresher.

  • Alpha1

    Unfortunately the maps they are showing only rely on the dispersion of radionuclide in the NANO_Particulate that would disperse. Unfortunately there is nothing in the world that could be further than the truth there are no radiological radioactive nucleotides that dissolve at all…

    As we can all want to think and prey this was true it is far from the truth at any pace. We are a new radiation nation based on the article they are trying to keep people from mass panic and they will never tell the truth to this matter.

  • ftlt

    Wave action at the shore and at sea will put it into the atmosphere as well..

    How much???

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    18 Nov NY Times a Nuke engineer said unit 4 pose some problems but nothing to worry about, his was Steve Lochbaum. These people need to be locked up or made to work at unit 4. Does meaning "you can't fight city hall" maen any thing?

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Lochbaum is a Jewish name. Enough said regarding the comments coming from Mister Steve Lochbaum in the JewYohk Times. Lying is a common practice for these people. They do it without shame because their god, LUCIFER, tells them it is alright to lie, cheat, steal, and kill; those who are not members of their tribe. Check it out for yourselves at:, which exposes those creatures and what they believe to be their supreme law; the Talmud.


        @Emmanuel Truthseeker: while the social disease of Jewish supremacism is very real, you walk a thin line in your attempt to lump all Jews within the Zionists camp. Regardless if others are capable of acknowledging that we are all children of the goddess, isolating those of the Jewish faith as being different from the rest only plays into the hands of the Zionists. Though I am not a follower of the Christian faith, I see all Christians as my spiritual equal. I make no distinction between my own perceived beliefs and those of any-other faith. That we suffer from tribalism and racist ideologies does not cloud my perception that we are all one in the eyes of the goddess. Should you feel compelled to highlight the failures of others, know that we have all failed. Should you feel compelled to celebrate the progress of any specific group, know that we are all elevated by that progress…

      • zogerke zogerke

        Creatures? How much more racist can this comment be?

  • weeman

    I take it that a sharp feature is a hot spot?

  • Daisy207

    Its anyone's guess what the outcome will be in the near future. I live in Maine and NETC lights up like a christmas tree everytime it rains here – not high but higher than normal. My geiger counter picks at a higher rate when I check rain water on a paper towel – measures in micro sv – higher than background but not in the yellow range. I can't imagine what it is like on the west coast. Water data should be first showing radioactive metals in mg/l per component then the emissions per component. I don't know what is going on with the data I have looked at – it simply cannot be reported in emission rates only. I would be curious as to the fate of the fukushima 50. Or the people in the early reports with hair and teeth falling out. Are they still alive? I know just enough to know that we are not being told the whole story – and the animals and sea life are giving us hints of what is to come and what is already here.

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    I'm getting so tired of computer models. As well as people and the media in general treating them as if they are actual recorded data.

    The models only present what *can* happen, based on a given set of initial values.

    I want actual, measured data. Even if it is far worse than the rather conservative models seem to indicate.

    • Grampybone Grampybone

      Measured data is only able to give a small picture of what is happening. Computer models are the best option to even glimpse the kind of phenomenon happening in the Pacific Ocean. This kind of radioactive release into a gigantic ecosystem is a theoretical physics nightmare.

    • Agreed, I found some data a few weeks back…ship taking rad measurements at different locations and different depths.

      95% of it stayed in the top 200 feet of water. The main bio area.

  • Sickputer

    The first massive plumes from reactor explosions and fuel rod fires were massive. They spread across the Northern Hemisphere enveloping North America, Europe, and returning to Japan. Multiple 40-day loops that laid down a terrible fallout pattern from the troposphere.

    I tend to agree with what Leuren Moret and Chris Busby had to say just 7 months into this world crisis:

    " this disaster in Japan from Fukushima, is the same thing as releasing 300 times more radiation [measured at peak levels in Japan] than Chernobyl, or 1,000 times [measured at UK govt. radiation lab at Harwell in 1963 at the peak of atmospheric testing] more than from atmospheric testing."

    " Moret: Now during bomb testing, only 15% of all that radioactive material has actually been deposited on the earth in the environment. Most of it, 85% of it, is still up there, moving around slowly in the ionosphere and the mesosphere.

    So this [Fukushima, Japan, March 11, 2011] is a very acute exposure compared to nuclear bomb testing, the nuclear bomb test era."

    SP: The water contamination is indeed deadly from Fukushima Daiichi. But it's the continued AIR emissions rising from the plant every second that is killing species in the Northern Hemisphere.

    There are no "midges" biting sheep and cows in Europe. Schallenberg virus is a coverup story for animals being exposed to fallout from the Fukushima air…

    • Sickputer

      Speaking of the Schallenberg "virus" here is the latest nucleorat offering to the sheeple:

      Excerpt: "The Schmallenberg virus that causes birth defects in sheep and cattle was carried to the UK by midges blown over from French and Belgian farms, say Oxford University scientists.

      Schmallenberg was first seen in Germany in 2011 and spread rapidly across Europe through Culicoides midges, the same insects that carry the bluetongue virus. The researchers showed that Schmallenberg spreads more widely than is revealed by birth defects and is also highly dependent on wind direction.

      The model suggests that the disease, which first hit UK farms in 2011, was introduced from across the Channel by infected midges from at least ten farms in France and Belgium. It also shows that around half of infected farms across Europe are 'dead-ends' that do not go on to spread the disease further."

      SP: I can cite numerous scientific studies and experiments where ruminants were exposed to dangerous nuclear radiation and the results were exactly like the dead and deformed lambs and calves in Europe.
      Big Brother is an accomplished liar when it concerns money, power, and government crimes.

      • Sickputer

        Excuse my typos… It is Schmallenberg.

        I do agree with one thing they said…the cause for the sick and dead offspring animals is indeed "highly dependent on wind". But it's rain and snow bringing down Fukushima fallout, not mysterious "midges" from Africa. The geographical dispersion and sequence of the affected European countries does not support their "mode suggests" theory.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Yeah. I never believed that story at all either!

  • Alpha1

    Model; suggest lying bastards trying to kill humanity and the other 5 million species here. Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies they should all have the same enrichment and crime done to them. We should make them have a great 5 course fish dinner at the plant then drink the water after and go home…


    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Here is your weapon folks. Check out the REGINA V/S JAH info and you will quickly learn some things about your governments and how we can begin to bring down the house of cards they have built.

      This information applies to all Commonwealth countries including the JewSA.


    I wrote up the dying ecosystem of the Pacific and a massive 400% spike in shark attacks….and then TODAY another fatal shark attack of a kayaker.

    Insane stuff going on

  • Sickputer

    +311 Stock.

    I guess when the smaller species of fish melt away then the sharks will be looking for anything to eat. The fishing industry and big grocers don't want testing, but when the wild stocks disappear the big grocers will have to raise all their fish and shrimp on private fish farms inland. Or set up tuna rodeo pens far south of the equator.

    The blame for species extinction will never be placed on corporate entities…for they are Big Brother.

    Cross BB too much and you will have a rat cage strapped to your face.

    I am sure glad I love Big Brother. >;->

  • Ontological Ontological

    Fish farming is another BIG ecological no no…And we will find that out the hard way soon. Anyone with a brain out here, and there are a few, must understand the implications of this. Same as with nuclear, fish farming comes with too many catch 22 issues. And the same cancer causing effect from the genetically altered fish is in place, Sorry not the answer either.

  • Sickputer

    Yes Ot… Fish farms suck bigtime. Nasty antibiotics and fish diseases. But we know they WILL build huge ones to fill in the deficit for the extinct species. Either that or Soylent Green. 2022 fast approaches.

  • Sol Man

    The notion of dispersal is a odd (funny?) thing.
    Dispersal doesn't exist while at the same time concentrating.
    The amount that was there is no longer, it is over here instead, and it goes round to add some more each time. If peple only consider one side it is quite the myth.

  • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

    In the 1930s a very brave, inspired leader tried to fight the forces which are destroying this planet. This brave, highly decorated soldier, identified clearly who the real enemy of human kind is. He called it, International Jewry and saw if for the corrupting influence it is. This same amazing man totally understood the implications of the nuclear research being conducted at the time by a pack of deranged sociopathic Tribalists/Zionists and strongly discouraged the research and development of nuke power production and bombs. This same man never declared war on the west, but the west ganged up on him and his country; Germany. The leader's name, may it be sung on high by archangels for eternity is; Adolf Hitler. He clearly stated; he did not want war with England and indeed admired that amazing land and its people. He could have wiped out the entire English army at Dunkurque but did not because he never was a mass murdering son of a bitch like Churchill, Rosenveldt (sic), Stalin, and that other Commie monster, Mao Zedong. The first people to begin bombing civilian targets were the Allies not the Axis forces. It is the Allies who are the true war criminals.

    Had the world not been hoodwinked first by the Jew, Saul of Tarsus into believing a false religion advocating that the Jews are specially chosen by The Universal Father things would have evolved a whole lot differently here on Gaia. It is this onerous lie which has given the Jew his foot in the door. To be…


      again Emmanuel Truthseeker, the truth of your words will do little to change the reality that we find ourselves experiencing. The reign of the 'holy ones' is coming to an end. No amount of Rothschild gold will buy an escape from what is descending upon us all. For all their success in beguiling the world, they have failed miserably in realizing their goals. If you haven't gathered it by now, the power has been rested from their hands. We're only experiencing the residual wake of their passing. At this stage, it would be more productive to point to where we can go from here. That history has been distorted and hidden is incontrovertible. From this point on, we all determine its outcome and direction. Regardless how enraged you or I may be at the crimes of these people, alienating each other with further recriminations will only impede our progress as a species. It's time to end the insanity of difference and forgive one another for our past selfishness…

    • zogerke zogerke

      good lord more crazy racism. really does not do this site any good. only useful to discredit. Why don't all the racists just make their own page and let the stuff be contained there.

  • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

    Now the entire world is under their control, just about. This same tribe is responsible for the Fuk up we are discussing in this thread. I repeat once again, Fukushima was caused by STUXNET. Israhell is responsible. They are shameless lying, murdering monsters who now have to be finally held to account. Unless that happens, nothing is going to change and things will continue to get worse and worse in all areas, not just the psycho nuclear power industry; controlled and operated by Jew owned corporations, ultimately the Rothschilds; which is where I lay most of the blame for all of it.

    The way to fight that group is to stop taking banking seriously; it being the largest fraud on the planet. Start not using their coloured toilet paper and begin bartering and using real money, gold and silver. And start charging our politicians with treason. In Kanada the law for treason is; death by hanging. I believe that is likely a similar ruling in the jurisprudence of the USA.


      @Emmanuel Truthseeker. though entertaining, your insular rants are not welcome. I'd appreciate it if you take your Jewocentric diatribes elsewhere. You're obviously only interested in polluting this site with an analysis that links Jews with environmental crimes. While cyber-warfare and high-finance may be valid issues, lumping all Jews into the same Zionist basket is counterproductive to our moving forward. Should you insist on continuing to poison the well, I'll have no choice but to flag your posts and request that they be removed from the site. It's your choice…

    • Sparky Sparky

      @Emmanuel "Truth" seeker. You will not find any of the hateful, racist, misguided "truths" you are "seeking" (peddling?) at this site, nor will you find people willing to entertain your diatribes that distract from intelligent, diverse, often passionate but always respectful Enenews community dialog. Zegerk and Aftershock stated their concerns well. Let me also be direct: Please take your racist sh*t and diversionary tactics elsewhere or I too will flag your posts for removal.

  • nuclear_genie nuclear_genie

    Something MUST be wrong with this study. It is inconceivable that X133 concentration can vary by a factor of 2 over a distance of 30km, maybe 20 miles after release from a point source 4000 miles away.

    200 miles,500 miles, maybe; but not 20.

  • raddog

    It's just a model, people.